Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sodomy 2: Has Anwar lost the perception war?

In Finally, It's a matter of Perception (read via Hantu Laut's tweet, with thanks), Raja Petra Kamaruddin says Anwar is losing the war and blames the PM wannabe's advisors.
The way the case is dragging on with postponement after postponement is setting tongues wagging. They are asking: why doesn’t Anwar get the trial over and done with? Would it not be better that we get to the bottom of this whole thing and once and for all resolved the matter? 
The DNA issue is another matter that is confusing most people who are now asking what is Anwar trying to hide. They are asking: why not do a DNA match and prove once and for all that he is innocent? Maybe there is a legal strategy here that we are not being told about. But it certainly leaves a lot of questions unanswered. 
Let me say it again: Anwar is losing the perception war. Many who used to curse Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Sodomy 1 and swear that Anwar was being framed are not cursing Najib Tun Razak in Sodomy 2 and feel that maybe the allegation could be true. 
Nobody knows more about the magic of perception and the so-called court of public opinion than RPK. He has weaved his magic not only for Anwar but for Ku Li, to whom he is still close, and Dr Mahathir. And if Pet or Pete had not been on our side at the right time (back in 06 when he was close to Dr Mahahtir and in 07 and the early part of 08) to try the previous administration, it might have been harder to take down Pak Lah and his band of merrymen.

Tomorrow, the Sodomy ll trial will listen to submissions with regards to the Prosecution's application that the Judge compel Anwar to provide a DNA sample. RPK's guess that "maybe there is a legal strategy (on Anwar's part) here" will be tested. In the meantime, however, Anwar continues to lose our confidence. People have been coming out to ask the de facto Opposition leader to get the trial over and done with. There was a gathering in Ipoh by a group of ladies yesterday and one more is being planned for 4 pm today. There is also one planned in front of the PKR headquarters in Tropicana, KL. (Pic above is taken from Big Dog's posting here).

But all these little political games are not important by tomorrow when the trial resumes. Another Brick in the Wall, who used to work very closely with RPK (and vice versa) before March 2008, has been reliably informed that there is, indeed, a strong case - and cause - to compel the judge to compel Anwar to go through a DNA match. 

Bad news for Anwar's advisors. RPK is right: Anwar should have fought Sodomy ll as a legal battle or political battle, but NOT both.

Now, read A Voice: Sharkar on Judge's power to order for DNA sample.


Judge’s power to put questions or order production

165. The Judge may, in order to discover or to obtain proper proof of relevant facts, ask any question he pleases, in any form at any time, of any witness or of the parties, about any fact relevant or irrelevant; and may order the production of any document or thing; and neither the parties nor their agents shall be entitled to make any objection to any such question or order, nor, without the leave of the court, to cross-examine any witness upon any answer given in reply to any such question:

Provided that ...



  1. Anonymous2:49 pm

  2. I think Anwar's greatest mistake is to think that he could fight off Sodomy2 like Sodomy1.

    In Sodomy1 he had Malaysians rooting for him especially after that black eye incident, he had people eating from his hands at that time, everyday of his trial there will be people shouting reformasi at one time or the other.

    I think people just got sick hearing him being charged for sodomy again a few short years after the Federal Court allowed his appeal in Sodomy1. Running away to the Turkish embassy claiming his life was in danger really turned off a lot of people.

    Anwar himself knows he has lost the perception war when in his sodomy2 trial did not get the support of the reformasi crowd during his 1998 heydays. Delaying the trial for more than two years and in the process trying to diqualify the prosecution team and trying to recuse the judge twice has not helped him in the perception angle at all.

    Tomorrow is Anwar's D-Day so to speak, if he is innocent as he claims to be then he should tell the court that he will submit his bodily samples voluntarily without the judge making a ruling. If his DNA sample do not match Male Y found in Saiful's body, then the way is clear for him to be our next Prime Minister.

    (ehem, ehem The way is clearlah but whether he gets there is another matter)

  3. Anonymous5:19 pm

    And RPK also claimed that Losmah lady orchestrated the Mongolian killing, no? Yes!

    Pathetic, you arseholes... also like all the PR jokers, only choose & pick those RPK spins that you want to believe.

    Political journos? More like RPK puppets... LOL!

  4. Anonymous5:29 pm

    the evidence was to solid to deny. Sperms cannot be extracted easily from ones body and planted. I do agreed that Anwar has lost his War. He is definately convicted in Sodomy2 trial as said by many. He lost because over over confident of getting public support as Sodomy1. But most of his hard line supporter has departed or left him for good.

    Worst the same people who shout Reformasi is the ones that tarnishing his public images. Frankly I am as person who hates someone who don't have integrities and balls to face up the Trial. He is making mockery of everything without regards to respect or uphold the integrity of our legal institution.

    He is SUCKs.

    By Kong Khek Khuat

  5. Anonymous7:01 pm

    RPK is a joke!

    Asking Anwar to come clean on the DNA test?

    While Anwar is staying put & fight the charges...

    Yet this fugitive don't even have the balls to return & face the charges like man! Instead he goes around the whole world & running down the judiciary.

    Pordah! Cakap tak serupa bikin! Meludah ke langit!

  6. Kpal layour7:13 pm

    There is not a single wrong perception in Anwar's second case due to the fact that so much flaws in this second case for an example the existence of 3 DNA and so many DNA put aside. The poor guy able to stand without pass motion for 2 day but yet doc able to get samples way through from peri anal, lower rectum until higher rectum. The obtained 3 DNA samples at the gun point of UTK proved the abilities of power to implicate evidence just as being testified last January by fomer CID Chief Datuk Mat Zain that the DNA evidence was fabricated in Anwar's first sodomy case. Maybe they able to tarnish DSAI image to the ordinary kg folks but not to the vast majority learned society in town.

  7. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Alamak, Rocky, your Engrish is not so good, so don't go round trying to interpret the law. The judge can order anything PROVIDED it is not something that a normal witness would volunteer to incriminate himself - do you understand this proviso ?

    All you mamakthir supporters have bad Engrish because that's what your master wanted you to be - continue living under the coconut tree and be subservient to UMNO. Sad to say Mamakthir has succeeded.

    Poor Engrish, Poor Engrish - pronounce this praw-puh-ley.


  8. Seolferwulf8:40 pm

    Oh, for an Italian-style environment where "bunga bunga" parties are the norm...

    All this tiresome moralising and holier-than-thou posturings reek of rank hypocrisy!

    It must be difficult to find politicians hewing to the straight-and-narrow path. Where's the fun in that?

  9. This reminisces of Mikail Jackson's case. In the first time round, it was unbelievable and incomprehensible that such a sweet personality like MJ could sexually abuse a child. Many people were rallying behind MJ and even Elizabeth Taylor swore of the decency of MJ thence. His aquittal was more likely from these kinds of support the first time round, although out-of-court settlements at that time helped quite a bit.

    But alas! Can a leopard change its spots? We are talking about one's own sexuality here, that beast that has to be furnished and fed whenever its appetite rears its ugly head.

    And so, when Abuse II appeared, many, including Elizabeth Taylor, shunned from giving their support this time round.

    Ah! How very much alike is this situation with Sodomy I and Sodomy II. In the first time round, personalities of loathe, unfortunately, were the ones who rallied against Anwar. How could people like Dr Kristina, Azizan, Azwan Ali, Khalid Jaafar, Rahim Thamby Chik, Megat Joned and others fare better than personalities of repute, especially in the malay-muslim universe, like that of Harun Din, of Raja Kamaruddin, of Zulkifli Noordin, of Zainur Zakaria, of Christopher Fernando, of Sulaiman Abdullah, of Chandra Muzaffar. Before the war was even started, the battle-for-perceptions had already been won by Anwar.

    But come Sodomy II we see a reversal of fortunes for him. His most trusted lieutenants departed, the founding party members quit. Even his legal counsel is now made up entirely of politicians, no more personal or individuals with no political affiliations. And these politicians do what politicians do best: to strike at opportunities to discredit the government. Whether or not they believe deep in their hearts that Anwar did or did not do the crime is, of course, immaterial to them.

    And now suddenly, those very same people who could not even stand to even hear the name Ummi Hafilda, are now scrambling hurriedly at the latest videotapes of her speeches, as if trying to recover back all the lost years of misinformation, misjudgements and misconceptions. They are willing to listen now. And whatever they hear surprises the bedevil out of them.

    And suddenly too, mundane things like the Black Eye, the Mattress Witness, Azizan's confused dates now take up more plausible explanations beyond the more simplistic "Conspiracy!!". Lee Kuan Yew's semi-wiki revelations had also helped a major chunk of the chinese community to re-think again about this popular Conspiracy settings, and more and more malays are roped in to confront the truth that they had wished wasnt the truth, due to some insights provided by people like Ezam Mohd Noor, Nalla Karupan, the ex-PKR MPs and a whole slew of others.

    I am sure Victor Hugo wouldn't at all mind me paraphrasing his quip:

    "An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not the Truth whose time has come".


  10. Anonymous8:51 pm

    his laywers going to have another round of thanni at Shangri-la again? ha..ha..haa...

  11. Who will trust the liar ? I can't think anybody will trust the liar anymore.

    He lied about HIV
    He lied about arcenic
    He lied about his back pain
    He lied about 16 Sept
    He lied about 30 BN to jump ship
    He lied about life being danger

    so, between Anwar and Saiful, who will you trust ?

  12. Anonymous12:50 am

    Hey Rocky,
    the following link MAYBE a comedy or a timewasting site, but some of the similarities are eeriely familiar :)

    -from a malaysian who thinks we are wasting to much time on this issue, while there are bigger things out there in the world-

  13. Anonymous7:04 am

    At that time I thought that YAB Anwar wanted to become Prime Minister so that he could cover his tracks.But now looking back you get the feeling that it was YAA Tun who wanted to remain in power to protect himself his family and friends.So politically speaking YAA Tun won. But for how long this equation will remain I do not know.

  14. Anonymous7:50 am

    Crying 'wolf' too many times does not help.

    Neither does fooling too often.

    Strangely, the hard core Anwar supporters still cannot separate the trees from the woods. They still believe in magic stones and black money scams.

    Good luck to them as their lawyers try to link the earth quake and tsunami at Japan to postphone the case once again. And the foolish supporters will still buy that.


  15. Bekah Pah8:23 am

    Anon 7.13 PM said:

    "Maybe they able to tarnish DSAI image to the ordinary kg folks but not to the vast majority learned society in town."

    By the same argument, are you saying the majority PAS followers belong to that category "ordinary kg folks" who have been cowered all these years into believing that PAS can bering them to heaven.

    Don't look down on the `ordinary kg folks'. You think the urban are really `learned society. I supposed you want be included as `learned society in town'. I guess what you meant is `well-informed urban people. Nak cakap omputih pun tak berapa pandai tapi konon `learned society in town'...ha ha ha...pirahhhh.

    Orang Kampung....Kampung Baru....

  16. Anonymous9:54 am


  17. Anonymous11:21 am


    Well said.

  18. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Don't trust Anwar!

    But then again, the same goes to the mamak & najis .

    Sodomize the rakyat day in, day out.

    Just look at the latest Gopeng land grab, that black monkey just hijack a large tract of aqua farmer land & hand over to his cronies!

  19. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Must fight hard, delay delay till the next GE, then Karpal will do the BALA PI SD flipflop and BURY Anwar for good..



  20. No, Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim has not lost the "perception war".On the contrary Najib has lost the perception war.It is very clear to many well-informed citizens that Dato Sri Anwar is being persecuted relentlessly.The Sodomy 2 Trial only
    confirm the perception that the government will go to any length to put him in jail.But, first, even before he is called to defend himself, the prosecution has to show that there is in fact a case and that there is no fabrication etc.
    No. Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim has not
    lost the perception war.In fact,
    like many others, I am becoming more convinced than ever that he is innocent and that the government is damn afraid of him !Even if, somehow or other, the judge decide that Dato Sri Anwar has to defend
    himself, the prosecution, i.e. the government, has to prove that he is guilty and not Dato Sri Anwar proving he is not guilty! The law is as clear as that !

  21. Anonymous12:53 pm

    With all the uprising & disaster happening around the world that cost hundreds & thousands of lives...

    With the American, Europeans, china, trying to curb inflation from spiraling out of control...

    but here, a nation holds it's breath, just to find out who poke Saiful arse?

    Najis : rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan ? LOL!

  22. Bro

    This is what I heard from a well known lawyer.

    As it stands, there is no prima facie case against DSAI. The SCG has not been able to link DNA evidence with DSAI or the presence of DSAI and Saiful in the same Damansara apartment at the same time!

    So, the court cannot compel DSAI to do anything in the absence of probable cause.

    More so since the police and SCG have made no attempt after nearly two years to identfy other DNA ("half a football team's") found in Saiful's rectum, compromised further by CPO Jude's deliberately flouting the law and breaking the chain of evidence.

    There are also clear elements of a political conspiracy which the judge cannot now ignore - of Saiful meeting PM Najib & wife (about which the Najib misled the country at first), aides, Ezam, Rodwan etc. 2 days BEFORE 26th June 2008!

    Also Sarkar applies to witnesses/parties who have been sworn in and testified under oath. DSAI has not been callled to testify - Yet!

    So, again, the court cannot compel DSAI in the absence of probable cause.

    Justice and perception? Everyone seems to know what it is for the other guy, but when it affects them personally, it's always a different ball game?

    We'll see what Judge Zabidin eventually decides soon enough and whether a new precedent is set!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

    ps Sarkar (not Sharkar) is famous in India. Since we cut ourselves off from Privy Council in UK and jury trials, when did we suddenly start having respect for what foreign, especially Indian judges, thought? Oh how they'll grasp at straws!

  23. Anonymous3:20 pm

    what happen if something happen to anwar happen again to us. what will we do.

    perception war is one thing and our jurisdictional system is another thing to think.

    generasi bundle

  24. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Anwar's lawyer and their supporters insist that you should not get a sample of suspect's DNA. If that logic is used then if some-guy is suspected to rape PR assemblymen's daughter then PR assemblymen insist that you can't get and should not get DNA sample of the suspected guy to compare with semen in PR assemblyman's daughter's vagina?


  25. Anonymous4:27 pm


    Your comment just strike a chord on me that I feel compelled to repeat your comment.

    " Who will trust the liar ? I can't think anybody will trust the liar anymore.

    He lied about HIV
    He lied about arcenic
    He lied about his back pain
    He lied about 16 Sept
    He lied about 30 BN to jump ship
    He lied about life being danger

    so, between Anwar and Saiful, who will you trust ? "


  26. Anonymous6:28 pm

    I think this allegations about Anwar may finally become true in Sodomy #666.

    Until than they can put as much DNA in Saiful's rectum as they like!

  27. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Anwar is innocent and the conspiracy theory against him stands(according to Anwar). In order not to waste court's time and money Anwar ought to come forward for his blood sample to determine his innocence.
    Anwar's defence lawyers are members of the opposition political parties. We do know the approach and direction they take.
    Getting the charge thrown out based on legal technicality is the only way how Anwar can get acquited
    hence opposition's political interest well served and fulfilled. There is a serious case of Conflict Of Interest exist under adverse conditions.
    Why dont we all see how things actually stand.

  28. KY Ong7:22 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    To me ANWAR IBRAHIM had long LOST the so-called 'Perception War'. I NEVER view him as a capable leader (let alone a clean leader).

    His face tells us a million things & it tells me he indeed has some sort of KINKY interest for MALE's ARSE.

    This is DISGUSTING!!! Imagine if we one day have a PM who goes around DRILLING males arse. Ain't this SAD???

  29. Anonymous12:55 am

    @Anon 3:20 pm

    What happen? If you don't butsex other guy's ass, what do you scare of? And if you do... then you surely do not want to give sample of DNA, otherwise your act will be known.


  30. Anonymous10:15 am

    If the government were to play dirty they could have put Anwar with a young gay inside the cell together.
    But they didn't do they? The real reason Anwar didn't want his DNA taken is because he is guilty. Simple as that.

    What we see right now is Anwar pathetically humiliating himself...dancing slow waltz instead of getting it over and done with.

  31. Anonymous4:44 pm

    You guys can go on trusting this UMNO regime, but many of us can't. This regime can eliminate Altantuya's immigration records, and this regime can C4 a witness, so it begs the simple question:

    If I volunteer my DNA, how do know that it will not be used against me ? My DNA could appear in a 15 year old's vagina, and I would be charged with statutory rape.

    This regime is capable of ANYTHING - lies, deceit, planting of evidence - and the only way out is to avoid making it easy on these guys to pin anything on you.


  32. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Ada 2 pilihan mudah untuk serah DNA. Darah atau sperm. Kalau Anwar takut kena cucuk ambil darah, ada pilihan lain lebih mudah... lancap.

  33. Purple Haze1:01 am

    The DNA sampling is flawed and this makes the prosecution's case very weak.

    The major flaws are :-

    a) There were more than 2 DNA donors samples found on the victim's clothing that were produced as evidence.

    Why is the prosecution only focussing on the accused when other people are also involved ? Shouldn't they be looking for these other donors ?

    b) The Investigating officer admitted in open court that there is possible degradation of the DNA sample due to his negligence.

    This is certainly creating reasonable doubt as to the integrity of the DNA evidence.

  34. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Actually dia tak tahu camne nak keluarkan DNA dia. Dia tahu 2 caranya, first masturbate second by having sex with a guy.

  35. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Are you guys sure? It is quite clear that Saifool is a passive homosexual with different DNAs in his undies, at least from the report I have seen. Did the AG or other bigshot(s) go to Saudi Arabia with this rather generous Saifool (at least where his rear is concerned) and for what reason? Was it a sort of reward? If so, was the reward for Saifool or the one wo accompanies him? Questions, questions, questions! ( I was going to say "Get to the bottom of it" but that belongs to the Government, as you all know, at least in Malaysia).