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Why does Din Merican hate Abu Kassim so much?

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Original posting
DEFENDING FRIENDS, NO MATTER HOW CROOKED. On Mothers' Day I wanted to write in defence of my blogger friends and my comrades at Utusan Malaysia with regards to the Pastors meeting in Penang, but then I discovered that they are in good hands. The good hands of the cops, that is.

Unlike some, I have faith in our public institutions like the police. They are not perfect, but they are trying to do their job. Some of them have gone beyond the call of duty. In the Pastors-in-Penang case, the police have started investigation, so let's wait for it. 

Another institution that deserves a pat in the back in my book is the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. It has done great in their fight against graft, even to the extent of coming down hard on other government agencies. Last year, under Abu Kassim, the MACC made the most number of arrests related to graft in more than 40 years.

When you come down hard on the crooks, you don't expect them to kiss your hand or be nice to you. You expect vicious counter-attacks. Corruption benefits a lot of people and these people will defend their benefactors. They will retaliate.They will threaten you and your family. They killed Jalil Ibrahim and they gunned down an IGP to protect their loot. In "The Untouchables" - the 1987 movie starring Kevin Costner, Sean Connery and Robert deNiro - we see how lonely and dangerous the crusade against corruption is. This was in the 30s and even back then, it was not easy to get Al Capone on corruption and his other vices. Even the Mayor of Chicago was on his payroll. In the end, Eliot Ness took Al Capone down for tax evasion. Tax evasion!

I'm not equating anyone in the MACC to Eliot Ness or anyone in PDRM, our police force, to the incorruptible Malone but I know a few them and these are the good guys.

Which is why I felt obliged to highlight a posting by Din Merican,  MACC: The Destroyer of Public Institutions. Abu Kassim is one of the good guys in my book but this posting makes him out as a crook. If he hasn't read it, he'd better.

Funnily, Din Merican claimed in the comment box that he knew Abu Kassim well and he meant him no malice. But how one can claim such, after clearly suggesting that the MACC boss had abused his position to have a good time on our taxpayers' money at a wellness centre accompanied by three burly officers, etc., is beyond me.

If my source tells me that Abu Kassim had gone to a "wellness centre" to have "a good time", I would expect my source to be very, very sure, very very graphic, and very very specific. I won't need a video clip of him having a good time, although that would do nicely, but I won't take my source's words for it. I would grill my source. I cannot assume that he was there to meet the kind of "whistle" blower that Din Merican or his commenters seem to want us to think.

What Din Merican wrote about Abu Kassim reminds me of the Statutory Declaration that RPK wrote and signed under oath, claiming that Rosmah Mansor was there that night on a hill when Altantuya was murdered with the use of C4 explosives! RPK should have demanded that his "reliable informers" give him more evidence. In his interview with TV3 and his subsequent postings recently, two years after the SD was made, he admitted that he had doubts about the info he was getting. But he went ahead and did the Statutory Declaration as told. 

RPK was working for his political masters and people who were trying to stop Najib Razak from becoming the Prime Minister.

Who is Din Merican working for?

p.s. To Abu Kassim, soldier on. But I must say I agree with Lord Denning, who was quoted by Tun Salleh Abas and requoted by Din Merican: Silence is not an option when things are ill done. An accusation has been made, an ill done upon your integrity, you have no choice but to speak up and defend yourself and the Institution you represent.


  1. Everyone has a price..including self righteous Din Merican.

  2. Anonymous4:35 pm

    who the hell is Din Merican? and of course, Din Merican is also known at Zeta Bar (my sources said) at KL sentral because of his drunk habit and not to mention he is a regular customer of Season Tower. if you know what i meant.
    so easy to get the malays. the malays have no mind to think and no soul to worry. soulless and mindless.

  3. Anonymous5:38 pm

    din merican behaving just like hadis ibrahim did when the latter accused you and other bloggers huddled together in a cafe in bangsar to plot the downfall of pak lah. Haris ibrahim then fumbled with a stupid excuse yet trying hard not to apologise when it was discovered that he couldnt get a concrete affirmation from his source.

    Din ibrahim is a lalang. Now he is getting paid by the govt for his fellowship in MIER. I suspect macc is breathing down his neck for something. A plain crook is what he is. and my other guess is, he is bored screwing his young wife already.


  4. Contemplative5:50 pm

    And you could very well say the same for those who are insinuating about the Pastors-in-Penang.

  5. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Let us hear it from Abu Kassim himself. Forget abt Din's background but concentrate on his allegation. Get Abu Kassim to deny it (if it's possible) and push the ball back to Din. He just can't keep quiet. MACC is now busy with firefighting to keep its image high. We have 2 death cases still under probe. And don't forget during the Lingam inquiry, Lingam's former secretary made a damning accusation against the ACA (as MACC was then known) in that the ACA gave her bribes to keep quiet on certain things. The ACA never made a police report to enable investigation to be carried out so that perjury action can be taken against her should her accusation prove to be false. Why the the deafening silence? In the absence of affirmative action, the suggestion is that the ACA has no case against her. In other words it was true that the ACA did bribe her.

    from: x double std

  6. Anonymous6:49 pm


    Din works for anyone who pays him handsomely - irrespective of who the boss is, what the tasks are or what consequences the tasks may have on others.

    He is a man of no principle. Tun Mahathir was once Din's idol (his late mother was once a nurse working at Tun M's clinic) when he was at Sime Darby as its Corporate Affairs Director (CEO in-waiting it was said, but luckily the late Tun Ismail changed the succession plan), but slowly disliked Tun Mahathir because his protege Tan Sri Nik Mohamed instead got the coveted seat. When Tun Abdullah was the PM in-waiting, he had his words of praise for Abdullah who was also his junior by one year at University of Malaya. I believe he didn't get favours approved for disliking Abdullah then. And there are more than these... he is a man with no principle, low morale values and insensible. So dont take heed of his comments...

  7. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Whoa!!!!!! you know our din Merican is destryoying his merican's clan. Buat malu company bebb. When he was then as a ....... Working in Guthrie, nevertheless he is a kowtimmm ......... Hahaha

  8. Why do you hate Rais Yatim and Zarinah Anwar so much?

    Did you or your blogger friends really grill your sources before accusing the Minister of rape or Zarinah of underhanded dealings? Who had solid, incontrovertible proof?

    Did you query bigdog, Shamsul Yunos or Utusan and their hacks whether they had any credible sources or a shred of proof or evidence when accusing and demonising DAP of planning a Christian revolution and overthrowing Isam in M'sia?

    You really believe such a meeting took place in Penang and that bloggers and Utusan have not blatantly lied in desperation to influence public opinion for votes?

    Should we now ask who you are working for?

    If you have been following Rosli Dahlan's and Ramli Yusoff's case filed by MACC and prosecuted with the support of the AG, you will begin to understand the PERSECUTION and pathetic incompetence and lying by some MACC officers while under oath.

    You will then begin to comprehend Din Merican's anger and mine and the outrage of millions! And just like you, why then should Din not come out in defence of his friends?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  9. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Rocky, you said - Silence is not an option when things are ill done. An accusation has been made, an ill done upon your integrity, you have no choice but to speak up and defend yourself and the Institution you represent.

    Is that what you 'preached' about the alleged Christian gathering in Penang?

    I dont remember reading it in your blog.

    So, why only this piece for the MACC chief?

    You are also selective, and worse still a biased batu api, right?


  10. Anonymous7:39 pm

    It's simple really. Just ask Din Merican to show concrete proof, instead of just the words of a source(s). Regardless of what Lord Denning says, it's the responsibility of the accuser, not the accused, to do that.

    It boggles the mind how we can trust this Din Merican guy!

  11. Din Prof Kangkong8:31 pm

    Din Merican bitch about the Government, its institutions and Government leaders but why is he still holding on to a post as Fellow of MIER, a Government funded institution?

    Mahfuz Omar quit Bina Darulaman for alleged corruption, but why is he still staying on as a Director?

    WHere is his integrity?

    His honour and integrity has long been lost when he was hustling money from corporate personality and accuse them of corruption when he stop paying him.

    His honour and integrity has long been lost since he believed there exist that SD by RPK that accuse Rosmah of personally killing Altantunya.

    His honour and integrity has long been lost since he tried to defend that sodomiser Anwar Ibrahim based on that non existent fake Pusrawi medical report.

    His honour and integrity has long been lost since he married that corrupt dentist for money and she was hoping he was well endowed too.

    His honor and integrity has long been lost sinc ehis days in Sime Darby. He sold Daim's name as his classmate at Sultan Hamid COllege in order he not be touch for kebas duit while he was Plantation Director at Sime Darby.

  12. Bru

    For your info, failure is not an option for MACC, it must do it right.

    Wat has been done right on PKFZ & the many high profile cases?

    To me, failure has no place in the sun for it has only a place in which failures dwell.

    I would also like to quote you in your blog which goes as follows,

    " I'm not equating anyone in the MACC to Eliot Ness or anyone in PDRM, our police force, to the incorruptible Malone but I know a few them and these are the good guys". By this statement, are you affirming that those in the MACC and or the PDRM are all corruptible except a few whom you know? This seems to me to be narrowed analysis.

    Perhaps, you may have to take a leaf from those who exercise responsible journalism

  13. If I were Abu Kassim I would bring this Din Merican down at any cost, for the image of the MACC is now smudge by his (Din Merican) innuendo!

  14. Anonymous8:49 pm

  15. Rosli Dahalan suruh ni ....

  16. And you think your old mate Jeff Ooi could possibly be involved in any mad hatter's scheme involving a Crusades scenario? Have Big Dog, Buntutsan EIC/reporters, Kerismudin, Ibrahim Ali et al taken leave of their senses? Who's playing with fire? Who are they paid by?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  17. Anonymous9:06 pm

    A case of kettle calling the pot minute you mentioned you supported utasan garbage front-page healines on the "Malasia/Christian" issue,next minute you were dissapointed with a comment in the blog about MACC chief's escapade. You claimed that one need to veritfy the source of the information before putting up for public consumption, but what about the utusan report...front page somemore!!!! Classic case of a fruedian hypocrite. By the way, it shows which side your bread is buttered, Rocky

  18. Bro, this Merican fella is just like another dog that bites the hand that fed him once...


  19. Anonymous9:30 pm

    So... either they are with u or they are against umno, like dat ke?

  20. season tower? hmm then i knoe wht u mean fren ...

  21. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Why all this in Penang, trying to create unrest so they can hijack the state ke?

  22. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Zarinah rocks! leave her alone


  23. Donplaypuks and friends, like I said the pastors-in-penang issue is in good hands as the police is investigating. Jeff ooi, my partner in crime back in 2007, has also lodged a police report and I am sure he appreciates it if I leave it to the police to handle this. Religious issue, very sensitive. You guys would love it f I add fuel to fire but I'm not going to do that.

    Now, the din merican accusation against the mcmc is something else. Din prides himself as an intellect, so he would appreciate it if I don't take his word for it and instead ask him to produce solid evidence.


  24. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Salam Bro.,
    Din M can go and fly kites these days... probably that'd be better for him than "abusing" his rights to write blog full of malice on people who happen to bruise his XXL size ego! I remember when I first met him when he was at Sime Darby he boasted of being the "1st Malay MBA"... then few years later he got "transferred" to SD's Thailand operations... from there it was downhill for him... so much for the 1st Malay MBA's business performance... maybe ada sikit rempah dalam gene Din M... putar alam tu ada sikit la kalau dak tak sah...

  25. Anonymous1:25 am

    I wonder if you have a record of how many police report were made by Perkasa and friends in a year?

    I think you failed to reply to Donplaypuks question-"Why do you hate Rais Yatim and Zarinah Anwar so much?"

    Same question you had on your post.

  26. Relax Singh2:44 am

    What's wrong with going to wellness centres? In fact everyone should do it. Din Marican included. If only he had made it a habit of visiting these places, Abang Din would not be this picky and mean. Relaxlah Din! Kalau hang tak mau buat tak pa. Tapi bagilah can orang lain yang nak kendurkan bahagian-bahagian yang tegang tu.

  27. Taikotai2:57 am

    Alloo Latuk Blu!

    Haiiyaa..wa sulah bilang sama lu..itu MACC manyak pandey mayin wayang cina maa..kasi chan sama lia olang mayin wayang sana IB la! Mau cantek..angkat itu Din Malikan jadi hilo..abis mayin panggey itu Abang Lais shake hand atat pentas sama lia olang..kita lua olang pigi yaaaam..cha lo!! (Soli Latuk aa..wa talak yamseng oo..lokter malah maa!)

  28. Anonymous5:35 am

    boss its me. The only good cop is a D ........ cop. eveyone knows thth. Abu Kasim is clean as Snow White. Ho I know thst? My bangla plumber told me so. Btw, in the Teoh Beng Huat case, its clear Abu Kassim's MACC lied, and their officiers also confirmed that to Royal Commission. Did Abu Kassim sack the dude who was watching PORNO using Government hardware and TAX payer money? I guess not. So much fo Abu Kassim being a good man. Ab means DUST....... so go figure, which is wort, the ASH or the DUST

  29. UMNO = OSAMA BIN LADIN...because like Bin Ladin all UMNO leaders living in HUGE Mansion, living the high life ...while asking you stupid Perkasa, Malay NGO to do their dirty work so that UMNO Malays can remain in their IVORY tower while you in your Kampung....Melayu permainkan melayu..... I should do a police report on the Perkasa and NGO police report for inciting sedition and hatred....and lets hope some Perkasa do a report on me doing the police report on their police report on Utusan report on bloggers report.......You sure Malaysia Police ada Otak comprehend small matters...when the crime rate in Malaysia Ever increasing??....better go bribe the gandsters to solve some of your criminal problems because some small time gangsters wants to ascend to the Muhiddin want to be PM and promise Hisap and Mukriz DPM......alaskan keluarga mereka hidup Mewah....the rest of melayu hidup Sengsara...ini tamaddun melayu hilang Maruah!!

  30. The Light (光明)7:17 am


    Against corruption, fight against crime, it matters country’s image.
    Against corruption, fight against crime, it benefits country & people.
    Against corruption, fight against crime, it’s everyone’s responsibility.
    Homes are built only after having a country, it relies on everyone to uphold it.
    Country’s benefit is above all else, stability & unity, let’s build a beautiful homeland!

    Abu Kassim took over MACC in the most difficult time. He leads the MACC Team to carry out tough and complicated tasks. There is no doubt on Abu Kassim’s integrity. He is loyal, patriotic, open and candid, as well as dedicated. His achievements to crack down corruption are obvious.

    This fictitious accusation is not only a personal attack but may affect the Country’s image and stability.

    Silence is golden. At this time silence speaks.

    Send regards to the anti-corruption warriors and pay respect to the anti-corruption warriors.

  31. Anonymous8:09 am

    Rocky said "Religious issue, very sensitive. You guys would love it f I add fuel to fire but I'm not going to do that."

    You dont have to Datuk, you already did the damage.... while i do not blog, i would certainly remind those whom I know to check the credibility of socio-political bloggers on the net. Sadly, I have to add yours to the BN/UMNO list..

    don't worry, i have a PR list as well. Yours is the first to fall from the 'Neutral' list.. and i may have to create a new "Batu Api" list, since you have brought Religion into the arena..


  32. Anonymous9:04 am

    Ask yourself if its corruption now that you got a datukship plus a plush job at Straits Times.lOOK THEY DONT GIVE YOU THOSE THINGS FOR FREE?
    Try convincing yourself what were you before...? God was kind to you? Nah man...I think you know it.At the end of the day your talent was needed to spin and twist...thats all.
    On the Macc goodies you got to be kidding?Tell us the ones that got away scott free due to their incompetence.Ikan belis got caught and not the big fish.
    Someone have to write about Macc and Din happens to be a melayu thats all.In reporting the TRUTH you too want melayu to tolong abang never ends man!You want to close one end on the never ending lies these government melayu bodies do from the Pdrm to the judiciary.The people ait'nt fools and they can see that there are still some righteous melayus out there who are really muslims to write the TRUTH .So Din is now your cannon fodder!
    Doe'nt it warp your intellect that when you spin [knowingly you know its wrong]you can get away with it!You are that kind of guy the malays call batu api ...a modern day rattler.

  33. BENatang109:27 am

    Fitnah ialah DOSA...
    Almighty ALLAH work in mysterious ways, likewise the ill-fated feral Paul!!!

  34. Anonymous10:18 am

    Answer to your question ...

    Because Din Merican cannot stand an honest, hardworking Abu Kassim?

    Anyway, what does Din know about honesty? His whole past, present (and future, going by his record) is, was and will be a lie.

    Din, better spend time, go love his new wife than spread hate.

    - A Malaysian -

  35. So, Utusan Malaysia guys and the two bloggers are your comrades!! Hope you will not in future retract or deny that.

  36. Shame on you rocky for falling way way short of your own supposed standards for integrity.You are steadily losing your credibility! Din Merican is an honorable ,intelligent person.I used to read his dialogues/discussion in Bakri Musa's blog.

  37. Old Fart,
    Be right for once if you can't be righteous.

    It's "my blogger friends and my comrades in Utusan ..."

    Don't misquote me again.

    And is there a reason I should want to retract that?


  38. Anon who started his long retort with "... Roc!
    Ask yourself if its corruption now that you got a datukship plus a plush job at Straits Times."

    FYI, I don't have a plush job at Straits Times. You may want to correct that and accordingly amend your comment.

  39. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Abu Kassim, bila lu mahu tangkap kawan baik lu no 1 yang paling kuat makan rasuah, Ismee Ismail (KPE Tabung Haji)?

  40. Anonymous4:25 pm


  41. Anonymous4:26 pm

    if that dog got proof, then the pdrm should take action against all the blardy buggers...

    if there are no proof, just put the pariah dog to sleep.

  42. Salam Datuk,


    "And you think your old mate Jeff Ooi could possibly be involved in any mad hatter's scheme involving a Crusades scenario? Have Big Dog, Buntutsan EIC/reporters, Kerismudin, Ibrahim Ali et al taken leave of their senses? Who's playing with fire? Who are they paid by?"

    It's true that Jeff and Datuk Rocky are mates.

    How much is DAP paying YB Ooi?

    Thank you

  43. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Haha I agree to all the nasty comments on Din Merican.
    He is a hypocrite of the highest order.
    Pretend to be smart like he's the most diplomatic, the knowledged one in econs and foreign afairs.
    Day in and day out boasting about his tenure at Sime Darby, Bank Negara and Wisma Putra.
    How come I never heard of him before?
    He is just syok sendiri. Nak muntah saya see him parading his much-married wife and also himself a much-married man.
    Hey come on, you are an old couple trying to be young. Mutton dressed in lamb's clothing.
    Wah bangganya dah tua dapat Datuk. Tayang sana sini Datuk and Din title. Mujurlah ada PAS nak kasi dia Datuk. Kalau tak sampai ke tualah Din kempunan.
    Banggalah tentang maknya serani dan sedara mara kat Kedah.
    What irks me is his target is Tun M, MACC, Polis, IGP and anything Malay.
    Idolizing Singapork and so are the racist commentators there. There are Malay cmmentators acting like they are not Malays, very liberal, proud to be living overseas, drinking and wants DEB to be abolished.
    There are many good commentators like Datuk Pak Abu, Mat Sab, Sayang Bangsa, Ibrahim, La-di-La and many others who are all banished from his blog.
    He allows them at first but later when he sees them making smart and pro-govt knowledgeable people, he deletes them.
    Sometimes the comments appear in a few minutes. Later it was deleted but he allowed his regular commentators to condemn the deleted commentators.
    One wonders where is the comment while there are critiques to the deleted comments.
    I remember reading from Sayang Bangsa in your blog saying his comments were deleted. Instead Din rewrote the comments and manipulated it as though it came from Sayang Bangsa.
    One of his regular commentators saw it and asked why has Sayang Bangsa changed his tone. Has he gone off the bend.
    The only one he allowed is Ilham. He allowed him to say obnoxious things and then invite the rest to lambast Ilham.
    When you first comment, he will say you are much welcome to contribute but when you mentioned bad things about DAP and PKR, he banish you.
    That's Din Merican for you - lowest of the low.
    And he thought he's a God-Given blogger.
    He has realised he is out of favour with Al-juburi.
    Now terhegeh-hegeh nak mengampu Najib. Taking a softer stance and trying very hard to bodek Najib.
    When his fans commented on this, he go on his usual oh give Najib a chance with his transformation policies.
    Who are you kidding Din? Be like Zorro - brave and true. Why try to hide the devil in you?
    Yes Din can be bought. Kow-thim man. Got MIER job and accept it. Shameless.
    Time for the Government to be on the look-out for him.Apa nama Melayu ni?
    Malu jadi Melayu konon.

  44. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Din Merican tua keldai tak boleh pakai.
    Duit punya hal boleh saja pakai.
    Bini dentist and Din pakai-memakai.
    Temulah buku dengan ruas.
    Aduhai bini dentist diapun tak malu masuk blog bantai budak hingusan Bumi Boy.
    Macam tu ke mak budak.Memalukan.
    Cabutlah gigi dengan baik. Jangan abis masa melawan budak mentah.
    Patutlah laki dulu tak kasi dia ambik anak-anak.

  45. Anonymous6:29 pm

    since when is it a crime to visit wellness centres?

    Is it a wellness centre or is a brothel?

    come on mr din merican -- make up your mind -- abu kassim should be accompanied by bodyguards, or he should go to the wellness centre alone.

    that place is in Kota Damansara -- i seriously doubt a brothel exists in kota damansara but i know there are wellness centres there.

    so if you are an MACC chief, you CANNOT visit wellness centres.

    was abu kassim there to be entertained?

    what feeble and narrow mind you have mr din merican.
    Mr Din merican -- if you were MACC chief, i dont think you should be crucified for visiting a wellness centre.

    just because some people visit spas and kngket pelacur, doesn't mean everyone else does it.

    why dont you ask the wellness centre proprietor if there are hidden cameras in the premises..

  46. Bro, I stand corrected. I see they are your blogger friends unlike your comrades in msm! Subtle, but important nevertheless!!

    One thing I can't understand though. Why no comments from you, now that the pastors' case is in the hands of the police? Can I have some clarity here? What exactly is it that you think the police should be investigating? The allegations made by your blogging friends which your comrades took up? Or should the police be investigating the integrity of the allegations and the accusers?

  47. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Why people hate some people so much?

    Because they themselves are born and bred with so much hate in their ways of life.

    Like Skilly...

    Simply hate everything about Malaysia because still cannot brag and boast to her cousins from Mainland China that her family became so belli lich by sailing away in Tongkangs.

    History repeats,

    Now float to Singapore and try to brag n to convince Malaysians that she is beli lich because she took AirAsia and fly there wan!...

    Not realising, parasites will forever remain as parasites.



  48. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Jomurgand @ 8:09 AM

    strange hobby anyway happy list-creating

    the more the merrier

  49. Anonymous8:01 pm

    Hey Perwira

    skilly is quiet coz singapore foreign minister and 1st woman mp got HAMMERED by the workers party

    and sm goh chok tong got his votes reduced due to a kate spade candidate

  50. Old Fart,

    The issue is simple. A blogger posted about the conference of the pastors, organised by a political party, and said he had been reliably informed that some Anti-islam vows were made during that meeting in Penang.
    Another blogger picked it up, expressed fear, and openly hoped/prayed that what was posted by the first blogger was not true.
    In my posting, I joined the second blogger in the hope that what had been posted was not true.

    Obviously, the posting made by the first blogger is serious. The meeting did take place, it was organised by a certain political party that has effectively made use of religion in the past, ie Hindraf, to score its political goals.

    But does he have proof that the vows were made? I don't know. Bloggers don't usually share their sources. Ina similar case ie Rpk 's fantastic allegation against Rosmah, did we know who his sources were for his Statutory Declaration? We did not. Until only recently, when he spilled the beans and mentioned a high-ranking army officer, Din Merican, Nik Bull and that young aide of Ku Li. Rpk spoke about a top secret file that could support his allegations against Rosmah but in the end he could not produce the file. And neither could or sources.
    The police are investigating Rpk's SD, thanks to the interview done by Tv3.
    In the same vein, shouldn't the police investigate the blogger`s claim about the pastors?
    You can answer that for me.

  51. Anonymous8:24 pm

    You asked - In the same vein, shouldn't the police investigate the blogger`s claim about the pastors?

    The police should investigate the accuser, the same way other accusers like RPK are investigated.

    But, again, you did not clarify this.

    Why? Too hard to swallow your pride, say sorry and and be consistent from now on?


  52. Anonymous8:30 pm

    "RPK should have demanded that his "reliable informers" give him more evidence" - oops I didn't see you doing that before publishing the rubbish story about penance pastors.

  53. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Just like,Tony Jew I too had send Din to his Residence in Holiday Villa, which he spend 12 years in the same room !

    Unlike you, he told me he found that living in a hotel is cheaper and easier than an apatment or a
    house just like W. Somerset Maugham and many others. I personally came across another friend that stayed in a hotel in another city for the longest time too..

    With all utilities, bedmaking, security and laundry included in the price, it didn't take
    the him long to work out that the cost of Holiday Villa living could be less than in flat-owning situation .

    You must remember, he is an economist an a very good one at it ! Not like you, what degree do you have ? A diploma from ITM ? Why didn't you do a course in Singapore if you are damn good ?? Soon your Malay Mail too would not be I heard.

    He got great rates because he booked well in advance and he even have our own regular housekeeper. It doesn't get much better than that, does it?

    With must-have item is framed personal photograph, books and CDs which the hotel accomodated him.
    Ask his kids and grand children that !

    The hotel room suits him so much better than any other places.

    He does not have to worry about bills, cooking or making the bed.

    By booking 12 months in advance, he paid very little a week and have all housework done by hotel maids while often eating at the nearby MAMAK stalls.

    Rocky, please get facts right ! Din does not have to work, all his blogging , MIER are pro bono. You still have school going kids..

    A Guy like you who cheated on your wive (while you were out of job, scheming on Pak Lah and all your dirty tricks till now )for the longest time , do NOT
    do justice to Malaysia by writing something that is harmful to the future justice in Malaysia,
    together with your infamous girl friend Datuk Nuraina.
    It is shameful to see your twitt and flirtation on line..I wonder what else was happening in NSTP office when you two were together...hahaha

  54. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Not everyone has a price, Din is not Rocky, RPK or any other dogs in town....

  55. Taiyeb9:31 pm

    Carry on Rocky without fear or favor.
    Din Merican needs to be exposed for the reasons he hated Abu Kassim so much.
    Din is not the person to talk about decency and why can't Abu Kassim go to a Wellness centre.
    Woi Din Tua, Abu Kassim is not as immoral as your boss aljuburi.
    You are not clean as a whistelah, Merican.
    Abu Kassim has a tough job to do and needs to unwind and recharge his battery.
    You Din nothing but a loafer taking your new but old lady wife holidaying here and there.
    Hahaha you two are honeymooning all the time.
    Lepas tu tampal muka sini sana dalam blog.
    Malulah cucu tengok.

  56. what a DOLT you are Alvin, you don't expect Rocky to know everybody in MACC. the few that he knows, are good people, Period, what a dunggu! cheh! lagi mau masuk komen kaa?

  57. Din American12:14 am

    As they say: empty cans (merry or not) make the most din.

  58. Anonymous1:04 am

    to dontplaypundek "good guy do nothing,bad guy do all the damage"
    hipocrite Indian guy...

  59. UMNO = POLICE....APA LAGI NAK PERCAYA??....Semua Hina Allah makan Rasuah!!...Kristian dan Islam sama benci problem there!!

  60. Anonymous6:30 am

    1pukimak blogger say dis, another say that...

    Let me say dis... Take yOur belief & shove it into ur mother ass!

  61. Skilgannon10669:10 am

    Perwira 7:11 PM & Anon 8:01 PM

    Sorry to disappoint u, or to put yr knickers in a twist, but I haven't gone silent.

    Check out my ripostes to satD on the "Cinatocracy" posting in his blog. He hasn't, up to now, refuted the tale of the tape, i.e. hard statistics.

    As for the just-concluded Singapore GE, so the PAP lost the Aljunied GRC and George Yeo as Foreign Minister. So, what? I would think an 81-6 majority looks good in any democracy with a "first-past-the-post" voting system, even with a 60% share of the popular vote.

    It also shows the power of the social media scene in Singapore with the "climate of fear" effectively negated by Facebook, Twitter, youTube and the blogosphere. That's a given when you are as wired-up as Singapore.

    I don't see the Umno/BN coalition in Malaysia having the guts to abandon the "first-past-the-post" voting system any time soon. Maybe because they fear that Sabah and Sarawak could fly the coop (like what Scotland is doing planning a referendum on whether to seek independence from the UK).

    All the other PAP Malay candidates won in their constituencies, apart from Zainal Abidin in Aljunied. Whereas PKMS (the Umno wannabe in Singapore) was shambolically silent in defeat.

    And FDI into Singapore continues unabated. What bigger vote of confidence can u get, eh? Maybe more flights from Malaysian destinations to Singapore, courtesy of MAS, AirAsia and Firefly (amazing how they see Singapore as a must-fly to destination!).

    None of the above has anything to do with Pak Din and Pak Abu. They may be playing their own little sandiwara for the benefit of the gullible.

  62. Maxwell Smart10:05 am

    Din Merican ni luar tunjuk berani.

    Cakap tunjuk act.

    Kena interrogate, dia menangis ....

    Najib shd cut him off la

    He was an accomplice to fix Najib w accusation of murder but deny sampai nangis ...

    Pembohong lahanat

    Menang tua tak sedar diri ni memang perangai gampang.

    Itu pasal cakapnya dan tulisannya penuh ego.

  63. Anonymous10:06 am

    Haha Din memang syok sendiri. Memuja diri sendiri.
    Tengoklah komennya dalam blognya tentang posting Rocky.
    Adoi, comparing himself to Najib.
    Hello Din, who are you compared to Najib. Don't flatter yourself.
    He is like his wife, so narcissistic.
    Go to the clinic and you see rows of her photos.
    It's like a shrine to herself.
    Very haughty makchik who thinks she is the ultimate beauty.
    A dental clinic which looks like a boudoir or bordello.
    I'd rather stick to my neighborhood dentist!

  64. Bru, dah tak marah lagi dah. Saya payah nak percaya polis akan siasat dgn serious.

  65. Kentut Muda Menyampah10:15 am


    Jangan layan si kentot tua tu.

    Konek dia tak naik. Itu pasal dia sentiasa tak puas hati dan skeptik terhadap semua orang.

    Kalau anwar boleh share China Doll dengan dia, harapnya kurang sikit hidupnya yang penuh cynisism.

    Kalau anwar tak kasi, beli tin yang ada burit getah untuk dia melancap.

  66. Bro,

    Firstly, this is not the first time this particular conference was held. The organisers of the conference titled "Unashamedly Ethical Conference - Penang" held on 5-6 May in Penang was organised by The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Malaysia, Global Day of Prayer, Market Place Penang and Penang Pastor's Fellowship.

    Where is the political party that you are referring to? You made it sound like it was organised by the Political Party (alone)!! As someone who is reasonably connected to the Christian community I can tell you that in Christian worship and fellowship politics hardly makes its presence. That, by no means mean that we are blind to politics. But generally we would weigh the goodness or badness of it by their intent and actions.

    Unless you can show that Market Place Penang is a political grouping, the other three organisations appear to be wholly there to promote Christian ideals and objectives. And we are well versed in giving unto Caesar whats due to Caesar. That alone should tell you that State is quite separately dealt with from the Church and its ideals and objectives. Most traditional churches also have in the order of prayers, prayers said for the Agung, the Prime Minister and our political leaders. Everything your blogger friends and comrades in Utusan contradicts this.

    As I have been commenting elsewhere from the beginning, following the failure of UMNO's several attempts at "uniting Malays", whatever that is supposed to mean, this is just one more. Between Satans' corrupting influence and Christian love, we all know that to a lot of Malays, Christian love is a bigger no no.

    That picture posted by your friends which has been reproduced with suggestions of it being an oath ceremony or whatever, is a flagrant and reckless use of writer's license. The prayer circle is obviously not known to your writers who I suppose also cheered the desecration by another two of your "comrades" of the holy communion.

    We both know that our Home Minister and your favourite MCMC Minister are idiots. Thus it amazes me that you should rely on their first response to suggest that what requires investigation is the alleged Christian plot. Man I feel sorry for you that you should cast aside your good Singapore learning to be able to cavort with idiots!! Surely you know better!!

    I would like to suggest to you and your mates that maybe what was a bother to those who have perpetrated this is the subject matter of the forum. "Unashamedly Ethical" would certainly have dwelled on corruption and probably the Christian response.

    Trying to link RPK and this issue is just a cop out. The Christian community is not RPK!! And for your information, RPK's SD should have been investigated then and not now after he had more or less exonerated Najib and Rosmah. But that could have been discerned from the original SD itself without all of us having to wait till TV3 did the interview. If that problem had lingered on for so long before it got clarified, it was because all of us were looking at what appeared to be shining brightly, that is Rosmah's complicity and participation. But really, if anyone had bothered to chase down the integrity of the claims and accusations, we could have stopped RPK milking his claims for so long!! That is the problem with our investigators and your colleagues in your profession isn't it?

  67. Now it is PRDM (Polis Raja Di Malaysia) and they no more known as PDRM. Now, let's all wait for the new MACC abbrev.



  68. Jinjang Jill1:12 pm


    Can you stick to current topic and stop being a bore

  69. Slyguy1:15 pm


    Its his blog so he can write whatever he wants. Start your own blog and take up all the issues dearest to your heart.

  70. Anti-moron1:18 pm


    And we should care about your list because....?

  71. Anonymous1:26 pm

    If I were Abu Kassim I would bring this Din Merican down at any cost, for the image of the MACC is now smudge by his (Din Merican) innuendo

    Should Abu Kassim bother? Who takes Din Merican seriously? Once you know the man's background, its not hard to understand his raves and rants.

  72. Comments should be limited to the topic in question and matters pertaining to private lives of individuals and/or their spouses that has no relevance to the topic should not be made or exposed.

    Best regards.


  73. Mullah TTDI9:30 pm

    Dear Rocky Bru

    Keep up the good work.. To Datuk Abu Kssim, keep up the good work. The Rakyat is totally supporting you....

  74. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Anti-moron said...
    " And we should care about your list because....? "

    and did i ever mentioned others to 'care' for my list? i was just saying to those whom i know, i can at least give my opinion on the socio-political blog-sphere in Malaysia..

    didn't know you are intrigued with my list ;)


  75. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Why must have two standards, one for you and another for everyone else? Did you allow DS Rais the same privilege to answer before you cams down so hard on him? There are so many other occassions that you have written without any basis, just casting doubts and aspersions on people, with no thought about other peoples' credibility.
    Just be fair Rocky

  76. Anonymous5:38 am

    Skillyanon 9:10am;

    My burung Tiong, Embun, can say out fluently "Assalamualaikum, Apa kabar, sihat ke hari ni?". Haiyaa Skilly, if you come to my house, will you answer his question?"

    Haiyaa, dont waste time lor, just give him banana good enough la..

    You reminds me so much Embun.



  77. Anonymous8:25 am

    Wow Rocky, you are like the Pot calling the Kettle black, the Chinese will call it " Lampah-Pahlan ", all you fellas only blog to cari makan and will accept the highest bidder. you have any....??

  78. Yes, be fair when reporting, making comments or giving opinions.

    Best regards.