Monday, March 05, 2012

Bitching about poor penetration at home ...

Someone should give Anwar Ibrahim an award for badmouthing his own country and his own people. Latest, he told the Deccan Herald that the gap between the rich and the poor and corruption were the two main issues in Malaysia but then went on to whine about everything else, including a media that he said was not free.
“There is a sham democracy. The situation in Burma is better than Malaysia because Burmese opposition politician Aung San Suu Ki has better access to media than any of the opposition leaders in Malaysia,” he said adding that though they can resort to alternate media like the internet, blogs etc, the penetration of the same is rather poor.
Now, we remember how "free" the Press was when Anwar was Deputy Prime Minister in the Nineties, don't we? When editors of mainstream media, except for one, were handpicked by him, enriched by him and who pledged loyalty to only  him, not the party nor the profession. Some of us still remember when these editors would be so brave and bold as to publish Anwar Ibrahim's pieces on the front page and the main item for prime time news for days and relegated the Prime Minister's speeches and statements to the inside pages!

Ah, the good old days, eh, DSAI, when you had us journalists under your thumb!

Oh, but I digressed. Read his latest rantings h e r e.


  1. Anonymous10:30 am

    ok ok Anwar has to apologize for the past mistakes like Najib did. Anwar has awaken but not Najib.


    1. Anonymous10:26 am

      BL, I don't get it. Najib already apologized, but not yet awaken...Anwar HAS to apologize, but is awaken? Care to explain?

  2. Pure bullshit from Anwar. He is the last person to talk about democracylah, he is Ketua Umum, an unelected supreme leader in his own party, PKR, refusing to even participate in an election held by his own party.

  3. "Ah, the good old days, eh, DSAI, when you had us journalists under your thumb!"

    Did you succumb too or maintained your journalistic integrity and independence? Then and now.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

    1. Anonymous10:28 am

      I've never once read yor comments here that's not personal in nature. Why the personal attack?

    2. Anonymous1:20 pm

      Everyone has their own agendas and so do this dpp chap. He has issues.


  4. Anonymous11:51 am

    From the report that is linked: Anwar was in Mangalore on a private visit to take part in a religious programme in Puttur.

    What religious programme in Puttur? Hindu?

  5. Anonymous12:12 pm

    ahh. now it remind me of the good old time when anwar was the DPM.

    no headache, just go and cover his event and pass it to the editors. rest of the story is edited into a rosy story by these machais.

    no need to go for kit siang or hj hadi or nik aziz or karpal singh office to get their story as they wont get an inch in the newspaper.

    at the end of the year, you'll get your bonus.

  6. Anonymous12:24 pm

    What Anwar said is absolutely true, and it will be demonstrated clearly at the upcoming GE.

    Latuk Locky: So you agree that the twin problems of rich vs poor divide and corruption are the main afflictions for Bolehland ?

    Make a stand lah on these issues, and don't divert the main thrust (ahem) of the article.


  7. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Yep. You are spot on.
    Most journalists will be able to confirm this.
    From his own uncle to his machais, he was "controlling" the media.
    He even used it to kill off his political nemesis.
    That is why it is laughable to suggest that Press freedom exists.
    Everybody takes sides. Everybody uses the media.
    The funny thing is that as a journo, you can be maligned today but become a hero the next day. All you need to do is take sides...


  8. Anwar...
    Org burma akan sokong kau. Tolong buat kempen depan kotaraya masa weekend. Sekian, terima kasih.

  9. Anonymous1:00 pm

    "Anwar was in Mangalore on a private visit to take part in a religious programme in Puttur"

    Do they have Islamic gathering in Puttur?

    or Hindu gathering?

    or Pluralism gathering?

    Could anyone shed some light on gathering in Puttur?


  10. "Ah, the good old days, eh, DSAI, when you had us journalists under your thumb!"

    Did you succumb too or maintained your journalistic integrity and independence? Then and now.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

    11:46 AM


    Dear DPP,

    By the time Anwar became DPM, I had just become the Acting Editor of Business Times.

    Until his sacking, Anwar did not manage to have control of the English dailies within the New Straits Times Press (NST, Malay Mail and Business Times). A. Kadir Jasin refused to kow tow. Remember the Empat Budak Melayu story, the fight between Anwar's boys and AKJ?

    Anwar had almost everything else under his supervision, especially the Malay papers and radio and tv, including TV3, of course. Whoever owned these media back then ruled, OK or not OK. The only problem for Anwar was, Mahathir saw what he was up to.

    Remember, the 4 Budak Melayu were not just editors/journalists. They include the CEO of the media organisation. Anwar was very thorough in making sure of his control over these organisations.

    These editors/bosses were under his thumb. People like me were under these editors/bosses' thumbs. So you can imagine how difficult it was for many of us.

    I was lucky I was in Business Times, so we got to be more independent. We enjoyed greater Press freedom because we were not under Anwar.

  11. Hahaha, poor penetration, I like this. Wasn't he doing the penetration all this while?
    Now you have answered our questions why was Anwar always in the front pages of the NST group. And Of course TV3.
    Even my grand-pa, who reads the BH, was wondering who was the PM then. Was it Anwar or Dr Mahathir?
    He must be in the front page.
    Bet you if he becomes PM, he will play the same game again. God help the media.
    To have a taste of what's to come, just go to the Anwaristas blogs especially Din Merican.
    All the comments from pro-BN readers are deleted.
    Aha, so he's in India for a religious gathering. Of course he gets away with it. Yeah, our international man.
    If it's Najib, he will turn it into an issue. Remember Najib's prescence at the Thaipusam festival in Batu Caves.

  12. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Iam just saying....

    According to this extensive studies, males who had any homosexual contact within 12 month period prior to the interview were much more likely to experience bipolar disorder, panic disorder, major depression, agoraphobia and obsessive compulsive disorder.


  13. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Bila agak nya FITNAH anwar nak makan dirinya sendiri

  14. Anonymous11:47 pm


    Very funny

    Doesn't Anwar rule the media, especially the internet one?

    This kind game is sickening

  15. Charles F Moreira7:04 am

    Our total broadband Internet penetration rate was already 62.3% as of the end of 2011, according to MCMC figures, with a total or 5,686,900 household and non-household broadband subscriptions.

    Of that, there were 4,270,400 household subscriptions out of a total of 6,674,200 households in Malaysia and 1,416,500 non-household subscriptions.

    Every household subscription is usually shared by several people, such as three in my own home.

    The bigger question is the national distribution of broadband subscriptions, which generally are concentrated in the major cities and certain states, Selangor having the highest penetration of all states.

    However, is broadband penetration alone the only issue in favour of the opposition?

    Past election results have alternately seen swings in favour and against the BN, while Internet penetration had steadily risen.

    The Internet is neutral and just as it give a chance for pro-opposition views to be heard, it also gives a chance for pro-BN views.

    I recall at a talk in 2007 by David Sasaki of the NGO Global Voices Online, Elizabeth Wong mentioned how hampered she was without Internet access in a rural area.

    So I guess they don't know how to campaign face-to-face in real space.

    If the vote swings in favour of the BN in the 13th GE, it will blow apart the myth of the efficacy of Internet penetration in aiding the opposition, since broadband penetration today is very much more than in March 2008, in fact over twice or maybe even three times more, so what rubbish is Anwar is talking about, when India has much lower broadband penetration, and where over half the population have mobile phones, while only about a third have ACCESS to a toilet (not have a toilet buy only ACCESS to one), while the rest have to defaecate on the ground.

    "Minachi, I'm shitting behind a bush now, call you back after I'm done."

    At the end of the day, what really matters in electoral politics is how well both sides can convince the electorate that they can better address the electorate's key concerns and how well the winner fulfills its promises.

  16. Anonymous9:04 am

    man this anwar really hate malaysia...i wonder why he still want to be PM of malaysia???

    what a shame this kind of guys talk loud but no action at all..

    what right he has to be invited at that occasion anyways? expert of liberal islam perhaps?

  17. Anonymous10:24 am

    Ha..Ha..Some Chinaman trying to say that the Rich-Poor divide is them and you will be in hell fire, O Malays...they will be the one that makes you poor, they will be the ones that cheats you, they will be the ones that sembelih you...Dont believe them, trust Rocky Bru...they will sell their mother just for money like they will demonstrate where there is money like sponsors of anti Lynas getting monet from China Rare Earth plant but they will not demonstrate in BERSIH...that is left to PAStards

  18. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Only the Drama King knows how to use the word PENETRATION at its best :-))))

  19. Anonymous3:58 pm

    ...Excuse me please, When we moan about ' poor penetration', are we refering to something else..??