Monday, September 02, 2013

Diesel in our water: Corruption, sabotage, attempted murder

Intentional spill. You'd think the jokers would set aside their differences to overcome the crisis together, right? Wrong. The taps at your home may still be dry. but the state exco are patting their own backs and shifting the blame on others. No can do. YB Eli has to buck up and take a series of actions (which she should have taken earlier) NOW! 
Read this: 

Yes, after a thorough check (quoting the council chief), the spill wasn't accidental but INTENTIONAL. It was done on purpose, with mala fide, and if you ask me the guy should be charged for ATTEMPTED MURDER.  
Elizabeth Wong's blow-by-blow explanation somehow excluded the intentional/sabotage fact altogether. She also missed mentioning it in her interview with the Malaysian Insider; she seemed more interested in slamming Syabas for triggering the Red Code alert, saying that Syabas had misinformed the public. 

"Is it a water disruption? Yes. Is the spill massive? Yes. Is it a crisis? No. Because we began managing it by yesterday evening," Wong told the Malaysian insider. - Exco says water supply resuming, slams Syabas for causing panic 
We are not interested in the continuing Pakatan vs Syabas never-ending squabbles. Save that for another time. Lives are at stake here, for heaven's sake! The factory that was responsible for the "spill" is said to be operating illegally (and the MPS president even know the operator, see story above).  
Why are illegal factories still operating? What have the state government been doing all this while? These are the issues that should be addressed, NOT if a Red Code alert was triggered or not.


  1. Anonymous1:04 pm

    aiyo this kangkang queen still an MP aiyoyo ...

  2. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Latuk, illegal factories were operating even prior to 2008. Why did you not grill the previous administration on this as well?

    1. Anonymous5:30 pm

      Anon 344,
      Is this how you justify raping your son because your dad raped you before?

  3. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Alamak, so the state government should charge this guy with attempted murder ? I mean your AG can delegate criminal charges to the state government ? Where did you learn your law ? Some mail order university ?

  4. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Wadafuk kinda non-comment is that, 3:44pm. Low kelas la wey. So if UMNO politicians steal, DAP and PKR politicians can, too? What bodo punya "logic". Why grill the previous administration when the current administration already had 5 years to make things right?

  5. Anonymous7:48 pm


    This guy has been operating for 12 years. So who's to blame for lax enforcement ?

    The pot calling the kettle black. Just use some commonsense and stop smoking those cigars. They are bad for your brainpower. Otherwise no endless possibilities.

  6. Anonymous7:52 pm

    senang je
    UBAH to BN next undi
    muak lah
    dengan theateratics

  7. Anonymous8:02 pm

    so the guy should be charged for ATTEMPTED MURDER...

    elsewhere in pg, the kedah government proposing to block the natural flow of Sungai Muda in seberang jaya to prevent pg people of natural raw water... for this i believe rocky will condemn the kedah admin to HELL... right ?

  8. Anonymous9:00 pm

    NAJISCONOMIC... raise prices, handout cash & turn millions into beggars.

    ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES... ? more like stupid as stupid does.

  9. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Elli what?
    her face looks like a guy to me. She is no a lady at all.

    So the damage completely done by this chinese guy.
    So what action can be taken on him. Yes I agree, that man can kill people by spilling the poisonous substance into water stock.

    What if a malay man was accused in this case? What action she would take?

    Anyway our petrol increase 20c by midnight. The chain effect will be too enormous and ugly.

  10. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Asking the present state govt to undo what was there for the last50yrs

  11. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Datuk, firstly it was used lubricant and not diesel if im not mistaken.

    It is understood that most of our treatment plants use river as their main source of raw material. The river is under the State's custody and can't be under a private company or they can charge for it. Hence, they/public should take care of the river, not to be polluted with anything. Hence, YB is trying to divert the attention from the real issue.

    OK this must be stopped.


  12. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Cilaka punya olang! kasi buang itu minyak dalam air mau kasi olang lain mampus...itu Eli Wong pun satu cilaka...tak tau buat keleja.

  13. Anonymous1:09 am

    itu pasai la latuk....
    lu Melayu bagi wa kontrol, lu punya kapala wa oijak loh!

    Wa Bugis Maaa

  14. IT.Sheiss3:39 am

    Never mind the past. As Pakatan state government, now and in its second consecutive elected term, what action will it take against this factory now, which has been identified as having spilled the diesel into the water?

    If it does nothing, what's the difference between it and the former BN government before March 2008.

    I'm glad I voted independent in May 2013.

  15. Anonymous6:05 am

    Malaysiaku, tanah tumpahnya darahku....
    Dua hari lalu, minyak tumpah di sungaiku...
    Hari ini, harga minyak naik dekat rumahku...
    Apa macam...Negaraku...��

  16. Anonymous8:46 am

    Once you give a licence to operate, it is very difficult to retract that licence. Unless of course it can be proven that the terms of the licence were not observed. In this case, the proprietor claimed that his workers did the damage, and disappeared. This is a DOE matter, but he can only be fined, and even if his licence is taken away by the state, he can still appeal, and precedents have been set where appeals have been allowed.

    So what do we do ? This can happen to anybody, anywhere. Even in Tanah Merah where radioactive waste was not properly contained. In that case, did we charge anyone with attempted murder ?

  17. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Let us look at it rationally.
    The granting of operating license is under the preview of the local council(State govt).
    After that their operation is checked and monitored by the respective department concerned(the environment,the drainage)and these dept are staffed by respective officers appointed by HQ(the ministry concerned)which is under the Federal govt.
    If these officers did not performed their duties,can the state govt held them responsible or remove them? So who is to be blamed?