Saturday, March 10, 2012

The "Nambikei" factor behind Najib's latest approval ratings

So, the PM's approval ratings have soared. Many of us could sense that but it helps when an independent party like the Merdeka Centre is the one saying it. Read PM's Approval Ratings Go up. What I find interesting is the Indian support that Najib Razak seems to have garnered: 80 per cent of the Indian respondents are solidly behind him! Back in the 2008 general elections, the Indian voters almost completely turned against the BN government and voted for Pakatan Rakyat. Four years on and after many broken promises, they seem to be wiser.

Najib's track record where the ordinary Indians are concerned speaks for itself:

o From 2009 to 2011 the Government has spent RM340 million for SJKTs which comprises of RM240,536,325 in development expenditures, RM30,000,000 through the Ministry of Finance and RM69,900,000 through Bantuan Modal via the Ministry of Education.  
o This RM340 million has been spent and executed on a total of 258 projects that includes new buildings, kindergartens, repairing roofs, upgrading canteens, library, toilets, wiring etc. In terms of new school blocks and new classrooms, a total of 75 new blocks with 680 classrooms were built from these allocations. 
o The operational expenditures for SJKTs between 2009 and 2011 amounts to RM1,656,250,014.  
o In the recent 2012 budget, RM100 million was allocated to SJKTs. This special allocation will be spent in a total of 369 schools. 
o Above and beyond this, the Government has also facilitated funding through the Community Chest where 6 schools received a total of RM5 million in 2011. They are SJKT RRI Sungai Buloh, SJKT Kuala Pilah, SJKT Slim River, SJKT Batu Caves, SJKT Telok Datoh and SJKT Methodist, Buntong. 
o In continuing his efforts to develop Tamil schools, PM Najib recently announced on 26 February 2012, that the Government will ensure that 1 new block will be constructed for SJKT Methodist Kapar and 3 new blocks with 24 class rooms for SJKT Simpang Lima. The cost of this is estimated to be approximately RM9 million. 
o In terms of the numbers of Tamil schools, and in addition to increasing the number from 523 to 524 after Paya Besar in Kedah got a new Tamil school, the Cabinet approved 6 new Tamil schools in Perak, Selangor, Johor and Kedah, bringing the total number up to 530.  
o In addition to all of this, the Government has channeled funding to Indian community NGOs to work with SJKTs and parents to improve the capabilities of children attending these schools.

The 2011 UPSR results is clearly an indication that with these improved Tamil school environments, building and infrastructure, and the full commitment of dedicated teachers and parents, the ultimate beneficiaries are the children going to school at SJKTs. Between 2009 and 2011, there has been 47% increase in the number of Tamil school students achieving 7As. 

Now, with solid Indian "Nambikei:" (trust) and 74 per cent Malay support in hand, Najib's concern now are the Chinese voters. In Johor, where the PM's spend the last two days pounding the pavements that will lead him to PRU13, the signs are encouraging. One China man told me: "They say the Chinese are all pro-Opposition. Don't make the mistake of painting Chinese voters with the same brush. We Johor Chinese are different." 

How different, he can't say exactly. But development proejcts in Iskandar, Danga Bay, Rapid, the fast train, joint-development with Singapore, and the latest RM22 billion Mersing push are pulling a lot of support for both state government and Putrajaya. Even the Chinese from mainland China and the Chinese from Singapore are involved in these projects! Needless to say, the economic excitement has also caught the attention of the Pakatan Rakyat people who are going all out to try and gain as much ground in Johor during the next general election.



  1. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Rocky, while all the help to the Indian community is appreciated, can I reiterate here that "Indians" does not mean assistance should go to Tamils alone. All the millions that the government has poured to the community only goes to the Tamils. The minorities within the minorities are not beneficiaries of this aid as the MIC channels it only to the Tamil speaking community. So the silent minority within the Indian minority such as the Sikhs, Gujeratis, Sindhis, Brahmins, Malayalees,Bengalis, Marutis,Gurkhas etc etc have to fend for themselves. We have no godfathers and Nambikei's. Perhaps Najib's administration should address this seriously as we have been Loyal supporters of BN out of want of stability and solidarity, yet we are neglected. Thanks for appreciating the above comments

  2. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Please continue to vote for Pakistan if the Indian want better deal. Whatever mentioned here are measures that should be done by a non discriminating gov including the opposition not after being rejected by voters after the last election. If bn was to be given a better mandate they will take thig for granted again and Indian will be again a forgotten group. So don't fall for these election goodies we need a better mon corrupted gov to develops this country. To vote fr bn means to support more sharizat like families

  3. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Do not get carried away with the PM's approval ratings. More than half are not happy with the govt. That's more important.

  4. Jasper Bloodstone2:35 pm

    Front page report in today's Singapore Business Times: " Najib rolls out the red carpet for S'pore SMEs"

    Ismail Ibrahim, chief executive of IRDA: "We will very much look towards Singapore businesses to come here, and this interest is already happening as I have regular contact with the business community in Singapore and whenever I have any discussions, I will consult them."

    The PM announced an investment of RM24.5 billion in 32 projects in three key areas: security, public transport and physical outlook and infrastructure. These will improve conditions in the Iskandar zone as well as the rest of southern Johor.

    Of the 32 projects announced by the PM, up to 10 are specific to addressing security concerns. These include an integrated CCTV system and 138 community police posts to be set up by 2020 across Iskandar Malaysia.

    How is the Opposition going to counter this?

    Will the developments in the Iskandar zone leave the rest of Johor feeling 2nd class and deprived, especially those without close proximity to Singapore.

    Will the promised high-skill and high-paying jobs in the Iskandar zone herald a wave of prosperity in Johor or will the SMEs remit the bulk of their profits back to their home countries?

  5. Anonymous2:41 pm


    Great...All the Oldies Love Najib and the Young Ones Don't.

    Let's see if the number of voters above 60 can exceed the number of voters below 60.

    That way we know what the final outcome will be!

    Joe Black

  6. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Yeh! Feel good and pat your backs each other for Najib's rating. The Indians have woken and not going to be deceived. They know that it is raayat's money which they have been marginalised for the last 30 years. We welcome his apology for this marginalization, however we dont see any positive changes to alleviate the situation. Najib is sincere, however they are many Napoleons who are reluctant to change.

  7. Nurul3:45 pm

    Dear Rocky.

    Are you sure Chinese support in Johore solid.I was with UPEN officer last week.He told me Johore will lose another 10 seats to PKR in all in major town including Bandar Iskandar.Chua Joo Ming is more effective than Chua soo Lick.

    With regard to Indian support to BN,they are marginal support.Even in Sungai Siput,The Malay nad Chinese voters Assuming all the Indian vote for MIC candidate,BN still cant win.

  8. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Nambikei the perfect word the PM chooze for this years PRU 13.......
    Bravo datuk for highligting this as the rakyat must know the meaning which the PM is trying to elobarate to them.......
    Salam 1 Malaysia....

  9. What "Nambikei" factor! Porah!
    Too many bones in the closet, cakap tak serupa bikin, playing the racial/religious card, big time capitalist, loyalty doubtful, full of sloganeering....jadi how to nambikei!

  10. Anonymous7:12 pm

    nambikei or not, kudos to najib for the great job. a true "rakyat di dahulukan, pencapaian di utamakan"

  11. spencer667:47 pm

    there are more, but the question is, isnt it the responsibility of the government of the day with full access to public funds can dispense and distribute such funds at their discretion and privilege they deem fit. provided of course, thru some fanciful and rhetorical paper work and hitler's Reichstag type speeches to justify a mean and the all concealing agenda totally immersed in postulates.

  12. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Undi melayu, india memadai buat BN. Undi Cina tidak lagi penting. Kaum Cina tamak dan orang tamak selalu rugi. Jika BN menang, Kerajaan tidak perlu lantik wakil kaum Cina sbb mereka pro-pembangkang.

  13. so now merdeka centre gets some credibility rating eh?

  14. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Dato Seri Najib,

    You just earned my vote.

    After a while you can sort of tell the Pakatan Rakyat is all talk, no action. Besides, the never ending politicking in Pakatan Rakyat is just non sense.

    However, be warned, I may change my mind if you keep the same goons in your cabinet. You know who should go... just do it!

    Middleclass Indian Boy

  15. Purple Haze3:42 am

    I really wish that Malaysians discontinue thinking along racial lines.

    We are all from different ethnic groups but everyone should get help where assistance is needed, not just becsue one belongs to any particular ethnic grouping.

  16. Anonymous8:03 am

    What is your boss waiting for ? 90 pct support ? He's got no balls to call for elections lah...if he gets less than 2/3rds, my friend Mooheedin will kill off your boss.


  17. Anonymous11:07 am

    Merdeka center? Independent? Najib? Indian Support? Good sunday morning humor. If this was a news paper, I'd be wiping my ass with it..

  18. Just hope that the PM Najib and BN don't get too carried away with the approval ratings.

    NFC issue is still a burning issue and luckily the Civil Servant pay issue has been dramatically rescued though questions remained why the SBPA was allowed to go through in the first instance.

  19. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Forget about the chinese voters. They don't deserve to have chinese rep in BN govt. MCA chief already clarify that they won't accept senatorship for ministerial post anymore.

    All chinese will surely vote for opposition, nor matter how hard MCA or Gerakan want to win them. Let the chinese be outsiders as in Sarawak govt now.


  20. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Najib is the worst PM in Malaysia playing money politics so much that BN will expect biggest lost in this coming PRU. Yes it gives lots of benefits to Indian and chinese communities but people easily understood his money politics will only make him the most desperado and a loser lot. Believe me.

  21. Anonymous4:05 pm

    i am malay. i never vote the first 4 PRu in my life time. i did vote for the previous one, and i will never vote for Najib if he is the one to take another lead. His father may be good but the son is not necessarily good.

  22. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Pakatan was voted in thru paklah and sil

    now no more paklah and oxford boy means pr will lose more votes

    only greedy chinese will vote dap and try to instigate indians to vote pkr/dap while the Malay Muslims will be coached to vote pas pis pus

  23. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Joe Black: Great...All the Oldies Love Najib and the Young Ones Don't.

    Joe, I'm 26. Me and my friends we like Najib as PM. And we also like KJ, who is cool.

    The rest of the BN ministers not quite sure.

    Anak Malaysia

  24. Anonymous7:35 pm

    haha....dato, all this are done because the Indians voted for the opposition in the last GE....and we all know that BR1M 500 also because Penang state gov gave RM100 first. Ini kes ikut believe me, after the next GE, BN will lose more although they may still hold Putrajaya.

  25. Anonymous7:46 pm

    The indians have been screwed since Najib 's father days...and screwed wholesale all through the years!
    Funny is'nt ? Ya they moan and cry and each election they are BN lovers.Is there a secret in them ! Any case sturdy?

  26. Minyak Man7:48 pm

    Meanwhile, in Penang...

  27. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Opps... Ajib rating going up is a myth like hang tuah!

  28. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Good analysis Rocky, with data and all. It will be good if you can also furnish what was done by the same BN government during the 10 years before the 2008 tsunami.

  29. Anonymous9:28 pm

    1 sekolah untuk semua. Hmm all this points you raise are all points you personally oppose as a supporter of

    Isn't all this spending something you should oppose?

  30. Anonymous2:37 am

    Tan Sri locky,

    Congratulations Tan Sri !

  31. Anonymous6:26 am

    haha godfather

    remember Muhyiddin declares he's Malay first

    chinese like you will sit by the longkang and stare into space lah

    cannot even afford a computer to upset Datuk Rocky anymore

  32. Anonymous9:18 am

    I dont understand Najib.
    Why do you need to court the chinese?
    They dont want you, let them be lah!

    The real king makers are Malays.
    Get 80% of the vote of the Malays and you dont need the chinese.
    All the funds that you want to waste trying to gain lost ground among the chinese is a waste. Use that money to bring back Malay unity. Use that money to court the malays.
    Indians have been coming back to you. Look after the indians too. Let the chinese live in their cocooned fairy tale world, the nation moves forward without them.

    80% malay vote, 80% indian vote, and cina kui's gets erased into oblivion. No need to waste money giving them projects or funds lah. No need to give government positions, no need to have cina ministers. Dah banyak kali cakap.. tak suka , balik cina lah ..

  33. Kita Menang should be the BN GE slogan. It means that we are winners now and forever will be if we vote BN.
    BN should stop being modest. Shout your success. And don't be defensive.
    Fight the Pakatan braggarts.

  34. Anonymous10:42 am

    We Johor Chinese are different because we're running dogs.

  35. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Fake Godfather 10.30 pm

    Yes, ignore the Chinese. Tell them to balik tongsan. Those who don't or won't balik tongsan, keep them in opposition territory. In 30 years, they will become less than 20 pct of population. Then UMNO goons can tell the Chinese to sit quietly or fuck off. Problem with this scenario is that 30 years from now, UMNO goons will be in charge of a bankrupt country and their inbreeding will mean that they can all sit by the roadside selling goreng pisang.

    Real Godfather

  36. Jasper Bloodstone2:23 pm

    Anon 6:18 PM

    It's a pity then that China is one of Malaysia's biggest trading partners.

    And sidelining any particular community isn't good politics or good business, especially when capital can move at the click of a mouse.

    Oh, wait - there's always "capital controls"....

    been there, done that.

  37. Anonymous2:43 pm

    In wholehearted agreement with you,anon 9.18am. Maybe the shithead is trying too hard for his own good in desperately attempting to live up to the prime minister for all Malaysians tag. No such thing ever existed nor will ever exist, mark my words.

    65% of the Malay vote are with BN while another 12 to 15% will hop onto the bandwagon provided the shithead quits his shameless, aimless and ultimately fruitless smooching with the arsefucking sluttwat humping twofaced Chingkie bastards. What the dickhead should do is use his limited resources to woo those 12-15% and leave the Chingkies to rot in their self created hell. After all, my own ground estimation show that on current sentiment 151 to153 seats are BN's and 175 is attainable if Najib adopts the strategy I just outlined given that vast swaths of the Malay and other pribumi electorate now understand that Chingkie economic hegemonism and their unbridled greed are the main cause for Malaysia's problems and are bristling with anger to teach the Chingkie bastards a bloody lesson.

    Let's see what happens if they are reduced to inconsequential cuntlickers.thats when we hit these motherfucking tax evaders hard with a wealth tax plus an exit tax if they try to hoard their ill gotten gains or attempt to run away with it

    Warrior 231

  38. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Rocky, you tengah Siok Senderi kot ??

  39. Anonymous6:57 pm

    anon @ 9:18 AM

    totally agree with you, after all their numbers are dwindling into a minor minority

    they go around thinking they have the RIGHT to punish Najib and Tun Dr M

    macam datuk nenek dia punya negeri

    sedar lah diri tu

  40. Anonymous7:00 pm

    anon @ 8:00 PM

    during the 10 years before the 2008 tsunami, foreign agents were grooming a youngster to influence UMNO/BN machinery

    in order to destroy UMNO from within, like the gift of a trojan horse

    but after sleepyhead, Najib is cleaning up and doing a great job

  41. Jasper Bloodstone12:46 pm

    Heh, heh....the warrior must have been really wanked around by the Stanford coeds during his recent stint in Palo Alto...

    After having his masculinity bruised by the "infidels" in the Golden State, he has to rebuild his compromised ego by rabbiting on in this forum about the might of demographics.

    Let's see if the BN and Dumno have the guts, nay the balls, to put this into practice.

    As they say, talk is bladdy cheap. But, then, NATO is a hallmark of these blathering numbskulls!

  42. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Fake Godfather 1.56 pm

    Who told you to balik tongsan? Bolo punya olang.

    You should be in opposition territory - Yes! You should work hard for Malaysia la Bolo! You should work hard hard hard all the time. Malaysia needs you as hard working population ma.

    Then UMNO goons can rule you la bolo. Umno goons will never tell the Chinese to sit quietly or fuck off. UMNO goons needs you as one group of opposition la. Easy to maintain meh!

    30 years from now, UMNO goons will be in charge of a clean country and their inbreeding will mean that they can all sit by and enjoy the goreng pisang fried hot hot by the roadside seller of the opposition goons.

    Thank you Latuk Locky.

    Real Godfather

  43. Anonymous11:40 pm


    jasper aka skill.. is a type of person who loved to lick,sucked and eat your sp*rm!

    dont waste it to this type of people which only love to steal,spread lies,a (not even) half truth story and cheat (in fact apply to all other DAP goon) hijacked other people `intellectual
    property' copyright.

    this kind people do not deserve any attention...just scroll down.

    we believe an honest, defending his/her religion the person will always be blessed (NUR) by the god almighty

    let them rot to the core...

  44. Anonymous1:43 am

    In walks an idiotic voyeur and closet faggot to spout his now obligatory garbage in his neverending quest to massage an infantile ego and to caress a stumpy puny cock and his undescended balls. All his threats about are nothing but empty verbiage, a verbal diarrhea induced by his obvious lack of testicular fortitude and his fear of the inevitable.

    Friends were telling me how they were cringing in embarrassment as they witnessed Najib's recent humiliation by the arsefucking Chingkies in Johore. Yeah, I m referring to that event where morose looking Chingkie unwashed arseholes were pocketing packets of cash with nary a word of thanks even as Najib was doling out the nation's wealth. Where is your dignity, Najib, when you have to shamelessly entreat an unresponsive and unreceptive bunch of hypocritical filthy bastards who think they are morally fit to lead the clarion call for change? Morally fit, my arse! For ultimately the Chingks are nothing more than a bunch of thieving,swindling,pimping and cheating dickheads who would have no qualms of selling their mothers for bag of lucre

    Demographic data will show that the Chingkies are fast disappearing from the Malaysian landscape with birthrates and replenishment rates scrapping the barrel.Hardly uprising given many Chingkie whores prefer to hawk twats rather than taking in their men's stumpy lil chancred cocks.

    Electoral data will show the scum opting for paranoid racist pigs rather than moderate pragmatic Malaysians. Additionally, the bastards have this supremacist notion of being kingmakers when cuntlickers is more like it.

    Given those two realities, it is puzzling why Najib is ignoring his core constituency, the pribumis. Dei fuckheads Najib, let me give ya tip. Study the Sarawak polls data in detail and answer me as to why the pribumis opted for BN when the Chingkie horde was leaping onto the DAP bandwagon? Common sense will intimate that they should have gone along with their Christo coreligionists at the very least but reality screamed otherwise. Ask them why and they will ya, they have better faith in their pribumi Malay brethren rather than ever depositing their trust in two faced, two-timing triple hole fucking Chingkie bastards. The very same sentiments many Malays are embracing with gusto the peninsular over.

    So quit ingratiating yourself to them Chingkie pimpwhores and embrace the Pribumi agenda wholeheartedly to consign the filthy Chingkie scumbags to the scrap heap of history. And don't fear any China for the Chingkies there only focus on monetary returns irrespective of place plus only selected citizens for special missions like the nuclear secrets thief, Wen Ho Lee are worthy of the motherland's protection NOT the runaway or castaway pimps, whores, swindlers, thieves, opium addicts and peddlersetc who landed on our shores as maruahless pendantang scumbags and slimepoops two centuries ago.

    Warrior 231

  45. Anonymous11:21 am

    Absolutely right, Warrior 231. These whoring, asslicking Chingkies should be ignored. Their voices will drown with the passage of time. Tell Najib to them to fuck off.

    Fake Godfather

  46. Jasper Bloodstone2:42 pm


    What event in Johor are you talking about?

    Was it the one connected with Iskandar Malaysia?

    And were the supposedly apocryphal "ghosts of Johor" present at this event?

    Danga Bay, Tebrau Teguh and the JB Waterfront Development spring to mind...

    And be careful about arousing the ire of the "ghosts who walk" (with apologies to Lee Falk of the original "The Phantom".

  47. Jasper Bloodstone11:13 am

    Oooh, the warrior is enraged, inflamed even.

    And we are all supposed to tiptoe around and cower in abject submission while the "lords of the earth" run riot.

    One can imagine, with a certain amount of glee, the guy going ballistic over Mustapa Mohamed's commentary "Leveraging on M'sian diaspora" in yesterday's StarBiz.

    Or the report "China-Malaysia trade to touch US$100b", also in yesterday's StarBiz.

  48. Jasper Bloodstone6:12 pm

    Perhaps the problem with the warrior is that he has a problem in that no one takes him seriously, not Najib, not Dr M, not Chua Soi Lek, not the MIC bloke and definitely not LGE.

    Well, maybe there's Muhyiddin with his "Malay first and Malaysian second" remark two years ago.....Or the supremacy groups like PerkASA.

    Which is why the warrior has to unzip and wave his pecker around in the hope that people will notice and say "hey, there's a true-yellow Malaysian."

  49. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Dei Chingkie arsefucker JB

    What's with the vitriol? Caught with your stumpy cock in full public view? Trying to repair the damage for your support of me calling your goddamned Chingkie race a bunch of arsefucking, whoretwat humping, whorepiss swilling good for nothing unwashed arse vermins.

    Support? Well you just gave your wholehearted sanction in your fuckedup incarnation as Skillgannon 1066! How do I know?

    Well you mentioned about backhanded compliment I supposedly doled out to you when it was for SG! How come you muscled in for that one like a typical Chingkie pariah dog? Well just rid yourself of false presences JB, for SG and you are one and the same, who're twatlicking piece of shit! We all knew that a long time ago ever since you ventured in here. It was too noticeable, to even small boys, excepting morons like you.Bet you were in such a rage that you forgot which version was foaming at the mouth and shitting in its pants when you dashed off your pathetic ripostes.

    Now get this straight between them ears if you have anything up there, that is.

    1.most of what I have been penning here since 2009 has come to fruition, the latest being the minimum wage thingy. The GST is still being debated by the policy wonks but if and when they grow some cockmuscles that and the other stuff I penned will eventually and inevitably have to go through,mark my words and I don't care whether if it is Najib, Muhyiddin or anyone else at the helm.

    2. I have been consistent with regard to my free market views. You can see that right through my jottings here since late 2008. There is no dichotomy between that and my socio-political philosophy. I am entitled to espouse that approach in much the same way, a Sarkozy or a Thatcher are entitled to mix capitalism with social policies that valorize Gallic or Anglo-Saxon ketuanan. And mark my words, I am all for the preservation of the ketuanan heritage that our ancestors bequethed us ever since Allah granted us, Pribumis, this bountiful land, the views of Pendatang scum be damned.

    3. No one excepting a moron or a madman can claim I am a racist-religious extremist. My clear vision for Malaysia is articulated under the khairy-rafizi thread in this blog. Anyone reading that dispassionately will understand what I stand for. A secure, progressive Malay led Malaysia. I have consistently maintained this strand of thought in blogs and forums elsewhere and I have need to second guess myself.

    Warrior 231

  50. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Part 2

    Najib would have to be pretty stupid to ignore me regarding his poll strategy. He may have his own advisers and reasons but he should be sensible enough to be aware of the following:

    a.trundle out any poll results since Sarawak 2006 and you will see a consistent pattern of 75-80% Chingkie vote against the government. Mingle in their crowd and eavesdrop on the silly chingchong coming outta their filthy hog-odored gobs and you have the same tune fouling the air with Putrajaya thrown in if 40% Pribumi chingkie cocksucklers toe their line. In fact, LGE said exactly that with regard to Penang here:

    Now that sums up what the Chingkie thinks of the Malays. Instead of according the Malays due respect as an ethnic group, LGE and his united Chingkie bastards want the Malays split so them Chingkies can use them idiot Malays to control PJ and initiate their ethnic cleansing,economic disenfranchising and religious kaffirizing mission as a weak Malay minority political grouping led by Israel lover boys cocksuckle their Chingkie masters for some crumbs. Some begging arselicking and cocksuckling they will have to do given the Chingkie's pathetic treatment of Penang Malays so much so that even LGE the pig has to contend himself with 40% support!. If he is so equitable, how come he does not have overwhelming, nay even, 60% Malay support. Bet more discerning readers will know why that's not the case.

    It is also an indirect admission that a united Malat front is the worst nightmare for the Chingkie's plan of political hegemony, something that should not have Najib's notice.

    b. dovetailing with LGE's boast is the maruahless, cockless rants of one insignificant Dzulkifli from PAS.This DAP cocksuckler's is pathetically emotional when he talks about minority Malay representation:

    Now why would he lament that when he should be cockahoop that PR has gained PJ?Precisely because he knows what the dastardly Chingkies have in store for the Malays, the ultimate nightmare scenario of mass deislamicisation and collective disenfranchisement of Malay rights and privileges as enshrined in the 1957 constitution. A scenario, PAS cannot stop given their numerous capitulations to DAP demands in Selangor, Kedah, Penang and Perak (when it was under PR control) as well as in Kelantan where hudud has to 'skip over Karpal Singh's dead body'.

    Also, isn't that statement an admission that Malay support is dribbling away from PR. My analysis shows that in all by elections since 2010, a solid 65-70% of Malay support has been BN. Najib should marshall his resources to woo another 10% to offset BN's Chingkie loss to be assured of a two-thirds majority and that's what I am egging him to do and that got your Chingkie goat, dint it JB?

    The Malays are at a historic crossroads - of forever crushing Chingkie political power dreams in GE 13 and reclaiming our beloved land. It is up to the Malay leaders to understand and leverage upon this sentiment. Wasting resources to woo an ungrateful immoral race is akin to taking the silly man's garden path to majority ethnic marginalization and eventual politico-economic-sociocultural extinction.

    Warrior 231

  51. Jasper Bloodstone5:38 pm

    Wow, this is gonna get the valiant and pissant warrior all riled up and frothing at the mouth...

    "Malaysia to recognise degrees from China" (Singapore Straits Times, March 17) - the report said that Malaysia will recognise degrees from 146 universities (including top institutions like Beijing, Fudan and Tsinghua universities), the "latest move by the government to woo the support of local Chinese ahead of the next general election."

    The report said that "more than 60,000 students go through Chinese-medium schools each year. Scores continue their studies in China and Taiwan."

    "About 2,500 Malaysians study in Chinese universities and this would allow them to apply for government jobs when they graduate."

    I would be interested to compare the international rankings of these Chinese universities against Malaysia's public universities. Any takers?

  52. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Wow! this MIDA data is gonna leave JB /Skilly, Najib and his fuckhead advisors + all the Melayu haters ejaculating copiously in their pants,even as their arseholes are shitting in excitement:

    Chingkieland invested a huge RM1.2b out of 34b in FDI that came in last year or roughly 4% of the total. And total chingkiedom (spore + taiwan+ china+ hk) ponied up 5billion or roughly 14% of the total. That must have left Najib, JB and their ilk soaked in sperm.

    It also lend immense weight to JB/Skill's nonsensical boast that chingkiedom's much touted wealth is not worth offending....hahaha. Maybe there is too much hype over paper wealth which sits cosily with its closet companion, paper tigers...LOL.u know stumpy cocks of the limp, dribbly sperm variety......hahaha

    And of that total 100b trade data, we know the chinakuis are running a deficit of 35b and we all know from which ethnic group in Malaysia those bastards are importing the bulk of the 65b from. No prizes for guessing who are exporting counterfeits and low-quality wares to their brethren in China. Heard of painted birds nests

    If they can do this to their own kind, imagine what they gonna do to us Malays? Penang is just a sneak preview .And remember, a Chingkie selling his mother for a bag of lucre seems not far fetched after all.

    Warrior 231

    P/s: Folks note how the talk is switching to varsity rankings and unverified dross reported in small cocked islands. Time for us to leave so that the bastard can rant until he shits himself dry.

  53. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Lets not forget there is another one - the POODAH SAMY factor.


  54. Jasper Bloodstone3:53 pm

    Wowee, it's getting to be embarrassingly easy to jack off the warrior.

    Just post about Chinks and Injuns and watch him erupt in righteous fury, with a plethora of choice verbiage.

    A psychologist friend of mine avers that such rantings are symptoms of a deep-rooted inferiority complex and an ever-present fear of being shown up as an empty vessel.

    Granted that his neo-Thatcherite and ersatz-Reagan economic policies do appear to make some sense, especially when contrasted with the dirigiste rent-seeking capitalism of the Umno glory-seekers and political wannabes who are dreaming wet dreams of assured prosperity, regardless of the external environment.

    That fear must be grating on his nerves and psyche, which no amount of Xanax and Ambien can alleviate!

    It's sad, in a way, that he is reduced to impotent fury, while economics and politics make him and his ilk marginalised, if not irrelevant!

  55. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Oh what have here now:

    A wannabe cocksuckling, arsefucking, Marina clitsucking twatlicking,son of a spayed bitch of a whore peddling his pseudo-Freudian garbage here garnished in bombast which no one is interested in.

    Better off for the scum to do a self-analysis of his moronic split personality and come to terms with his intellectual deficiencies. But that's easier said than done for he is seething with rage for being exposed as an idiot yet again.

    Dei pundek chouchibai, quit wasting precious time wanking your fury in here for being humiliatingly exposed as a split personality fraudster.Get yourself into that psychologist friend's couch for an arsefuck session or better still fuck ur mother for birthing a pigfaced shit like you.

    Warrior 231

  56. Jasper Bloodstone2:52 pm

    Poor guy - the warrior. Still blinkered by hate and homophobia.

    Dei, aneh - why did you sidestep my comments about the apocryphal "ghosts of Johor" as well as the unpalatable fact that a fair number of your Johorean compatriots are seeking their daily bread across the Causeway?

    No maruah, izzit - having to seek a livelihood in a place that is supposedly a pork-eating Sodom and Gomorrah, replete with unveiled females, R21 movies and a thriving LGBT scene?

    But, then, if your homeland has no opportunities for the not well-connected, then you have no choice, but to bite the bullet and go where the bucks are.

    The "Nambikei" conundrum notwithstanding!

  57. Jasper Bloodstone3:06 pm

    Well, GE12 or GE13 will show up the "boys" for the self-aggrandising and deluded individuals that they are....

    Hopefully the economy will be able to recover from wealth exit taxes, business confiscations and other moronic notions that would be anathema to Reagan and Thatcher, not to mention the Milton F school of thought adherents.

    Dang, I knew that Ivy League exposure would come in handy some day!

    Not that there are many "Nambikeis" or "maruah-seeking collaborators" in the ivied corridors of Harvard, Princeton or Yale. But there are certainly a whole bunch of the genuine stuff from China and India scoring close-to-perfect GPAs.

    Welcome to the real world!

  58. Jasper Bloodstone5:04 pm

    Ooh, I couldn't resist this news break....the stuff of wet dreams and studly potency.

    "Singapore has retained its triple-A rating from Moody's.

    "According to a statement from the credit agency, Singapore's Aaa rating is supported by a high level of economic resiliency that is derived from rapid economic growth, rising per-capita income and strong institutions. Moody's said that while Singapore lacks the size and natural resources of most other nation states, its openness to global trade, finance, and immigration, together with an emphasis on human capital development, has driven its economic success."

    In other words, no need for a Petronas.

    Funny, though, that Moody's didn't mention ill-gotten Indonesian funds parked in Singapore. Must have slipped the minds of their bean counters!

  59. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Wow will wonders ever cease? Imagine, Moody, S&P, Fitch running the slide-rule as to the hygiene of a nation's finances, that will be the day! Hahahaha.......I almost fell off my chair laughing at that one and I am penning this with a tear streaked face from all that laughter.

    Bru, is the Times of India still a respected daily? I am asking as i fear it will be the next to bear the brunt of a certain Singaporean's umbrage after this intelligent disclosure

    Now the much vaunted and feared Singaporean civil suits division of it's legal department can initiate proceedings especially when Aneh Amar of CBI is pretty open about what he is imputing. US

    Also poor Megawati Wijaya is bound to have the dreaded Singapore SB knocking on her door in the dead of the night even if all she is guilty of is factually reporting the US Treasury Department investigations into. Asiaworld and Myanmarese black money shenanigans in Singapore :

    Warrior 231

  60. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Part 2

    U know a Chingkie arsefucker is mad when he begins throwing everything including the toilet bowl plus shit in exasperation at his nemesis. You know the pig is trussed when it dementedly hurls trifling barbs in desperation. U know the scum is at the end of its tether when it begins making absurdist claims and launches into meaningless pseudo psychoanalysis as it desperately tries to run down a superior intellect. U know the swine is wallowing in its own shit when it begins to resort to games of oneupmanship, and corny claims of me being enraged etc, u know the petty childish stuff underdeveloped infantile egos indulge in when cornered.

    But cool educated Melayu Bermaruah like me will remain unflustered for it is getting easier and pretty lame by the day to parry the truffles and tantrums this stupid gay Chingkie can muster. His sudden effusion of vitriol is all down to me not budging from my wealth tax and exit tax proposals which he and his ethnic evidently fears. Me denying any equal 'partnership' in political power to his arsefucking ethnic scum has evidently exacerbated matters further.

    His schizophrenic mental state has been in very much evidence lately . Commencing with effusive praise, the scum will then gravitate to frenzied name calling (gravy trainer" , 'racist' extremist etc) before settling into cheap shooting me with pathetically laughable claims of being inferiority complexed, delusional, etc. But we know who is schizophrenic here, don't we as the 'two nicks for one scum' expose is a pretty obvious indicator. We know who is delusional don't we as the repeated negation of factual information is evidence enough. We know too who is inferiority complexed as put-me-downs, name calling are in the provenance of infantile, insecure egos. We know too, who is in the grip of madness as sudden effusions of praise followed by scathing derision is indicative of manic- depressive syndrome, the precursor to dementia.

    We will leave it at that. Let the JubohButohs of this world exorcise their self-created demons by jumping off a cliff. After all, imagining themselves to be shiteating crows who can soar the Singaporean skies in search of more shit shouldn't be too difficult or alien for schizoids,
    shouldn it?

    Warrior 231

  61. Anonymous8:37 am

    Yeah , we indians now hang najib's picture beside ghandi's picture. We put the colok and garland everyday. I hear even the cina people come and put oranges.

  62. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Ooh, I couldn't resist this news break....the stuff of wet dreams and studly potency.

    "This year, I think the ringgit will outperform the rest,'' said Chia Woon Khien, the Singapore-based head of Asia FX and local market rates at RBS. The local unit is one of three currencies in RBS' Asia "long" basket. This bullish view was based on Malaysia's stable monetary policy and the ringgit's low correlation to the euro that makes it less susceptible to the risk of a global sell-off.Two other currencies in the bank's "long" Asia basket are the Taiwan and Singapore dollars. Both countries also have a stable monetary policy and are backed by strong foreign currency reserves."

    In other words, RBS categorises Malaysia in the same bracket as Taiwan and come again.....Singapore.

    In another rag, the same Chingkui's mate is reported as saying:

    "Currencies that do well are those which their countries have a current account surplus and a capital account surplus. As a currency trader though, I also like currencies which have minimal policy interference from central banks and governments, and those with good government fiscal health,” said Oakley."

    Funny though that RBS forgot to mention Singapore's massive exposure to the Euro. Must have slipped the minds of their bean counters!

    Funny too both press releases dint mention this:

    The U.K. lender will today begin closing the cash equities, equity capital markets and corporate finance units in Korea, as well as the cash equities operations in Indonesia and Singapore, Yuk Min Hui, a spokeswoman for RBS in Hong Kong, said in an e- mailed response to queries. About 70 people will be affected. RBS said in January it would cut about 3,500 jobs at the investment-banking unit and sell or close unprofitable divisions"

    Must have slipped off the mind of the bank's "inflatedly" paid Chingkui PR. What a waste of money on a dumb arsefucking pig

    Warrior 231

  63. Anonymous1:54 pm

    And if you all had fun reading the asia sentinel post by John Berthlesen, let me sign off with another one:

    In Malaysia, there is a bastion of the 'me-right-you wrong come what may' syndrome. It is called Penang.You have been warned Malaysians.


    Warrior 231

  64. Jasper Bloodstone3:57 pm


    When all is said and done, you can't run away from Moody's Aaa rating for Singapore (incidentally, Moody's rating for Malaysia is A3 - the fourth-lowest investment grade), in spite of all the "negative" news on Singapore that you have diligently trolled for.

    Why obfuscate on sovereign ratings? Do you mean to tell us that your "cool" intellectual horsepower can't take on the lowly-paid analysts at Moody's & S&P?

    Oh, btw, I note that you have carefully stayed clear of the alleged apocryphal "ghosts of Johor" and the fact that Johoreans of all hues are commuting daily across the Causeway to cari makan. Doesn't say much for the cool maruah intellectuals, does it, that decades of BN government in Johor has yet to produce a plentiful supply of high-skill and well-paid jobs in the state!

    Oh, yes - the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) issue of firing 70 staff when it closes 3 units in Asia, a point that the warrior seized on with glee.

    Dei, aneh - read the fine print. RBS will lay off about 70 people as it exits the equities and corporate finance businesses in Korea, Indonesia and Singapore (Singapore Business Times, March 21).

    Conveniently forgot to mention Korea and Indonesia, did you?

    You also conveniently forgot to mention that RBS has about 2,000 staff in Singapore, with 240-250 at its private banking unit, Coutts (Singapore Biz Times, ibid). Including a fair number of Malaysians.

  65. Anonymous7:56 pm

    U are a liar JubohButoh. Moody or S&P or Fitch rate as they see it. If all that laundered money , drug money and other black money are yanked away, then we will see the actual rating for Singapore which would be junk, period.

    Anyway, instead of throwing lame and pathetic challenges to divert the issue like a typical Chingkui arsefucker, why not display your puny intellect by taking on the US Treasury Dept. at least you can regal us with some free laughs at your expense instead of wanking your delusional state of mind here which is getting pretty embarrassing by the day. Moreover, here is ur chance to prove us, Melayu Bermaruah, wrong for once and for all? No brains, stomach or even cockmuscles for that?

    By the way, your delusional state of mind is clear for all to see. It is laughable that ONLY YOU are denying the obvious when govt agencies like the US TD, INDIA's CBI, Investigating agencies from Indonesia and Philippines and individuals like ANDY XIE (MORGAN STANLEY Former spore HEAD HONCHO) have repeatedly bleated the obvious.

    You must be downright CRAZY to be the only ONE in self-denial mode and you want the world to believe that all those agencies and people are crackpots and ONLY U are sane. Sorry Uncle, that ain't gonna wash for it merely confirms how delusional you are to the readers and the pathetic state of mind you are in, MADMAN!

    You can call me names, sound pathetically indignant or even write another childish ad homonym but everyone sane here know those infantile histrionics to be perfectly in sync with your mentally ill state since you are A DELUDED PATHETIC SCUMBAG. And calling me a troll is a laughable barb from someone gone bonkers, given that all I was doing is putting up facts. The sunshine of truth too much for your dark delusional dungeon, eh uncle...get a life for a change, poor wretch. Fearful the wheels are falling off your lies,eh pondan? Try cocksuckling Harry harder, his shriveled limp pacifier will comfort you.

    Johor backward? The only backward scumbags there are the bastard arsefucking Chingkuis who mosey over the Causeway in droves to fill their piggy banks with filthy lucre, (yeah you were right for a blink, madman, you did say filthy lucre up there). Ironical that you are trapped by ur own words, Chingkui pariah! for the money is indeed filthy for what else can you call ill-gotten cash but FILTH! Hahahahaha

    It is better to seek treatment at Kandang Kerbau or Hougang than ranting off your head here, gila Babi! Or you can hide your insignificant self up an equally deluded Harry's arse, LOSER! The fact you couldn't read INDONESIA# and KOREA in my extract is indicative of the psychotic rage enveloping you so much so that u cannot even read straight!what a stupid, crazed JubohButoh, this fucktart is! U better do something about ur madness before you end up gagging your momma with ur stumpy cock while u gobfuck the bitch after another cuntfucking and arseraping session. What a way for the poor bitch to die since all she was expecting was the daily ration of the normal Trinity of cunt,arse and gob fucks from her loony filial son...LMAO

    Warrior 231

    P/s # Indonesia is the antithesis of Drjisim Malaysia, how come ur are hopping mad, prosclitsucker?

  66. Jasper Bloodstone5:42 pm


    Interesting how a pipsqueak city-state makes you go ballistic.

    You didn't pick up my point about the OECD white list? Or DTAs and tax info exchange agreements?

    Have the EU, the US, Japan or India labelled Singapore as a "tax haven"? Go on, show it in black and white!

    And ask yourself, dumkopf, why the US, Japan, the GCC, Australia and India have all signed FTAs with Singapore (the EU is in the final stages of negotiating a FTA with Singapore) if they are concerned about Singapore being a money laundering haven for ill-gotten funds?

    See, aneh - you can't con these governments that easily!

    So, go think up another stupid argument, eh!

    Incidentally, you may want to ask the Johor authorities to provide the racial breakdowns of the Johoreans who cari makan in Singapore. Which is why the "ultras" who suggested closing the Causeway or shutting off water supplies were quietly shown the door or given the boot!

  67. Jasper Bloodstone6:28 pm

    Oh, btw, warrior - you goofed on the RBS issue, didn't you?

    In your unholy eagerness to score a point, you neglected to find out exactly what RBS does in Singapore!

    Par for your course, aneh.

  68. Anonymous9:21 pm

    dei pariah pig

    No one goofed on anything,MADMAN excepting good old DELUSIONAL JUBOHBUTOH who is snatching straws to nail me.

    Carry on snatching or clutching straws, your limp cock , or whatever for RBS IS CLOSING ITS CASH EQUITIES IN SINGAPORE. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT, BRAINDAMAGED DOLT!,, and my source here does not mention the other stuff

    Anyway, in your desperation to get me, you deliberately failed to mention that those other RBS businesses u mentioned in SINGAPORE Are ABOUT TO BE TAKEN OVER (drumroll please) BY CIMB. YEAH FOLKS, MELAYU BERMARUAHS ARE GONNA FEED CHINGKUIS.....HAHAHAHA LMAO

    Sekarang apa dah jadi, fuckhead? You tried to pwn me but instead have to eat shit big time. You asked for it, shithole for I was not interested in playing the CIMB thingy until you decided to harp on it to show me up as a fool. You are dealing with a superior intellect, shitfaced CHINGKUI, no matter how hard you try, you and your goddamn ethnic ain't gonna trump me, a MELAYU BERMARUAH. Keep trying harder until the cows come home till kingdom come.

    Warrior 231

  69. Anonymous2:15 pm

    The OECD white list is just a list of countries that have complied with internationally agreed tax standards as compiled by the OECD's Global Forum. It's regulatory credibility and efficacy has come under question and it is largely dismissed as a laughable parchment by neutral experts:

    Thus, many jurisdictions have armed their investigative authorities with tools to plug the OECD's deficiencies. For example, the US has FATCA which has higher benchmarks and controls:

    And which's application led to this news report picked up here:

    to which the Spore CHINGKUIS responded in fright which was deemed inadequate by the US TD and SD and thus armed with FACTA and related benchmarks they deemed Spore a black money laundering pariah jurisdiction.

    Warrior 231

  70. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Now that it is confirmed you are STUPID, let me rub it in. It is international knowledge that SINGAPORE is an international pariah when it comes to global finance movements as its financial infrastructure regulations pertaining to incoming funds with regard to sources, methods of procurement of those funds etc are opaque . Now Singapore stands accused of knowingly allowing the illicit inflow of such funds by the US TD, INDIA's CBI as well as by other investigative authorities in Indonesia, the Philippines etc. It pleads BANKING SECRECY, the same argument used by SWITZERLAND, THE CAYMANS ETC but that's a hollow claim to use as defense for the world has changed. 6 years ago, the prosperity of the global economy caused many jurisdictions to close one eye, partly due to the pipsqueakness of Spore and partly due to its strategic location, the cocksuckling of its leaders etc. Now that pump priming, bailouts and QUANTITATIVE EASING I & 2 have devastated many national balance sheets, there is pressure to scrounge for funds wherever they may be hiding. Add to this the upsurge in the black money movement to finance terror, drug cartels, illegal arms purchases + the anger of many polities to national kleptocrats funneling monetary resources to tax havens. Here are some primers if you can READ & UNDERSTAND that is:

    that has resulted in Singapore coming under the microscope as did Switzerland last year:

    Warrior 231

  71. Jasper Bloodstone11:28 am

    Who are the "cool" intellects with proven track records?

    Individuals like Dr Margaret Chan, the Hong Kong-born director-general of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

    Or Dr Jim Yong Kim, a Korean-American and president of Dartmouth College, who has been nominated by the US government to contest for the post of World Bank president.

    Or the chappie who is currently Secretary-General of the United Nations.

    Definitely not wannabes like the warrior who hanker after a "cool" maruah intellectual status, but who are being exposed as mere poseurs with aggravated inferiority complexes and persecution paranoias.