Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Malays in DAP after Tunku Aziz

DAP's Malay twin towers: Aspan and Sak flank Kit Siang
... and the RM50k-a-month year offer. Before embarking on the 4-day, 1000km Kembara Mahkota Johor 2012 last Sunday, I did a positng on Tunku Aziz Ibrahim. He was still a DAP member then, although an unhappy one. When I re-entered the Malaysian political blogosphere this morning, Tunku Aziz has quit the party. The man they called "the Towering Malay" when he joined the DAP 4 years ago was effectively forced to quit for daring to voice his "personal views" on Bersih 3.0, a desperate Pakatan Rakyat's political lifeline.

Twin Towers. There aren't many notable Malays in the DAP to start with. You have, perhaps, Aspan Alias and Dato's Sabri aka Sakmongkol who joined the party quite recently, and there is Khir Johari's son, Zairil. 

The collapse of the so-called Towering Malay is, of course, an opportunity for Aspan and Sakmongkol to get an early promotion in the DAP. But neither is of Tunku Aziz's class; in fact, both are seen no more than just two more disgruntled ex-UMNO men. Most DAP members don't trust either of them and in light of the damage Tunku Aziz has done to their party, I reckon they'd truth the two Malays even less now.

At the heart of the matter is DAP's own lost credibility. As Tay Tian Yan the deputy editor-in-chief of Sin Chew puts it bluntly, the departure of Tunku Aziz signifies the banishment of DAP's ideals.

Tunku joined DAP all because of an aspiration, thinking his move could propel the nation's democracy and progress ... When this party begins to lose its ideals to favouritism and utilitarianism, its culture begins to recede.

Tay blames the "populism and fanatism that are beginning to take shape within (the DAP".
These people are eager to drift with popular sentiments, and lose the rational thinking and democratic traits the party enshrines.  
As if that is not enough, DAP has found itself infiltrated by a bunch of mundane folks lacking in both democratic qualities and political ideologies. 
Tay could be referring to Zairil, or to Lim Guan Eng himself ...
As these people ascend the leadership ladder, they begin to create issues and foes while engaging themselves in all sorts of seditious and provocative tricks, causing the moderate thinking to feel disgruntled and disenchanted.
Under the spell of populism and fanaticism, the party surrenders its capacity to think and debate logically, rendering it less tolerant to criticisms.

Read Tay's article in the Sin Chew, Democratic Ideals Banished, h e r e.

The sensational RM50,000 offer by the party to Tunku Aziz has worsened matters. For years, the DAP has been at the forefront in accusing parties linked to the Barisan Nasional of practising money politics. The RM50k offer made to Tunku Aziz is money politcs, Dr Chandra Muzaffar, who was a deputy president of PKR, says.
"I think the matter should be brought to MACC. This is an attempt to buy a person to stay in the party."
Go read The MOLE's RM50,000 is money politics. 

Zairil Khir Johari has since "regretted" the consequences of the offer here.

IMHO, there is no future for the Malays in DAP. The DAP is not a place for Malays who think that their views can be accepted. And the DAP will not have a future if tries to be what it can't be. It is a Chinese-based party and should not pretend that it is not.


  1. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Zairil? Khir Johari's son? Plse dont insult UMNO Statesman.

  2. Anonymous4:15 pm

    That's nothing compare to RM 250 million just for raring cows, RM 1billion kick back for buying submarines or even RM 1 million to sleep with some girls.

  3. Tunku Aziz does not need DAP to further his career or earn a salary. Equally DAP will make huge gains in GE 13 with or without Tunku.

    The point is Tunku should have FIRST resigned BEFORE publicly disagreeing with DAP's internal policy agreed to by its majority. Before you join any party you know the rules and the do's and dont's. So, you have at worst, a moral obligation to abide by the decisions of the majority.

    And how is LGE's offer of a paying job, money politics? Senators are not paid anything? If so, Hanif Omar (who claims his $100K a month remuneration is from the non-haram part of Genting) and a slew of Govt servants who post retirement accept jobs in Plc's and Qangos as directors and chairmen - all bought by UMNO/BN?

    DAP is the only party, from day 1, not just yesterday, whose memebership is open to all M'sians irrespective of race, religion or creed. This is not just cosmetic. It's up to the Chinese, Malays or Indians if they wishh to join. Can you say the same of UMNO, MCA and MIC?

    And it really hurts, doesn't it, when thinking Malays like Aspan and Ariff join DAP.

    Watch and see more like them desert UMNO/BN in the months to come. Would you join the party of a Prime Minister WILL NOT direct the IGP to investgate and charge the person who gave the orders to murder Altantuya? Would anyone want to be associated with a rogue regime which protects murderers?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  4. Anonymous4:39 pm

    It's RM50k yearly stipend, not monthly. A graduate could earn more than 50k a year. LOL. And you call that a bribe?

  5. Anonymous4:47 pm

    DAP is a party that strives on Deceiving, Duping and making Donkeys out of people.

    At least PAS is honest enough to admit that it believes in Hudud and is still steadfast at it.

    Malays and Indians in DAP are just statues in the party. What ever they voice out is either in the left ear and out from the left.

    What's worse is the fact that it is a family run business, which shouts of cronyism in others, not seeing it themselves. Simply put, it is a thief calling others thieves.

    But somehow, there are a few goony Malays and Indians who'd believe in fools gold.

    DAP is a splinter of the Communist Party of Malaya, if anyone cares to dig into history. Sadly, most of the voting community are too juvenile in thoughts and experience, but born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

    For a party that professes in Democracy, it is a pity that DAP does not know how to lead by example, apart from street riots and gag orders.

    It is like living in a glass house and throwing stones, then hiding the hands.

    Surprisingly, many fools still believe them, and this makes the leaders swell in the head.


  6. Anonymous5:36 pm

    All talk about the DAP is anti malay and whatever but if the malays were to think deeply and shared the DAP ideals ie fight against corruption and misuse of power then they should join DAP en masses. There is no prohibition for malays to join DAP cos they welcome all races,unlike UMNO,MCA and MIC.And if the number of malays outnumber the chinese then come party election time definitely most office bearers will be malays cos of their sheer membership and population size here in Malaysia. The problem now is are there enough malays in this country that will join politics to fight for justice and equality other then for their own agenda..guess it's still not time yet..


  7. Anonymous5:39 pm

    While Tunku is right to resign, there is no need to go overboard with the racial intent when it was a plain and simple matter of principle. Ask Tunku to confirm whether it was a racial slight. If so I gladly shut up!

    It is on record that he is still a friend with Lim Kit Siang, anti corruption and pro Bersih.

    I despair over the perpetuating of Race Based politics promulgated by UMNO rent seekers.

    Oh it is not RM50k per month for the position. I wish your headline facts are accurate rather than sensational.

  8. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Zairil is Khir Johari stepson. Zairil does not come from the late Khir Johari "segumpal darah"

  9. 'Under the spell of populism and fanaticism, the party surrenders its capacity to think and debate logically, rendering it less tolerant to criticisms.'

    See a vicious cycle here.

    DAP seems to likewise attract people who are HAPPY to lose their capacity to think and debate logically.

  10. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Sama - Bumis in North Borneo and Sarawak has no place in Malaya as they are not in the social Contact. Why non-bumis from North Borneo and Sarawak are also subject to social contract?

  11. Anonymous6:33 pm

    here's a good one from FAMILY GUY.

    Chill everyone

  12. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Aiya, Latuk Locky: RM 50,000 is not a bribe lah. RM 250 million is, so don't go witchhunting for such meagre sums. I mean one can "hire" Tunku Aziz for 50k, but one can only hire Shahreezat for 250 million. Go figure.

  13. Anonymous7:18 pm

    I think DAP can have Malays in it and be sucessful.
    It just have to purge out the Lim and Karpal family.
    These are the reason why DAP never evolved.


  14. Anonymous7:44 pm

    No offence but Malays that joined DAP is as many as Lelaki Melayu who slept with Ambiga type. Even if they did, they will be very, very reluctant to admit. If he is exposed, he'll justify that by saying he was either drunk, misled or 'forced to'. I sincerely believe the number is about the same in both case.

    But then again, of course there are oddball like Aspan and that other guy. Iam sure one of these day, this idiot will give the same excuse given by the very embarassed Malay above.

    p/s waiting for the good prince excuses


    1. Anonymous1:37 pm

      Were you dropped when you were a baby? were you dropped repeatedly? your comments seems to indicate that youre an idiot. are you an idiot?

  15. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Saya rasa mungkin sudah sampai masa untuk kita adakan satu Demonstrasi Bontot di hadapan kediaman resmi YAB Lim Guan Eng seperti mana dilakukan di hadapan rumah Yang Berbahagia Dato' Ambiga.

    Saya cadangkan Dr Chandra Muzaffar sebagai ketua delegasi kerana beliau begitu arif mengenai politik tempatan.

  16. bab rahim m'ka.8:19 pm

    You may think malys in the DAP have no future Rock? Are you that sure? But what is sure All the 8 million Malays have no future if UMNO still rules.

  17. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Now that Tunku abdul Aziz rejected the 50k offer, Aspan and sakmangkol should tell zairil to give the 50K allowance between them.

  18. Anonymous10:11 pm

    It's RM50K a year; not a month

  19. Correction Rocky. Zairil is not a Malay. He is Pak Khir's step-son.Haha DAP propaganda to show there is A Malay LGE's blue-eyed boy.
    Truthfully with or without Tunku Aziz, Malays have no place in DAP.
    Like Tun M, I am also puzzled why on earth he joined the DAP. And at that age.
    But we got to thank him for stripping naked LGE.
    If Tunku cannot last in DAP, I dont see how the two disgruntled UMNO rejects can survive there.
    Give them a year or two and they will be crawling back to UMNO.
    I dont think either one of the two remaining Towering Malays will take over Tunku's post.
    Mengamuklah yang dah lama kat situ. If they are appointed, it means DAP is really desperate to woo the Malays.
    I have a simplistic way of looking at things. I think it was just crocodile tears lah for LKS or LGE on losing Tunku.
    Kenalah cakap something to show a front that they are Malay friendly.
    I don't think Tunku or the two ex-UMNO men bring in Malays to join the party.
    Son and father know they can survive on Chinese votes. That's what they want.
    Can tell the world, we want Malays but look, one whom we regard as one of us, also quit.
    Takde Melayupun tak pe, business as usual lor.

  20. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Dato' Rocky, minta jangan tulis lagi bahawa zairil (cinaman) itu anak khir johari oleh kerana mengikut rekod emak dia adalah seorang cina dan nama asalnya nama cina. Dia sudah pun ada didunia ini semasa emak dia kahwin dengan khir johari.Selepas emaknya kahwin dengan khir johari maka dia jadi anak tiri saja dan tumpang gunakan hujung nama khir johari.
    Jadi macamana pula dia boleh canang rata2 kata yang dia tu Melayu. Nama saja macam Melayu tapi darah 100% cina. Hati dan jiwa dia pun memang pekat cina. Dia memang perkakas DAP.Dia ingat dia boleh tipu orang2 Melayu untuk sokong DAP. Mungkin orang macam aspan senang kena tipu, tapi kebanyakan orang Melayu tahu siapa itu kit siang & guan eng dan tak mudah ditipu.

  21. Anonymous12:23 am

    Perut Aspan tu buncit sebab dis kuat minum beer kita tahu!

    Orang Kampung Tengah! (Signed by 25 people!!)

  22. Anonymous2:06 am


    DAP can only recruit pseudo-malay like zairil - a 100% chinese

    UMNO rejects - twin towers of the unwanted kind

    Tun Aziz - blinkered at the beginning

  23. Salam Datuk,

    It took a towering inferno to expose the true nature of the DAP what we all knew and have been saying all a long,


    Best regards

  24. Anonymous4:25 am

    the way you tried to link the whole incident to RACE is flawed ...

    This is not about a Malay in DAP but about Tunku said something not inline with the party's stand. It could have been a Chinese or Indian or bit of everything...

    You should try to focus on the incident and don't always apply your racial view in everything, unless you intend to mislead readers...

  25. trifling-jester8:27 am

    bro. youre spinning out of control. its 50k/yr offer for a thinktank and requires work. nothing compared to perimekar 200 million. quite nasty your spinning

  26. Anonymous10:59 am

    What can you expect from Dumb Ass Politicians (DAP). Their ancestors left China and came to the Malay Achipelago (MA) because living conditions were bad. If they think living here is BAD they should do what their ancestors did centuries ago just LEAVE. Their ancestors were MORONS to have chosen MA over US, Australia, NZ etc. Now they too are MORONS for living in a country that they claim is TREATING them badly. They are truly Dumb Ass People (DAP).

  27. Altantuyajib12:14 pm

    RM500,000,000 can surely Buy off many People, PhDs and Birkins!

  28. Ah, Anons, thanks for pointing out that it is a RM50k a year offer to the Tunku and not RM50k a month. Corrected and apologies.

    But having said that, RM50k or RM5k or RM250 mil, a bribe is a bribe.

    So, basically, in this case, it is an attempt to bribe the man and further insult him by making trying to bribe him with a small amount of money?

    As for Zairil, isn't he Khir Johari's son? He carries the late Umno man's name ...

  29. Anonymous12:32 pm

    If 50k a year is a bribe for working in an institute, I wonder what today's newly graduated lecturers earning in excess of 60-70k a year can say.

    Even some graduates freshly out with a degree can earn 50k a year. LOL.

  30. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Dumb Ass People Party. You lost your best card. Stupid Guan Eng. Cowboy gila. Shooting blindly. Now terima padah. Try to listen more than speaking like so gung-ho.

  31. Nadia AJ3:18 pm

    Anonymous LMAOROTFL, if you are a Malay you are a dumb ass fool. If you're Chinese who the fcuk you trying to kid? If I'm DAP, ill woo all the bodo melayus to join and once I get majority, hell I wont let yall run the country even though you are the majority in the country - I'm gonna call up my head honcho Lee Kuan Yew and grant his entire country citizenship and outnumber you stupid arse melayus and then I can still run the country cos hell yeah, you melayus got bitch ass punked by the DAP chinese and their bullshit talk cock. Bodo ke apa weh? Jgn jadi melayu bodo lah, pikir panjang sikit.

  32. Bedul4:05 pm

    My family is a family friend of arwah Pak Khir. Pak Khir has 2 sons and 6 daughters. One died in London.
    Zairil is the son of Christine's Chinese ex-hubby. He has got a Chinese name.
    He became Zairil after his mom married Pak Khir. He and his brother both have Chinese names.
    You can see their Chinese names in the hotel condolences to Christine and the two Chinese sons.
    Terrible of the hotel to just name Christine and the Chinese sons when the real kids of Pak Khir were not mentioned.
    Typical Chinaman. Same like DAP.
    And he is Zairil Johari. Johari is Pak Khir's dad.
    All Pak Khir's kids are named binti or bin Mohamed Khir.
    I have been on many blogs to correct this DAP lie.

  33. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Zairil Khir Johari bin Abdullah should be the proper (correct) name since he is a mualaf. He was a non muslim.
    Mak dia (Chinese lady) kawin dengan TS Khir Johari.

    He is NOT TS Khir Johari biological son.

    As Anon 5.40 mentioned; Zairil is Khir Johari stepson (ANAK TIRI). Zairil does not come from the late Khir Johari "segumpal darah"

  34. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Zairil - product didikan pure betina tongsang yg senang kangkang + isap kote melayu $keparat$!! Bebal chauvinist tu tetap ada. Yg si mamat bab berselerakan bau hamis inilah gift dia pada tanah dan bangsa dia.........kkkkkkkkkk

  35. Anonymous6:14 pm

    If a bride is a bride, then Zairil like Mustapha Omar son of Ong Yoke Lin is a malay.

  36. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Rocky, early CNY angpow lah...not bribe. bribe everything else, not DAP. So generous, duit siapa samseng pakai?

  37. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Hey, the picture shows they brought the new House Negroes for show time!


  38. Anonymous12:16 am

    Its just boils down to this.

    Opposition are smart people who uses people suspectingly or unsuspectingly to achieve their own objective.

    They will pat the poor chaps nicely but their heart and eyes will think a different story. The poor chap may cleverly think that they are getting a good deal,so why not?
    But end of the day, they will realise that the master would still be the cold hearted manipulater of people.

    Imagine if the opposition are using this same operandi on the whole rakyat to achieve their aim.

  39. Anonymous1:55 am

    they say they're representing malaysians but why then about half their leaders' blogs here are entirely in Chinese? some don't even have the courtesy or decency to have a BM or English page. Dap for Malaysians? Poooodah tengok muka dalam cermin dulu.

  40. 1. Zairil tu budak Cinalah, no Malay sounding surname will change the fact that he is Chinese.

    2. Aspan and Ariff are thinking Malays just because they join DAP? Fucking Comunist crap and what a dumb ass description to boot, these two Malay idiots are only good at licking Guan Eng and Kit Siang arses.

    3. DAP membership open to all? ya lah lip service only does not change the fact that DAP is a Dynastic Autocratic Party whose members are Demagogues and Biadap pricks with token Malay and Indian presence as trophies and does not fight any cause other than for the Chinese.

  41. Anonymous5:44 am

    The likes of Jasper ....(aiyo wtf..get a better /shorter nick lah)Godfather and DPP will NEVER be so fluent in their England if they were brought up and schooled in China. That much I know is true.

    1. Jasper Bloodstone12:05 pm

      Heh, heh - that's a wee bit rich, seeing as how I haven't posted on this topic.

      Until now, that is.

      Anyway, how is my command of English relevant to this thread? Even if that language was learned in British Malaya (one of the things the Brits got right - English-medium schools and mission schools) and further refined in Singapore and overseas postings.

      There's plenty of atrocious English going around these days, not least from the products of the national schools and local public universities.

      But that's another matter for another day.

      "Towering Malays"? Why not "Towering Chinese" or "Towering Indians" or "Towering Malaysians" or "Towering Gweilos"?

      Is there such a paucity of "Towering Malays" that their views, politics and predilections have to be endlessly analysed, discussed and dissected?

      It would seem to be symptomatic of an underlying sense of inferiority, malaise if you will, coupled with feelings of impotence and powerlessness in a globalised world.

      Note how the brouhaha over the MAS-AirAsia share swap degenerated from a straightforward business and logical analysis into a witch-hunt, marked by unashamed emotings and racist diatribes.

      Something that "Towering Malays" would be proud of?

      I think not.

  42. Anonymous9:10 am

    Dear Rocky..regarding this Zairil can someone tell me why he does not use "bin" Khr that he is only a chinese boy found in a rubbish dump in Puchong by Christine and Pak Khir to keeep Christine occupied and entertained whilst Pak Khir was busy with kak Tom and UMNO..does this boy really knows Pak Khir's struggles in UMNO. I think like that daughter Azmin have with Shamsidar plse ask this Zairil to really prove, for him, his Malay DNA

  43. Anonymous11:06 am

    Rocky , what's happening ? You seem to be overwhelmed with comments that don't seem to agree with you and the only ones that do only manage to come out with racist jibberish . I read today that the Tunku has now said people should support Najib and his "reformation" program , I for one am very happy the Tunku has spoken his mind , everyone can now see his true colours , he is indifferent to the fact that Teoh Beng Hock is no longer with us and there was never an acceptable inquiry , he doesn't care what happened to Kugan , he is willing to turn a blind eye to the Scorpene / mongolian model affair , he doesn't care about all the money that has been siphoned off from tax payers into the pockets of warlords and cronies and all people who are desperate for the maintenance of the corrupted regime only seem to be able to come up with racist bigotry and try to make total unsubstantiated claims of corruption , wasn't that what happened to Teoh Beng Hock , trying to force him to make statements to try and pin some corruption charges on the opposition ? Really shame on those who try to justify the regime , do you have no integruity or moral standards so let me ask the question again who is destroying the Melayu and Islam ???

  44. Anonymous11:33 am

    DAP is like a car that says it has ABS, EBD, bla bla bla but actually the same car that Mr Bean uses

  45. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Let's get REAL

    Tunku Aziz is simply NAIVE...

    Can you Imagine a football player who is a member of your team calling the referee to give his team mates a Red Card!!!

    Tunku... If you can't be a Team Player, Stay out of the field and just be an observer, that way you can support either sides at your convenience and preference ...Funny though, Even Fans only support one side.

    Guess Tunku is not a Football Player or Fan!!

    Joe Black

  46. Anonymous12:53 pm

    all malays should reject DAP - a race based party.

    likewise, all Muslim should reject UMNO - corrupted party

  47. Angry Angel1:55 pm

    Dato, when you want to bribe somebody, esp of station, someone viewed to have great influence, would you offer a meagre sum and expect positive result?? Pleaselah, have a conscience and stop spining to create more racial divide. As I see it, it's getting bad to worse.
    I still want to have good rapport with all my malay friends.

  48. Anonymous3:17 pm

    DAP needs Malay puppets coz PAS is getting to their nerves with HUDUD claims.

    PKR videos of leader with cina dolls, thai dolls, ice-cream, butt-aides cum kopi boys got DAP frustrated.

    So cannot hope for PAS and PKR to con the Malay Muslim masses.

    Therefore gotta get these Malay faces for themselves. But can only recruit exUMNO.


  49. Anonymous5:09 pm

    better to clear up the trojan horse b4 GE...

  50. sampalee7:42 pm

    There is NO democracy in dap.All are expediants.It doews not happen only to Tunku,many chineses and Indains gets the same treatment.
    The public do not realised the party is just another animal farm with the hogs calling the shots

  51. Anonymous8:30 pm

    We know another asshole got 40k a month & a latukship to spins shits

  52. Anonymous3:18 am

    Towering Malay ? What the fyck is that ? Either u have hardworking or fucking lazy Malay !!!

  53. Anonymous3:35 am

    Malay? Which type.. so confusing with bugis Malay... Mamak Kerala Malay... Bangladesh Malay... Myammar malar Malay... Indon Malay... Pinot Malay... so which o e r the towering one huh?

  54. Homophobic9:56 am

    DAP is the Chinese's UMNO.. albeit a more racist one..

  55. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Come GE13 we will use our rights. Pls refrain from lying as it will only make u blind.

  56. Anonymous7:05 pm


    Congrats!!! You are now a Confirmed Promoter of RACISM...

    And a Mercenary at that.


  57. Anonymous7:38 pm

    anon @ 11:06 AM has got a diseased sponge for a brain

    accuse others too freely without an iota of evidence

    and can suddenly claim loudly, "Really shame on those who try to justify the regime , do you have no integruity or moral standards so let me ask the question again who is destroying the Melayu and Islam ???"

    perfect sample of an idiotic retarded imbecile devoid of any sensibilities

    poor fella - mum and dad must have been highly depressed at your moment of birth

  58. Anonymous4:56 pm

    RM50K salary how to compare with Najib offer of RM500K salary?

    This Tunku is selling off....

  59. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Tunku Aziz= Dunku Aziz= Dunggu Aziz.

    Evolution of a DUNGGU.

  60. Anonymous11:07 pm


    chingkies outclassed by intelligent Melayu Bermaruah

    after all the sepet people are descendants of coolie kangs

  61. mamazita9:34 am

    aspan and sakmongkol?

    let's see -- Aspan is desperate.

    sakmongkol- also very desperate and not so clever, after all. he is frustrated.

    I don't know either man.

    so, my views are quite superficial, at worst.

    but, here's the thing -- aspan and sakmongkol were long-time Umno members. benefiting, reaping a lot from Umno.
    I've done some investigation on Aspan -- and well, not nice to talk about him here. so i shall leave him out of the covnersation/

    But sakmongkol -- having been ADUN in Pahang and now suddenly embracing the DAP -- oh come on...ingat kita ni bodoh, ke?

    You did not get something you want(ed) from Umno, from Najib, right?

    Just read how you whack Najib, kawkaw.

    Sakmongkol knows that DAP is a chinese party. He is nto that stupid,. but when you are desperate and greedy, you do stupid things.

  62. jawhar5:42 pm

    i'm not a card carrying member of any party.

    Just an ordinary voting citizen. Why I will never vote for the DAP nor Keadilan...just look at these parties, please...

    DAP is a father-and-son party. oh come on. clear nepotism and now, i've leartn and has been proven, to me -- that it is undemocratic and practices cronyism.

    Keadilan -- hello --anwar, his wife and daughter...abnd azmin...cosy up to each other..

    BN parties -- well, the presidents can never trust the deputies, that's for sure and that's good...

    Mukhriz was nowhere in Umno when Tun Dr M was presient. same with Hishammuddin and Najib.

    So, it's better the devil that i know. and in all this, BN seems more open to criticism.

    I get the feeling, and many people have said it's true that the likes of Kit Siang and Guan Eng and Anwar --- hates being criticised. They don't tolerate opposition.

  63. anon@11:06am: kesian Kugan mati allegedly di tangan polis. But why you racist people make a martyr of Kugan? He is a gangster and part of a brutal gang that terrorised convenience stores and motorists by arming themselves.
    Clearly you politicians exploiting and capitalizing his death.
    Sure -- policeman who caused his death should be punished,. But, Kugan is made like he a symbol of police brutality. please-lah.

    as for teoh beng hock. May he rest in peace, but you DAP demons sure as hell trying to distract the corruption case. and you succeeded becos MACC not like you politicians. MACC too lurus.

    Altantuya... cease and desist-lah. May she also rest in peace. But you just have to try hard to pin it on Najib.
    Where's the damn proof-lah?

    no proof because court is no fair.

    That's rich.

  64. Jasper Bloodstone5:11 pm

    Since the topic of "towering Malays" has been alluded to, albeit indirectly, it behoves me to ask if such individuals can be found only in Malaysia, or whether they are present in other countries?

    Case in point: an ad by the Singapore Management University (SMU) in today's Singapore Straits Times.

    It highlighted a SMU graduate, Mohammad Yusri Bin Abu Bakar, describing him as "Captain, Pilot, Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), Bachelor of Social Science (Political Science, Magna Cum Laude, Exchange Programme - Copenhagen Business School, Business Study Mission - The Middle East".

    I would think that pretty impressive. More so in a hothouse "meritocratic cauldron" like Singapore.

    "Towering individuals" achieve their status by grit, hard work and a dogged refusal to give up in the face of stacked decks and overwhelming odds - be it in Malaysia or anywhere else.

    Not by relying on family connections and accidents of birth!!

  65. jonathan7:43 pm

    mamazita: i've read sakmongkol's blog. he is pathetic. he was in numno for so long and was an Umno ADUN and not writes vitriol about Umno. how come he only left Umno recently?

    he's an ugly person thru and thru. and also very very vicious.

  66. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Zairil is a Muslim brother I have no qualms about that. He is NOT a Malay! He thinks, act and fights for the chinese community. Which is not wrong because he is genetically a full blooded chinese himself.

    1. Kalau dah darah cina bukit mana nak sebelahkan melayu

  67. Anonymous12:12 am

    bloodystone is in denial of the lee dynasty built on nepotism

    and about token Malays whose sole duty is to con the red dot Malay Muslims

    Talented Towering Malays like Fandi Ahmad, Hanis Hussey, Anita Sarawak, Ramli Sarip, Ashley Hisham, Najip Ali, M Nasir, A Galak, even Aaron Aziz .....

    HAD to earn their living OUTSIDE of red dot

    bloodystone must be paid to suck up to the red dot

  68. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Why is it Umno bloggers wants to always use race as a basis to augment its arguements. If the party can bring progress, it does not matter which race it is...unless these bloggers had nothing else to shoot.

  69. I advise the Malaysian Malays do not join or support DAP.Later they will regret,look what have PAP done to the Malays in Singapore.To tell the truth,DAP or PAP are not helping the Malays at all.They are splitting or dividing the malays in Malaysia to gain political control.Once DAP gain power,there will be no Islam as official religion,no sultan or kings,no malay regiment etc.So to the Malaysian Malays think about your grandchildren future,ignore the opposition you will be safe.