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Global Competitiveness: Malaysia in Top 25

6/9/12, 12pm: In his posting Malaysia Still Among The Best World Economies, Bujai expresses concern with our broadband ineffectiveness, one of the reasons affecting Malaysia's overall competitiveness. Bujai may disagree with me on the need to take the fast-paced telco industry out of our slow-mo Information Ministry. Otherwise, we'll forever be doing the catching up.
The Star has more details from the WEF survey, including the fact that Malaysians now trust their politicians more (?) and government policies in terms of transparency has improved markedly, h e r e.

Original piece
Crime and Competitiveness. Malaysia fell four notches to 25th place in the latest world competitiveness ranking but remains well, well ahead of Zimbabwe, which maintained its 132nd position.

Hehe. Sorry bros and sis, could not help it. That was for the benefit of Anwar Ibrahim, Ambiga S and others who are so fond of comparing Malaysia to Zimbabwe. Myanmar, another country they love us to emulate, is not even included in the 144 countries monitored and rated annually by the World Economic Forum.

Back to the Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013, launched worldwide at 2pm our time minutes ago, Malaysia's overall score dropped slightly to 5.06 points. Last year, Malaysia was 21st most competitive with a score of 5.08 

Factors that brought us down include poorer (relatively) international internet bandwidth, lower broadband internet subscriptions per 100 population, and poorer mobile broadband subscriptions. (All these come under the same ministry, which strengthens my case that we should break up the Information Ministry).

Two factors related to crime brought our scores down: 
1. Perception on business costs or crime and violence and 
2. Perception on organized crime 

This is most interesting because crime is not just about your safety and my security, it affects our competitiveness as a nation! So all the reasons we need to equip our police force and the other relevant authorities fighting crime. 

The bit of organized crime is so true. Professional hits, gangsters killing gangsters, etc. We have been reading more and more about them in the papers lately. I believe all these are happening because the bad people are less afraid - there is no more Emergency Ordinance (note that a lot of crimes in the past months are related to former EO detainees) and the ISA has been repealed. Even the Seditions Act is no more.

We need a potent preventive act to deter the crooks and restore confidence in business and the people. And help us become more competitive.

I will provide links to the Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013 once they are out. In the meantime, here's how we fare in the Asia Pacific and Asean:


  1. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Latuk Locky:

    You obviously believe PEMANDU who says we are a safe country - one of the safest in the world. Can you simply ask the police and AG's Chambers for statistics on actual crimes solved and criminals successfully prosecuted ? Not the "criminals have been identified" and then nothing happens after that. That's not successful solving of the crime.

    Ask the poor lady who nearly had her arms severed by two snatch thieves. The police say that the assailants have been "identified" but where are the pictures of the criminals ? They could be hiding in the Klang Valley by now. Or is the meaning of "identified" not the same as what is commonly used in other countries (e.g. photo, name, last address) ?


    PS Why didn't you say we are Top 5 in ASEAN ?

  2. Anonymous3:37 pm


    1. Switzerland
    2. Singapore
    3. Finland
    4. Sweden
    5. Netherlands
    6. Germany
    7. United States
    8. United Kingdom
    9. Hong Kong SAR
    10. Japan
    11. Qatar
    12. Denmark
    13. Taiwan, China
    14. Canada
    15. Norway
    16. Austria
    17. Belgium
    18. Saudi Arabia
    19. Republic of Korea
    20. Australia
    21. France
    22. Luxembourg
    23. New Zealand
    24. United Arab Emirates
    25. Malaysia
    26. Israel
    27. Ireland
    28. Brunei Darussalam
    29. China
    30. Iceland

  3. Anonymous4:20 pm

    An old lady Wan Kalsom Wan Husin was murdered yesterday in a robbery at her home. We are not sure if the robber(s) will ever get caught but many would agree that this is not the tip of the iceberg.

    And many will also Disagree that those involved are part of the organised crime.

    At the same time they will also disagree that our police force is poor equipped.

    Lastly many believe that it is to do with the WILL of the police force than anything else.

    I chuckled when you said: 'note that a lot of crimes in the past months are related to former EO detainees'

    Not being disrespect but....

    IF they have not solved / caught the person or not know who is involved, then how did they come to this conclusion?

    I am sure you have your reliable source and will not make up 'fact' to put the blame of raising crime rate to those pressing for these laws to be repealed.


  4. Your approach is wrong. We need a good judicial system, not a preventative crime law that can be abused to correct this. The cops are too use to arresting people and not having the burden of proof which is necessary under normal laws.

  5. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Good news. But there will always be idiots who will turn this into bad news. To them nothing is good in this country but they are enjoying themselves here.

  6. Jasper Bloodstone5:40 pm

    No prizes for guessing Singapore's ranking in this survey, is there?

    Dang it. I was thinking that there could be some polemics on this!

    Anyway, let's see how the government and opposition "spin" this rankings thing.

    Let me go delve into the details of the survey.

  7. Jasper Bloodstone6:02 pm

    Oh, yah - The Star's website had a brief report on this.

    Switzerland in 1st place. Singapore retains 2nd place in the rankings.

    Those guys in white down south must be pushing some of the right buttons.

    Not the hallmark of a failing money-laundering tax haven, is it? Like Swissland also?

  8. Anonymous6:51 pm

    By next year malaysia debt position will be like Greece.

  9. Anonymous6:54 pm

    We need I change the gov to bring Malaysia forward

  10. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Bru, crime rate increased bcos jala cut expenses for the police force n govt agencies. Pandaisungguh. Senator ship extended because of Sarawak factor. Hmmm lembik lembik sebab itu criminal maharaja jala.

  11. MinyakMan9:09 pm

    butthurt oppositions in 3...2...1...

  12. Anonymous9:19 pm

    For a young and a small nation like us, SYABAS, however crime rates definitely are getting very irritating here today!

    BTW last night kat Intercontinental nampak Dato busy benar kat yr table so tak kesempatan get yr autograph hehe!



  13. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Please do not allow laurels to go to our mouth. It is normal for it to go to our head.We cannot accept top rating from one group and decry when we score poorly by another rating agency. Some of the basic questions that we should ask are were all countries included in the survey.And more importantly if they comparing apples and oranges. For Example: KLIA is rated as the best airport in the world in the under 25 million passenger category. Do we now the air ports that we are compared to?

    It is good news for us to be rated in the position we have been placed. Recently Singapore was rated as the richest city in the world by Citibank and Knight Frank. But when an investigation was made the MAS found out that major cities such as Tokyo, New York, London, we not included in the survey.

    These rankings mean nothing when foreign funds do not want to lend you any more money. Some members of the EU with tripple A rating are now finding this out the hard way. Small countries such as Malaysia must learn to live within our means in good times and beneath our means during bad times. That is the only way we can survive in the long term in this dog eat dog world. Pardon the expression.

  14. Anon 856pm,
    Thank you for bringing up the cost cutting measures affecting out police force. I totally agree: a need to pressure the government to start seriously investing in beefing up not only the force but more importantly their Morale. The Malaysian police are the most under appreciated . They get whacked byby an Opposition that see a them as means of.getting at the ruling party and their powers get curtailed by a ruling go remnant that fears being accused of abuse. At the same time, they get paid peanuts.

    Now that we know the cops crucial in the context of international competitiveness as well, perhaps their lit will be improved. Forget cheaper cars, make cops' salaried more attractive!

  15. Anon 856pm,
    Thank you for bringing up the cost cutting measures affecting out police force. I totally agree: a need to pressure the government to start seriously investing in beefing up not only the force but more importantly their Morale. The Malaysian police are the most under appreciated . They get whacked byby an Opposition that see a them as means of.getting at the ruling party and their powers get curtailed by a ruling go remnant that fears being accused of abuse. At the same time, they get paid peanuts.

    Now that we know the cops crucial in the context of international competitiveness as well, perhaps their lit will be improved. Forget cheaper cars, make cops' salaried more attractive!

    1. Anonymous6:38 am

      Rocky you are good I must say. Do you even believe in the rubbish you write?

  16. Anonymous7:17 am

    LOL. I knew you would post you are so predictable

  17. Anonymous7:19 am

    Bru man! You cant reward thieves and hope they change

  18. bNationalFeed&LOOTcorp9:22 am

    RM250,000,000 was a good start...

  19. Anonymous1:01 pm

    bloodystone aka olek sg

    why must you bring in that kiasu island intoevery posting huh?

    perhaps you're trying to justify to YOURSELF that you made the right move to relocate to red dot

    we wait for the day you regret this move ....akan datang hehehe

    P.S. harry will also join you in begging for MyKad

  20. Anonymous1:06 pm

    The noble men in blue are true patriots. They work with their hearts to protect their beloved country.

    Since bershit 1234 ... took up a lot of their time, make sure that the bershit organisers PAY for all the disruptions and disturbances that threaten peace and security.

    Money talks where these bozo buffoons are concerned. Ambibuttburgerga is ssoooooo QUIET ever since the charge for damages incurred during bershit3.

    Make them pay hard to neutralise these FAKE freedom fighters.

  21. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Our police is good for nothing. They are known to bully the common rakyat, but when they are facing the UMNO, they act like cowards. See they handcuffed the teenage girl but not the VIPs arrested for corruption and do nothing to the extremist PERKASA

  22. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Yes police good for nothing. If your house is robbed or your daughter gets raped dont make any police report. If you lose your car dont make a police report. Police good for nothing.

    The teenage girl did not step on your photo. So you have no feeling. Today she steps on a photo. Tomorrow she may kill someone.

  23. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Itu semua TEMBERANG,,,one sided report,,,,what Happened to RUSSIA,,???

    Kamu punya kerja and the rest UMNOosss gang cedok article and TAMPAL on your BLOG,,,ini kerja budak sekolah RENDAH bule buat,,!!!!

    Ada pulak TOURISM Industry claimed that Singaporean made up 50% tourist arrival in MALAYSIA,,,,kan lagi satu BENGONG nya Director General,,,!!

    Mereka itu majority Singaporean yang tinggal di JB tapi kerja disana,,hari-hari ulang alek,,!!!

    Ada pulak si MAMAK Kuty kata THE MALAYSIAN FLAG is nothing but a strip of coloured cloth,,???

    The coloured cloth layak ke nak tutup KERANDA,,!!!


  24. Anonymous6:41 pm

    haha... you really believe this mat salleh punya ranking ke.

  25. Anonymous6:47 pm


    Looks like you baca from Bottom Up!!!

    Dulu 21 sekarang 25 Besok 49...Nanti Lu Kata Best Top 50...Heh Heh Heh


  26. Anonymous9:10 pm

    anon 2:53

    What do you expect? Red carpet treatment and a bouquet of French roses for her?

  27. trifling-jester11:33 pm

    that little red dot has better healthcare, GDP, education, life expectancy and competitiveness on a global stage. im sure harry wants a mykad.

  28. Anonymous7:10 am

    haiya retards

    the red dot had all along leeched on its neighours for cheap everything

    without Indonesia and Malaysia, it would have shrivelled up like an unwanted little flower

    water, sand, wood, paper, rattan, labour, financial protection of hot money etc etc

  29. Anonymous7:18 am

    tj @ 11.33

    better healthcare - but super expensive for ordinary citizens

    GDP - but high inflation and -ve growth

    education - but produce myopic technocrats addicted to follow the law only, no real brains

    life expectancy - but results in increasing elderly population who uses the parental maintenance law (the only country to force children to look after parents) while these old folks waste their remaining years in old folks home (soon to relocate to cheaper JB)

    competitiveness on a global stage - but cannot match Swiss standard of living as they are still 3rd world mentality still banned from chewing gum to the laughter of the whole wide world

    P.S. the mrt still breaks down even after chewing gum is banned


  30. Anonymous8:47 am

    Malaysia should emulate Singapore style of "demotakrasi". Sue all those troublemakers especially the Bershit organisers and politicians who are stirring shit. Why not do it now BN? since they always want to compare Malaysia with Singapore.

    Najib is too compassionate towards the detractors. Be tough like LKY OR better still be mean. That will teach some monkees a thing called "demotakrasi"...Singapore's style. Do it Najib...and you will see people like Ambiga,Haris Ibrahim etc...scrambling away to the jungle and up the trees.


  31. Anonymous11:44 am

    Police only good at setting up road blocks ad hoc and you know....

  32. Jasper Bloodstone12:40 pm

    Anon 1:01 PM

    Just facts - Singapore #2, Malaysia #25, as per the WEF.

    Very, very basic, yah? Let's see you tear the detailed categories therein to bits, shall we?

    If you fault the methodology behind the competitveness rankings, then be so kind as to detail your objections.

    Or are you leaving it to others to do your work for you?

  33. Anonymous12:47 pm

    At the place I am relocated right now, Singapork is just a moneylaundering upstart prig. Fact. Laughable that an ageing economy with an opaquely managed financial system ( atleast 500billion of money remains mysteriously unaccounted for)is top of the pops? As for the comeuppance, its just around the corner......Enough said

    I have always stressed that trifling with national security is a recipe for many disasters including rankings, perceptions blahblahblah. What has happened is that the withdrawal of all those security laws have emboldened organized crime. This institution is being managed from a regional hub who uses it to do everything from moneylaundering to human trafficking to rigging up the Malaysian crime index to wreck future investment and bolster a perception fear amongst potentially incoming money. And certain local political entities are in cahoots....

    Malaysia needs a tough no nonsense central government to prosper from its high middle income trap. Fact. Its no rocket science , temporary economic success notwithstanding.
    As for fast broadband, keep on dreaming as long as its housed under the polishing and 'megalomaniacal'
    ministry. I thought someone said up to 60% had BB access. Maybe the reporter who reported that should be arrested...hahahaha

    Warrior 231

  34. Anonymous12:57 pm

    "Today she step on a photo. Tomorrow she may kill someone."

    The quality of your commentators really floor me.

  35. Jasper Bloodstone7:10 pm

    Ooh, the warrior's posts are supposed to make the Singgies quake with fright?

    Dream on!

    With $800 billion in assets and reserves, according to informed "guessestimates", and being one of a handful of triple-A rated economies, it may be others in ASEAN that will be looking for handouts!

    Back to the latest WEF rankings, it is noted that out of the top 10 economies, the majority are republics. And that the US, with all it's problems, still ranks within the top 10 economies.

    I guess that neo-liberalism, a secular framework and free market economic freedoms count for more than abstruse concepts like like sedition and notional domination according to fluid criteria.

    Btw, just which is this "regional hub" that has aroused the warrior's ire? Mayhap it could be one where Malaysian banks have a reasonably strong presence?

    And, just so we are clear, what is this "regional hub's" ranking in the WEF competitiveness list? Is it above Malaysia in terms of ranking, or abjectly inferior?

  36. Anonymous10:18 pm

    1980 SGD1 = RM1.00
    2012 SGD1 = RM2.50

  37. Anonymous5:57 am

    bloodystone still regretting her change of citizenship

    can't stop comparing Malaysia with kiasu island JUST to pacify her niggling doubts ....

    poor gal

  38. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Same old mad pig with laughably same old stale arguments. Yeah the super duper uber racist Chingkie "free" republic sitting on no 2 is the veritable paradise of press freedom, human rights, free speech etc etc which even good old uncle Sam should be ashamed of........hahaha so much so that it languishes in division 4 here with Malaysia

    and classified partly free by uncle sam's state partly funded think tank:

    No wonder uncle Sam tagged it money laundering and mad pig got pwned at hishamh about the missing us500billion plus more recently for its super splurging on basic human needs like education, health.

    Wonder why a no2 ranked country would want to cull human resource from a supposedly inferior MALAYSian education system down in the mid-20s. After all it is fond of dissing that very same system many times over, doesn't it?

    Hahahahahaha.....stupid Chingkie pig cannot see its very own flawed logic beyond its uncircumcised prepuce again! Oh i forgot,forked tongue snake talk is another Chingkie speciality mistakenly attributed to India solely and hypocrisy is the provenance of deluded mentalities. Enuff said.

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone6:09 pm

      The warrior regurgitates the same tired crap. Same old, same old.

      Note that the litany of complaints has done nothing to diminish Singapore's competitiveness.

      Maybe he can take a time out from matters academic and delve into the minutiae of the WEF competitiveness rankings methodology. Item by item, line by line, comparing Malaysia against the top 10 economies, including Singapore. Let us see how his "EXPERTISE" stacks up against the WEF panel.

  39. Anonymous7:16 pm

    When most travelers think of Singapore, glittering new casinos, delicious hawker food, pricey luxury hotels, sanitized streets and a world-renowned airport spring to mind.

    Well, now they can add “giant carbon footprint” to that list.

    According to media reports citing the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Singapore had the largest carbon footprint per head in the Asia-Pacific region in 2010.

    A hot and heavy corporate sector fuelling the city-state’s construction industry –- including all those shiny new "eco-friendly" resorts and hotels -- is to blame for the dubious honor. That, and residents' excessive consumption habits.

    Quoted by numerous media, WWF president Yolanda Kakabadse said Singapore “is a society that maybe is one of the best examples of what we should not do.

    "Every member of the population in relation to the size of the country is consuming a lot in food, in energy.”

    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:35 pm

      Oooh, the trembling...

      Really, dude - is that the best you could come up with? No pithy rejoinders?

      Why not talk about the Euro 4 and Euro 5 fuel emission standards and tell us who in the region is closest to implementing them?

      Is it Malaysia?

      And doesn't fuel emissions play a big part in air pollution?

      I would think that the expats who live and work in Singapore would be the best judges of that vis-a-vis the rest of the region.

      And do tell us the related categories and criteria in the WEF GCI rankings.