Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The letter Guan Eng didn't want you to read

This letter to Saudara Lim Guan Eng from the Registrar of Societies is to-the-point, professional. 

Yet it was not just spun, its content was twisted, turned and teared as the Lims cried, cried wolf and cried foul in the hope that the people would forget that it was them - not ROS or anyone else - who mucked up their own little in-house election back in December 2012 and it was their own comrades who lodged a complaint about procedural discrepancies that resulted in 753 party members denied their rights to vote. Even so-called non-partisan observers like Bridget Welsh fell for it when she declares This tactic is perhaps the most blatant. Do they assume that people do not respect fair play? Do they think that Malaysians are willing to accept a process that is unfair? Did she forget the right of the 753 DAP members to fair play and a process that is "bersih".

Now, where in the ROS letter did you say the DAP would not be allowed to use its party logo for Nominations Day or/and General Elections?


  1. Anonymous11:45 am

    Two days before nomination day????Why not one month before....

    Kalau nak kelentong pun ...kelentong lah betul betul like when you were at the Malay Mail...

  2. To answer your last question, it is by virtue of the fact the ROS is doubting the varacity of the appointement of the office bearers. and logo/symbol need to be authorised.

    I thought you are not stupid bro rockly, but surely an intelligent person can appreciate this logic.

  3. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Rocky... have you consulted your lawyer about the letter contents or not before writting ?? or you yourself now is an expert in law ?

  4. Mat Taib12:26 pm

    LGE and LKS are just bitches and losers. That's all.

  5. damansaraman12:27 pm

    Dear Rocky

    It was a badly written CHINESE OPERA that backfired.

    Unfortunately, once caught with his pants down, LIM GUAN ENG - the Producer, Director, Scriptwriter, and Lead Actor decided to create another Chinese Opera to cover his ass and blame everybody else, except himself

    Worst, they are many Malaysians who FORCED THEMSELVES TO BELIEVE LIM GUANG ENG version of the opera

    These are not stupid people, mind you! Some are highly educated. But they survive and prosper on politic of hatreds

  6. Anonymous12:30 pm

    How come you got this letter ah? None of us top members could get a copy.My respect to you Bru, you are really well-connected with the powers, what national secrets also can get.

  7. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Pada April 2008, masa saya cuti diPulau Pinang saya cakap2 dengan jiran Cina sebelah rumah saudara saya Kita cakap kosong punya jam, saya ada tanya parti mana yang akan menang election 2008 di Penang. Itu jam dia cakap dengan relaks: Cina akan undi DAP ramai ramai. Saya tanya kenapa begitu.

    Relaks dia jawab saja : kami Cina dah dapat apa kita mahu, Barisan dah buat semua, jambatan sekarang mau 2, airport, highway pantai, universiti, Rapid. Lagi semua kilang dan investor besar sudah masuk, harga rumah mula naik, banyak kondo sedang dan akan naik, lagi itu airport mau bagi besar, bisnes banyak baik.....mau apa lagi. Ini kali can bagi Cina ambik semua yang BN sudah bikin dan buang itu Melayu. Nanti kita enjoy itu untung lah, bangsa lain peduli apa.

    Saya tidak cakap apa2 tetapi tukar topik lain. Baru saya sedar stail Cina, macam itu kacang lupa kulit. Sekarang saya tidak hairan mereka target Johor satu Malaysia sekalipun, bila sudah dapat hantam untung saja, bangsa lain pergi mati. Ok saya ajak kawan Melayu dan sahabat India pikir sekejap

    Siapa kontrol bisnes? Cina bukan. Kenapa bila petrol naik sebab harga dunia, Cina bagi naik harga barang runcit, makanan? Kenapa dia mahu untung jugak itu 10, 20 atau 50 sen , kenapa dia tak mahu absorb kos tolong India atau Melayu? Cina boleh buat tapi dia tak mahu buat. Dia mahu untung, bangsa lain pergi mampus..betul tak? U pikir sendiri.

    Siapa kontrol kerja private sektor? Cina bukan. Kenapa dia susah mahu ambik Melayu atau India kerja. Kenapa dia mahu itu Mandarin? Dia tolong orang dia dulu bukan, ada dia pikir pasal Melayu atau India? U pikir sendiri

    Kalau dia ambik kerja pun, kenapa dia susah mahu bagi gaji lebih sikit. Kenapa gaji untuk Cina lagi tinggi dari Melayu atau India. Dia boleh buat tapi dia tak mahu sebab dia nak jaga untung. Bila kerajaan suruh bagi gaji minima baru dia mahu buat,kalau tidak sampai matipun dia tak mahu bagi gaji lebih.

    Siapa kontrol housing bisnes? Cina bukan? Saya tanya kenapa harga tinggi2 . Dia jual 250k pun boleh untung, semua bangsa boleh beli. Tapi dia tak mahu, dia mahu untung besar, bangsa dia saja beli. Jadi 250-300k jadi 500-600k. Siapa boleh beli itu harga kalau tidak Cina saja. Kenapa buat macam itu? Tempat dapat Cina, untung dapat Cina, bangsa lain habuk pun tarak! U pikir sendiri

    Itu pasal jangan percaya Cina. Dia kiasu punya bangsa. Sekarang dia cari undi Melayu sama India, esok dia buang tepi macam kampung Buah Pala. Itu sebab di Sarawak, Iban,Bidayuh tak mahu undi Cina masa election 2011. Cina menang tempat cina saja. Dia orang tau Cina pegang balak, pegang private sektor tapi tak mahu bagi gaji baik, tak mahu kontrol harga barang sebab dia fikir untung saja satu orang, bangsa lain pergi mati.

    Lagi satu kawan, bila pilihanraya 1998 atau 1990, Melayu undi itu Anwar, Razaleigh kenapa Cina tak mahu ikut itu jam, dia takut bisnes habihloh orang buat kacau sana sini. Sekarang kenapa dia mahu orang Melayu ikut dia? Kenapa itu jam orang Melayu suruh ikut, dia tak mahu tapi sekarang dia mahu Melayu ikut dia. Ada lojik kah? U pikir sendiri. Kalau saya orang Melayu, saya mesti tak mahu ikut kalau ada respek. Tapi itu Melayu, ada jugak yang bodoh, macam itu Melayu PAS, PKR, macam anjing saja ikut.

    Cina pandai kelentong, dia cakap itu kerajaan semua salah tapi dia sendiri salah dia buat tak tahu. Ini macam bangsa tak ada guna. Sekarang, India mahu undi BN, Cina bagi takut, dia buat cerita Najib pakai sama, Hindraf sudah jadi anjing, India tarak guna , macam. Kawan, itu Cina punya cakap jangan ikut. Semua bohong. Kalau dia mahu tolong, sudah lama bagi tolong. Tapi dia kiasu punya bangsa. Sama2 kita India dan Melayu kasi ajar sama Cina, mahu hidup Malaysia, mesti sama2

  8. Anonymous1:08 pm

    I guess the ROS thought it was a clever move to send the letter 2 days b4 nomination day to help their political masters and rattle the DAP but the ROS did not put into account that the DAP is a party that can survives and rise from any kind of predicament and adversity and turn it into an advantage for their party.All that can be said from this episode is the ROS and the government have been outplayed by the DAP.Dont blame people for milking out the advantage from your own follies.Go back and think of a better idea and come back to haunt the DAP again..get people with more brains to do it please..good luck


  9. Anonymous1:40 pm

    all this is pointing to one conclusion, that is to preserve the Kim' legacy at any price. unfortunately members are aware of it!

  10. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Stop spinning, Rocky.

    The gist of the matter was not whether the rocket logo could be used but rather whether the authorisation letter would be recognised.

  11. Wowww... cybertroopers PR sudah mai...

  12. Anonymous2:20 pm

    rocky - what has happened to the great umno youth leader ???

    how about teeling us since you know it all!

  13. Anonymous2:21 pm

    It is a conpiracy to put up the letters 2 days before nomination. Yes, ROS did allow DAP to use the logo but ROS may be under the BN instruction to query the legality of the nomination and those candidates who won the election. If PR happen to take ovee the federal gov, BN might challege this in court and court may hand over those DAP seats en bloc to the BN and let BN retake the federal gov. This is a real risk which DAP must take notice and be prepared to be challeged by BN once they win especiallt when they win the federal gov. It is a trap set to sabotage DAP and DAP is in catch 22 situation and currently have no choice to continue to use the logo because otherwise, the BN will use this issue to criticise DAP to change the logo to PAS saying that they succumb to PAS and one vote for DAP indeed is one vote for PAS.

  14. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Follow-up surat lepas tu tak siar ke?

    Efisen sungguh ROS bagi surat pada malam 19 Apri. 2013.

    Kenapa tak cerita?

  15. Zul3rdC2:36 pm

    Nak salahkan ROS pun tak boleh sebab surat-surat resmi dinegara ini semuanya mesti didalam bahasa malaysia.

    Lain kali bila berurusan dengan parti DAP, ROS harus sertakan terjemahan bahasa cina supaya mudah ahli-ahli parti DAP faham apa yang cuba dikelentongkan oleh ketua mereka.

  16. Rocky

    I am very very surprise that you are not able to see beyond the contents of the letter.

    For a person of your "calibre with years of journalistic experience" you are not a bright bulb at all!

    Apparently, your years of heading MM has not made you a capable & thinking person. Anyone with some gray matter, coupled with experience leading an org will prepare for any consequences that might arise. Always looks back, be cautious & plan well ahead in anticipation of any possiblities.

    I am sure you know all these but you choose to ignore your conscience.

    Reflect on these:
    Do not rely on "makan gaji buta" Do not sell your soul to earn a living.
    Do not fail your parents
    Do not fail yourself.
    Do not fail your own religious believes.

  17. Kenny3:19 pm

    Tuduh pihak lain bila salah diri,
    Baik betul pelik DAP tak erti,
    Macam mana DAP nak tadbir macam ini?,
    Bila tak boleh beza kanan dan kiri.

    Ahli DAP sendiri yang buat aduan,
    Marah pun jangan cakap bukan-bukan,
    Tahukah anda ROS & BN tak ada ikatan?,
    Lagi mahu cakap DAP bisa nak lawan.

    Kasihan Kit Siang nangis macam bayi,
    Nangis sampai guna tisu tak henti,
    Nangis bagai anak isteri dah mati,
    Ini memang baik punya 'Drama Minggu Ini'.

    Kalau roket rosak gunalah bulan,
    Bagai DAP & PAS macam brada berkawan,
    Isu Hudud & 'Allah' pun tak bersetujuan,
    Kini nak guna bulan tipu rakyat sekalian.

    Roket atau bulan lebih berkuasa?,
    Ideologi mereka memang berbeza,
    Kalau Cina sokong bulan khianatkan budaya,
    Muslim PAS pula khianatkan agama.

    Roket cakap boleh makan babi & berjudi,
    Bulan pula cakap hina judi dan babi,
    Samakah roket & bulan macam ini?
    Rakyat yang ditipu dengan cerita begini.

    Pakailah otak semasa mengundi,
    Kerajaan baik hilang tak berganti,
    Bagai patah sekali tak tumbuh lagi,
    Negara hancur merana ini dah pasti.

  18. damansaraman3:44 pm

    Anon 11.45am, 12.30pm and 1.08

    EXACTLY MY POINT that this badly written Chinese Opera by TOKONG LGE is working well, VERY WELL INDEED, for people like you guys.

    I am sure you guys are forcing yourselves to believe all the TOKONG LGE BULLSHITS....right?!!!

    Why torture yourself?

    THE ACTUAL FACT THAT YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED TO KNOW (actually I am very sure you know but you pretend only) is DAP lead by your TOKONG LGE asked for an extension when they received the first letter.

    The very bad and cruel RoS agreed and granted a 30 days extension.(so bad la you RoS...go and agree some more!!!)

    What DAP lead by your TOKONG LGE did?

    NO! He did not call for an EGM to endorse and rectify the matter

    NO! He did not call the complainants whom are legitimate branches and members of his very own party that he leads to rectify the matter

    NO! He did not send evidence of the miscalculation incident to RoS. Instead he only send the ARGUED CEC Meeting Minutes to confirm their own legitimacy. (wahhh your democrazy is great la)

    Your TOKONG LGE have more than enough time to rectify the matter but being always right ALL THINGS MUST GO HIS WAY.

    And which part of RoS Letter that said DAP lead by TOKONG LGE cannot use their logo? Who told TOKONG LGE that? (No written there some more he want to wayang marah-marah!!!)

    SIDE STORY: Your TOKONG LGE talk so so soooo big about leading the country, yet a simple Excel Spreadsheet pun tak tau pakai ka?

    Want to build ONLY ONE BLOODY TUNNEL also cannot know the exact figure ka?

    I thought Chinese Educated people are SOOOO GOOD in Mathematics?

    Don't tell me you guys fight Husband and Wife, but when Registrar of Marriage send you a letter to nullify the marriage because your wife asked for divorce 2 days before your Wedding Anniversary you also want to blame BN and UMNO

    Haiya guys....WHY YOU SO LIKE THAT?

  19. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    You have been living too long under the BN umbrella where everything can be "kow-tim" and everything can be swept under the carpet. In fact those which can't be swept under the carpet can be bombed with C4, and immigration records erased.

    What authority do you have to guarantee that those using the rocket will not be disqualified before, during and after the elections ? What guarantee does one have that the use of the logo and the nominations by a non-recognised CEC could be binding in law ?

    The problem with you UMNO chaps is that you are used to fixing problems when they arise, and nothing happens to those that caused the problems in the first place.

    Learn, my friend, to do things the right and legal way. Not the UMNO way.


  20. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Anon 12:43.....panjangnya lu punya cerita, lu ni mesti BTN punya graduate !!


  21. PAShit4:28 pm

    The Pakatoons motto ‘UBAH’ is very interesting indeed. I support 100% that we must UBAH immediately!

    UBAH – kerajaan di bawah Pakatoons for MUNGKIR JANJI! JANJI DI BONTOTI!

    UBAH – N.ajis for holding on to power sampai nak mampus! Ular mak mungkir janji adalah sifat2 MUNAFIK dan confirm masuk neraka jahanam!

    UBAH – LKS for being the mastermind of 13 Mei as proven by Dato Zul Noordin in Parliament.Check out hansard for proof.

    UBAH – LGE for the CEC voting fiasco which was racist at its ugliest best. Dont talk crap about race based politics from now on. you are just making yourself look more arrogantly stupid!

    UBAH – B.A.B.I. for being a sex pervert. Nabi SAW pun tak mengaku umat inikan pulak pengikut2 bangang dan bodoh Pakatoons yang menyokong membabi buta!


    PAShit a.k.a. DAPshit

  22. Anonymous4:35 pm


    Apa yang penyokong DAP bising sangat pasal surat bertarikh 2 hari sebelum hari penamaan, seolah-olah ROS nak pekene depa. ROS bagi tempoh satu bulan utk jawab, SATU BULAN, iaitu sehingga 17 Mei 2013.By my reckoning, by that time the election is over, winners and losers declared.


  23. Apa la lu Latuk! Kasi tunjuk sulat saya pun susah paham punya. Latuk kasi hentam itu pelempuan punya gwai loh apa pasai? Dia pun baca saya ingat pusing kapala lor.

    Vely bes punya legard

  24. While the ROS decision is correct in law, the timing is something left to be desired. As people say, "perception is reality." And the perception is that it was done to push DAP into contesting as independents.

    ROS and, by inference, the BN government, seriously miscalculated the outrage that resulted.

    Are you Barisan fellows so out-of-touch with the ground to not even have thought of that?

  25. Kesbury5:43 pm

    I am sure that Bru can find plenty of faults in the Oppo.

    I just wish that he would be objectively neutral and highlight the faults in the BN too.

    After all, to quote the tag line of the Fox News Channel, it's all about "fair and balanced" reporting.

  26. Anonymous5:53 pm

    A blatant liar lying to people who like to listen to lies.

    But he cannot lie to accountants.

  27. Anonymous6:16 pm


    anything but chinese DAP

  28. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Rocky, which part of the last sentence of the letter do you not understand? It states the ROC does not "iktiraf pemegang jawatan CEC". This puts all the documents LGE signs for GE13 at jeapordy. What brew are you drinking?

  29. Anonymous8:36 pm

    lepas salahkan excel, mau salahakn ROS pulak? blockhead.

  30. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Please show us all the letters that Umno didn't want us to read!


  31. Anonymous11:15 pm

    all those that write in that 'pro-opposition' portal never say anything good about the government..

  32. Anonymous12:11 am


    Its so simple to explain,

    1. ROS issue a letter saying that the Central Executive Commitee - CEC (Look at the last paragraph "Pemegang-pemegang jawatan)"is not recognized "48 hours" before nomination day"

    2. DAP cannot held a fresh election within 48 hours.

    3. Since CEC is not recognized, thus Lim Guan Eng position as the Secretary General not recognized.

    4. During nomination day, a letter of authorisation by Secretary General is required for DAP candidates to use the rocket logo. Nobody in DAP have the authority able to issue the letter.

    5. DAP cannot use the rocket.

    There is not twist and turn. The letter indicate clearly that CEC from on December 2012 not recognized by ROS.

    If cannot understand this, then I cannot say anything more. I am not even a DAP member.

  33. Anonymous7:03 am

    i have stop reading your trash for a while.
    obviously, you still spill the same rubbish.
    it is worth it for you?

  34. Anonymous7:28 am

    Come GE13, the majority chingkies christo will vote for DAP (make sure u people understand this : they are voting DAP, not Pakatan is secondary for them) while the rest of the rakyat will vote for BN.

    why the MAJORITY chinese community DID NOT VOTE for BN?

    why the MAJORITY rakyat of other community WILL VOTE for BN?

    You will see their true face how racist,chauvinist they are AND we will retaliate back!



  35. Anonymous10:55 am


    Are you stupid or ignorant? I agreed with Anonymous 12:11 am.

    Whatever ROS has done has backfired. Barisan Nasional especially UMNO has lost perception war that BN has a hand in it even though it does not do it. Likewise when UMNO decided to field the two Perkasa candidates, it creates another perception that a vote for UMNO is a vote for "racist" Perkasa. Rest assure, it will get backfire in GE13. Got it?

    1. ROS issue a letter saying that the Central Executive Commitee - CEC is not recognized "48 hours" before nomination day"

    2. If CEC is not recognized, thus Lim Guan Eng position as the Secretary General can not issue the letter of authorisation for DAP candidates to use the rocket logo. So they will have to be independant candidates

    So, Rocky can you understand this?

  36. Anonymous11:06 am

    The problem of the Pencacai DAP is they don't understand the issue. Heck, they don't even understand simple language how to govern a country?.

    Bloody idiot is trying to act clever by talking to much. Typical of this chingkies in GLC that i've encountered. no substance.

  37. Anonymous12:15 pm

    retard @ 12:11 am

    just like caretaker govt - the old elected postbearers are recognised UNTIL biaDAP hold a bershit 10.0 among their registered official members

    the new but corruptly elected post bearers can eat shit until they PROMISED and CARRY OUT clean, free and fair elections - no more chinese to represent Malay

    like dat oso don noe - sum more wan to comment

    macam bagus

    psst biaDAP will be backstabbed by their own party members, UMNO/BN has better things to do to uplift the rakyat's welfare

  38. Anonymous12:23 pm

    with a failed accountant who blamed excel and typo error, hand in hand with a racist may13 dinosaur, flanked by a hudud-over-my-dead-body wheelchair singh

    Malaysia will be doomed if they occupy putrajaya

    one will still fail maths
    one will create a large broom
    one will advise crooks to taubat

  39. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Hahaha PR cybertroopers are here. And as usual they will condemn Rocky without any facts. Semua emotional.

    Thats how intelligent PR is.

  40. rule of law7:57 pm

    First of all ROS only doing their job. considering the time it took for ROS to investigate, plus non cooperation by DAP, refusal to give the docs, etc. then the extension of time requested by DAP. Its timely that ROS issued the said letter. ROS is just doing its job considering the given timeline.

    Why blame ROS when your own leader FUCKED UP BIG TIME?? this would not have happened if there is a Bersih CEC election.

    Not only the DAP has a SUPER INCOMPETENT CROOK leadership, their followers are stupid as a stump.

    You guys should know the consequences when YOU BREAK THE LAW. I repeat the CONSEQUENCES WHEN YOU BREAK THE LAW.

    No need to cry ohhh the validity of the bla bla bla bla bla. BORING!

  41. rule of law8:03 pm

    First you break the law, then you EXPECT SPECIAL TREATMENT AFTER YOU BREAK THE LAW. You ingat Malaysia ni Bapak you punya ke. Dap memang bapak guan eng punya but Malaysia is not his. KAPISH!!

  42. dergahgrill9:32 pm

    Anon 12:43 pm

    Boy, you sure sound like a broken record. Trotting out the same old tired excuses for under-performance, quotas, affirmative action etc etc.

    So, what else is new?

    How about getting a good education, gaining fluency in English and scoring a good job, becoming an entrepreneur or doing a start-up?

    Much like what immigrants in other countries are doing.

    But noooo.....it's much easier to blame others for your own shortcomings and weaknesses. And thereby becoming fodder for all those who push the "dilemma" agenda.

    It's surreal how you can believe that it's life as usual, and that the government will look out for you, when regional and geopolitical realities indicate otherwise.

    Oh, I forgot. You still have "crutches" to fall back on.

  43. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Anonymous at 12.15pm,

    Refer to,

    “Sementara menantikan penyelesaian pertikaian-pertikaian ini, Pendaftar Pertubuhan pada menjalankan kuasa-kuasa dibawah akta......... , dengan ini tidak memberikan pengiktirafan kepada pemegang-pemegang jawatan parti tindakan demokratik yang dibentuk oleh jawatan tertinggi pusat pada 15 december 2012"

    In Summary, since DAP CEC is not recognized.(refer to sentence "tidak memberi pengiktirafan"), therefore Secretary General cannot issue letter to authorized the use of rocket logo.

    "Tidak memberi pengiktirafan" means that Lim Guan Eng position as Secretary General is not recognized.

    It is quite difficult and tiring to explain to those that have only UPSR level cert.

    Dont understand simple thing somemore call other people retard.

  44. Anonymous11:07 pm

    charcogrill 9:32 pm

    PETRONAS is the icon of MELAYU BOLEH. While you are happily deluding yourself that bumis are still on "critches", we have arrived!

    the pendatangs LOVE to stroke their superinflated ego, the bumis are quietly taking on the world.

    Ask any WORLD leader, have they heard of lim guan eng or lim kit siang and they will reply "who??"

    But ask them "Do you know Tun Dr Mahathir and Najib Razak?"

    Yes yes yes ... Twin Towers, Sepang F1 and 1Malaysia.

    biaDAP is world famous for blaming excel spreadsheet and typo error for their filthy manipulative cheatings


  45. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Equality and Meritocracy you say?

    How to compete with race full of bull and pig shit?

    here an example;

    1. an indian and a bumi fresh from graduate joined a company wholly owned by a pig shit. what happened is they were offered a meagre salary of $1200.00.then came another chinese boy a fresh graduate joining the company with same qualification and credential with these indian and bumi boys.
    no surprise though as expected the taukeh offerred the chinese boy with a salary of $2200.00 so you figure it out!

    2.it is an open secret that any chinese family thought their children to become a cheater, dishonest and a manipulator and you expect an honest indian or bumi children to compete with them? you figure it out!

    anyway you do not respect other people culture,look down with a superior complex mentality(err actually its their denial syndrome thick & thin head) and also an environment polluter.

    what a banana.

  46. damansaraman12:23 am

    Anon 10:55am, 12:11am and 6:52pm

    Apasal la korang ni bodoh dan dungu sangat?

    Woi...RoS dan SPR kata DAP boleh pakai lambang roket. Maksudnya Surat Tauliah yang ditandatangani TOKONG LGE boleh digunakan

    Kalau korang tak paham, call lah SPR dan RoS. Janganlah sombong tak tentu pasal!!!

    Ni asik-asik nak tunjuk gangster.....Kami Berikan RoS 24 Jam Untuk Tarik Balik Surat!!!

    Perghhh what do you expect? RoS and SPR officers menggigil dan terkencing kat office sebab TOKONG LGE bagi amaran?!!!

    Hari Pencalunan dah pun berakhir, dan SEMUA CALUN DAP GUNAKAN ROKET!!!!

    TOKONG LGE kencing korang pun korang percaya

    Yang korang masih memekak nak argue pasal benda ni apasal?

    Kalau korang semua kurang waras atau pun bodoh atau kedua-duanya sekali, dan tak faham perkara ini, tak payahlah salahkan semua orang.

    Lain kali, KORANG SEMUA DAN TOKONG LGE pergi belajar GUNAKAN EXCEL SPREADSHEET tu betul-betul. Ada short course berlambak di KL.

    Dan satu lagi, bila buat AGM JEMPUTLAH SEMUA BAHAGIAN DAN AHLI yang sepatutnya. Takdelah ahli korang complain!!!! So tak payahlah beropera cina segala


    Bingai betul lah korang semua ni

  47. dergahgrill8:38 am

    Anon 11:07 pm

    Petronas? That's a good one! What's so special about being a monopolist NOC (National Oil Company)? Have they been tested in the market place like Shell or ExxonMobil?

    Quick question: how much has Shell and ExxonMobil invested in the country south of the Causeway?

    On a related note, how many world leaders have heard of Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong? Or SIA, Changi Airport and the F1 Singapore GP? Go ask IATA, Skytrax or Bernie Ecclestone!

    Oh, yah - please tell us why KL International Airport (KLIA) fell out of Skytrax's 2013 Airport Rankings, when Changi Airport came in as #1? Who runs KLIA? Coincidence or bad management?

    And I make no bones about "crutches". Where would Proton be without "crutches"?

    Dr Mahathir's nightmares are coming true. His meanderings are becoming increasingly irrelevant in a region that is fast integrating and opening up.

    Just ask President SBY who has just concluded a bilateral leaders' retreat in Singapore.

    But, then, you are good at charades and illusions, aren't you? Where anything goes to conceal from Malaysians the true state of play out there!

  48. Anonymous9:19 am

    Kalau itu CEC sudah kena gantungkah tak recognisekah tak valid kah, apa macam Janice Lee boleh kena pecat dari DAP.

    Bukan itu disiplin board lantik dari ahli CEC baru. Bukan Tan Kok Wai itu lantik atas mandat CEC bukan?

    Ah ini saya cakap, Cina bangsa palat, mau tipu pun tak pandai tipu. Siki jam CEC illegal, siki jam CEC legal,ptuih! punya bangsa.

    Saya cakap Cina main itu drama sebab mahu undi Melayu. Di Johor undi Melayu tak mahu Cina. Kerusi 50/50 susah menang. Kalau cakap pakai bendera PAS, mesti ada Melayu bodoh percaya kasi undi, boleh menang tipis.

    Kenapa itu bendera PAS? Bendera PKR pun boleh mah, lagi PKR tak mahu hudud, tak dah leceh. Hah, pikir kawan. DAP mahu guna bendera PAS sebab PAS ada support Melayu bodoh, bila itu support sudah dapat, sap sama PAS.

    Lagi satu, dia mahu tunjuk dia ok hudud, ambik hati Melayu bodoh, lepas itu sap itu Melayu.

    Kawan, ini Cina bahaya punya bangsa. Otak jahat macam setan. Tanya sama DAP kawan, kenapa pakai bendera PAS? Kenapa tak mahu pakai bendera PKR. PKR tak mahu hudud mah? Gerenti dia tak boleh jawab.

    Lagi satu kenapa pakai Bendera PKR di Sabah Sarawak? Kenapa tak mahu PAS sana? Sebab sana PAS lingkup lagi Kristian lari tengok Bendera PAS!

    Itu drama DAP,kawan. Saya sudah lama tahu. Dia ingat boleh tipu orang bodoh kata ROS jahat. Tapi ROS tak sengaja sudah perangkap dia. ROS keluar surat terang2, tapi DAP main surat itu buat wayang.. Tapi DAP sendiri punya drama sudah perangkap sendiri punya badan. .

  49. Kesbury12:03 pm

    dergahgrill 8:38 am

    Good comments there, brudder!

    Just a point of clarification: KLIA fell out of Skytrax's 2013 top 10 World Airports rankings. These are the rankings where Changi Airport took 1st place, and Hong Kong International and Seoul Incheon Airports ranked among the top 10 airports.

    Looking at the increasingly dirty, tired and jaded KLIA, one is not surprised at it's slide in the rankings.

    Malaysia Airports is a poster child for "Malaysia Boleh"? You've gotta be kidding!

    Now, let's hear it for "crutches" and "dilemmas"!

  50. Anonymous1:13 pm

    charcogrill, this one's for your keepsake ... hahahahahaha

    William Safire, the former speech writer for Richard Nixon and New York Times columnist, in his interview with Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding father, at the World Economic Forum in 1999, called Lee a DICTATOR and accused him of showing disregard for the principles of liberal democracy.

    who is lim guan eng again???

  51. Anonymous1:16 pm


    PM Lee Hsien Loong’s speech at a lunchtime rally on Tuesday where he apologized for government lapses, and where he said he is doing things differently from MM Lee.



  52. Apa lu cakap apek? Latest Skytrax ranking 4 STAR rating include KLIA: http://www.airlinequality.com/AirportRanking/4-Star.htm ..KLIA is still ranked among the BEST in the world lah and so who is managing KLIA again..the Malays/Bumis have quietly arrived lah..deal with it OK.

  53. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Zairil ...this one Malay top CEC member must have advise wrongly to LGE and LKS about the letter.. ....stupid juga BM dia????

  54. Anonymous12:40 am

    Its ROS fault
    Its Microsoft Excel fault
    Its Microsoft Word fault
    Its UMNOs fault
    Its Federal governments Fault
    Its Utusans fault

    Cina-cina bodoh bangang memaksa diri percaya untuk menutup sifat racist mereka.

    Sementara itu keluarga Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh kaya raya atas sifat perkauman ahli mereka.

  55. Kesbury10:28 pm

    eddy 3:52 pm

    Go peruse the Skytrax 2013 rankings again before shooting yourself in the foot - which you have managed to do already!

    Would you care to list out the top 10 airports in the 2013 rankings and let us know if KLIA is among them? And which airport is ranked #1?

  56. Anonymous3:19 am


    As usual, small boy must have the last word. Better ignore the attention seeker for thou shalt never win in its petty eyes no matter what the facts.

  57. Anonymous12:56 pm

    No need to belittle your own country. If you glorify other countries why are you still here? Pack and get lost. No one will be eating maggots just because you are gone.

  58. tebdil khasseky3:50 pm

    Oi, Eddy

    Go put on your glasses and check the Skytrax 2013 rankings again.

    Fact is that in the rankings of best airports IN ASIA, KLIA comes in at 7th place.

    7th place? Malu, lah....you mean that there are other airports in Asia ranked higher than KLIA?

    Malaysia Airports boleh, eh?

    But, then, facts never did deter people of your mind set from committing faux pas after faux pas.

    Just ask Ibrahim Ali et al.....

  59. tebdil khasseki7:04 pm

    Anons 3:19 am & 12:56 pm

    Facts are facts.

    The Skytrax 2013 airport rankings are on record in the public domain.

    So, are you denying facts?

    Like the crime situation in Malaysia?

    Or the brain drain?

    Come to think of it, Talent Corp was a Najib initiative.

    Dr M would have dismissed the brain drain as airy-fairy claptrap.

    No wonder Dr M has put Najib on notice!

  60. Anonymous8:00 pm

    ooohh ... and the military security guys doing their rounds at changi airport looked "tough" with their camouflage and bullet-proofvest etc etc

    that is front the back, alamak wjen they turned aroung, they wore super thick myopic glasses and looked like a bookworm


    Indon and Malaysian army personnel are the real dudes

    just invent glass breaking equipment and the changi airport security peeper will be groping in broad daylight


  61. Anonymous8:01 pm

    ranking spanking and nothing more

  62. Anonymous9:38 pm

    When ROS said that they don't recognize the new CEC of DAP, it is pronouncing the society is without leadership! How can a society exists without leadership! It is a trick that DAP needs to be aware!

  63. Anonymous1:23 am

    See anon 3.19 & eddy, small boy was right on cue and he loves bring other side issues as well. Possible outcome of being bottle fed, cursed and being told to shut up. End result endless attention seeking, identity crisis and multiple nicks.

  64. dergahgrill7:05 am

    Anon 1:23 am has "denial syndrome"! Much like Ibrahim Ali and other assorted luminaries.

    I wonder what these worthies will do come 2015 when the Asean Common Market will be biting their backsides?

    Probably howling for more "crutches", "privileges" and "subsidies".

    In other words - begging!

  65. tebdil khasseki9:05 am

    Anon 8:00 pm

    And, yet ...... Changi Airport is #1 in the 2013 Skytrax rankings of airports.

    With Malaysian police patrolling KLIA, what is KLIA's ranking?


  66. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Anon 1.23 am, 3.19 and Eddy

    You guys forgot to add inferiority complex, multiple personality syndrome and schizophrenia to the list. The rest is spot on.

    As for facts, look at who is championing them, after all these are facts too

    1.http://www.state.gov/j/inl/rls/nrcrpt/2013/vol2/204062.htm ( see between Russia and Somalia and a hattrick of listings....fuyoh)

    2 http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/singapore-income-inequality-rise-dept-135226813.html ( you guys should read Davelyn Koh in there. That comment is fact about Singapork in a nutshell. Seems we have a level headed, sane and undeluded porkian for a change)

    and it is not a new phenomenon in "heaven" as we knew all along:


    Mr FactChampion, tell those aren't facts to the State department, Reuters and Singapore Stat Department( they must be lying, eh), especially the last if you have the balls than crowing garbage here. You know we are waiting for you to be arsefucked and mouth shafted by either one.

    For the time being though, better shaft those airport " facts" up street bitch mummy's tissue wiped filthy arse where it would be easily accepted and rightly belong. After all she must be lusting for one from any one of mister multiple personality. Ooooooo she must be sure enjoying the pleasure of enjoying arsefucks in dotage from different people swimming in the same person who happens to be sonny boy at that!

    Warrior 231

  67. dergahgrill8:50 am

    Heh, heh - the warrior is shifting the goal posts. Again.

    Nothing surprising there.

    After being shown up for the ratbagger fraud that he is, he morphs into hypocritical concerns about income inequality in Singapore.

    My response: so what? There is income inequality everywhere, including Malaysia (contrast the hardscrabble poor natives in the interiors of Sabah and Sarawak with the cigar-puffing rentseekers of Bangsar and the more salubrious suburbs of KL).

    As one of my school teachers used to say - you can have equality of opportunity, but you cannot guarantee equality of results.

    Which, say, in the US, differentiates a high-flying hedge fund manager or Silicon Valley start-up millionaire/billionaire from an hourly-paid fast food restaurant employee or someone who works for minimum wage.

    As for airlines and airports, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    If the Skytrax rankings are to be dissed, then someone should tell MAS to stop quoting Skytrax's assessment of it's cabin crew in the airlines ads in Singapore.

    As for KLIA, it's only now managing to attract airlines that have been flying to Changi Airport for years. Air France and Turkish Airlines come to mind. And Qantas has not given up on Changi even after getting into bed with Emirates. And Rusdi Kirana's Lion Air continues to increase frequencies to Changi.

    That's what happens when charlatans try to pass themselves off as aviation industry experts or as commentators on racial or religious issues.

  68. Anonymous2:27 pm

    When facts are stated silly little boy starts throwing toys out of his pram. He dare not call the Singapore stat dept out, so what to do he brings in Sabah blah3

    In his world facts that suit him must be aired, others from even his own pigs be damned. What more can you expect from a schizoid multipersonality airport toilet washer who fucks his own mum. Period.

  69. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Yeah and while you are still drooling over it, you can tag this one along the Singapore on to the tip of your short cock and shaft them up mummy's filthy smelly arsehole:

    KLIA Bags World's Best Airport Immigration Service Award



    ummmm....Singapore's immigration must be the most inefficient around, what happenedlah?