Monday, October 24, 2011

PM: Leave family out of politics

What goes around comes round, they say. 

They have attacked every one of Najib Razak's family members, none of who are politicians. They even accuse Rosmah of murder and black magic. Even as Lim Guan Eng cries foul over the blog harassment on his son as a molester, the attacks on the PM's family have continued. I don't remember Guan Eng ever coming to the PM's defence but here is Najib coming to his.

A good thing, too.

Our politics have gone to the gutter a while ago but since March 2008 it has gone really rotten. The politicians blame bloggers each time they have a chance. Used to be that only the government politicians would pass the buck to "evil" bloggers but these days, even Guan Eng resorts to blaming bloggers. 

It is the politicians who should stop their dirty games.

They can start by heeding to this call by the Prime Minister ... 

Najib: Leave families out of politics
By Melissa Chi
October 23, 2011

The prime minister said today that in a modern democracy, the ideal scenario would be for all parties to concentrate on policy matters. — file pic 
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 23 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak moved today to end allegations of sexual harassment levelled against Lim Guan Eng’s son by calling on politicians to leave family members out of politics.
“That is ideal in a modern democracy where you concentrate on policy matters.
“You can debate the differences in policies in terms of weaknesses of implementation but you leave aside family, or the exploitation of family matters for your own political gain,” the prime minister told reporters today.
Pro-Umno bloggers had claimed that the DAP Secretary-General’s son had assaulted a 16-year-old schoolmate and had tried to escape punishment by using his father’s name.
The Penang chief minister denied the allegations, saying he was furious with the “barbaric lies” made about his teenage son by “pro-Umno ferocious beasts”.
The DAP later said the picture of the purported victim used by pro-Umno bloggers was that of 21-year-old chess grandmaster Anya Sun Corke, who is studying at Wellesley College in the US.
On Friday, Corke denied ever having met or hearing of Lim’s son.
Lim’s colleagues in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) also came out strongly in support of the DAP secretary-general against what they called “the lowest gutter politics” seen in decades.
But Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday called on Lim to let the police investigate the claims if he had nothing to hide.
Najib today said, “You have to agree on certain ethics. It works both ways.
“I do not know the facts of this case but if you want to abide by certain ethics, to exclude families, then everybody should adhere to it, including the Opposition,” he said, appearing to refer to attacks against his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.
But will they be able to resist the temptation of getting down and dirty?


  1. Anonymous12:35 pm

    Eh, why doesn't Najib talk about FITNAH ? Or are all UMNOputras not true Muslims ?


  2. Anonymous12:39 pm

    If your family member is a suspected lawbreaker, if your family member abuses his or her position to steal from the rakyat, they cannot be questioned ? Some Fat Mama is linked to a US$24 million diamond ring, and she can't be questioned ? Nazri's kid or Hisham's kid pictured with scantily clad chicks and with beer bottles in their hands, and they can't be exposed ?

    We must do it right lah. Don't superimpose images, don't get actors and actresses to make videos lah.


  3. Anonymous12:43 pm

    For once you are talking sense :-D

  4. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Woi Rocky, you and your gang are so predictable lah !!

    Najib keluar sikit saje kentut u pon banyak tulis cerita !! kah...kah...kah...

  5. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Padan MUKA Guan Eng dan DAP, the karma is here...

    Mengata orang tak pandang kiri kanan, sekarang kena kat batang hidung sendiri..

    Am so happppppppppyyyy!!

    DS Najib, I salute you. You are the best we ever have.. NONE of our politician is like you at all especially the PAS PUSS PISSS and what more the DAP. PKR????????? What a joke!

  6. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Hey Dato Rocky,

    If as DPM says, LGE's explanation is in adequate and needs police investigation, well so be it and I think you would love it too.
    By the same token, would you care to elaborate or respond on the many allege allegations written in MT and I believe you read RPK's writings as well?

  7. Anonymous2:35 pm

    When you want accused someone, it must be based on facts and evidence. If it is a lie, then it does not matter whether the accused is a minor or adult, it is digusting! The accused must sue the accuser pants down right away. Now this is what LGE is doing - suing them.

    And look at Rosmah, if those accusation against her are lies, she should sue them all. Not just keep quiet. I will support her if she has been framed and wrongly accused for things she did not do.

  8. Anonymous2:39 pm

    "But will they be able to resist the temptation of getting down and dirty?
    PR? Nah.... they thrive on gutter politics.. Now that pro-BN bloggers are following their lead.. only now they cry wolf.

    Too late.. you can't be angels whenever you feel like it you know..


  9. Anon 235pm,

    Rosmah did sue, remember? She filed a criminal defamation suit against RPK, and what happened? The suit forced the blogger to flee the country. And recently, in an interview he gave TV3 in Australia, RPK clarified that he never accused Rosmah of being a witness to the murder of Altantuya, that he merely wrote a Statutory Declaration to report that someone - a reliable source, according to RPK - had told him that there was a file to say Rosmah was a witness, blah blah blah. That was not how many people remembered it, though.

    Rosmah is not a politician, she is a member of the PM's family. Look at the way she has been attacked by Pakatan blogs and politicians. Najib's daughter and future son-in-law have also become victims of this gutter politics.

    Politicians are fair game, which is why I have no respect for politicians who sue you the instant they don't like what you write about them. Such politicians are real cowards. Nak masuk politik, tapi tak boleh ditegur langsung.

    Guan Eng's son is a not a politician and he should have been spared, unless of course if the allegations against him were true. Guan Eng the father should have strongly denied the allegations when they were first brough to his attention. He did not do that. In fact, in my opinion, Guan Eng politicized the issue by saying (to Malaysiakini) that it was Umno bloggers and Umno that were out to try and tarnish his image.

    Remember, he even dared Umno to repreat the allegations in its newspapers! For what? Publicity? Politicial mileage? When you igive credence to cheap talk on blogs by making political threats, what did you expect?

    The son, in my view, was the victim of the father's own gutter politics.

  10. Anonymous3:29 pm

    If the conduct of the family members impinge on the official roles of whoever they are, both in the government and the opposition, don't you think it is incumbent that they be subjected to rakyat scrutiny ?

  11. anon 122pm,

    lim guan eng must apologize to muhyiddin. how can a CM be so kurang ajar?

    read the transcript of the dpm's response to the melissa of the malaysian insider. he was sympathetic towards guan eng's problems with the son.

    Din didn't say it

    like i said in my previous response to another Anon, guan eng is trying to milk the son's issue for maximum political mileage. at least that is how it looks to many people now. guan eng can sue everyone if he likes, but you gotta call a spade a spade!

  12. Anonymous3:38 pm

    "The son, in my view, was the victim of the father's own gutter politics"

    Wah, so Altantuya was a victim of UMNO gutter politics ? Rosimah is a victim of her husband own gutter politics ?

    Stop talking cock.


  13. Anonymous3:38 pm

    No wonder the Malay Mail failed.

  14. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Dear Datuk,

    What a skewed point of view. Rosmah is a attention "wh*re". You can practically read a clipping of her in the Star dialy. So having thrust herself in the limelight, she must come to expect the baggage that comes with it. Mind you artists and personalities gets it the same... so you now conclude that Rosmah is off limits? Utter rubbish!

    In respect of Najib's daughter, you try to spin but in failed in vain . The allegations were levied at Najib, that he misappropriated gov funds for a family outing. No one made any allegations that his daughter molested/rob/assulted/gold digging the Kazah's prince.

    Sorry to say, Datuk... your days as a respected blogger is slowly slipping away.

  15. Anonymous3:56 pm

    true. please leave family out of politics and running of gov! next time dont ask rosmah to represent you when you are on mc. we pay a high salary to DPM to be your deputy!

  16. Anonymous4:57 pm

    To these dumb PR supporters any allegations against Najib, Rosmah and family members must be true. And any allegations against DAP and LGE is gutter politics. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

    Why scared to ask the police to investigate the allegation. Apa Lu mau takut?

  17. Anonymous5:42 pm

    kito nengook yo balaci2 DAP ni mombebel... lagi banyak membebel lagi banyak statement diorang ni backfire balik.. orang kito mmg pandai tarik tali...


    - parti jahat -

  18. Siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas.

    They start it 1st. 1st, Mahathir. Now... Rosmah. Kalau politik memburukkan itu dia kata BN/UMNO itu buruk. Then dia org lagi meloyakan. Menjijikkan. Siapa ajar kanak2 mendoakan pemimpin sakit/mati dan bersikap kurang ajar? Siapa lagi kalau bukan PAS dan rakan2.

    Now Rasakan... Dia org lupa, hidup ni macam roda... Sekelip mata kita kat bawah.

  19. Anonymous6:06 pm

    ...and Datuk, you expect us to believe that two UTK members on active duty suddenly woke up one fine morning and decided to kill someone with neither rhyme nor reason.You have your MOLE, so go find out more as the issue is far from being settled. We are believers of Allah, are we not?

    Mansoor Bahar

  20. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Yeah la lim Guan eng is a moron. Ask people to follow his example but his son do something like that. Umnotroopers are really good at exposing lim guan eng very good job at using the girl to speak up the truth that he wanted to change school

  21. drMpower7:14 pm

    i have no interest in anyones child groping someones chest

    what i am very interested in is the alleged payment of some substantial amount to silent the case altogether.

    is that true any kind of payment is involved?

  22. You GUYS are SoOoOoOoOoOo OUTDATED lah.

    Come'on. The world is PROGRESSING & things are ever CHANGING. This is why we NO LONGER use TYPEWRITER but COMPUTER instead. We gotta ADAPT to REVOLUTION for goodness sake.

    POLITICS is also CHANGING. Instead of just CAMPAIGNING & spreading PROPAGANDA, politics had turned for a change. The name of this MODERN STRATEGY in POLITICS is called 'CYBER ASSASINATION' of which PAKATAN RAKYAT first invented.

    Sadly now when a TOP GUN in PAKATAN RAKYAT is getting shot back with the salvo he first fired...this COMMUNIST DUDE is crying "FOUL lah, HAND BALL lah, FREE KICK lah, PENALTY lah & whatsoever". Aiyoh LIM GUAN ENG!!! Be a JANTAN & NOT a PONDAN lah. If you're prepared to play 'mercun' like a man, then, be prepared to get 'mercun' blasting right in ya face if you're NOR careful.

    What I find IRONIC is that GUAN ENG's No.1 NEMESIS a.k.a. NAJIB still bothers to come RESCUE Guan Eng by stating "Leave family out of politics".

    This is truly likened to a scenario whereby there is a dude name AH BENG planning to make a HOMEMADE BOMB intending to blast down ALI's house but before the BOMB could be planted, it BLASTED right in AH BENG's hand. Next, ALI still have the decency to offer help to AH BENG. Don't anyone find this IRONIC???

    ZUNAR should draw a cartoon based on my description. "1000% SURE SELL"

  23. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Put it this way.

    You seem to support liars. It is proven that LGE's son is innocent. What more do you want? Now, PM Najib is the best - defending LGE. What rubbish!

    Be truthful to yourself.

  24. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Put it this way.

    You seem to support liars. It is proven that LGE's son is innocent. What more do you want? Now, PM Najib is the best - defending LGE. What rubbish!

    Be truthful to yourself.

  25. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Well done Tony.
    Tony is my macha. He is very smooth, he can outsmart 2 former PMs (including their sons and SIL), current PM (including his very smart brother), former and current Minister of Transport, all Corporate GLCs taikos like Khazanah, Proton, Sime Darby, MAHB etc etc.
    Very soon, my macha will be first Presiden of 1 Malaysia macham itu OBAMA.
    YEE HAA!


  26. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Disagree. Your definition of attack is too broad. A person, politician or otherwise, should not be subjected to baseless attacks. On the flip side, any figure, public or otherwise, should be open to criticism provided such criticism is factually based. However care must be taken when such criticism relates to their actions carried out in private and the public interest must be taken into account before unleashing such criticism.

    Rosmah Mansor has chosen to adopt a public role in Malaysian society. Heck, she chose to appear on TV to pass on a message to the Malaysian people. She cannot conveniently hide behind the non-politician curtain when it is convenient for her. Her actions as a public figure should be; by the same means, her actions as a private figure should be given the privacy it deserves unless public interest prevails.

    I find it bizarre that people are spinning this to be LGE's fault. His constant shrilling might have gone too far (which politician is not annoying in their shrilling), but the more important issue remains that the bloggers involved have clearly participated in libel and have tarnished the names of two people. Any decent person would condemn the criminal actions of these bloggers, not to mention the irresponsible commentary by Kahiry. Alas, some people chose to defend or conveniently ignore their actions and focus their daggers on LGE.





  28. Hey, all is fair in politics. Not only in love and war.
    It's Allah's way of showing them not too be too smug and self-righteous. That they are above the lesser mortals.
    Karma if you will.
    They have carte blanche all this while to slander and cast aspersions on Najib's kids, wife and in-laws.
    And it is not wrong for KJ and other UMNO leaders to be condemning GE on his son's alleged immorality.
    Kena batang hidug sendiri, sibuk pulak mengutuk orang kononnya tak boleh sentuh hal budak kecil.
    Najib is magnanimous enough to say this in defence of GE's son. Same as Muhyiddin who had to clarify his statement on that boy in Parliament.
    What I am wondering how come LGE is not suing the spreader of the so-called false news.
    I agree with Liow Tiong Lai who said that LKS and son are using their grand-son and son's issue as political mileage.
    They are turning the issue to blast UMNO.
    If not why are they not making a police report. Sounds fishy to me.
    These two and their cohorts in DAP and Keadilan are fond of suing BN for this and that.
    Orang Melayu cakap kalau tak ada angin, takkan pokok bergoyang.

  29. Bro;

    Pandai juga DS Najib nasihat agar jangan libatkan keluarga dalam politik.Ya, kita simpati dgn Lim Guan Eng....anaknya telah di FITNAH olih BINATANG2 yg tak bertanggung jawab..Kalau benar benar binatang, tak apalah.Saya amat yakin DS Najib tahu apa yg berlaku..yalah POLITIK.

    Jika DS Najib mahu lihat kemenangan PRU13 memihak pada UMNO/BN terutamanya, tolong ambil CALUN CALUN BARU. Ramai Menteri, Wakil Rakyat, terutamanya MB MB terlalu KORUP....

  30. UMNO plays it really clean I suppose. After all they have gone through all the way up Anwar's arse and yet they have kept his children and wife out of it. Only problem is that other than the UMNO troopers no one really is convinced of all the allegations.

  31. Bro, you say, "RPK clarified that he never accused Rosmah of being a witness to the murder of Altantuya, that he merely wrote a Statutory Declaration to report that someone - a reliable source, according to RPK - had told him that there was a file to say Rosmah was a witness, blah blah blah."

    But then again what i remember was that I did not really give that SD much credit either because it appeared to me then that it was all hearsay. After all he did say in that SD that he was "reliably informed"! Many took it for Gospel truth. But I did have my doubts and can't recall having used that allegation to mock or insinuate or anything like that. All that RPK did in that TV3 interview was to focus on that part where he says that he was reliably informed. So that if there is any worth in that SD, it is that someone told him a story and that he was not the one making it up!

  32. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Muhiyiddin's damage control team is now working OT to rescue him from his yet another foot-in-mouth outbreak.

    He admits having no information about the "case", but still can make a long statement on it to attack political rivals. Guess he didn't learn the saying 'best to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt'

  33. Mana boleh tegur orang yang selalu mengaku diri nya sahaja yang hebat dan betul?

    Pelik nya mereka BOLEH pula tegur dan buat tuduhan bertalu-talu terhadap orang lain !

    Talam dua muka....

  34. Anonymous8:53 am

    Be a gentleman! nobody is milking who at the maximum ! Nobody would like to put their family on the firing squad?
    Look at the way you are now ball licking Najib ! He are'nt a saint especiaally with that mongolian chick hanging over his head.
    Well we know where your bread and butter is but please , please do it with a bit of class when you go overboard with the pm.You give us goose pimples man!
    We think you have a bone to pick with LGE ....Sad case of you trying to be a smart....

  35. Anonymous9:00 am

    Mujur aku tak jadi orang politik. Dapat banyak pahala orang fitnah aku dan dapat banyak dosa aku fitnah orang. Jadi blogger pun dua kali lima juga.....

  36. Anonymous9:23 am

    Was the customs declaration form on the US$24 million ring a forgery ? Was the news that Sharizat's son being involved in a RM250 million scam wrong ?

    Apa lu cakap lah, Rocky ? No matter how hard you spin, the truth hurts for those who are GUILTY.


  37. I think we have to be clear here, I don't even know Lim Guan Eng had a son before this. His son was intentionally kept out of politics, and as such should be left alone.

    Rosmah on the other hand, continuously appears to thrust herself into the limelight at every given opportunity. Obviously that's her choice, but with that choice comes consequences. Nothing particularly bad was said about Tun Siti Hasmah because she was very reserved in her public life, and barring the massive support for our shuttlers at every single Thomas Cup, she's been mostly out of the limelight. Very unlike another PMs wife I know, who appears nearly everyday on the covers of newspapers.

    So to compare Rosmah with LGE son is not a fair comparison.

  38. Anonymous1:37 pm

    And who gives LGE the chance to milk this issue for political mileage?..It's you and your gang of half past six bloggers who highlight news that are not true and lies.LGE is laughing all the way as he now emerge the winner because everyone sympathize with him in this sham that is created by you guys.You bet your ass that PR will use this as a useful tool for the

  39. It won't help you deleting comments to expose you and UMNO b.

  40. Why do you divert attentions from more important issues like what the AG have exposed....that massive corruptions are repeated year in year out by the UMNO b Govt.?
    Why talk rumor if PR survive from that. are getting worst and worst and totally unfair.

  41. Anonymous4:19 pm

    When they do it it is okay but when others do so it is not.

    To tarnish one another is a Pakatan copy right, Patent pending.


  42. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Rocky, you are glaringly apple polishing your PM Najib But you never said anything about that shameful Blogger who posted that accusation ? What sort of Blogger are you ?? UMNO type ??

  43. Anonymous10:26 pm

    ye you'r right. Nabjib is indrectly telling everyone to leave Rosmah alone! his family life style is non of the Rakyat business! got it?


  44. Anonymous4:49 am

    Latok Rocky is paid by UMNO to write....
    So what do you expect of him? He has a master behind and his lifeline depends on his master otherwise he might as well return to Singapore and drink KopiO in Geylang.

  45. jeebong7:47 am

    omg your comments...don't oversimplify and defend rosmah etc like that la... and you know things are more complex than that...malu la you editor kan...?

    when it comes to rosmah et al... i think the best thing for you to do is just shut up....

  46. Anonymous11:04 am

    Your ending statement - But will they be able to resist the temptation of getting down and dirty? - very power packed indeed.

    But you did not ask the question whilst statnding in front of a mirror?

    And was it never meant for the Mole?

    Your sights are always focused away from your self!

    Introspect first, before you find that you are over brewed.


  47. During Pak Lah administration KJ was from begining a truly liability to him whether we like to hear it or not.

    Towards the end of Tun administration his son become his liability.

    Then currently from the begining of Najib administration Rosmah for what so ever reason become his liability.

    Rosmah matters should be dealing with by Najib, UMNO and BN seriously. This is something that should not be treated as denial syndrome or should not be swept under the carpet. This is something that has to be dealt with and solved.

    Something like this at the begining of any administration is not something good for long term administration. So far no serious solution hav been taken to deal with this issue.

    All of these would be accumulated during PRU13 and it would not do any good to the BN for sure.

    p/s: This is based on the Auditor General Report. Coming soon Sharizat, her husband and her children with the RM73 Million Lembu Project in Negeri Sembilan also something that not only PM, UMNO but BN to deal with.

  48. ngap sayot2:56 pm

    Jika ada tuduhan2 liar dan fitnah jahat semuanya dituju kpd BN.Tengoklah kes liwat Anwar Part 1 dulu,dikatakan konspirasi,kes video sex kondpirasi BN juga.Seolah ahli2 Politik dari PR terdiri dari malaikat tak pernah buat dosa dan maksiat.Kes khalwat Mat Sabu ditutup konon kuraang bukti,jika org BN terlibat berbuih2 mulut org PAS,PKR dan BiaDAP
    minta polis buat siasatan.

  49. ngap sayot2:57 pm

    Jika ada tuduhan2 liar dan fitnah jahat semuanya dituju kpd BN.Tengoklah kes liwat Anwar Part 1 dulu,dikatakan konspirasi,kes video sex kondpirasi BN juga.Seolah ahli2 Politik dari PR terdiri dari malaikat tak pernah buat dosa dan maksiat.Kes khalwat Mat Sabu ditutup konon kuraang bukti,jika org BN terlibat berbuih2 mulut org PAS,PKR dan BiaDAP
    minta polis buat siasatan.

  50. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Yes I agree with you...

    You should not involve Rais Yatim's son in your accusations on Rais.......

    Nor should you involve Zarinah's Husband in your accusations on her and her family...

    Nor should you involve Abdullah Badawi's Family..

    And Rosmah? Yes it works both Ways....Don't get involved in the affairs of the atate and the state will not get involved in her affairs.

    Rosmah should not be involved in Affairs of the state..Nor represent the PM (who happen to be her husband) when there are other ministers responsible for the task at hand...

    Joe Black

  51. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Najib say;
    `Leave family out of politcs’
    Muhyidin say;
    `let the police investigate’

    muhyidin is right…. let the police investigate, if u have nothing to hide why angry ah beng? the thousand question mark is `is It true the ah beng son molested a girl?’ still remember teoh beng hock? actually he commit suicide right? And tell us what the ah beng, ah moi, ahpek and ahso say about this matter? still remember aaa? we the bumiputra of this land still remember how the sohai defending anwar ibrahim the `peter north' (but the ah beng prefer ron jeremy, no! no! not because of his act but because he is jewish) and his liwat act????
    Tell us who start this longkang politics? Sohai aaa? You prefer a taiwan style of parliament - fighting – no mannerism?.
    Why angry aaa sohai? Let the police investigate… cannot trust the police aaa sohai? After 52 years living peacefully now u say cannot trust the police the fact is it is your community who love to bribe the police on the first place. U say the police is insincere aaa sohai? the fact is it is your own kind that have a denial syndrome…..cheating and manipulation you donno aaa? don’t remember?it is in you and your ancestor blood la sohai……
    After you cheat and manipulate the bumiputra and control the economy sector, now you want to control the politic of this country aaa sohai? Aiyaa….how we want to compete with your kind la sohai when you have the advantage in cheating and manipulation. And this ah beng is your future PM aaa sohai? Look at his hair style? aiya very obedient? Respect the elder? Like namewee we would like to say LANCHAU!!!!!!
    What can we say about najib? What can we say(speechless…) at least he is a little bit better than the auto-pilot-mode-sleeping badawi, still remember aaa sohai when the PR, DAP, LKS and the son ah beng passionately begging and urge badawi to stay as PM? but this najib, during the last general election, he even let his wife rosmah hijacked and choose a DUN candidate in pahang, do the right thing la najib the red lip, look at tun hasmah .
    at least aaa ah beng during Dr M reign of `atrocity’ he personaly made thousand of your kind millionaire! donno aaa? U people really a community of ungrateful people la.

    Me? A proud beruas kingdom heritage ancestor in a nusantara land of malay archipelago island

  52. Dear Godfarter,

    I like it when you are angry. You sound like my friend Chi8ai. A bit like Old Fart, but I know him personally so that's different.

    In any case, like I said in my opening statement .. what goes around. For too long, one side has been maligning the other with no sense of decency at all, no respect for privacy, no sympathy. i know not all PR fans like the dirty tactics employed by their comrades, but they have never really spoke out against them. Like Old Fart talking about RPK's SD only now. I made it clear back then that it was not acceptable for RPK to resort to such means to forward Anwar's agenda, but Old Far just kept quiet then. Now boleh cakap. WIth the benefit of hindsight, everyone can offer his view.

    LGE, did he oppose to politics that involve members of his rivals' families? I can't remember him making such a stand. Now I hope it has opened his eyes, his heart..

    What goes around, mates..

  53. dear wan shamsuddin,

    agree with you. najib must start introducing new candidates. the so-called winnable candidates he often talk about.

    pakatan too, needs to drop some candidates. gwo burne yang dimegah-megahkan dull tu, what the F has he been doing for kelana jaya people? gobind should focus on his legal work, he got himself suspended so long that puchongites now know they don't really need an MP. dan yang tua kerepot serta banyak skandal dari zaman UMNO hinggalah sekerang ... berundur lah ..

  54. monsterball,

    you sure you left any comment, my old friend? if i were to delete any of your comments, it's to make sure that you don't make too big a fool of yourself. You know you are capable of that, sometimes.

    In any case, Godfather is around. He's beginning to sound lmore and more like you, Monsterball ... Sometimes he leaves quite a few comments, just like you.

  55. Anonymous8:45 pm

    One is a 16 year old son who can only be accused of, at best, being selfish for wanting to keep his hair. UMNO accuses the boy for molesting a chess grandmaster.

    Another has a 30million dollar ring on her finger, and every variety of colour for a bag worth hundred of thousands each. PR accuses her of corruption.

    Both accusations are obviously within the same league.

    You're a bloody moron.

  56. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Hello kawan2.. please enlighten me..

    Actually how did LEG son's name come into the picture?

    Who actually said it was him? Go after that culprit la..

    Confused le kamu semua nih!


  57. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Hello Latuk Locky:

    Will you agree with me that using a young woman's picture without checking properly is STUPID ? Using a young woman who is not even a Malaysian is STUPID ?

    Will you agree with me that trying to defend this stupidity makes you people look STUPID ?

    I would say that UMNO is full of people who have proven stupidity and also proven laziness. No ?


  58. Anonymous9:48 am

    Typical Tongkang-grade chingkies, these decendants of Middle Kingdom reject will always be a fucking stupig reject..its in their inherited DNA traits..

    Just like babi..they always sondol first before putting their thinking cap on (if any).. after all pig brain is about nothingness.. all their cranium contents already digested inside their piggy intestine and once excreted out, they will eat it back over & over again (just like how they typically argue with non-logical hearsay or erected assumptions, not with real facts)..

    Like the say, "the fish rot from the head.."

    their leader-supremo LGE already lead the way..if a king pig were so fucking stupig and cannot even take any of the facts & figures ammo challenge from SatD, the reality speaks for itself.. those piggy balacis will be far off worst! Totally cretin to the core in total denial mode..chingkies are so maha bodoh..

    Nowadays, the smart Malays are smiling ear to ear & just keeping quiet enjoy watching these piggies go "membabi buta" & still "perasan bagus" in action.

    Come GE13, we'll kick the pigasses sky high with stilleto boots..


    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-


    kah kah kah... ini cara mat mongol tibai malikul sembab.. kah kah kah

    woit, siapa suruh malikul sembab masuk kaki dalam mulut... kah kah kah

    kesian cybertroopers gerombolan... hari-hari susah payah nak bantai gerombolan... akhirnya senjata termakan tuan.. kah kah kah

    tak tau beza chess dengan chest... itulah, asyik ponteng masa kelas BI.. kah kah kah

  60. Anonymous1:00 am

    Hello Godfather,

    If that's your logic, then why have young boys all sweaty and wriggling under the cloth, and hopping around, climb the poles tong tong chiang boom boom kebooom cheng cheng for CNY?

    Kalau mau ikut lu punya logic, next time, use a LIVE lion la or a dragon to go round and do all the lion dances and collect the AngPows.

    First thing, the lion will pounce and feast on you...

    he hehe hehehe

  61. Anonymous6:22 am


    godpapa - you are the STUPID one! In highly intellectual circles, using the wrong photo is just a bait

    the accused will definitely JUMP up and deny and then jeng jeng jeng

    all will be exposed


  62. Anonymous6:25 am

    Dear Rocky

    I noticed a new style of reply, kinda kick it in your face hit, unlike the gentle giant Rocky of old

    and we like it ..... yes!!!

  63. Anonymous7:32 am

    Whether we like it or not, in UMNO which prides itself to have ruled the country since independence, there is still a bunch of jokers.

    The issue involving the alleged misconduct of LGE's son is a case in point. It is likened going on a mission to destroy the enemies BUT with blank bullets. When the enemies launch a counter attack with live bullets they are forced to run helter skelter looking for cover.

    Now, this is the bigger joke. They are accusing the enemies why, when attacked, they don't continue to be in their hideout or make attempt to escape instead of launching a counter attack.

    So, in all sincerity I must say in so far as UMNO/BN Penang are concerned if they still have any little hope left to recapture the state, better forget it. It is simply futile. You have just hammered another nail in the coffin.

  64. Anonymous10:15 am

    Stupid is as stupid does.


  65. Anonymous10:17 am

    "godpapa - you are the STUPID one! In highly intellectual circles, using the wrong photo is just a bait"

    Stupid UMNOputra, the bait is alive and going to sue the pants off you. Just admit that you are too lazy lah.


  66. Skilgannon10661:33 pm

    Yowza, anti whatever rides again, with his own inimitable brand of chop-socky logic.

    Seems to me that all the "piggies" out there are doing reasonably well, including that mothership of all piggies who is desperately being courted by Europe to help fund their bailouts!

    Closer to home, our own government is trying to get closer to that particular mothership as the other big dugong in town has it's own problems with an economy stuck in recession and impending ratings downgrades.

    Which is why all these Perkasa and Himpun jokers target those who can't or will not fight back, and carefully ignore, or avoid criticising, that big mothership out there.

    Because, if they did, the government would shut them up pretty damn fast!

  67. Anonymous12:32 am

    Its funny that PR zombie keep on insisting of that other people should not apple polishing UMNO/BN etc, while they are doing it on the LGE/PR/DAP almost every breath to the point of vomiting. C'mon have some sense and perspective.