Saturday, November 09, 2013

Abducted by Asian woman with long black hair and in hijab!

Thank Allah, Freddie the Brit toddler is back with her mom, safe and sound, barely 24 hours after a couple had abducted him at machete-point in Bangsar. In cases that are solved as quickly as this, normal people usually congratulate the police (and not the media or the politicians*). So, congratulations PDRM.

Couldn't help notice that the cops had told the boy's family members and friends NOT to talk to the media. After comparing the following conflicting media reports, I think can understand why. It may be a small matter to some, but it makes a whole world of difference when it's a matter of life and death like the abduction of a child ...

By the Malaysian Chronicle:

CCTV footage obtained from a neighbor’s house showed a white car driving past Sarah's double-storey link in Jalan Terasek 7 at around 6pm before making a U-turn.
A man came out of the car, put on a baseball cap and spectacles before walking towards the house.
A few moments later, the man was seen running to the car with a baby in his arms. The passenger door of the car was then opened by somebody inside, to whom the man passed the baby to ...

It is believed that the person in the car was a woman, who was wearing a niqab (sic) (a Muslim veil that covers the face, showing only the eyes).
The 38-year-old Sarah, who is believed to be separated from her husband, is still too traumatized to speak to the press. - Malaysia Chronicle h e r e
By the Malay Mail:
Friends of the family have also been warned against speaking to the media. The Malay Mail Online was alerted to the kidnapping after a friend of the toddler’s mother sent an email requesting help to hunt down the man and woman who took Freddie. A British expatriate, named Chris Bailey, said Freddie was snatched from the front garden of his Bangsar home here at about 6pm today. 

The kidnapper was described as standing about 5-feet-6-inches tall with Chinese or Burmese features.
His female accomplice was reportedly an Asian with long black hair. - Kidnappers knew British boy's family, cops say
The female accomplice could very well have long black hair but we won't know if she was all covered in hijab, could we ...? Mmm ... 


  1. Anonymous1:20 am

    which one is it? long black hair or hijab?? cannot be both.chinese or burmese features? why conflicting descriptions despite the cctv footage? the mother was close enuf to identify ...hope media and bloggers get their facts right first before more conflicting statements get out.

  2. Anonymous1:37 am

    I'll ask a racially-stereotypical question: ada ke Melayu pakai Camry?


  3. reading all those comments @ malaysia-chronicle really makes me laugh xD

  4. Anonymous5:17 am

    Naj 1:37

    Melayu ada pakai Camry, but not the latest model lah.

    1. Anonymous10:56 am

      Kereta curi laaa susah nak trace....*&/@!;: kepala hotak betul

  5. Anonymous6:02 am

    Pranks are so common these days as people are getting bored with life. I would not say the whole episode of the kidnapping as pranks but the westerners are capable of doing many things just to appear on national tv.

    The kidnapper with niqab is something new in our crime world; a man or a woman can fit in inside such ugly dress but it's very cumbersome. The criminal would likely has to undress when chased after by police.

    The fact that the boy was finaly found was a relief to everyone.

    Brace yourself, we are going to read international medias report about al qaeda operatives launched attacks in Malaysia since one of the kidnappers wore niqab? hijab? purdah?

  6. Anonymous6:58 am

    Budah orang putih hilang boleh cari dengan cepat, Budak malaysia hilang sampai hari ini tak dapat cari, entah ke mana.

  7. Anonymous7:02 am

    Anon 137, kereta camry pakai oleh melayu kau tanya? Ada, kereta yang kena curi.

    1. Anonymous11:02 am

      Org melayu ramai yg tidak mampu beli camry UNLESS mereka kroni dlm kjaan. Pandu porch merz blah blah blah. Melayu lain.....hanya mampu saga kancil gen2 persona pesonek....cmg up suprima....tapi kreta ni saya mmg terpesonek...

    2. Anonymous10:08 pm

      Anon 7.02, pencuri kereta kan syndicate Cina samseng selalunya. Memang dah perangai macam tu.

  8. trifling-jester10:13 am

    brothers, malaysians, commenters and rocky - there has to be a way to move on from the issue of race? tak habis habis

    rocky you have 20 million hits, consider using that opportunity to bring up constructive issues.

    1. Anonymous12:13 pm

      For UMNO to survive, race must be the central issue. If not, the rakyat will focus on corruption, incompetence - and UMNO fails on these counts.

    2. Anonymous5:05 pm

      Rocky will never give up on race. Just like utusan. The ketuanan thingy gives them the excuse to steal & plunder the country's wealth at the expense of the rest including the uneducated Malays.

  9. Anonymous10:15 am

    Talk about racial and religious profiling. The Chronicle even takes the trouble to specify that the female companion was wearing niqab instead of hijab, the more general word.

    The difference? Read thisāb

    I believe the Malay Mail report is accurate.

  10. The toddler is very lucky to be Caucasian. No stupid "Asian with long black hair" would dare to be seen with the child, mind you.

    Anyway, when it involved a MatSalleh's child, it becomes prime news for everybody, especially PR politicians. They are very quick to siege the opportunity to become popular and glamorous. What a celebrity craze politicians they are, indeed.

    Wonder if they would do the same if it involve a Malay toddler, though.

  11. Anonymous12:11 pm

    This is not about race. It's about the rakyat's sense of security, or lack thereof. Ask Gani what happened to the suspects in the Nayati kidnapping case last year. The mastermind was tracked to Paris, then a dead end. Suspects were caught, but were they charged ? Was there even a case against the so-called accomplices ? Were they let go ? Why no news of the mastermind ? No interpol request ?

    This is the quality of enforcement that suggests that crime pays. Shame on you, PDRM and Gani Tahi.

  12. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Kita patut bersyukur tidak kira siapa mereka yang diculik telah dapat ditemui semula dalam keadaan ok. Kpd. kes2, yang tidak dapat diselesaikan, doakan semoga yg terbaik. Setiap kes ada meritnya tersendiri dan berbeza2. Jelasnya terima kasih kpd semua, spt polis, media, blogger, orang awam dan semua yng terlibat secara langsung dan tidak langsung.

  13. Saya pakai Camry latest model, saya Melayu :)..why shd this abduction suddenly change into a race based thinghy, anyway thank God Almighty that the child is safe.

  14. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Sbb penculik tu pakai niqab (a muslim) dan pak wenya pandu camry. Dan tidak ramai melayu yg mampu beli camry selain dari tuan eddy.
    Mgkin itu kreta curi

    1. Anonymous10:00 pm

      Anon 8.45 jeles pulak org Melayu boleh beli Camry. Upgrade lah kereta awak daripada Kancil

    2. Anonymous5:30 am

      Maksud saya penculik tu guna kreta curi bkn tuan eddy guna kreta curi. Tidak jealous la org melayu pakai kreta apa pon k/terbang pon bagus la ada yg kayaraya dgn duit halal . Saya guna basikal haha.

  15. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Ah.. chronicle the shit, nvr accurate in any news.

  16. Anonymous8:17 pm

    PDRM did not save Freddie.
    According to national news agency Bernama, a lorry driver and a cabbie found Freddie wandering in the Lake Titiwangsa area at around 1.20pm, some 18 hours after he was snatched from home by a machete-wielding couple.

    Full article:
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