Saturday, July 23, 2011

CCTVs save the day for Malaysian Police

Mat Sabu a poor liar ... Police 'land rover' knocked PAS leader down? He he .. Watch the video  ...

How Baharuddin Died ... Police shot teargas? Please, watch this video

RALLY of HATE against the POLICE. There seems to be a trend these days to try and discredit the PDRM, our police force. A tendency to blame the cops for all our problems and other people's problems. As if there are no good cops at all. As if the cops are the enemy. I have friends and relatives in the police, all of them honest to goodness. I am sure you know a few cops, too. The ones I know, they work hard and they risk their lives for us every day. But go to jinggo's site below and watch the video of the man in yellow who blamed it everything on the cops. He seems so sure that his and the words of "a Hindraf leader friend" are enough to find the police guilty of "causing all these (including the death of Baharuddin)".
Yes, PDRM needs better PR here and there. Cops around the world are engaging in this exercise in an attempt to improve their public image. But have you watched the videos above? Surely, surely we can't be defending these blatant lies against our men in blue. 
The least we could do for them is speak up for them and their good deeds. 

Courtesy Minaq-jinggo


  1. Dear Sir,
    I read your article today with interest.

    First,i would summarise that you started off with Da Vinci,then how technology can help governments,who leads the world today,modernisation and finally

    Your wise conclusion are to open our minds to see tomorrow today.It only takes a small adjustment.I agree but partially.

    That said,i would say the future is characterised by electronic societies living in a borderless globalised world.While governing them was once defined
    as the authority to politically,economic and administratively manage our nations affairs,the new world is also now govern by electronic financial markets.
    1998 showed us that fund can come in and buy our shares and in the next 3months,sell all the shares and collapsed our market and impoverish our
    people.Politically,Anwar was sack,beaten,jailed and humiliated and till today,he is effectively fighting back.

    Government must realise the speed of shares and currency transactions are 'subseconds' and cross border.In trading,you ACT first and THINK later.
    Policies must be accurate and when you open up the broking industry to foreigners,they do not bring much volume to the market other than buy up
    our stockbroking firm.As a result capital markets in Malaysia is quiet.

    Next is the NGOs.They are the 'minority' but democracy is voice of majority.However,these organisation are electronically globally wired and is today
    indispensible.SUARAM and BERSIH demond=strated to us that our government is insulated in the old world.They only care about Mokhzani and Shahril's
    company merging and arranged by Najib's brother to the tune of rgt12billion.This is achieved because they got all the good Petronas welding and installation
    job and ask foreign contractor to do it.

    People today are more concern about food(expensive chicken at rgt8.50 per kg!),water(free in Selangor!),energy(stop giving billionaires subsidies in the
    billions from OUR Petronas and get TNB to increase our bills!!),health(PM wanted to privatise IJN once!),education(I once know if i do well,i go to local
    boaring school,and if do well in 'o' levels,get to become doctors,engineers and lawyers).

    And heres the real issue..the myopic,parochial,arrogant BN practices governing imposing rakyat's tomorrow's mind,YESTERDAY.

    I m proud that you have tomorrow mind today.

    Jo Taharin.
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  2. Anonymous1:53 pm

    My house was robbed and I saw just how good your cops are...bunch of thieving bastards

  3. Anonymous2:48 pm

    takda org mengaku dah berak tengah jalan...

  4. Anonymous3:25 pm

    I no see Mat Sabu in the video.

    Filem Hindustan? Where is Mat Sabu in the video?

    How come the camera man so ready for action? Was it already a trap laid in advance with video man already standby?

    Go watch at video from You Tube when the time come for the real Mat Sabu video shot.

  5. Ayah Man3:33 pm

    The police may not be able to get AG to prosecute Mat Sabu or the person who cookedup lies to that effect.
    I hate to hear that they end up saying " taada kes, tak cukup bukti atau taada peruntukan undang2".
    Jahanam Malaysia.

  6. Anonymous3:33 pm


  7. Anonymous3:36 pm


    Common la..

    Give more respect to the capabilities of our Security forces. They have years and years and tons of experience.

    Just by looking at how a 15months toddler behave, sudah boleh baca otak pemikiran ayah dan bonda mereka..

    he hehe hehehe

  8. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Maybe its a blessing in disguise for PDRM. I myself aren't too fond of the police before this. Well let's just say there are a few small experience here and there as most Malaysians go through when dealing with them that leave a bitter taste.

    But then again we always knew that the PDRM risks life and limbs to make this country a safe place to live in everyday. Just find out how most of them have lost their life, lost their use of limbs and made their children fatherless or motherless in the line of duty. Dammit it's a high RISK job to enforce the law!

    So, the more this bloody bunch of people say that the police are akin to criminals, the more respect i have for the PDRM! That's why it's a blessing in disguise. In fact what the opposition try to make us hate most. The more we as real Patriot Malaysians hate the opposition. So DAP forget about Putrajaya. Why DAP? cause WE know you want it most!


  9. waaa Rocky very happy to prove the 15 doctors and by standers comments are lies with the Govt DOCTORED video.
    Everything told by the Govt are all truths to Rocky.
    Just like Najib said he cut short his Italy vacation to return be with Malaysians...when the fact is..he has to personally instruct Bordorn to be deported.
    No matter how much Rocky tries his best to defend the Govt...his own spinning is well known.

  10. His blog should be.....
    ROCKY...THE SPINNER...or..
    ROCKY...Najib's best balls carrier.
    Brewing out all shit stuffs...he is the best blogger.
    Bullshitting Malaysians...Najib is the best.
    Luckily Rocky's greatest hero Mahathir no more power. will surely get lots of posts.... mamak said this..mamak said that in his blog..carrying his balls like pure YELLOW gold.

  11. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Syabas PDRM!!! Lawan jangan tak lawan.. The majority of rakyat yg sayangkan negara are 100% behind you! Keep up the good work. Expose all the lies made by the good-for-nothing Opposition leaders..

    I hope no stupid PAS leaders will say "video tu besi" lagi sudahlah.. It was reported that "kita jawab di mahkamah" is the new standard answer ;p

  12. thank you Rocky. It's always comforting to know that many people like you supports the truth. So what is Bersih's people response to this ? Any more lies in their sagging fortune ?

  13. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Rock, cukuplah mengampu ni bro. Our police can do anything to demonize anyone.

    Rock, polis yg menghalang orang nak berhimpun tu apa pasal?

  14. Rock on...

  15. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Your stance implies that the police force should not have to endure criticism because there are also good cops in the force. A few good or bad cops does not mean that the entire force is similarly good or bad. Both good and bad actions should be respectively given praise and criticism in equal measures.

    The police force is lacking credibility because the heads of the police force have shown themselves to lack true independence from BN's political machinations, and lack of competence in coming up with sensible strategies to handle demonstrations. Can you honestly say that tear gas and water cannons were a good idea to handle the demonstrators? The federal gov't claims that such action prevent violence from happening, when violence was never planned by anyone in the first place. Beware a gov't that is allowed to proclaim another's guilt without proof or reason.

    The police are fond of making excuses to avoid responsibility, even though they are happy to have the power conferred by their positions. Take for instance, the Tung Shin hospital incident. They kept making excuses and kept changing their stories. This shows lack of responsibility on the part of the police.

    Well, at least the police are great at receiving the hundreds of police reports, which is an annoying and pointless trend among Malaysians these days.

  16. Anonymous9:01 pm

    It is a hand held camera and not a cctv. Another lie by the police.

  17. Datuk Rocky, greetings from Canada!

    The problem with Bangsa Melayu Muslim and the PDRM (majority Malay Muslim) not to over react is that they do not want to be branded a Muslim terrorist, a catch words that has been a bane within the Muslim world trying to appease the Western-Christian world, I personally it is bunk and we Malay-Muslim (PDRM included) must do what is right and what it takes and not be afraid to do it, for a start PDRM must arrest that Turban-wearing Indian wearing a yellow T-shirt and charged him with defaming the police force with lies, PDRM have my support anytime! In fact all Malay-Muslim (cannot speak on behalf of others) must stand together and support our boys in Blue!

  18. Anonymous10:36 pm

    May PDRM be rewarded for their professionalism, be it on earth or after life.

    Kudos to PDRM. Gagah berani, martabat tinggi, Syabas.

  19. rizal jumairy10:49 pm

    depan memang pajero bro, patrol car ada 2 behind the pajero, in the media conf, the police said "look, the tyre of the motorcycle, he was not hit by the pajero" but the patrol car who ram the bike.

  20. Anonymous12:02 am

    when there is rot no amount of pr is going to change anything.....

    get rid of the rot first man.....

    starting with najib's huge cabinent of incapable goons....

  21. Anonymous12:34 am

    The problem with Malaysian Politics is not the arrogance of BN, or the absence of Check and Balance or the election System, but a Gutter Quality Opposition.
    If the silent majority and the active NGOs just focus on bringing up the quality of the Opposition, we then might have a viable alternative that can home in BNs excesses and play a role as an alternative.
    For a start, the old leaders as in drama queen anwarinas, the dynastic chauvinist uncle lim as well as the sickly I-Am-Holier-Than-Thou Nik Aziz should be replaced.
    Come on Malaysia, let's build a better Opposition!

  22. Anonymous1:18 am

    Dear Rocky,

    The Mat Sabu video clearly shows that the PDRM Pajero intentionally cut his motorcycle off causing it to fall. Whether or not there was any contact was a technicality. Just as in TBH's death while the MACC did not throw him out the window, with their aggressive and perverse interrogation techniques they might as well have. The intent and consequence remain the same in both cases.

    There are things seriously wrong with the PDRM and it is more than just an issue of PR. Of course paid cybertroopers like you are not interested in fixing our institutions but just to spin the stories to defend the status quo.

    Sad that a previous respected journalist like yourself (do you even dare call yourself a journalist still???) has sold out to become Kalimullah the Second. It is really worth it???

  23. Anonymous5:24 am

    rajaratnam speaks for the bersih generation, who are mostly young chinese clad in yellow

    wow what a STAGE - clever, these chinese, come prepared with visual yellow impact complete with yellow placards

    but watch their faces - kinda lost, nervous, fidgety and obviously very obedient

    and then this 'drama mama' so confidently telling the greatest fairytale of life and death

    the yellow skin always need another colored skin to do the dirty work

  24. BIGCAT6:19 am

    Mat Sabu ni timbalan president Pas. Kalau dia kaki bohong, yg lain pun dua kali lima je la. President dia Hadi Awang pun sama je. Dulu kata nak negara Islam, sekarang dah takat negara kebajikan.Depan Melayu cakap lain, depan cina cakap lain. Hoi! Pejuang Islam macam ni ke? Korang yg konon nak tegakkan hukum Allah tak rasa korang macam lembu ke ikut pemimpin2 pembohong macam ni? Cina DAP tengok korang terpekik terlolong kat tengah jalan maki polis hari tu dia org gelak tau tak?!?! Kit Siang dgn anak terlebih Brylcream dia Guan Eng perkuda pemimpin Pas, engko org pulak jadi lembu ikut buntut org macam Mat Sabu masuk kandang DAP. Dah la tu, salah masuk kandang. Korang bodoh jadi lembu tapi masuk kandang babi. Ya lah, aku tau Umno tu pun banyak hamlau juga tapi takda la sampai suruh org melayu masuk kandang DAP dan bersekongkol dgn Hindraf yg terang2 benci Islam tu. Korang org Melayu pikir la sendiri. PKR aku malas nak cerita lah, sebab dah siap ada video lagi. Kalau nak jadi lembu Anwar juga, lantak engkau lah Melayu. Pergi la terjun sungai dgn labu-labu korang.

  25. Mustapha Ong7:21 am

    Dear Bro,

    Your sudden outburst in support of PDRM is rather alarming and I think you have to check your statement before other cyber troopers jumped on the wagon to criticise and discredit you. There are plenty of them on both sides of the political divides in the infamous Malaysia-Chronicle, Malaysian Insider and other big names in the blogging fraternity.

    However, I am disgusted due to their lack of ethics and creditability whenever they post their articles and comments under fictitious names or anonymous. Hiding their identity under the skirt and sarong is not my cup of tea as it will never pass through my principle and conscience.

    I am open, transparent and responsible for what I said and wrote on the blogs, despite being smeared with all kind of disgusted remarks by local and foreign agents. I am not frustrated or neither amused by those who called me all kind of names all over the alternate media.

    I am prepared to go to Sungai Buloh for a break and rediscover myself in my 69 years as a patriotic 1Malaysian.I have nothing to lose when one is a truly nationalist and not a double traitor, foreign agent or an opportunist to destroy this country built by all our forefathers since the nation's independence.

    In my twilight years, I wish to ask what has the government had done in recognition of my more than 34 years of my dedicated service to the government and my persistence to defend this BN government for more than 50 years in the political arena? Yes an AMN on my retirement in 1998 which I am deeply grateful and appreciative to my colleague Tan Sri Halim Ali, the KSN in my time of service to the government.

    On record, I had also rejected at least two official offer of State Datukship by the respective Sultans, but I had to reject the Royal Command due to the ridiculous service order that I would have to resign from the service if I were to accept the Royal Title. In short I was not an Ambassador and neither the Head of Mission.

    UMNO has not even bothered to recognise the fact that I was among the past leaders like Tun Mahathir, Ghafar Baba, Mat Rahmat, Ikhwan Nasir and a few other senior aides who had worked 24 hours in order to revive UMNO when it was declared an illegal entity by ROS in 1987? We were the one behind the curtains to save UMNO and rebuilt UMNO (Baru) with our strategic national campaigns like SEMARAK AND SETIA programs to win back the confidence of the rural voters and populace.

    We fought against the critics within UMNO who were against Tun Mahathir, Tok Mat and some of us as the senior political and advisers to the UMNO leadership and government. Anwar was then the DPM/Finance minister who was one of those who had opposed to Pak Lah's return to the government although he was one of the UMNO Vice President.

    The late 1980 era which I considered to be the most challenging part of our national struggle to uphold the rule of law and government in our political history.

    Where were most of the present UMNO/BN and other opposition leaders, unborn, still born and no where to be found, and yet today some of them are the greatest opportunists and hypocrites????

  26. Anonymous9:18 am

    I'm a BERSIH rally supporter, but I don't support any lies/deceptions like this. Hats off to you for this postings, Rocky!


  27. Oh mat sabu, its a wonder what people see in him,

    I saw one segment of the presentation for that shuhardi guy, any videos of that?

  28. Anonymous11:02 am

    Elo Rocky,,,,,idup ni,,selagi bole TIPU,,,tipu lah,,!!!!

    Lu ingat PM tu tak tipu ke????

    Jelajah satu Malaysia konon,,,,duit sape tu????? X hormat langsung State Goverment under OPPOSITION,,,,BELAJAR lah hormat sikit,,,At least give a courtesy call to the MB or CM. Takkan lah perkara begini needs KUTU Lancap punya advise!!!

    Sama macam lu dulu Rocky,,,semasa with BUSINESS TIMES lu pergi Germany,,,,masa balik KL,,,full of PLAYBOY Magazine in your BAG,,,masa tu kan Xda CCTV di AIRPORT,!!!!

    Ada ingat ke!!!!!


  29. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Good job to PDRM. They seems to be getting smarter now. Please keep up the thinking ahead strategy when dealing with these filty liars. I hope PDRM will go all out to drag those liars to court and lets waste the rakyat money on these filty liars as that is what they wanted.

  30. Anonymous1:07 pm

    You forgot 1 more video Rocky,

    Apek with Malaysian flag and placard who could not produce Mycard!

    Apake hal carrying a passport??? Ganjil benar le all these Malaysian Malaysian ni semua!

    he hehe hehehe

  31. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Samboooo is a Chingkie cocksuckling cowardly bastard. He learnt his pimp-lying arts while being sequestered with a Chingk CM in them ISA dungeons. He learnt his biking stunt from An(us)whore himself ala Reformasi Demo 1998. An(us)whore also probably taught him how to fake and run when the going gets tough while letting them idiot pseudo-Malay Chingkie lackeyboys and whoregirls bear the brunt. Thats precisely how it panned out on July 9th. The two pondans conjured up their preplanned tricks and ran way to hospitals while their balacis got themselves sodden in chemicals and gagged by gas. Then after flipping thru a catalogue of butts and whore-bods provided by their Chingk pimps in their airconditioned hospital suites, the two trannieboys emerge on wheelchairs and what not to show off their heroism in "perjuangan" and fool their brainvacuumed balacis. In the while, their Chrsitian Chingk handlers remote control and monitor proceedings from Komtar, Ipoh, Sibu etc. giving an air of disinterest in the whole gangbang. Bastard Chingkies indeed!

    One of Samboo's key defence strategy during the fucktart's khalwat trial was whether "a hotel door slamming auto shut thus trapping him defenceless with Bukhari's wife dint constitute entrapment" without realising that the obvious question in any Muslim with a dram of iman would be "what the fucks was he doing with a married woman in HIS room (whether she came at his instigation, own volition or whatever) when the hotel lobby would be a more convenient place?". If he was that steeped in Islam after all the tarbiyah by his turban lollipops, he would have known the obvious. He couldnt as so Satan-inspired was he in trying to wangle his way outta a tight corner that he forgot a simple basic tenet of Islam, thus rendering him and his ilk kaffirs at worst or munafuckins at best.

    Either way, aware and yet unconned PASsites are finding out: Islamic state negation, climbdowns in Selangor, no hudud despite 21 years of kuasa in Kelantan; the cocksuckling of DA Pigs,; the rise of Erdogan munafiks; marching behind an idol-worshipping antimuslim, pro-murtad Hindu bitchwhore.

    That explains the 20k turnout when Samboo boasted no less than 350k in his favie cyberrag, the MI, on June 23. When not even 10% of that turn up with that proximity to Selangor and the huge Kelantan diaspora in KL, the obvious is no longer shrouded in haze. Add that to diminishing votes in byelections, the humiliation in Sarawak (in 2006, PAS fared better) and An(us)whore's admission that the rural and semiurban Malays are not biting the bait, you have a Chingkie-fueled dream about to go up in ashes come the polls....yeah right up Nik Aziz'z and Samboo's arseholes. Mark my words!

    Warrior 231

  32. Anonymous2:40 pm

    Somebody please take the bai in Apanama's video to court to answer the cctv evidence.

  33. Anonymous5:48 pm


    Well done! BN is really lucky to have a loyal dog like you to serve them.

    Keep up the good work after all money is still money.

  34. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Bull shit!!
    Let Mat Sabu have his day in court and don't twist facts before that!

  35. So you mean to say two innocent police men are in jail for killing Altantuya?

  36. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Tak payah CCTV. Google Earth dah ada. Boleh playback jugak kat You tube.

    Handphone camera pun lebih terang gambar berbanding CCTV yang entah pasang kat mana.

  37. Anonymous2:12 am

    i think you should read and watch this.. .. and guess who's lying?

  38. hi you have Balls Of Fire.
    Lim Kit Siang have posted in your blog.
    Now go over to his blog and comment.
    No banning monsterball?

  39. Anonymous8:42 am

    The strange fact is how could intelligent folks like Anwar Ibrahim, Karpal Singh, Nik Aziz, Low Gwo Burne, the two Lims, Najib, RPK, Rosmah and the rest still believe in all the lies all these while.

    It must be one of the new wonders of the world.

    And to cover these lies, they will create new ones like ... doctored, fake, Umno creation blablabla.



  40. Anonymous8:55 am

    but cctv is only a besi, it has no ear, no eyes, no mouth and no nose. so how? cannot become evidence, right?

  41. Anonymous9:02 am

  42. Anonymous10:55 am

    Dey Rocky,

    Mat Sabu never said police land rover hit him. He said police Waja hit him. From the video, we cannot see the police Waja hitting or not hitting him as it is blocked by the land rover. Now it is words against words. The video does not prove anything. Who do you believe? Of course you believe the police because you are now in 'carma' category.

  43. I must commend the police for their high standards of work, sticking to the facts and disposing the issues dispassionately, a standard of objectivity rarely achieved by many.

    Dr Mahathir's memoirs 'A Doctor in the House' displays such brutal commitment to facts and refusal to judge, the mark of true science.

    While Dr Mahathir's priorities during his tenure was to correct inter-ethnic inequity, he also had to contend with issues of rhetoric vs reality which he effectively undercut with both wit and performance, and the police had enough freedom to do their real work.

    The police may be able to solve issue with facts (given resources, allocations, and time), but wiser for politicians to dissolve issues before they appear. That ability to dissolve issues before they appear comes form a higher commitment to truth, and timely action.

  44. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Come on bro. These are doctored. I wont believe them for a minute.

  45. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Rocky Bru and Wong Chun Wai, two Malaysian patriots!

  46. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; they put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! ~Isaiah 5:20

  47. Anonymous9:25 pm

    have any body read the police report by mat sabu. I think that will clear up the issue wheather mat sabu said the was hit by pajero or waja. PDRM version mention that mat sabu was not hit by Pajero which is right and also mat sabu also dont mention he was hit by the pajero. It was by waja.

    pls look at the police report by mat sabu

  48. After watching the video over a number of times, the truth of the matter was that, the Pajero had actually made a sudden swerve into the path of the motorcycle. Notice that the Pajero had swerve into the oppoasite lane which caught the motorcyclist by surprise and natural reaction is to avoid a collision to the side of the Pajero. The motorcyclist made a quick turn to the right to avoid the collision and brushed the back fender of the pajero , went out of control and hit the divider. Then the Waja, deliberate or otherwise hit the motorcyclist and the pilllion rider.

    From what I gather, from the police side, its a story half told.

    By the way, to those who are annoyed with those who criticise the police, there is a line that needs to be drawn. Cr edit is given when it is due.

    While we honour and cherish those that had put their life and limb to ensure our safety, we can't, definitely, give credit to those who bashed innocent people or one that gives a person I know a glaring black eye.

    Therec are policemen who gives good reputation to the police force but lets not allow those that policemen that gives the police force a bad name by the good works of other policemen.

  49. Anonymous4:26 pm

    To all those who keep demonising the Polis, just answer my question.
    When your house get robbed or your daughter becomes a snatch thief victim.
    Who do you gonna call? Ghostbuster?


  50. Aspen6:31 pm

    I saw the cctv recording on TV. It sure looked like Mat Sabu was trying pull a fast one. He fell when the bike went out of control and looked ridiculously stupid. That's all there was to it. But Im more amazed at the people who actually support this Moron and look up to him as a leader. Wonders never cease!

  51. As beem told thousands times.... Oppositions and their mediad including msiakini, msia insiders are all bunch of liars.

    This is not the first time. Just look at Anwar Ibrahim. He is the big liar. And now we have more people from oppositions fighting to be the best liars.

    Nobody in the righr mind will support the liars except those who like to lie and those who are stupid enough to be fooled by the liars.

    I bet, the oppositions are scared to death now. Remember, this is 2011 and you can't escape telling lies...

    Rest In Peace, oppositions.