Saturday, April 06, 2013

A Promise of Hope

It tickles when the Pakatan's formal response to Najib's manifesto is: "They copied ours!" It is childish to claim intellectual property rights over lower car prices. Back in 1993 when Afta was new, the leaders of Asean agreed on a long-term program to integrate the auto industry. Ten years on, experts maintained that Proton and Perodua notwithstanding, imported CKDs in Malaysia were going to be 30-50% cheaper due to the long-term proposed tariff reductions. So who are they trying to kid?

The launch of a manifesto
1 million quality, affordable homes. If the General Election is decided by the better manifesto, Pakatan Rakyat doesn't stand half a chance. The Pakatan manifesto was launched hastily and way too early in the game. The BN manifesto launched tonight by Najib Razak is not perfect but it is wholesome without having to be populist. It helps that the PM's track record during the last 4 short years has been a very impressive one. Despite inheriting all kinds of weaknesses from his predecessor and amid one of the longest smear campaigns in local politics, Najib has achieved much  for his party and for the people. And yet this man stood there in front of thousands at the stadium and millions at home seeking our forgiveness for whatever shortcomings for he said there surely must have been some, at least, for he is only human. 

What I like most about the manifesto, aside from the focus on putting a solid roof above our children, is the fact that Najib didn't dwell too much on the politics of it. Enough is enough. 

Oh, okay, he did wonder aloud as to why all but two of the pioneers of the party that was formed by the Opposition leader a little over a decade ago have abandoned that party ... And it makes a lot of us wonder, too.

In a nutshell, the BN Manifesto for the 13th General Election:
1. Easing the Cost of Living:
* Increasing BR1M up to RM1,200 for households and RM600 for singles while maintaining it on an annual basis
* Increasing 1Malaysia Book Vouchers to RM300 and Schooling Aid to RM150
* Revamping the National Automotive Policy to gradually reduce car prices by 20 to 30 per cent and increasing the competitiveness of the national cars
* Increasing the number of Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia
* Introducing 1Malaysia products in petrol stations and hypermarkets
* Opening Klinik 1Malaysia in high-density housing communities
* Setting up more 1Malaysia Daycare Centres for working parents
* Lowering broadband fees by at least 20 per cent with guaranteed bandwidth
* Introducing 1Country 1Price policy for essential goods
* Introducing more 1Malaysia products driven by GLCs and the private sector

2. Uplifting Urban Well-being:
* Restructuring the government, including setting up a new ministry to reflect the pronounced urban shift in the country's demographic pattern and address urban economic and social challenges
* Increasing representation of members of the NGOs and civil society in local government
* Rehabilitating low-cost houses and flats in the cities
* Undertaking the maintenance of public housing infrastructure
* Providing quality public housing catering specifically for the younger generation of job seekers
*Providing recreational areas and facilities to enhance the quality of life in urban centres
*Ensuring sufficient educational, training and health services and facilities
*Improving the transportation links between urban centres and their outlying areas
* Opening more Anjung Singgah shelters (temporary shelters for the homeless) in high demand areas
3. Access to Quality Health Services:
* Developing a national system that will provide every Malaysian with access to quality healthcare
* Establishing a Heart Centre and Cancer Centre in major hospitals in every zone - North, South, East & West Peninsula and Sabah and Sarawak
* Providing public facilities for dialysis treatment in every high-density area
* Introducing a card-carrying system for Malaysians with special needs to provide for discounted prices of specific medications
* Introducing a support system for palliative home care for the aged and terminally ill
4. Towards Greater Efficiency in Public Transportation:
* Expanding the Rapid Bus System to every state capital, complete with facilities for the aged and disabled
* The continued expansion of the MRT, LRT and Commuter rail systems
* Building integrated bus, rail and taxi terminals in all towns and cities
  - Re-routing bus routes to ensure more efficient and accessible services for the rakyat
* Increasing individual taxi permits
* Implementing the national high speed rail network and expanding the double tracking railway system
5. World Class Infrastructure Development and Rural Transformation:

* The rapid expansion of the North-South Expressway with more lanes and exit points
* Building a 2,300-km Pan Borneo Highway stretching from Semantan, Sarawak, to Serudung, Sabah
* Extending the East Coast Highway from Kuala Krai-Kota Baharu & Gambang-Segamat
* Constructing a new West Coast Highway from Banting to Taiping
* The gradual reduction of intra-city tolls
* Implementing the 21st Century Village concept to spur rural transformation and bring the rural community into the mainstream of development
* Building another 6,300km of paved roads in peninsular Malaysia, 2,500km in Sabah and 2,800km in Sarawak to benefit an estimated 3.3 million people
* Solving the treated water supply problem in Selangor, the Federal Territory and Kelantan
* Extending the supply of clean water to another 320,000 homes throughout the country
* Expanding electricity supply to another 6,000 homes in the peninsula, 60,000 in Sabah and 80,000 in Sarawak
* Compelling service providers to ensure quality mobile phone services and reliable wireless access coverage throughout the country

6. Strengthening Women's Participation:
* Increasing the number of women participating in national decision-making
* Promoting gender equality to maximise the potential of Malaysians in all fields, regardless of gender
* Providing more business and income-generating opportunities for women to provide them a greater sense of independence
* Creating more incentives for work-from-home initiatives, with greater emphasis on single mothers
* Opening 1Malaysia Daycare Centres in all GLCs and government offices and encouraging the private sector to do the same
* Tightening laws to prevent incidents of sexual abuse and harassment in homes and in the workplace

7. Building a Resilient, Dynamic and Innovative Economy:
* Attracting RM1.3 trillion worth of investments and creating 3.3 million new jobs, of which 2 million will be in high income sectors
* Building towards achieving per capita income of USD$15,000 (RM45,000) by 2020
* Providing special incentives for innovative and creative ventures to generate more wealth and jobs
* Implementing policies that are fair and equitable to all races in Malaysia including pro-growth policies, greater participation of the private sector & development of the capital market
* Enhancing the effectiveness of the bumiputera agenda, including bumiputeras in Sabah & Sarawak, by providing business opportunities, a stronger eco-system (e.g. training & credit facilities) and institutional support)
* Working with state governments to allocate more land & increase productivity of existing land to enhance food and livestock production
* Reforming the existing tax structure towards a more broad-based tax system and gradually reducing personal and corporate tax
* Continuing special cash payments and development & operational funding exceeding 20 per cent of oil and gas revenue to Sabah, Sarawak, Terengganu, Kelantan & Pahang
* Implementing a plan for the transformation of SMEs and establishing a National Trading Company to source overseas markets for SMEs products
* Creating & promoting more global and regional champions
* Ensuring GLCs continue to develop entrepreneurs by divesting non-strategic GLCs and increasing outsourcing programmes for bumiputera companies
* Providing RM500 million in seed funding to increase the equity of the Indian Community to at least three per cent
* Setting up a Special Unit to ensure the successful implementation of policies for the upliftment of the Indian community
* Increasing access to micro credit for all Malaysians, including RM100 million for hawkers and petty traders
8. Building towards Educational Excellence:

* Bringing Malaysia into the "top third category" of the best education systems in the world by improving the quality of national schools
* Improving the command of Bahasa Malaysia and English among students from the pre-school level, and making English a compulsory SPM pass subject in all schools
* Improving access to quality education for the rural and minority communities, especially in Sabah and Sarawak
* Providing more merit-based scholarships, with special provisions for disadvantaged communities
* Continuing special allocations to all types of schools including SKs, SJKCs, SJKTs, Sekolah Agama Bantuan Kerajaan, MRSM, Sekolah Berasrama Penuh and Mission Schools
* Expanding Single Session Schooling
* Revamping Teacher Training Colleges and raising the qualification bar for trainee teachers
* Introducing a simplified teaching and learning system for BM in Chinese and Tamil schools
* Building more schools of all types in areas of high demand
* Enhancing performance in Mathematics and Science, and developing higher order thinking skills in students
* Providing financial incentives of RM100,000 per annum for schools with classes for Special Needs children
* Converting SJKTs that wish to change status, into fully aided schools
* Setting up ICT labs in all schools that require them
* Transforming vocational schools into colleges and increasing enrolment to 20 per cent of the student population
* Expanding pre-school education to cover all types of schools
* Providing new career pathways to allow performance-based fast tracking promotion of 420,000 teachers
* Providing free and guaranteed Broadband Wifi on all campuses of public institutions
* Introducing a laptop ownership scheme in all schools bundled with Internet access

9. Enhancing Security and Public Safety:

* Boosting PDRM omnipresence with additional 4,000 police personnel per year
* Lighting up streets, alleys and lanes to further reduce street crime
* Strengthening the PDRM Motorcycle Patrol Unit by 5,000 vehicles
* Upgrading the welfare, professionalism and capability of the police, armed forces and the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
* Enhancing the total capability of the armed forces to deal with any form of incursion and external threat
* Maintaining and strengthening the police commission
* Using the 6P system to curb the influx of illegal foreigners
* Creating the Safecam Programme to link up private and public CCTV systems
* The extensive expansion of CCTV monitoring for high traffic public areas such as car parks, recreational areas, night markets and schools
* Introducing security initiatives in public housing schemes
* Enrolling an additional 50,000 police volunteer reserves to assist PDRM in patrolling and keeping streets safe

10. Nurturing Youth:

* Providing funding, training and incentives for youth-centric commercial ventures.
* Providing commercial space within shopping complexes one day in every month for youths to exhibit and market their creative products and services
* Establishing incubators to nurture quality leadership and creativity
* Creating a more resilient youth through active volunteerism in 1M4U
* Providing more free WIFI hotspots, with particular emphasis on rural and semi-urban areas
* Producing more high performance athletes at regional and international levels and promoting a more healthy lifestyle
* Revisiting laws pertaining to entertainment for the promotion of performing arts and culture
11. Weaving a Network of Social Safety Nets:

* Streamlining and improving safety net assistance through a unified database system
* Providing financial assistance and educational opportunities for lower income earners irrespective of race
* Turning Brickfields into a blind-friendly zone to serve as a model for future zones throughout the country catering to other sections of the disabled
* Setting up special courts with the same status as High Courts under the present justice system, whereby judges will be assisted by assessors chosen from among community heads, to deal specifically with NCR issues
* Gazetting all native customary land in close consultation with state governments
* Providing more income-generating opportunities within indigenous communities and increasing the intake of indigenous youth into tertiary and vocational education
* Providing funds for registered NGOs and Civil Society Movements

12. Promoting Islam, Religious Freedom and Harmony:

* Upholding Islam as the religion of the Federation and promoting the Syiar and Syariat of Islam in accordance with the principles of Maqasid Syariah
* Ensuring that other religions can be practiced in peace and harmony
* Assigning jurisdiction over non-Muslim matters to a Minister in the Prime Minister's Department
* Promoting the principles of moderation (Wasatiyyah) in all undertakings
* Increasing initiatives in uniting the ummah
* Unlocking income from developing wakaf land in cooperation with State Religious Authorities
* Increasing tax exemption for contributions to the construction, expansion and upkeep of places of worship
* The continuance of allocating land for the building of places of worship
* Providing more financial assistance to registered religious institutions and places of worship
* Promoting the welfare of Imams, mosque officials and guru-guru Kafa by providing service-based salaries and increments
* Upgrading the quality of Sekolah Agama Rakyat and allowing their students access to quality education and government education infrastructure
* Providing financial assistance to Sekolah Agama Rakyat and Sekolah Pondok

13. Fighting the Scourge of Corruption:

* The public disclosure of contracts to enhance transparency in government procurement
* Empowering MACC through the establishment of a Service Commission whereby the power of recruitment and service matters will lie entirely with the commission
* Elevating the Head and Senior Officers of the MACC to a higher level
* Giving equal emphasis on investigations into, and action against, bribe givers and receivers
* Fast tracking access to the Auditor-General's Performance Audit Report for immediate action
* Establishing additional special corruption Sessions and High Courts
* Implementing integrity pacts for MPs and State Assemblymen

14. Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance:

* Introducing the Transformative Salary Scheme for civil servants, including reviewing allowances and providing a special salary movement of three per cent to those on maximum salary, in the event there is no salary review
* Improving the civil service scheme to include more opportunities for promotion and development of talent and ensuring the quality of their general well-being
* Extending Urban Transformation Centres to all major cities and towns
* 'Merakyatkan Perkhidmatan Awam' (Endear the Public Service to the People) to ensure excellent service delivery
* Mobilising and empowering the civil service, including Local Governments and District Offices, to fulfill the demands, interests and concerns of the rakyat
* Improving counter services through the appointment of multi-racial frontliners and expanding online services for payments and applications
* Introducing recruitment programmes to ensure a fair mix of all races in the Civil Service and GLCs at all levels
* Enhancing the potential, capacity and capability of all civil servants regardless of race and gender
* Giving special attention to OKU (the disabled) to harness their full potential and capacity

15. Promises for a Global Movement of Moderates:

* Fighting for the establishment of a Palestinian state
* Supporting the realisation of Asean as an economic community in 2015
* Vying for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council in order to play a prominent role in regional peace and international security through our policy of moderation
* Enhancing economics and bilateral interests with major trading partners and emerging economies
* Formulating Foreign Policy which supports our strategic political, economic and security interests
* Taking the lead in fighting trans-national crimes such as human and drug trafficking
* Spearheading humanitarian outreach programmes in conflict areas such as Gaza, the West Bank, southern Thailand, Mindanao and elsewhere

16. Providing Affordable and Secure Housing:
* Building 1,000,000 affordable homes - driven by public and private sectors- including 500,000 PR1MA houses
* Pricing PR1MA houses at least 20 per cent below market prices
* Introducing a lease and own scheme for government housing projects
* Reviving abandoned housing projects to safeguard homebuyers
* Taking over the maintenance and upkeep of all Public Housing Projects
* Assisting poor and lower income home owners to rehabilitate their houses
* Replacing squatter settlements with secure and permanent housing
* Improving housing in estate and providing houses for former estate workers through Government-Estate partnership
* Abolishing stamping fees for first home purchases priced below RM400,000
17. Preserving Nature's Resources:
* Giving financial incentives to commercial and private premises which invest in renewable green energy resources such as biomass and solar
* Allocating more space for green lungs within major cities
* Revitalising rivers and streams via increased allocations and enactment of stricter laws and by-laws, and via special UNDP and River of Life programmes
* Increasing educational programmes to inculcate appreciation of the environment
* Preserving our forest and undertaking re-forestation programmes
* Enacting stricter and updated laws to prevent illegal activities of deforestation of vital and strategic conservation areas
* Employing green and latest state-of-the-art technology in waste disposal and management.

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  1. It is the same old story. Some ideas were stolen from Pakatan's manifesto.

    1. Nurman1:12 am

      Well if it was will forever remain as idea. Cerita je lebih..

    2. Anonymous8:07 am

      Well why don't we give them a chance...belum cuba belum tahu.

      Joe Don Baker

    3. Anonymous5:03 pm

      Sudah bagi pluang 5 tahun. Aku tak nak undi pakatan DA. Taubat aku.menyesal undi meka dulu. Moga2 tuhan ampunkan dosa2ku

  2. Anonymous12:10 am

    Pakatan promise to do the cleaning therefore in one word it's manifesto is BROOM.

    For BN it is BR1M

    See the different?

  3. Anonymous12:14 am

    Great manifesto....comprehensive and well thought off....great job by DS Najib...we should give him a chance to lead the country to a greater future.....

  4. Anonymous2:02 am

    Senarai Pemimpin PR Yang Akan Bertanding

    Anwar Ibrahim - Batang AI
    Wan Azizah - Janda Baik
    Nurul Izzah - Batang Berjuntai
    Azmin Ali - Nunukan

    Elizabeth Wong - Batang Kali
    Sivarasa - Tanjong Keling
    Teresa Kok - Janda Kuda
    Lim Kit Siang - Lubok China
    Lim Guan Eng - Pelangi

    Nik Aziz - Kubur Menanti
    Hadi Awang - Panggong Lalat
    Mat Sabu - Punggong Lalat
    Karpal Singh - Belakang Mati

    Rafizi Ramli - Puncak Teruna
    Husam Musa - Kambing Lari

  5. Anonymous2:31 am

    The Opposition is going to lose big whichever you throw the dice. The BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties will win a landslide victory. The DAP least deserves the vote from any Malaysian !

  6. IT.Sheiss2:49 am

    A good manifesto. I hope the BN lives up to it if they win.

  7. Tok Ayoh Pa3:24 am

    Dear Rocky,

    I still vividly remember the events took place here at your very own blog five years ago, 2008. Not the exact month, but around the time we were getting near to 12th GE.

    The atmosphere was totally different. The regularly commentators played along with your ballgame, going against Abdullah Badawi's administration and certain rotten UMNO politicians.

    What is happening now Rocky, has the tide turned? Hardly voices of hatred and anger are found here. Have they run away since you are singing the same tune with BN? Or probably those voices have been satisfied and silenced by the latest political development?

    It it were the latter, BN stands a better chance. Perhaps there is another possibility, silent majority will send BN to grave for eternity.

    1. Anonymous5:10 pm

      Dulu aku tak suka pak la. Dulu aku pengundi senyap ya tidal mengundi.sekarang aku tidal senyap lagi. Kali INI aku pastikan bin akan dapat undi aku!

    2. Anonymous9:21 pm

      I share the same sentiment as Rocky. GE12 was the time majority of the voters were fed up with the sleepy pm and his SIL antics coupled with the arrogant attitude of the BNs leaders at almost all levels be it in MCA, MIC, UMNO and the rest.

      So majority of the fence sitters gave their votes to PR. Today after 5 years controlling 5 states the PR goons starts behaving very arrogant, big headed, insincere, lack of transparency, corruption disguised in corporate structure, dispose off state assets to cover admin coats, manipulative of party votes, create unneccesary racial tensions and suspicions, lack credibilty and worst of all lack of integrity. I can go on and list down more its just pointless......every right thinking person knows what PR is good for NOTHiNG only.

      Anwar+Wife+Daughter, Kit Siang+Son, NikAziz, Hadi, Guan Eng+Wife, Karpal+Sons etc, what have these goons contribute to nation building?.

      It's time to bury ALL these PR goons & co come this GE13.


    3. Anonymous12:26 am

      2008 was protest votes against BN.

      The tide will turn against Pakatan for 2013.

      Transformasi will definitely prevail.

      Reformasi will go to the grave.


  8. Anonymous7:53 am

    Ehh! Lima Hari lagi nak pilihanraya baru nak janji semua ni!?

    Janji Apa ni?




    1. Anonymous5:13 pm

      Daripada manifesto bukan kanji. Hid up bn!

  9. Anonymous8:21 am

    Dont see anything on illegal immigrants and foreign workers who overstayed their visas and making their own little kampungs. The situation is chronic but they don't seem to think it needs attention!

  10. Anonymous10:11 am

    some ideas were stolen from Pakatan's manifesto? really?

    i thought a Pengencing Rakyat leader once arrogantly said MANIFESTO BUKAN JANJI bla bla bla..

    so it seems that the term 'manifesto' does not exist to pengencing Rakyat. so was nothing stolen i guess..


  11. Anonymous10:15 am

    oh ya.. since MANIFESTO BUKAN JANJI as mentioned by Pengencing Rakyat.

    why dont you all CHANGE? UBAH sikit style..UBAH ...CHANGE!!!

    DONT BOTHER TO SAY A WORD ABOUT MANIFESTO ANYMORE. just go to poll without any manifesto. is it okay for you all Pengencing Rakyat? this is 'change' maaaa..lain daripada yang lain maaaaa...

    ada manifesto takdak manifesto pun sama saja better pegi kempen dan undi tanpa manifesto laaa..logik maaaa....


  12. Anonymous10:21 am

    Muka Pecah Tanah 11.46pm

    stolen from Pakatan ? really ? is that all you can do ? come here and accuse Barisan without providing the facts. oh I forgot. that's all Pakatan people do. accuse people this and that. when confronted by people to provide the facts to back up your arguments, you go missing.

  13. Anonymous10:25 am

    He did not promise to undo the injustices done for the past 50 years.

    See the difference?

    The pledges are just another layer on top of the existing injustices which he does not want to address.

    Fighting corruption is one. The buggers who are now corrupt will be left alone. The so-called corruption fight will be applied on the ones who commit it after the manifesto launch?

    A minister in charge of non-Muslim matters? What can that bugger un-do?


  14. Banyak tu janji, cukup duit ke nak buat ni.

  15. Anonymous10:43 am

    Social exposure intensity DS Najib was extremely high, the highest of the year during BN Manifesto. It means a successful awareness, good job !

  16. Anonymous11:05 am

    Let's give Najib and his team to finish the job. He has done a magnificent job in the last four years, despite all the spanners thrown at him along the way.

    In contrast, the Pakatan states have not shown any progress, apart from Kelantan which is trying hard to go back to the stone age. Kelantan has achieved a lot, after decades of trying. They are now almost half way through, at least at the jurrasic stage.

    Kedah? No point even talking about it. They are competing with Kelantan to see who gets to the stone age first.

    Selangor is next in the running. They are trying to disrupt progress but are stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, because they got distracted by the Ubat Kuat phenomena.

    Penang is a different story altogether. They are trying to fly before learning to walk.

    So, before going any further, let's give Najib another try.

    Anwar's too busy trying to be a lawyer, getting in and out of courts as part of his hands on practical training, through his mentor, Karpal dan anak anak.


  17. Anonymous11:11 am

    Barisan Nasional- Janji Ditepati

    Pakatan Rakyat - Manifesto tidak
    semestinya janji(Then why on earth
    you came out with one?)

  18. Anonymous11:38 am

    Wow, whatever i read abt this being the most hard-fought GE ever must be right.
    Even i (usually placid and quite indifferent to politics) find myself actually READING a political manifesto.
    What's there not to like in the BN manifesto? Pinning my hope on the housing thing.


  19. Anonymous12:23 pm

    I just got back from the future. Clean sweeps for BN.

    * The future looks so bright. I need to wear shades.

  20. Anonymous12:23 pm

    betoi ke ni Rocky ?? ataupon hanya janji-janji capati !!

  21. At last, Najib has made it personal, identified himself with BN. Even though it is very obvious all this while, but the ads/marketing chaps of BN have not taken that selling point to the voters. Guess BN relied heavily on the media people.Suspect that Media Prima is the mastermind and political strategist in this election campaign. Their press ads, billboards are similar in approach with that of the Janji Ditepati campaign. ALL WORDS, LENGTHY, NOT FOCUSED, FULL OF INFORMATIONS (THE JOB OF JOURNALISTS) BUT DEVOID OF THE POLITICAL SOUL AND BRANDING IMAGE. BN's icon, the winning foumula, is Najib himself!! Let his smiling face sells that TRANSFORMASI message. Najib is the BN brand!! Najib is the selling point!! Come on Media Prima,...look around at all the Election Campaigns around the world!! Anuar has copied Erdogan's ads blitz. Remember how the Conservative Party ridiculed Blair as the devil with red coloured eyes!! Obama capitalised on his personal image!!Similarly with Putin. In any campaign its the image of the leader that becomes the soul that the voters can easily relate and accept!! Unfortunately, Media Prima prefers graphics,photo-mixed, informative words and descriptions to sell BN!!Limit yourself to newspapers to tell the story. Let Najib sells his winning formula!!

  22. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Manifesto for bankrupting country. Won't last more than 2 years. Ringgit goes down the drain.

  23. charleskiwi2:06 pm

    But Najib overlooks to tell or promises the people how many years it will take him to build the one million houses. Let him tell the people how long it will take him to build the one million houses and best of all, where they will be built ? A promise that will take him more than 100 years when Malaysia will import another 200 million foreigners, will the one million houses be enough then ? One thing for sure he knows who he was making the promises to. Also do you know how long it will take to build the one million houses ? Najib knows he will not be around to see the completion of even a fraction of that being built. Again it is an empty promise and only fools like you will dare even out to repeat it !

  24. Anonymous2:18 pm

    So what we get from Pakatan Manifesto? let see....

    after 5 years, soooo many fact UNACCOUNTABLE!!!!
    just remember this, Tokong is an accountant by profession.

    after 22 years, Heaven and dirty water.

    after 5 years, Road tarmac patchwork chess board type and no water.

    overall summary;

    After given the mandate and chance, (remember the pakatan goon pledge to give a chance?) so many to add in, malas la, you figure it out....

  25. Anonymous3:05 pm


    Do you agree with BN manifesto aired in all tv channels last night?

    Pakatan manifesto never get any live airtime.

    How does this count in FREE & FAIR elections?

    many ideas shamelessly lifted from pakatan's manifesto.

    If pakatan manifesto can bankrupt the nation how about BN's?

    Waiting for answer from you!
    "tepuk dada tanya selera"

  26. Anonymous3:05 pm

    why was this not implemented before?

  27. Anonymous3:10 pm

    I would rather give chance to Pakatan than BN. Aleast I dont choose the devils..

  28. PKR Melaka3:25 pm

    Berita gempar ............

    Perkembangan terkini drp pejabat PKR.

    Berdasarkan maklumat intelligence, Melaka akan jatuh ke tangan PR. Oleh itu keputusan sepakat telah dibuat bahawa Anwar akan menjadi KM Melaka, dan demi memenuhi cita2 tersebut Anwar akan bertanding di DUN Bukit Cina Doll ....... opssss

  29. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Bro .
    Let vote Pakatan into power,you will see how Panic Tun Mahathir and all corrupted minister to run for cover.

    The more BN spend the money,the mre they pocket the commision.

    Dont be fool

  30. Anonymous4:08 pm







  31. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Last time we gave them few states to govern..PR did not bad..non of the states went bankrupt even without the help of the federal government. No help never,kind..the federal government tried to sabotage them also.This time we vote in PR for federal and then we can really see how good they harm giving them 5 years to show their can non Malays vote for BN when they are questioning our citizenship that was agreed when we get independence..can never bring myself to vote BN after this remark..will rather have an Islamic state under PAS then have Umno rule.


  32. Bedul5:54 pm

    Felicitations to DS Najib for the best ever Manifesto. Yep, it is more a pledge for the people's good.
    We are happy that it encompassed our needs and wants.
    No worries, Mr PM you are on your way.With a pledge like this, how can BN fail.
    I like your ultimatum - Me or Anwar. Of course YOU with a resonant voice shared by millions.
    Does that other person count in the first place?
    We'll teach him a lesson on voting day.

  33. Anonymous5:58 pm

    I suggest the readers who say the BN manifesto is not copied from PR read the PR manifesto themselves Today many FB pages are flooded with people ridiculing the copy paste,photocopy aspects of the manifesto Even Mr Bean has been roped in
    The funniest is a screen shot of Najib speaking and below the screen was the title of the TV show supposed to be on - "Lie to Me" ha ha
    No need for long articles in blogs like Rocky which nobody reads With with FB the message goes out to so many and so fast There was commentator Tok Ayoh Pa asking where have the readers gone They are on FB & Twitter

  34. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Udah le tu hang bawa sedaq diri sikit..

    Kalo kat Negara tok moyang hang, mati terbeliak mata pon siapa tak peduli nasib mereka.. tu le sampai rela merantau jadi kuli dan buruh kasar Omputih utk cari makan meghata ceghok dunia.

    Mai sini dah dibelai dengan manja dibawah jagaan BN selama 50taun, high time learn to be grateful.


  35. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Extract of article from FMT-
    "Meanwhile in KUALA LUMPUR, PAS too hit out at Najib and BN for copying at least nine issues from the Pakatan manifesto.
    PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali told a press conference today that among them was the BN promise to continue special cash payments and development and operational funding exceeding 20% of oil and gas revenue to Sabah, Sarawak, Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang.
    Mustafa said this was in spirit what was promised by Pakatan, that is to increase the oil royalty from 5% to 20% to these oil producing states.
    “BN may have used different words but in principle, the policy is the same as that is being promised by Pakatan,” he said, as quoted by Harakah Daily."

  36. Anonymous7:02 pm

    At a crossroad in my neighborhood, in Selangor, PAS has put up a banner;

    "WI-FI Percuma. Orang ramai boleh berhubung-jenis".

    The 'jenis' word is mine, though.

    With the Mat Sapu Bini Orang menace, I do not think it's a good idea, if internet charges is totally free. It will only encourage infidelity, especially with the Facebook and twitter craze public. Remember that PKR guy in Sg.Petani, playing with his dick in-front of his FB account and making a video of himself doing it?

    I think it's better if they can make a promise to bring-down, at least 50% of the current internet charges in Malaysia.


  37. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Anon insists BN manifesto is copied from Pakatan manifesto. Hehe.



    Gua nak tergolek ketawa.

  38. Anonymous7:56 pm

    some ideas were stolen from Pakatan's manifesto?

    did PR implement it? the answer is a absolutely NOOOOO!!! (unless u are PR goon with denial syndrome mentality)

    a typical No Action Talk Only PR.

    PR meaning is = Public Relation only or Some people knew them as Pakatan Rakyat.

    `Pakatan manifesto never get any live airtime.'

    how about ASTRO, the Internet for example MI,MK,MC,FMT and hundred others...? the local chinese media press? Zionist friendly connection international press?

    but above all the most vicious, this triple fork tounge of all cause they had done it during previous election and now they do it again,

    ladies and jantanmen let me introduce to you............THE STAR wholly owned by MCA!

  39. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Malaysian don't really read or understand what was revealed in party manifesto, let alone believe in it. To many of them all politicians are liars and they all vote based on their heart and not based on their head.

    I am a petrol head. I will most likely give my vote to any party than can convince me that I will be able to afford commute from my home in Seremban to my office in Bukit Bintang in a current model of a Mercedes Benz, all with my four figure monthly salary.

    I am looking forward to cheap imported cars, cheap gas, toll free road and a token sum for road tax and insurance.

    Never mind that the normal 40 minutes journey will take 4 hours as the road will be choked full of satisfied votes like me.

    Oh, the various potholes and stinking toilets at the rest areas are just small inconveniences.

  40. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Manifesto for bankrupting country. Won't last more than 2 years. Ringgit goes down the drain.


    SOHAI! give ur justification la?

    1. Anonymous8:06 am

      So Lan: go read some textbooks la on economics. Still need crutches ?

  41. Parcifal8:52 pm


    Did u kick out some stupid commentators.?

    Cos i dont see the regular rigmarole of buffoons of pakatoons commenting here with gengster sekolah language, born-again-christian condascending patronizing insinuations and sarcasms.

    If you did mod them off, good job rocky.

    They dont deserve your comment page.

  42. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Habis lah negara ini. Perompak bagi 500 tapi pemimpin2 perompak dapat beratus juta. Ingat tak PKFZ, Lembu dan condo, Scorpene.......

  43. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Poor BN..they run out of idea until need to copy Pakatan manifesto.

    Even not all were copied. Copy is still copy.

    BN= Master of Plagarism

  44. Anonymous10:10 pm

    i am a 1st timer. My vote will go to BN.

  45. Anonymous10:19 pm

    pakatan manifesto? plagiarism? manifesto bukan janji la woi..

    lu fikir kitorang xtahu ke? u all sengaja je dedah manitipu you all much earlier. then whenever bn kasi all just simply say it is plagiarism. hahaha.. manifesto for bn is janji ditepati whereas manifesto for pakatan goons is bukan janji. so? mana plagiatnya? hahaha

  46. Anonymous10:39 pm

    let's cut ALL the crap and focus on OWNERSHIP of Malaysia by Malaysians

    vote pakatan and buttman - rakyat will be slaves to soros the jew

    everything else pales ...

  47. Anonymous10:41 pm

    a simple conclusion based on comments here

    pakatan voters = retarded
    BN voters = intellectuals

  48. Anonymous11:46 pm

    All my friends OPENLY declared & decided they will only vote for pakatan.I cannot find anyone who will be voting for BN at all.


    The "known devils" must go.
    "Unknown Angels" deserve a chance to prove themselves.

    I dont think BN can win with big margin ever again.Its going to be a close fight 50-50.

    any party that wins will be a wafer slim majority government just like the Kelantan state government 2004-2008..wait for it!

    All the manifesto thing from both side only to attract undecided voters.majority voters already decide who they will vote for. just waiting for the BOXING-DAY.

  49. Anonymous12:17 am


    don't worry about BN manifesto being televised on TV1-TV9, coz people no longer watching TV but they watching Youtube instead, don't U agree?

  50. Anonymous12:42 am

    Even Israel is ever willing to bring down its arrogance and finally make a verbal apology to Turkish but here MB of PR prefer to go to court on issue of "manifesto is not promise" when by right PR supposed to be apologetic about it. Now do we think rakyat will trust them anymore? Good luck PR.

  51. Anonymous12:54 am

    Another sohai say...

    `A promise that will take him more than 100 years when Malaysia will import another 200 million foreigners, will the one million houses be enough then ?'


    you give tokong to do it, he use his saliva frothing mouth to sell it with a developer gang of underworld,thug and triad to built it.(what a better way to cleansed their money!)

    Give it to Nik Aziz and let Ngeh and Ngok (no UM there) do the job, he just sprinkler it just like born again christo evangelist do.

    Give it Anwar Ibrahim he will ATTACK (the latest news i heard la!) and back stabbed you!

    so be careful with your statement SOHAI!

  52. Anonymous1:36 am

    11:46 pm

    how many % does ALL your frens make up huh?

    a mere 2 % ... hahahahaha

  53. Anonymous1:40 am

    "Unknown Angels" deserve a chance to prove themselves? - hullo they WERE given 5 years of golden chance

    they turned out to be CONFIRMED GENUINE DEVILS (with the authentic chop from hell)


  54. najib manaukau8:19 am

    Is there one million affordable housing in all of Malaysia now, after 56 years in the control of Umno ? Therefore clearly this is another empty promise of Najib or just another one of his pre election promises that will NEVER be realized !

  55. Anonymous8:55 am

    anon 11:46pm

    oh yeah? i bet you are a DAP racist. where is your place? ipoh timur? penang? wonder..a truly DAP doubt about it..hahahaha

    i think it is totally contradict at my place..all my friends OPENLY support BN..they voted for PR last GE but they told me they all regret for what they did.

    now their votes are for BN..together with their whole family as well..

    hmmm.. fyi, my place is a mixed constituency. just wait and see. it am almost sure BN will win here this time.

  56. Anonymous9:57 am

    What's the fuss whether the manifesto is copied or otherwise. Most importantly, the people expect the promises to be delivered.

    The people has had enough with all talk and no actions. Its time we weed out those useless leaders who are only good at pointing fingers but has no clue whatsoever on how to move foward.

  57. Anonymous10:48 am

    I hope BN fail to form government after election. Let them taste how it will be to be opposition.

    Thanks for BN "service" all this while. Now can retire

  58. Anonymous11:24 am

    realising that they have failed to build houses for the Rakyat and knowingly that BN has never failed to build houses for ordinary folks, PR have no other choice but to include the rakyat's house in their manifesto! U think they are sincere about its implementation or just another rhetoric? U decide, Folks!

  59. Anonymous11:30 am

    Apa kisah tentang copy paste manifesto orang lain. PR goons should check the history first, mereka mungkin yang pertama tulis tapi BN mungkin yang pertama initiate the idea. Only thing mungkin BN lambat pen down the idea.

    BTW kita hentikan seketika permainan kau tiru aku, aku tiru kau dan kita fokuskan kepada parti mana yang kita yakini untuk merealisasikan manifesto aka janji2 tersebut. Adakah JANJI TINGGAL JANJI aka JANJI MANISMU atau JANJI YANG DITEPATI?

    Yang pasti saya akan memilih parti yang menepati janji dan nampaknya BN banyak menepati janji berbanding dengan PR yang boleh twist and turn MANIFESTO BUKAN JANJI dan macam2 lagi. The choice is yours and vote wisely.


  60. Anonymous11:49 am

    All these manifestos don't mean anything when BN conveniently ignore one last manifesto, "We, the BN, continue to steal, cheat and lie to the people of Malaysia with impugnity as we know no law, understand no law and we are above the law"

    Mata Kuching

  61. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Agreed that Selangor MB say Manifesto not promise.Agreed that many promises not kept.

    How about BN. How many promise from election manifesto 2008 already delivered. How about 2004 election manifesto?

    I still remember during 2004 election the new premier at that time asking for mandate to wipe out corruption & to establish Independent Police commission through cemerlang, gemilang terbilang manifesto...what happened to that promise..

    In 2008 the election manifesto is SELAMAT, aman & makmur or something like tat..what happened to that?

    Can anybody tell what happened to all those promises? If PM changed no need to keep up promises is it?

  62. Anonymous2:57 pm

    without muka malu and shamelessly BN copied pakatan manifesto..

    When pakatan say they will reduce car price all BN politician say Malaysia going to bankrupt..more cars on the street make more traffic jam and more accidents..bla bla bla.

    Weeks later BN launched same thing in their copycat manifesto..I guess now Malaysia not going to bankrupt, traffic jam and accidents not going to increase, is it?

    Nak tipu rakyat pun, konsisten sikitlah bro! Buat muka tak malu copy janji orang je..

  63. Anonymous3:45 pm

    I buy the original (PR) rather than the copy (BN)... LOL

  64. Anonymous3:47 pm

    BN can have all written or cast on stone but when comes to implementation it failed big time.. LOL

  65. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Evil for over 50 years. Time to bungkus.

  66. Anonymous6:22 pm



  67. Anonymous6:26 pm

    if pkr wins anwar will drop oil prices within 24 hours. but he dare say by how much! he failed as finance minister because he know nuts about econimics. so obviously pkr will not win and anwar will not be pm. but he and his supporters can carry on dreaming. ITU MINYAK DIA PUNYA BAPAK PUNYA???

  68. Anonymous7:29 pm

    anon 7:58

    go live in the kalimantan forest.

  69. Anonymous7:32 pm

    charleskiwi -- do some serious reading on the construction industry before showing how silly you are.

  70. Anonymous7:36 pm

    The opposition has been saying this since '57. but still not bankrupt lah. you must be bodoh.

  71. Anonymous7:43 pm


    You and your friends are just shamelessly jealous. Try staying in Zimbabwe.

  72. Anonymous7:49 pm

    anon 10:48. Try to be more open minded. Dont worry about the top people from any party. It is about us and our families. What more do you want? This country not good enough? Consider migrating. PKR? Not me.

  73. Anonymous7:52 pm

    I can think for myself. I wont allow UTube to do any thinking for me. It is equally bias. I can make my own decision.

  74. Anonymous8:09 pm


    malaysian population = 27 million. where are these people living? up in the trees? any malaysian living in the trees? how can you be so dumb?

  75. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Hello 7:58

    Go live on the moon. All free.

  76. Anonymous9:47 pm


    Well off people have become pig headed. Leave your mother at old folks home. Ungrateful bastards.

  77. Anonymous9:50 pm

    7:58 .......Another 13May will bring you to your senses.

  78. Anonymous10:25 pm


    talk about corruption? you want to know how corrupted anwar is? papa gomo has revealed all. your beloved mr clean is indeed the dirtiest.

  79. Anonymous1:02 am

    Actually it is Outsyed The Box who raised the issue of car prices and the need to reduce them. And that happened long before the Pakatan manifesto were established. By right it is the opposition who are doing the plagiarism, not the other way round.

  80. Anonymous1:16 am

    When Pas changed its target from Islamico Statehood to a Socialist Statehood, they actually try to follow Dap's footstep but they actually were caught unaware about an important and most recent facts: that Dap has becoming more Mca oriented than Mca!

  81. Anonymous6:22 am

    UMNO / BN is not for sale - by Malaysians for Malaysians

    pakatan & buttman will auction Malaysian to the highest FOREIGN bidder - very likely a jew

  82. Anonymous4:24 pm

    I saw one of the comments talking about send mother to old folks home..

    I hope commenters dont drag family members into conversation..after all we all malaysia..we respect others and surely everybody entitled to their own view.

  83. dergahgrill2:32 pm

    Now, what was that about catching up with Singapore?

    Given what's been happening in Iskandar Malaysia, it appears that the government of the day has abandoned this objective.

    So much for Dr M's ambitions of sidelining the city state and consigning it to the dustbins of history!

    The BN manifesto, like the Oppo's, is long on hopes and promises and short on details.

    Nothing surprising there. Long-term planning and sound execution of policies haven't exactly been the strengths of the federal and state governments from Merdeka to the present day.

    Let's see how Malaysia fares in forthcoming international rankings and in attracting foreign investments.

    Between Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia, Malaysia doesn't have a lot of "wiggle" room.

    Let's not even talk about China and India!

    But, no worries. I am sure that the BN will have plenty of excuses when desire outruns performance (and, no, I am not talking about sex videos here).

    And that's something you can take to the bank.....