Sunday, July 21, 2013

A brother in IJN and a mega, mega project

Main lobby wall, IJN
Some people want people to remember Dr Mahathir Mohamad for his "mega" projects. Well, our ex Prime Minister is also responsible for building the National Institute of Heart or popularly known as IJN (Institut Jantung Negara). I was a young reporter with the Business Times when I was assigned to cover the groundbreaking ceremony of the hospital back in the early 90s, when a heart attack or cardiovascular disease was one of the least of my concerns. Over the last two decades, thousands of Malaysians from all walks of life have benefited from IJN; poor people make up about 85 per cent of the its patients. This week, the Attan family can finally boast of having benefited from some of the world's best facilities and experts on matters related to the heart. My brother's surgery isn't until later this week but I would like to thank the doctors, nurses and staff of the IJN on his behalf and on behalf of the entire clan for the top-notch service. And when I meet Dr Mahathir, perhaps during Hari Raya, I will personally thank him for all the good things he's done for the people of this country, but especially for this mega, mega project.


  1. Anonymous8:51 am

    Heart of a Hero: where self-interest seldom settles.

    Thanks for this big-hearted posting brother .....

  2. charleskiwi8:57 am

    Typical of you, who says everything the rapscallion Mahathir built are the best in the world, who are you comparing it with ? With those in Myanmar, Cambodia and Bangladesh stop blowing your own horn ! One or even two swallows do not make a summer, you did not mention the many failures !
    According to you all mega projects the rapscallion Mahathir built are the best in the world, you conveniently forgot to mention the mega commissions that go with them, how else to build up the US$44- billions ? Also how come the majority of the voters the rapscallion tried to woe in Johore and all the candidates he supported took not notice of him, if he was that good ? The ex-MB of Johore nearly lost his deposit and so are the candidates of Perkasa, how come ?
    Even Umno winning candidate claimed he could have won a bigger margin if the rapscallion did not open his big mouth.
    He is a used by date product and so will those who supported him !like you I an offering to pay for his DNA teste,d with a bank guarantee, just to prove that he is a Malay, if the test shows he is a Malay.
    Please support a true Malay and stop using a half breed mamak to be a Malay, if you can ! Even his own daughter and the former Trade Minister are saying that they are all 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation of immigrants.
    My forefather came to this land at least half a century before the rapscallion grand father came to Kedah to work as a security guard at the palace. Now who is more native ?

    1. Dear Charleskiwi,

      I sense your hatred and fear off Mahathir. Careful. Not good for the heart. You might end up in IJN. And then what?

      Just to set the record straight, Indus not write that ALL Dr M's mega projects are the best in the world. You did. So you must be right lah.

      As for your question Now who is more native?, now Charleskiwi, is that what have been buggering you all this while? Lol. The doctors and facilities at IJN can't help you there mate - they can treat a heart disease or heart attack but can't do much for a bad heart.

  3. Anonymous9:41 am

    Salam dato, I share the same feeling about IJN. My late father also benefitted from this 'mega' project initiated by Tun Dr M. Being a government pensioner he had his routine checkups, angiogram, angioplasty and later on his bypass in IJN, all paid for by the government. Although he has passed away 2 years ago, he died not due to heart problem but due to other disease. His heart was well taken care of due to the existence of IJN. Now my wife and l, both being pensioners, are regular patients at IJN, all expenses paid for by the Government. On behalf of my late father and my wife I would like to thank Tun Dr M and the Government for this 'mega' project and I pray that IJN will stay as it is now to serve the public and not be the subject of profit oriented privatisation as proposed by certain group not too long ago. We need more 'mega' projects like this. Thank you again Tun Dr M.

  4. Anonymous10:28 am

    You forgot to mention SG Buloh Prison, Storm Tunnel, Cable Car at Langkawi, Proton City etc etc.

    Who was his Minister of Health anyway?

  5. Datuk,


    Some member of my family had been there and I had the opportunity of visiting them.Par excellence. Excellent care and service from dedicated doctors and staffs

    This is one of the few establishments that showcase Melayu boleh!

    Another one I am very impressed with is our Immigration Department, from one of the worst it has become one of the best. I remember in the old days when it takes weeks to get your passport.

  6. Anonymous11:42 am

    Carrying the old mans balls again eh...jibby must be in trouble..

  7. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Other Mega Projects by Mahathir

    (i) Jembatan Pulau Pinang. Charles Kiwi's idol Lim the Senior was the loudest dissenting voice I remember (1980s) when the government had planned it, and louder during cosntructions. Nowadays, they just can't live without it. How else then could grandpapa come to visit Chief Minister Lim junior in Penang?

    (ii) KLIA. "A White Elephant" jibed one. "Blatant display of rakyat's money", cried another, downing a morsel of Bak Kut. Nowadays, whenever distant uncle from Beijing or Business Partner from 'Pore comes, KLIA is a blessing.

    (iii) Putrajaya. Was touted as money waster by "Rapscallion Mahathir" but nowadays whenever got visitors, must go there one to show.

    (iv) and so on and so on.

    And do we want to know what KINDS of projects that, according to these Mahathir haters, fit to become "succesful" ones?

    Yeah --- the Penang Tunnel! Cost? Six --- whoops I mean---four billion. Penang Bridge cost? 800 million.

    Now THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, is putting things in proper perspectives.

    Marking Bagpie

  8. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Not bad heart la Bru, but smelly, dirty heart. Busuk hati la tu

  9. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Purification of the heart ..... helping folks like Charleskiwi and Co., nanti lidahnya pun terpulih. I take heart about myself especially.

  10. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Let the haters burn and rot in their personal hell of fear and loathing. After all, those are the only things they are good at anyway.

    Fact is tun Dr M was a class act through and through. Malaysia has never been the same and sane since he left and I doubt it ever will be given the shameless and clueless pondan donkeys, monkeys and pigs populating both sides of the political divide.

    Warrior 231

  11. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Hahah talk about bad heart....yang hang pi tulis pasal orang and get your fat dog buddy to corroborate tu apahal Datuk Tocang? Lu orang semua takde kerja lain, duduk kat vineria duduk kat garibaldi mengumpat Dan mencela. And the best part is, we know your lies and spins!! Kalau nak kenakan orang Tu pun, periksa la betul betul, takkan nak ambik duit dari si Shihab tu aje!! Sudan la bro bru, umor pun dah 5 series kan, lebihkan beramal.

    Ramadhan Kareem. Drp Kali, Faisal, KJ, WCK dll.

  12. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Tun Mahathir made me proud to be Malaysian. During his tenure there was true nation building. Projects undertaken were completed and some earlier than expected (e.g the PLUS Highway). After Tun retired I cringe at what is happening in the country sometimes.

  13. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Promoting Mamakutty so that it passees down thru DNA and to his son as perceived to be the next great Mamakutty, kah?

    He hasn't even reach the top and his hair almost not white but gone already.

    So, how?

    So if do heart ops in USA, you praise Bush ka?

    1. Dear Anon 1008pm,

      Did you skip your medication last night? You sounded unwell.

  14. Tun M Contribution?

    T A Rahman - Bapa Kemerdekaan, T H Onn - Bapa Perpaduan, T Razak Bapa Pembangunan, Tun M - Bapa Permodenan, Pak lah - Bapa Mertua

    But what do we have in PM Najib?

    hmmmmm let see....GOT ONE! a quotable quote from him.....

    `Masyarakat Cina adalah TIANG SERI ekonomi Malaysia!!!'

  15. This is a good write to remind us what is good. Too often we have sick people with too much hatred and time on their hands. Charleskiwi is a typical example of one denying the truth due to absolute hatred but don't be surprised he uses IJN when he has a heart attack. He probably have been using klia, our toll highways, enjoyed the hot ballon festival and other facilities at Putrajaya, dined at Klcc, had family outing at Klcc park, used our extensive road network, went to police for protection, enjoyed our cheap schools and public health, proud of our Klcc tower, use wastefully our dirt cheap water, buy our car without considering the mpg coz our petrol is cheap, enjoyed the misallocated food subsidies ..... Can go on and on. Point is he enjoys many of these but his sick heart wants his foul mouth to deny all this. We should build more tanjung rambutan to place in all these people.

  16. charleskiwi8:15 am

    I get treatment from a real world class hospital. if I have a heart problem but because I do not have a 'smelly' heart or one that requires attention constantly like the one the rapscallion has and needs.
    May be the rapscallion knows that and for that reason alone he built ILN just so that he is constantly cared for and looked after. But regardless of what prevention one can have, when it is time to go, you have to go !
    You also probably forgot that it was he who introduced 'remove class' in this country. The real intention of that was to slow down the progress of the non Malay students so that the pace of the Malay students are at least sen to be doing well. I am well aware that many student who avoid that to study abroad without having to spend a year staying in 'remove class' are now professionals. These professionals are now being begged by the Talent Corp. to return to serve Malaysia ! Clearly the 'remove class' was introduced to slow the non Malay students, if the aim was to have the students be more well educated in the national language. Tell me why is Jawi being used outside all the Malaysian High commissions and Embassies instead of Bahasa Melayu ?
    The truth is Malaysia is only trying to project themselves as part of the Arab world. no matter how hard Malaysia is trying to present themselves as part of the Arab world, Malaysia will never ever be a part of the Arab world.Even though the Malays have embraced their religion , or is it because they are now seen to be wealthy ? But don't forget they are now in bloody chaos and may be very soon it will come to Malaysia because it is seen to be part of the Arab world !

  17. Bru

    Would you care to compare the track record of IJN against comparable institutions in, say, India or Singapore?

    After all, it's an open secret that many Malaysians (and Indonesians) choose to have their medical problems treated in Singapore. Including, shall we say, a fair number of VVIPs.

    When was the last time an Indonesian VVIP was treated at IJN? Or a Bruneian VVIP for that matter?

    But there are plenty of them consulting cardiologists at the Mount Elizabeth and Gleneagles Hospitals, as well at the SGH's National Heart Centre and the NUH's Heart Centre in Singapore.

    And even the Arabs are coming to Singapore for medical treatment. Including cardiac procedures.

    It must be comforting to visit a place where halal and secular co-exist so easily.

  18. Anonymous9:27 am

    Shit on your countries more, pro opposition posters.

    This is why you stay opposition, every thing others do is bad, even if you run down the country doing it.

    Even as opposition Malaysia's opposition is low quality.

  19. Tun M may not be perfect but he should be credited for much of the development in this country. Really getting tired of these people who have nothing good to say of our Govt, leaders and it seems, even our country. Makes you wonder why they stick around and also why they keep visiting your blog Rocky. I guess there really is a thin line between hate and love.

  20. charleskiwi7:42 am

    552 untiajabynesti 31411 cskamoAnis,
    Don't write when you know nothing,a lot of people are postings or blogging. Why do you think they are courageous enough to
    pass negative comments or better still the truth about the police, the AG or the many so called government agencies ?
    How many of these Malaysian bloggers are now living in Malaysia and not being threatened by the police ? Why do you think these bloggers left Malaysia to live in other countries in the first place ? It is a fact that million of professional non Malays left Malaysia, why if Malaysia is such a wonderful country to live in, why ? One of the main simple truths is they were forced to squat just to show that the Malays look 'taller' but are they really 'taller' ? And why do Malaysia is now going round the world begging them to return to serve the country, with heaps of incentives and added incentives ? Yet still no takers, if the Talent Corp. is bold enough tot reveal the true number of takers. If these professionals are to return what is going to happen to all the Datuks, Tan Sris,or even Tuns ? Therefore be real for a change and face the ruth before the black gold runs out and Malaysia goes into austerity just like Greece.

    Unlike the Malay bloggers, they are still around just because there is no country outside Malaysia would and will accept them as immigrants ? So pathetic and stop hallucinating that the Malays are 'six feet tall' ! !

  21. would you trust any Tom Dick or Harry to look after the farm or your own brother?

  22. Anonymous12:59 pm

    charleskiwi ...

    i went through the remove class too ... and i am a malay ... dari sekolah rendah kebangsaan Melayu into the so-called sekolah omputih ... did i think that the remove class was intended to slow down my education and my achievement? what a true kiwi you are ... a bird that cannot fly.

    in current lingo ... we would refer to this as transition management ... that is if you understand change management ...

  23. Tun only thought of IJN plan when he had a massive heart attack . If not there will be no IJN till today or not at least for a long time .