Monday, January 31, 2011

Gays, womanizers can now stand for general election

NOW EVERYONE CAN STAND. I'd recommend you read the Haris Ibrahim interview in the Star yesterday on Haris Ibrahim and Raja Petra "You're A Liar and A Coward" Kamaruddin's Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement. Seasoned journo Shahanaz asked some cheeky questions about gays, womanizers and Muslims who drink which, I must say, were mostly answered well by this unconventional lawyer.

What's even more interesting, to me  is that a so-called pro-Government newspaper like the Star is not afraid to give a so-called voice of dissent space; even more interesting is to know that Haris is still willing to talk to the mainstream media despite having little, or no faith in it.

I always believe that the "conversation" must go one, no matter which side of the political fence your plate's on.


  1. Anonymous11:55 am

    "...even more interesting is to know that Haris is still willing to talk to the mainstream media despite having little, or no faith in it."
    And I am ROTFL

  2. Anonymous12:08 pm

    You shouldn't insinuate on the standing of these "W-G-D"s coz for these high priests of liberalism like Haris. they're "maksum". And they expect to sell this perverse moral logic to the grassroots? Maybe kat KL (pink groups) boleh la.

    I don't know whether to call them stupid or just plain naive - "pandai tapi tak cerdik".

    But maybe like Haris, they simply have deep grudges with the establishment & fellow Malays. After all, he's half/half & proud of his late Never-converted Christian mum.So with such an axe to grind, just about ANYTHING billous would do.

  3. nstman1:01 pm

    Gays, womanizers are angels compared to the corrupt, cronies and liars.

  4. Anonymous1:04 pm

    By right, any person of any back ground is free to contest if the eligibility criteria is fulfilled. No harm trying, bro.

    But, bear in mind about the current campaigning trend where every candidate would be exposed to the core by blogs community to the extend that they appear walking completely naked in front of the voters.

    In the end, it is up to the people chose the best candidate to represent them based on either the conventional or the unconventional selecting process.

    Padlock Homes

  5. Anonymous1:15 pm

    Is champange haram i wonder....

  6. Anonymous1:21 pm

    gays, womanizers are corrupt angels with devils as the cronies and to be able to do all that, must be able to be great liars.

  7. MPs or Adun are people who are supposedly willing to serve and sacrifice FOR the rakyat.

    Certainly Gays, womanizers, kaki botol, the corrupt, cronies and liars also syok sendiri lawyers only serve themselves and are therefore NOT qualified to serve public office.

  8. STAR spankle2:33 pm

    The STAR is a Chinese English language paper promoting Chinese interest in Malaysia.

    It is not pro Government as per se. It fight for gambling licenses for Chinese conglomerates and individuals.

    There is nothing pro Govenment about the STAR. Pro Chinese business is more accurate.

  9. Anonymous3:15 pm

    What is perhaps more intriguing is the fact that Haris is now willing to work with PAS/PKR despite having severely opposing views.
    One such is his believe that every Muslim be given the right to choose their faith, a view not shared by PAS.
    His previous defense for the likes of Lina Joy and Ayah Pin had placed a bounty on his head by some die hard PAS extremist.

    But it seems all that is water under the bridge, as Haris is willing to 'accept' those extremist views.

    If this had been pre 2008, he would sertainly rethiiink his support for PAS.

    Haris appeals to moderate muslims who do not wish to go down the hudud road, and that support is marginal at best, because when push comes to shove, not many muslims will stand up and say they support kafirs!

    Ayah Nip

  10. Anonymous4:29 pm

    nstman are you gay?

  11. Skilgannon10664:40 pm

    Well, Rocky - what is your personal take on this subject?

    Especially if a person's sexuality is genetically-defined, as many seem to believe.

    In the US, both the mainstream Democrats and Republicans (with the exception of the ultra-Christian right) have sought to reach a mutual accomodation with lobbies representing gays and lesbians.

    Which is better than the unrestricted right to own guns protected by an amendment to the US constitution.

    In the Malaysian context, wouldn't it be better to elect the best candidates for Parliament and the State Assemblies (meritocracy, anyone?) rather than the duds that make the grade these days?

  12. kiasu5:21 pm

    Gays, womanizers, corrupt, cronies and I add, hypocrites, kiasus, "cakap tak serupa bikins"......there are plenty in the Pakatan and PKR too.

  13. Anonymous5:25 pm

    How dare you compare Anwar to the corrupt, cronies and liars.

  14. Kowalski5:44 pm

    too much knowledge la mamat ni...
    refer to Quran please, because the more i read the article, the more mind-boggling it is become...

    seriously, seriously!!...
    what the world has become when we reduced ourselves by listening to somebody like Harris Ibrahim...

    Harris Ibrahim of all people...

    Somebody close to him please tell me whether he actually completed 5 times prayer...

  15. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Can anyone tell me that corruption is less sinful than sodomy? The corrupt practice by UMNO and sodomy practiced by Anwar: who will you reject Rock.


  16. Anonymous7:50 pm

    It looks a bit far fetched. Overly liberal types of personalities calling the shots from London may just not augur well with the rural folks who still see the bomoh at the drop of a hat.

    In theory, it sounds like a fairy tale. But there is a stark difference when it comes to reality.

    It may take a while yet for the old school voters to fade away, and in the meantime, MCLM may not garner enough support from all sides of the divide.

    In a world where money rules, wealthier parties stand a better chance of survival as opposed to poorer organisations, unless there is a resurrection of Mathama Ghandi.

    Just watch it. The turbanned scholars will kick a fuss about these liberal preachers and everyone will, somehow or rather believe in the orthodox.

    Anyway, good luck to these wannabes.


  17. Now everyone can STAND!
    Anwar could stand in more than one constituency due to his extra-ordinary STANDing ability.

  18. Anonymous10:31 pm

    They are much better than corrupted ass lickers leaders

  19. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Tell that to the Malay majority voting population, and they wll tell you... GO TO HELL..
    Obviuosly they don't mean literally..
    That will be TG Nik Aziz's authority.


  20. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Rock you really worry Haris out shine you lah!

  21. Anonymous12:10 am

    ... seriously, must it be on the political plate? We are living in the knowledge society ... :D ...

    ~ TecBoy ~

  22. Anonymous1:18 am

    and a murderer can run the country?

  23. Anonymous7:59 am

    Anonymous 10:31...

    You mean ass FUCKers? Or that, but in the singular?

  24. bujang-senang8:46 am

    malaysians are a liberal bunch. so liberal are we that we celebrate our leaders who are:
    those accused of murder
    those accused of rape
    those whose kids are accused of murder
    those who are corrupt beyond belief

    only in an underdeveloped country like this can sons of politicians be worth hundreds of millions of dollars - its ok lah rezeki~! its ok lah he works hard - dont jealous! we say..

    we claim to be intelligent. but really, we are stupid beyond belief. not blind, its pure stupidity!!!!!

    even egypt has a better chance at a cleaner govt than us now. its ironic how some of us pity them! hahaha

  25. Anonymous12:00 pm


    Two wrongs do not make a right. Meaning don't use one bad element to justify the acceptance of other bad element.

    And, please don't confuse our mentality to the extend that gays and womanizers are saints and as such will not involve in corruption?



  26. Datuk Rocky,

    You rock...and still rocks!!

    Keeping on rocking...'goncang' whatever..!!

  27. Anonymous6:27 pm

    old communist regime : north korea
    definition : ruthless, the people eat grass,relgion were suppressed

    new communist ideology : singapore

    definition : ruthless!!! the people drink newater!!! religion were suppressed in finer way!!! you obey what we had teach you!!!

    mother of all communist : lee kuan yew and his former secretary lim kit siang

    a communist still a communist no matter what mask they wear!!!

    bring in the brokeback mountain gang will you!!

    nia ma hai...

  28. Haris is splitting PR voters in favour of BN.
    Do not be fooled by frogs that have not been recognized and sponsored by the which...either way will do for Haris and RPK now.
    It is smart asses making suckers of the educated .while Najib aimed for he less educated.
    Haris knows ...what he proposed..if sincerely true....cannot be applied in Malaysia yet.
    Nice to note..PR parties are talking to him...and why not.
    Why offend these so call smart asses?
    Come 13th GE...Haris and RPK should stop talking and stand for election as Independents.
    Forcing PR to give way to 30 of their candidates?
    That is just an excuse to plan and excuse to upset few seats in favour of BN.
    They are out for big money...and PR is the chosen sucker.
    Don't fuck pro UMNO B idiots!!
    Tomorrow is Chinese New Year day...and I am a Rabbit...that fears no one...especially faceless and nameless idiots.

  29. Anonymous9:59 pm

    skewedmoron is truly screwed alright. gays and lesbians have forgotten that GOD created men and women differently but complementarily til TODAY.

    "Genetically-defined" is a convenient term to LAMELY excuse their sexual deviations.

    Just imagine if all couples are gays and lesbians - the whole world will self-destruct.

    This is what happens if you think yourself clever but actually stupid to the max.

  30. Anon 6.27pm,

    Broke Back Mountain, bukan ke Anwar at one time broke his back.. maybe he went bareback.

  31. Seolferwulf4:13 pm

    Anon 9:59 PM

    Interesting that u purport to be an expert on genetics!

    Can we also claim that racists, pedophiles, rent seekers, rapists and Mat Rempits are not victims of genetic misfortunes?

    Or that one doesn't have to be genetically disadvantaged to benefit from bribes, corruption and abuse of power?

    Just ask President Mubarak!

  32. Anonymous11:09 pm

    sillywolf has openly displayed his genetically retarded reasoning.

    if genetics is to be blamed, how come a certain high IQ couple has albino children?? or that highly qualified women graduates find it DIFFICULT to marry??

    and here we thought that clever people believe in NURTURE as superior to nature as in skills-training and paper qualifications

    haiya sillywolf, are you a believer that nature dictates all?? what a stuuupppiiiddd specimen of a human being

  33. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Bujang senang 8.46am

    You believe everything you read, dont you? Proof is irrelevant.
    So why stay...if its that bad? Move to wherever that makes you happier.

  34. Skilgannon10665:07 pm

    Anon 11:09 PM

    Albinism is a genetic disorder.

    You must have learned your Biology in a Malaysian school!

    And why women grads find it difficult to marry is because they have the intelligence (and the earning power) to be picky and choosy about their potential husbands-to-be! And having the capacity to remain financially independent and single, if they choose to do so.

    And, no, they don't have to resort to picking up any male stray that happens along the way!

    Not picking up any