Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Green revolution for our schools

GENSET HYBRID SYSTEM. I've just been floored by Syed Akbar Ali's A Message for the Ministry of Education. Parents are having to cough up too much to educate their children these days. Something Muhyiddin Yassin, our Education Minister and DPM, must urgently address or else we all die standing.

But here is some GOOD NEWS in the meantime.

Muhyiddin is about to get something VERY right with regards to schools (as against education). At the end of the month, remote schools that are run by diesel-powered generators will be provided with hybrid gensets which are more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and cheaper. Trial runs involving several schools in Sarawak show that the government could save at least RM100,000 a year per school. Some schools saved more than RM300,000 a year.

Total expected savings under the scheme = OVER RM1 BILLION A YEAR!

The GenSet Hybrid System is homegrown, from R & D to manufacturing to system integration. It marries JKR and private sector companies.


  1. Anonymous2:05 pm

    "Savings over a billion a year" ? Did you bother to find out what the costs of producing these "hybrid" gensets are ? Did you bother to find out about the annual maintenance of these units ?

    You see, Latuk, all of us want to believe that the gomen is trying to save money, but each time we think that the gomen is on the right path, something comes along and zaps up all the "savings" for its own benefit. I'm not making a judgment on this issue. I'm prepared to give MooHeeDin the benefit of the doubt. But I want him to be transparent and tell us who produces the gensets, at what price, and what guarantees of maintenance are in place.

    Boleh tak, Tan Sri ?


  2. Anonymous2:13 pm

    About time... about time...

    Kesihani lah penduduk kampung terpencil, they truly deserve some pembelaan dari pihak atasan..

    dan kebanyakkan dari mereka inilah anak-anak PENGGUNDI setia BN..terutama UMNO..

    RM3 million each allocated to these schools will give back so much to the true BUMIPUTRAs of this nation..

    if Najib can give to Ulu Yam, why not to these Kampung schools??

    Kasi hembus sedikit logic dan keikhlasan OKAY?


  3. Anonymous2:22 pm


    How about changing the medium of instruction in school to English, so that all anak-anak cucu kita nanti can write and read English just like you or our PM/DPM???

    Kesian graduate (esp Malays) sekarang!!

  4. Anonymous2:38 pm

    iye ke? So who got the contract, got tender or not? Who knows if got tender instead of saving RM1 billion we could save RM3 billion. How much to install the system in schools, and when does the cost savings kick in - immediately or after three years? And since the government is saving so much, can we not have another diesel price hike?
    My guess is it is a DIRECT NEGO, betoLL tak dirty Muhyi? Jgn risau le beb, kito semuo nake makan jugakKKK.

    Rice Ripper

  5. Anonymous3:06 pm

    ahhhh.., wait till the opposition and your 'ardent' fan turned it into something like TSM cronies and relatives are the owners of those green technologies.
    better still, TSM might ended up in some country 'maid' problem. I think indonesia is not of the countries as it has already been used for other minister. but then who knows? anuwar has been convicted twice of the same plot, eh?

  6. pro-goal5:45 pm

    If this is true, Najib will win Sarawak hands down in coming state elections I guarantee you!

  7. Anonymous5:52 pm


    You know what will be the really good news?

    A: If the RM1 billion in savings, if really got RM1 billion, goes back to the schoools, the parents and pupils, the rakyat.

    Kalu save money for own pockets, useless lah.

    + A Parent +

  8. Anonymous7:38 pm

    lets see who will get the contract to supply that amount of gen-set to sabah and sarawak schools...

  9. yea ...Rocky tell us the good news plus saving of RMI BILLION A YEAR!!
    Where is the BAD NEW which are facts ...and that is...someone getting millions of RM selling diesel power generators.
    The sale and purchase is a fact.
    Service after sales and daily mentainence cost not added yet...and that will be facts too.
    The so call RMI billion is a forecast.
    But I do hope the forecast will be true too.

  10. Anonymous10:33 pm

    100k - 300k savings per school? Sarawak schools' power bill is 8k - 25k per month? School is 6 hrs in the daytime bro, other than classroom lights & fan, not much power needed. And if they 'save' that much, it means the original bills are much higher. Are their figures right? Bro, no hybrid can save that much money - we would have won the Nobel Prize. And what does the hybrid burn? Dry lallang? It sounds like another USP fund to me. I certainly hope no more maids get raped over this.

    Bottoms up bro.

    Hj Hoegarten

  11. Anonymous10:49 pm

    no savings whatsoever....originally only solar-based system but umno goons want 2 make more profit so piggyback with genset konon.. anyway in sabah numerous examples of wastage...y make million dollar "hybrid" system when only 20 pupils on island school? y make "hybrid system" wen got grid connection in 3 mths time? same goes 4 one cas wich is 4 hours by earth trek, better 2 use genset & upgrade road/s. anyways most of the solar panels kena tindih by kayu oledi or kena lastik; in d end pakai genset jg

  12. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Will someone find out what is the current rate under the Govt contract for ferrying diesel to the interior of Sabah/Sarawak??

  13. Salam Dato,

    We are all producing hybrid nowadays.

    So what is the 'plopblem maaa'...hate the petrol then we use electricity, could not cope with the cost than switch back to petrol.Solar energy is very expensive.

    The 'ploblem is' experimenting of using both and solar at the same time... kabooom!

  14. Something so basic, so fundamental.

    That every child should be given a decent shot at a decent education without having to risk life, limb, and sanity would, by now in bolehland which has all the god-given resources, be a no-brainer. These shouldn't even be a thing to be shocked and awed at.

    Yet BN bloggers see it fit to go gaga, jubilate, and ejaculate when ministers make any mundane moves that by right could have been handled by a common mid-level civil servant.

    Don't you think by now in the 21st century, bums like the ones populating our Cabinet, should be focused on things more revolutionary, more visceral, more intellectually stimulating, high-level stuff that will show them up as real leaders rather than usurping activities that could effectively best be left to others? And then patting themselves on the back 'cos of some third rate accolades from fourth grade level bloggers? Don't you think Malaysians, especially the kids, deserve better?

  15. Ever heard of 'di telan mati mak, diluah mati bapak'?

    Buat salah tak buat salah.

  16. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Perwira - what the fcuk do you mean by true bumiputeras? Fcuk off with your racist rants will you? If you can't get the fact that we are all equal citizens, then you truly epitomize the bodohness inherent in you! Really you are annoying and quite frankly juvenile... Now fcuk right off.

  17. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Hello kawan2..

    My bestfriend fm '67 was a Sarawakian. Jangan main2, even the Peacecorps/ Australian volunteers teaching us Maths then, tak boleh challange dia punya kepintaran...

    Go DPM go...tak rugi bagi all the facilities... lagipun tak akan kemana, untuk orang2 kita jugak..

    there are very intelligent kids from the interiors who are our future potential LEADERS..and true Bumis who give back to the nation one day.

    Kat Ulu Yam kasi RM3m apa bole dapat? Election pun kalah! Ceh!!


  18. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Jokers and clowns running in circles !

    When did the government ever spend 1 Billion ringgit on schools in Sarawak ? So, how to save A Billion ringgit when in the very first place you do not get to spend it ? What more only on electricity bills ?

    The way this announcement is made makes me very suspicious that the People of Malaysia is going to be poorer by A Billion ringgit very soon !

  19. Anonymous9:54 pm


    Lets do the mathematics....Lets assume per school can save RM200,000 a year ( using the average of 100k to 300k ), so to save RM1 Billion on this project, we need to supply this genset to 5000 schools in Sarawak or the whole of Malaysia !

    The Question is, do we have that many schools running on GenSet ??

    Someone please call MACC to take a peep into this !?

  20. Anonymous12:44 am

    Anon 1.49PM,

    Aleheh.. hot pulak kamu?

    Apasal chenchitip? TRUE BUMIPUTRA.. us all combined comprises of more ethnic races that you can count in this country....

    Dayak, Malanau, Kadazan, Jakun, Melayu, Murut, Iban and on and on.. so many laaa, all with our own adat, mother tongue and religion..

    Kata kalu..

    Siapa sebenarnya racist disini??




  21. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Getting education in a condusive environment is the basic right of all children, our future generation, no matter where they live. So does getting basic life necessity for teachers (and their accompanying families) who sacrifice their life staying far away from development. Providing 24-hours electricity supply then should not be an issue. Technology-wise, solar hybrid is the most practical & cost effective solution available today. It is cheaper than operating diesel generator, environmentally friendly and have a payback of 6 years. Maintenance is minimal since it has lesser moving parts. Contract-award wise, it needd to be given to qualified company that has the design technology & financial strength - the design technology must be proven to save diesel expenses & the financial strength is a must in such a challenging project environment.

  22. Skilgannon106611:37 am

    Perwira 12:44 AM

    Why don't you also mention how many of the Kadazan, Melanau, Dayak and Iban communities profess faiths other than Islam?

    Or why not attest to the proposition that if all Malaysians are deemed equal under the Malaysian sun (after all, the Almighty causes the sun to rise and set on all, regardless of race, religion or gender), then non-Islam-professing bumiputras should have equal rights and opportunities as all other Malaysians?

    Such as, for example, the right to attend good schools with good facilities, instead of relying on charity, hand-outs and hand-me-downs?

    Or the right to be able to compete on an equal footing to be elected to the highest political offices in the land?

    What are the percentages of the indigenous bumiputra communities in Sabah and Sarawak are educated to secondary and tertiary levels, are fluent in the working languages of Malay and English, and who are employed in the professions? What are the percentages who drop out of primary or secondary school due to poverty, malnutrition or lack of access to good schools?

    Do you even want to hazard a guess as to how many indigenous Sabahans and Sarawakians are working in Singapore as cleaners, gardeners, security guards and casual labourers? I can point you to the toilets of Changi Airport and the food courts of the swanky malls in Singapore for partial answers!

    So, spare us the hypocrisy of the "green revolution for our schools", when the basics can't be got right!

  23. Anonymous4:38 pm

    There are groups of people the likes of Anon 1.49PM, who just do not want development for those in the interiors..

    You know Rocky, they go there and squeeze every thing from these people, and life like big lords, zaman Mat Salleh dulu2..

    Just imagine, some did barter trade, in the pretex of hutang ansuran, for a whole year supply of Udang Galah, CANNOT SELL TO ANYONE ELSE, for a small 12inch TV!! And they take these Udang galah for a mere RM2 per kg!!

    Mana suka kalau Government bring progress to these folks, macam kacau daun... I can give strings thru personal experience, how these greedy Towkey, even for daily necessities, will bond these people in the interiors...

    No wonder orang macam siAnon 1.49PM use foul language, because as they rest for the nights stay, thats what they do inside there, ITU KERJA MEREKA... memang jahat!!


  24. Anonymous3:03 am


    Haiya... whats wrong being an airport cleaner? Now aircon, all brightly lighted.

    50yrs ago so many of your kind were brought to Malaya to become coolie Mat Salleh lor...

    Dulu2 where got flush toilet, carry buckets sum more in darkness!!haiya... sulah lupa ke?



  25. MagnusValens7:10 pm

    And just how much has been done for the indigenous peoples of Sabah & Sarawak since they joined Malaysia?

    How do they rank in terms of education levels, household poverty levels, life expectancies or per capita incomes?

    Any comparisons with the Maoris, American Indians or the indigenes of South America would no doubt be invidious.

    No wonder the "fixed deposits" of East Malaysia are running into credit rating woes!

  26. Skilgannon10661:22 pm

    Perwira 3:03 AM

    That's the best you can come up with? Bladdy pitiful! Typical mindset of those who are reliant on special rights and handouts instead of facing up to competition!

    Why not debate on the facts? Or is that beyond your picayune intellect?

    Or are you comfortable with the fact that some of your fellow Malaysians, albeit being indigenes, have no choice but to work as unskilled labour in developed countries? No shame, ah?

  27. Skilgannon10665:15 pm

    "Foreign students ace O-level exams" (in Singapore) - "About half the 40 who scored nine or more A1s are non-Singaporeans" (Spore Straits Times, Jan 11, 2011).

    Malaysian student Chia Pei Yuen, from Selangor, is Singapore's top student, scoring 10 A1s at the GCE o-level exams last year. She studied at the CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School.

    Pei Yuen spent 2 years in Selangor's Kuen Cheng High School which follows the Singapore syllabus in maths and some science subjects, before coming to Singapore on an Asean scholarship.

    From a Malaysian school environment where only 2 subjects were taught in English, with the rest taught in Malay or a mix of Mandarin and English, Pei Yuen managed to score A1s in literature and English at the O-level exams.

    This is the third year running that CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School has produced Singapore's top O-level student; Pei Yuen's 2 predecessors were also from Malaysia.

    A total of 19 foreign students - mostly scholarship recipients from China, India and Malaysia - scored 9 or more A1s at the O-level exams last year.

    In 2007, half the 25 students with 9 A1s in the O-levels in Singapore came from China, Malaysia and Korea.

    Moral: you don't need gimmicks such as "hybrid gensets" to have good schools, good teachers and good students. Singapore is an example of what can be done with a strictly merit-based approach.

    Now, let Perwira spin his way out of this one!

  28. Skilgannon10665:28 pm

    Singapore's top Malay student in the O-level exams last year is Muhammad Aminul Haqim Ghazali from Victoria School who scored 9 A1s.

    He also scored a distinction for his second language which was Chinese.

    Following in the footsteps of his two older siblings, Muhammad had taken Chinese since primary school.

    He said: "I do feel it's quite a challenge for someone like me to do well in a subject which isn't my mother tongue. But I do firmly believe that if an individual has the perseverance, your hard work will pay off"

    Muhammad has ambitions of becoming a heart surgeon.

    (TODAY, Jan 11, 2011).

    No gimmicks, no handouts, no special privileges, no quotas - just hard work and a dose of smarts! Plus good teachers and a good school infrastructure, of course.

    I hope that Dr Mahathir and the PM are reading this.

  29. Skilgannon10665:51 pm

    "In two years, their English grades leapt from F9 to A1" (Spore Straits Times, Jan 11, 2011).

    "A group of China-born students at Crescent Girls' School in Singapore powered themselves from F9s to A1s for English in just two years.

    Asked for their secret, the girls who failed English when they first started out in Secondary 3 in Singapore in January 2009, said sheer hard work and determination made this possible.

    And they did not work on just their English in those two years. All seven scored 9 A1s in the O-levels they sat last year.

    They made most of their catch-up years. They worked on comprehension passages daily, memorised essays and invested more than half of their total revision time on English.

    One of them wrote at least one essay and worked through at least a comprehension passage every day. In the run up to the O-level exams last year, she stepped this up to two essays and two comprehension passages a day".

    And certain quarters in Malaysia, aided and abetted by politicians and those who should know better, raise a hue and cry about how difficult it is for Malaysian students to learn and master English, so much so that they have to fall back on Malay or Mandarin!

  30. Anonymous8:07 pm


    Safe some money and go freshen up your otak...broaden your horizons..

    Otherwise you will slog, count count count money everyday, eat, shit and die in Singapore.



  31. Anonymous12:20 am

    Haiya Ahso Skillyanon,

    Everyone in Singapore pandai2 because their mama always make sure they drink a lot of water...Everywhere go, I huge bottle of boiled water, must carry wan...

    Plain boiled water...




  32. Anonymous7:21 am

    Just an addition on what S.Annon said about the top Malay student in Singapore. He is also the top student in his school ie Victoria School. One thing interesting is how his parents had the insight to send him and his siblings to go for religious studies every weekend at a Madrasah. This guy is an all rounder. He is trilingual and very smart.

    I am happy for him. May his ambition comes true.

    - a Singaporean

  33. Skilgannon10664:16 pm


    At least, sophisticated foreign investors, including top MNCs and financial institutions, share my opinions about Singapore. So, I am in good company!

    Not to mention that I get to earn Singapore $, worth RM2.38 to the Sing.

    Some more can buy bottled water from the supermarkets, leh.

    Wassamatter - given up debating on the facts?

  34. Anonymous7:21 am



    ...Living things such as humans need water to rehydrate and lubricate their bodies, skin, tissue, joints, and brain. We cannot function without it....

    Nothing in SINGAPORE can functions without MALAYSIA...




  35. Skilgannon10665:25 pm


    You are really testing the limits of absurdity!

    Why not explain why 1 Singapore Dollar is worth 2.38 Malaysian ringgit?

    Or why Singapore is rated "AAA" by the rating agencies, while Malaysia is rated "A-" at best?

    And, why, in spite of Malaysian water, more MNCs and banks choose to set up shop in Singapore than in Malaysia? Maybe the Malaysian water ain't that appealing, eh?

  36. Seolferwulf7:11 pm

    Heh heh - as usual, Perwira retreats into baffled silence when confronted with irrefutable economic facts.

    It must be especially galling that a miniscule city state has been chalking up high rankings and that it's schools and universities are well-regarded by their international contemporaries. Without having to rely on green tech gimmicks or language ultras!

  37. "Green Technology" is the new way to distribute rakyat money to BN. Tun Mahathir era is BOT,EPC etc. This just the concept to cheat rakyat.