Thursday, April 18, 2013

A May 5 Chaos?/Vote 4 Harmony

Post-Sunday election Venezuela: Malaysians don't need this on May 5
"We have seen an internal PKR document dated Dec 15, 2012, which lists out various steps to create chaos and dissatisfaction against the Elections Commission on polling day by raising repeated protests at the polling station so as to cause the other voters waiting in the queue to be unhappy and dissatisfied with the EC." - Tunku Aziz, former Transparency International (Malaysia)

Tunku was NOT ok with
Bersih 3.0 and he said so
If this was a statement made by some half-past-six punk, I'd ignore it. But this is Tunku Aziz, the gentleman the DAP called the "towering Malay" when he belonged to the party and to Pakatan Rakyat. [Leaked emails show Zionist group did work for PKR, April 17]. 

Add this to the threat of "peaceful intimidation" against "foreigners with Mykad" by the hate groupie Abutohs [ABU's Anything But Understandable, Apr 18], people have a basis to be quite concerned. I don't know how but the police and the security forces are doing about it but I know they have they have the responsibility to ensure that the these alleged or potential threats on the welfare of the people are not carried out on May 5 when we go to the polls.   

p.s. Another wise man who got a lot wiser after a political brief stint with Anwar Ibrahim is Dr Chandra Muzaffar. His latest piece is entitled Vote for Harmony and fits in well with this peace-loving posting. 

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  1. Anonymous12:07 pm

    chandra muzaffar is an asshole.

  2. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Dapig can always pack and moves to Banana Island, Pastoon to 1001 Island. Only we will stay develop this nation.

  3. Abutoh's indeed... hahahaha

  4. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Patutla, Amerika sendiri telah mengubal undang-undang mereka mengenai 'pembiayaan asing' sejak tahun 60an lagi. Di negara mereka sendiri sudah ada undang-undang (Foreign Agent Act) untuk memastikan sebarang pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) mesti melaporkan semua pembiayaan dari negara atau individu asing, kepada Perbendaharaan Kebangsaan dan Keselamatan Tanahair (Homeland Security). Semua NGO yang menerima dana asing ini, kemudian di label sebagai "Foreign Agents", dan di wajib mewartakan pembelanjaan dana yang di terima, dari mana, ke mana dan tujuan apa dana itu di gunakan.

    Russia baru sahaja menggubal undang-undang serupa, tahun lepas. Mereka telah belajar dari perpecahan di Yugoslavia dan Chechnya. Nampaknya Negara Arab 'Spring' tidak belajar dari Amerika sendiri. Malaysia bagaimana? Apakah kita akan mengubal akta sedemikian?

    YB Wee Choo Keong Bebas Wangsa Maju), telah membentangkan pembahasan di Parliament, 2 kali pada May & Nov 2012, tetapi di tolak oleh Pandikar Amin Mulia. Mungkin kalau BN menang PRU13 dengan 2/3 majority, akta 'Foreign Agent' boleh di luluskan.

    Nampaknya banyak penasihat politik kepada PM yang bertanding kali ini sehingga YB Wee Choo Keong di ketepikan. Adakah kerana beliau kerap menuding jari kepada GLC dan kerajaan? Walaubagaimana pun, di harap PM mengambil kira perasaan Rakyat yang memerlukan seorang seperti YB Wee (BEBAS), untuk menjaga kepentingan kami, dan sebagai 'check & balance' yang jauh lebih berkesan dari Pembangkang (Pakatan) yang hanya tahu membangkang membabi-buta dalam semua perkara.

    Oleh itu, kami mahu YB Wee sebagai Senator. Kalau tidak...... tak perlulah kami membantahah sepert Abutohs.


  5. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Vote PR if you don't want chaos. BN will definitely provoke violence if they lose just like when they used excessive police force against the peaceful Bersih demonstrators. Voting BN is selling your children future to UMNOputra cronies crooks. Do not worry another 513 will recur, this is impossible. The only 513 will happen is when BN lose big and they try to grab back power by violence. Don't fall into BN trap and deception.

  6. Anonymous1:16 pm

    BN!!! BN!!! BN!!!

  7. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Now: If U publish, I will sue and sue

    Coming soon:

    Reporter: What is Ur comment on this defeat, Sir?

    YB: Sueh! Sueh! sueh!

  8. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Cilaka betoi Rocky...jangan cuba guna taktik-taktik Madey nak takut-takutkan pengundi !! apa chaos ?? yg akan buat chaos tu adalah UMNO and geng Rocky !!

    Tarak guna punya Rocky !!

  9. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Anon 12:53.

    What bullshit are you talking about?

    Lim Kit Siang was the agitator of the riot in May 13. The number of seats, the opposition wins in that fateful GE is far less then 2008. Infact, Selangor was still won by the Alliance with simple majority. That Malay bashing rally, held by the opposition then, celebrating the most seats worn by the opposition was the cause of the tragedy.

    When BN lost 5 states in GE12, they handover all states governance peacefully. When Pakatan politician jump-ship and the state Perak government falls backs to BN, chaos & hooliganism ran wild with the Pakatan. With that rowdy and mischievous Bersih, Lynas and those Abutohs threatening lawful citizen, you should have an idea who is the most probable trouble maker.

    With the current tussle for seat and back stabbing among Pakatan, it is unlikely and impossible for them to win. They might even lose Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan. Penang will most probably return to BN's fold. Look at what happen in Pulau Tikus, today. There is a protes by the supporters of DAP's ADUN Koay Teng Hai, who is sidelined by your Tokong for not showing love and affection to the Lim Dynasty.


  10. Anonymous3:23 pm

    The majority of people is on Barisan's side now. The wind now blows in BN favour. That is the fact. If you can't accept it then you're in denial.

  11. Anonymous3:46 pm

    betulke Datuk malapetaka besar spt bencana dahsyat, kemarau panjang, huruhara,gempabumi dan tsunami besar akan berlaku kalau PR menang? kalau BN menang semua OK je

    1. Anon 346,

      Am not worried if Pakatan wins. I am worried if it loses. Because when they lose, they will accuse this country of cheating. The PRU13 is fair and free ONLY if they win. How that is fair i don't know.

  12. dergahgrill4:17 pm

    Oh, really, Tunku Aziz?

    Do you have such a low opinion of your fellow Malaysians?

    Or are you parroting the views of those whose causes you have now embraced?

    Either way, it's not what I would have expected from a "towering intellectual"!

  13. Anonymous5:02 pm

    If he does not have any conflict of interest then it is okay. But knowing this blue blood, it simply does not carry any weight. If he has the evidence then report to the police and let them investigate.

  14. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Its irresponible for you to post this Dato.Its seditious.Have you no sense of decency being a well repected journalist even though you are on umno payroll there must be a little bit of decency left inside there So far only umno and perkasa samsengs are the ones who cause disturbances everywhere. There is no much video evidence of this on You tube.That letter with PKR letterhead is a fake.
    As for chandra people are still laughing at him for making a fool of himself and shaming M'sia on Al Jazeera
    For Bersih it was the police who provoked the violence.Why was there no violence for Himpunan KeBangkitan Rakyat at stadium merdeka?Police this time did not let umno interfere in their job that's why

    1. Anonymous12:35 am

      Rocky left his decency behind a long time ago.

  15. Anonymous5:39 pm

    This Tunku Aziz got credibility problem lah Rocky..pls dont ever quote him..

    DOnt believe me just read his articles and speeches before and after he left DAP..He need to see a shrink cos he might be suffering from split personality from what he says now and when he was in DAP..


  16. Anonymous5:55 pm

    i hope pakatan won. and won big. cause now it's my time to create chaos.
    all truly elected government is ass-hole and only the anti government is righteous.

  17. Anonymous6:34 pm

    I fear a BN loss more. There is more chance for trouble if they lose. The stake is too high for them to lose.

  18. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Your scheme is working so well.
    Especially without concience.
    You are actually driving the rocket to land in the moon safely under the watchful eye!
    Keep it up.

    You will find it very hards to balance later, and that time you cannot plead for the moon and the stars to help.


  19. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Please don't pretend to be a fool and behave like a primary school boy lah. May I ask you - who controls the army and the police? You think the PR supporters are so foolish to cause a riot especially in Malaysia? I am sure you are smarter than both Tunku and Chandra combined. Those who always threaten the rakyat about another May 13 should the BN lost are the ones who will create unrest and I am sure you know who are they.

    1. Anonymous12:34 am

      Don't think that Rocky is smart. He got his datukship for being an asslicker, nothing to do with his brain.

  20. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Vote for BN for stability. DAP is a Chinese racist party and LKS was the instigator of 513 racial riot. One vote for PKR/PAS means one vote for DAP. All Malaysians should vote for BN!

  21. Anonymous11:05 pm

    BN lost 5 states n they kept quiet. PKR won 5 states and they are still unsatisfied.

    Problem is even how clean the election is......they will still claim that it is fraudulent. No matter what.....PKR objective is to seize power via chaos and anarchy.

    Say no to Evil!

    For Evil (PKR) to Flourish, is for good man to do nothing!

    Its time we vote for progress, transformation and stability.

    Kick Evil (PKR) out.

  22. Anonymous10:24 am

    Of course there will be chaos if the the media fellers are not allowed to ask sensitive question, the promise made in the manifestos would end up just another PR rhetoric.

  23. Rocky, you quoting disenfranchised fellas?