Monday, October 15, 2012

AES 101 for some MPs (Morons in Parliament)

updates: AES and UGLY Malaysians

Lokasi kamera diberitahu, papan kenyataan amaran diletakkan lebih awal, kamera juga terpampang secara jelas. Sekiranya, masih ada pemandu yang memandu dengan laju sehingga ditangkap gambarnya dan disaman, jangan salah kan sistem ini. Salahkan diri anda sendiri yang terlalu bengap dan tak faham bahasa. Jangan gunakan alasan seperti `mengkayakan kroni' untuk menutup kebodohan anda.-Sistem AES pun nak dipolitikkan? 
Original posting:-
AES burdens the traffic offenders, mo, NOT us taxpayers! Unlikely as it may seem, Mohamad "Hang Ambiga" Aziz, the BN MP for Sri Gading, shares one thing in common with Lim Guan Eng s/o Lim Kit Siang: both MPs want the Automated Enforcement Sytem (AES), which has caught some 63,000 traffic offenders on hi-tech cameras in the first 8 days of action, to be reviewed or/and delayed.

Both of them said the AES was going to be a burden on the people and on the tax payers.

Take Guan Eng's statement in the FMT today:

Milk the people? Come on, YAB, you ought to do better than that! How is the AES a burden to the rakyat when the only people who will get penalized are those who flout the traffic rules? If the AES is a tool to "milk" those who speed, drive recklessly and beat the traffic light without regards for the safety of other people, I say by all means, milk them!

Guan Eng's unlikely ally in this is the six-time Barisan Nasional MP for Sri Gading, Mohamad Aziz. Yep, the same one who suggested that Ambiga S, the Bersih & Pakatan poster girl, be hanged for her "treasonous acts".

Aziz Sri Gading said last week (read here):
"The system was postponed three times prior to this but we see it as more of a burden to the people after it was finally implemented. If possible we hope the government can nullify the 60,000 traffic offenders identified through the system." 
p.s. While the politicians do what they know best, ie politicize issues, the Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) has urged the authorities to enforce AES system to punish traffic offenders. According to the Transport Minister, AES cameras have been proven to reduce accidents. 


  1. Anonymous7:02 pm

    woi Rocky, lu ada share dalam "scheme AES" ke ?? kaya-lah hang !!

    "AES 101 for some Bloggers (moron in blogosphere)

  2. Anonymous7:11 pm


    You must be number 9,000 of the 10,000 BN Cybertroopers that Najib talks about!

    The others have better material than your Crap!!!

  3. Anonymous7:22 pm

    I wonder what aziz sri gading would do if his wife or a family member was killed by some driver who did not stop at the red lights?

    This is another jurassic mp who should know that retirement would be good. For the country, I mean.

  4. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Majority of traffic offenders, their need to speed on highways are due to "suspicious" activities!

    - showing-off
    - running away from crime scenes
    - transporting Cina Dolls
    - smugglers
    - nak terberak etc

    Besides for emergency cases, my advice to those not under above listed categories to please use helicopters instead.


  5. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Rocky, wait till your turn to complaint , when you decide to RUSH to your newsroom in the wee hours only to know that you have collected a substantial amount on AES, then know what LGE is talking about RAKYAT's burden .

    THIS AES, is ........a cash COW FOR UMNO ...........period!!!!!!

    9 whiskey 2 , Alpha Kilo November

  6. These morons are still having third world mentality. They failed to see the reason behind the systems.

    If people are caught by the camera for speeding, don't blame the system. Blame your own stupidity for still falling to the system despite being told the camera location.

  7. These morons are still having third world mentality. They failed to see the reason behind the systems.

    If people are caught by the camera for speeding, don't blame the system. Blame your own stupidity for still falling to the system despite being told the camera location.

  8. Bro,

    I've to disagree with you. Yes, speed will kill you. but its not the main reason. The main reason is stupidity. Yes, this one will include someone in JPJ.

    Speed will kill you. Including those who drive 90kmj (follow the traffic rule) then fall to sleep. Or maybe, they sleep on the emergency lane, the rider hit them.

    Now, how many of accident caused by speed? Why BMW hit 180kmj still ok, but not kancil? Im not saying you can go to 180, but we should compare the technology. Then, put BMW and proton wira at speed limit 90kmj. Suddently put them to emergency break. Who will survive better?

    Another things, go to I think, nearly 80% of the death caused by motorcyclist. Did they broke the speed limit?

    JPJ n kementerian malas buat kerja. That's why they blame over speed limit. I just want to ask them 1 question... 2 org ini mati bcoz go over 80kmj or because one of then if stupid?

  9. Anonymous9:59 pm

    LGE should look across the causeway. Isn't he getting constant advice from across, the same party that is hurting all singaporean tax payers? Btw, see how they behave in singapore, maybe its time we do the same so that these singaporean can still behave while they're here.

  10. Anonymous10:11 pm

    For some reason or other, both these MPs share the views of most road users.

    The speed traps are designed to snare drivers at areas where it is ridiculous to drive at snail's pace.

    Yes, the traffic police is superficient at these sort of snares, bringing in good revenue.

    If it is not 'milking' why not construct road humps instead of these hidden cameras? Hidden cameras defeat the purpose of slowing down drivers, but speed humps does. Try constructing speed humps at 60 kph zones and see if drivers go slow or not. Then compare the statistics as opposed to the speed snares.

    Sometimes, we have to agree with these politicians. On this subject, I agree with them.


  11. Anonymous10:21 pm

    there are people out there who actually listen to guan eng the liar and the racist?

  12. damansaraman10:42 pm

    This is the problem when run a politic of goodies.

    The fact of the matter is Malaysia's traffic accidents rate is over alarming.

    We as a nation should be applauding the government for taking such a positive action. Gone were the days when one can make a sorry face to get away with traffic offences.

    Sri Gading and suchs should a man (if he don’t fit to be a leader) and think about the misery faced by families of traffic accident victims.

    We as a country also lost billions of ringgit due to traffic accidents.

    If I have my way, I would even arm municipal councils with hundreds of tow trucks to pick cars irresponsibly parked at road sides and those who gladly caused unnecessary traffic jams. Just tow those cars and slap the stupid owners with multiple bills of traffic summon, towing cost (YES make towing the car to the police yard as a must to teach them a lesson. Let them come and pick up the car later), and hourly parking fee for the yard.

    And this should be done throughout the year!!!! IT SHOULDN'T BE A CAMPAIGN. IT SHOULD BE A LIFESTYLE

    And to say and think that Malaysians would actually vote a government out due to this SUPERB AES SYSTEM is as good as telling the whole world that Malaysia is THE PLANET OF THE APES!!!!!

    1. Anonymous7:50 am

      superb AES system ? mana u tahu ? RM 800 million for 800 cameras ? RM 1 million per camera ? gold-plated ke ? boleh Tunguska specs camera ni ? Rahsia ke ? hahaha, dunggu mesti kena tipu.

  13. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Ada dapat apa-apa ke?

    Estimated RM700 miliion to the 2 vendors of the AES system.

    Stop begging for peanuts, ok?

  14. Some politicians don't want to be caught in the camera driving with their mistress. When JPJ send in the pix to their homes, there will a lot of answering to their wives. Oh well...

  15. spencer661:00 am

    the only burden felt is on the hardcore frequent regular traffic offenders who flaunt the laws like they own the roads. i have no sympathy for such motorist who can give countless excuses for not abiding to the laws and total disregard to the safety of pedestrians and other road users. just because it is a burden for these people, are we to say they can continue to break the rules till its such time for them to accept reality?

  16. Maybe Rocky the great never accelerate beyond 110km on the highway. If you have(no need swear upon Quran)exceeded the speed limit you do not qualify to point finger anyone here.

  17. Anonymous4:00 am

    Well done for installing those cameras. Theres just no other way to educate the uneducated.

    You speed you pay... jangan cakap banyak.

    ps.. some of the comments above are really stupid. Who are these readers?? Macam tak pegi sekolah...Duuuhhh


  18. Anonymous6:55 am

    63,000 offences in 8 days from just 14 cameras. Imagine the number of offences when all 800+ cameras are fully installed. There will be millions of summonses which the JPJ and PDRM will not have the manpower to manage. Then the politicians will start asking the government to cancel those summonses. We will be back to square one. What a joke.

  19. Anonymous7:29 am

    Knapa mau marah?

    Brani buat brani tanggung la. Suka bawak laju pegi bayar saman la.

    Idea of putting speed hump on the highway by one of your reader is really stupid. The aes remind people people to adhere to regulations, while speed hump is to immediately slow traffic.

    The goverment should stick to this and implement it malaysia wide especially in Johor. Here the driver are reckless, rude and to fast for their own good. Highway Pasir Gudang every day is a death scene. Singaporean driver has no sense of respecting malaysia law. they drive dangerously fast.

  20. Anonymous7:56 am

    If the gomen pays for the system, operates it and collects all the fines, then who is gonna benefit ? maybe the contractor makes a one time payment to a crony, and that's it. now with this scheme, the cronies get to feed for the entire term of the concession...

    BN is good at coming up with such piratisation schemes. Syabas !

  21. AES will be abused because the profit of these vendors depended on how many people got summoned. maybe one day they become too rich they can buy up politician to lobby for them to lower the speed limit even further to trap even more people to make even more profits. this sounds scary to me.

    we have traffic police, let them do their job, let them hold the portable speed trap camera. i can imagine more accident could occur because people are looking down on their odometer all the time to see if their car speed match that on the sign.

  22. Anonymous9:25 am

    Government, please review speed limit 90km/h at certain areas in highways. Always, at this area police traffic carry out speed trap and of course AES will be installed there as well. Mestilah kena. Drive 90km/h on this highways, its too slow!


  23. Anonymous9:29 am

    Fully agree with you that those burdened are speedsters and reckless traffic offenders.
    But looking at the 63,000 offenders within 8 days and the support shown to call off the AES, there are just too many among us in this category.
    And nobody care if the system can reduce accidents.
    A sad truth about Malaysian drivers..once behind the wheel even the gentle neighbourhood auntie thnks shes a drifter.
    An obviuos issue for public dissent which the opposition predictably jumped on.
    In the case of MP Sri Gading, he may be doing damage control.
    Remember Pak Lah gave the go ahead for the police to issue arrest warrants to traffic offenders.
    Doing good is not good enough when you do it at the wrong time.


  24. Anonymous9:30 am

    those cameras are fine as long they put up adequate signage.

    but please raise the speed limit on some stretches.

  25. I read someone said hidden camera ? what ? hidden camera ? what again ? hidden camera ?

    are you blind ? This is type of morons I was talking about. The camera can be clearly seen from far, the warning signboard can be clearly seen.... and yet some idiots stills say it is a hidden camera.

    what ?? hidden camera ?

    1. Anonymous8:23 pm

      hidden camera?...heard of china doll video recently?...

  26. zainol_5610:10 am

    Aes should not be scrapped only that people want is to be reviewed on certain aspects,beating the red light should be punished but some others traffic violations should be reviewed so that it is more educating than punishing. You must remember the company that install the AES has one thing which is their priority PROFIT bear this in mind.Our priority is to educate the public.

  27. Anonymous10:39 am

    AES is just another extortion scheme to steal away money from the rakyat.

    Another reason to vote against the government. You hurt my pocket, I'll vote you out of the government.

    1. Anonymous11:19 pm

      Let one moron who drive 180 ramp your car from behind and you wll realize the need of the aes.

  28. this just shows how retard the mentality of some Malaysians are.

    In UK, they have such kind of system at 60mph, 40mph and even 30mph road. Nobody complaints and they follow the rules.

    This is the problem when we have a low class oppositions.

  29. Anonymous11:45 am

    How could we accuse AEC is profiteering, when the "victims" are them law breakers?. Not happy?, then the rakyat should request the law be changed, not the AES. But more often than not, we are just a bunch of hypocrites...blaming here and there without even realizing what is actually we want...nak bawak laju yee...

  30. ni sebab kenapa aku sokong AES...

    Man beats red light, knocks down m-cyclist and worries about his car

    Caught in the act: The video footage from Chong’s camera showing the motorist at the scene of the accident.
    KUALA LUMPUR: A man who ran a red light along Jalan Bukit Bintang ended up crashing into a passing motorcyclist and instead of checking on the victim's condition, the driver was more concerned with the dent on his car.

    The escapade was captured on a dashboard camera by MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong who was in his car behind the driver then.

    “I was outside the Yayasan Tun Razak building at around 2.30pm last Friday when the man overtook me just before the intersection.

    “I thought he would stop as the light was red but he sped past and crashed into the motorcyclist who was coming in from the left,” said Chong who showed a footage of the incident during a press conference yesterday.

    In the video, the man in a white Perodua Alza was seen overtaking Chong before speeding past a red light and knocking down the motorcyclist.

    Though his machine was smashed, the motorcyclist was seen walking away from the wreck and lying down by the roadside.

    The driver was then seen exiting his car to check on his front bumper without once looking at the motorcyclist.

  31. Anonymous1:12 pm

    AES 101 for pakatan YBs (Yang Bangsat)!

  32. Anonymous1:15 pm

    anon 10:21 pm,


    they're morons that listen to the nonsense and lying preaches from the tokong lim guang taik, and these morons are called as bloody chauvinist racists!

  33. For me, i really hope someone will hit the camera post at the soonest. Like typical lamp post and traffic light post that hardly can be missed by typical malaysian drivers!. I mean what the hecklah, put lah the aes camera at the traffic light junction ka, congested area where certain drivers love to cut queue and all....but not at the highways......Buat highway mahal2 and then we ask malaysian to obey the speeding limit! what the crap! baik tak buat highway on the first place to avoid unnecessary jam! These goons dont what they're suppose to do on first placelah!....but what the worries....nnt our govt will flip flopping again kerana desakkan rakyat...kerajaan akan tangguh or mengkaji semula.....hahahha aku pun tak tahulah aper yang diorang kaji all this while...worthless govt !....believe melah....all kerana undi...hahahahahah

    1. Anonymous11:21 pm

      Another stupid go to australia they put all camera in the highway la lembu. Everybody follow the rules. You break the rules you pay la.

  34. Anonymous1:22 pm

    AES is aim to catch morons who drive like monkeys in action!

    If you're drivers that followed all the traffic regulations, why do you need to be afraid of AES?

  35. Anonymous1:34 pm

    I still believe that the majority of malaysians are god-fearing law abiding citizens. I truly hope that some of the comments posted here do not reflect the majority of road users everywhere. I'm a proud parent of 4 young children. I do hope that all abusers of the traffic laws will be brought to justice. The unnecessary killing of innocent lives on the road has to stop.
    Whats so difficult about driving a little slower and waiting at the traffic lights a little longer? Patience is a virtue. Get to your destination alive.

  36. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Why gomen no implement AES System for corruption ?? The fine you can get from those bugger lagi banyak tahu !!

  37. Bro,
    It is about time the government come hard on these traffic offenders... Whether the system will work or not, only time will tell. But for me it is a good initiative.

    We need to remove the bad apples from the road. This group are endangering others.

    JPJ should revoke these group of driver license should they become repeated offenders. Ada berani??

  38. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Anon 7:11

    Crap? Still reading crap?

  39. Okeylah... kalau korang tak setuju sangat dengan AES, korang senaraikan apa yang JPJ atau kerajaan perlu lakukan untuk mengurangkan kadar kemalangan ini? Cuba berikan? Kalau tak boleh berikan cadangan jangan duk perlekeh dengan AES sebab aku rasa inilah cara terbaik untuk mendidik pemandu termasuk aku dan korang semua memandu dengan cermat dan mengikut kelajuan yang ditetapkan.

    Bagi aku mudah saja kalau tak mahu kena saman... pandu kereta masing-masing ikut kelajuan yang ditetapkan, bukannya had maksimum kelajuan 10km/j tapi sampai 110km/j. Itu pun polis selalunya kasi "ekstra" sampai 120km/j. 120km/j tak laju lagi ke? Cuba bawak 120km/j kemudian rempuh dinding highway tu, than tengok macam mana kesannya?

    More on

  40. Anonymous2:58 pm

    hmmm... wonder if AES can capture road hogger driving 50kmh at the fast lane?

  41. Anonymous3:14 pm

    And how to nab the folks who 'vandalise' this enforcement gadgets?


  42. Anonymous3:14 pm

    And how to nab the folks who 'vandalise' this enforcement gadgets?


  43. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Yes some MPs are really moron. And so do some people who opposed to this AES.

    What is the speed limit designated on certain roads for? To make road side more beautiful with the signages?

    Besides sleeping while driving, speed was the major causes of the accident. This is one of the way to educate errant drivers, especially in Malaysia, "who drives like lunatic." That was the expression given by my American professor when she was teaching me here in Shah Alam late 80s. As a Malaysian, I was angry with her. Then i went to the States furthering my studies and when I came back to Malaysia mid 90s, suddenly what the professor said much earlier before I went to the States came to mind. It was true. Most Malaysians do drive like crazy when I compared to the way Most Americans drive four years when I was in the USA!!!!

    Normally I budgeted 4 hours for a journey to JB from KL non-stop, if I follorw the speed limit during the day. I can only safe like 30 minutes if I speeded on some steretches of the highway. With all the traffics, I cannot speed all the way to my destination. For just 30 minutes, I would rather follow the speed limit rather than risking my life and other innocent motorists.

    Kudos to the all relevent departments and the BN government for implementing this Automated Enforcement System.

    Let the people who ignores the road speed limit pay the price on thier ignorance.

    Suhaimi Samat

    p/s I paid my speeding tickets several times due to speeding and I have no complaint about it. It were my mistakes.

  44. louanne5:17 pm

    because a lot of DAP supporters are the ones who have no problems paying off policemen to let them off..

    and they cry "corruption"...

    of course, it doesn't mean that these guys are the only ones in the wrong. The policemen who accept bribes are also commiting a crime/

    no giver, no taker. ok. it takes two to tango..

    anyway -- guan eng is saying that becos it is the BN government's initiative.

  45. ursula5:21 pm


    anon7.02PM, anon7.11pm and anon7.39PM --they sound very anti-government, anti-BN, anti-Umno, anti-Malay..

    they definitely supporters of pakatan and of lim guan eng.

    also they are bodoh beyond belief.

    so its a good thing they are pakatan supporters.

    unbelievably bodoh...and vicious. yes...very the DAP supporters.

  46. Mark Dean5:56 pm

    The system is profit driven rather than preventive. The people will then say 'satu lagi projek bn untuk memerah rakyat. So close to GE ma, one more sure way to lose votes.

    1. Anonymous11:23 pm

      Another lembu x sekolah

  47. Muhmmad Fadzli6:24 pm

    Thanks Ahmadi Abdul Latif. your link will serve as a timely reminder to many idiots commenting in this blog. Idiot will always be idiot like their tokong and seri gading. Monkey see, monkey do.
    Idiots will come out will all sort of excuse to bash the good intention of government. They do not know how to differentiate what is wrong and what is right. Maybe because they had never experience or had some one close to them got into tragic accident. I for one support this project for I know the experience of loosing some one you love to reckless driver. What the rakyat should demand is the transparency in execution so that no one is making big bucks to be millionaires overnight.

  48. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Abg Rocky , tu yang ada sign.Dari T.Intan ke Tg Malim ada 3 kamera AES (had laju ) dan semuanya tak dak sign apa-apa.Maaf tak reti cakap omputih

  49. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Argue for the sake of argument, that's what opposition is best at.

    If it is their initiative, then they will say like 'Towards Safer Malaysian Roads'.

    Bloody hipocrite.

    In reality, those who dislike the AES is akin to people who tend to break rules. Those who tend to break rules are people whom you can't trust them and not worthy to become leaders. These people will only support things which benefit them and likely to sway to whichever political parties be it the current government or opposition.

  50. Anonymous7:07 pm

    gomen/polis bekerja bersungguh-sungguh nak saman, tangkap sama motorist/rakyat....

    tapi kenapa tak kerja sekuat-kuatnya kasi tangkap sama kaki perasuah dalam polis/gomen ??

    Jawab Rocky !!

    1. Anonymous11:25 pm

      Lari tajuk woi..aku nak tunGu kete ko kena sodok dengan lori atau bas yang over limit. Baru tahu langt tinggi rendah

  51. They adopted this kind of system in the UK long time ago. In general, almost nobody's complaining.

    You break the law, you pay the price.

    I guess, government-authority need to push through with reform if they want to be respected by the people.

    Learn from Singapore.

  52. Anonymous8:01 pm

    tuan, please implement the AES because I cannot control myself when driving along the NS highway. If I go against the law please by all means summon me.

  53. Anonymous9:02 pm matter how you try to put some sense to the many idiots that live in this country it will not penetrate their stupid thick skull. why? because their mind have been twisted by stupid politicians. if they are not morons then they will support AES after all only offenders will be penalized so why the fuss?

  54. Anonymous9:15 pm

    is it the govt's fault when you don't adhere to the regulations? there are signage at every camera location for speed and traffic lights? even the locations have been highlighted through the have a choice either to adhere or ignore and if you choose to ignore then pay the consequences so apa bising sangat.You morons should live in the jungle...

  55. Anonymous9:22 pm

    reading the comments on this issue I'm sad to say there are a lot of stupid monkeys around. pakai otak sikitlah..try to look at things positively sikit bukan melalak macam orang tak berpelajaran or are these morons uneducated or what?

  56. Anonymous1:01 am

    The move is noble but just have to make sure the traffic lights are timed correctly. I'm sure all of us have accidentally ran the red light cos stuck behind some lembap drivers or the lights just turned to fast.

  57. Anonymous3:22 am

    We can all witness the quality of Pakatan supporters thru their idiotic, non analytical moronic comments above.

    Complaint, complaint... complaint...

    Road killers also want to protect kaaa??? Idiots!

    They shouldnt just be given summonses... we should let them rot in jail!!

    And usually the kurang ajar drivers are... you can fill in the blank yourself.

    DAP can f@&k themselves... low class

    Law Abiding Citizen

  58. Anonymous5:14 am

    Instead of saman they shld install laser beams, automatik tembak tyre kereta yg laju, biar terbabas atau terbang masuk gaung..

    Best way to teach them a lesson. End of discussion.


  59. Anonymous7:15 am

    sure all offenders need to be punished but why piratise it to cronies ? can't the gomen come up with 800 million ringgit ?

    can you give me the licence to catch jaywalking ? or a video system to catch bad drivers jumping red lights or cutting lanes illegally ? oops, am I not a BN crony ?

  60. Dear Rocky,

    Memang pelik....
    Perkara baik untuk rakyat ada bangkangan. Tapi bila ada yang mati kemalangan pun ada yang tidak puas hati. Stupid. Bayar saman la kalau sudah buat salah lalulints.

    Hi mostly Johor drivers, padan muka...

  61. Anonymous11:04 am

    Kim Guan Eng is still in the opposition sit...oppose, oppose, the point that he heads the ruling govt. Can we ask this moronic Cheap Mister (That's how he pronounce 'chief' and Minister try listen, cina lidah keras)what idea does has to reduce road accidents. Oh I forgot, how can we ask an idea from cheap mister who does not even has a brain...hahahah

    Penangites for Penang Chief Minister.

  62. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Robocop 5:14 - We dont live in that civilisation any more. What a pity.

  63. Anonymous1:47 pm

    anon 10:39

    You did'nt go to school, did you? You sound very stupid.

  64. damansaraman3:18 pm

    Robocop 5:14 AM

    That's a good one LOL

  65. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Anon 7:15am
    Greedy you, it is the $$$$$ that ur commenting about here? Shld Govt cough out the RM800, u will come up with more bullshit comments..

    I was once an accident victim, MABUK driver, my kid with 28stitches head injuries and I with broken ribs, my Civic totally written-off. I was unable to move for 6months, my kid's brain function affected, hence the studies..

    The amount of time and money spent to/fro hospitals, shld your family kena godam esok by these reckless speedy drivers then you will know how difficult life can be.

    I don't care whoever got the project so long as for the benefit of potential innocent victims.

    Sorry, have to re-open my discussion.


  66. Anonymous6:37 pm


    You should study the benefits of privatisation. Someone has to do the job. Call it cronism or whatever. So whom should be given the job? Monkeys of Kalimantan forest?

  67. Anonymous6:53 pm

    So will someone give me the privatisation of bottled air (air we breathe, not water - that's already taken by UMNO) since our air quality is so low. What I will do is to provide filtered air, and ionise it over 5,000 towns and cities - then the government can give me RM 200 million a year. Cost savings in terms of medical costs and accidents.

    Oops, I forgot someone from UMNO is gonna hijack my idea.

  68. Anonymous6:56 pm

    "You should study the benefits of privatisation. Someone has to do the job. Call it cronism or whatever. So whom should be given the job? Monkeys of Kalimantan forest?"

    No, give it to me lah. I'm a law abiding citizen with several millions milked from Ali Baba contracts, and willing to do national service. OK, for "Ali" this time I will nominate Rocky. He deserves some crumbs too.

    Kron1 Malaysia

  69. Anonymous7:12 pm

    anon 406pm

    Sorry to hear about your accident. However, I don;t think cameras and signboards are going to stop drunk drivers. My 2 sen.

  70. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Those who oppose AES should experience the hassle and stress free driving in Australia.

    Hardly anybody exceed the speed limit or beat the red light. Even bikers queue at traffic light.

    These are largely attributed to the strict enforcement of the "draconian" traffic law, increasingly through use of speed cameras.

    Exceed the speed limit by 10kph will set you back $150, whilst 40kph will cost $1,000>

    Draconian, but it works.

    Highly unlikely that the two MPs have never driven in Australia, but then they cannot call themselves politician if the don't oppose.

  71. Anonymous10:04 pm

    because a lot of DAP supporters are the ones who have no problems paying off policemen to let them off..

    and they cry "corruption"...


    AGREE WITH YOU, not only that, they cheat, spread lie, dishonest and some people say they have denial syndrome amnesia in their blood.

    furthermore, in Penang they even put a snake for display in a TOKONG.


    1. Anonymous8:32 am

      Plenty of fat snakes, all with dacing insigna, walking around town seen globbing up everything in sight. Not seen in mosques.

  72. 1. Speed kills, AES is a good method for accident prevention it will make drivers slow down except for those few morons who don't mind paying for the fine. Ah, not to worry these morons will only increase their probability of having a serious car crash and their numbers will decrease over time.

    2. Another advantage for the AES is that the drivers when caught speeding on AES don't have opportunity to bribe, you can't bribe a remote camera on a steel pole can you?

  73. Anonymous11:48 pm

    normal dan biasalah
    these oppo exists just to complain and sabo (in the lack of any contributive action by them)

    give money also can find something wrong to complain
    what not AES?

  74. Anonymous12:06 am

    Saya sangat menyokong AES!

    Cuma saya nak tambah cadangan untuk baikpulih sistem saman di Malaysia ini.

    Saya rasa jumlah nilai bayaran saman patut dikenakan berdasarkan CC kenderaan.

    Lagi besar CC maka lagi besar saman yang akan diterima.

    Jadi dengan ini adil bagi semua pengguna-pengguna jalan raya tidak kira miskin atau kaya.

    Apalah sangat saman bernilai RM300 bagi kereta-kereta yang berCC besar(orang2 berada), betul tak?

    Kalau yang miskin tu kena saman RM300 dah bergolok bergadai.

    Jadi dengan ini semua orang akan beringat bila nak buat salah.

    Terima kasih.

  75. coklat mint1:33 am

    anon 12.06am...
    betul betul betul....

    baca lah wahai pak menteri....

  76. damansaraman11:05 am

    Dear Robocop

    I am very sorry to hear about your accident. I hope your kid would recover fully in time. I had the same accident in 1974 in Sabah and my younger brother had the same fate like your kid. But Alhamdulillah he managed to do good with his life, and doing well now.

    Dear Anonymous 7:12 PM

    Yes no amount camera can help solve drunken drivers issues, but MOST IMPORTANTLY those cameras allows the authority identify those stupid drivers on our roads that have caused many unnecessary accidents and damaged to our society.

    Hopefully a STRICT AND STERNER ACTION by the authority would help curb the problem.

    Hopefully the HIGH RM SUMMONS slapped on the motorists would help build a better culture among our drivers.

    And THE MOST EXTREME IMPORTANT is we need not be worried about the system if we adhere to the speed limit. We should instead applaud it as the system was installed to protect us.

  77. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    Gua banyak susah hati nampak orang campak sampah sini-sana. Gua ada video camera, gua mahu tangkap itu orang, dan satu orang saya tangkap, saya mahu di beri RM 20 oleh kerajaan. Kerajaan dapat RM 50 denda mah....jadi kita dapat win win situation. Saya beli 10,000 video camera, dan saya buat agency - 10,000 agent yang di beri video camera dan dapat komisyen RM 10 drp saya. Lagi win-win situation.

    Pasti dalam 24 bulan tak ade sampah di merata tempat. Idea yang bagus tak ? Boleh kita implement ? Kalau UMNO nak saya dpt partner bumiputra, saya nominate Pak Locky Blu.


  78. TQ dear rocky,

    "Abg Rocky , tu yang ada sign.Dari T.Intan ke Tg Malim ada 3 kamera AES (had laju ) dan semuanya tak dak sign apa-apa.Maaf tak reti cakap omputih

    6:53 PM"

    ~Try,cuba dan acu dulu la dik...ada dan tanpa sign..hehe R&D kot. Ada sign nak 'educate' dan tak ada sign nak lihat 'habit' pemandu2 1Malaysia mungkin.

    Kalau boleh educate alhamdulillah. Yang tak boleh SAMAN!!!!! Nak buat macam mana lagi?
    LGE nak buat kelas tambahan selepas waktu pejabat mungkin? Selain daripada melibatkan undang2 dan saman untuk mengajar.

  79. Mazlan2:57 pm

    Actually the locations of all Cameras are now online - thus if you still get caught you are pretty bloody stupid....

    And its not just speeding which is stupid - I still see idiots driving slow in the middle or fast lane.

    But frankly speaking Malaysians still oblivious to speed limits and safety instructions.

  80. Goatfather,

    You better stick to you day job, man. But if you still think it's a good business idea that could make you a big crony, get an appointment to see MB Khalid Ibrahim. His state really needs cleaning up. Sampah merata-rata.

  81. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Government were saying AES cameras were located at accident prone areas as recommended by MIROS.

    It is difficult to accept that the two cameras at Kajang (PLUS) and Puchong (SKVE) are in accident prone areas. In my years of plying these routes I have never seen a single accident. The only thing that I noticed was that motorist were frequently traveled way beyond the speed limit.

    I guess MIROS were also "commercially indoctrinated" by the vendors.

    We cant trust the government, we cant trust the civil servants, we cant trust businessman. Now MIROS. Siapa yang kita boleh percaya lagi??

  82. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Datuk, Sampah merata-rata bukan saja di Selangor malah di Ipoh, Seremban, Johor Baru. Orang UMNO macam saya dah benci dengan politik murahan Datuk yang sama taraf dengan blogger PR. Cukuplah Datuk, kita ni akhirnya jawab pada Allah bukan pada Mahathir atau Najib. Carilah rezeki halal dengan tak payah nak fitnah atau burukkan sesiapa supaya anak kita tak jadi bohsia atau bojan. Cheers.

  83. Anonymous11:18 am

    anon 4:24

    What is wrong with fitting the cameras at those places you mentioned? Dont wait for your loved ones to die before in a road accident. You asked why. Others asked why not. Anyway, you are not asked to pay for the cameras.

  84. as always bro rocky........i tour around blogsphere to find someone genuine enough to be on justice side(not selective, opportunist, follow only)......and im proud yet again and again we are same in this...

    i drive million miles already including in indonesia, 90% of semenanjung, little sabah, and few dubai road and malaysian driver attitude is barbarian worst murderer....

    no aes or with aes, better with aes cuz we need some system and new enforcement option to monitor our traffic real situation....

    same with 114A this is the law/guidelines that we hope ppl will bound to action ez taken to anyone post stupid posting in internet or fb and aes too....with 40,000 summons and no one receive the ticket yet....

    as i also agree with rbfonline there some areas gov need to look on ie speed limit....all summons like traffic light, hp, seatbelt, double line must proceed...

    i hate to see this but if i drive from selayang to shah alam to pj to gombak to selayang...guarantee i will see some of u using hp and suddenly break, cut que near giant batu caves, cut double line so on and so fore...thats not mention motorist who disobey redlight....

    are we living in jungle of no law or we still human need a law????????

  85. Anonymous4:59 pm

    Anon 11:18,

    Don't talk from your ass (its smelly). go see the two locations and make an informed judgment, whether those locations are dangerous or not.

  86. Anonymous3:58 pm

    I support PR, I speed more than 110km on highways all the time and I didn't stop at the red light sometimes.

    But I still support AES because it is good to keep my testosterone in check. And I know deep inside that I am selfish for not adhering to the traffic rules...

    GO AES!!!

  87. Anonymous6:45 am

    Goverment must improve the road condition first, still many basis roads without division, curb and stop lines, plenty of dark roads, basis putting lines not done, but putting cat eyes reflectors, flexible cones are plenty, why because crony got business to supply and the goverment authority got a cut of it. percent. Go see Japan and Singapore roads, they are properly organised, marked, with well painted road lines even if the road tar are worn out. Safety and comfort are two different things.
    Malaysia could not follow these basis rules if there are no basis safety provided by the Authority.
    All those fatal accidents on the highway where motorcycle hit stopped vehicle at emergency lane. Has this issue investigated, root cause known, prevention of recurrence taken, should not hear of again or at least not so often,
    But Not so.
    Bangsat, pada perkayakan kroni bebankan rakyat polisi.

  88. Anonymous7:11 am

    More motorcyclist died than motorist. If Authority is sincere to save lifes of the rakyat without commercial gain. Please put speed limit to motocyclist, put limit to all motocycles imported or sold in Malaysia. Ban travelling by motorcycles during festival like Raya. Make dedicate lanes for them.
    Bangsat AES is all about cronies making money and burdening the people. It is not a pressing issue compared to thousands of motorcyclist died every year. I quit using by bike for reason of safety altough I could afford to buy a superbike.
    BN, Bangsat not sincere.