Friday, January 06, 2012

Malaysian court says no to "odd" application by 6 Malaysians in UK

Read more here.

The Judge is absolutely right. And by describing the application by the six as "odd", the Judge is also being kind. M. Bakri Musa, a Malaysian in the US, was more brutal when he wrote in early November on why Malaysians abroad should not vote. The surgeon describes the six as absurd if not arrogant.

p.s. Azmi Anshar the scribe [who started voting in 1990 but was one of the "protest votes" of 2008) told me he plans to write about the Enam Jahanam for tomorrow's edition of the New Straits Times. Followers of his writings would know that Azmi spits it out.


  1. Skilgannon10663:29 pm

    If I follow on from the logic espoused by you and M. Bakri Musa, it would mean that all Malaysians who have migrated to other countries, but who have retained their Malaysian citizenship, should have their Malaysian citizenships withdrawn or terminated.

    After all, Bakri has raised the "loyalty" factor, hasn't he?

    But will the Malaysian government have the guts to push through this particular decision and navigate the resulting uproar?

    Or will it view the much-storied "brain drain" from Malaysia with equanimity or benign disdain?

    It might be a good idea in theory -forcing these "expatriate" Malaysians to decide where they want to be, where they want to contribute and where they think they can build a good life for themselves and their children.

    It should be a fascinating exercise, with manifold ramifications.

    I can't wait for the penembakist, the warrior dude and the anti whatever guy to get in on the act!

  2. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Rocky the Kaki Putar Belit.....

  3. Anonymous8:11 pm

    padan muka. elok tak payah balik. kalau balik, tembak saja. lagi bagus.

  4. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Screw you. Who the hell are you to pontificate about msians abroad? All you do is stir shit

  5. Anonymous8:44 pm

    The correct English translation for 6 Jahanam is 6 impure mother pigs?

    Budak Sekolah Melayu

  6. Anonymous9:52 pm

    The article would be fairer if it explained why the application was deemed "odd". It is not odd in the sense that one might question why overseas Malaysians want voting rights. It is odd because the applicants sought to seek absentee voter status by applying for judicial review of the EC's decision, when the EC followed the definition of absentee voter in the Elections Act. They should have instead applied for judicial review of the validity of the relevant regulation of the Elections Act. They need a new lawyer.

  7. The Court is right, people who live outside of Malaysia should not be allowed to decide for those who live in this blessed country.

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  9. Anonymous4:16 am

    @ eddy 12:53 pm

    I have to respectfully disagree (not regarding the Court's decision; to me, the Court applied the law correctly. The applicants should have challenged the law, not the decision of the EC in applying the law. However the implication of your post is wrong. The Court did not decide whether overseas Malaysian should be able to vote. The Court decided that the applicants could not challenge the validity of the EC's decision).

    I disagree that overseas Malaysian citizens should not have voting rights. Why? Because overseas Malaysians citizens are still subject to Malaysian laws. For example, I suspect that Malaysian citizens still have a duty to Malaysia in terms of national security among other things. I am no learned scholar on Islamic law, but does Malaysian Islamic law apply to overseas Malaysian Muslims?

    In short, so long as any aspect of Malaysian law applies to any Malaysian citizen, they have the right to vote for our country's lawmakers. Surely one can accept that this would represent a fairer situation than it is now.

    However, it is obvious that not all Malaysian laws do or can apply to overseas Malaysians (especially due to their locality). How about a partial vote? You cannot simply make one vote be of less value than another vote. Where do you draw the line as to who gets voting rights and what kind? In terms of number of years abroad? Voter's age?

    If you wish to deny other Malaysian citizens their voting rights, the most straightforward, but likely controversial, way is to take away their citizenship to ensure that Malaysian law does not apply to them, or treat overseas Malaysian citizens as foreign nationals when it comes to Malaysian law (unless they are on Malaysian soil of course).

  10. Bedul8:37 am

    Ala Roky, these 6 got ulterior motive to test the waters. They know they will lose. They just want to score a point.
    Just like the boy and his father who sued Khazanah for failing to get a scholarship to Cambridge.
    If they stay in Malaysia they will not even vote. What more in London.
    It's a known thing those who emigrate have no loyalty to the country nor love our government.
    If they are voters, they will vote the opposition.
    Its a sheer waste of money and resources for EC if they allow our citizens overseas to vote. Only a sprinkling will turn up to cast their ballots.

  11. Dr. Amir11:25 am

    Dear Readers,

    Please don't get emotional over the rights to vote ma!!. Please look into our constitution and if the law says every Malaysian has the right to vote so be it.

    Is there a clause barring those residing overseas from voting? I fear non existence. Therefore, let them vote.

    The perception on the right to vote is more of a racial issue here. Many living overseas are Chinese and unlikely to vote for BN, but what is the issue? They are Malaysian and they have the right to vote.

    If the Authority is so fearful then issue an ultimatum and revoke their citizenship then. Issue then considered close. As easy as ABC

  12. Careful there rocky. Are you trying to expose that laws, regulations are not supposed to be challenged in any way?

    The way I look at it, everybody is entitled to a recourse. I don't care about the verdict, but I think the judgement is a bit odd. Is the judge now saying that as long as it is a law which is enforceable and valid?

    It is her duty to interpret the law to see whether it fell foul to higher laws, like the federal constitution etc.

  13. Oh eddy..your plainness is truly enlightening. Amazing people comments here. Amazing. So screwed the people who who has no option but to work outside Malaysia, who still Gilles Malaysia passports, pay Malaysian tax, and bring money back to malaysia. So screwed.

  14. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Elo Rocky!!!!

    Jom ramai-ramai go to Jln Duta Court this monday! Meramaikan!!!!!

    Hak kita untuk dengar KEPUTUSAN,,!!!!

    Kot-kot dapat a bottle of MINERAL WATER,,!!!!

    Dengar kata kerabat BN pon dijemput sekali,,,,kalu BOLE jemput lah EX PM,,MUSUH KETAT ANWAR.!!!

    UNTUNG kalu pergi THE WHOLE WORLD is watching us,, inmaterial ANWAR DIPENJARA / BEBAS DIIKAT JAMIN / BEBAS

    Dengar kata KAMERA akan di pasang dilangit untuk tengok siapa provoke siapa!!!!


  15. Anonymous1:20 am

    Is there a civil war in Malaysia? Any people dying everyday? Is there a long term drought here too? Are there millions of jobless here too?
    ..and yet, we see tourists coming to M'sia everyday..and war torn african countries wishing that they can be like Msia.
    And yet there are still M'sians sodomised by selfish politicians who go abroad and tell the west M'sia is hell for oppositions and non malay races.
    Guess who stands the most from the political stability in Msia?
    And yet there are M'sians who go abroad, spit on our flag and yet want to hold onto M'sian passports!!!!
    Malu lah... how can you do this while looking @ your kids whom will one day make a backpacking trip and see that M'sia isnt what their parents have told them.
    I spent 15 years in the jungles as an exvat69 hunting down armed communist guerilas so that everyone can sleep under a blanket of freedom while people like us do violence on their behalf and yet there are M'sians who call themselves M'sians and spin stories to make M'sia look bad.
    STOP BEING SODOMISED BY PEOPLE WHO LOOK RELIGIOUS...WHO LOOK SUPERCLEAN...WHO LOOK LIKE FAITHFUL HUSBANDS...and who says they are M'sians, hold M'sian passports but step on and spit on M'sian flag...
    The REAL M'sians are those who live, work and die here..for good or bad.

  16. Jasper Bloodstone3:29 pm

    Anon 9 Jan 9:20 AM

    Wah lau, to put names to these turncoats?

    Isn't dissent and freedom of speech par for the course?

    Or is loyalty to the country synonymous with blind faith in the government?

    Dunno about that...but, then, why ask expatriate Malaysians to return?