Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Letter from a Pakistani, recently in Malaysia


 Dear Readers, I would like to share this Letter to the Editor that I posted on Twitter earlier this morning. It's always good to know when other people look up to us, even when we ourselves look down on one another ....
PESHAWAR: I recently visited Kuala Lumpur for an angioplasty of some calcified coronary arteries of my father at the Institut Jantung Negara (National Heart Institute). Malaysia is a modern, secular country and has excellent health facilities. However, the downside to this was that seeing such a prosperous country made me wonder at the state of my own country, which seems absolutely backward in every walk of life. May I also add that Malaysia gained its independence in 1957, a decade after Pakistan!
The technology used by the doctors at the medical institute in Malaysia enabled all the calcified vessels in my father’s heart to be unblocked successfully. In Pakistan, doctors had advised my father after the angiogram to have a CABG (coronary artery bypass graft).
Apart from the quality of healthcare on offer, I also found the country to be a peaceful place where people of various ethnic groups, such as the Malay, the Chinese and Tamils, all live in peace and harmony. It is because of this unity and togetherness that Malaysia is a successful and developed country. In Pakistan, we have to live with sectarian violence with Sunni killing Shia and Shia killing Sunni. There is also ethnic violence in Balochistan where settlers from Punjab are targeted.
The next important thing is that Malaysia is a secular country where there is no ban on anyone following/practising any religion. Due to this secular approach, Malaysia is able to attract millions of tourists from all over the world, and this in turn means that tourism is an important contributor to the country’s economy.
Pakistan’s bad luck is that it never got any charismatic leader who could take it on the path of development like Malaysia had with Mahathir Muhammad. Furthermore, as a nation we have no respect for the law and no one, at any level, wants to follow it. A small but apt example is how we follow our traffic laws with most of us following them in the breach. However, in the case of Malaysia, people follow them in letter and in spirit.
Quite clearly, we need to learn a lot from countries like Malaysia. 
Mian Muhammad Imran
Published in The Express Tribune, August 12th, 2012.


  1. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Unfortunately, he has not experience the dictatorship under Dr M where certain races are discriminated in favour of certain race. Also through Dr M's crony policies, we had paid high prices for basic amenity and necessities.

  2. Mayumi3:11 pm

    It is just sickening to see fellow Malaysians running the country down. It is as though we never achieved anything.

    1. Agree with you Mayumi. Its so easy to find faults,but its not easy to repair the damage done by our fellow Malaysians who are never grateful or thankful to enjoy the fruits of Merdeka.

    2. Anonymous11:41 pm

      Seconded. I pity ungratefu Malaysians who deny the achievements done by our forefathers who came from different race, skin colour or mother tongue. They are only interested in wrecking havoc and sowing hate. I despise these people.

  3. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Of course foreigners look at us with amazement and admiration. DAP, PKR and PAS are the culprits that paint the ugly picture of Malaysia and our leaders especially Tun M. They ignore the fact that they get the respect from overseas because of our current leadership, while theirs are similar to 3rd world politicking antics through street demo, divide and conquer the people.

  4. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Maybe its becos we are not stringent-hardcore-diehard-intolerant-religious wacko- kinda of followers of the book. But by the looks of it many are trying to overcome guys out there in the desert :)

  5. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Yo Rocky... is 'Mahathir' making a comeback this GE ??

    tiada besok bagimu, Najib !!

  6. I have a high regard with the high standard of professionalism among all levels of staff of IJN. I have undergone two major heart operations there in 2009. Kudos to Tun Mahathir for effort in setting IJN.

  7. Matahari4:12 pm

    It takes a foreigner to see the goodness of this country (Malaysia) when some group from inside is trying to dishonour the country by pulling all kind of stunts to potray instability. Shame on whoever who leads that group who spoke about CLEAN!

  8. Anonymous4:18 pm

    This is a fake letter lah. A Paki getting treatment from IJN when the queue for locals is at least 6 months ?

    And the comment that Bolehland is a secular country ? This Paki obviously didn't know that Mamakthir declared this country to be an Islamic country in 2001 in contravention of the constitution.

    I am, however, very pleased that my friend Latuk Locky is implicitly in agreeing that Bolehland is secular. Ameen.


    1. Anonymous11:43 pm

      Another paki or puki that is your mouth? Forever in your cesspool mentality

  9. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Yup..Malaysia is indeed a great country to live in.I am proud to be born a Malaysian..But it can be better.With all our resources we should have taken over countries like Singapore,Korea and even Japan.The government done some good things but not enough.There is just too much wastage and bad governance.Let's hope we get a better government to fulfill our dreams of making Malaysia really great.

  10. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Dato' Rocky,

    There are many other letters from Mongolia and Khazakstan Condemming this government in the Case of The Murder of a Mongolian Woman (Ms Altantunya) and the association of Najib with Criminal Elements (in laws) from Khazakstan!!!

    Why not post those up?!

  11. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Anon 2:58

    You want everything cheap? Go live in the Amazon forest.

    When you are the leader award projects to the monkeys of Kalimantan forest. Then there will be no discrimination and cronism.

    Before Dr.Mahathir became PM, only 2 out of 25 doctors in Malaysia were Malays. Discrimination? Or correcting the imbalance?

  12. Anonymous6:11 pm

    What is the news Dato....nothing new....we all know about it....

  13. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Ni Bai mama pulak nak BODEK Gomen,,,!

    Tapi kalu tengok from the comment at your posting ,,90% tak sokong GOMEN,,,,TERNYATA nyawa GOMEN tingal nyawa-nyawa ikan!!!

    Minta TOLONG cikit Rocky,,,cakap sama itu MADDEY,,tolong kasi diam cikit MULUT coz he TALK COCK these days,,!!!


  14. Anonymous6:41 pm


    how come bro anwar bin ibrahim claimed that malaysia still backward as compared to burundi?


  15. Anonymous6:47 pm

    the paki should go to kelantan and see the biggest lying (not tipu aaa..) buddha statue in a balcony of mecca.

  16. a simple case of Malaysians treating foreign tourist better than their fellow Malaysians

    Tourism is money making period

  17. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Malaysia is great because we have the Tongkat given by the BN government and the other races deliver, just like how a Christian Dayak girl became the 1st female Olympic medal winner for the country.

    1. Ellese10:27 pm

      This is racist comment.

  18. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Godfather doesn't know the meaning of Negara Islam ala PAS. Try live in Pakistan lah for 5 years. Godfather is always talking through his his brother, Manoharan.


  19. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Filipinos and Indonesians surely love this country as there are so many of their countrymen who are now Malaysians. All they need to qualify as Malaysian is to vote for UMNO during election time.

    UMNO pengkhianat negara.

    Kampung Man

  20. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Rocky, you got small mind like most UMNO people....UMNO likes to compare Malaysia to the like of Nigeria, Zimbawwe, sudan , pakistan and bangladesh ... apa pasal tak mahu compare dgn Singapore di mana pak menteri sana tak makan rasuah !!

  21. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Kita ni memang bangsa yg tak reti bersyukur. It takes an outsider to see and appreciate how much we have.
    Tengok negative comments kat sini kita dah kenal budi bahasa mereka.
    Tak mengenag untung.

  22. Your country is backward because...yours is not a split off from India...all because of one mother fucker jawarhal nehru!!! guys shoud kill eac other...
    Malaysia is progressive because of the Non-Muslims..get it!!

    1. Anonymous11:47 pm

      Dey fakker.. These pakis have nukes made by their own scientists. They seriousy do not need your fakking racist comments.
      U tunggu la kalau PAS menang. U minum air teh la everyday.

  23. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Simple rule of the thumb :

    The value of things is only realised when it is lost.

    Things did not happen just like that. Regardless of the Mahathir haters, it was he who spearheaded the infrastructure enjoyed by many today.

    The critics are sour grapes, probably born recently and are just begining to taste salt.

    One sour grape is Anuar and his blind followers who are out to destroy this country in a modern divide and rule attempt.

    The Pakistani writer did not mention why Pakistan is far worse than Malaysia. It is because they have many leaders with the same ideology as our Anuar. They wear skull caps like the Abim idiots and force their followers to throw away their beds to sleep on the floor etc.

    So, go ahead. Destroy whatever that has been built and live to regret later.

    It is time to shoot these trouble makers and just bull doze ahead. Leave those sulking sour grapes alone to rot into wine.


  24. Maybe we should try living in troubled countries like Burma, Palestine, Somalia etc etc etc for a change. Hehe...

  25. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Only third rate countries praise dr m and the progress of this country under dr m. In first world countries, dr m is like a crazy man shooting his mouth every where, blaming everyone except himself. Look at Spore. Thats where we would have been. Instead we are still third rate.

  26. If you ask me Rocky in Malaysia the culprit is the opposition under Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, he, I am very sure, planned so many evil acts just to de-stabilise Malaysia with his special goons instructed out to rob, kidnap, and simply perpetuating that constant state of fear that will eventually led to teh state of siege, he is our own Osama Ben laden with his bottomless money pit and will pay for anything to his terrorists to destroyh the government under Najib, while at it destroy the country...alas our system is helpless to contain thought!

  27. Let us be straight on this...Altantuya's death was planned by Anwar Ibrahim not Najib....and Anwar has a lot to gain from pinning the death on Najib....and Najib cannot be that stupid to kill or order this woman, he has not seen or known, to cover his trail? Come one law abiding and level headed Malaysians...think!

  28. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Rocky' is this guy part of Project IC? Is he and his father part of the 'indigenous' population as defined by his hero Mamakthir? Is this guy a relative of Shahreezat ?

  29. Anonymous11:18 pm

    secular vs non secular. why do we bothered about this label?


  30. Anonymous said...
    Unfortunately, he has not experience the dictatorship under Dr M where certain races are discriminated in favour of certain race. Also through Dr M's crony policies, we had paid high prices for basic amenity and necessities.
    2:58 PM
    Maybe you meant to say, fortunately for? For if its was unforunate for him to experience what you mentioned, then you are saying he should have had experienced it? But its always about this unproven discrimination accusations that always crops up. Wonder when you will use a different angle? Just look at the Rohingya,, now thats real discrimination.

  31. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Ya, let's compare with Pakistan, Bangladash, Burma ..


  32. Anonymous1:30 am

    This Godfather fella, his ancestors left their homeland because they don't believe in their own race, their leaders and their with this kind of DNA the cycle will go on and on from generation to generations..

    Their clueless new generations are taught to believe that their ancestors all came from Heaven, they had to flee since life there was too good for them to endure!

    Yang Guang

  33. Anonymous3:42 am

    what do you expect from ungrateful pendatang?

  34. Anonymous8:23 am

    Yeah, kita memang bersyukur...kepada lanun2 di negara kita yang curi duit berbillion. Amin.

  35. Anonymous8:28 am

    Salam Satu Malaysia. We are indeed grateful for the goreng pisang sold at the roadside while UMNOputras buka puasa at RM 120 per head in posh hotels. We are grateful to drivve our Perodua Kancil while UMNOputras drive their Bentleys. We are grateful that no harm has come to us while UMNO rapes and pillages.

    We are grateful to the gomen for giving those Pendatang Baru their blue ICs, otherwise we can't find workers.

    Pendatang Lama

  36. Anonymous9:00 am

    'before Mahathir became PM, only 2 out of 25 doctors in Malaysia were Malays...'

    we should be grateful that now 50 pct of doctors are Malays who only know how to prescribe panadol ? and they all work in Kelinik Satu Malaysia ?

    1. Ellese10:30 pm

      Why are there do many racist comment? You want to complain racism its fine but don't issue racists statement.

  37. Anonymous9:02 am

    anon 10:21

    Go live in singapore. dont step on malaysian soil.

  38. Anonymous9:03 am

    why should we be grateful when pendatangs like Mahathir, Shahrizat, Nor Yakcop, Azeez Rahim all got rich by suppressing the real indigenous people ? have you lost your minds ?

    1. Ellese10:31 pm

      And Anwar Khalid Azmin etc don't? Blame them also lah.

  39. Anonymous9:39 am

    Come on guys we are far better than lots of others. Admit it. This is not a perfect world. There will be abuses and critics, no one is perfect. Any PM for that matter cannot be doing everything. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and comment. You are not even fiar to your wife at times.

  40. Anonymous10:01 am

    "Without a doubt, Malaysia is slipping. Billions have been looted from this
    country, and billions more are being siphoned out as our entire political
    structure crumbles. Yet we are gathered here in comfort, in a country that
    still seems to 'work.' Most of the time. This is due less to good management
    than to the extraordinary wealth of this country. You were born into a
    country of immense resources both natural and cultural and social. We have
    been wearing down this advantage with mismanagement and corruption. With
    lies, tall tales and theft. We have a political class unwilling or unable to
    address the central issue of the day because they have grown fat and
    comfortable with a system built on lies and theft. It is easy to fall into
    the lull caused by the combination of whatever wealth has not been plundered
    and removed and political class that lives in a bubble of sycophancy."

    Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, London, Aug 12, 2012

  41. Anonymous10:09 am

    Latuk Locky:

    You sure have a lot of BN supporters who are quite satisfied with what they have and they bersyukur kepada Tuhan or Allah all the time. However, I think their satisfaction is borne out of ignorance or stupidity. They are happy eating goreng pisang for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they happy to squat under the shade of the coconut tree. However, they should not deprive the rest of us from questioning the gomen on matters they have done wrong. Things like awarding contracts in the billions to the highest bidder. The award of contracts and concessions to only one Melayu - Syed Mokhtar. The award of concessions to Ministers' families such as the lembu concession. The award of citizenships to Indons and Filipinos in exchange for votes. The hypocrisy of 1Malaysia when not all members of the gomen actually believe in it (and not many of your readers do, based on their comments here).

    We have the right to demand good governance. If your readers want to bersyukur with their Kancil, Nasi Lemak, small pondok and cuti2 Malaysia, that's fine. The rest of us want to know where the UMNOputras get to buy their Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys, where they get the money to buy mansions in London, Perth, Ottawa; where they get the money to fly to London on weekends to watch Premier League games.

    Don't deny me the right to want to know the secrets of being rich like the UMNOputras.


    1. Ellese10:36 pm

      This is one stupid comment. Dare you to put down your imbecile position at

  42. Anonymous10:18 am

    Pakistani loves the country

    Myamarese loves the country

    Bangladesh loves the country

    Who else not loving the country ?

  43. Anonymous11:16 am

    Halo Godfather,

    Dont simply tell lies that locals need to wait 6 months for treament.

    My late brother who was jobless and was under his son's government servant medical coverage (btw just a junior officer) only had to wait about 7 days to undergo a stenting procedure after being diagnosed with aneurysm at IJN!

    So don't talk cock like most of your type here!


  44. I am deeply sad with all negative comments from some quarters.

    Kalau orang cakap baik pasal negara kita pon nak kondem kew??

    Heart full with hatred, I guess??

    Senang ke hidup kalau hati penuh dengan syak wasangka, negativity, benci, amarah?

    How you live among your wife, your husband, your loving kids with such feelings??

    Ada suasana riang ke di rumah?

    Why can't we, juz accept those positive comments and be proud of our country?

    Where on earth that you guys can point to all, can share with all that 100% perfect?

    Ada ka?

    Come on.

    Tak kira lah you dari PR atau BN, banggalah sedikit..

    Pity you all. Honest. Pity you guys.

  45. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Aren't you a pendatang too!

  46. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Dear Tuan Syed,
    I met and engineer from Pakistan working here and has the same understanding about our country. At last he said, he wish TDM was their prime minister. Now they are in huge debt under IMF and their lives are govern by it. Even electricity is a luxurious items over there. As to him,there is no way Pakistan can get ever get out of their miseries and that is why his country has turn chaotic like it is today.That is also are done by Pakistani, but outsiders like the Afghans. So, it is a good lesson to us Malaysian to cherish what we have and to keep it. He really appreciate the peace and harmony in this country.

  47. Quite clearly , it is not the people who are prejudiced, chauvinist or racists. It is the politicians. It is also quite clear that Malaysian policitians are not as "dumb ass" as their pakistani brethrens. Although, they are doing their best to make up for lost time.

  48. Anonymous1:44 pm

    "Anonymous said...
    Rocky, you got small mind like most UMNO people....UMNO likes to compare Malaysia to the like of Nigeria, Zimbawwe, sudan , pakistan and bangladesh ... apa pasal tak mahu compare dgn Singapore di mana pak menteri sana tak makan rasuah !!

    9:08 PM"

    this is how blind the pakatan haram rakyat supporter is. sanggup menipu, halo brother u walk what u talk lah, mau compare diri sama singapore lu isap rokok pun tak tau buang dalam tong sampah lagi ada hati nak compare dengan singapore, dekat singapore lu kondem lebih lu kena masuk lokap, malaysia ada macam tu ke? dekat singapore buat perhimpunan haram kena lokap, dekat malaysia ada macam tu ker? dekat singapore orang nak azan hanya dalam dewan masjid sahaja tak boleh bukak speker luar masjid lu nak jadi macam tu ke. dekat singapore lu pergi tandas awam kantoi tak pam kena saman, dekat malaysia lu dah kencing merata2 buat bodoh, lepas tu kondem servis tandas tak nak compare diri lu dengan diri singaporean ke?

    cakap biar serupa bikin lah brother.

  49. Anonymous3:06 pm

    I'm sure glad that a foreigner found medical treatment here satisfactory. At least in IJN, which should be considering it's a national institute.

    Is the government still pushing for medical tourism?I don't know about other countries, but Indonesians also seem to like to go to Malaysia for medical purposes while being tourists at the same time.

    Also, I hope that the current almost free medical treatment from government hospitals could be continued. Malaysians seem to take it for granted. True, there are some problems but Malaysians just need to make it better.

  50. Anonymous3:57 pm

    It is not easy to govern a country with the size of Pakistan. A country with population over 180 million, beset with problems and conflicts together with its sectarian violence, rampant honour killings, and the state of lawlessness along its mountainous borders ruled by ruthless and powerful warlords and chieftains, a modern and progressive society is along shot.
    And any leader who have been chosen to lead the country, they know they're in for a web of problem as he/she slowly dive into it and will soon get entangled.
    I don't think democracy is right for Pakistan. Ever since Ali Jinnah pitched the idea to the British. A separate state for Muslim majority Indians too good to be true. It seems a good idea at first but after all these years,it soon fizzle out and the reality set in. Corruption is still a huge problem over there which is understandable since poverty rate is also high. It is not really about whether you achieve independence before or after us, or having a charismatic leader to work wonders for your country like you said, but Pakistan is just immensely big and diverse. You have to compare apple to apple.. It requires a bit an authoritarian approach in terms government machinery and its delivery system if change ever happen in Pakistan; in a large scale if you will.
    Just take a look to China. There's a lot you could learn from that country not in term of form of goverment but how successful they make their people toe the line. And having a badass guy like Dr. Mahathir at the helm would be a great boost too as you need that kind of leader to rock the boat a bit wake them up from awkward slumber.

  51. Anonymous4:12 pm

    No proof dont open your shit mouth!
    Thats the trouble you hate so much Anwar you really been fcuked in your head so cannot sleep ah????
    Najib ! did you see him swearing at the Book in the mosque???? he did'nt see or know ms Atantuya while the french says otherwise ? He was'nt swearing but mumbling that God got tired of his lies!what more we people ...Pasqule why hero worship your pm as people ain'nt idiots as you think!
    Get your facts right !

    1. Ellese10:43 pm

      Another idiotic remark from Pakatan supporter. Why do I always encounter many Pakatan supporters who always try to outdo the idiocy of another?

      There are just too many idiots in Pakatan who likes to complement the idiocy of another Pakatan. When cornered cannot defend.

  52. Anonymous8:08 pm

    For those of you who want to compare Pakistan, about how bad it is because it has huge sovereign debt, electricity is a luxury, blah blah blah, let me remind you that we are quite close to getting there. Our debt will spiral out of control with all the BR1M, KR1M, etc etc. Plus all the projects awarded to the HIGHEST bidders. In 2016, Petronas will be allowed to free the gas price, and electricity tariffs will reach 35 - 40 sen per unit of consumption. Air conditioning will become a luxury.

    Rest of your laurels, and wait for the country to go bankrupt.

  53. Anonymous8:23 pm

    anon 9am there are no doctors at klinik 1 Malaysia. The clinics are manned by senior medical assistants. Get your facts right b4 barking like a mad dog.

  54. Anonymous10:13 pm

    People like Anuwar and LGEng sure will not like this letter posted by a Pakistani. They will say that he had been paid by BN, typical Pakatan accusation. Anuwar and LGEng should stay and work in Pakistan for 5 yrs before commenting, if they can last that

  55. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Aren't you a pendatang too!

    12:34 PM

    typical dog and pig goon comments, no brainer....full of shit,spewing a denial syndrome symptom when head fill with shit what did u get as a result?

    `a reverse technology and engineering' a copycat, cheat here and there right left top bottom they even cheat their own god and lord, taoism, buddhist and now the new found religion `christian'

    no wonder jewish people hate them so much.

    below a commenter by the name of abba found in `stop the lies' blog, writing in such a stylish, elegance manner (sorry copy & paste) :

    For readers not familiar with scientific terms -

    Archeologists – experts in the study of ancient remains (diggings, excavations, like in Lenggong Valley, Perak)
    Linguists – experts in the study of languages
    Anthropologists – experts in the study of mankind)

    The belief that the Malays originated from Yunan LASTED ONLY ABOUT 30 YEARS from about 1932 when an Austrian Robert Heine-Geldren wote about it, BASED ON ARCHAEOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE AT THAT TIME.

    But Heine-Geldern’s hypothesis has been discredited. He theorized three waves of migrations into Southeast Asia based on “the proposition that the axe-types are related to to ethno-linguistic roots.” But what he described as the oldest adxes to be brought into Southeast Asia, THE WALZENBEIL HAVE BEEN SHOWN BY LATER ARCHAEOLOGICAL FINDINGS TO BE NATIVE TO SOUTHEAST ASIA – Peter Bellwood, “Man’s Conquest of the Pacific, 1979, pg 173-175.

    The belief on the Malays having migrated from southern China has ALSO BEEN PROVEN OTHERWISE LINGUISTICALLY. Linguists have pointed out that there have been no traces of the Malay languages in that region. Instead, ancient Malay languages have been found elsewhere. (See the c& p notes on the 1,200 or so Malay languages found in the world where the Malays have settled in ancient times).

    The classical belief that Heine-Geldern relied upon also carried the notion that the Malays were just a minor part of the “Mongoloid race” (note the word Mongol) that existed in the eastern part of the continental Asia. But even as early as the 18th Century, anthropologist Friedrich Blumenbach had classified the Malays separately. He introduced 5 human races: Caucasian, Mongolian, Ethiopian, Malayan and America.

    Various methods have been used to “identify” races. These include physical characteristics, languages, archaeological remains, blood types, and DNA. The increased pace of archaeological activities in Southeast Asia since the middle of the 20th Century and continued linguistic studies have shown that the Malays-from-Yunan idea has long been out of date.

    for continuation go here :

    demi agama, bangsa ku....

  56. BestofLuck12:38 am

    The problem is that while we Malays are ok compared to the slave labour bangla and pakis, we can be better.

    Of course compare to Pakistan we are miles better thats why their people are willing to work for RM600 per month in Chinese factories in Malaysia.

    Or sweating like slaves in oil palm estates.

    We must strive for higher income people, and for that we must have high minimum wage so that Chinese capitalists dont use cheap bangla labourers.

    They maybe cheap to the Chinese but the social cost and security cost is actually very high. Every day you read about factories closing and some one molesting or robbing women in Malaysia.

    This is due to the low wage where only the taukey make big money and drive big cars after making pollution to the environmental.

    This is the problem. DR M is Indian, naturally he will feel balik kampung in Indian Muslim Pakistan.

    So best of luck to DR M. We Malays dont want him here anymore after all the licenses and free airplanes he gave to all the Indians.

  57. Anonymous1:20 am

    Singapore di mana pak menteri sana tak makan rasuah??

    UMNO pengkhianat negara??

    aaahhh dapsters sudah desperate ka oleh JANJI DITEPATI


  58. Anonymous1:23 am

    Anon@7:59 PM says "Christian Dayak girl became the 1st female Olympic medal winner for the country."

    THAT shows DS Najib, UMNO and BN are fair and great in providing just about any Malaysian to achieve.

    And that Christian Dayak girl is very grateful to UMNO/BN not DAP and pakatan.

  59. Anonymous1:28 am

    slurpking @ 9:41 PM says

    "Malaysia is progressive because of the Non-Muslims..get it!!"

    which suakoo mountain you just came down from eh?

    the foreign workers will do just that - work hard for TUAN TANAH and the balik tongsan lah

    habis cerita - tak payah nak bagi kerakyatan pada bangsa sepet, sengkelet yang tak reti untung, tamak haloba banyak makan khinzir

  60. Anonymous1:32 am

    Anonymous @ 11:04 PM said...

    "Rocky' is this guy part of Project IC? Is he and his father part of the 'indigenous' population as defined by his hero Mamakthir? Is this guy a relative of Shahreezat?"

    Yeah this is the type of citizens Malaysia needs. The more the merrier. As for the ingrates, they are free to cabut and we'll say "Good riddance to pure rubbish!"

  61. Anonymous1:35 am

    Anonymous 8:23 AM said...
    Yeah, kita memang bersyukur...kepada lanun2 di negara kita yang curi duit berbillion. Amin.

    Cuma lanun lanun ni seharusnya campak kan bangsa sepet sengkelet tak cebok ni kedalam laut supaya dimakan jerong

    hhmmm ... jerong pun taknak le, bau busuk tak cebok

  62. Anonymous1:37 am

    Pendatang Lama@8:28 AM

    yes yes, at least Malaysia's ruling elite are not paying themselves salaries HIGHER than USA's Obama unlike the red dot

  63. Anonymous1:41 am

    anon@10:01 AM quotes Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, London, Aug 12, 2012

    aiya this fella is a failed politician, a perpetual sour grapes that pakatan "hopes" can topple Tun Dr Mahathir

    fat hope lah pakatan, just like the aged sodomite, both are past their prime and got no clout - they remain just that - wannabes

  64. Anonymous1:49 am

    goatfarter should instead ask the chinese billionaires how they get super-rich under tongkat-laden UMNO rule

    We bumiputeras HAVE a right to question the FOC citizenships given to the sepet sengkelet race - as they were severely illiterate, poorest of the poor, violent-prone, carrier of alien irritating culture ...

    in short "tidak mendatangkan kebaikan pada negara, bangsa dan agama"

    Bumis have the right to suggest deporting these perpetual INGRATES to their lands of origin

    P.S. MCA, MIC dll also have Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys, money to buy mansions in London, Perth, Ottawa; the money to fly to London on weekends to watch Premier League games.

    Goatfarter is the FATHER of all racists who needs to be deported back to tongsan

  65. Anonymous1:54 am

    anon @ 4:12 PM needs an emergency anger management therapy - coz cannot accept diverse views

    I think this fler uses his other organ to react, the brains already on sleep mode

  66. Anonymous7:33 am

    The world is a dangerous place not because of people who do evil, but
    because of good people who look on and do nothing about it.

    Albert Einstein

  67. Anonymous10:00 am

    Oooooo, that's how the BN cybertroopers react when confronted with all the wrongdoings.....balik tongsan, where's the proof, don't be racist....while their political masters laugh all the way to the bank - in Malta, Geneva and Luxembourg.

    Awarding contracts to the highest bidders - is this accusation wrong ?

    Transferring millions overseas without approvals - is this accusation wrong ?

    Buying mansions in London, Ottawa, Perth...driving Bentleys and Lamborghinis - are these wrong ?

    Awarding contracts to relatives and cronies withhout any transparency - is this accusation wrong ?

    Problem with BN is that all these accusations are accurate, and they try their best to either sweep under the carpet, or shout us down.

    There will be insufficient jail space for the BN crooks, but then most of them would have reserved their seats on flights out of KL on election day.


  68. Anonymous12:07 pm

    By pakistan standard

    Malaysia is really good to him and Rocky shares the same standard

  69. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Pengkhianat negara dah berumur 80 lebih tahun. Buat apa nak RCI ? Tak kan nak campak dia masuk penjara ?

  70. Mr. Angry2:20 pm

    Wonderfully written letter!!

    Having lived overseas for a good half of my life, I actually feel the same way that Malaysia is wonderful.

    Have any of you been to Mexico or met the people there? A week before my friend started his studies abroad, his family friend was kidnapped. His parents paid the ransom of 500k USD, and they got the kid back...hanging from the ceiling, his feet cut off and missing fingers.

    Or maybe it's stories like my friend from Serbia, where at the age of 5 all the way to 12, he was a refugee in his own country, his brothers and father conscripted to fight for a leader who took away their rights. Him and his mother escaped, and relocated into a better place. He came from a family of doctors and lawyers.

    Or maybe I should talk about my friends in China, the rich kids who had everything they wanted in the world, but instead turned to a life of doing drugs, getting wasted and sleeping around - not realizing that daddy is growing old and that soon they would have to take the responsibility of their family, or let the empire burn.

    Out of all these experiences I've had, I've never come across more bullshit than what the keyboard warriors have said that Malaysia currently is.

    We cannot be thankful for peace, because the government does not deserve the credit for it. We just choose to believe society was already nice.

    We cannot be thankful for prosperity, because the government did not give the money to us directly. We had to earn it ourselves.

    We cannot be thankful for the harmony, because it's the government fault that social ignorance causes issues such as racism and hate.

    I say, get out of your bubble and see the world. You are all just deluding yourselves with bullshit.

    Malaysia is a good country, with good people. We have our faults, we have our downs. We are not perfect. Let's not lower our standards by buying into the bullshit, and together, as society, make it better.

    As John Fitzgerald Kennedy said "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."


  71. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Desperado Opposition! Don't insult my intelligence..NAJIB has nothing to do with Altantuya..

    ANWAR the desperado better check your HIV level..

  72. Anonymous6:12 pm

    alahai goatfarter change tune ka? you accuse UMNOputras, now sudah kena sepak baru cakap BN


  73. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Anon 6. 12PM

    Must I say "Mamakthir and the 40 thieves" all the time ? Geng sama lah...


  74. Anonymous10:16 am

    Mamakthir and the 40 thieves:

    in the 70s, it was "one for you, one for me"

    in the 80s, it was "one for you, ten for me"

    in the 90s, it was "one for you, a hundred for me"

    in the 2000s, it was "one for you, a thousand for me"

    in the 2010s, it is now "one for you, a million for me"

  75. Anonymous10:54 am

    Ayam kambing, Latuk Locky. Ayam vely good in Bahasa Malaysia, ayam been here for many many years, ayam qualify for citizenship. Ayam not illegal, ayam came with visitor visa but ayam like your cunt-to-ry so much, ayam decided to stay. Ayam always with Dr M.

  76. Anonymous2:08 am

    The reason why sepet sengkelet likes to harp on Tun Dr M's ancestry is because the sepet sengkelet have all along felt that the bumiputeras can be easily cheated.

    But Tun Dr M always came to the rescue and throw the spanner in the works.

    So to the sepet sengkelet, it must be his "kerala" blood that stopped the sepet sengkelet from becoming the new colonial masters.

    He is one in a million and may Allah bless him always.

    P.S. Even after his retirement, they still NURSE a grudge for spoiling their Malaysian Malaysia grand plan.

    P.S. If you compare Tun with harry lee, you will not miss the TIRED and BITTER look on harry's face!

  77. Anonymous9:35 am

    Anon 10:16 AM,
    What about before the '50s and in the '60's?

    Wallop all for the Ships heading West and the Tongkangs heading East only!


  78. Anonymous11:31 am

    Anon 2.08 AM

    Betoi siMamak tu dah jadi pemimpin utama Melayu. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, yang skrng di kenali sebagai orang Melayu, pon akan menjadi PM satu hari. Org melayu tulen tak malu, menyambut pendatang2 ni sebagai ketua orang melayu....

  79. Anonymous11:36 am

    Harry Lee never stole from his country, which explains why the little red dot has reserves 5 times that of Bolehland. It explains why their per capita income is 7 times that of Bolehland, and why their currency is 2.5 times that of the RM.

    When bolehland goes down the drain, the first thing the country will do is to go begging to S'pore. Maybe sell Johor to prevent our womenfolk from being "sold" as maids to the developed countries. Jual tanah to maintain the crutches.

  80. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Hehehe you wish!

    It will be harry lee from red dot who will crawl on his knees (if he lives long enough) begging to be part of Malaysia.

    It is "quietly" facing multiple challenges that will drain the "superb" reserves, chief of which is the water shortage and food crisis.

    The aging population, very low fertility rate, the overcrowding of foreigners on a tiny island which is exacerbated by the annual sinking, the ever increasing corruption involving senior officials, the xenophobia is getting worse, Indonesian port will rival PSA, etc etc

    Actually Malaysian inflation rate is 1.7% vs 5% in Singapore. Malaysian economic growth is 5% vs negative for Singapore last quarter.

  81. Anonymous6:00 am

    "per capita income is 7 times" this has ALWAYS been the justifying factor for the PAP ministers to earn multi-million dollar salaries at the expense of taxpayers money.

    While the poor and homeless lives in tents by the beach.

    Sad isn't it? A luxurious mansion versus a leaky tent.

  82. Anonymous1:09 am

    wow, we are impressed indeed. so many of them are here. who're they? none other then, the Cina Bukit, the dapster kind, the biadap kind, the thousands of years of pork eating kind.

  83. it is remorseful to see such disparaging comments from the malaysians because they are well developed and going towards further progress. Being a Pakistani i always love my country. i didnt mean to underestimate the stature of my country by writing this article. what i saw and what i found in malaysia was indubitably amazing experience because my country has been facing really huge problems which are needed to be resolved. it is tru that we need great leaders like urs to get progress. The malaysians who curse their country come into the category of selfish and always unthankful.

  84. it is really remorseful to see the malaysians heart broken from their country. malaysia is a good country having great development in every field. As compare to my country pakistan, i saw urs very developed and progressed. i dont want to underestimate my country but what to have development like ur country. To see such unimpressed comments regarding malaysia from malasians are exhibiting unhappiness and un thankfulness.

  85. what i write in this article was my own experience in malaysia but the malaysians should be thankful because they are blessed with great blessings. i visited many countries of the word like uk, france, netherland, sri lanka but it is a fact taht i didnt see and observe such a good country like malaysia. so i request the entire malaysians to remain happy and loyal with their country.....