Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From Kelantan, an open letter to YB Liow

One can never be 100 per cent happy with our hospitals, be it private or government. Earlier this year, I published an open letter to our Health Minister from a fellow blogger in Johor. YB Liow responded swiftly and effectively to that letter. A blogger in Kelantan, who lost his mom on Dec 20, complained to the papers about the hospital's shoddy treatment. What the hospital should have done was to contact the blogger and his grieving family personally, not to engage in a media exchange. Hence, the open letter to the Minister.

My takziah to blogger Jalan Sehala for his loss. I hope - am sure - YB Liow will attend to the matters he has raised in the letter a s a p.


  1. Anonymous1:03 pm

    This is the problem nowadays, although there are so many doctors but they are not taught to COMMUNICATE properly with patients and relatives. Proper communication would have solved this problem and many other problems that have occured and will occur in future.

  2. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Doctors and nurses working in East Coast hospitals generally have a condescending attitude towards patients and their families.

    I say this from 1st hand experience and observation.

    It is in some ways understandable since many patients in govt hospital are uneducated and come from poorer backgrounds.

    The hosp staff usually don't bother to explain what they do because they think the patients and the families won't understand anyway.

    The best way to respond esp for those who are better informed is to treat them back the same way (and yes I know it is counter productive, but sometimes you just can't stand these kind of supposed professionals)

    I don't know about the doctors but the nurses usually we can term them 'tak sedar diri'. As if we don't know so many of them entered the profession not out of some sense of duty, but usually of desperation (tak ada kerja lain yg layak....!)


  3. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Dear Mr.Rocky,

    As the current voice of people, I hope that u can highlight about the grievance of civil servant regarding the new scheme introduced by the government. As everyone knows that the scheme only benefits the higher ranked officer while the small fries still suffers. This people has been talking about not choosing BN this time if this is not being resolved.. I hope u of all people can make sense to the goverment of the importance of all this civil servant vote...thanks


  4. Anonymous12:16 am

    greetings rocky , i just wonder if the ppl still vote PR into gov and anwar will be the PM ( if and only if ok ) , will ppl like dr.m , najib , saiful , eskay , chandra , salehuddin hashim , the 6 " frog " mp's , bloggers like papagomo ( and maybe even you ) will face the same harrasment and arrest like back in the pak lah days ?

    care to comment , as i see him as a person of vengeance , and this is a concern you know .


  5. Anonymous6:56 am

    from the fracas online, this appears to be a case of uncontrolled hypertension with resultant stroke with apparently extensive irreversible neurological deficits. Much of the grievances of the family members are due to poor communication between the involved parties, whether from lack of trying or lack of understanding. in fact the way things are explained on Jalan Sehala's blog does show there might be some gap in understanding why some things happened the way they did. the hospital needs to have an ombudsman service to allow the family to express themselves. that way the papers need not get involved

  6. Salam Datuk,

    Condolences the blogger and his family.

    It was similar to my late mother's experience being treated for cancer, which she eventually succumbed to, at HUKM oncology in 1996.

    Thank you

  7. Badut Nasional10:39 am

    RM500,000,000 Subs komisen and RM250,000,000 Cows can built many first-class Hospitals!

  8. Anonymous3:20 pm

    My Condolences to the family of Siti Sapol.May Allah bestow his blessings upon her soul.

    I feel bad at the treatment her family was subjected to and hope the authority will look into the matter fairly.

    I know Siti Sapol personally. She was one of the nicest ladies around and she contributed much and well respected in her community.

    Dato Husam of PAS is married to her niece by the way....

  9. Rempahman1:18 pm

    Sorry for the passing, however i would like to tell my experience with "Wad Jantung Hospital Pulau Pinang"
    Admited on 28th, did angioplasty on 29th and discharged on 30th Dec.
    Would like to thank and congratulate all nurses and wonderful doctors.
    The patient beside me commented..
    "Sekarang gomen hospital byk bagus, misi2 tadak marah2"
    That says it all..
    I guess it all starts with the BOSS, what i see it that the boss is well respected and the way he review cases is outstanding and the young doctors are all questioned on diagnosis given.
    In this case the head is not a rot.
    Keep it up...respect la u all...