Thursday, January 05, 2012

Zaid Ibrahim on DAP, RPK, MCLM and stuff

"I am not joining DAP".

Umno at heart, no?
Well, at least Zaid Ibrahim is honest about it. While Sakmongkol and Aspan play coy about speculation of them joining DAP, perhaps even hoping to prolong the unprecedented attention they are getting, the former de facto Law Minister and one-time potential heir to Anwar's throne shut talk about him joining DAP. He told us he'd no talks with DAP and vice versa.

We bumped into each other in Bangsar a while ago and decided to have a cup of coffee to celebrate the New Year. We talked about RPK and MCLM, which got him together with RPK, Haris Ibrahim and Malik Imtiaz (Haris and Malik quit over RPK's Anwar-bashing interview on Jan 1. Zaid said RPK's interview was unexpected but he was not surprised; after all, Zaid himself quit PKR disillussioned with Anwar's leadership.

I have a feeling the man is very much still Umno at heart but of course I didn't go there. Not yet. He did say a bit about Jan 9, judgement day on Anwar Ibrahim's case but that was for my ears only.


  1. Anonymous6:02 pm

    that's it , we the malaysians must pun anwar as the 7th PM , and catch this zaid as well as the rest who betray him and humiliate him all along . rocky , u are also among the list to be arrested , for being subjudice about his sodomy case .


  2. Anonymous7:09 pm

    You have a feeling, Latuk ? Wah, you got a feeling you are coming into some money ? I got a feeling Zaid will rejoin UMNO if you give him the winning ticket for the next TOTO draw.....


  3. Hi ROCKY (Oopps sorry...Dato' I mean),

    Why all the FUSS about whether is ANWAR the serial 'Male Arse Driller' will be going into JAIL again or not??? After all, I'm pretty sure this BISEXUAL politician is quite used to life in prison in many ways. Moreover, it's a relief our beloved country will bound to lose a SEX CRAZY PREDATOR of whom had been on the loose.

    Come on!!! Malaysia is NOT all about ANWAR IBRAHIM. This 'CUCUK BELAKANG' PKR leader is only fit to be in PORNO websites/videos. Who cares whether ANWAR IBRAHIM gets his JAIL sentence or not??? People who really care whether ANWAR IBRAHIM gets jailed or not are probably those 'naive small-fries' of whom gets DRILLED in the BOTTOM by ANWAR every now & then. Are these WANKERS afraid if ANWAR gets jailed, then, there will be no one to DRILL their arse??? Use a BASEBALL BAT for goodness sake then, ya???

    I really do PRAY HARD for ANWAR IBRAHIM to be given life sentence. Whether PKATAN RAKYAT can survive without this MAT SEKS or not...."I don't know" but what I surely do know is that this MAIN JANTAN BELAKANG individual ought to be depleted from our everyday life. It's a DANGER to have this BEAST running around trying to be the next PM. MALAYSIA going haywire or what???

  4. CK Chan7:16 pm

    MAHATHIR put this 'binatang' into JAIL.
    BADAWI then later released this 'binatang'.
    Can NAJIB recapture this 'binatang' & put him behind bars forever???

    Come Jan. 9, we will all know. I'm putting my $$$ on "Masuk penjara sampai mati". What about you??? What's the odds???

    My friend told me the TIPS he got is to SELL HOUSE & SELL CAR and BANG all your money on "ANWAR MAMPUS". He said "100% money in the pocket".

    Can this tip be trusted??? Any political expert can advice???

  5. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Let's get it straight bru, we rakyat do not judge a person who is gay,bisexual,whatever his flavor as unsuitable for PM bcos we leave that to God and himself.We judge a person who is SINCERE in uniting the various races(not just 1 race),many religions(not just 1 religion),helping the poor and marginalised(not the rich,titled,powerful,well connected)and therefore lead the nation forward.Do you understand bru our feelings?

  6. Zaid ni tak boleh pakailah Rocky.Kejap cakap gini, kejap cakap gitu. Kejap ke sini, kejap ke situ.
    Orang kasi dia jadi Menteri. Dia buat kerja macam fast food delivery boy hantar compensation to the judges.
    Memang itchyfied (is there such a word?) nak masuk UMNO. Tapi malulah pulak nak terang-terang cakap kan.
    Tengah berangan manalah tau kalau UMNO kasi satu kerusi kat Kelate untuk dia bertanding.
    If I am UMNO, I just leave him to his own device.

    Anon 7.09 pm and CK Chan

    Good one. My feelings exactly. How long must we contend with this back-side loving man.
    Naik muallah when thinking of the trouble he gives us. He's the predator but he convert himself to victim.
    If he goes to jail, or he is free, he will also create havoc and placed the government in a quandary.
    And you all must think. He will appeal and that will take years.
    Another 60 times postponement.
    Maybe God will take him first before the appeal is over. Ya Allah, tolong lah.
    Tun Mahathir, why or why, you bring this man to UMNO and made him number two.

  7. Zaid is only good for himself. Jadi ketua tak boleh ikut, jadi pengikut dia cas keting.

  8. Zaid is only good for himself. Jadi ketua tak boleh ikut, jadi pengikut dia cas keting.

  9. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Wah! Lately can go coffee at BSC one la Dato Rocky. Well done! What a big change since I last saw you 3 years ago. Big change Big Big Change! Sometimes we all forgotten where we came from kan Dato? Why are we giving The attention to Politicians holding country at ransom and politicians who plunders and rape our country's resources. They both the same. Dato and Dato bloggers, since semua dah dapat Dato and nice cars and all, address the issues la that the rakyat is facing, especially Melayus and miskin Indian and Chinese. Jobless rates, poor of the cities, rapist, robbers be it White or blue collars and corrupt politicians. Country and rakyat first! Kick ass where asses needed to be kick! You got balls? Real balls?

  10. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Part 1


    Hope your gut feelings are right....err spot on? But by my reckoning, that is a long-shot. I am assuming the person concerned is keeping all options open as things pan out.

    I was one of the first to launch a broadside at the scum way back in 2009 and I stand vindicated as to what I said back then which by the way created a maelstrom of a ruckus here:

    Anyway, consider these:

    1. RPK gives an "incendiary" interview in the mainstream press virtually annihilating Anwhore character wise (ol' news to me actually as i have made my conclusions long ago and my analysis here merely drives home the fact:, the two parts should have been in reverse order actually).

    2. Zaid talks about coalescing KITA's support with PR.

    3. Zaid is rumoured to have made a pact with Nurul Izzah which he denies.

    4 Then, Haris Ibrahim inadvertently or stupidly as usual (whichever, take your pick) shoots from the hip and ends up with a smoking gun:

    Yesterday, the New Straits Times published ............
    I had been informed by RPK whilst I was with him in Phuket over the Christmas holiday that this interview was to take place. I was not, however, fully appraised of all that was to be said in the course of the interview.


    Now ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Isn't it bizarre that HI admits to knowing about the interview and yet have no knowledge as to its contents?!! hahahahahahahaha ..what an arsehole of a conner!

    2. Why would RPK use MSM again to fuck Anwhore unless he wants that to be the bait to draw attention to the real target, Azmin (remember, Anwhore is an irrelevant crackpot megalomaniac).

    The sums adds up when you calculate who stands to gain thru all this especially with RPK waxing lyrical about the ugly slutfaced Izzah. Bingo. who will be pulling the strings behind that malarkey of a marionette?

    Warrior 231

  11. Anonymous12:02 am

    Part 2

    3. And who will be pulling the string of the stooge who will be pulling those of that marionette?

    Why? the Dogs And Pigs, of course!!

    U see the canker of that PKR 2010 polls fuckfest never really ended there and then. It went underground, it festered into MCLM and other hideous permutations after its original design of emplacing a Dogs And Pigs stooge on the PKR throne faltered. The fucktarts tasked with infiltrating a DAP stooge into the PKR leadership were still hard at work led by a certain lawyer from Bentong and his sidekicks, of course. (Note: the Dogs and Pigs by all reckoning had calculated Anwhore to be a goner (they had those Spore intel data which i linked you to in Part 1 above). Anyway, Azmin was a tad too distasteful for their liking, probably harder to leash than the Erdogan pet poodles (Sabu and co.) in PAS (who were themselves infiltrated into that turban lollipop leadership den by one KJ on the orders of Anwhore under the instigation of the Dogs And Pigs who needed to tame and "welfare-ise" the religious ragamuffins and ruffians in PAS in order for Christian-Chingkie Supremacy to reign over all Malaysia).

    Now Anwhore is superflous as he is inconsequential given his braindead nincompoopness and all that arseslimy antics and whoretwatlicks baggage. But Azmin is a NoNO, a potential impediment in the liberal/extremist schizoid mold. So who's the best bet? Figure that out with the clues given above.

    So RPK gives that interview to sow complacency in BN, denigrate his intended target Azmin while HI plays the sandiwara of distancing himself as LKS, LGE and co lick their chops in glee while Z spouts some tommyrot to throw us all off kilter. For after all, if all else fails baloney could still twists itself into truth as the Dogs And Pigs accept yet another me-LAYU sell-out something which by the way is not alien to PR form, in fact :

    Warrior 231

  12. Anonymous1:22 am


    It's either my poor english or maybe ignorance. What's your point again?


  13. Anonymous10:18 am

    What is Warrior231 on?
    His writing should be an example to kids: 'just say NO to drugs! It really does fuck up your brains'.
    I'm sure he sees little Chinese Goblins descending from the skies to take over the world.
    Mind you on a boring day in the office I could do with tripping out like him.....

  14. Anonymous10:53 am

    The malays have allowed the chinese to be come citizens. Now the chinese are throwing pig heads into mosques. How long do you think the malays will tolerate this? Another 13 MAY and the chinese will lose everything. EVERYTHING. UNGRATEFUL BASTARDS.

  15. Anonymous10:56 am

    Anon 9:35. You dont know how much anwar and azmin milked the treasury when he was finance minister, do you?

  16. Anonymous11:13 am

    He will finally join OOmno by process of elemination. In any case that is where the contracts for his law firm are.

  17. Anonymous12:22 pm


    Food for tought:

    Do expect readers here to treat your comments seriously, with all the name-calling and obscene language?

    Bahasa menunjukkan bangsa.

    You've just labelled yourself as an immature, unrespectful, arrogant and snobby juvenile. Thankfully, you only have yourself to blame...

  18. Honesty and Integrity.Self-respect and dignity.Being principled and, therefore, credible. These are qualities which, sadly, people like RPK and Zaid do not possess !Just compare Lee Lam Thye and the petty fellow Wee Choo Keong and you will know what I mean.Frogs of course do not have the qualities I mentioned above.

  19. Anonymous8:15 pm

    1.The Dogs And Pigs have always wanted pliant leaders to helm Parti Agama Setan . That they have done with the Erdogans (infiltrated in by KJ, an Anwhore stooge in Parti Agama Setan who was planted there at the Dogs and Pigs orders for that purpose) who were wooed in turn by Nikki Aziz.

    2.The Dogs and Pigs want a similar compliant leader in Parti Kelentit Racun (a me- LAYU who sucks on this clit is technically dead, a zombie). They knew the godfather of arsedom would be in the slammer for boy rape if the evidence added up + they had also in hand the Spore intel report that leaked via Wiki.

    3.They wanted Mister Z as the replacement as he fitted the bill to a T. But they had a problem for Anwhore was so in arsie love with Mister AZ (pronounced aazz, sure rhymes with arsie…hahahahahaha). The problem was Mister AZ suffers from liberal/extremist schizophrenia (a no-no for it would be difficult for the Dogs And Pigs to divine which schizoid manifestation would appear at any given time).

    4.The Dogs and Pigs tried to effect change via the electoral process in 2010. Look at the web pages of MT, Zorro, Hi etc (all closet Dogs And Pigs). It dint work for they were arsefucked by Mister AZ and his mentor, Anwhore who padded the rolls with phantoms and gremlins. (You see even Anwhore knew a plot was afoot to checkmate his chosen one into oblivion).

    5.Seeing every cunthole and arsehole blocked from his thrust, Mister Z got pissed, threw a tantrum and out he went.

    6.But the whole thing dint end there in 2010. It carried on underground in different platforms coalescing in the establishment of the aptly named Malay/Muslim-oppressing Chinese/Christian Leadership Movement (MCLM).

    7.MCLM takes potshots at PKR to discredit Mister AZ actually although Anwhore is the ostensible target (remember, the boy rapist is a goner)

    8.The modus operandi is to exploit MSM with the purpose of sowing complacency in BN while simultaneously discrediting Mister AZ’s purported leadership credentials. That what TV3 was all about then and NST is all about now. In the while, Hi manouvres out of MCLM like a principled bastard so that the dimwit faithful remains entranced and everyone thinks Pete is a loose cannon.

    9.Mister AZ is damaged goods. Mister Z throws his support behind the ascent of the slutfaced daughter at the expense of his own ambitions but with a more potent tradeoff : the slutface is to be at the beck and call of his every cock-jerk while he answers to his master controller located in the Dogs And Pigs HQ.

    10.Net result: Dogs And Pigs have complete control over both other parties and if perchance, Putrajaya happens to falls (my ground research shows that to be 12% possibility), Christian Chingkie hegemony is established over Tanah Melayu and the pogroms against Malay-Muslims will be launched with Spore support.

    Now one last bit : The Gombak MP had announced on Tuesday that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) planned to gather over 100,000 people in a show of support for Anwar next Monday when the High Court delivers its decision for Sodomy II.

    Read that and you have an inkling as to power play behind the scenes for that 100k could easily be seen as show of strength by the anointed heir.

    P/S : Now what if Anwhore is acquitted which is as 50% likely as he is convicted ??? That would be fun, wouldn’t it….hahahahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  20. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Anon 12.22

    I aint no saint but I dont have any plaint cos I enjoy what I do which is much more than you will ever chew. Now, your words don’t break me, for I make my own luck with Allah’s Will as my till. You anon and everyone else here or elsewhere don’t define my existence, I do it off my own volition and I have been pretty successful at that. So your yeast doesn’t bother me the least. For after all, one of the few blokes I respect is the blogmaster himself who has taken far more shit from fucktwits like you in umpteen posts ( We may not have met but hats off to you, Bru).

    As for the “obscenity” (as you put it), that’s reserved for people I have not a dram of respect for. Charlatans, poseurs, wannabes, fucktarts, twatlicks, clitllouse, dickbugs and shitworms who have nothing better to do but earn a living by conning the stupid, the lazy, the braindead (like you) or simple trusting folk by the multitudes. Such people like Anwhore, Z, HI, LKS,LGE, Izzah and their rest of their ilk, I have no respect at all and deserve my vitriol and no excuses for that. And mind you that may even apply to Najib himself for mollycoddling Harry Lee’s cockshit when now is the best time to leave Spore collapse and grovel for reconciliation in view of the economic apocalypse about to engulf that little shithouse of Chingkiedom south of the Tebrau.

    The same disrespect applies to the Chingkie swineherd, a racial agglomeration of all those bastard PR types I mentioned. Yeah, an ethnic group that has no qualms denigrating other ethnicities on the grounds that they are superior beings but who squirm with indignationwhen baited in return! Fuck the Chingks, they aint no better than whorepiss and filthy dicksquirts and yet have the temerity to run down Islam, the Malays and the things we the Melayu Bermaruah hold dear!

    If you or anyone else aint taking me seriously, its aint my problem for simply put I don’t care. I put out my views for those who dare to think not cowards who shrink. It is to arouse my brethren and many have been, alhamdullilah for that. In any case my “trash’(as you put it) has pretty much hit bulls-eye since 2009 if you look at the issues and personalities I have trained my Luger at. So who’s to quibble on that score?

    Now scoot off up your momma’s cockblasted filthy cunt while I pour myself a Glenfarclas 25. I said I am aint no saint, dint I but at least I am no hypocrite (whatever my sins is between my Maker and me) unlike your turbaned cockhead Nik Aziz Nik Mat who will probably shout off the rafters about me, a Muslim, having a shot of whisky while his party hawks Allah’s name to a pack of whorepiss slurping, hippie worshipping, cross-spotting, bible thumping maggots. What bloody hypocritical munafucking bastards, the PAS and PKR Mooselems who support Chingkie swine like you are…

    Warrior 231

  21. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Anon 10.18am

    Nope I aint on any dope but its definitely better than rotting like a gormless woodworm in an airless backwood day in day out till them brain cells wither and shrivel into dead worms! You can click on that link in Part 1 to have a peek as to what I do and that's priceless which no tosh of yours can ever dosh nor cosh. Sad you dint understand that comment you dumpty but don’t be too much of a numpty in running down my rationales regarding them Chingk pigs. Whether you like it or not, that’s history undressing himself flab and all in our rearview mirror so we be better alert for what’s around the future even as we stare wide-eyed at the present speeding past our windscreen. Fact of the matter, I have consistently shown since 2009, how the Chingkie pig is plotting to seize political power and no one has debunked that with any fact laden missive to the contrary. Instead I have been vindicated by the by election voting trends involving Chingkie areas, Sibu, Srawak etc and by the relentless assaults on Malay institutions and constitutional privileges by none other than a posse of sliteyed, pig fragranced, broken Bahasa MALAYsia ching changing Chingkie swine . All of which goes to show when you give the Ching pig muka, he is bound to shit at your doorstep in return!

    So quit worrying about my brains being fucked up for its yours that needs examining for it has quit on you for good.

    Warrior 231

  22. Anonymous9:52 pm

    If you feel that Zaid Ibrahim is UMNO at heart, would it be fair to say that he is also disillusioned with UMNO's current leadership?

  23. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Wow..Warrior231 is also a rapper!
    And he is a whiskey drinker as well...respect homey!
    Is that neat or with coke?

    And indeed - for all his kris kissing and Melayu bolehing - lets see who Najib and his brother's top cronies and golf buddies are: THEY ARE ALL CHINESE TOWKAYS!!!!!
    And which of all our PM's since independence has spent the most time kissing the ass of Singapore and bending over backwards for Singapore: its Najib!!!

    Anon 10:18

  24. Anonymous9:20 pm

    First time I m reading the comments in your blog. NOW I know what umno supporters are really like - their language is atrocious, their mentality low class, their views obsolete

  25. snow white6:06 pm

    i don't think zaid will join another party because he is the president of parti KITA already. you should ask him how many KITA members now through out the country. but at least, he is the PRESIDENT of one political party already, at par with hadi awang, wan azizah and soi lek.