Monday, August 13, 2012

Waiting for Pandelela

Pandelela's dad and his trusted kapcai

Najib to honour Malaysia's first. A father's Olympian sacrifice is a story that celebrates the extraordinary feat of an ordinary Malaysian named Pamg Joheng. Most of us won't even know how to pronounce his name but without Pamg, Malaysia would still be waiting for its first woman Olympic medalist. That young woman - Pandelela Rinong - returns home tomorrow (Tuesday) morning with a bronze. And instead of asking for the sky, this proud father said all he's asking for is for "... the sports council will give her some sort of leave so we can spend time with her as a family".

That is the very least the government will do for Pandelala. According to the tweets of former NST Kuching boss Firdaus Abdullah, Prime Minister Najib Razak will be setting aside time later this week (probably Friday) after his return from a meeting abroad to honour Pamg's daughter Pandelela. [Yesterday, just before leaving for the Middle East for the OIC meeting, the PM presented Lee Chong Wei, who came back from London with a silver medal, with RM500,000].

I hope Putrajaya does not forget to make arrangements to fly Pamg and the rest of the family to be there with Pandelela on that day. 


  1. Anonymous6:11 am

    Ya so unlike the chinkies grab grab grab ...

  2. Anonymous8:20 am

    This is the true indigenous Malaysian. Not like some Kerala descendant or Paki descendant who beliee they are superior to the indigenous people of this land.

  3. Anonymous11:14 am

    BN SARAWAK RESTORATION ....Salute to the end of SUMPTUARY LAWS...Now in Sarawak even the peasants can contribute to the Nation building...Congratulations Pandelela...

    Prof Awe Kecik

  4. Anonymous11:30 am

    We are proud of you Girl,,!!! Semoga State or Federal GOMEN anugerah Dato/Datuk,,!!!

    Jasa mu di kenang,!!


  5. Anonymous11:49 am

    Yes, reward her and her family. Anyone can pick up a racket and play badminton. How many of us are brave enough to jump from a height of 10m, while doing a three and a half back twist? She managed to beat divers from countries such as US, Australia and England.

  6. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Sports ministry seems so lucky with malaysia's first lady medalist. Not knowing what happened 12 years ago dei...dei...

  7. Anonymous2:22 pm

    This also u need najib to do... like he got no other better thing to do as a pm ? like the nsc don't know their duty? like the sports minster is too stupid to handle it?

    got to get the highest office to do it... or this is what he is good for ?

  8. Anonymous4:15 pm

    What would have happen if she did'nt win a bronze med ? Would thew pm be so kind ?
    This is the show bn love to do!Max eposure for themselves.....for such craps....

  9. word up anak sarawak.

  10. Anonymous6:51 pm

    anon 8:20
    you are a stupid man. not matured, uneducated and a disgrace to your parents. people have moved beyond these things. you are really sick.

  11. Anonymous6:54 pm

    anon 11:49 - anyone? what level have you reached? talk like a BODOH.

  12. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Diving as a sport in more countries than badminton. She really had done a very great job in competing with more athlete around the work. I really hope government can support her a request of continuing study and compete with world best... I also hope some companies will sponsor her to compete in world event

  13. Anonymous9:05 pm

    No politics please. This is sports, lets keep it that way.

  14. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Malaysia growing list of jokes

  15. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Pandelela got one Bronze Medal from the Olympic, which is no easy feat at all and she was only given a minute of the amount when compare to what the nation spend on PLKN of RM$500 Million per year.

    A whooping half a billion ringgit goes down the drain with nothing beneficial to the Nation other than enriching all those connected and cronies on a continuous basis to the time indefinite.

    What PLKN had been and will be contributing to the development and enhancing the Nation into the future?. Any spectacular result we can be proud of or just fattening the pockets of the cronies to a time endless.?

    It is time to evaluate these useless and nonsensical program over again and we are not in favor of it's existence any longer.

  16. Anonymous12:33 am


    you need a premium whisky? guess you can afford it now.

  17. Anonymous6:34 am

    Anon 11:15PM

    PLKN is a program to nurture our younger generations not to be lembek like you!


  18. Anonymous7:38 am

    hundreds of millions get spent on sports initiatives and programs. RM 1 million to this indigenous woman pun tak bagi. Be generous lah, this girl has made the country proud. Don't hoard everything for your cronies only.

  19. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Shall Sarawakian call her Puteri Duyung Sarawak? Or Dayung Sarawak?
    If Harimau Malaya is ok, so why not Sarawak......

  20. Anonymous4:47 pm

    anon 7 38
    easy to throw wild unfounded accusations. syok sendirilah you. even the rich countries dont award so much as us. sorry, not us, the govt. does not include you.

  21. Anonymous4:49 pm

    anon 11:15. you like to show how stupid you are, dont you?

  22. Anonymous6:47 pm

    I believe is the Dayak power that help her all the way to win the 1st women Olympic medal for Malaysia.

  23. bourne identity6:11 pm

    Bet everyone here would think many2 times if you all are asked to jumnp from the diving plank in2 the water below...LOL.
    Let me tell you takes sheer commitment, discipline and passion to be @ where she is.
    It took my friends and I discipline, pain, ruthlessness and to want to live in order to join vat69.
    To me personally, Pandadela has the oomph to join the close protection group of our urban counterpart - the UTK.
    Well done Pandalela... I had quite a few very loyal, ruthless and trusted troopers, corporals and sargeants under me while battling the communist insurgents back in late 70s and late 80s in the jungles.
    Give your respect to every olympian though they may have been the last or out of running.... they qualified....the question is - can you?

  24. Anonymous6:57 pm

    The media reported that MAS flew down the parents to KL. Why you do not have the update in your blog?


  25. Anonymous1:17 am

    ..anti PLKN is unpatriotic sotong, thats what..

  26. Jasper Bloodstone3:54 pm

    Anon 6:11 & 8:20 AM

    What about Nicol David? She's a Malaysian Eurasian and a Catholic. It took considerable guts to uproot herself from her home environment and base herself in the Netherlands.

    Even now, she is Malaysia's only consistent world Number 1 in women's squash. Lee Chong Wei, for all his achievements, has been unable to continuously hold to the Number 1 ranking in men's badminton.

    According to press reports, Pandelela's father is a contract labourer in Sarawak. He made tremendous sacrifices to get his daughter the basic training in diving that gave her a solid foundation for her future successes.

    A "contract labourer"? That puts the sacrifices he made in stark perspective, unlike the comfortable existence of middle-class and upper middle-class Malaysians, to whom sports achievements are secondary to academic qualifications and scoring cushy white collar jobs!

  27. bourne identity7:19 pm

    PLKN has been a good programme for the youths....our exvat69 associations has made several meet ups with PLKN trainees from all over the countrun and it was REALLY great to meet PLKN trainees from different races talking and admiring us - we were startled to know that they knew who the vat69ers were.
    They spoke freely and realised how important discipline is for a country and common community to progress.
    Anyone who's an anti PLKN should live in a jamban.
    Anyone who just looks for the negative in anything should live with the siamangs up in the tree.