Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Malaysian Blogbusters

The MCMC has just finished "interviewing" bloggers Zakhir Mohamad aka Big Dog and Shamsul Yunus, who was running Marahku before it was hacked last week.

The two are "helping" the MCMC in its investigation into a DAP-sponsored pastors meeting in Penang last week.

Big Dog had reported on his blog last Friday that during the meeting the pastors had vowed to make Christianity the official religion of this .country.

The report was front-page by Utusan the next day and has drawn strong reactions against the bloggers and Utusan as well as against the DAP for increasingly dragging Christianity into partisan politics.

MCMC reports to Rais Yatim, the blogbusting Minister of Information.
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  1. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Bro Bru,

    There is no such thing as official religion per constitution. I knew bout this thing when I took LLB as part time way back in late '89.

    Tolong la educate pembaca sikit. Kecoh benda tak productive buat apa?


  2. Anonymous1:49 pm

    DAP change name lohhh... to Christian Democrat Action Party (CDAP). And Its Theoretician leader should be Reverend Jeff Oii..same lah like sister party PAS where the theoritician leader is Tuan Guru Uztaz Nik Aziz.

    Prof Awe Kecik

  3. The myopic minded, rouble rouser is at it again, trying to cause unrest and disharmony among Malaysians - Malaysian Insider.

    Its article,
    "Malaysia has no official religion, says constitutional expert"
    What a myopic opinion!
    And what a naive piece of writing!

    Article 3 of the Malaysian Constitution:

    1. “ Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.”
    2. The Ruler is the head of the religion of Islam
    3. The states without a Ruler, the YDP Agong acts as the head.

    Besides Article 3, there are many other references made to Islam as the Official Religion of Malaysia;

    • That Secularism is rejected in Malaysia
    • Islamic education can be promoted in Malaysia at the expense of the tax-payers money
    • Islamic institutions and Mosques can be built at the expense of the tax-payer
    • The only other judicial system other than the Civil & Criminal permitted is the Syariah
    • Missionary preaching among Muslims in Malaysia is regulated, that is it can be done by local Islamic authorities only.

    There are many other references to Islam in the Constitution that classifies Islam as the Official religion of Malaysia.

    One wonders what the ‘learned’ (if he is) Bar Council’s Head of the Constitutional committee has to say, to the written Malaysian Constitution. Or maybe he does not comprehend simple English.

    When Islam has been stated as the religion of the state it means ‘Official’ it is as simple as that.

    The so-called Constitutional expert is trying to gain into the limelight by trying to be controversial!

    One wonders what the Bar Council is made up of?

    Further one wonders why the Malaysian Insider prefers to mislead and circumnavigate from the issue at hand.

  4. Anonymous1:53 pm


    your fren - jeff ooi sudah besar kepala sekarang.

    dulu sama sama blogging dengan lu sebab marah kat pak lah, ajak rakyat satu malaysia bangkit.

    sekarang dia sudah pegang post besar, kepala pun nak jadi besar jugak.

    sampai nak pijak kepala orang pulak.

  5. Anonymous2:21 pm

    These are not true Muslims if they don't understand the concept of "fitnah".


  6. Marahku was hacked last week!? Strange...I just post a comment yesterday and only this morning I found the page "Agong under treat..." 'does not exist' and the blog was empty. Shamsul kecut?

  7. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Bila masa MCMC buat kerja kepolisian pulak.
    Saya amat minat tengok berita di TV 1 & 2, tetapi naik menyampah tengok muka Rais ni. Tiap2 hari mesti ada muka dia dan setiap kali muka dia timbul saya tukar ke channel lain.


  8. Anonymous5:22 pm

    How come the dog got away so easily??...only questioned?..he should be in jail by now!!! Stoopid dog!!

    Scooby Doo

  9. Anonymous7:34 pm

    And why did the bloggers remove the articles that caused such 'interest' for Utusan to frontpage?

    Another 'trick' for the authorities to say that the evidence is no more there to take action?

    Dah jatuh kemaluan lah, mereka ini. Pengecut betul.


  10. The Source10:29 pm

    Hacked, my ass. Your little minion is a coward. The time of reckoning is coming for you Mahathirite bloggers. I hope solitary confinement under the ISA is your cup of tea.

  11. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Your name does not fit to be a bru with brain,lead the young bukan batu api.... most suitable to b bru otak batu...

  12. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Pro-Umon fellas, pls stop ur Brown-Nose efforts, bcoz it ain't going to get u anywhere.

  13. Anonymous11:42 pm

    The dogs turned yellow and on the run!
    So much credibility for your bunch of umno bloggers!
    Thank God ! truth prevails.

  14. Anonymous12:05 am

    SHAMsul sudah kecut. Hah! Padan muka!

    Yang si pigdog zakhir pemfitnah gedebab pun akan dapat pengajaran satu hari nanti.

    dr gonzo

  15. Anonymous2:07 am


    shamsul betul2 pengecut delete blog.

    tak ada telor. berani tulis berani tanggung la bro.


  16. Anonymous3:23 am

    you guys are pathetic waste time losers. There are needy people out there who don't need all this kind of BS.

  17. When Defender of Islam like Sultan Kelantan Derharka Bapak Hina Adat Melayu and Islam.....what kind of Example do you think they inspire to the rest of insulters of Islam in UMNO melayu?? Thanks be to Allah we have Christian, Hindu and Buddist to teach these Cult Islam followers the correct manner to conduct their Islam religion. Orang melayu UMNO jangan Hina Allah dan jangan ingat Allah buta dan pekak.....setiap malam jaga2 yah!! tiba2 malapetaka akan berlaku kalau teruskan perangai HINA Allah!!

  18. Anonymous6:13 am


    Tiba2 semua sibuk pasai religion apakehal APEK ANEY semua nih? Hai... eyeing for Sarawak's natural resources pulak ke?

    Sarawakians, be careful.. they are going all out to korek all the sand from your land to build their castles in the air...


    go sort the China Dolls issues first (imagine since the British Era still making use of these bitches to curi2 harta orang lain to enrich themselves). Nowonder road signs Amoy tua insisted on having the Official language of these China Dolls' country, easy for them to roam freely eh? Impossible a TRUE Malaysian cannot read or write in Bahasa Malaysia.. itu dinama bodoh bahalol or PATI's in disguise..

    the Adun Kangkang - her videos for all to see in the cencorwhatnotweb! Waa budaya kotor mana dia pakai nih? Strange dirty looking andaratu leading the State? What religion does she practice?

    and the MP's and PM wannabe jolok2, sendiri kepala tak betul mau jadi leader?

    kids born out of wedlock, haiyaaa, like that aloso haiyaaa, Agama mana pulak kamu ikuft hoiiii..

    ......Go tackle all these grave moral issues first then only talk about religion laaaa you hypocrites!

    Once a parasite forever a parasite -


  19. Hi Bro,

    What's this? According to The Star your good buddy Shamsul Yunus has deleted his postings in marahku.blogspot.com? I guess Bigdog will follow soon with his tail wrapped behind his back as well! What a big let down and a disappointment eh!!

    But then you are suggesting here his blog got hacked!! Hmm...trying to save face for him maybe?

  20. Anonymous9:19 am

    Stirring the hornet's nest has never been a wise thing to do.

    We already have enough partisan politics, with PAS leading the way up till now.

    DAP is trying to outdo PAS. And the voters are actually the silly ones, usually falling for the bait.

    DAP's democracy policy is completely flawed and lopsided. They ban any media that argues with their skewed logic.

    So much for democracy and press freedom.


  21. Anonymous9:44 am

    utusan is for morons and wrapping vegetables at pasar

  22. Anonymous11:04 am

    MCMC should also investigate you, Rocky as you too were part of these lies! Check and verify something b4 you put them in your blog ! Enuf of lies from you

  23. Anonymous11:38 am

    Utusan and all this blogs are just a diversion by the incompetent UMNO Gomen to divert attention from the real issues, harga gula sudah naik, harga minyak naik. The average Joe is suffering.
    Dulu they blamed the Jews, than the Chinese and now the Christians. Next year will be I guess blame the Taoist. Typical Mahathirism in action, try to come up with some new ploy la to disunite the people!

  24. NegaraKu12:22 pm


    kencing la lu web tu kena hacked..


    mamat tu dah kecut telor la tu sbb tak abis-abis nak menipu dan memfitnah..

    sudah-sudah la sedar la sket bro..

    melayu ni kuat menipu gak ek???

    Sack the Bugger bro kalau lu brani...

  25. Omegi4:35 pm

    Pasal apa cari menteri tua jaga media baru? Does he, himself, run a blog? And facebook? Does he tweet?

  26. Labu Labi, LLB12:00 am

    Punk5terung is indeed a terung, maybe five. He must have searched our constitution and failed to find the term 'official religion'. Hence his simplistic conclusion. A result of part-time LLB, most likely.

  27. BENatang102:51 pm

    Fitnah tu DOSA!

    Anjing tu HARAM!!

    Keji dan Gila betul!!!

  28. 1. Some say that the Bar Council's Council is almost looking like a legal arm of the DAP. I say they should make a declaration that they are apolitical to remove many lingering doubters.

    2. Some of their so called constitutional experts however, should get a refresher course from Dr. Shamrahayu Aziz at UIAM or this article might help the unenlightened http://www.scribd.com/doc/49598357/Islam-As-The-Religion-of-Federation

    3. Whatever the outcome, it is quite clear that the DAP is trying to use the Church to further their political cause. The question is, would the church leaders want to play ball with the DAP.

  29. Haha! I see some brave Anons are calling Shamsul Yunos a coward for getting his blog hacked!

    Actually, Shamsul had several options. He could have relocated in London and blog from afar. Safer that way. He could also have deleted his own blog. The authorities won't know and he could start another blog later on.

    But one thing I know Shamsul won't do is join these brave Anons as Anon. It's the safest thing to do but for someone like him, it's not an option.

    So hack it, broos!

  30. Anonymous10:50 pm

    can DOG yang BESAR have a religion !!??