Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Tony wants Khazanah to sack Malaysia Airports boss

(Tony) Pua said MAHB’s managing director Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad’s contract should not be renewed when it ends this month, noting that it was extended last year. He accused Bashir, who has led the listed firm MAHB for nine years, of failing to manage the KLIA2 project competently. “A competent successor must immediately be found to clean up the mess in MAHB to ensure that there are no further delays to the completion of the airport as well as capping the cost to taxpayers for the project." - Pua: MAHB must take responsibility, Malaysian Insider, 5/6/13

Who's incompetent, who's lying now? For a while, I thought TMI made a mistake, that it was Tony Fernandez and not Tony Pua who made this call to the Government not to extend Bashir's contract. For a long time, before and after the Labu Airport fiasco, Fernandez the Air Asia boss and Bashir have crossed swords. I can count with my fingers the number of crooks and cronies who want that to happen. But Tony Pua, he is a politician, an elected MP, Opposition, and he is the last person I'd expect to join this bandwagon bandwagon. 

[Tony] Pua: “While we are not privy to the details of the dispute which is now triggering the blame game between the various parties, the question that needs to be asked is, after nearly 2 years of delay, why is it that MAHB is only coming out for the first time to blame the contractors?  If it is really the contractors who are at fault, why haven’t they been penalised with the LAD since September 2011?” 
I would expect the YB to have done his homework before accusing KLIA2 as being run by "a team of incompetent liars". That kind of labeling hurts people's feelings. Good, hardworking, ordinary people. It seems to me this is what the DAP and Pakatan Rakyat folks have been reduced to. Simply accuse people based on the info that has been fed to them by their friends. If you are not privy to the details that have led to the delay of the KLIA2, ask for the details! 

YB Tony Pua should get the full details right away and get back to us, or we might start thinking of him as an incompetent MP with vested interest.

p.s. Waiting to see if Khazanah will bow to Tony's wish ...


  1. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Obvious isn't it that Tony Pua is Air Asia's henchman.


    Masyukkk ...

    1. Anonymous9:12 am

      That has always been the case. The apprentice Asia tagline now should be 'mr fernandez.. you're fired!'.

  2. Now everybody can wait forever5:35 pm

    That is in exchange for air asia 100 free tix to and from singapore

  3. Anonymous5:51 pm

    The main contractor is a company owned and managed by Chinese.He gets all the advantages of supply of materials and get all the foreign labours he requires. Malay contractors /subcon/ suppliers cannot even penetrate unless kickbacks and corruptions, endless entertainment and junket trips overseas .This is typical of Chinaman company. They do everything illegal and shout wolf
    The Chinese gets to live work make money in this country which they claimed to be in utter suppression, oppression no freedom, not fair to them when they control and have their own schools, newspapers, Furniture and rubber gloves exports were all control by them. Even for Halal food also they control. Many cant speak bahasa Melayu despite years of living here.
    These are the same people who voted Lim Kit Siang and his brand of ultra racist politics. They are not bothered if their people is not in the Government.They think they can survive .
    These are truly ungrateful people

  4. Anonymous6:18 pm


    cepat betol itu tiga orang pulis kena tuduhan membunuh


  5. Kerja dap terus discredit malay leadership in all area. Penang lagi tak competent kepimpinannya sekarang. Apa dap ada buat untuk kemajuan penang selain dari menindas bumiputra melayu?

  6. Anonymous8:25 pm


    This goon want Eddy Leong, the ex-Fire Fly CEO to head MAB lah bro.. The two is best buddy. Eddy has always wanted to go back into airline business even though at the time he left Fire Fly it was in 100 million deep shit. Member mau tolong member lah ni.


  7. Anonymous8:36 pm

    This Tony is a monkey..fuck your mom ass la Tony monkey

  8. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Many jobs are more than 80% complete. Normally, they don't terminate. Termination will only add more cost to the contract sum. One must know the reason for delay. If there's a change of work scope, extension of time must be given. variation order can also be considered. If the reason for delay is only on the consultants and contractors' part, then there is valid reason for LAD. That is basic contract job 101.

  9. Anonymous9:46 pm



  10. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Tony Pua-ka should insist Lim Guan Eng to resign for his CEC fiasco first then only he can talk about others integrity. Period.

  11. Anonymous11:02 pm

    WTF Tony Pua is trying to buy the support from Air Asia followers, especially when they are not in a good term with Utusan.

    He should realise or just pretending not knowing that the 1st licence for Air Asia was granted by Anwar to his long time crony (NJ) before it was given to TF with the help of exJPJ cowboy boss to convince DrM...

  12. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Anon @5.51pm,even though the main con is major owned by chinese but the many subcon job hv to give it to bumi firms and why accused the chinese maincon,whereas the many subcon maybe responsible and the maincon are handtied because of the govt policy.
    Think properly b4 you critised!

  13. Anonymous12:18 am

    Good info, zizou.
    Pendek kata, habislah mahb and mas kalau eddy leong heads mahb.

    najib, bangunlah!

  14. Anonymous12:30 am

    Tony puaka why dont you ask dap sec gen to step down for the fiasco in cec election.......dasar parti cina dap laknat racist pelampau, orang saja salah, satu kandang punya geng tak salah........

  15. Datuk Rocky,

    Sorry to say that Tony do not know the truth; and neither do the general public knows the truth.

    You can't get the truth from MAHB itself; I suppose you should interview all the contractors to find out the profound truth.

  16. Bro Rocky,

    Please interview: UEMC, KUB Builders, WCT, Nippon, Bina Puri, and all the nominated subcontractors and MAHB site officers, Resident Engineers, etc, to get the true picture of what is happening.

  17. Anonymous12:59 am

    Anon 5.51 go fuck yourself la . is it chinese step on your tail you have to bark like that

  18. Anonymous12:59 am

    Always discredits Malays leaders in heading large organization.. this idiots barking to himself party.. failed to serve Penangnite trafic jams, corruption for hillside luxurious projects owned by outsiders Chinese.. so what? CEC games not over yet laah..Tony piggy. SACK out TOKONG Secretary DAPigs maa!!

  19. Richard Teo1:09 am

    Rocky, why call a kettle black? Are you not an UMNO crony? You should get your facts right. Two years delay and you said its alright. That shows what a dumb ass you are.

  20. Anonymous1:42 am

    apa malayu kampung mau? simple answer...they don't want racist Chinese and DAP..thats all

  21. Anonymous2:07 am

    dont like airasia....

    go fly mas....

    lancau !

    pukimak !

    leave air asia alone !!!!

    tony fuck all these useless malaysians that never paid any tax at all.

    99% bastards that comment here never paid tax in their life

    tony.... fuck them

  22. IT,Sheiss3:28 am

    This Tony Pua guy is one reason why I voted independent this time.

    What does this call to sack Tan Sri Bashir have to do with issues affecting his constituents in Petaling Jaya Utara?

    Why not Tony Pua ask Air Asia to pay up what it owes to MAHB!

  23. Anonymous4:06 am

    we are a family of 187 adults, teens and kids. we vouched not to use this airline no matter what about 5 years ago and have kept by our promise to this day. Its really embarrassing for Msians to hear what an incompetent airline this isout there. TF couldnt care less bcos he is already FILTHY rich in the full sense of the term. A real BANGSAT!

  24. Anonymous7:11 am

    Tony or Tody or Puki asked the wrong questions.

    He should ask PM to sack Khazanah's boss instead.

  25. Anonymous9:14 am

    i don't think political can solve to this manner...even glc,the goverment should less interfere in this glc,,many glc has problem with vendors,because they want make maximum profit.But impact to the vendors,contractors and so on.The goverment should look back to the glc policies to make economic more competetive.They should implement such as e-perolehan and so on..

  26. Anonymous10:03 am

    Sedap je nak pecat orang. Oiii ah pua lu tak mau pecat boss u ka, party election pun tak tau kira.. pakai sampoi la .. kalu tak pandai buat addition in excell

  27. Anonymous10:07 am


    I am confused. You just said that Tony does not have the facts but yet you did not provide any to counter!

    and now you want him to dig more and come back to you??

    do some responsible journalism by giving us something; jangan copy sahaja.

  28. Rocko,

    Wasn't it this same Tony Phua who tried to be a racist's champion one day in Parliament, when, devoid of issues to be dissented about and lacking adminsitrative abilities apart from mud-slinging and racial temperamenting, tried to highlight the fact that


    He was of course referring to the single dome-shaped mosque, and few buildings that are very Malay-Centric, Islamic-Centric.

    But expectant from one who talks with his ass rather than his brains, he forgot one thing. And ironically I tend to agree with him.


    So if we REALLY want to agree with Tony Pua's qualms, then we should INCREASE the number of dome-shaped buildings to 100 or so, reflecting the proper ethnic composition of Malaysia. Or better still, increase the number of high-rise buildings to 400, with EACH and EVERY SINGLE one of the new 200 ones, be mosque-shaped or dome-shaped, reflecting the fact that more than 50% of the Malaysian population are malay muslims.

    Amacam Ada mau ka?


    1. Dear APO,

      Thank you for sharing those quotes from Tony Pua. Yes, he has been a disappointment. More so for me personally because I knew him before he became an MP and had hopes that he would be different. I guess if Js true - you can't change the DAP, the DAP changes you.

  29. if not competent, they deserve fine or LAD (Liquidated Ascertained Damage).

  30. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Tony Pua was the CEO of Cyberjaya, a white elephant of a project so what does he really know about Projects success?

  31. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Hello, you monkeys don't understand engrish ar ? He is not asking for termination. He just said don't renew. Cos Bashir is old.....give younger blood to do the job. Tak boleh ke ? Why bring race into picture ?

  32. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Jika cepat siap senang runtuh sebab nak bangunan segera... Mee segera sindrom. sangat setuju pandangan Anon: 9.14 am

  33. Anonymous1:11 am

    tell tony puaka that the cec issue in dap is due to dap being run incompetent liars and racists

  34. Mustapha Ong5:27 am

    I think it's so easy to point fingers at others in the delay of KLIA2; Khazanah n Malaysia Airport authority. Looks like Tony Pua has politicised the issue without giving any reasons to substantiate his criticism against those involved. However, as the KLIA2 project is of public interest, Khazanah should respond accordingly, especially when PM had wanted to officially declare the opening of the prestigious airport on 28th of June 2013.

  35. Dear Maverick SM,

    Yes, I'v spoken to some of them. That's why I know Tony Pua has not done his homework or has deliberately ignored the facts.

    Binapuri's assertion that the delay was due to differences between MAHB and "airport users" is not the whole truth, either. Yes, Air Asia had been the cause of the initial delay (1 year) because Tony Fernandez could not make up his mind about baggage handling (auto or semi-auto). The result: MAHB had to remove concrete slab the size of a football field. But that and other issues as the result of Tony Fernandez's finicky mind are not the reason for the current delay.

    This one has to be attributed to the joint venture of UEM Construciton and Binapuri. The UEMC boss, Razim must be made accountable. If UEM or Khazanah wants to protect him, then Izzadin or Azman Mokhtar must be prepared to take the rap.

    Passing the buck to MAHB and Bashir is old trick by Khazanah and Air Asia, I'm sorry to say. We common bloggers have known this and have exposed this, surely some of the info gets into TOny Pua's skull. The YB calls the guys who run KLIA2 "incompetent liars". He should not sound so high and mighty. Feeding off every crumb of info TOny Fernandez provides him - like the so-called cost overruns - does not make him half as clever as he thinks he is.

    He should be talking to the people involved, like you have suggested that I do.

    Thank you, bro.

  36. Anonymous10:39 am


    If as you claim, the contractors were delayed and had to change DUE to an instruction from MAHB then MainCon has every right to claim extension of time, VO, etc (which is prob what they did) and is of no fault of theirs. It is very easy to point the fingers to contractors but sometimes clients are to blame also.

    1. Anon 1039,

      I think you should read my posting again. Slowly this time.

  37. BashirrIndianlaaa3:19 pm

    Toddy Fernandes is indian. Is Bashir ahmad malay? No Bashir Ahmad is Indian too.

    All remnants of Mahathir Indian rule. He put Indians everywhere and he got Najib by the balls too that we have Indian KSN, ali Hamsa, Indian Kewangan Irewan Srigar, SC Indian CEo, Inovasi Indian.

    UMNO and the Malays need to sack the whole UMNO leadership. They are the incompetent ones giving face to Indians like Toody Fernandes..

    The chinese and indians are making money from MAHB KLIA2 but what is UMNO doing for the Malays?


  38. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Datuk ROcky, have you read this? What are your comments?

    PETALING JAYA: AirAsia Bhd will not be affected by the delay in the opening of KLIA2, as it has been expected and it has a backup plan to ensure that the impact from the delay will be minimised, said AirAsia chief executive officer Aireen Omar.

    “It (Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd) made an announcement that KLIA2 won’t be opened on June 28. We are disappointed because it was supposed to be opened back in 2011 and now it has been delayed again.

    “We will work closely with it and we hope it will come back with a more certain date for AirAsia to be able to operate from there,” she said after the company’s shareholders meeting here yesterday.

    1. Anon 911pm,

      If the report is correct, I think the lady has been infected with Tonypirosis, a disease that affects the brains' ability to admit any wrongdoing. Someone suffering from this disease would shift the blame to someone else - anyone - even when the whole world knows the fault lies with the poor lady.

  39. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Don't renew and sack is a whole world of difference. Anyways he has one more year.


  40. Anonymous2:01 am

    Bashir to continue to lead MAHB for another year
    Bernama | 7:27PM Jun 6, 2013

    Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) today announced that Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid’s services as managing director will be extended for another year.

    The Finance Ministry extended the term, effective June 7, 2013.

    The airport operator said the board welcomed the extension as it preferred Bashir to continue to lead the management and guide the company towards continued success and performance.

    Bashir, who had earlier indicated that he would like to make way for a successor, agreed to stay on, MAHB said in a statement.

    It also said the board would, in due course, put in place a succession plan to ensure a smooth transition for this important post.

    - Bernama

  41. Anonymous2:53 pm

    You said this one has to be attributed to the JV between UEMC and binapuri? And that Razin's at fault?
    Ohh maann.. just show what level of rubbish journalism you have, if you can call it so. Tau hentam aja, tuduh itu ini. Seriously bro, (or is it bru?), stay away laa from these kind of things, fitnah memfitnah. Sekupang haram pun tak boleh pakai cakap2x kau ni rupanya..

  42. Anonymous12:39 pm

    MAHB should bear responsiblity for the failure of KLIA2 to be completed on time, and 2 years overdue.