Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blogger gets "accident" threat over Bersih postings

Spanking the Monkey blogger Dave Avran lodged a police report in Puchong this morning after getting a "friendly call" from a man who asked him to stop blogging about Bersih's Ambiga or risk an "accident". I've known Avran as a blogger since before I started blogging (in 2006) and can tell you that this guy does not make up stories. So when he told me about the call, I urged him to lodge a police report and ask our friendly Bandar Kinrara cops to check up on him once in a while ...

The call wasn't the only think that got him uneasy. Read Is the Spanker Famous or Infamous?


  1. Jasper Bloodstone4:35 pm

    Could be one of the burger vendors that set up shop outside Ambiga's house! LOL.

    Anyway, heavy breathing and veiled warnings are de rigeur modus operandi for politicians and their aides on both sides of the divide.

    I must admit that the hawking of burgers in a residential neighbourhood is carrying the concept of creative protests to a new paradigm.

    What next? Baku teh or char siew rice vendors setting up shop outside the residences of Perkasa luminaries?

    No need for permission or licences, as the burger vendors have shown the way....

  2. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Elo Latuk!,,,

    Kau tak ikut MAT-MAT Burger buka gerai di depan rumah Ambiga Ke!! as a protest PERHIMPUNAN BERSIH,,

    Mamat-mamat FUCKQuate ni claimed that dia orang rugi RM1000 kerana tak berniaga pada hari tersebut.

    Wow! kaya betul mamat-mamat ni,,apalagi DBKL kasi tengok,, dia orang ni ada LESEN ke???

    Kalu tak ada lesen, kasi angkut lah dalam LORI gerai tersebut!!! Kalu DBKL tak sanggup biar kita campakkan GERAI tersebut kat Sungai GOMBAK!!!

    LHDN apalagi kasi COMPOUND dia orang,,,for SURE tidak bayar CUKAI!!!


  3. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Elo Latuk!,,,

    Kau tak ikut MAT-MAT Burger buka gerai di depan rumah Ambiga Ke!! as a protest PERHIMPUNAN BERSIH,,

    Mamat-mamat FUCKQuate ni claimed that dia orang rugi RM1000 kerana tak berniaga pada hari tersebut.

  4. Anonymous9:47 pm


    kau tak nak ucap Burstday kat UMNO ke!!

    Ngapa dia claim dia dah 66 tahun???
    What happened to UMNO lama and Baru????

    Why TIPU rakyat????

    UMNO da TUA ek!! Elok di BUBAR je!!!!


  5. Anonymous1:29 am

    special dedication to bloodystone and skewedmoron

    "Singapore Airlines' full-year profit slumped 69 percent year-on-year after a fourth-quarter loss due to high oil prices and global economic uncertainty, the leading Asian carrier said on Wednesday.

    Net profit for the year to March plunged to S$336 million ($268 million) on group revenues of S$14.86 billion, the carrier reported in a statement.

    In the fourth quarter, the airline said it suffered a net loss of S$38.2 million, down from a profit of S$171 million in the same period a year ago."

    Warrior 231 is vindicated

    1. Jasper Bloodstone2:20 pm

      So what, dude?

      SIA made a profit for it's whole financial year of S$336 million, even if it incurred a net loss of S$38 million for the fourth quarter ended 31 March 2012.

      Profitable. Geddit? Unlike, say, MAS!

      Look at SIA's net profit figures:

      FY07/08: S$2.05 billion
      FY08/09: $1.06 billion
      FY09/10: $216 million
      FY10/11: $1.09 billion
      FY11/12: $336 million

      Corresponding figures for MAS, please?

      So, exactly, how is the warrior guy vindicated?

      If at all, he's wiping egg off his face in running down SIA, when it's MAS that got "bungkused"!

  6. Anonymous2:19 am

    dear pakatan dimwits

    setting up stalls is very kind, they should just camp around ambiga's house for months

    and demand to be compensated by ambiga's sugar daddies as a protest for citizens' rights to earn a living

    only then can achi of courage claim to have walked the talk

  7. Anonymous7:21 am

    Don't quite understand the last comment on SQ. What does it have to do with this thread ? Rocky, you sure have some dumbo commentators who can't understand England.


    1. Jasper Bloodstone6:58 pm

      I was responding to anon 1:29 AM who raised the topic in the first instance.

      You are right - it's not relevant to this thread.

      But the brumeister let it stand, so....

  8. Anonymous9:13 am

    After what happened to Tunku Aziz....What supoosed to be gentleman and fair play..and all I could say now is my foot..and now I begin to wonder how Oxon's Tony Puah could survived as a poodle in a peasantry environment of DAP...

    Prof Awe Kecik

  9. Anonymous11:37 am

    Your friend typical indian so much tody ...write rots and blurred most times....
    Now worry about threats ....and accidents!
    They should be careful with their mouth and brains.

  10. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Haa Rocky,

    Your Blogger Friend is learning that he can't have his Cake and eat it too!!

    It all comes with the Territory...You Should Read what Kadir Jasin Wrote about The Journalist being attacked by Police!

    He said that it comes with the job so don't complain!!

    Same with Bloggers!! You are exposed to all sorts of characters!
    All you need is one unstable feller and he'll make you shit in the pants!

    Advise? Don't get involved if you don't have the stomach for it!

    Joe Black

  11. Anonymous3:55 pm

    bayangkanlah kalau orang buka gerai jual daging babi depan rumah Rocky...apa akan jadi ??

    bodoh punya mamak !!

  12. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Dear Bro Rocks

    This anon here wrote so samseng maa, to typical of samseng Kg. Belacan, act samseng, talk samseng but no brain.

    Another thng why this Chingkies Jasper Blastard keep commenting on your blog. A singapore chingkies as he is, go and make good of his tiny country lah, rather than keep posting idiotic comment..typical maa...suke selak kain olang..


    1. Jasper Bloodstone4:52 pm

      Dei, malique - I seem to remember that you chickened out when confronted on the MAS-AirAsia imbroglio in the multiple threads on YB Wee CK's blog by yours truly and the Skilly dude.

      Was that a strategic retreat, then?

      And now you have resurfaced here! With the same nincompoopery, to coin a word.

  13. TeachAmbigaDemoin yourface11:42 am

    Opening burger stall in front of Ambiga is a stroke of genius by peace loving malaysians.

    Now it teach Ambiga and kooks you dont just create trouble and then expect to go home and then have a good laugh over thosai about how that policemen was kicked or how that police men was hit by a cone..

    She must be bursting with pride as she recived a skype call from
    US on her bravery...until the burger stall turn up at her doorstep.

    Now the demonstration is at her door step muahahahaha..

    As the Israelist said when they bombed crippeled palestine..dont expect to be a revolutionair and die in bed..

    1. Jasper Bloodstone2:37 pm

      Ooh...don't forget the butt wigglers extraordinaire who tried to emulate the Folies Bergere dancers...pity that they are a tad out of shape, though.

      Still, their patriotism and maruahness is to be praised. As, too, their initiative - when you are devoid of ideas, just go and wiggle your butts.

      I hope their "performance" has been immortalised in YouTube-land. Who knows - it may even have been included in Barack Obama's daily briefing notes under the heading "Light Relief".

      Speaking of Obama, it will be interesting to see how many "movers and shakers" the PM gets to meet during his current "working visit" to the US. The list, thus far, has been rather unedifying.

  14. Anonymous1:51 am

    The butt exercise and the burger thing kinda refereshing and cool actually. The Bersih dudes always associate themselves with intellectualism of some sort. Guess the right to speak up bit work both ways. The intellects vs the dumb ass I supposed. Both in their own ways are expressing themselves. Go figure

  15. Anonymous12:03 am

    AIR AMBIGA. Now everyone can demo...