Monday, March 05, 2012

Victims of Badu

Metro's report below.

I don't wish to write about this particular politician on my blog anymore. Really. The guy may have sent the cops to my home a while ago for something I wrote but that's the downside of what I do. Sometimes I get sued and sometimes I get invited to Bukit Aman. No sweat. I've given this politician enough publicity he doesn't need in return. 

But this thing over a police report lodged against a stupid tweet of a young Malaysian, Umair al-Zubair, upset by Information Minister Rais Yatim's decision to cancel Erykah Badu's concert is really stupid, if you ask me. Maybe the cancellation of the concert won't dent the country's image, but the police report lodged by a politician against a tweet is excessive and extreme, and it will dent something. The minute the police detains the young man, the image of the police takes a beating. And rightly or wrongly, the image of the government will take a beating along with the police's.

This is not the first time a BN politician has lodged a police report against the social media since Najib Razak took over from a cyberspace-unfriendly Prime Minister. Rais  himself has dragged bloggers to the courts to settle matters. Ironically, he is the Minister in charge of the social media and blogs.  

Stupid is as stupid does. 


  1. Mazlan12:43 pm

    This is not the only thing this Minister gets up.
    Has anyone yet followed up about the most expensive laptops in the world that somehow was approved by MCMC that just so happens to be provided by a company his son has an interest in?
    And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Everyone in the media and IT industry knows all the shenanigans this Minister has been up to.
    Yet - despite this endless list of poor performance - Najib has retained him as a minister.
    Remember this Minister has switched sides many times - so how can he be trusted?

  2. Anonymous12:56 pm

    You as well

  3. Dato

    This is one 'fossil' that our PM should not lined up in the upcoming PRU.

    It's time for this group of 'dinosaurs' to go and give way to new faces.

    Ramai anak muda kata sumpah tak vote BN kalau muka-muka lama ni ada lagi.

  4. Skilgannon10666:00 pm

    As if a tat on an hitherto low-profile singer is going to shake the faith of hundreds, nay thousands, of impressionable teens.

    Roll on, Lady Gaga. I am looking forward to her 2 shows in Singapore.

    Sold-out shows too!

    Let's see how many Malaysians take their ringgit to Singapore for this!

  5. Anonymous10:08 pm

    What a red herring!

    AK sold his business for Billions and tax payers money was used to buy it - but not a whimper from those who are quick to whack the Ah Bengs!

    Anyone getting some of the proceeds to carry on whacking the folks now in the Federal opposition?


  6. Rais? A big yawn. Stop writing about this fella who is becoming irrelevant.
    Just ignore this unimportant person.Let him stew in his own juice.
    Rais, you are such a control freak. Enjoy it while it lasted.
    Soon, it's good-bye to you.

  7. Ellese10:55 pm

    Had seen him recently and this minister is out of touch with the urban people and communications. He's lost it. In this age you just can't use a hammer sledge approach. It's all about persuasion n counter information. A pity.

  8. Becareful rock, you might get sue by this politician for malicious intent. He looks weary of criticism since election is coming and his days as cabinet minister are numbered

  9. Anonymous10:59 pm

    I think that tweet is representative of how many thousands other youth feel about the minister. It is his right to lodge a police report but then again it is the people's right to reject him in next GE.

  10. yup ppl shud jz reject old face~

  11. Charles F Moreira6:20 am

    That so-called "tattoo" was just body paint and Badu did not have it on when she was in Malaysia.

    However, given the strong sentiments aroused among some by her photo in The Star, could it be possible that there could have been some violence had her concert been allowed to proceed?

    That appears to be what your "dear friend" minister was concerned about, though it could also be an election tactic to appease some quarters who may otherwise switch to vote for the opposition, especially for PAS if the concert was allowed.

  12. Anonymous11:35 am

    rocky...please answer me. how do i vote BN into the gov for the next term but minus those stupid and corrupt politicians? at the moment, i have no idea.


  13. Anonymous12:12 pm


    Lagi Lagi Bantai Rais...

    Ini dah Jadi Vendetta Ma..

    Why don't you ask najib to Appoint you instead as Media Minister?
    Tak Dapat Kan?

    Ahhhh Itu lah ...Kawan Baik Baik lah dengan Rosmah...Suruh Lah Girlfriend You tu Pass a Good word.

    Jangan Harap Nak Tumbangkan Rais...Dia ada Fixed Deposit dengan Najib...

  14. Dr Mahathir lamented the loss or absence of our traditions somewhere recently.

    Where did we get our censorship culture from?

    The UK which prides itself as the epitome of law and culture but from the from pages of its elite Cambridge King James bibles are banned any imtelligent commnent.

    We can't expect Dr Rais to perfect our democracy.

  15. Anonymous1:17 pm


    Kalau da ajak orang bakar rumah.. itu bukan ugutan ke? cuba kalau ada orang tuju ayat ni pada datuk, takan datuk buat donno je kan. walaupun datuk and Datuk Rais tu penah gaduh² manja... to be fair, he has the right to make police report over such statement. similar with what happen with two idiots who posted treat to PM. kalau statement sekadar kutuk or hina yela lucu nak press charge. ini nak bakar rumah orang? hehe pasal Eryka Badu je? choi!

  16. Anonymous5:49 pm

    heran lah semua orang marah RAIS, tapi takder orang nak marah dekat STAR yang bertungkus lumus mendapatkan gambar erykah ada tatu gambar allah..

    dan gambar tu pula adalah kerana..sila rujuk dalam artikel dato rocky

    patutnya marah kepada STAR yang sengajanya menyebabkan erykah diband....growup lah people that orang tua actually doing his job and yet get threaten...STAR that actually purposely korek gambar erykah yang kontrovesi letak kat front apge semua orang buta buat tak tak tau...?

    kalau nak ugut go ugut STAR editiriol lah...faggots...

  17. I have seen and read a lot on Mahathir being called numerous names. All not very pleasant names, some are associated with animals and insects. Wonder when will Mahathir going to make a polis report.

    Same goes to you Rocky, bila nak buat lapuran polis?

  18. Anonymous8:31 pm

    berhentila hentam menteri ni..... nampak sangat sdr punya dendam yang membara terhadap beliau. Dan semakin nampak sangat pula sikap sdr yang buruk

  19. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Please read SatD for better understanding of the subject. My own opinion:
    I've no problem with Badu. She's just ignorant. No malice on her part.
    My problem is on why that Paper choose to print that material. Their explaination which was printed a few days ago just don't hold waters.

  20. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Ketua Kampong,

    Rais dll yang berlambak dekat PM's Dept Tak Payah Bertanding...

    Mereka ni di Pilih atas Kasih Najib..

    Jadi tak payah lah nak berharap sangat OK?

  21. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Anon 10:59 sez:

    > think that tweet is representative of how many thousands other youth feel about the minister

    dun forget #yorais

    We have out of date uptight dinosaur leading us. Jom tukar!

  22. Anonymous11:45 pm

    when the hon minister was young this country was covered by forests and there were ocassional elephants crossing the road..even tigers. He has that image forever imprinted in his mind without the aid of digital technology. He has history in him and without him gomen controlled media will lose its historical halo. So it is no coincidence that Rtm has lots of historical stories ..mostly jiwang & feeling stories :-(
    Private media is business and market oriented and we cant really compare them with rtm..its like comparing jam with tempoyak..:-)
    So the hon info minister is needed to ensure that we do not forget our roots. Listen to him talk..its mellow,aged and...just like tempoyak.

  23. Anonymous7:21 am

    What are you all complaining about? Freedom of Speech? There is freedom of speech in Malaysia. Ask UMNO. There is NO freedom AFTER speech, that's all. Under UMNO that has always been the case. I worry about your faith in UMNO. Malaysia boleh!

  24. Anonymous4:46 pm

    sejak baca bloq dato (2010), saya dapati dato tidak akan melepaskan peluang utk menghentam Rais, dendamkah?. sudah2 la. dah la reputasi dato jatuh sebab minta maaf secara terbuka kepada kalimullah, ini lagi. boring la dato. mcm tiada modal lain nak ckp ka? menteri itu tidak pun mengacau dato, kan da kena saman takan nak minta maaf lagi nanti!!!!

  25. Anonymous8:30 am

    Dear Rocky Bru,

    I have to agree with some commentators here that your tone of writing seems to have grudges against Rais Yatim.

    Although he (Rais Yatim) can just ignore the threat, I think it is his right also to make a police report.

    Responsible people cannot just write instigating comments like that without being responsible for it.

    Let him (the tweeter guy) try making a joke at LA airport with the custom saying his missing C4 luggage could be on Air Force1 !

    People have the right to say what they want, be responsible for it and dont say something stupid like that !

  26. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Alaaaa.... just ignore this old school caught and trapped in this new school age.
    I am myself an old school but I woke up quickly though painfully and accepted that change is the only constant thing that evolves and revolves :-)