Friday, May 06, 2011

Official religion and a shallow Cabinet

WHAT WOULD KARPAL SAY?! Did the DAP organise a meeting of Sarawak pastors in Penang last night, and was there a vow to work towards changing the official religion of this country during that meeting?

I join Shamsul's prayer in Agong under threat* that this isn't true. Any party that even thinks of doing this should be stopped at all costs. Just as Karpal had stopped PAS in trying to turn this country into an Islamic nation.

The DAP was, indeed, stopped in Sarawak by Baru Bian of PKR from forming a shadow Cabinet that is almost all Chinese. Baru Bian said he only saw the "Pakatan Rakyat Shadow Cabinet" line-up 10 minutes before it was announced by the DAP. Whoa and Woe.

Natural Resources and Good Governance – Wong Ho Leng;
Land Development and NCR Affairs – Baru Bian;
Finance – Chong Chieng Jen;
Local Government – Ling Sie Kiong;
Tourism, Heritage and Environment – See Chee How;
Rural Development – Chiew Chiu Sing;
Industrial Development – Yap Hoi Liong;
Public Health – Dr Wong Hua Seh;
Social Development and Woman Affairs – Violet Yong Wui Wui;
Public Utilities – Wong King Wei;
Infrastructure Development and Communications – Chiew Wang See;
Agriculture – Ting Tze Fui
Housing and Urban Development – Fong Pau Teck;
Consumer Affairs – David Wong Kee Woan;
Religious Affairs and National Unity – Ali Biju and Haji Adam.



  1. Over may dead body.

  2. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Over my dead family.


  3. Salam Datuk,

    911-who benefits? Osama dead-who benefits? Teoh Beng Hock dead-who benefits? New Official Religion-who benefits?

    Real scary these DAP fellows. Wonder what they will cook up next.

    Whatever it is you can bet your shirt on this,

    Desperados, the last verse is very sound advice indeed.

    These 2 links really sum up these scary fellows.

    For what its worth, lets not fall into their psy-war gimmicks. The less we publicise (but keep an eye on) the less effective it will be.

    Thank you

  4. thomas5:08 pm

    this is called meritocracy.

  5. Anonymous6:00 pm

    B End must be running scard as the fear mongers are beginning their work.

  6. Anonymous6:02 pm


    Who is the source of this piece of information? Be careful of what you post if it si just some rumour. I am sure you know it well.

  7. supernova6:48 pm

    thomas said...

    this is called meritocracy.

    5:08 PM

    I thought you guys are always screaming about meritocracy only being practised in Singapore. Thats where you should go.Not here. We never claimed to practise meritocracy while doing the exact opposite.

  8. Anonymous7:01 pm

    I am very sure this is not true and just spinnings from pro government bloggers.If really they did vow to have a christian think they will be still free by now.The police will have them ISAed in no time at all.They will be saying their prayers in jail this Sunday.I hope my fellow countrymen will be more responsible and dont try to intimidate simple peace loving folks all around us.

  9. Skilgannon10667:06 pm

    Someone jumping the gun here? Has there been an official statement from the DAP?

    Or are we relying on the likes of Utusan Malaysia (famous for "fair and balanced comment" like Rupert Murdoch's Fox Network) for hearsay reporting?

    Seems to me that the ever-efficient Special Branch would have come down on this like a ton of bricks if the reports were halfway correct!

    What sayest the Police? Grounds to invoke the ISA?

    Or would the US Navy Seals Team Six be more appropriate??

  10. Anonymous7:16 pm

    How many Muslims in Sarawak ? How many nons are there? Do some maths lah !
    Perkasa always stress Majority rules so why not in east Malaysia?

  11. Anonymous7:57 pm

    You guided us to

    The actual article title is
    Making Christianity the official religion?

    You intentionally omitted the question mark after the word 'religion'.

    You know the difference but chose to omit. Want to create havoc?

    By such methods, you only expose yourself as one who creates disunity.

    On that score, the rambler is more responsible!


  12. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Ni semua dah naik taik minyak dan tocang!

    Dulu tokwan pakmak depa, buka mulut ajer kena pancung kepala, kena junjung taik, berkurun2 tak berubah, nah yang darah pengecut, berseleghak cabut naik tongkang.

    Mai sini aduhai ngada2 ya? Hai, nampaknya kena revive balik mata pelajaran sejarah lama Negara India dan China.. supaya semua diberi kesedaran sewajarnya.

    Dah masuk kandang kambing, toksah dok oink oink kuat kuat sangat nuuuu!


  13. Hebat sungguh! DAP dari dulu kuat perkauman tapi ada juga Melayu di Sarawak menyokong DAP sebab mereka dikatakan kuat mempertahankan Islam di Pulau Pinang. Tapi Cina di sini kata ceramah DAP kuat bermain dgn isu perkauman & agama yg pasti membuat Bumiputera tak kira Islam atau bukan Islam marah. Bukan Bumiputera yg cakap tapi CHINESE. Mudahan Cina di Sarawak akan cepat sedar politik berdasarkan perkauman & agama tak sesuai di Sarawak.

  14. Anonymous10:28 pm

    DAPTOCRACY-chinese master race

    Salleh Telegu

  15. Ah, so, after the Chinese bogey man and the non-Malay bogey man failed to work, now use the Christian Bogey man la!! Maybe this finally will bring about Malay unity more than anything else have!! Hmmm, what would that tell of the Malays?

    Bro, I think you should change profession la...since you seem to like directing traffic than to be contributing to the traffic!!

  16. Ong Kian Ye10:32 pm

    Sarawak going to become CHINA II soon.

  17. Anonymous11:21 pm

    no mate, this is what we call freedom

  18. Anonymous11:54 pm

    scary right? imagine how scary it is for the rest of us with ur religion

  19. Old Fart,
    Karpal would die to ensure this country was not turned into an Islamic nation by PAS. As you woulld too, I am quite sure. Today they sleep in the same bed with PKR in between but that does not mean that PAS is not going to try again or that Karpal has let down his guard. No, not at all.
    History, they say, always repeats itself; and looking at the Sarawak shadow cabinet, even someon3 like baru Bian, the one sandwiched in the unholy threesome, could not believe how racist people can be!

  20. Anonymous2:13 am

    Muslim pi mampus, christians can go to hell...

    Then this country will be a better place for human!

    Just take ur religion & shove it into mother ass!!!

  21. Anonymous2:17 am

    Anon said.. Over my dead body...


    Duh! who gave a fuck about parasites like u!!!

  22. Anonymous2:24 am

    Arlo Latuk,

    Why? Keep running down the non?

    U think u & ur kind are so fucking good, eh?

    After 55 yrs , still a bunch a parasites... PTUI !

  23. Anonymous2:30 am

    Wah ! So many special draws? Magnum, sports toto, pan'sian... Every week!


    Wan to be a Muslim country ?

    Ya fucking rite, over your dead body!

  24. Religion should never be an issue to anybody in any country whether Christianity in China is blooming. Amen, to that! or Islam is spreading in Indonesia. Let us respect each others believes.

  25. Anonymous8:36 am

    BN has managed to indoctrinate such ridiculous ideas into the rakyat especially the natives and the Malays in its run-up and preparation for the PRU13 ESPECIALLY in Sarawak and Sabah. The rakyat want meritocracy and justice but not changing the official religion of the state. Do not believe this rumours as we do not want Sarawak to be another Israel!

  26. Dear all

    What is the issue? Are we still moving toward race based politic?

    This is another spin! I always belief in we are all Malaysian, and let the best brain doing the job. So we can help those who are in need.

    If we put some donkey doing something he or she does not know. He or she will just screw thing up and only he or she will be benefit

    Official religion? just a spin! How to change? Malaysia has the biggest Muslim population and rightfully the official religion is Islam and this is "Written" in the constitution. No issue!

    Just what every Malaysia want is to freely choose what they want to belief in. No force upon to belief. I do not thing the Almighty want to accept someone who is not a believer but purely force upon to belief. right?

    Shiok Guy

  27. Anonymous9:09 am

    The composition if true is indeed a one sided capitalistic affair.

    So, where's the Sikh, Indian or Hindraf representation here?

    PAS should be happy with the portforlio and can slowly turn Sarawak Islamic from there.

    But, it appears lopsided no matter how you look at it.


  28. Anonymous9:29 am


    Pls be more responsible. You are becoming more worse than Perkosa in rumour mongering. If bloods are shed bcos some idiot did not bother checking the truth what will you do?

    Stop the rubbish la.

  29. Anonymous10:46 am

    I really am disappointed that you chose to contribute to hearsay! I come here to view opinions contrary to the net's alternative views but contributing to extreme and unfounded statements that Christians are taking over the country? You can't be serious.

  30. Skilgannon106611:04 am

    Bru 2:12 AM

    So, what are you implying? Come on, brudder - spell it out in clear and unambiguous language instead of shadow-playing.

    Should I point out that different faiths and religions are flourishing in supposedly secular countries?

    Even in the good old USA!

  31. Anonymous11:40 am


    What say you stop your nonsense of trying to mimmick everything.. and be more useful to the society?

    Go spend your days by the immigration counters at Changi Airpot, and help the authorities identify potential China Dolls streaming into the country...

    By the way, kat Singapore kau kerja aper Ahso? Very suspicous la..I also have some Omega watches in our family collection, INTERESTED?.



  32. Jane O and Skill, religious flourishing yes. Syukur. But it should not be at the expense of others. Malaysia is a model, more so than Singapore (remember what Lee Kuan Yew said about the Muslims in Singapore and had to apologize? i was on the island recently, the Muslims have not forgiven him).

    Anyone trying to undermine Islam in Malaysia must be stopped, be it a group of Christian pastors inspired by politics of hate or promised with heaven on earth, or a group of Muslim extremists who want to wage war against what they see as "enemies" of Islam, eg al-Maunah.

    My posting, btw, is filled with hope that what my brother bloggers wrote were NOT true. One account that the meeting in Penang was organised by Jelutong, whose MP is Jeff Ooi, a friend of mine, disturbs me. I know Jeff and he isn't the sort who would want to undermine the foundations of this nation. There must have been a mistake or a misundertanding, but that's one the DAP can help overcome by not remaining silent.

  33. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Shadow Cabinet Sarawak => Kabinet Malaysia bila DAP berkuasa.... teramat cina sekali.

  34. Anonymous2:48 pm

    anon @ 2:24 AM

    after 55 years the pendatang tribe want to claim Tanah Melayu, hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong sorong

    dah bagi kerakyatan PERCUMA, nak mintak hapuskan hak yang lain

    mana esai, ah beng ooiii

  35. Anonymous2:55 pm

    wooii skewedmoron

    you better help red dot counter the UN human rights abuse report on chinciapor

    they have rebuked the island-wannabe-big-league nation over their policies and past practices

    what a shame - 1st world and yet practise human rights ABUSES

  36. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Please everyone be aware that the majority of the Malaysian Armed Forces and the Royal Malaysian Police are malays.
    The one unifying factor that will bring the malays and the muslims together is the religion. Despite what the old Old Fart thinks, the malays are already united in their hearts when it comes to the religion. Just don't be taken by surprise, Old Unkerfart when you assume in thinking the malays are not united, they stand up together after being pushed too long against the wall.
    Don't, please don't ever ever think the Malays are not united. Don't be fooled you might regret it.
    Personally, i would want to be with the more powerful side. Survival is of the utmost necessity.

  37. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Rocky - it's assholes like you that should be stopped from creating tension in this country. Take your fucking dog Perwira away too.

  38. Anonymous5:23 pm

    woi.balless minister home affairs..shitting in ur pants yo?..SOS malaysia really need another HOME AFFAIRS MINISTER>>

  39. This is one Malaysian Muslim who will put PERKASA, PEMBELA and UTUSAN to shame -

    May God bless you, Azizah Ahmad Shariff. You are one shining example of a true human being.

  40. Anonymous1:22 am

    All religion teaches us to always tell the truth. It's a sin for one to lie and a bigger sin when one lies to influence others and to promote their own twisted agenda.

    Someone is not telling the truth big time and I hope, and I am confident all true Malaysian, demand the authority to immediately investigate and tell us Malaysian the whole truth and nothing but the truth. To ensure, those rumor mongers who try to "stir the shit-pot", face the consequences, to deter others and send a clear message to all...."do not stir thr shit-pot".

  41. Anonymous5:39 am

    Annon 3:59PM

    The Pimps, ibu Ayam, Brothers and China Dolls all getting pissed off and beli angeli wid Perwira or?

    Nostalgia ker?

    Itu TRADITIONAL trade beli dirty wan.. body aloso full of fleas, scratchx1000 also still itchy wan.

    Go get some good education, and find a clean honest living, OK? Get some therapy or go to Church and seek for forgiveness!

    And stop mimmicking like parrots, trying to copy ebelitin whatevber ebelibodi do or say, start using your own brains for once OK?..

    Sarawak shallow Cabinet, do your work pelopeli and dont make so much noise OK, after Sang Bedal get angeli, shadow also cannot see wan!



  42. Anonymous7:49 am

    you must be stupid if u think this happened! then again, ur just trying to play to ur masters.

  43. Anonymous9:26 am

    DAP and PAS cannot go to bed with PKR. PKR prefers china dolls.

  44. Anonymous10:19 am

    There is absolutely no reason to be worried about this 'official Christia religion. No such country exist execept Vatican. And they know it.

    Ofcourse some NGOs will take this opportunity to make noise.


  45. Anonymous2:16 pm

    You guys are real funny, for now, until it backfired.

  46. Anonymous2:23 pm

    You remarked: "But that's one the DAP can help overcome by not remaining silent".

    The clarification by DAP is in The Star today.

    But you won't bother talking about it, as its not in favour of your agenda!

    Still trying to feature yourself as a responsible media man?

    Try harder, with special brew in your systems!


  47. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Rocky i like when you mentioned about sarawak shadow cabinet .. YES indeed as in many DAP ceramah all they care is about chinese and playing about race , DAP claimed chinese got nothing laa .. and they hypocritely tells about Malaysia Malaysian ??? The sarawak shadow cabinet is the symbol for DAP racist !!!

  48. PARAMESWARA, you have been a commenter here for so long. Once in a while when you are ahead of the loop, just help us catch up lah. In this case, cut and paste the article you were referring to here. Not everyone reads what you read, y'know ..


  49. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Datuk Rocky, you mentioned: "PARAMESWARA, you have been a commenter here for so long. Once in a while when you are ahead of the loop, just help us catch up lah. In this case, cut and paste the article you were referring to here. Not everyone reads what you read, y'know .."

    since you do not believe that Jeff Ooi would be such a person, as you claim, why not you, as his fellow blogger, post the link mentioned by Parameswara instead? I'm sure it will reflect on your fairness; to post up a hear-say from one group, and the counter-argument to the hearsay. Unless of course, your intention was to play up the former, in which case Datuk, you are very pathetic.

    The Malays are not being tolerant because they are Muslims; throughout history, Malays have always been a tolerant race, and they are the most friendliest group of people i have the pleasure of being friends with; Islam did not change that. As for the Christians, they were probably not a good model as pre-Christians, but the main teaching of Christianity is Love. And as such, they have become tolerant as they embraced their faith. to posit Christians leaders are foolish enough to challenge the Constitution is a very SERIOUS allegation. Rocky, you may not wan to go to a church, but if you do have a chance, go to a Catholic church and listen to the prayers we offer: i can give you an example of one during the fasting month last year: "let us pray for our Muslim brothers ans sisters, that they may be strong in their Faith, and continue to foster peace in the country"..

    why are you trying to create havoc here Datuk? im not being sarcastic, i am baffled!


  50. Anonymous2:02 am

    I hope Jeff Ooi who you are 'fake' friends with now, reported ur ass to the police!

    do u even feel some shame with your spins? Sometimes I feel shameful for u oh atan boy!

  51. Anonymous7:02 am

    Gunther is right.
    No loving local Christian in Malaysia or pastor in Malaysia would go as far as to want to do ANYTHING which contravenes the Federal Constitution OF MALAYSIA and for ANYONE to infer or imply that is happening to the DETRIMENT of the GREATER PUBLIC is plain IRRESPONSIBLE and FOOLISH.


  52. trifling-jester7:04 am

    rockybru, "responsibe journalist" my ass.

  53. Skilgannon106610:15 am

    Oi, Perwira

    I see no reason to apologise for my views.

    And I must say that Changi Airport is much more impressive and better-managed than KLIA!

    Or is that too difficult for you to digest?

    Official religion being used as an excuse for racism, retrogression and anti-globalisation? Take your pick.

    Only don't go around bowing and scraping for US$444 billion! Surely "dignity" is worth far more than that?

    Or is it?

  54. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Datuk Rock,

    " No one, not even if they control more than two-thirds majority in Parliament, can remove Islam as the official religion. Only the Rulers can do this and we have ten Rulers (one Agong, one Yam Tuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan, one Raja of Perlis and seven Sultans)."

    Before you put this topic on hotplate,did u do ur homework?

    Regards, Raja Kristian.

  55. Anonymous4:47 pm

    nothing new here. christianisation happens everywhere, even in kelantan state got many activities converting orang asli by chinese pastors as seen in youtube videos. and keep continuing but no one question before. but why now?

    it is simple. if the accusation to make christian as official religion is true, authority must take action by bringing the church leaders to justice.
    if not true the accusers must be charged.

    let justice take the course.

  56. Anonymous9:29 pm





  57. Anonymous9:31 pm

    OOOH I SEE...



  58. Gunther=: The Malays are not being tolerant because they are Muslims; throughout history, Malays have always been a tolerant race, and they are the most friendliest group of people i have the pleasure of being friends with; Islam did not change that.

    Of course Islam didn't change anything. Check these verses.
    Al Maidah Verse 8 & Al Mumtahanah Verse 8-9.

  59. Anonymous2:23 am

    Ai yo yo, brother we live in Malaysia we got house, food , shirt to wear, a good job and a good family. Malay, chinese, Indian, punjabi and others live in harmony. Why play with rumour and fire? Tak de kerja ka? Benci sana benci sini, dengki sana dengki sini. Aiyah dok sama-sama lah minum kopi lah. Cakap baik-baik lah. Barulah one Malaysia

  60. Skilgannon10664:06 pm

    "Egypt tightens security amid religious tensions"

    According to a Reuters report:

    "Egypt stepped up security around churches in the capital yesterday (Monday, 9 May) after two days of clashes between minority Christians and Muslims that killed 12 people and highlighted rising inter-faith tensions.

    "The violence....was triggered by rumours that Christians had abducted a woman who converted to Islam.....

    "Members of Egypt's Christian minority and even some Muslims have blamed the tensions on the emergence of Salafists, followers of a strict interpretation of Islam and who were repressed by Mubarak's security forces...(continued)

  61. Skilgannon10664:17 pm


    "'If I had the chance I would flee the country. There is no more opportunity for Copts (Coptic Christians), especially as the authorities are leaving ignorant people to burn down churches,' said Fawzi Nabeeh, a Coptic Christian engineer, who blamed the incident on 'a rise in (Islamic) fundamentalism.'

    "Christians make up about a tenth of Egypt's 80 million people.

    "Sectarian strife often flares around conversions, family disputes and the building of churches (my comment: why does this sound familiar?)...

    "A tight security cordon restricted access around Saint Mina church in Imbaba, the Cairo district where the clashes erupted on Saturday evening and extended into Sunday. Another church, Saint Mary's, was burned and blackened by fire...(continued)

  62. Skilgannon10664:26 pm


    "Ali Abdel-Rahman, governor of Cairo's Giza region that includes the Imbaba district, pledged to cover the cost of rebuilding Saint Mary's, adding that it would take about three months, the state news agency reported...

    "The clashes on Saturday and Sunday were Egypt's worst inter-faith violence since 13 people died on March 9. That incident was prompted by the burning of a church.

    "Justice Minister Mohamed el-Guindy said gatherings around places of worship would be banned to protect their sanctity and as part of efforts to prevent sectarian strife.

    "About 500 Salafists had massed outside Imbaba's Saint Mina church on Saturday to call on Christians to hand over a woman they said was being held there..."

  63. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Karpal cakap over my ded body, tak pa la... Dia kapir. Mahataik cakap apa? Siap cakap Hudud tu dah tak sesuai untuk zaman sekarang. Ada ka undang2 Tuhan dia cakap tak sesuai. Lepas tu siap kutuk Nabi Muhammad s.a.w lagi tak cukur sebab zaman tu mana ada gillette. Kalau setakat Melayu Islam tu, berapa kerat saja Melayu UMNO ni Islam. Mahataik cakap, makan rasuah tu sama macam makan babi. Berapa banyak ahlipolitik UMNO makan babi? Ini saya tanya soalan okay?

  64. Skilgannon10664:33 pm

    In the interests of "fair comment", can I claim that there are some unwitting "outriders" or "proxies" of a covert Salafist movement in the country?

    Or are there shadowy elements who want to provoke sectarian strife in the country in the pursuit of some hitherto unpublicised agenda?

    Much like those idiots in the US who condone the burning of the Koran and who want to put "Islam on trial" are possibly being manipulated by other shadowy elements with their own agendas?

  65. Malaysia has no official religion, says constitutional expert
    What a myopic opinion!
    And what a naive piece of writing!

    Article 3 of the Malaysian Constitution:

    1. “ Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.”
    2. The Ruler is the head of the religion of Islam
    3. The states without a Ruler, the YDP Agong acts as the head.

    Besides Article 3, there are many other references made to Islam as the Official Religion of Malaysia;

    • That Secularism is rejected in Malaysia
    • Islamic education can be promoted in Malaysia at the expense of the tax-payers money
    • Islamic institutions and Mosques can be built at the expense of the tax-payer
    • The only other judicial system other than the Civil & Criminal permitted is the Syariah
    • Missionary preaching among Muslims in Malaysia is regulated, that is it can be done by local Islamic authorities only.

    There are many other references to Islam in the Constitution that classifies Islam as the Official religion of Malaysia.

    One wonders what the ‘learned’ (if he is) Bar Council’s Head of the Constitutional committee has to say, to the written Malaysian Constitution. Or maybe he does not comprehend simple English.

    When Islam has been stated as the religion of the state it means ‘Official’ it is as simple as that.

    The so-called Constitutional expert is trying to gain into the limelight by trying to be controversial!

    One wonders what the Bar Council is made up of?

    Further one wonders why the Malaysian Insider prefers to mislead and circumnavigate from the issue at hand.

  66. Anonymous10:11 pm

    see that idiot!!