Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Despite all that, it is still a peaceful Malaysia

Msia slips in 2011 GPI - The Edge

Global Peace Index 2012: The full lilst h e r e.
Ok, we slipped one place. So what? We are safer than Singapore. We are still the safest place in Asean. But  we won't be for long if we are going to have regular violent street protests, if journalists are stopped from doing their jobs (eg regularly sued, beaten up by cops or by barred from doing their jobs), and if politicians don't stop playing the racial card.

p.s. Bad news for the guys who love to compare us to Zimbabwe and Myanmar (attn Anwar and Ambiga), those countries have a long way to go. Somalia is the unsafest place on Earth.


  1. Of course, Ambiga and Anwar will dispute that Malaysia is indeed a peaceful Malaysia.
    They do not want a peaceful Malaysia and they tried to disrupt our peace.
    Achi and Anei can consider themselves lucky they are not living in Myanmar, Zimbabwe or Somalia.
    We will not be seeing them anymore after the Bersih 3.0 demo. Will not even find their carcass.
    And if they are living in old birdegroom, Din Merican's favorite Red Dot city, they may be send to Pulau Bukom.
    Permatang Pauh will long have a new MP.Keadilan will cease to exist.

  2. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Give all the numbers and still these ppl from pakatan rakyat won't give a damn shit about it.
    I always see them as uncivilised people who are up to no good.
    Traitors of the nation.

  3. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Hi Bro! Must be a joke man. Malaysia safer than Singapore, Kerismuddin sendiri tidak akan percaya!

  4. Jasper Bloodstone3:33 pm

    " is still a peaceful Malaysia"

    Strange comment, that.

    Tell that to the women who were attacked at The Curve shopping mall in KL recently.

    Or to the moneychanger who was robbed in JB, also recently.

    Or how about the guy who was kidnapped and tortured in KL Thursday, but who was released by the gang after they realised that they had got the wrong man?

    Or the other instances of purse snatchings, car jackings , armed robberies and housebreakings that have been reported in the Malaysian press over the past several months.

    It makes you wonder how "peaceful" is defined, doesn't it?

    And, Bru, are you being over-fixated in trying to gain one up over Singapore?

    If yes, here's yet another ranking for you to chew on.

    Singapore is the sixth most expensive city (after Tokyo, Luanda, Osaka, Moscow and Geneva) in the world for expats, according to Mercer's latest worldwide city Cost of Living Survey Index. Singapore is in sixth place, together with Zurich.

    KL is ranked 102nd among the world's most costly cities for expats.

    Yay, right?

    So how come there are more MNCs, foreign banks and expats in Singapore than in KL?

    Obviously, the "peaceful Malaysia" factor isn't the big draw that it's supposed to be.

  5. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Gracious,Yr 2012- Msia rank 20,singapore 23, UK 29,Indonesia 63,US 88 dan China 89..

    Just how M'sia's handling the culprits and racists?

  6. Anonymous3:55 pm

    In Malaysia, we stop trusting the police, nobody reports to them anymore. Go around to survey the ground. I too gave up when they didn't write a report or bother to catch the culprit after 3 years now. Mind you I stay 3mins drive from the JB Police HQ! It took them 30 mins to reach my home after the phone call. I have enough friends and relatives to tell me the same story too. This is not perception, we are all victims.

    Therefore, how do you expect people to calculate crime? The only crimes known to general public are those big enough to reach the mainstream papers. That's what I believe is the reason why we are ranked higher than Singapore for any global index. How on earth are they going to get data when we on the ground do not even bother to report crime? Therefore, I laugh the loudest when we are the safest in SEA and better than Singapore. It is just that nobody reports crimes anymore.

    Somebody should do a survey of density of gated communities per kmsq of city in Malaysia or the amount of locks per door we need in Malaysia or the amount of alarm installed per household. That is a fairer proxy about safety than any rubbish index. I can tell you even before we go out to survey, we have the highest on the planet!

    Anonymous JB

    1. Anonymous11:44 pm

      Agree. I'm at JB too and you made a good point about gated communities and even after that we still feel unsafe.

      Bru, why don't you take a walk at desa cemerlang, puteri wangsa, taman molek or century garden housing area during the working hours. Alone. 9 out of 10 times you will be mugged.

      And tell me one housing area at Singapore which will give a similar fear.

      This is not about politics, bersih, DAP or UMNO. It is about the rakyat. Don't spin this kind of things.

      Safer than Singapore.LMAO.

      The Singapore media is going to have a field day with this one.

  7. Anonymous4:18 pm

    I think PDRM is highly under-rated for their contributions. Despite the incessant brickbats thrown at them by NGOs after the Bersih incident, they kinda put their head down and get on with their job.
    Don't you realize, without them, there's no way we could go about doing our daily business without carrying arms. To go every where and any where whenever you feel like it; without the slightest concern of one's safety.
    And now we have a movement, dressing in yellow fighting tooh and nail to take that away from us.

  8. Anonymous5:41 pm


    Thanks for Telling us the Obvious!!

  9. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Of course malaysia is very safe. Safer than most countries. why not? Mata2 just simply wack rakyat. we have so many laws like anti communists, isa, detention w/o trial. mata2 can boom with C4, suspects can can be beaten even to without life. Just a few thousands ringgit, they can be forced until death. Why our Middle east brothers can demostrate, throw stones at the Isrealis and Muslim authorities and the government support them?

  10. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Anon can the police do their work when what the barua council and the PR and their goons like SUARA HARAM and SUAHAKM did is to demonise the police force..not only PDRM..even MACC..everyone these dedicated people try to do their the PR goons will make a political issues...instead of defending the right of the masses to be safe..the PR goons is going on defending the rights of the oppose to BN "tradisi membela rakyat"...the PR goons seem to do the opposite, i.e. "Tradisi membela penjenayah"...

  11. Anonymous7:48 pm


    Ini Air Mineral dan GARAM mesti naik harga!!!

    Silap-silap, barang ni WHOLESELLER akan sorok. Itu mamat ada cakap ini dua barang boleh MENJATUHKAN GOMEN!

    Kita orang yang tak menyertai BERSIH,,,,appeal to HE THE PM,,kasi cepat election coz nak tengok PERALIHAN Kuasa di MALAYSIA.

    MAMAT-MAMAT kat PARLIMEN tu kebanyakan talk KKKKOOOKKKK!

    Ayam cakap KKKOOKKKK,,itek cakap FFFUUUUCCCKKKKK


  12. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Must be typo, what they meant was 120 instead of 20!

  13. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Tell that to the Mongolian....oh wait, she's blown up.'re full of shit, and I think deep down, you know it too...

  14. Anonymous9:38 pm


    On many of your postings I agree with you, but on this one I question the validity of the ranking.

    The reality is for the past 10 years I feel less secure in Malaysia whenever I am at home, in my car driving, in my kampong visiting my parents or at the bank withdrawing money. I would allow my children to be in a taxi at 9pm in Shanghai, Singapore or HK; but I worry even when they take the train home from KLCC.

    In the last 10 years my house has been broken into twice, my parents' house in kampong too has been burglarised twice. I have 3 friends robbed in their homes and inthe car. Yesterday a neighbour's house was broken into and the thieves carted away his safe in a truck!

    Why do these things happen so rampantly in Malaysia?

    It is because often enough the criminals do not get caught. Malaysia is so popular as crime tourist destinations that people come from as far away as Nigeria, Venezuela, Iran and God knows where else; to become house-breakers, robbers and casino operators. Our Minister of Tourism is thumping her chest on the number of arrivals with no thoughts of the types of people we have attracted. I pass by the KLIA Immigration almost every week and I have never seen anyone being questioned or denied entry at the counters. All seem to get a cursery check and pass through.

    Late midnight or early mornings at KLIA you can see hundreds of wide-eyed lost-looking foreigners moving about in groups, with no one supervising or monitoring their movements.

    Back to inside Malaysia -- it is no coincidents that just before every 'pemutihan' you hear spates of robbery. These neighboring foreign workers are often hired illigally, exploited by their employers and denied their salaries, and subjected to 'raids' in their kongsis. So just before going home, they do whatever they must to bring home enough to pay all their loans to fund the trip here - including robbery. Some are probably here specifically on robbery trip because they are sure not to get caught.

    As a citizen and a taxpayer, security of my home, family and my assets is the one item I particularly am angry about. The Minister of Home Affairs have not done anything effective in giving me security as a citizen. He continues to presnt me statistics and comparison of how better Malaysia is compared to other Countries, but he has not convinced me.


    Because for the past 10 years I have to spend additional money to change my locks, reinforced my fencing at home, pay for security alarms and cameras, pay for CMS, and pay for private neighbourhood security. My parents in the Kampong too has to build perimeter fencing and install alarms. In spite of all those Our homes were still broken into - twice each. Until today none of the cases that I mentioned here including those at my friends' were solved. In total I believe more than 20 criminals are happily walking the streets of KL and roaming the Kampongs.

    Criminals are happy here, citizens are in constant fear!

    Please tell me if I am wrong to feel unsafe.


  15. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Memanglah index better than Singapore sebab index tu ukur Terrorism and war --- bukannya citizen safety dan keselamatan harta benda rakyat.

    Sebagai rakyat, kita memang tak lebih selamat di rumah, di jalan atau di bank, kalau dibandingkan 5 tahun dulu. Kalau dulu di KL pun boleh tutup pagar saja tanpa kunci, sekarang di kampong pun dah terpaksa pakai alarm.

    Minta Menteri berkenaan di tukar segera. Dia memang tak effective langsung!

  16. Anonymous JB @ 3.55pm is right. How do you calculate crime. I myself was a snatch thief's victim but I did not report. Why? Waste of time as the police is not going to catch the thief and it's not me who thinks that. Many victime think that. Mostly police reports are made only when victims need a new Mykad.

  17. Anonymous10:34 pm

    You forgot the mat rempits hired by umno ! safest my foot!

  18. Anonymous10:58 pm

    dude anonymous,

    Of course, security is perception and cannot be measured quantitatively and qualitatively,just like corruption index, itd just perception.

    When i stayed in australia, here is my experience abouth safety there
    -a house of malay girls were robbed when they were cooking for raya in adelaide, robbers pilfered their rooms when they were in the kitchen.
    -my friend's car smashed in front of the university of adelaide
    -yours truly had his bike stole twice, bloody uni wont take my report lest i make a police report during exam time!!"" many international students complained of uni officils refuse to acknowledge crime like laptop theft, car break in and bike theft againts international students.
    -my friends in melbourne living ina studenr accommodatuon block colege square were robbed.
    -a friend doing medicine was mugged TWICE by bogans in melbourne after walkimg home from the hospital where he did his housemanship.

    Not sayingnaustraliamis crie ridden but even the mat saleh rat holes are not spared from crime.

    Overall i think malaysia is safe enough, ni wars, no riots, people can lepk lte t hate crime like my friend who was accosted on a melbpurne tram because of her tudung and nother one targetted by a drunken bogan in adelaide because she is smll and take the late bus fron uni to her suburb...therefore, i thimk we should at least this ranking as an acknowledgement that our society despite its multifaceted challenges within a ntions of diversity can do well without being homogeneoua like the mat slleh countries or need draconian cruel laws like in china to keep citizens in check..malaysia is moderate country..even unnterms of security and safety..its something we do best...not being the best, but better than many others!!!

  19. Anonymous6:03 am

    Yes.Police and Umno people are safe but not the others.


  20. Anonymous7:58 am

    Spinmeister extraordinary: Malaysia safer than Singapore ? You trying to preach to those who have never been to Singapore ? Only those who remain under the coconut shell will believe this survey....and your spin....

  21. Anonymous8:27 am

    Malaysia is a safer place than India & China.

    It is only a group of people that want others to think that Malaysia is unsafe...who are these people? well people like Anwar,Ambiga,Lim Kit Siang etc...if it is unsafe the first country to ISSUE a travel warnings will be Singapore,followed by US and Britain.

    But we have not seen such a move from them do we?

    So stop the nonsense like scaring little kids...there is a pocong in every corner of a tree.

    Malaysia is safe. Anwar is safe. But if Anwar is a politician in China Or INdia you think he can swagger around everywhere he likes? Deep down he knows he is safe.So once again stop the SILLY nonsense saying Malaysia is unsafe.

    If you one to live in a place where there is no crime...there is one underneath the cemetry.


  22. Anonymous8:59 am

    kadang kadang u bantai foreign press, kadang kadang u suka....aiyohhh manyak susah lah lu....

  23. Anonymous9:17 am

    I too been a victim of snatch thief and did not report as the effort to report is such a winded process and waste if time. I agree with sayangmalaysia and sally.

    Another Unreporteed Crime Victim

  24. Anonymous9:47 am

    Yeah you're right. After all, this quote "there are three kind of lies : lies, damned lies and statistics..." cannot became so popular without a reason...

  25. Anonymous2:46 pm

    I am LOL about people's complaints that the police are busy with the oppositions, Bersih, candle vigils, etc. Come on! Any Tom, Dick and Harry knows the police are busy hiding in road junctions, creating road blocks that are always done during rush hour that cause the jam to be kilometres long and drinking in coffee shops. Always see them having tea breaks when going to coffee shop or drive pass them.

    I was a victim of crime (theft) even staying 5mins away from JB police HQ. Are they that busy? I was in a cab where the Indian driver said if they get saman, no discount but the Malay drivers got discount. He was a victim of theft, went to police station to declare his gold belongings, 3 years already no response to get them back even after declaring. I witnessed live snatch thief happening behind my back on the streets, my house agent was robbed in her car on a normal street by 2 people on motorcycles but the policemen in car nearby do not give chase. I was playing badminton in my house garden when snatch thief happened outside my house in the afternoon against a helpless lady. Countless friends were also robbed or became victims of snatch thieves on the roadside. Those who wanted to make police report were being scold to go home and not report them. I even have a doctor friend who can tell me the amount of victims who come to visit him per week from different locations in the city. I think if I give him a map, he can chart out the amount of victims per day from those hot spots. Bad traffic jam for hours because traffic light in front of police station was hit by lightning but not a single policeman came out to direct traffic.

    You people tell me the police are busy? That we are bias about the police conduct? You all believe the declaration that 1% of the police force is corrupted only? I think you are either naive, never been a crime victim or have friends, family members or relatives in the police force. This is not about the opposition or Bersih or candle vigils because this is already this bad way before 2008!

    Anonymous JB

  26. Malaysia Cheekopek ASSociation4:53 pm

    Salt + Water Bottles = Humsap stuff!

  27. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Good news for Malaysia is bad news for PR. They truly are the parasite in this country. PR = 'Parasit Rakyat' is more appropriate.


  28. Anonymous9:57 am

    why dont you guys make a report?.. it's just plain lazy man.. just report and yo can contribute to the crime statistic.. Malaysia will drop on this survey.. You guys would sure like that won't you?... yu guys like that Malaysia to be percieve as the lausy country copmared to singaproe and china.. that's so typical of your kind maa...bunch of loosers..


  29. Anonymous10:01 am

    And there is some rumours from those Suaram goons right after Bersih 3.0, they say that in Ampang saw a police who's trigger happy shooting a nos of people?.. untill now nobody can show prove or still aint any news of it? .. this Suaram really like to belit2 while geleng2 kapala lah.....


  30. Anonymous12:47 pm

    i too dont bother made a police report when we get mugged during our visit to singapore recently. the whole family very excited when they hear the plan is to visit the universal studio and relative.
    aid by media blitz by the red dot govt,it turned out to be sour holiday after the whole incident and we return back to malaysia with a sad heart.
    we thought it is a good place to visit as when u enter the red dot immigration, there is a gurkha guard greeted you, bus,taxi,mrt and every road junction equip with cctv but sadly enough the people around dont even bother to help u.
    no more singapore for me though, even when thought of migrate the place will be australia or the new zealand.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone12:43 pm

      I am curious - just why didn't you make a police report in Singapore about being mugged there?

      Is it because you don't believe that the mugging will be investigated seriously or is it because you didn't want your name to "go on record" in Singapore?

      Seems to me that there are plenty of foreign tourists, including Malaysians, wandering around Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, or any of the shopping malls there.

      I guess that they ain't deterred by fears of being mugged, robbed, carjacked or kidnapped!

  31. Anonymous9:31 am


    these people who say Malaysia is unsafe are still ALIVE to write lies at Rocky's blog


  32. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Talking about the safest place on earth most of us will agree that Prison is the safest place to live in because relatively we are more protected than those living outside. This is the feeling among the Singaporeans as the strict law and regulation imposed upon them make them feel safe and secured compared to their counterparts in Malaysia who are less restricted. This is the reason why Singaporeans cannot accept the fact tht Malaysia is safer than Singapore.

  33. Anonymous7:42 pm


    Cannot spit, cannot curse, cannot scold, cannot say bad about leaders, cannot litter, cannot walk on right side of escalator, cannot pluck fruits from fruit trees, cannot assemble - illegal, cannot keep plants got mosquito,

    and best of all - cannot chew gum

    1. Jasper Bloodstone12:52 pm

      Yah, lor - but can see Lady Gaga. Priceless!

      Oso Pink Dot movement active in Singapore. LGBTs love the place!


  34. Anonymous6:57 pm

    bloodystone still believe in harry lee labelling johor as unsafe

    his parrot dear leader lge also had to apologise to Sultan Johorfor parroting harry lky

    1. Jasper Bloodstone5:35 pm

      Heh, heh - that must be why so many Malaysians - VVIPs, VIPs and plebians - are wont to whoop it up in the little red dot.

      If I heard right, not quite a few of them were at the Lady Gaga concerts there recently.

      Whooping it up, no doubt, unconstrained by the moral police and their like.

      Incidentally, why are there so many motor vehicles with single-digit Malaysian registration plates running around in Singapore? It must be the salubrious climate, no doubt!

  35. Anonymous7:00 pm


    Malaysia still is safer than Singapore

    eat your heart out

  36. Anonymous11:50 am

    Malaysia is safer than australia, singaopre, netherlands, korea, hong kong, Taiwan, UK.
    Let us take a look at the indicators...
    Out of 23 indicators, 9 are due to import/export and the presence of military weoponry/personnel...
    It is extrememly embarrassing to use this as an ultinmate indication of how successful and safe malaysia is

  37. Anonymous6:06 pm

    aiyah bloodystone

    you not aware meh, thousands of kiasu drive in EVERY day to buy petrol, baby milk, pampers and other grocery items

    to gobble cheap seafood, buy cheap houses, condos, land,

    many kiasus also ship their aged parents to cheap old folks home in JB following Malaysian-born khaw boon wan's advice

    1. Jasper Bloodstone2:06 pm

      Heh, heh - it must be the strong Singgie Dollar that allows them to do all of the above.

      Let's see now - 1 Sing Dollar fetches almost 2.5 Ringgit. That's pretty Shrek-like for a little red dot with no natural resources.

      Go ask your fellow Malaysians (including, shall we say, those of a certain ethnicity that shall remain nameless) why they have chosen to lower themselves, eat humble pie and work at jobs in the aforementioned little red dot.

      After all, there are plenty of choices in Malaysia to "bring home the bacon", aren't there?

      So why demean yourself and cari makan in a money-grubbing money-laundering tax haven that is dominated by people of a certain ethnicity that shall also remain nameless?

      See, this is what gets the warrior feller's goat every time. Throw him this challenge and he is reduced to foulmouthed ranting and raving about the unfairness of it all.

      More's the pity that it doesn't make an iota of difference!

  38. Anonymous1:11 pm

    The red dot is facing multiple challenges:

    1) Kyoto Protocol, carbonfoot print – Singapore ranked last of 150 in overall health

    2) Aging population – A new research report from Swiss banking giant UBS found that the Republic is set to be the world’s third- fastest ageing nation, as the proportion of those aged 65 and above will double to 20 per cent in 2020. The Singapore Government may be saddled with an additional expense equivalent to 7.6 per cent of GDP.

    3) Low fertility – 2011 fertility = 1.1, Malaysia = 2.67

    4) Annual sinking – The Zetas have predicted that ultimately Jakarta will lose 80 feet in sea level elevation, Singapore closer to 60 feet, Bangkok and Manila 40 feet, and Hong Kong

    5) Loss in investments – Singapore’s Temasek lost S$55 billion ($43.4 billion) in portfolio value in the year to March 2009

    6) Singapore’s prominence as money laundering hub grows
    Filipino gambling lords launder money in Singapore

    7) Rival Port – The Indonesian government plans to develop Batam island, now a free trade zone, into an integrated sea and air cargo hub offering the same international standards as neighbouring Singapore.

    8) Singapore ranked 135 (Malaysia 122) in 2012 Freedom of the Press World Ranking,1043.html

  39. Anonymous1:19 pm


    Without Malaysia, the kiasus will die a frustrated death ...

    kiasus need to escape the pressure cooker island to remain sane and productive

    they scramble to JB and other states daily for all their psychological needs - the luxury car owners for cheap petrol, the kiasu family who go "cheap cheap cheap" as they grab grab grab, the weekenders for short holidays, the golfers for budget golf course

    the scramblers will pay to hike their bikes for a mud-roll in JB

    oh ya even famous new citizens like Jackie Chan also had to drive his sports car to JB for a hell ride

    all these on a daily basis - otherwise, the red dot citizens will be "all work and no play makes kiasus dull unthinking robots"

  40. Anonymous12:30 am

    Compare with Egypt, Syria? Sure.
    Peaceful than Singapore? Wake up for goodness sake. Its like believing Elvis is alive.

  41. Anonymous10:48 pm

    singapore is not peaceful lah - it is stiflingly fearful