Wednesday, August 10, 2011

StarSpecial Dining Out ... Best Pork Ribs in Town

Ramadan Delights.The Star's special supplement today is mainly on breaking fast, hence the title Ramadan Delights.So the ad on "Best Pork in Town" (page 2) and the page lead article "Morganfield's Sticky Bones" (page 7) with subhead Authentic prime pork ribs will certainly delight your taste buds (with a picture of juicy sticky bones) are a little hard to swallow, let alone digest.

On the heels of the "insensitive" TV8 ad about a non-Muslim painted as a little ignorant of Ramadan sensitivities, I was not surprised to get some complaints on my own hotline.


  1. Anonymous6:59 pm

    the chinese are becoming more stupid these days

  2. Betulla tu. Kalau orang Islam atau Melayu yang buat banyaklah yang komplen. Kadang-kadang orang Melayu sendiri yang besar sudu dari mangkok. tapi kalau orang kafir yang buat - buat dek aje. Ingat dulu siapa yang palit cat merah pada surau di negeri sembilan.memanglahlah mereka ni berlagak macam mereka tu sacred cows. memang punperangai macam cows.

  3. Wong Chun Wai will just say sorry ... end of story, or that it was an oversight or the particular section editor suddenly turned into a moron or ....

  4. Jebon7:53 pm

    The Star is owned by xxx while 8tv is owned by who's playing fire here....

  5. Anonymous8:02 pm

    So serious aahhh. Malaysian is a confuse lot!

  6. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Isk! Tak kosher lah Star ni.

  7. Anonymous8:13 pm

    complete moron...who owns 8TV...?bladyfool...

  8. BIGCAT8:21 pm

    Hahahaha...what do u expect from the no 1 English newspaper which has a specific Malay quota for its staff. Tak apa lah, the Muslims r not supposed to be offended over these sorts of things. Nanti kena tuduh racist pulak.

  9. Anonymous8:21 pm


    Still don't get it 'aaa? It's only "Racist" if applied to malay, maa. If chinese do it, it's not racist.

    It's only being "insensitive" if malays do it. If chinese do it, ne mind one.

    If chinese family torture Indonesian maid, they would like to be known as "Malaysians". Their chinese-ness disappears. In the tv-8 ad, their chinese-ness re-appears again, this time no talk about Malaysian Malaysian one. And when Dato' Chong Wei wins events he now Malaysian chinese, not just Malaysian. But when some chinese got caught committing crime in England or Australia suddenly chinese-ness disappears again and now it's just "Malaysians" who have been caught.

    In ear-squat case, it was "chinese" who had been ill-treated, so Theresa Cock go up to China to mengadu-ngadu. When they found out it was a malay instead, the Cock woman just go silent.

    And now some more Guan Eng want to put up college in Balik Pulau so that malay can slowly-slowly get out from there. Not enough lorr, he made Penang the only state to put the minimum ceiling, very high one, on house pricings so that malays can slowly-slowly get out one.

    And they need the usual seolferwolf, the old farts, the monsterball-less to keep on kacau-kacau here so that any attempt to expose this agenda or expose their inherent racism, they can drown out by some factless mumblings and thereby detract people from the real issues. And oh yes, sometimes occasionally assisted here and there by that One-Race Pundek thambee.

    And then one of them said, "Social Contract? What social contract? I wasn't born then so I am not privy to that contract and therefore I don't agree to abide to whatever contract was done before".

    To which we in the Warrior Continuum reply,

    "We also do not agree to our grandfathers giving you citizenships to you people because we were not born yet and was not present then to prevent it from happening".

    Warrior 42 of 4096

  10. Anonymous8:26 pm

    depa buat tak pa. kita buat cepat-cepat mintak maap noo---

  11. Anonymous8:55 pm

    On unrelated news ..

    Looking through Raja Petra's latest posting on 'Chinese Honour':

    1- Everybody already knows he wishes he was Chinese, and fancies himself their mouthpiece, but with the added shield of having a Malay name (just like 'Zairil Khir Johari' bin Abdullah)

    2- Look at the second picture. He is advertising his affiliation with Chinese Freemasons. Or maybe making a call to his friends for help.

    3- I wish we Malays had the same sense of community. I wonder if foreign-based Malays have this?

  12. Anonymous9:15 pm

    You're right Lets boycott the Star too! Get your gang together at their office and show your armpits.

  13. Keen observation that!! But you think can give some lee way to some bloody fools sometime? Or is this now going to be made into another round of sensationalising? But then again, would like to see how MCA deals with this one!!

  14. Malays, or Bangsa Melayu, should not gripe too much on how the non-Malays do not respect them in their own country. The truth of the matter is why should the Malays expect everyone to respect them when they do not respect each other. It is in the nature of the beast that if you are weak you will be eaten for lunch or dinner then breakfast the next day.
    The Chinese can only respect us if we are a united race they will not have to use such porky advertisement out of respect, but they know they can get away with it because they can because we are disunited. The Chinese in this country can get away with murder, literally yes! In the final analysis if you are weak nobody is going to give a damn about you!
    So Melayus stop griping just get united or be damned forever!

  15. they can always plead ignorance.

  16. Seolferwulf10:19 pm

    In Bali, they enjoy gulai babi throughout the year.

    Have we become so politically correct that food is the latest thing to be fought over in the name of religious sensitivities?

    Where does it end? By proscriptions on dress during Ramadan, Thaipusam, the Hungry Ghosts festival or Lent?

    It seems to me that piety and faith have degenerated into one-upsmanship, i.e. mine is better than yours, mine is the "official religion", so suck it up. To the extent, it seems, that even food ads are minefields to be avoided.

    And why faith and morals may be influenced by dietary choices is beyond me.

    I suppose anything and everything goes when seeking blessings from The Almighty.

  17. Anonymous10:19 pm

    mana boleh marah kaum cina rocky...mereka kaum majoriti di sini. Cina boleh sound melayu sbb melayu tu kaum minoriti aje

  18. Anonymous10:22 pm

    sudah makin berani bermain api puak puak ni!


  19. Anonymous10:23 pm

    You guys really dumb insecure fucks man. All for you fucking political purposes

  20. a sad reality which must be admitted by our fellow malaysian...

  21. When I read the supplement this morning I was saying they are mad or what.
    Star will be in hot soup tomorrow.
    A full page apology ad should be made.

  22. vinnan11:11 pm

    Who is asking the Muslims to eat the ribs, asshole? On the other hand the Taliban bullshit TV8 ad SPECIFICALLY in the Muslims are always right attitude 'instructed 'or should I say bad-mouthed the non-Muslims on national television.

  23. 1twothree11:19 pm

    1Malaysia Boleh, now they can do whatever they like can't complaint. Against 1Malaysia spirit maa.

  24. Anonymous11:32 pm

    hahaha...i pun tadi terkonfius a bit bila baca the star...

    Tak makan babi punya olang

  25. Mazlan11:49 pm

    If you read the Star and NST every day you realise that they have no idea what editing and grammar means.
    I have lost count of the amount of stupid stuff printed on both papers = so this does not surprise me....

  26. Anonymous1:29 am


    Actually we should educate them as to the reasons why Muslims are prohibited from consuming Pork, blood and carcass etc.

    I think most Jews, Christians and Hindus too are familiar as they too are not allowed to eat certain food by their religion.

    This has nothing to do with Human Rights, freedom to eat whatever kind of thing..

    Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh * 1986 statement as quoted in "Long line of princely gaffes" BBC News (1 March 2002)..........

    ...If it has four legs and is not a chair, has wings and is not an aeroplane, or swims and is not a submarine, the "XYZ" will eat it....

    So this article must have been done by one who comes from "XYZ" origins?

    he hehe hehehe

  27. definitely disrespectful, but just like you went after Pakatan for JAIS, go after BN for the star.

    A forward thinking Muslim:

  28. Anonymous3:15 am

    Vinnan is so angry coz his mother is pregnant with his kid. how now?

  29. Anonymous4:17 am

    Eewwwwwwww...... bwerrkkkkkkk...

  30. Anonymous4:48 am

    the non-malays are getting stupider, dumber and less sensitive these days..what the hell..if you guys are not going to respect our religion and tradition, so just expect the same consequences from us.

  31. Anonymous6:25 am

    this isn't new....i've been reading the star for some time and there have been instances where pork-serving restaurants are advertised.
    im curious - is there a rule saying the media should not portray/advertise pork or anything related to it? muslims are only prohibited from eating the meat.


  32. Anonymous6:26 am

    Apa segalanya mereka nak TUMPANG SEKAKI.. Even in Education, duk otek otek mohon recognition UEC!! Apahal pulak dah ni?

    Quote.............The association urges that the Ministry of Education should give full recognition to the UEC ( Unified Examinations Certificate) accredited by the Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools of Malaysia, in order to give the Chinese independent students a chance to further their studies in national universities and have the opportunity to work in the public sector....UNQUOTE

    Dah memandai belajar Sekolah ikut suka sendiri, dah mula nak mohon recognition pulak dah for local Universities konon!

    IPTS berlambak apasai tiba2 nak otek masuk local U pulak dah? Segalanya nak juga tumpang sekaki!!

    he hehe hehehe

  33. Anonymous6:29 am

    Pls make a police report on this, Rocky!!

  34. Anonymous9:07 am

    NAZA @ 700 are you representing the views of NAZA Group? Why NAZA group so racist?

  35. Anonymous9:21 am


    Did you complain to the STAR ? Wong Chun Wai is your buddy, so why don't you demand an apology for the bad taste ? I will agree, it was done in bad taste and without brains. That's MCA for you UMNOputras.


  36. Anonymous9:35 am

    BIADAP & KURANG AJAR!! Maybe he is a cancer patient!

  37. Anonymous9:51 am

    Stupid Siva.

    Go after BN pulak... Thats KIASU mentality that any wrong is caused by BN.

    PKR,DAP,PAS can and never make wrong.

    Even your daughter died accident in front of your house because you let her go loose, the blame will be on BN, cos no humps on the road.

    And the racist will leave forever supported by leaders who need to bring up these issues to stay alive in politics as champions.

  38. Vinnan

    As usual your stupidity and your racism shows.
    For goodness sake, it is a Ramadhan buffet supplement they are promoting. So why on earth did they feature pork.
    We don't mind when they feature and review best pork menu in town in their papers. Also that they present recipes for pork cooking.
    Star is a racist paper in disguise.
    Like someone here said, they only select some Malays to work there.
    But no one rise up as Editor. Only Tunku Abdul Rahman's grand-daughter who is considered half Chinese!
    You see their scholarships. Only one or two Malays got it and only for courses like designing. Never medicine or engineering.
    Compare it to NST scholarships where many non-Malays got it.
    At least some people say under Wong Chun Wai, the Star is trying to be kind to Malays and UMNO.

  39. Anonymous10:31 am

    Vinnan, I suppose you're one of those insensitive, rude and ugly people who eats in front of the muslims buying food at the Ramadan Bazaars. Right?
    I'm sure you are.

  40. Anonymous10:33 am

    What is the big deal Rocky? Have you become a super Moslem that you are intolerant of other religions? Even in Gulf States, where non Moslems are only found in small number and not even a significant minority like in Malaysia, pork is sold and available freely in 5 star hotels and supermarkets. Does this make the Gulf Moslems less Moslem?? Next time you visit Dubai, visit the Waitrose supermarket in the Dubai Mall and they have a section displayed as a "Pork Shop." Even in 6 star Atlantis Hotel, their sprawling buffet spreads include a non halal section as well.

  41. In Malaysia and to Malaysians, it is "racism" to defend the Malays.

  42. BIGCAT10:50 am u all Pakatan cybertrooper morons - u all motherfuckers r the one trying to politicise this issue.
    - Old Fart : no need keen observation for this one la, its as clear as daylight. Yah, we Malay muslims r always forgiving one, always try to accommodate others. So, tak apa lor, next time happen again we say tak apa also. Want to blame MCA? why la try to politicise one.
    - seoflwulf : eh fucker, your mom n dad never teach u proper behaviour ka. u mention Bali babi golek just to offend the muslims some more ka? dont be such an asshole can or cannot? lu ingat u punya english bagus lu kira bagus la. Itu bali hindu u want to equate with us malay muslims? u want people go burn your house ka? People like u r the one who will get our country burnt like in London, u know that or not?
    - vinnan : Wah, still want to call the muslims assholes. So garang. Fuck u, u piece of racist shit. Go home and fuck your mama's black asshole u bastard son of a monkey. Ya, thats the only kind of language u will understand.
    - srikanthsiva -: ok, at least u r polite, so I ll be polite with u. why need to politicise this issue? Rocky already post this thing, Star is own by MCA. What else u want? u see the Pakatan blogs coming up with this thing?

  43. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Ada orang dalam Star yang nak divert attention from kes gereja Damansara Utama itu. Lu pikirlah sendiri.

  44. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Ada orang dalam Star yang nak divert attention from kes gereja Damansara Utama itu. Lu pikirlah sendiri.

  45. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Bruce Lee started this.

  46. kociriemann12:36 pm

    No wonder we need Islamic quizes in churches..he..he..ignorant or insensitive?

  47. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Tahniah Rakyat Malaysia!!!! Benda2 mcmni puye sensitif pn takleh nak pikir. Kalau nak sangat kene Langgar....kita langgar jer...tak yah cakap bnyk

  48. Angry Birds12:55 pm

    Anon 6.59 PM said...
    ..."the chinese are becoming more stupid these days..."

    Were they intelligent before?

  49. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Seolferwulf said, it is "one-upmanship" not one-upSmanship". I know this is not type because it is a common mistake...

  50. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Part 1

    Dei Wolf aka Chingkie pig in wolfskin
    Let me tell you this loud and clear, twatlicking,pigcocksuckling whorecum guzzling fiend, I swear I am gonna cut your useless banana and torch your crotch if you ever spout such garbage here again. And to top it off, I will shit into your mouth and piss into it for good measure before shafting a Luger into it and pulling the trigger so that your damned brains enjoy an explosive epiphany as you descend into hellfire. Son a Chingkie whore, dont bring your Balinese piggy dietary relativism into the equation and don’t con us with your garbage. We travel as much as anyone does and know how to distinguish an uneducated, uncivilised Balinese cow shit smelling, elephant cocksuckling and peacock shit lapping, idol worshipping pagan Hindu freak from a cultured, fine –dining refined Balinese Muslim.

    To the motherfucking chakiliyan pundek kalathais Vinnan and srikanthsiva, let me tell you thaiolis that dissing Muslims will not assure you any instant relief from your inconsequential Dalit existence as pariahs of the earth to be kicked around like garbage everywhere your charcoaled selves shade the sunshine from kissing the earth. That’s just desserts for gargoyle worshipping moronic pagans whose animal deities cant even save themselves from Mcdonald’s stove or even the cooking pot of some Chingkie out for a taste of Cobra blood to get his cock up (ROFL)

    Cultural relativism and religious dietary laws are two different things all together. What say you lot if I dine on prime steak during the Chingkie Nine-Emperor fuckfests in full view of the pig-faced wispy bearded bald headed potbellied, slit-eyed bathrobe garbed scumbag seated on his throne in front a potpourri of incense and vegetable offerings. What if I slaughter a goat in front of a Buddhist temple on Wesak so that the freaking critter’s dying bellows blends gently into the monotonous inchoate drone that passes of as some Buddhist gibberish chant seeking some non-existent Cobainless Nirvana. Or better still, I barbecue a cow in front of Batu Caves as toddy and samsu addled charcoaled fiends scream vel, vel in some communal frenzy of self-flagellation invisible to sight in the thick of night.

    The Star is a pro-kaffir anti-Muslim rag that has crossed the line once too often for the umpteenth time. They go to great lengths to defend Christo wine guzzling drunkards, cross spotting, and bible-toting bastards who have nothing better to do in life nowadays than to waylay unwary Muslims and spout about some Hippie’s so-called second cuming in a freshly resurrected avatar. I bet Mary Magdalene must be crossing and uncrossing her cunt in anticipation of her Lord’s filthy prepuced cock as recompense for all those years in an unorgasmised purgatory that seemed to stretch like an eternity into Kingdom come. Why, these rapture desperadoes even drag poor and gullible akidah disemboweled Muslims in the name of interreligious harmony to partake in some ritual cannibalism, they blithely call the Eucharist.

    Warrior 231

  51. Bumi Boy1:20 pm


    You are a minority race - the keling pariah - who wants to ampu bodek the Chinese.
    Hey anei, consider yourself lucky that the Malays - UMNO- are in power.
    If racist DAP in power, your kind will not be in the cabinet or be millionaires.
    Where got Indians who rise up in DAP. Only Bai, okay.
    My Indian and Chinese friends too said that if the Chinese or Indian take power, they cant be fair like Malays.


    Yes bro, many people here deliberately spin that we are against pork eating.
    We are only angry that it is featured in Ramadhan buffet supplement.
    Don't have to bring Dubai.
    In Malaysa too, pork bergantung merata-rata, Freely sold in supermarkets and sold in restarurants even so-called halal ones.
    Do you all know, in China there's no babi hanging round in shops like in Petaling Street or elsewhere in our beloved country.
    Go travel and see the world, you stupid ones like Vinnan.

  52. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Part 2

    The selfsame Star is so obsessed to hasten the advent of a Christo Chingkie hegemony that it will even deny the obvious by lying that gambling has never been part and parcel of Chinese life when Truth yelps back otherwise:
    yet the selfsame Star will stoop into the bowels of the toilet bowl to scrap out even a shit morsel of untruth to besmirch Islam.

    I call for the immediate suspension of the Star and an investigation initiated by the relevant authorities to ascertain the filthy pig hoofs behind this. I call for a boycott of the Star by all Muslims. I will not be quoting the Star anymore, insyaallah, as I was wont to do being a reader of the online version to keep tabs on Christo Chingkie machinations. I call for the arrest of the Star reporters and editors under the ISA for this gross violation of Muslim sensitivities. Where sanctioned by law, I second the use of torture to teach these bastards a lesson for life.

    It is time that Malay Muslims stand up as real men, steepened in the warrior spirit of yore to defend our faith. Men overflowing with maruah not woemen cackling like baruas. Men who will raise the sword against each and every blasphemer on the account of Faith not cockless woemen who will bend to cocksuckle the Kaffir in a jiffy on the account of Death. Men who will smite down the Kaffir pig who dares to denigrate the faith not woemen who will entreat the Kaffir swine who offers trinkets in return. Men who will ransom their heavenly abodes with their earthly selves not Woemen who will surrender Jannah like timid elves. Men steeled by courage, shielded by conviction and armored by faith who will stand as one unsurmountable wall to face the slingshots and arrows of all.

    We don’t need any namby pamby effete self-indulgent spoilt brats like Anwhore, Niki Aziz or Najib to speak on our behalf no more. We don’t need maruahless douchebags and slimecunts like Khal Samad, Zulkepli, Azizah, Izzah et al talking about our moral duty as Muslims to accommodate the Kaffir when the selfsame Kaffir is battening the ramparts to storm the citadel of our faith. We need not be gripped by a self-doubting conscience regarding our attitudes to the Kaffir for it is loud and clear in al-Kafirun : your faith is yours and mine is mine and the twain shalt never meet!

    Warrior 231

    P/s: Good one Brother Warrior 42 of 4096

  53. Anonymous1:38 pm

    i bet bahlul PAS will say what happened is not the stupid chinese fault. but bahlul pas will blame UMNO for whatever non-sense reason their tok guru can think of.

  54. Anonymous1:52 pm


    It become an issue becoz this time they put it under The Star Special RAMADHAN DELIGHT.. tak baca betul2 ka?

    You are one true ignorance muslim i guess..

    The reality is my dear, pig will always be it babi hutan, babi kandang atau babi dalam is their pig nature.. Pity that you can't smell something piggy in them..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  55. Anonymous2:00 pm

    it's kinda funny that they display/print images of steak or any beef dishes all the time but no one talks about "insensitivity" but the moment pork appears look at the roars!

    people, grow up! the christians fast on lent season, hindus fast on fridays... and i've seen plenty of muslims eat infront of them and i don't see them (the non muslims) complaint! so what is the big deal of the pork chop??

    if they are promoting the pork chop so what??? what is the issue here? you as an islam just don't eat la. Why stopping other from eating? The hindus don't stop any muslims from eating cows what! So what is the big deal of publishing pork chop image at the newspaper???????

    why double standard??? are you guys refraining yourself from publishing beef images on hindu holy days???? I DON'T THINK SO! when there so many muslims in the country are INSENSITIVE.... why complaint 'bout the non-muslims??? just live with it la...

  56. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Lesson #1


  57. Anonymous3:10 pm

    lESSON #2


  58. The Star should and must apologise for this insult on Muslims in our holy month of Ramadhan.

    The subeditor who arranged the mixed up news story should be sent to do crime and road accident reporting instead.

    Since he/she can't tell between halal and non halal fare, best he/she deal with humans, dead or alive (no problem with halal or non halal meat here).

    By the way MCA boss and defacto boss of TheStar keeping quiet about this eh,strangely quiet for someone quick on the draw to ask others to apologise.

  59. Anonymous3:16 pm

    To Warrior 42 of 4096,

    You are spot on. Keep it coming.

  60. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Ya man, such insensitivity. Why don't you mobilise your Umno Youth, Silat, and Perkasa goons to demonstrate at the Star's HQ?

    Perhaps, even throw a pig's head into their lobby? Of course, don't do it now in the fasting month. Do it after when you've earned all your pahala.

    Rocky, let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

  61. STARRY4:19 pm

    You like to dealt into issue of racial respect and sensitivity and it all started bcos of you feller.
    Please be reminded that respect has to be earned.I will respect you if you can tackle real issue for racial harmony effectively.
    Give constructive comments rather than fan racial hatred.Anyhow,STAR is the newspaper for for all races.So if you felt offended,just don't read it.

  62. Layzicfish4:56 pm

    I do not like to say so, but felt more like asking it - Why must people make this a racist thing?

    Yah we remember the 8TV problem, but I considered that a totally different issue, because IT IS STEREOTYPING SOME RACE OR RELIGION.

    But in this case, I felt sad reading the comments, a lot of people just jump to conclusions or saying or spreading racists comments, and not aiming directly at the case, but continue with the racist and categorizing idea...

    Why must everything become so racist?

  63. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Vinnan's ma has a lebam asshole lah,skin karar sicky-yellow , not even white. Those squinty beady slit slashed lashless eyes some meleis find so beautiful ma. Yucks!!!

  64. Anonymous8:28 pm

    It is not the issue of chinese being stupid. That is generalising. Rather it is MCA-Star who is stupid.

    Port or not, how many of you muslims know that many in KL eat Port? Just go to Jln Raja Laut at 3 to 4 am in the morning, if you do not see Muslims, especially eating BKT, I will embrace Islam as my religion.

    How many Muslims drink during Ramadan, just go to Tmn Seri Rampai where population is 60& to 70% Muslims. Only two watering holes here after one close down.

    Most of the customers are Muslims enjoying the company of Muslim GRO from holy Kelantan, Trengganu, Sabah and KL. There is even floor show occassionally where the GRO will bare all except for the G-String.

    Where is JAIS and Jakim? After the Pub close, many of the patrons will happily bring the Muslim GRO by which time they are high on drugs to a place for a bonk.

    What about MMail doing a sting operation?

    The patrons are mainly lower ranking Civilians from Bukit Aman and there to impress the illiterate and money hard up GROs.

  65. There he goes again. That idiotic Pasquale encouraging race separations like as if Mahathir has one more daughter for him to get married and be his son in law.
    As for pork..certain country allows Muslims to eat them now.
    1500 years...pork is dirty...and Chinese Muslims bring fried pork to sell at Mecca...and sold off like hot cakes.
    Prophet had ti stop Muslim eating in Middle East..lambs and camel meat..only..rarely..rabbit meat.
    No delicious pork!!
    Now pigs are reared for consumptions in most scientific and clean ways.
    Why does Rocky make a fuss over FOOD?....where 2/3 of world population is enjoying it.
    I have few Jewish friends from USA ans Australia..simple love pork ribs.

  66. And for all those Muslim fanatics and idiots to know..pig organs are used to save lives.
    Best is you sickening hypocrites tell the surgeons..
    "please let me die. No use pig organs to save me"
    You dare to say that..Rocky?

  67. Hmmm... Mmg tak patutlah hal ni berlaku.. Tapi kan, sekurang-kurangnya penulis pasal menu tu ada menyebut 'pork ribs'.. Macam mana kalau dalam kehidupan seharian, kita makan menu 'daging ayam', 'daging lembu' tetapi sebenarnya mengandungi menu rahsia- dicampur daging yang haram bagi umat Islam tanpa disedari? Apa-apapun, kurangkan makan di luar, terutama di kedai yang diragui. Lebih baik masak sendiri di rumah. Lalalala....*Sekadar pendapat

  68. OMG pork ribs photos in newspaper is offensive....but serving beef during open houses where Hindus are invited is not?

  69. Ya lah ya lah chinese bodoh la , racist la , itu la ini la . But i know there are alot of bunch malay are better than you Rocky and the rest stupid moron comment on your blog.
    Your hatred against star is nothing to do with chinese .

  70. Anonymous12:44 am

    actually folks, they have been doing this "pork-thingy" all the while, in snacks, coffee, ice-cream, biscuits etc

    but now they are more brazen to openly promote khinzir to Muslims

  71. Anonymous12:50 am

    Next showing - bikinis in mosques

    massage parlours in kampongs

    gambling dens beside your house

    pirated dvds selling in schools

    OK what - as long as make money lor

  72. Anonymous12:53 am

    vinnan must have wanted badly to be Tun Dr M's race and religion

    but what to do - born as a race that practise caste system - he has a great CHIP on his shoulder

    forever feeling victimised - karma from life before this

  73. Anonymous5:38 am

    Once, Monsterball almost died because of an accident.

    Fortunately the doctors manage to save him by implanting more than 90% Pig Organs into his body.

    Though the masses might think the Pig nose on his face is over the top, it must be informed that, that is his real nose.

    Thank you Monsterball for highlighting this Pigly information.


  74. Anonymous9:18 am

    I'm waiting for The Star to post similar add on BEEF STEAK & make it under the "THESTAR SPECIAL DEEPAVALI & WESAK DAY DELIGHT".

    Then we'll see the commotion going berserk from some stupid non-muslim big mouth in here..surely TheStar won't coz TheStar were mainly made of lembus & babis..

    Forget those pariah and stupid chingkies that utter their verbal diarrhea here Rocky..

    They are too stupig & can't even digest the real issue here due to deficiency of grey matter..

    Everyday we can see pork cuisine & liquor promo in TheStar, of coz no Muslim give a damn about it for sure, TheStar is not even a Muslim owned newspaper and it is a clear tolerance gesture of Malaysian Muslim that tolerate & respect the right of non-muslim that consume pork which the majority of the fucking non-muslim here has taken for granted despite living together for more than half century..


    to put it under such "Ramadhan Delight", that is tantamount to insult & provoke the mass either with intention or ignorance which is very unlikely for the later unless the columnist & editor were a pure-porky-true-blue-pendatang from Andromeda galaxy that just arrived to Malaysia this Ramadhan 1432H.

    Babi punya Cina.


    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  75. BIGCAT10:39 am

    HAHAHAHAHA....Star gave a small two paragraph apology today...lebih kurang macam apology kalau dia orang tersalah eja nama orang...what the fuck man, we Muslims are so pathetic in their eyes....lepas ni korang beli la lagi paper Star tu...

  76. Anonymous11:30 am

    anti-hindraf & ultra chingkies,

    really? oh, that ramadan bit....sorry...the only thing i saw in this post was BEST PORK RIBS IN TOWN....must have been an oversight on my part...i am still a muslim and i don't eat pork despite that....selamat berbuka to you and cheers :D


  77. Anonymous11:38 am

    From the comments, there were some of people still did not read properly and understand what is the issue here.. its not beef or pork could not been shown on newspaper or display on buffet... its because The Star specifically mentioned this is the Ramadan Buffet... if its just any other days who cares.... If you want to show ramadan delight, and Pork is one of them? please think before you write.

  78. Anonymous11:41 am

    Monsterball lau ren,

    Sudah betoi2 nyanyok, story-telling nonsense to your cucu cicit?

    Haiya old man, Islam has been in China for many many many many centuries, don't try to be funny. OLD CLOWN!

    Shooo.. go play with your pokemon mon, pokemon mon pokemon mon.

    he hehe hehehe

  79. dorothy12:19 pm

    i always find this argument put forth whenever an issue of Muslims' sensitivity to pork comes up : what about the Hindus and beef?

    yes...what about that?

    So many Hindus i know consume beef. and they view beef so differently than Muslim view pork.

    Hindus can touch cow, of course.

    but Muslims cannot touch pig.

    Is beef haram in Hinduism?

  80. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Mana otak taruk? Ada mama2 ADVERT saying to celebrate whatever Hindu religious occasion and show a picture of cowbeef menu ke ????

  81. Anonymous9:20 am

    Datuk Rocky, please gang up with Ibrahim Ali and demand that the star be closed down; after all, it is just an mca paper. So nst will become the best selling newspaper. But I keep thinking high and low why this stupid mca paper is the best selling paper in Malaysia. Why not other newspapers?

  82. ketua editor xkanlah xtau sensitiviti org Islam???...baik letak jawatan la..

    Financial Aid

  83. Anonymous10:53 am

    Star is becoming a shit newspaper. It has been a racist newspaper since Day One. Nowadaays i buy the Star to use it to clean window panes only.

  84. Nobody like this blog.
    And so..he takes the opportunity to try getting attention by choosing me to put out an "insult" which is repeated over and over again...thinking how smart he is.
    It is also goods sign to show what kind of people supports UMNO B.
    You have the most Rocky making a living to be what he is good at....carrying Najib's balls...when Hajib's balls are tangling with no vooom power.
    These idiots if go to race course and bet ....all will loose.
    The era of Mahathirism is finished....sontoloyos..putul putul bodoh sampai otak pergi mana..pun tak tau.
    The only logical reason that these wage earners keep supporting a corrupted government is feeling so good have easy life with big salaries...doing nothing.
    Change of government spell hell for Rocky...Big Dog...and all Rocky's machais
    {Rocky's little horse}... like Tony Yew will run away...and at age 62...Rocky learn more truths.

  85. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Apabila cina dihina, cina dan melayu bising.

    Apabila melayu dihina, melayu bising seceput dua jek, cina diam membisu but tak tahu.

    Orang melayu memang bodoh... tak sedar ker pasal tu? Duk tolong orang cina, tapi orang cina ader tolong melayu giler-giler macam melayu tolong cina?

  86. Anonymous1:41 pm


    There is no need for someone to prove that he is smart to a cyberspace proven & well known stupid dumbass chingkie pig like you.. it is like comparing earth & heaven.. if majority said that you're an idiot, so an idiot it is you are..that is cyber democracy! [period]

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  87. Anon idiot and majority said it?
    OK la...but in Lim Kit Siang blog..majority said I am plenty smart.
    I guess it depends which blog majority we are referring to.
    I come here knowing many jackasses like you are here...who cannot face the change of government as by changing...your "anon" will become "unknown" forever and ever...and I will continue to be known to Rock N Roll and expose them as racists and dumb assess.
    PERWIRA well known..very smart?....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  88. Anonymous10:36 am

    monsterball old fuckhead,

    so, the majority of the minority stupid chingkie looser think that you're smart eh..? Does that hold any water..? kah..kah..kah.. babiperasan..

    Me from the MAJORITY 7 figures million hits freedom of speech blog RockyBru unlike that stupid old commy selective comment pigblog, think that you all minority chingkies are way so fucking stupid like the pigs you all eat everyday thet become the protein base of those stinky rotting grey matter in your thinking shitbox..

    If you fucking minority are so smart, you would not utter such stupid statement like
    "who cannot face the change of government "

    In democracy, only we, the real majority can have such say to change our Govt.. not babi like you..even if you babi united cramped in one single kandang like the case of the recent Sarawak State Election, you pig cannot change anything even how hardcore your Violet bitch snort out those racist campaign spreading her pussy mantra openly dreaming for a pig to become the next CM..

    the evidence is that without the majority pribumi supporting, it is useless.. here you stupid cina babi had insulted the majority.. smart pig move by the pigs clan indeed..

    It is obvious that you fucking stupid chingkies that think yourself as the majority were the one that cannot digest & face the reality of the deteriorating pig society..

    Both of you & LKS the senile-o-chingkie pig duo can perform mutual fellatio in pursuing your fucking stupid chingkie dream to change the MALAYsia Govt..

    Totally idiot to the core.. that what chingkies are best for..pigbrain.


    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  89. Anonymous5:13 am


    i heard the same thing as well. only small portion of malays working there. and some said the editors will try their best to actually indirectly demotivate the malay workers there to quit. doesn't help that others on top management are, while quite small in percentage are damn racist as well.

    tidak percaya? ask the malay star reporters if you met any.

    i am wondering with all the mistakes in the star now, are the editors/proof readers really doing their job?

  90. Bukan China bodoh Melayu yang bodoh kern a membenarkan dire merwka di bodoh bodoh kan, ha baru tau!