Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ops Tak Selamat


Best of roads, worst of drivers. The police ditched Ops Sikap for Ops Selamat this year to step up the management of traffic during the Hari Raya period. The stats were out yesterday. The IGP himself took pleasure to announce a decrease in the number of road crashes and fatalities during the two-week campaign.

But was Ops Selamat a success? Far from it. On the contrary, it's as bad as ever.

Qucik analysis of the numbers:
19,937 accidents
243 deaths
Syukur alhamdulillah, fewer accidents and deaths this year. The last Ops Sikap Hari Raya in 2011 was bad:
19,606 accidents
289 deaths
But - and this is a pain in the butt - the fact is that's not a real improvement. Previous years' records show a yo-yo trend in road accidents and fatalities -

One year it's up ...
17,332 accidents
241 deaths
The next year, it's down!
16,817 accidents
218 deaths
Every year the number improves, the police say Malaysians seem to be more aware of the dangers of reckless driving.

For example, in 2010 when the stats were good, you read this story:

Same thing today, the news attributed the lower number of accidents/deaths to the motorists' "better attitude":

NST 30 Aug 2012

My point is, from Ops Sikap to Ops Selamat, things have NOT really improved at all. We are still killing and maiming one another by the thousands every festival. Since 2001, the average number of fatalities during Hari Raya hovers well over 215 (read this 2009 analysis in Nut Graph). Motorcyclists still make up 63-65% of the deaths. Nothing has changed. Malaysia has the best roads but the worst drivers, full stop. The IGP said it: our drivers behave better when watched. But if the cops have to watch those motorists all the time, who's going to keep an eye on the crooks?


  1. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Peratus hendaklah dilihat dari jumlah kenderaan yang ada di atas jalan bahagi dengan jumlah kemalangan. Kalau kenderaan sikit jumlah kemalangan banyak maknanya tak berkesanlah kempen tu yoob ooi..

  2. Anonymous1:01 pm

    looks like we need a special unit in the PDRM just to manage traffic. not just the accidents on the roads but also the jams imagine the rush hours without traffic policemen, there would be daily riots every day out there and at workplaces! imagine the economic losses of these accidents and the loss of productivity if the police aren't around. and you have those jokers from fuckatan who are always attacking the cops for this and that, never thankful for what these good cops to make their lives easier.

    btw, how many thousands of cops were deployed for op selamat, tok rocky?

  3. Bro,

    i was thinking. maybe ini related to cuti. this year, raya hari ahad. actually, org dah mula balik raya hari jumaat, even ada yg balik raya hari khamis atau rabu. Which drastically reduce kenderaan yg stuck n sakit hati lalu berlumba kat jalanraya.

    Balik ke KL/bandar utama... Depa balik hari khamis. Ada yg rabu or jumaat. Raya 4 hari kat kampung, cukuplah. So, chances utk jem pun kurang. And lepas jem, penat, ngantuk, sakit hati, geram, berlumba pun kurang.

    Saya rasa, itu mungkin jadi salah satu sebab. If u ask me, saya tak setuju AES. Alasan kata speed kills tu mcm alasan orang pemalas. 'kita salahkan je la org bawak laju tu abis cerita.' Tak payah buat kajian lain. Now, another things, lately kita ada preve, new civic, polo, kia etc... depa bawak 90kmj ke? Tapi, apsal depa ni tak byk mati walaupun bawak 120/130kmj? yg mati motor, motor hentam belakang lori. etc etc. cuba check ondscene.

    Bro kasik la suggestion kat menteri2 pemalas ni. Kaji sket. speed do not actually will kill u. Stupidity yes... Tak percaya? Cuba check, yg byk eksiden mati tu... rata2 bawak 130kmj or bawak lebih kurang speed limit, but eksiden bodoh2...


  4. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Ikut thun dlu mne bleh wei..keeta skrg brpe byk..dlu berpe?wlu nmpk naik tpi x smstinye naik..gtu

  5. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Kalaulah penguatkuasaan tu berterusan 24X7 pasti sikap pemandu akan berubah.

    Buat je Ops Lampu Merah selalu, pasti ramai akan patuhi merah tu berhenti.

    Kat Cheras Baru ni, banyak motor roda tiga yg bawa penumpang ! Tertulis '1 Penumpang', anggota PDRM kat sebelah tak ambil tindakan pun. Adakah sikap anggota PDRM juga perlu berubah ?

    Nani Cheras.

  6. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Lagi satu, kena considerla tempoh perjalanan. Tahun ni tak ramai balik serentak sebab raya pada Ahad dan Jumaat diberi cuti. Crowd movement back to city pun staggered, from Wed till Sun. Cuba kalau raya hari Khamis where sume org balik kampung hari Selasa atau rabu and balik KL Sabtu dah Ahad jer, sure naik punya jumlah kemalangan. Dont look at pure numbers alone, behaviour of traffic pun kena study jugak bro.

  7. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Bro, Saya merasakan perlu untuk memperluaskan dan menguatkuasakan penggunaan sistem AES. Dengan cara ini, pesalah trafik akan sentiasa dipantau 24H/7D... Lokasi pemasangan haruslah dikaji supaya bersesuaian dengan lokasi yang mempunyai statistik yang tinggi... Kaedah ini telah diamalkan dengan jayanya di negara2 luar dan tidak perlu lagi polis trafik duduk di tepi jalan... We need automation for better control...


  8. Anon 101pm,

    Sorry, I don't have the info. Anyone knows how many cops were deployed under Ops Selamat?

  9. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Op Selamat ... Macam kempen lawan terrorists saje!

  10. Anonymous6:23 pm

    These statistics are crap.With or without OPS Sikap or Selamat. Motor cyclists kill themselves every other day. But during festive seasons, it becomes mass suicide.

    Fact of the matter is, the number of road users has increased and our highways cannot cope with it.

    We need alternative highways and to increase the speed limit to 130km/hr.

    Another problem drivers face is at exits, tolls and rest areas where just too many people congregate causing trigger effects by exits and joining traffic. The highway authotities should widen roads at all R&R for at least 2 kilometers or more to allow idiotic drivers enough time to exit or join the mainstream.

    Idiots who hog the fast lane must be banned from highways too.


  11. Anonymous6:50 pm

    I agree with Anon 12.27pm.

    We should also consider a good application of statistics when evaluating things like this. Increase in number does not necessary be an increase in the event happening as we also have to look at % change and also number of cars %.

    Anyway, the number of accidents is still bad. It is easy put a blame game to almost everyone on this matter.

    But we seem to be clueless on the solution. The problem is, there are too many drivers out there that shouldn't be driving in the first place - because they don't have adequate skills, or their conditions both mentally or physically are not fit for driving. But somehow they are still on the road because they don't have much choice. Everybody has to have their own transportation particularly for an important occassion like Hari Raya.

    Perhaps it is time for the Transport Ministry authorities to see in the mirror whether they are fit for the job. The public transportation althoudh getting better, was poorly plan and still inconvenience. In KL for eg, the public transportation are mostly used by visitors, foreign workers, students or young and v able employees. It is not Malaysian friendly. For example, you can travel from Bangsar to Sentul or Subang Jaya to Putrajaya without shitting your pants in public transport.

    Anyway, the act of having traffic police escorting those related to private or public transportation is utter nonsense. Let these people feel how it is like to get stuck in a traffic jam during raining season. You can't manage if you don't feel the real thing happening on the ground.

    Signboards are bad. Many road conditions are bad. Maybe should do a statistic on victims and suspects of road accidents are actually familiar with the place where the inccidents occur. I bet not.

    You want to drive when you want to drive so that you can be patient and in a strong position to respond to any events on the road. You don't want to drive when you don't feel like it. But do we have a choice in Malaysia if we don't feel like driving?

    About time to do simulation and work on public transportation. For example, Ipoh to Gelang Patah. Seremben to Mersing. Kuala Pilah to Kubang Kerian. Brickfields to Puchong. Bandar Melaka to Temerloh. And the likes.

    Of course hardly anybody will be interested. They are too convenient in their own offices and make the rounds when traffic is clear.Or maybe they live in fantasy.

  12. Anonymous8:20 am

    Banned kapchai on the road and improve tremendously our public transport make it cheaper and very reliable,mesti drastic reduction in the statistic...heheheh.

  13. Ops Selamat tukar jadi "OPS SEJAHTER" kemudian tukar jadi "ops kasih' namun ahsilnya TETA SAMA / SERUPA "

  14. Anonymous9:36 am

    anon 12:27pm is right, statistically speaking. here's my 2 sen worth:

    one of the major indirect causes of accidents is the driver's selfish attitude. as a long term measure, the need is to 'educate' them through effective campaign as well as deterrent measures.

    majority of road users are law-abiding and have the patience to queue, so long as everyone does the same. its the odd 'few' who should be severely punished. try for once to be seriously on the lookout for queue jumpers, those who indiscriminately park, beat the lights, hog the yellow boxes, road hogs, 'tailgaters', and all those indisciplined lots. send the message to the public that the police is serious to instil discipline. it will leave many many happy drivers, and 'pemandu berhemah' who drive safely.

  15. Need special cops to look after the reckless drivers all the time? Malaysian hell drivers. Teruklah kerajaan macam ini.Polis pun teruk. Tubuhkan sahaja satu pusat pemulihan seperti pusat serenti.

  16. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Please do not blame the police. The answer for this menace is with us. We are the one to be blamed simply because we malaysian politicise almost anything. Whenever the police wanted to exercise their authority we were the one jumping up and down saying the police got no feelings for the plight of the people and the politicians come running to be the heroes of the day. Hence the police backtracked on their duties. In the west everybody followed the rules. Flouting the rules will be dealt with severely. Simple as that.


  17. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Go for where it hurts most. Their wallets.

    Apart from fines, bad driving records shd affect insurance rate. Link up the police with insurance company and create a scoring system.

    But the rich, money sup sup suey. Ok, put them thru the aggravation of appearing in court for traffic offense.

    Part of punishment for traffic offense and particularly for reckless dricing is to do community work like cleaning the highway of accident debris, or go thru safety driving classes every year, etc.

    No money or lawyer can represent them.

    Even, not sure of effectiveness with the jeckyll n hyde character of malaysians of being nice ppl but become monsters behind the wheel.

    One thing i hate driving on crowded highway is cars driving close to one another at top speed. I either have to drive faster or slower to get away from being clustered together.

    One mistake and it will trigger a series of accident. Itu yg report banyak.

    Enforcement have to be strict la. Cost to many lives

  18. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Anon 12.27pm.

    Maybe the ones that do not deserve their driving licenses are the ones from 'Pakej Gerenti Lulus' by some driving academy? We can hear the advert on radio waves each and every day. I'm still wondering how on earth u can guarantee a driving license if a simple exercise such as using the signal lights when switching lanes still cannot be comprehended by drivers. Or the word "courtesy on the road" already being deleted from the driving lessons curriculum. Maybe it started from there?

    Just my two cents...