Friday, September 07, 2012

In Sabah. some very clumsy politicians shoot themselves in the foot

Orang utans in Sabah are not clumsy
Did you know that a decision by the Sabah government at the end of 2007 to totally halt logging near Danum Valley to protect 3,000 orang utans has cost it RM4 billion in loss of potential revenue?

Bet you also didn't know that the area of TPAS (Totally protected areas) reserves in Sabah is reaching 1.3 million ha or about 20% of Sabah’s total land area, even exceeding the IUCN standard of 10%. The latest addition is about 180,000 ha — the 55,000 ha. wildlife corridor linking Maliau Basin, lmbak Canyon to Danum/Ulu Segama and the re-classification of Ulu Segama (130,000 ha) to total protected status.

And you were most probably ignorant of the fact that under current Chief Minister Musa Aman, Sabah has seen the greatest extent of TPAS expansion in the history of Sabah, despite enormous opportunity cost of conservation!

These are FACTS that most of us didn't know and weren't really thinking about. But thanks to some daft politicians in Sabah who, on orders from their orang Malaya masters, were trying to take Musa Aman down with wild allegations of timber/logging kickbacks, we are now drawn to the good things the Sabah government has done - but has not been shouting about - to protect the state's forests.

Read more about a winning battle against illegal and excessive logging H E R E.


  1. Anonymous6:55 am

    you know la bah, in sabahpembangkang are bigots,
    the more you give facts
    the more they shun those facts

  2. Anonymous7:22 am

    Ya and the illegal logging money trail will lead to red dot where paper consumption is VERY high ...

    both for admin purposes as well as for sengkelet functions

  3. Anonymous7:25 am

    The prosperous city-state of Singapore has been identified by campaigners as the major hub for smuggled timber, particularly ramin and merbau from Indonesia, in the east Asian region.

    NGOs claim that companies in Singapore act as vital middlemen in this trade, chartering cargo vessels and barges to transport the contraband timber, and linking sellers of merbau in Papua with buyers in China and India.

    The country has also been implicated as one of the new financing centres for the forestry industry and the country in which many reportedly illegal timber companies bank.

    The Singapore Government has publicly committed to tackling environmental crime, but it is not clear whether the trade has been reduced in practice.

  4. Anonymous7:26 am

    The report also highlighted China's huge appetite for timber, with imports rising from US$6 billion in 1996 to US$16 billion in 2005. The timber came principally from Russia's far east, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Thailand.

  5. Anonymous7:27 am

    Environmentalists who investigated the 2005 deal, however, said the timber was probably smuggled out of neighboring Indonesia, where all log exports are banned. And a Papua New Guinea customs official who looked at the documents accompanying the shipment concluded they were forged.

    In two months last year, the Indonesian navy seized 314 containers of wood from boats and barges headed to Singapore. The shipments were suspected of originating in Indonesia, which bans export of logs and sawed timber.

  6. Anonymous7:32 am

    Timber processors, traders and agents located in Singapore act as the key enablers of the region’s illegal timber trade. More than 150 companies are registered in the Singapore Yellow Pages as timber importers and/or exporters. The majority are based in Kranji
    and the industrial estate of Sungei Kadut in the North of the island, around a large canal near the causeway that connects Singapore with Peninsular Malaysia. In
    the Sungei Kadut industrial estate alone there are at least 40 timber dealers.

    “This smuggling better than drug

  7. Anonymous8:34 am


    mahadeyyyyyyy kata SABARRRRRRR.....baru 49 years you see.....the oil and gas oso never reach land yet....



    gheng lama

  8. Anonymous8:53 am

    Yes, But...


    All for a Few Dollars from Najib!!!

  9. Anonymous9:50 am

    you are talking through your butt hole. You are an Utusan standard blogger

  10. Anonymous10:31 am

    Hahaha....Shafie's boys releasing documents on Musa's accounts with UBS, Musa's boys releasing info on Shafie's adventures with an actress....

    Hitam hentam hitam - good to watch.

  11. LAYMAN10:37 am

    These are just a few of the many good things done by the state governments that's not being shouted about. Maybe we should hear a lot more about the good things done at all state level (goes for both BN or Pakatan) so that the people can weigh their effectiveness and allow them to continue with their good work.

  12. Anonymous11:40 am

    WHo care? Under UMNO Sabah indeginous people remain to be one of the proorest in malaysia depsite the wealth of the natural resources of Sabah. We had given BN more than 50 years but they did nothing to improve the well being of Sabahan except the UMNOputra. We must change the gov otherwise the UMNO will continue to exploit the Sabahan especially the indegious people.

  13. I will vote for sustainable development and protection of more forest of the world at any time. Orang Utans also need a big space and our forest is our most precious asset and treasure and must be kept that way, I will vote for Musa Aman now that I know him better as an eco-friendly chief minister! Unscrupulous businessmen and timebr barons must be monitored and if possible put to jail if they break the law!

  14. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Rocky, this article can only fool those UMNO buggers , not the rakyat !!

  15. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Swiss govt ready to freeze Musa's account !!

    kah..kah..kah.... Rocky, teruskan usaha anda untok terus memperbodohkan orang-orang Melayu, Khususunya orang2 bodoh melayu di UMNO !!

    Melayu kentong sama Melayu, Rocky Melayu, Musa Melayu, UMNO Melayu..kah..kah..kah...

  16. NasionalFeed&LOOTcorp2:33 pm

    Robert is Definitely NOT the richest Malaysian!

  17. Anonymous3:01 pm

    And because of these 'good deeds' the rakyat must close both eyes to the millions from that state being stashed away illegally in foreign countries?

    Some jokers do not want to discuss about that as though the ones they are backing are 100% angels.

    Selective favouritism?


  18. Anonymous3:22 pm

    A wildlife study has reaffirmed the need for large swaths of forests for the orang utan to survive.

    Sabah Wildlife Department director Laurentius Ambu said the findings by Malaysian, British and Swiss researchers were further proof that the orang utan needed high-quality natural forests.

  19. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Sabah will have its own Wildlife Rescue Centre in Sukau, the first in the Southeast Asia region, to protect the endangered species in the Kinabatangan area. The centre will cost between RM15-20m and expected to be completed by the end of this year.

  20. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Do you know about illegal logging.The most lucrative busness in Sabah.My friend had a logging permit for ly 1000 acre n Keningau.The permit was issue him 10 year ago and until today he havent finish logging his area.

    Remember the famour Tan Sri Teng Pek Kingin Serawak.He started as a lori hantu driver in Serawak,carring all the log from logging company.After 10 year he become million air .

    Same goes to Dato Tion of Rimbunan Hijau.He was a comminist and live in Serawak Jungle.He make money selling timber .now he is a Billionair.He dont have any timber conssession.

    You are too raw bro

  21. Anon 347pm,

    You have a friend who has a logging permit? What is wrong with that? I think as long as we do it sustainably, people like your friend should continue to benefit from the business. Same with the Tings and the Tiongs ..

    The West have been running Malaysian down since the Eighties, accusing us of excessive and indiscriminate felling of trees to the detriment of the flora and fauna. Look who's talking! Malaysia has proven to be very able at making tons of money from its trees while making sure that we do not damage the eco-system.

    Today, it's not the West who run us down. Perhaps because they know it is not their place to try and teach us something we are better at than them. In their place, we have Malaysians who do it for political - and sometimes commercial - reasons.

    Yes, there are illegal loggers out there. They are like the snatch thieves, robbers and muggers, rapists and killers in society. The authorities must continue to be vigilant in order to make sure that they don't get away with their crimes against Mother Nature.

  22. Anonymous5:55 pm

    u trying to kid us ? paint that guy as a conservation champion ? u r one damn funny latuk... ha ha ha

  23. Jamal6:52 pm

    As a Sabahan you do not really know the forest of Sabah. We would have 80% forest reserves if not for the hundry UMNO boys. Stop blaming some
    politician and do your homework on the past history. As for the conservator of Forest Mr Sam dont try to lie and cover for the that CM who has robbed the native at daylight. ASK HIM WHAT IS HIS FOREST POLICY IS.I AM PREPARE TO DEBATE WITH YOU MR SAM WITH MY DATA AT HAND.

  24. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Bru as the next information minister. You're doing a better job than minister Rais.

    But don't do the parroting stuff like him please.

  25. Anonymous10:42 pm

    This opposition behave the same; be it as commentator in blogosphere or facebook/twitters or at dataran merdeka.

    They cant be rationalale, arguable, factual or plain decent.

    A pakatan government will a reversal to the progress in openness, decency, peace and prosperity in the country.

    Suugest they change their unregistered coalition name from pakatan rakyat to pakatan robespierre. The reign of terror after the french revolution.

  26. Rocky cannot fool Malaysians with his nonsensical posts.
    He is a paid BN broadcaster...and his broadcasting techniques is like a snake....twisting here and there to favour UMNO b governs forever.
    This keep going on and Rocky who knows very well...Malaysians want UMNO b to take the role of an Opposition.
    55 years is simply much too long.

  27. Anonymous2:10 am

    Timber laundering or money laundering? either we r stupid or u r a moron...

  28. Anonymous5:51 am

    Yeah Rocky these Malaysians run down their own country for a paltry extra few dollars. Crimes against Mother Nature was never a problem in Malaysia but crimes against nature has been getting airtime all because the leader is THE biggest criminal - that peliwat tua.

  29. Anonymous7:59 am

    "I think if we do it sustainably.."

    What a sycophantic statement. Who has done "it" sustainably ? Who defines and monitors sustainability ? All you want is to introduce this thread to deflect attention on the Swiss gomen's investigation into Musa Aman's account at UBS.

    Shame on you, Rocky, trying to sweep matters under the carpet to protect illicit logging.


  30. cara pengurusan kewangan kerajaan Sabah dan dasar perhutanan Ketua Menteri Datuk Seri Musa Aman dianggap sebagai yang terbaik di Malaysia

  31. Musa yang mentadbir urus kerajaan negeri sejak sembilan tahun lalu, bukan sahaja dapat memastikan Sabah terus maju, tetapi juga membawa lebih kestabilan politik, kemakmuran dan pembangunan pembangunan infrastruktur di negeri ini.

  32. Monsterball,

    You are how old? 65 years old? 70? If 55 years that have brought us the goodies of today is too long, what are you then? Ancient? Dinosaur? Relic?

  33. Godfather,
    "Sustainable development" has been defined by the world environment ministers, maybe at Rio or maybe in Tokyo, I am no expert but it was certainly not set or defined by the Malaysian government or the Sabah State government.

    So like the fool who said Sabah would have been 80 per cent forest reserves today if not for the "greedy" Umno dues, well fool if it was 80 percent the likes of you will still condemn Umno but this time because Umno did not bring development to the state and her people. Well, too many of your type these days, never happy with whatever have gotten.

    And Anon 555,
    Musa Aman the environment champion? I don't think your CM would like to be remembered just as that. It's rather limiting, don't you think?

    I didn't know what his green policy was like until reading the Sabahkini article in response to the negative reports against the state. You must admit that it Ja quite impressive. Obviously there are many timber "lanuns" in Sabah and if anyone can stand in their way, that person deserves mention if not tribute and admiration. If that person happens to be your CM, even better!

  34. Anonymous10:36 am

    These PR ppl only talk rubbish

  35. For Rocky to compare a person's age to UMNO's 55 years governing...this twister and his logic sucks.
    UMNO 55 years years brought us goodies...he said.
    I guess the vast majority Malaysians who have been exposing billions in corruptions and double standards ...even murders to shut mouths are all idiots.
    I asked him to recall a Muslim Auditor was murdered at HongKong..investigating the BMF case...5o years ago...and since then...hundreds of corruption cases exposed where selected few are chosen to court.
    hoi ROCKY!! do you support corruptions and double standards???
    I have one advise for Rocky.
    Watch the 23 million young voters going to the 13th GE polls.
    Talk is cheap.

  36. People who wants change of government are labelled as PR ppl....and these People talk rubbish.
    Why do UMNO b ppl keep thinking they are smart talkers like Mahathir?

  37. hoi ROCKY!!
    This old man participated at BERSIH 3....still walking like Johnny Walker and smoking change.

  38. Rocky....I am constantly..a freedom fighter...which I too was one at BERSIH 1.
    Employed by need not change 180% la.
    It's a job...not a contact to buy up your soul.

  39. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Latuk Locky: lu sudah nyanyuk lah. Show me ONE sabah timber concessionaire who has been charged with illicit logging. Based on whoever's definition of "sustainability". I'll tell you the definition of "sustainability" as narrated to me by a timber tycoon. First thing you do, you start cutting the trees OUTSIDE your concession. Never mind if it is a forest reserve, because then nobody cares. If you cut into someone else's concession, then you offer him some compensation either in cash or in logs. If you go to court, you just admit that the boundary lines were unclear and the basis of compensation is purely financial, never criminal.

    Don't give me this BS about the Rio Summit or wherever that defines sustainability. Your masters don't know, and in most cases, they don't want to know. Ask MNS how many forest reserves have been illegally logged.

    Mahu curi jangan cuba beri alasan yang tak betoi. Lebih baik diam aje.


  40. Rocky...if you are saying what am I today is all due to UMNO 55 years government...your logic sucks more.
    I never depended on Govt anything.
    Malaysia is a country with very rich natural resources.
    We are lucky..up to 55 years..the UMNO b robbers and thieves have not bankrupt the country yet.
    Please please talk about corruptions...and don't tell have friends of all races...and you are not a racist.
    All BN supporters are racists.
    Check out what UMNO..MCA..MIC mean.
    Finally...your hero...Mahathir has admitted UMNO b guys are devils.
    Mark my word..Mahathir will be the one to lead his party to tong sampah.
    PS" I out the 3 million young voters at 13th GE..not 7.28PM..and I meant you are under CONTRACT...not contact at 7.41 PM
    My horrible spellings and grammars are legendary.

  41. Anonymous2:07 am

    monsterball and godfather

    your monikers hide an inferiority complex but compensated by a pseudo mega ego

  42. Anonymous8:26 am

    Ewah ewah teror le Godfather and Monsterball lau ren, you both belly keleber wan,

    You seem to know all about corruptions, are you both by any chance active parties in all these transactions/activities?

    It takes a thief to catch a thief.


  43. Anonymous10:59 am

    PERWIRA: Pandai betoi budak ni. My timber partner is from UMNO and I pay into his account with UBS. Yang lain, you try to figure out yourself.


  44. "Jika environmentalist luar negara boleh mengesan pembalakkan bagi keluasan 20,000 hektar, kenapa tidak untuk 300,000 hektar? Kalau ikut kiraan AS$90 juta bagi 20,000 hektar, bermakna era pentadbiran Yong Teck Lee telah berjaya mengaut keuntungan lebih dari AS$1.3 Bilion untuk 300,000 hektar hanya dalam tempoh dua tahun."

  45. That's how UMNO B idiots sensible relies.....just keep talking cock.
    Godfather must be laughing.
    This is a paid umno B broadcaster balls to come here???
    Me???...I will fuck them...especially racist PERWIRA ..whole life carrying balls.
    I say ..I say...your smartest hero...Mahathir has confessed all his UMNO b pariahs and stool pigeons are devils...and Anwar is an Angel.

  46. After 12th GE...I put out a song..."Lets twist again" by Chubby Checker in this blog..and hordes of UMNO b idiots turned mad.
    Coming 4 years...still no 13th GE by that so call PM..appointed by his party...that half cast Mahathir.. the chief Devil....the biggest liar...the biggest crook.. has said.."Put PR at PutraJaya..they will govern forever"....making Malaysians laugh at that nincompoop.
    I say..I two idiots are far below mamak's brain...and you will surely cast votes to see UMNO b govern forever..Correct??

  47. during Yong Teck Lee tenure as chief minister of Sabah, he give away our 300000 forest to his 265 cronies.. this lost happen in two years, not 9 or 20 years..