Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chinese Press: Tunku Aziz and DAP's Paradise Lost

John Milton's Paradise Lost is an epic poem based on stories from the Bible, written by one of the greatest English poets. It's about the battle between Satan and God's Angels, between good and bad, Adam and Eve, the desire for Freedom and the lost of innocence, among other things. It is interesting to see how my old friend Tay Ting Hean of Sin Chew is lost for words in his analysis of the Tunku Aziz's fall from grace in the DAP, so much so he had to depend on Milton to help him with the breakdown of the problems.

Tiga tahun lalu, Tengku Abdul Aziz masuk parti DAP dengan sambutan ramai orang yang begitu meriah. Inilah kali pertama DAP sejak ia ditubuhkan mencipta sejarah kerana dapat mempengaruhi orang Melayu yang berkedudukan begitu tinggi dan berpengaruh manjadi ahli dalam parti. 
Jawatan Kerusi timbalan presiden diserahkan kepada beliau, supaya dapat mengunakan pengaruh Tengku Abdul Aziz menaikkan kewibawaan DAP, dimana DAP anggap DAP telah bertukar wajah baru, menjadi sebuah parti yang benar-benar terbuka untuk semua kaum, selepas itu tidak lagi takut dituduh sebagai parti Cina chauviis..

I'm not sure how many of use is familiar with Milton's work or the interpretations of Paradise Lost. I'm still wondering: Is Tunku Aziz the Satan in Tay's own Paradise Lost or does that refer to Lim Guan Eng? Who lost, the DAP or Bersih or Tunku Aziz?

What's certain is, something good was lost that day on April 28.

Read in my Little Chinese Bru the translation of Sin Chew Tay's Paradise Lost.


  1. Anonymous10:27 am

    Ala, silly old Latuk Locky. Satan refers to UMNO. DAP's leaders, whether Lim Guan Eng or Tunku Aziz, at least stand for integrity, transparency and accountability.

    As far as UMNO is concerned, nothing of the scandals exposed EVER HAPPENED. One big happy family living happily ever after. Now that's paradise.


  2. He will do the same even if he is an umno member. So what's the problem ?

  3. Anonymous11:51 am

    That was no paradise that Tunku was welcomed into. That was Dante's Inferno, a living hell of racism, prejudice and xenophobia. It was a hotbed of Chingkie extremists led by Christian bigots and presided over by a dysfunctional family cabal driven by deep ethnic hatred to destroy the Melayu and Islam. Alas, all things evil doeth draw men in their moment of weakness and Tunku was not the first to fall to the charms of Mephistopheles.

    Nope...Tunku did not cross the gates of Heaven into the garden of Paradise, he jumped blindly into the cauldron of hell into the embrace of Satan. But drowning in the searing heat, he gained an insight that restored his sights. Maybe he will have the vision now to clamber out and redeem his soul or is in he too deep in heart of darkness to ever savor the glory of redemption and the joys of resurrection, I wonder. Anyway, if he ever does climb out, he should thank his lucky stars that he was not burnt to crust!

    Ah....... Milton, sublime poetry about matters so profane.Alas, How thou art blasphemed Aesthete in thy Christo doggerel!! Did the lost ifrits of Hades chain thy spirit and yoke thy Muse to heresy against the Almighty....Ah Milton, thou lost thy soul in Paradise Lost when thou forsook thy Calliope for the false gold of Christo. Hark! thou art beyond the shores of Redemption for the thy ship of Fate has crossed the Rubicon of Death!

    Warrior 231

    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:13 pm

      Heh, heh - the warrior now sports another guise as a classics scholar!

      The first paragraph of his post could be an allegorical allusion to a place that never fails to arouse his ire.

      Which is strange, because they seem to be a reasonably contented lot, all things considered.

      Anyway, there are different interpretations of Milton's great epic of pride, arrogance, betrayal and redemption. Milton also reflected the ethos of his time and the developments in the England of his day.

      In essence, it's about Lucifer, his rebellion against The Almighty and his fall from grace by being cast out of heaven.

      I don't know about similarities to Lucifer, but it seems over the pale, a tad blasphemous, in fact, to equate developments in the Opposition to Lucifer's rebellion.

  4. Anonymous11:53 am

    Haaaa Rocky,

    Kalau dah Macam Tu Ahli UMNO Lantik lah Tunku Aziz Jadi Presiden UMNO Ganti Najib..

    At Least He Got Balls ma...

    Najib? Ada Apa? Lost it a long time ago...

    Rosmah should know where it went!

  5. IF i ever want to join a WELL-established political party ,
    I must :-
    1)be in low profile;
    2)NOT be arrogant;
    3)NOT give opinion in public ;
    4)be graceful & grateful !
    5)be harmonious with other members !!

  6. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Not sure this Gotnofather guy reads anything lah Rocky. But always see him with his kommie's hero - THe Little Red Book- waving with joy chanting "Long Live Comrade LGE". Must have had a miserable childhood fed on hate of anything Malay.

  7. Anonymous4:58 pm

    to the Goatfarter, who wrote, "...DAP's leaders, whether Lim Guan Eng or Tunku Aziz, at least stand for integrity, transparency and accountability. ... "

    So, Tunku Aziz " least stands for integrity, transparency and accountability..." and, DAP did kick him out...

    ... therefore, DAP will not tolerate integrity, transparency and accountability!

    hey, Goatfarter, you haven't changed sides, have you?

    then, why speak ill of your fellow DAPster brothers?

  8. Anonymous6:39 pm


    goatfarter stinks to high heavens

  9. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Karpal has been silenced
    Tunku Aziz is also silenced

    Aspan and Sakmongkol will take cue numbers

    GAG orders is theme in DAP - a truly chinese party

  10. Anomymous 4:58

    The Goatfarter was so blinded by his rascim that he cant even understand what he wrote thus the blooper!.

    Its so easy to identify rascists esp. when they are the immigrants type.

  11. Anonymous7:26 pm


    This Godfu..ingfather is paid for every comment he did including stupid comment. No need to layan this fella. Wasting your time.


  12. sampalee7:50 pm

    This is my first time of posting.This God father is the reincarnation of the snake in the garden of eden.He speaks with fork tongue.
    There is nothing democratic in a party that wear democracy as a symbol.The rocket is just the phallus

  13. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Elo Rocky!

    Itu tweet from newsmaker,,,your BESTFRIEND MP Belot,,,ngapa dia pakai LAMBANG POLIS????


  14. Anonymous8:32 pm

    To those UMNO guineas - why did you ask the ex Minister Kadir to resign ? Then you have people like Ku Li who don't agree with UMNO's corruption and hypocrisy, but they were not asked to resign from UMNO, were they ? They didn't hold senatorships, do they ?

    You guineas just got no brains to argue. All you have is the samseng attitude. Go on pretending that there are no big problems in UMNO.


  15. Anonymous9:16 pm

    DAP stands for Deceiving Always Party.

    They deceived Tunku and a few more UNMO fools to join the party. And then issue Gag orders in their so called democratic actions.

    There are two more UNMO bloggers who will soon realise that they too have been deceived into joining the Deceiving Always Party.
    To stay in this party, one must do nothing, to remain good.


  16. Anonymous1:17 am

    Double transparency
    double talk
    double spin
    double trouble

    inilah dia opposition

  17. Anonymous3:29 am

    Who is this tunku?

  18. Anonymous7:36 am

    In the end, DAP remain what it is. Which is why good people leave it.


  19. Anonymous9:07 am

    These DAP comrades are so fucked up with their communist culture. It is definitely not that easy to be in a democratic environment when in your blood still has the communist DNA.

  20. Anonymous12:39 pm

    fact is , if you are a malay living in chinese malaysian world, you might as well be a third class citizen.
    unless you denounce islam and race and eat pork and bribe the government of the day, then you will officially become chinese malaysian

  21. I see both sides trying to prop their end, but Be end is still tops.. their end is, I don't know, ask anwar

  22. Anonymous9:10 pm

    to Cin2tan

    meaning if one want to join this chhingkies party, one must be dump?.. wahlawel so typical maaa...


  23. Anon 11.53 am

    You said Tunku Aziz had balls.
    I said: LGE and dad have no balls to fire him. That guy is waiting to be sacked, lor.
    So scared to lose Malay votes.Not that they value Tunku as a person. Just to ride on his symbol as a Malay.

  24. Anonymous11:26 am


    Trying to Prop up the Mainstream Chinese and Malay Media whose only objective is to win votes for BN....
    In other words Najib's Propaganda Machine.

    Pigs can Fly says BN Propaganda Machine and Rocky Frantically tells everyone that Pigs Can Fly!


  25. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Groatfarter is a traitor to the cause!
    How dare he he mock DAP as a party without integrity, transparency and accountability for kicking out Tunku who stand for integrity, transparency and accountability.
    Off with the Gootfurter!

  26. Anonymous12:48 am

    So Tunku has called it quits after reality slowly dawned upon him that he could only survive in a pig sty as long he humiliated himself by metaphorically relenting to lick pigarse and suck pigcock. That he could only remain politically alive after he had castrated himself of any right to free expression and alternative views. That he could only thrive if he acted the political eunuch within the Emperor's chambers. That he could only be trusted if he consented to do the Emperor's every bidding issued from within the Forbidden City.

    The Chingkies are like that, Tunku. You cant change them. It is embedded in their genes- that Satanic arrogant belief of racial superiority. By default, that means all others must be subservient to their every whim and fancy no matter how blatantly stupid their opinions,postulations policy or principles appear to critical neutral observers. No dissent is allowed, only complete surrender to, in this case, the Christian Chingkie world view.Non Christian Chingkies who saw through all that hocus-pocus and showed defiance were slaughetered in political purges or via trumped up charges orchestrated by an inner Christian Chingkie dominated cabal. Ask Fan Yew Teng, Chan Kok Kit, Chiang Hieng Kai, Gooi Hock Seng, Kua Kia Soong, Lee Lam Thye, Chan Teck Chan, Wee Choo Keong:they couldnt hack it for they were threats to the Christian Chingkie inner core's perverted values and delusions of power. Little wonder, the surviving bastards are all Christos with names like Anthony, Ronnie, Tony, Sister Teresa, Hannah, Betty but the rank and file Taoist and Buddhist Chingkies are too stupid and too blinded by ethnic bonding to see that contradictory reality.

    If even dissenting Chingkies couldnt survive, what more you, Tunku, a Malay Muslim interloper welcomed for window dressing, feted for display value, and embraced as a show pony.

    To 'kowtow' (a uniquely Chingkie concept) means to be servile, to humiliate oneself, to strip even an iota of intellgence off one's being and subjugate oneself totally to Chingkie lordship. It is the ultimate act of self-flagellation, the stripping away of personal maruah/honour to prostrate shamelessly before the Emperor's crown jewels. It is the ultimate abnegation of self-hood - to stoop beneath another's manhood and fellate his milk of fealty. For the time being, Arsepain, Sak and their ilk are greedily slurping up the cum.... err....sum of their self humiliation, tongues flicking frantically even as their gobs shaft rapidly. The taste of dried smegma and cum overpowering Reason. Time will tell when they will come to their senses for even the most turgid and juicy political priapism do have flaccid endings.

    Warrior 231

    P/s; Tunku, you owe us one: tell us the truth about TI, the 2010 Penang TI citation and the view that TI is simply a perception based thingy designed to give a veneer of respectability to crooked, money laundering jurisdictions as several respected economists have claimed.

  27. Anonymous3:12 pm

    ayoooo..he left already..only now that he realize that Dogs And Pigs is all about Kit Sial and son...

  28. Watched the hour long interview over NTV7 yesterday. Was very impressed. Reveals a very articulate man of high integrity.

    The interviewers also managed to bring out Tunku's positions on some very difficult issues:-

    - Bersih's aims vaild but hijacked by politicians to the point where basic principles of adherence to law violated.

    -We cannot read history out of context. We are not in the same situation as Mohandas Gandhi or Martin Luther King where basic rights were denied. We have good functioning democracy here where you can do pretty much what you want.

    - The opposition should use these freedoms to perfect our democracy and these sadly cannot be done if we are not as democratic or truthful as we claim or profess.

    - Govt has done a good job on balance and Opposition has no experience in governance. These are the truths.

    -Bar Council has been hijacked for ulterior motives of late.

    - If MP's were elected on party platforms, these vows should be honoured- no party jumping dramas.

    I am saddened, like Tunku Aziz by the absence of any mainstream party which both professes and practices good governance.

    We had Dr Mahathir and we have some here and there. Whither our democracy?


  29. Anonymous said...
    Haaaa Rocky,

    Kalau dah Macam Tu Ahli UMNO Lantik lah Tunku Aziz Jadi Presiden UMNO Ganti Najib..

    At Least He Got Balls ma...

    Najib? Ada Apa? Lost it a long time ago...

    Rosmah should know where it went!

    11:53 AM

    engkau lagi takde telo. Bukan setakat pakai nama gelaran, nama samaran pun takde. Bacul betul.

    Pulak tu, dok ngumpat bini orang, serupo betino.

  30. Anonymous10:56 am

    The only thing I am wondering is why is there no fanfare when the good Tunku join DAP from the media and MSM but when he leaves there is so much interviews and spotlight on him that make him so hot like a celebrity. Hail the free press and TV stations (sic)...


  31. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Godfucker is a manifestation of chingkie supremacy idocy of the highest order knighted by Comrade LGE.. always excrete his words of wisdom from its bottom orifice, coz his cranium is just a worthless hollow cavity & its mouth is so pre-occupied busy deepthroating LGE pecker..

    Now we know DAP is the holy pigsty for these cretin to the core chingkie species.. confirmed!

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf and ultra chingkies-

  32. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Elo Latuk!

    Since POLIS cakap no offence to jual Burger or JOGET BONTOT depan rumah Ambiga!!!

    Kita orang nak join sama dengan DIA ORANG,,,jual BABI SALAI sebelah Waromg Burger tu! kau nak ikut tak????

    Apakata kita buat JOGET LANCAP kat depan rumah ORANG BESAR UMNO!!!

    Lets join the CARNIVAL!!!!

    -AH JU BOR-

  33. Anonymous2:41 pm

    FBMKLCI dah jatuh below 1500,,,definately ramai yang VOMIT BLOOD since last week!!

    Commodities,the worst hit is PLANTATION,,,,jadi BILA lah Felda Global Ventures to join the CLUB!

    So bye,bye 1600 level,,,! Nampak gaya,,,NO RAYA celebration this August!!!!!


  34. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Hahahahahaha JB 4.13pm just showed us again how stupid he is.

    Warrior was referring to the DAP you muppet. It is as clear daylight as anyone can see when Warrior said:

    "That was no paradise that Tunku was welcomed into" = DAP (where else did Tunku go, eh Jb, u ass)

    Chingkie extremists and Christian bigots= Dapsters and people like Teresa, Ronnie etc.

    dysfunctional family cabal = father + son control over DAP with son's wife in for good measure.

    But since you are so obsessed with that place, even something so distant would appear too close for comfort. Or is it that even in that "distance", it still applies aptly to that place. Says a lot of that place, right donkey...hehawhehawhehawhehaw

    After namecalling Warrior 231 as a classic scholar, look who has given us a silly schoolboy interpretation of Paradise Lost. Why the Classicist, JB himself.

    Poor troll, so obsessed and fearful of Warrior all the time that he cant see his own shit or for that matter think straight.

    Warrior Fan

    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:44 pm

      Oops, warrior fan boy - afflicted with the quick trigger finger syndrome, are we?

      I am well aware of the warrior's particular bete noires. On the top of his list are the DAP, uppity Chingkies, pinto-liberal Christo sympathisers, certain business tycoons and a little red dot that shall remain nameless.

      Alas, all of the above are still around, which must be confounding and deeply offensive to his cool maruah intellect. It ain't any fun when his bete noires resolutely refuse to fade into the background or consign themselves to insignificance.

      Hence the resort to bluster and verbal intimidation a la pit bull style, even to the extent of subverting the meaning and moral of John Milton's epic poem "Paradise Lost".

      However, Milton did compose an epic sequel - "Paradise Regained". It's passing strange that the brumeister and the warrior didn't see fit to refer to this for a more balanced analysis, choosing instead to score cheap points with an ersatz interpretation of "Paradise Lost".

      A shallow exposure to the great English classics is a dangerous thing, as the paucity of the resulting arguments can be exposed easily.

      Maybe this is what Muhyiddin was going on about in his references to a "world-class" education system!

  35. Pathetic!Such poor understanding of the epic poem!DAP did not kick him out.He resigned of his own free will
    when he realized that he is no politician....just a good man...a man of principles with honesty and integrity to boot.Many peoples of his race are in a political party to benefit themselves.He is not like them.Just leave your former party quietly and ,perhaps,join an NGO so as to have a platform to air what you have in mind if you are still fit to do so.

  36. Jasper Bloodstone10:03 pm


    It's a pity that the ethnic minorities in other countries don't share your mindset and worldview.

    Have they been conned, bamboozled or intimidated by the ethnic majorities in their countries, who may or may not be followers of a particular religion?

    Perish the thought that this could happen here in this sylvan country of ours, which has both an ethnic majority and a number of ethnic minorities!

  37. Anonymous3:24 am

    My oh my oh my, reading the comments of a few rabid melayu...welcome to paradise.


  38. Anonymous6:38 am

    Morning bro bru, how is your friend Raja NongCut?

  39. Tunkuman8:12 am

    DAP foolishly swallowed hook, line and sinker of umNO's agent saboteurs!

    Sun Tzu's chapter 6 and 13...

  40. BNationalFeedLOOT8:14 am

    RM500,000,000 surely can Buy Off many people, PhDs and Hermes Birkins!

  41. Anonymous10:19 am

    PigsCannotFly @ 11:26 AM

    haiya just buy airasia ticket lah sure can fly

  42. Anonymous10:27 am

    BOBOLAGI-@ 2:41 PM

    siapa lah yang jelas sibodoh ni - tak ikut topic

  43. Anonymous10:28 am


    whatever dap does - it sure BACKFIRE big time

    Allah bless Malaysia

  44. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Wow , this is the home home of the BUMNO cyber troopers , absolutely hilarious . Now lets be clear about why the Tunku left DAP . We live in a land where there is no rule of law , there is only the rule of BUMNO war lords , they create bits of paper to justify the oppression of the rakyat and claim this to be the "law" . People have had enough of being robbed and intimidated by absolute hypocrites so it was the decision of many that it was their obligation to future generations of Malaysia to defy the gangsters in power . Tungku was understandably worried about this because we all know how demigogues react when their illusions are challenged , they react exactly hoe we saw them react at Bersih 3 - totally brutally , they acted brutally against old people , young people , children and then tried to blame the protesters . The Tunku did not want to see this happen because of his care for the safety of the Rakyat but the Rakyat has had enough and will no longer obey the corrupted institutions of the BUMNO war lords , this is where the differences lie , Tunku is quite old but was in agreement with the cause of Bersih he only differed in the approach , this naturally put him in conflict with others who had enough of trying to go through corrupted institutions to bring about a fair and just society , of course the BUMNO propoganda machine jumped on this to try and throw alsorts of nonesense at the opposition , I mean some of the comments here are so true to the nature of the war lords , racist , bigoted divide and rule mentality , but let me tell you , you do not have divine rights to rule over us and rape the resources of our land , sooner or later you will face yourselves and I hope for you that you grow a bit of courage to look into the darkness that infects your soul to rejoin the ranks of humanity .

  45. Anonymous5:33 pm

    The chingkie pigs are getting more & more stupid everyday in the blogsphere & the reality.. backfired and shooting their own feet..

    just see their reaction and quality of arguement.. so brainlessly pigbrain.

    yes, pig can fly, let us show 'em how to fly, kick 'em up sky high down crashing into their pigsty..

    till then hush little pigs hush..wait for GE13 pigbrain..the real majority people will teach you pig a big lesson..we are so tired of you piggies..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  46. Anonymous5:51 pm

    we see the Chingkie apeks DAP goons in here but they wont let dissenting comments on their blogs. Hard to shed off that commie attitude !

  47. Anonymous6:45 pm

    hey, Anon 12:03... you must be the Head of DAP Press (cyber-division)...

    ... that's why you could allow yourself the indignity of writing, "...Now lets be clear about why the Tunku left DAP..."

    yeah, riiight... we should all accept your version instead that of Tunku Aziz.

    well, desperate people are known to resort to desperate measures... and, this must be the Grandaddy of all desperate people.

    another funny thing is... why is it that Pakatan bloggers won't allow contradictory views... and yet claim to champion for free-speech?

    and, why is it that pro-BN bloggers allow for dissenting comments?

    hmmm... tough question, this!

  48. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Warrior 321 , your day is done . I do believe you are talking about UMNO , no ? I quote you "hotbed of Chingkie extemists" , who is the racist bigot ??? Who is spreading ethnic hatred here ??? Who is destroying the Melayu and Islam ??? Really your mantras of propoganda have become so transparent nobody buys it anymore . LOL , and then you try and be poetic and talk like some kind of enlightened being , you really crack me up . Do you need to be reminded ?TEOH BENG HOCK . KUGAN . THE MONGOLIAN MODEL ... LOL . Who is beyond the shores of redemption ??? Please you read what people from the other side are writing and then plagerise them and act like these words are yours . The joke is on you mate . Really , torturing people for confessions , fascinated by butt holes , who is destroying the Melayu and Islam ??????

  49. Anonymous2:01 am

    anon@12:03 PM

    what a load of hogwash!! how much did emperor lim guan eng paid you huh?

    you've obviously been brainwashed for too long that your grey matter is certainly downgraded to filth

    and to CLAIM loudly that you represent the rakyat is a pathetically typical chingkie trait

  50. Anonymous2:03 am

    bloodystone seem to have lost that "holier than thou" tone eh?

    wassamatter CAT got your tongue -what with the open bribes emperor throws out

    1. Jasper Bloodstone1:16 pm

      Hmm...I thought my rebuttal to the warrior said it all.

      Maybe it was too high faluting for non-classicists and for those not exposed to the best of English literature.

      I am reminded by Mr Patrick Henri Devillers of this quote from the Dao De Jing by Laozi which says: "Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself".

      Thus shall the likes of the warrior, the anti whatever, Perkasa etc fade into irrelevance.

  51. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Anon 6.45 pm

    Pro BN bloggers allowing for dissenting views ? Hahaha....try the closet racist Syed Ali Akbar desperately trying to incite racial hatred, and all dissenting views will be sent to the rubbish bin.

    This is what I admire about Rocky - he does allow all sorts of views, even those that are irrelevant, sexist, racist, with all sorts of language.

  52. Anonymous2:41 pm

    anon @ 11:13 PM


    and you think your comment and a poor excuse for a brain is far superior than warrior eh?

    well just go on and creep under that cramped coconut shell

    no big loss to the world

  53. Anonymous3:25 pm

    See ? When people start pointing out the billions of ringgit lost through UMNO's negligence and through UMNO's corrupt practices, the people get shouted down. The clowns shout that 50,000 a year allowance is also a bribe. If so, how many hundreds or thousands of UMNOputras must be put in jail ? Are there enough jails for UMNO people ?

    This is Paradise - a land where a 50,000 stipend for legitimate work and position can be considered as a bribe, and where billions get stolen from the rakyat with impunity.


  54. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Jasper Bloodstone

    U must have got a new 'dicktionary' to verbalize your mental diarrhea and pixelise your vaunted "classical scholarship" for your posterior (definitely not "posterity'). Hei pig, trying to act scholarly aint gonna erase the reality that you misinterpreted my comment and rightly earned your comeuppance from Warrior Fan.

    In fact, anyone with a smidgen of intellect would have noted the obvious allusion to "Dante's Inferno" as the comment even started on that tack:

    "That was no paradise that Tunku was welcomed into. That was Dante's Inferno" see.. 11.51am above.

    Folks read the first sentence of my first comment again and note which classical work I was referring to (and punning the word "paradise" for good measure) as being the more appropriate allusion for the state of the DAP sty and the damned Christian Chingkie pigs hemmed within. In fact, I wrote some tommyrot for the Puritan christo bastard Milton himself, upbraiding him for debasing his poetic gifts in furthering a false and illogical belief system:

    "...... thy Calliope for the false gold of Christo. "

    Pig in its haste to diss me as usual missed the import of the comment and launched into a meaningless, childish diatribe when I was most certainly and very obviously disinterested in "using" Paradise Lost at all.

    It is obvious that being too embarrassed to admit his public humiliation, the pig is being himself by resorting to his only tactic to save face: twisting and moving goalposts and garnishing that with bombast in a desperate and pathetic attempt to hide his vacuumed brain and empty imagination. In fact, his current stance of bringing "Paradise Regained" into the argument is laughably stupid and akin to throwing his traditional rotten red herring into the ring!.

    Hei Pig: "a shallow exposure to the English language is a dangerous thing, as the paucity of the resulting arguments can be exposed easily." Try harder the next time BUT ONLY after you have proper tutoring in the language, please.

    Warrior 231

  55. Anonymous12:24 am

    11.13pm : classic troll with its pea-sized brain reflected by its atrocious spelling and grammar. Besides, its deficient basic number recognition abilities are all so pathetically obvious by how it mangled 231 as 321.

    And it got the gumption to accuse me of plagiarism. Hei troll, why dont you cut and paste my stuff in a plagiarism search software and mouth off your findings. No balls for that? What you say doesn't faze me an iota coming as it is from an arsefucking, twatlicking, clitsucking whorepiss swilling turd like you. And your obvious affections for a car thief, a Mongolian whore and a schizoid two-pence political henchman indicates the type of low life you are and which sewage gutter you hopped out from. You are nothing more than a dried piece of shit caking your mum's toilet bowl and the sooner you crawl up her filthy cunt,the better it would be for the world, wasted sperm of a pimp's ejaculate.

    Wonder what the trolls and the rest of the PR scumbags and slimepoops will mouth off after having shit splattered all over their pig miens:

    By the way, the vaunted intellect of the great classical scholar in the tradition of Leavis,Gibbons, Eliot, arnold et al is reflected in the sum of his puny vocabulary which auto rewinds itself like a demented record everytime his filthy fingers hit the keyboards, U know "ersatz";"bete noire"; cool maruah intellect??? (some inferiority driven paranoia here). Poor thing hankering for a response to drop the"in" from its insignificant, inconsequential, invisible existence. And preening itself as some gargantuan intellect that stands like a Colossus in defense of Liberty..puny-cocked wasted sperm of a pimp and the rotten egg of a arsefucked cunttorn whore. Get a pit bull to do her cunt, boy for yours is too small to satiate the old filthy loose-twat.

    Just shows what a tiny drop of knowledge and a dicktionary can do to an idiot

    Warrior 231

  56. Anonymous1:56 am the Chingkie pig is acting like some almighty moralist who stands on some moral high ground when in reality it's from a shitmound its pontificating from.But that's fullblown delusion for you, all in its unadulterated resplendent glory, handmade and personally delivered by the one and only, JB, resident crackpot of Hougang Mental.

    What a fucking stupid smug pig for being so proud of its silly handiwork to not realise that the more its spouts, the more inane it sounds.

    Sure, its hokum will shock and awe fellow arselicking and cuntsuckling pigs like Godfather et al but NOT us the enlightened Melayu Bermaruah. Folks, lets observe three stage dementia undressing before our very eyes.

    First, it wanks its stupidity in public by misreading and by extension misrepresenting my comment.

    Then it goes on a gay trip of scholarly excess by upbraiding me and Bru over not quoting a piece of trash (Paradise Regained) the Christo bigot Milton churned in churlish angst. A piece of garbage that is totally irrelevant to the context here.

    Finally, it extemporises its Chingkie supremacist tendencies by quoting the arsefucking lousy chingkie, Lao Zi the arselouse.And by that quote, the pig is implying to all and sundry that it is in the Army of God, that it is the Force of Good while we (me, anti, et al are evil, the Darth Vaders to its Puke Gaywalker).Folks, can't ya all sense and smell its fucking holier than thou pecksniffian (since we are into all things classical, a lil Dickens wont hurt I guess) Christian hypocrisy replete in all its faggoty glory.

    "Oh yeah....... the pig is sure gallivanting in gay abandon, tripping over its brains even as its arse spouts garbage to its eternal shame...oh the joys of frolicking in gay abandon, of farting idiocy to hide lunacy, of shitting imbecility to mask insanity, of rattling the mental cage to showcase an impotent rage".......hahahahahahahaha (ROFL)

    By the way, sorry to disappoint you pig troll, for we aint gonna shrivel like wallflowers and disappear from view just because your pimp is mighty displeased that all his investments in a whoreboy troll like you have not yielded that desired result. Tell your PAP and DAP handlers that we are here to stay and the sooner they understand that the better..Ok scurry over and oink that message into Harry's and Guano's ears before licking their arses, suckling their dicks and having the selfsame filth stuck up your arse and down your throat.

    Warrior 231

  57. Anonymous12:33 pm

    I think 321 is a better description it is a deliberate change as it goes down , down , down , there are no ups in such an intellectually deprived commenter such as yourself . Please keep up the good work , when posed with real issues all you can do is throw vulgar insults in all sorts of directions . Like I said you really crack me up . Do you not think that any right thinking Malaysian will not be disgusted at your rantings ? Like I said who is really anti-Malay and anti-Islam ? You are shaming the entire malay race by trying to justify murder on the base of charector assasination of the victims , it just won't fly with the majority of people , so warrior 321 keep digging your grave , I am really enjoying it . You never come up with any rational explanation to clarify anything , you only seem to hope that you get some kind of herd mentality going where everyone just follows in hate and bigotry , you hope that a few key phrases of racist bigotry will stir the fearful into some kind of witch-hunting lynch mob . Keep it up , I say it again - Scorpene submarine deal ? Please explain . The death of Teoh Beng Hock ? Where is the explanation and ranting on in some kind of racist tangent does not justify murder . What about Kugan - so you are saying we have new laws in Malaysia do we that if one is suspected of being a car thief it is okay to kill them without any evidence being heard or trial and we have increased the penalty for car theft to death have we ?On whose order was that ? Yours ? Well if that is the case I think there are many in the ruling regime who would suffer at this new law that you claim exists . You are also saying the new penalty for sleeping with powerful people is also exta-judicial killing , I mean with all the talk about the Chinese being descended from whores that I read in so many blogs it is very interesting that you are now implying that such supposedly highly respected men from the malay communitey are the ones sleeping with "whores" and if you are not implying that there were very powerful men sleeping with her then why call her a "whore" . And justifying blowing her up with C4 explosives because you are alleging she is a "whore" ????? Really 321 what better way to sink your own ship . Well done I am sure DAP will be sending you some flowers very soon . LMAO .

  58. Anonymous7:46 pm

    oouucchh ...

    bloodystone and supporter are nursing their mental injuries

    heh heh

  59. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Anon 12.33pm are off your rocker, boy that you cant distinguish the trees from the wood. Yeah.. I just reversed that for in your delusional world everything either works in the reverse or the obverse..even justice.

    Still on a high from Bersih, eh lunatic? That is pretty obvious from the lynch-mob mentality smoking in your empty cranium and swirling out your flaring nostrils as you bang the keyboard in demented rage and screamless angst.

    Got gassed or something for kicking a cop's butt to save either the old saggy filthy butt of a buttfucking fiend or the loose wormy twat of his female street-walking Indian whore. Aw touching to see a teary eyed lunatic baying for vengeance or retribution sans the evidence.

    Show us the evidence, madman and the police will do the rest for the Mongolian wench, the schizoid dead Chingkieboy or even the Indian car thief. Bless us all, those fellas in blue have better sense than you or everyone would be tinge of blue from death's glue...hahahaha. Seems to me you You might as well hire a quick draw to carry out your version of Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Paladin or even Missisipi Burning..but not Brokeback Mountain eh twatlouse?

    Aw..shit almost 1Malaysia aint it..i said oops...Mongolian ....Chingkie....Injun. Aiyah..too good to be true eh....all non -Malay and Non Muslim. Who cares for what happened to the woman who squatted "open" for the police, the boy who got bashed up to death in a Seremban hostel or even the Malay girl from Perlis who died nude in some swank condo or the boy who got buttfucked in another swank pad or the kid who got murdered by his PAS deranged ustadz....Ah..I see they are all Malays, Muslims... whose lives are not worth the street riots and hassle in this day and age of fast cars, fast gals, fast cash, instant indictment and summary justice sans evidence.

    Anyway have got something allergic with this thing called "evidence" right? How do I know? Well I said this:

    "Hei troll, why dont you cut and paste my stuff in a plagiarism search software and mouth off your findings. No balls for that?"

    and 72 hours on, you havent gobbed anything of note as yet? Aint got the cockmuscles or is your dick too small to even attempt a twitch let alone imitate a jack or did some demented lunatic cellmate throatfuck your throat to smithereens, aw poor thing?

    Seems to me you are in too deep into your delusion to even feel and sniff the shitty reality of yourself. Maybe you yanked at them emotional bars too hard in your pent-up angst that your mental cage is twisted beyond shape to contain your impotent rage.

    So I am not surprised with your own admission for as you just intimated to us all again (thats twice already), you are really cracked up, crackpot:

    "Like I said you really crack me up"

    What a shitpiece from some goddamn session of wasted cockthrusts and twatstretches, piggy squeals and bitchy yelps in some god forsaken dinghy room in a whorehouse.

    Warrior 231

  60. Anonymous11:03 pm

    anon @ 12:33 PM

    surely there are more critical issues than kugan, altantuya and beng hock??

    you sound like a old broken record lah ...

    P.S. your IQ definitely low class, is your a** laughed off oleady?

  61. Raja Deena9:29 am

    i know everyone is saying -- aah, how could tunku aziz not know? is he that blur? to not know what the DAP is all about?

    I was tempted to think the same. But when I really "studied" tunku aziz, i realized that he really did not know what the DAP is all about.

    All those years, he ahd been reading, and superficially, stuff of what Kit Siang and Guan Eng were sayign all seemed to be about.
    You know, fighters for democracy. But anyone could have fallen for those pretences and political deception.
    You have to be in the party to know what's going on.
    In Malay, Tunku is "lurus bedul". He sees things the way they seem to him.

    That the DAP is a chauvinistic party is lost to him because DAP leaders were all masquerading as liberal mult-racialists.

    That they are pro-freedom of the press/expression seemed obvious to him because of what these leaders spoke publicly.

    So, yes, Tunku Aziz was and probably still is lurus bendul. and hahaa, come one, he is no trojan horse.

    for now, a very disappointed (old) man.

  62. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Thanks to Warrior for those delicious spicy red hot rebuttals

    Some people out there are surely burnt charcoal black

    heh heh