Monday, March 14, 2011

Wantan, Pau and Azan

NAMAWEE WANNABE? A footage of another Malaysian artiste making fun of the Muslims, so it seems. Creative tak tentu pasal. Click here to find out how wantan mee and the call for azan are related.


  1. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Go get them, we would like to see these bastards get what they deserves.

    Just like those bangsat kicking the cow head and same time go after those arseholes treating the holy bible like some porno mag.

  2. well, we've all had strange encounters with the lok tang (taoist monks who for instance ironed their cheeks while in a trance), 'weil weil' of kavadi carriers and followers of jehovah witness who wailed til early morning but never made fun of them.
    just what makes some people think they're above the rest?

  3. Kurang ajar tak tentu pasal.

    Nazri Aziz better not invite this twit to Parliament House.

  4. Anonymous7:03 pm

    This buggero thought speech democracy includes saying anything they want because the system suppose to put them above everything?


  5. Sickening...

  6. Anonymous9:01 pm


    I never consider this chap worth giving space nor attention, whatever issues he raises. Such social outcasts can be found in any society. You shouldn't tarnish your blog by giving such lowly characters even an inch of space.


  7. Khushairi9:19 pm

    A total disgrace, Maybe he has his reasons for doing it but someone caught it on tape, BIG mistake bro. He will be famous for this though. Speechless... Kids, Don't try this at home! say 1Malaysia :)

  8. Anonymous9:28 pm

    This one deserves ISA. He is obviously inciting hatred.
    This really reflects on his upbringing... mak bapak tak pandai ajar. My Chinese friends semuanya ok, boleh karaoke sama-sama, no problem .... mesti mak bapak dia bahlul and the genes passed on to him!
    from Pro-ISA supporter

  9. Bro, I've made a report on this to MCMC. I'm not quite sure whether or not to lodge a police report on this matter.. What do you think?


  10. Anonymous9:33 pm

    this nation has a lot of kurang ajar people. lol diu.

  11. Hmm its time to put stop on all this kind of nonsense or sooner or later .... u all know rite?

  12. he is too far to be called an artist!

    bad taste

  13. Pengecut! Kalau berani sangat kenapa klip kabur? Tak ada peluang dpt jemputan dari Nazri Aziz. Sebenarnya manusia racist seperti ini tak payah dilayan. Makin dilayan makin menjadi. Dah melampau batas humban je dlm penjara kerana mengganggu sensitiviti kaum & agama lain.

  14. Anonymous11:24 pm

    He is just buying his ticket to the parliment house to meet with the Malayian first and Malay second minister.
    Everybody else who misunderstood are bigots.


  15. Anonymous11:24 pm

    These people were so irresponsible and shall be punished by law for their insensitive action that may lead to racial and religions disharmony in our country. I am a Malaysian Chinese, a buddhist but I am fully in support of police taking stern action within our law to teach these people a lesson.

  16. Anonymous11:36 pm

    As a Chinese, I find this act sickening.

  17. Anonymous11:51 pm

    This chink guy think he is a toy boy of some UMNO Neo Liberal Elites, PKR Neocon Elites and PAS Exclusive Islamist Elites..that's why he got the cheek to taunt the peace loving, egalitarians, FELDAcentric UMNOist like me..
    Wa tengah siap paper untuk melaksanakan civil suit keatas this chink for defaming Melayu Islam UMNO (MIU)


  18. attila11:55 pm

    Is this moron Malaysian, in the first place?

    If so, I'm breathlessly awaiting the "shocking", "sickening", "racist", "sack him", etc reactions from the DAP, PKR, Bar Council, various NGOs, Hindraf etc.

    Also, eagerly watching out for the usual banner-waving protest marches by headband-wearing, fist-clenching outraged "we're-just-2nd-class" citizens.

    Err...., no reaction ah? Why ah?

    Ohhhh, only Islam mah. Cannot say "balik Tong San", but can mock azan.

    PAS, any comment? Some would say, this is REALLY what THEY think of you.

  19. Anonymous12:14 am

    Dan dalam masa yang sama mereka mahu kita undi parti yang memberi lebih hak pada mereka sambil mereka kencing atas muka kita?

    Apa harus kita buat?

  20. Anonymous12:27 am

    Untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini hanya ada satu cara saja, kita kena ikut bagaimana negara jiran kita Indonesia, Thailand dan Philipines melayan Cina di negara mereka.

    i) Semua guna bahasa yang sama,
    ii) Sekolah yang sama,
    iii) Nama yang yang tidak mencerminkan cina,
    iv) Pengharaman bahasa Cina di semua tempat.

    Ini saja caranya, jika kita mengharapkan keadaan menjadi semakin baik dengan menggunakan polisi yang ada sekarang, 100 tahun lagi pun tidak mungkin menjadi.

    Kita tengok di negara jiran, pada awalnya mereka menghadapi masalah, tetapi setelah beberapa tahun, generasi yang lupa pada negara Cina sebagai negara mereka akan timbul apabila budaya Cina diharamkan. Adakah kita jumpa video seperti Namewee dan seperti ini di negara Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines? Tiada.

    Asimilisasi secara paksaan adalah wajib demi untuk kebaikan negara ini pada masa depan. Ia adalah ubat yang pahit pada awalnya, tetapi kita terpaksa dan berani melaksanakannya jika kita sayangkan negara kita.


  21. Anonymous12:29 am

    Rocky, It will be wiser not to post this video on your blog for all to see. You are helping those people related to the video to promote racial disunity. Just ignore them. If you know who they are you should report them to the police.

  22. Anonymous12:38 am

    U say, I say...

    U say my religion suck, I say ur religion is sick.


    My say, all religion sucks! Take your religion @ shoved it into the arse!!!

  23. Freedom of expression..!!
    Freedom to comment's..!!
    Freedom to insult..!!!

    Freedom that freedom this..!!
    Freedom to be racist too...!!
    Freedom to be disrespectful, distasteful..!!

    Freedom to be Angry...freedom to amok!

  24. Anonymous2:57 am

    aku cadangkan budak melayu buat video ejek dia je.. kata anu dia kecik ke apa ke.. saja je tengok dia hormati tak kebebasan bersuara begitu..


  25. So what about it? why so sensitive one! Some guys just having fun only what?

    Your friends in your profession defiled the holy sacrament, now what did you have to say about that?

    you see, after all this, you just end up getting less and less sensitive...and just laugh along with who ever is having fun. Right?

  26. Anonymous8:02 am

    KESIAN sikit la kat depa2 ni.. Siapa bimbing mereka hal Agama???

    Cara makayah ajar ROTAN ROTAN ROTAN..

    Pijak kaki masuk temple pun entah tak pernah... kecuali nak telek nasib, telek girlfr ong ke tidak atau emergency, kena panggil priest datang rumah pasai MakAyah mati.

    Harap kalau ada tokwan tua tua yg asal dari Cina, nasib elok sikit, boleh ler dengar2 donggeng2 hal Agama mereka..

    40yr olds aloso dont know head or tail HAL AGAMA MEREKA, follow blindly just to please their parents.

    Thats why they don't respect whatever religion. Free sex, mabuk, judi, kongsi gelap, prostitution menjadi2.


  27. Anonymous8:04 am

    What's really sad is that these people think they're so talented. Anybody w/ a computer can do this.

    What a waste of time.

  28. Anonymous8:31 am

    He looks intel, maybe in need of attention fr frens. But he makes a grave mistake. Nobody insults the azan. U can stop it, reduce the volume, but no insults. This are catalyst to racial feuds eg when dap/pap won 1969 selangor undi. In fact, a pas senior whispered to tunku to seize the chinese assets for the malays...of course he screw that guy back.

    I think we need the police or isa to come for this guy. Its one thing to make fun personally in ur house but to broadcast it must be chauvinistic. If gov is so hard on al maunah n arqam, why so sayang on hindraf, namewee abd acts like this.

    Btw,if nazri, the malaysian, invites him to parliament, it wd just proves tat he has always had taik kambing for his brain.


  29. Dato'

    Apabila artikel ini berkenaan Melayu/Islam, Dato' dikatakan lebih bijak jika tidak menyiarkannya agar tidak menimbulkan rasa kebencian

    Saya tertanya2 , bagaimana jika artikel ini berkenaan yg sebaliknya,

    Pasti Dato' dihambur pujian melangit kerana berani ' memaparkan kebenaran!!'

  30. Anonymous8:42 am

    These kind of idiots shd be not be given any airtime in your blog Rocky, where millions visited. The clowns will stop doing shows when there are no audience.

  31. Anonymous9:07 am

    very very cheap gimmick just to get people's attention. That is to show just how low some people are for the sake of stupidity.....

  32. Anonymous9:26 am

    First we had Interlok, now we have this shit. When will it stop?

  33. Anonymous9:51 am

    Saudara Rocky Bru,

    Setuju dengan komen BaitiBadarudin. Saya sendiri kadang kala bila menyaksikan 'ritual'/adat istiadat agama dan bangsa lain selalu terasa apa yang dilakukan a bit funny dan semotimes ------- . Tetapi,'who are we to judge them. As long as the belivers believe in it, let it be. Keep your opinion to yourself!'

    Tetapi kenapa mereka tidak bersikap seperti kita dan selalu gatal-gatal mulut dan tangan untuk komen? Mungkin untuk mengelakkan perselisihan kaum dan agama elok kita bersabar dahulu!

    'Think positive. It means that we are a better people than them. Dont put ourself at their lowest level'

    Warga Setia

  34. Anonymous9:57 am

    Some people are just too itchy too revisit and experience what happened in 1969. Maybe they want to experience first hand. Who knows? They may love this part of history so much that every now and then they seem to beg for it. Do we give it to them?


  35. Anonymous9:58 am

    Any comment from perkasa president or mistress of internal ministry one and stern final blowjob warning.

  36. Katakanlah:"Hai orang-orang kafir!" aku tidak akan menyembah apa yang kamu sembah Dan kamu bukan penyembah Ilah yang aku sembah Dan aku tidak pernah menjadi penyembah apa yang kamu sembah dan kamu tidak pernah (pula) menjadi penyembah Ilah yang aku sembah. Untukmulah agamamu, dan untukkulah agamaku (al-Kafirun, 109:1-6)

  37. The Hut of Baba Yaga
    (with apologies to Modest Mussorgsky)

    There was once a man in the Indian subcontinent, during the heydays of the Imperialist-Colonialist British India era, whose name nobody knows for certain. He was such a nobody, a low profile muslim railroad coolie whom they just called Babaji for simplicity. No one took any heed of him, no one thought much of his existence, and no one cared. For a rupee or two, he would toil and sweat day in and day out to bring food for his family.

    One day, while toiling away on the railroad in the middle of the hot sun, he overhead his hindu colleague co-coolies making jokes about the Prophet Muhammad and laughing it out loud. Now this, Babaji took to be sacrilegous to his faith in Islam and to the Love that he had for the Prophet. He took a pick-axe and struck the insolent man down and killed him.

    He was caught by the police and reprimanded waiting for the trial date. This case then was broadcasted by mouth and enjoyed a very wide coverage and publicity in 19th century India, what with the subcontinent then facing the demons of colonialism, caste-based socialism and religious polarity. The case heralded a number of high-powered Muslim lawyers all over the continent to come for his defense, but the simple illiterate man insisted that he and he alone was responsible for his actions and that there was nothing to defend: he would gladly do it again should he face the same circumstances and opportunity.

    The British judge found him guilty and he was sentenced to death.

    Not long after they buried him, the hindu prison warden who oversaw Babaji's jail, came over to one of the Islamic scholars in India and asked to be admitted to the Islamic faith. After the usual ritual of professing the Creed of Faith, he had, upon enquiry, told a very strange tale of what happened the night prior to Babaji's execution. That night, he said, Babaji's prison cell was illuminated so brightly that it hurt his eyes, and in the faint brightness of divine light he had seen with his own eyes, he said, Babaji being visited by luminaries which were certainly not of this earth.

    And that only to defend a long-dead prophet from being ridiculed. Fast forward to the present day, the prophet's religion is still alive. The prayers are alive and most importantly, the Azan, the call towards the One True God, is very much alive. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the object of ridicule of the vermint in this video.

    The only consolation, dear readers, is that in Malaysia, muslims are made up of people like Apocryphalist: weak of faith, apologetic in outlook, forgiving in countenance, accommodative in deallngs. But I would like to advise those in this video clip or those who take delights in ridiculing something Muslims hold dear and sensitive: had there been just a single Babaji out of the many that you excite enough from slumber, to bring out his love for his religion in ways that we cannot even BEGIN to comprehend, the last laugh may not be yours.

    Because, just because, someone else's Love for God, the Prophet, Martyrdom and the Hereafter could very well unthinkably be MORE than another's love for wine, song, laughter and ridicule.


  38. Sekali check rupanya MCA..

    Mintak maap pastu setel.. senang jer kan..

    hadap.. hadap..

  39. Skilgannon106611:46 am


    Methinks that you doth protest too loudly (with apologies to William S).

    Any different from the ongoing row over Malay-language Bibles and the fatwa against Shi'ites in Malaysia?

    Freedom of expression, freedom of worship - difficult concepts to comprehend, apparently.

  40. Anonymous11:49 am

    wow. just.. wow.

    also I don't agree with some posters here that you shouldn't post this video. without people like you bringing this issue to light, some people would never have known. It's not to incite hatred, it's to bring awareness. The ACT in this video itself, is the one that incites hatred rather than those who bring the awareness to it.

  41. Anonymous12:44 pm

    What about the clip on the ustaz making fun of buddhism?...I really wonder where you are getting at Roc..
    Anyway,there will always be morons who ridicule other people's belief and religions.Best way is to ignore them and don't give them publicity.

  42. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Though find this clip disgusting, Rocky, you too must highlight if others made fun of religions other than their own. Got it!!!!
    I fully agree with anon 12.44pm


  43. Terima Kasih, AbGJas!

  44. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Salam bro,

    Saya tak faham pun apa yang digelakkan oleh diorang. Tetapi saya nampak mereka terlalu gembira...

    Kegembiraan kerana menghina barangkali. Moga suatu hari mereka akan sedar terhadap perbuatan yang telah dilakukan...

    Barangkali keturunan mereka memang suka menghina, lalu benih yang terhasil bersifat kurang ajar. Orang yang kurang ajar, ada baiknya diberi tunjuk ajar supaya ibubapanya yang tak pandai mengajar, boleh juga belajar.

    Pemimpin curang!

  45. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Stupidity and a huge shame! Such insensitive person and the lots of donkeys guffawing with him, so ashamed of them.When people teased them of balik china..they get angry, maybe they should...balik china. Bodoh punya orang!

  46. Talk of being sensitive towards the other Malaysians. Talk of being provocative. Talk of being instigative.

    They think it is funny but they are taking a dig at Muslim. There is a limit and a cut off point for humour and reality.

    The Chinese seem to remain provocative and yet want to be Malaysians.
    They want to assimilate and make Malaysian their home yet touch the raw point of another man's beliefs and religion.

    They want Malaysian to be their homeland yet they cannot be rightly be addressed as 'pendatang'

  47. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Sudah tiba masa untuk umat Islam memikir & kembali semula kepada tuntutan JIHAD BESAR di tanah air malaysia demi menjaga maruah ugama, bangsa, dan tanah air. Bukan setakat JIHAD kecil.

    Jika tidak, sampai bila-bila pun umat Islam di tanah air di pijak2 oleh kafir laknatullah.

    From this day, this bigots need to learn something.

  48. Anonymous3:28 pm

    I am part of the Malaysian community. My actual race is not material. We are supposed to be a decent human race that exist in this universe. What this small group of pariah chinese has done to redicule the Muslims shall attract reprisal not only from the Malays and Muslim locally but globally as well.
    To whom it may concern, how do you take this.
    you look like a pig, eat like a pig, snore like a pig, think like a pig and behave like a pig. And you are a PIG.

  49. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Si sepet ni kurang ajar sebab Melayu lemah.

    Org Melayu berpecah pada 3 golongan besar UMNO,Pas dan PKR.

    Si sepet walaupun pecah kpd MCA,DAP,Gerakan mereka masih boleh minum sama,karoke sama2,mabuk sama2.
    Tak de hal.

    Kita nak solat berjemaah pon problem..

    Toksah menuding jari pada org lain laaa..malu wei!

    Kalau Melayu kuat takde sapa berani usik woi..

    Bijan Hamsor

  50. Seolferwulf5:00 pm


    The UN Commission on Human Rights, the ICC and the US Commission on Religious Freedom await...

    Now, who will be garang enough to provoke these particular tigers?

    Freedom of expression...which is why the US has birthed the likes of Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter whilst Malaysia has...Proton!

  51. "Anonymous said...

    aku cadangkan budak melayu buat video ejek dia je.. kata anu dia kecik ke apa ke.. saja je tengok dia hormati tak kebebasan bersuara begitu..


    Aik? Dah ada orang menyamar aku? Gila selebriti!

  52. Anonymous8:25 pm

    menteri dalam negeri bapok atau pondan?

  53. Caugth in tape is bad man but raised ur hand if u never mock or insult other race and your own race.
    Why get so pissed off???? Grow up man we all are actually beyond than whom we are

  54. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Why Police To SLOW? MCMC? Pemuda UMNO?

  55. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Why Police To SLOW? MCMC? Pemuda UMNO?

  56. Salam Bro,

    Skunk....lubang mana dia keluar pun tak tahu...

    Shame on those smiling smiling faces!

  57. cheke-pau10:45 am

    this is very rude. this is not representative of the non muslim views on its brothers and sisters in malaysia. we should reject this crap

  58. Anonymous10:50 am

    If not of this blog, I would not have to watch this.

    Of coz this person is an idiot.

    But don't promote it.

  59. Anonymous11:32 am

    The guy in video is not Namawee, bros!

  60. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Fucking Malays did not aware that these particular thing does happen in our surrounding. The only thing they know is just eat up all their fucking money & give it to their family.

  61. Anonymous2:24 pm


    Itu satu olang gila Apopelir punya babajee kalau mengamuk sama itu Cina lancau satu olang, satu UN punya humanlite mahu bising ka? Itu macam ka?

  62. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Malaysian are creative, let it be so we can export our creativity to the whole world and earn extra cas.

  63. Anonymous6:36 pm

    orang orang umno tak akan ambil tindakan. semua dah kenyang.

  64. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Rocky, I shared the same thought with some of the comments, you should not have carried such video in your blog. Your blog command huge followers, by carrying such negative, provocative video clips, you actually fanning the fire and creating much more damages to the social fabric than them. We wanted people to be responsible of their action, we need to be responsible first.
    You may say as a journalist, must act without fear or favour in exposing all evil and devil stories, but as a responsible journalist, you must be able to measure or visualize the impact on the society by carrying such news or stories. Who are they in the first place? If they are leaders in our society, then what you did was right, but the fact was they are just no body and could be bunch of drunken idiots self entertaining themselves. I am pretty sure you didn't do it because of readership.

  65. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Takpe ler, bagi laluan saja, KESIAN..

    Habits are hard to change, and considering, give them another 200years, maybe they will change for the better;


  66. "Anonymous said...

    Rocky, I shared the same thought with some of the comments, you should not have carried such video in your blog. Your blog command huge followers, by carrying such negative, provocative video clips, you actually fanning the fire and creating much more damages to the social fabric than them. We wanted people to be responsible of their action, we need to be responsible first.
    You may say as a journalist, must act without fear or favour in exposing all evil and devil stories, but as a responsible journalist, you must be able to measure or visualize the impact on the society by carrying such news or stories. Who are they in the first place? If they are leaders in our society, then what you did was right, but the fact was they are just no body and could be bunch of drunken idiots self entertaining themselves. I am pretty sure you didn't do it because of readership.

    11:55 PM"

    Ah, fuck you lah!

    If a Malay were to do wrong, you go to town with it. Now that the Malays are in the prime 'victim' seat, you don't want it out?

    That the video makes the makers look like spiteful, stupid monkeys, is good enough to remind everyone that racism is a two-way street. And on both ends, as well as all along that street, live idiot motherfuckers.

  67. Anonymous5:57 pm

    PR = Namewee supporters.
    Nazri = Namewee supporters -> hope Najib kick Nazri out ASAP.

  68. Anonymous8:34 pm

    3doors away from my premise is a Chinese western food restaurant..

    Boys around ages 5, will run out from the restaurant for a quickie, on their own simply unzip and pancut kat longkang..

    Tiny girls, their mummies will just fold their legs upwards, (while yakking with friends) the little girl will also pancut..

    Basuh tidak, calit pun tidak, and they will walk back into the restaurant and continue their meals..

    And mind you, inside these are toilets, but they prefer open air..



  69. Anonymous12:50 am

    bro, you are "kurang ajar" but switch on loud speaker early in the morning lagi kurang ajar, lagi uncivilized

  70. Anonymous9:31 pm

    The Malays had made fun of chinese and more so killed many of us.

    So now they get a taste of their own medicine, all of a sudden become uncomfortable????

    So what you are going to do? (like some of the idiots suggested) start killing the Chinese again? How many will you kill? There are EIGHT FUCKING MILLION OF US!!!

    You haven't got the brains to handle the logistics. So please, shut up.