Monday, May 28, 2012

WSJ, Mr Anwar will not plead guilty because the court is his political stage

Updated: It's not just the WSJ; even local Chinese-language daily The China Press is beginning to lose faith in Anwar Ibrahim, or so it seems in the political commentary by Tan Wei Min:- 
"The Rakyat won't mind a politician making any kind of statement he likes for that is the way of a politician, but the Rakyat can't stand politicians who lie. If Anwar Ibrahim makes it his habit to lie and does it once too often, the people will not be fooled ever again. A politician who can talk but can't be trusted will, in the end, be abandoned by the voters."
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Original Article:

Chandra says Anwar is no Ghandi
If Mr. Anwar wants to practice civil disobedience, he can't pretend to be innocent at the same time. - WSJ, Review & Outlook Asia, Malaysian People's Court - Anwar's Civil Disobedience and the Next Elections

The WSJ should know Anwar Ibrahim better by now. If Anwar pleads guilty and pays the fine as the WSJ suggests, he doesn't get maximum mileage. The Malaysian courts have become Anwar's most effective political stage. 

The Sodomy 2 is a perfect example. He and his lawyers stretched the case for an eternity, subjecting the judges, the prosecutors and the government to his politics and to ridicule. Delay after delay after delay. 

And now, Anwar's latest grand design: his cynical and deliberate violation of the Peaceful Assembly Act, from the moment he signaled the Dataran Merdeka breach to the moment when he knew he would face charges to the calculated hiring of the ex-solicitor-general who prosecuted him.

In Anwar's grand design, the government unwittingly plays his game. The motive is purely political, which also feeds into Anwar's slick demagoguery and realisation that his Siri Jelajah tours across the nation gets peanuts in crowd response (See Outsyed the Box report on Anwar's appeal in Pengerang) but a Federal court case will entail these reaction: huge adoring crowds to satisfy Anwar's narcissism, preening to media hogging, especially special interviews with foreign media, a rush in support from NGOs pitching democratic ideals and buying more face time with foreign backers and governments who would be wondering if Anwar was any more effective.

Anwar's strategy is simple: break the law in any way plausible yet maintain an air of so-called dignity, that he is being politically persecuted so that he can exploit the courts as the perfect political platform to push his single-minded obsession to become Prime Minister.

Anwar will tell you he does not have faith in the judiciary but at the same time he is usually the first to resort to legal action. The Sodomy 2 trial is a perfect example: he used lawyer Karpal Singh and all imaginable avenues provides by the system he said he didn't trust to prolong the case to the maximum of his advantage. It has become typical of him to put everyone else but himself on trial. 

The WSJ editorial suggests that the editors found, perhaps by way of the video evidence and perhaps from reports on te ground, that Anwar is guilty as hell for inciting the particular incident during Bersih 3 for which he is being charged. We all saw the video clips. So why is Anwae pretending to be a victim of a "politically motivated" charge? I think the WSJ should stop pretending not to see why. 

Even before the charge was read, Anwar had already thought of a way to maximise the mileage, by appointing the man who once prosecuted him to join his defence team! Now, that is the genius of Anwar Ibrahim that the writer of the WSj editorial had grossly underestimated. That is the way of Anwar Ibrahim. That is what our judiciary has been reduced to - a platform for an individual's non-stop political campaigning. The WSJ may not see it, but Malaysians are not as blind.

Read also Chandra Muzaffar's take on WSJ's article, Why It's No Civil Disobedience.


  1. Anonymous4:37 pm

    If that is true then it's simple for UMNO - just don't give him the stage by making up ridiculous charges!!!

  2. Anonymous5:25 pm


    Chandra Muzaffar?

    He's been written off by many for being a BN Stooge!!

    So how do you expect anyone to even pay any attention to him??

    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:41 pm

      Chandra M?

      Hands up those who knew him during his undergrad days at the then University of Singapore back in the day?

      It would be interesting to compare his opinions and views then and now.

  3. whoa, man. this is good!

  4. "The WSJ editorial suggests that the editors found...Anwar is guilty as hell for inciting the particular incident during Bersih 3."

    The WSJ article neither implies nor says any such thing that Anwar incited any act of violence. It merely makes a statement that if it was an act of civil obedience, then Anwar should face the charges and pay the fine or go to jail.

    The truth is that Anwar and his supporters were not in Dataran Merdeka or within the zone/road areas banned by court order. The video pictures clearly show this, unless of course one is blind as a bat!

    More than that, the police had placed barricades and barbwire well outside the area specified by court order, thereby illegally exceeding their powers.

    Also, ask yourself what this says about PM Najib, Kerismudin, IGP (not all the police), AG and Govt that "unwittingly plays his game?" How many times can a Govt led by UMNO/BN act stupidly or indulge in bad strategy and still be supported by you?

    Anwar used Karpal? You think 'Singh is King" is as stupid as his counterparts in BUMNO/BN?

    Chandra who? You quote a has been like that to prop up your propaganda? Come on, surely you can do better?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  5. Anonymous6:24 pm

    If you really believe this..Why is our government and courts so easily get played by this Anwar guy. Does it mean the government and the courts are giving Anwar a chance to use them as a political stage according to your theory.Does this mean our government and courts are really that dumb?..OMG ..time to change.


  6. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Selected balancing quotes from the same WSJ article:

    "Considering Mr. Anwar's past legal travails, having twice been tried on trumped-up charges of sodomy and twice exonerated, one might assume this is another politically motivated prosecution."

    "Last month's Bersih rally occurred because many urban and middle-class Malaysians are unhappy with Kuala Lumpur's half-hearted reforms. Mr. Najib is changing laws—including the notoriously repressive Internal Security Act that allows detention without charges—but he's replacing them with piecemeal improvements that still include draconian measures.

    While Mr. Najib deserves credit for his reforms, the opposition also has good reasons to criticize them as inadequate."

    "Both sides have to learn to put their faith in the electorate rather than the courts."

  7. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Lucky Mr Rocky, we do not have you as a High Court Judge. All innocent men & women will be found guilty by a wave of your hand and sent to jail by you

    As a writer tho, you are like the Judge you shouldn't be. Sad turaround aka sell your soul

  8. Mazlan.8:44 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    As you imply Anwar is setting these traps to get support in the court of public opinion. You can see it and you note it is very effective.
    Thus I would agree that it best not to fall for these to make him a martyr.
    But yet the government seems to fall for it every time. The AG prosecuting him and then going after Ambiga clearly makes the govt look heavy handed and disproportionate in response.
    Thus is the government stupid or moronic to do what they are doing?

  9. Anonymous10:00 pm

    The King of Riots has skin as thick as a brick, so whatever he does is supported by his riot squad.

    The main question for any logical thinking individual is 'Do we need a rebel to lead this nation?'

    A rebel without a cause is even worse.

    Back to the hand signals, who's he kidding? Even Martians can read through it all, but his stupid followers, Ambiguous idiots included seem to be mesmerised in a trance.


  10. Anonymous10:37 pm

    WSJ is too smart to comment on DSAI matters wrt to BERSIH 3.0. Where were you all when the Police were hammering the Bersih 3.0 participant at their whim, fancy and without mercy at all.

    What had you written about them for being so brutal and barbaric in their action. Can you tell the whole World, that you are you under the Payroll of BN/UMNO, the Imperialist Regime currently practicing the Nazism agenda in Malaysia, or are you supporting the sadistic act of these Regime.

    Do you know that, these are the people who are cheating, robbing and plundering the Malaysian coffers just like nobody business and the only PM in the World that is being wanted in Paris Court, or are you deaf and dumb about what is happening around the Country.

    Bersih 3.0 require the Election Commission to clean the Election Roll and not to assist the BN/UMNO - The Imperialist Regime, cheating the Malaysian public in the GE13 later. Do you get it or you are a foolish moron of the highest order, as if you had never been to school at all.

  11. Anonymous10:37 pm

    You need not have held your bated breath, bru for the thespian has slipped into costume to commence Act 1.

    It is his method of filibustering, buying time to cunningly seek egress whilst mocking the law in the process.

    It is akin to thumbing the nose of authority which only ruffians and scumbags schooled in the black arts of political demagoguery and backed by a supporting cast of immoral and unethical equivocators dabbling in legal chicanery can pull off with panache.

    The moment it got the ex-government slimepoop on its side, that was the moment it adroitly turned the tables on its accusers, waffling in triumphalism, crowing in delight and ever so slowly tipping the scales of public opinion in it favour. Now it is the persecuted rather than the prosecuted, the prey instead of the poacher, the hounded instead of the unfettered.

    But for all the street-fighting bravado, the actor cannot feign or guise the obvious which in that one sentence the WSJ encapsulated for the benefits of us neutrals. Notice the obvious paradox which to all but the most patently sycophantic and intellectually imbecilic is very clear:

    ".......guilty yet innocent"

    It is a paradox that is quintessentially Anwar Ibrahim and yet not uniquely out of character. For isnt he the elusive chameleon, recoloring its coat to suit the occasion? the Wahabbi garbed in Zegna? the anarchist beneath the democrat and the renaissance bloke overlain by the street Hun, the Jew baiter cloaking the Jew lover, the liberal hiding the fundamentalist and a plethora of oxymoron that would have driven the ordinarily sane extraordinarily insane.

    But this is no ordinary Joe, it is the consummate actor driven by its inner demons of pathological narcissism, of political schizophrenia and of persecution complex, probably legacies from an unhappy childhood, a troubled adolescence, an unfulfilled marriage, an unrequited love or unsatiated lust,unorgasmised sex, who knows?

    ONLY for it must the world be a Greek tragedy filled with pathos that defy logos. ONLY for it must there be webs of deceit spun to upend a vaulting conceit. ONLY for it does exist conspiracy in all its glory in relentless pursuit of its hapless quarry. ONLY for it must there be Medusa to pave the path to Andromeda and ONLY for it must Dike bow in submission or earn eternal condemnation.

    But it defies convention and the leaves of Fate are but wreaths of Hate. Respectability, decency, responsibility, integrity, civility, those rouges of civil elegance be damned for it is beyond the ken of mere mortals. It deems itself a god for whom the laws of men are but wispy clouds to be torn asunder by zephyrs, and the ways of civil society are but dewy droplets of vanity to be speared apart by the rays of Helios cradled in the laps of Eos.

    This is Perseus from the loins of Zeus to whom the puny universe is nothing but a litany of traduce. Touch him and the mob will be on you, leave him and they will prostrate before Deu for in it is reflected their real hue , of woemen with neither a soul, a conscience nor a clue!.

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:51 pm

      Wah lau, eh - another classicist!

      Maybe with an Oedipus complex, with shades of the Gorgon thrown in.

      Anyway, AI is yesterday's news.

      It's passing strange that AI and Chandra M have parted ways. But AI has gone through several reincarnations and makeovers, while Chandra M has seemingly seen the light after languishing in the political wilderness for yonks.

      What is it about academicians with agendas?

  12. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Stop the demonizing of DSAI. Najib is no angel.

  13. Anwar Anwar Anwar frankly I am bored with this pretender to the throne let's just get rid of him once and for all! Let us vote him out!

  14. Purple Haze12:23 am

    But it is the govt that persists on placing Anwar in court.

    They can just as easily drop the charges and prevent his court appearance.

  15. Anonymous1:51 am

    But then again, we might as well, burn the constitution, shutter the courts, dismiss the wig-heads, torch the acts and bin the statutes and declare law and order is dead in Malaysia on the account of the inane antics of one pre-pubescent old man with a legacy of persecution axes to grind in the public square.

    Aw shucks.....poor adult with infantile ego , a classic basket case of NEP entitlement mentality...hahahahahaahaha

    But I bet the Bar Council would not be too pleased with that move. But then again, they may resort to dispensing street justice for a dime with Ambiga as Prosecutor, Defense Attorney and Judge and Nik Aziz as executioner and we all can partake Artaud's theatre of cruelty, FOC.

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone5:03 pm

      The raison d'etre for the American Revolution was "no taxation without representation".

      It's touching, indeed, your concern for the Constitution, when a two-thirds majority in Parliament will give the government of the day carte blanche to amend the said Constitution as and when it chooses.

      You should be asking if such powers should be vested in men and women who are no less fallible and prone to errors as us lesser mortals.

      Especially if these men and women are not among the "best and brightest" of us.

      So, I find your concerns a tad misplaced, if not hypocritical.

  16. Anonymous11:26 am

    Just wait for the PRU13, when the Pakatan Rakyat will be given a thrashing by the majority of Malaysians who are fed up with the useless Opposition.

  17. Anonymous6:41 pm


    dpp is sure pissed off - like anyone gives 2 hoots to what he thinks

    hahaha delusional old man

    P.S. at least DS Najib isSEEN doing great things for the rakyat

    what has dpp done huh? except impose on Rocky for his stress release

    Hey Rocky you should charge charging fees for allowing this mental nutcase space to destress

  18. bujang senang3:20 pm

    Mr.Anwar knows hid days as a great liar (ie kaki pembohong,kaki kelekong,etc,etc )are approaching to the end.His appeal in his ceramah is dwindling by days.Gone are the days people will worship him ,now if he is lucky he may get 100 stupid Malaysians to attend his "empty" ceramah.Anwar is almost down the drain,Malaysians are JUST FED UPwith this GREAT LIAR

    1. Jasper Bloodstone11:14 am

      Didn't AI get his start in Pantai Valley back in the late 60s?

      Where, if memory serves me right, he was the contemporary of a certain Mokhtar Hashim.

      It's a long and winding road he's travelled since then.

  19. Anonymous2:33 am

    bloodystone's "the best and brightest" includes wong kan seng under whose watch, Mas Selamat escaped from first world island

    vivian who overspent his YOG budget

    a former principal at a top school and several senior civil servants were implicated in an online prostitution ring

    CNB chief Ng Boon Gay and CDF chief Peter Lim, two heads from Ministry of Home Affairs were suspended for being involved with a female IT executive

    "best and brightest" anyone??