Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jho Low the "Master" Dr M's talking about?

31/10/2013: So, it was told to me last night by someone close to Jho Lo that the young man does not own and never did own the Malaysian Insider.
I said that's not what I heard, that I heard Jho Lo was pumping money into the Insiders. 
"No, not true. My company took some ads in Malaysian Insider. We spent RM150-200k for six months. People know I'm close to Jho Lo so I suppose that's how people got the idea (that Jho Lo pumped money into Insider)," this associate, who wished to be anonymous like many of us in blogosphere, said.
"The portal is owned by that Ini Kali Lah guy. And Jho never met Ini Kali Lah," he offered.
Wallahualam but if it's true, I said good for Jho Low if he'd never met the "Master".
Now, will this Ini Kali Lah guy speak up?   

Original piece
Deja vu. There's something terribly familiar with the way The Malaysian Insider's trying to demonize Dr Mahathir Mohamad lately. 
Jho Low
For many of us who were there, that was how it all started during Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's era: a puppet master masquerading as editor-cum-businessman and doubling up as Abdullah's media advisor launched a media campaign aimed at demonizing Dr M. That didn't work out well at all for Abdullah, the "Master", and his friends and business associates. More than just ego was lost; hundreds of millions of ringgit's worth of projects they had greedily earmarked for themselves, thinking that the gravy train would continue to chug along, went up in smoke in the aftermath of the March 2008 general election. 
Now this "Master" is back. Read The Mind of the Analyst by Dr Mahathir. 
This time, instead of prostituting the mainstream media, he's using The Malaysian Insider. He knows he can't bring down Dr M or Najib Razak, but he can get them to be at loggerheads. He did that in Finding the lunatic fringe in Malaysia and then again in For Najib, an open society and Mukhriz's loss invites Dr M's venom, say analysts. Even seasoned campaigners like Info Minister Shabery Cheek, was dragged into the master's ploy against Dr M.
It's not a secret that the man who owns The Malaysian Insider is Jho Low, the young taukeh best remembered for partying with Paris Hilton. But I know Jho Lo is just the money man. Jho Low isn't the "Master" meant by Dr Mahathir. The "Master" is someone else, a man with vendetta, whose company helped out with Lim Guan Eng's campaign in the 13th general election. 
Some people credited this "Master" for the Opposition's PRU13 battle cry "INI KALI LAH". But I think that was an exaggeration ...

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  1. Anonymous7:32 pm

    really ah this Jho Low own TMI? Cheh memang cina tak sedar diuntung. Berkawan dengan anak sheikh UAE, kenalkan dgn PM konon bawak multi billion investment. Mana dia duit investment dah masuk ke? And where he got the money to become rich?

  2. JL not JhoLow7:49 pm

    Hahaha Rocky, a good article - ini Kali lagi sudah banyak Kali lah, already too much, in fact one Kali too much. Time for tighten the screws or bring out the cane untuk Kali ini......

  3. Anonymous9:13 pm


    We 1Malaysia Rakyat once respected Dr. M but he is no longer our PM, so please tell him jangan campur tangan dalam hal-hal pentadbiran Najib. Don't be a sore loser after his son lost the VP post.

  4. MK, MI, NGOs like Suaram, Comango and Bersih are all, partly or maybe, fully funded by foreign 'player'. These opposition outfits are playing to the tunes of their masters, locally and abroad.

    In the US, they have this 'Foreign Agent Act', since 1967. This Act makes it compulsory for NGOs which receives funds from abroad, to declare their assets and cash-flows to the IRS. Their accounts, annually audited. These NGOs are registered or branded as Foreign Agents, with NSC.
    See, how smart the American are.

    Russia had just enacted the same law in 2011. That is why there are no more demonstration and rallies, like before, because local NGOs and even their opposition, does not have enough funds
    China is smarter, They don't need these type of laws, anyway. Any dissent will be dealt with tanks, like what happen in Tian..Amen, Square.

    In Malaysia, Ex-YB Wee Choo Keong had already, 2 times tabled a motion for this Act in Parliament. Sadly, Najib's cabinet and its backbenches just listen to the wise YB. (who happened to be an ex-DAP politician, discontented with Daddy & Son). Speaker, Pandikar Amin Mulia even repeatedly hasten him to finish his motion quickly, due to time constraint.

    When he first become PM, Najib use to say, "The time where the government knows everything is over". So everybody is happy, thinking:-
    How humble our PM is.
    Thank God.(or is it, Allah). At last, we have a PM who is really willing to listen to us, the rakyat.
    I Luv PM. He even gave us, BR1M.

    After GE 13, we realized, Najib actually, does not know almost, anything. He does not even listened to the YBs that represents the Rakyat’ in the peoples’ assembly. The shock is, he hired exorbitantly, too many advisers and con-sultants, then listen to them, instead. What a pity to the Rakyat, who had mistakenly ‘luv’ed him.

    The opposition is of-course, useless as 'check & balance'. All they know, is ridicule and oppose, all the time, without giving optional opinion, how the country should be governed.

    I’m very sure, when PR gets to Putrajaya GE14, the first thing they would do is to enact this ‘Foreign Agent Act’. It will be just like in Selangor, Penang and Kelantan, BN will never be able to rule Malaysia again. Then Malaysia will really go down to the dogs.

  5. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Is the master Lim Kok Wing or Ananda or Vincent Tan or Wayne Rooney? Why not just say it direct. No harm if it true kan.

  6. subversif11:52 pm

    KDN lemah. Malaysian Insider ni memang cina dan kristian subversif. Panggil editor dia bagi kata dua. atau saman je.
    Malaysian Insider pun tak tahu nak control.

  7. Anonymous12:00 am

    Hahahahah Bru , chinese again me !!! no other races ar .... all malay die already ... it takes two to tango , and a group for a band so if only mention chinese , why not name Malaysia ... Cinasia ,,,, bodohhhh

  8. Must be the Kaliular making a comeback since the SIL is in the govt now. Wonder if he is trying to be of service to Najib or Guan Eng.

    Lain Kali Lah!

  9. charleskiwi8:27 am


    Are you saying that the egregious Mahathir is a saint and he is a perfect example of what a politician should be ?
    Surely if that is true, why is his appeal to the people since his retirement as P.M. has diminished like the dropping of a hot potato by the Malaysian people ?
    Every candidates he supported and campaigned for since his retirement have failed and failed badly, millions of them including the millions of Malays cannot be wrong why ? Or is it these people are not in his pay roll ?

  10. Anonymous10:28 am

    Ini Kali Mu Lah!

  11. Anonymous11:24 am

    Mr Rocky, truth be told once and for all...behind most Chinese taukeh is always a powerful Malay dealmaker, otherwise ordinary no-connection Chinese would have to struggle for survival as pasar malam traders, hawkers,mall sales assistants etc. The next time you want to bash the chinese, be fair, shame the malay behind them too as they are always laughing all the way to the bank together holding hands while small flies like us both argue hoarse over every little thing.For Jho,it's an open secret he is mama's boy.

  12. Anonymous11:46 am

    Jho Low was one of the financiers for the MCA-Gerakan assault on Penang for the GE13. Do you remember the PSY concert? Yes, it is said that JL footed the bill for bringing in that Korean singer.

    He is pretty close to the Najib-Khairy Cabal.

  13. Anonymous3:45 pm

    So is Jho Low pro-BN or anti-BN ? You guys gotta make up your mind lah. He is Mama Ros' boy but he is also Kalimullah's boy ? What sort of nonsense are you trying to spew, Rocky ?

  14. charleskiwi.
    Are you being silly or is it due to sheer hatred for the old man?

    "Every candidates he supported and campaigned for since his retirement have failed and failed badly, millions of them including the millions of Malays cannot be wrong why ? Or is it these people are not in his pay roll ?"

    To say 'Millions' is quite exaggerated. Don't you think so?

    Dr.M has retired exactly 10 years, today. He has no 'powers' already for 10 years. So there is no way, anybody could be under his pay-roll, now.

    Of-course Guan Eng,Kit Siang, Anwar, Hadi, Hishammudin and Khairy who holds KBS just recently, could possibly have almost everybody under their pay-roll. If not, how come they win, in their own party election, every-time when they are in 'power'? Now don't tell me, MONEY doesn't mean a thing to them.

    Why do you hate Dr.M so much?
    All his life, Tun had never once shown his hatred towards the Chinese or Indians.

    Whereas, PAS people such as Haji Hadi, once hates you people, so much that he once disown his own brethren in UMNO for being 'friendly' with your kin, in MCA and MIC.

    Or you're just making use of each other in Pakatan. In Malay 'pakatan' coulds also mean 'conspire', you know?

  15. Halim6:48 pm

    Hey Rocky
    The Master and the owner of Malaysia Insider is Jahabar Siddik.
    He is also the Editor.
    You are barking at the wrong three.

    Kali had nothing to do with Malaysia Insider.

    Rocky,Kali invited you for a drink,if you free.He had a new collection of whisky,Blue Lebel ?Royale.

  16. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Behind every Chinese Tycoon is a Malay politician( UMNO) who equally benefits from the mutual relationship.Don't try to deny that . Denying it will only make you look stupid.
    Pagi bash the Chinese , malam go to karaoke with them for a round of drinks and the free GRO's. That's UMNO for you ; their leader so famously said "I help You , You Help me"....Bunch of FUC&*ng MUNAFIKS.