Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Ten Conditions re weapons, hailers, etc For a Rally

Fire and Rain (is umbrella a weapon?): Tomorrow's KL weather, here
Many people say our police have gone mad for allowing tomorrow's protest to take place but I think this is a good compromise, really. The organenisers have promised a peaceful rally and I don't think after Bersih 2.0 we want to see adults behave, and be treated, like kids again. The keyword "peaceful" assembly and the onus is on the organisers AND the police to make sure of that. I have taken part in some peaceful gatherings myself and I know that cops don't like to have to go after protesters, unless they really have to. They have set 10 conditions for the organisers and protesters to follow:

p.s. For those who have just returned from outer space, the Free Anwar Campaign does not imply that Anwar is in jail. He has been a free man since a former aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan in June 2008 cried sodomy. After more than 3.5 years [read He resorted to all legal avenues - NST today], the Court finally reaches its verdict tomorrow in KL. Many people, particularly his supporters and comrades in Pakatan Rakyat, expect Anwar to be found guilty and go to jail for sodomy.

The Ten Conditions:
1. "Bebaskan Anwar 901" or "Bebaskan Anwar" brochures/banners are not allowed during the rally

2. No sound equipment. except loud hailers (seen no 3), is allowed

3. Only TWO hailers will be allowed for the organisers to manage the crowd

4. No Public speaking

5. The organisers must ensure that participants do anything, eg making noise or signals, that could disrupt the court proceedings

6. The area for the gathering is limited to the parking lot along the left side of the main road into the court (est max capacity 5000 pax). The area will be marked by a police line and participants are not allowed outside of it. If the area is filled other particpants are not allowed in and they will be dispersed from the area

7. The organisers must make sure that participants do not bring any weapons and give full cooperation to the police to conduct checks if required

8. The organisers must ensure that all parcipants leave the rally no later than one hour after the court verdict has been delivered

9. All orders by the police, which would be given from time to time, to ensure peaceful assembly must be adhered to

10. Paricipants are not allowed to vandalise or damage any public property or any private property in the area


  1. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Bagi syarat at the PARKING LOT yang bole muat 5000 orang je,,,!!!!!

    Nak letak LEMBU-LEMBU Feedlot kat situ pon tak muat.

    So esok Jam 7am penoh dengan ROAD BLOCK,,,,,MENGHALANG orang ramai pergi sana!!!!

    Kalu ANWAR didapati TIDAK bersalah,,MUNGKIN Sepol akan dikejar MAT-MAT Perkasa untok TUTOH punggong DIA,,,,

    Esok kena pakai BLACK Underware juga ke?????


  2. Anonymous5:43 pm

    ha ha ha...

    u think going to hari raya open house meh...

    ha ha ha...

    stupid cops, better go wait at some junctions, easy to cali makon...

    ha ha ha...

  3. Bedul6:07 pm

    Toksah percayalah janji dia orang. Itu dia orang cakap. Cakap tak serupa bikin.
    They look like they are itching for a fight.
    Already in pro-Pakatan blogs, there are stories that Wan Azizah's body-guard is hospitalised after an assault.
    Itu nak tuduh orang UMNOlah.
    For all we know orang PKR sendiri yang buat.
    Anwar himself is given to theatrics and drama. Remember the Bersih rally, kononya da dipukul. Begitu juga dengan Mat Sabu.
    Tiredlah of all these sandiwara. Police should have ban the gathering. Full Stop.
    Nanti polis juga yang dipersalahkan. Doakanlah Malaysia dan kita semua selamat.
    All we want is to work tomorrow. No time to support a guilty man.

  4. We are one day away from lift-off.
    Houston, we have a problem and its name is Anwar.

  5. Anonymous10:24 pm

    These langcheow peeper got nothing to do but kecoh-kecoh...

    just like all those pukimak mamak in pg.

    best if all m'sians politicians pi mampus then the country is more peaceful.

  6. genuinely10:50 pm

    rocky, would be surprised if they can gather even 1000 thugs. believe me, the people are tired of being taken for ride. those who made the most noise on the internet are nothing but their own cybertroopers with many names.

  7. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Dear Dato. What seem odd to me is the entire 'Anwar' issue has been splashed and repeated in all the media as if it is life and death and oddly, right and wrong. The entire event is actually shameful to the nation. On one hand, perhaps a sex addict who bangs both ways and the other, powers that be who are so obsessed with ridding Anwar. Bottom line is , the sex was consensual and can be 'against nature' but whats important for this country , sex games, pilgrim? It is so tiring when corruption so rampant and is gaining momentum raping the nation without penalty and above the laws of our land. Corrupt civil servants and politicians walking around like feudal lords and again they seem to be above law. Who should be on trial mother fuckers? Helplessness is a bad sign, it happens elsewhere before with serious consequences for the places. Think think think and act act act to restore faith in the system and the country. Malaysia will weed itself of scums!!!!!

  8. Anonymous11:39 pm


    KY Jelly akan naik harga kat Guardian Pharmacy....


  9. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Janganlah pula lembu lebih berdisiplin dari manusia.

  10. its strange najib is SCARED of a man and not try to be one.malvern college produces real fags!

  11. Anonymous7:48 am

    Yes Rocky

    Keep Brewing your toxic Brew
    With the Fat Dog at his feet
    Dreaming that one day
    The New Straits Time will be his to rule
    Or Maybe Utusan Melayu
    If he keeps spewing enough toxins

  12. Anonymous8:45 am

    Sial betul la anwar dgn pkr ni.sebab korang aku lewat sampai ofc pagi ni!!menyusahkan orang betul la.

  13. Anonymous10:39 am

    So Bru

    Now we have the hahahahahahaha verdict i mentioned the other day, wonder what the spin will be.

    For its part, the authorities can respond to the following garbage:

    PR cheapshot: Told you so that Anwar was never guilty of anything, it was a conspiracy from the word go. A waste of time and money.

    A Good government PR(PUBLIC RELATIONS) Response: A police report was made. Police investigated the report, found credible evidence and issues worthy of a trial and decided to prosecute. The police had to be fair to the victim, the accused was availed every opportunity of defence including liberal allowances to file a series of patently trial filibustering legal moves. Everyone (except the accused who chose to remain in the safety of the dock) had their say in court where evidence was adduced and debunked by the respective parties. The judge ruled on the evidence, no more no less. It was like any other trial in Malaysian judicial annals, so why the fuss?

    If there was a conspiracy, how come the judge was not roped in?How come he ruled otherwise? In any stage-managed conspiracy, everyone involved would have been perfectly auditioned and choreographed, how come the MOST important person wasnt?

    Seems to me there was no conspiracy hogwash all along, the only conspiracy me thinks is between your daft brains and your soiled conscience, each trying to out-conspire the other, hahahahaha!

    PR cheap shot 2: All the kerfuffle would have been rendered irrelevant if the case had been thrown out at outset.

    Good PR response: The law is the law. The same judge who ruled that there was a case to be answered is the very same judge who acquitted the accused. This is normal as in many cases in Malaysia and there is nothing to quibble about.

    No one told you to work yourself and your stupid supporters into a frenzy just because a verdict was due. Mokhtar Hashim dint do that, Khir Toyo dint and so did a whole lot of other UMNO or non-UMNO personalities who ended up behind the slammer. If they wanted to, they could have got the whole BN jingbang on the streets but they dint cos they understood the law is the law.

    Its only you who went frothing and foaming in the mouth like a mad dog and only your Malai Lembus like mad cows wasted a working day and a days wages with their road rowdy antics not to mention the cost to the public exchequer.

    If you had been calm and unruffled, u wouldn't have had egg on your face. Inikah nilai-nilai pemimpin atau ciri-ciri oghe nak jadi PM konon?

    The perception you created was priceless akin to jerking yourself crazy with no cum to show. Now everyone can see how fearful you were of being found guilty. Why the TAKUT if there was nothing to TAKUT about? Right from the Turkish embassy, I knew something was wrong. You may escaped the long arm of the law but you can never outrun the infinite reach of the Almighty. Praise be to Allah azza wa jalla for that!

    P/s: Now what if I say the sheer presence of your mob scared the poor judge out of his wits and had him shitting in his pants! Now that would be literally manhandling justice wouldn't it? hahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  14. Anonymous11:01 am


    After GE13, you will have to kowtow to Anwar. Remember the person who spreads your butter now is not going to be the same person who spreads your butter later.

    You understand what I am saying, Latuk?


  15. Anonymous11:32 am

    Rocky, what have you got to say about Anwar Ibrahim now that he has been found Not guilty and Acquitted ?? You have to swallow your silly pride eh ??