Friday, December 03, 2010

20 million registered vehicles in Malaysia

Unbelievable. The Audi Q5 ... There's a one-year queue for this baby in Malaysia
Despite extortionate prices, unreasonably high import taxes, killer duties, and after all that talk about how unattractive the national cars are, and that the used car market sucks, and APs are making a few rich at the expense of the masses, and all that whining and bitching .... WE will have more than 20 million registered vehicles by the end of this year. 

2009 alone, more than ONE MILLION new vehicles were registered in Malaysia!

So our cars are still too cheap?


  1. Boss Coffee1:27 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    The issue of contentment at hand is cars, not vehicles. Out of that 20 million probably 10 million are kapchais. I may be exaggerating but we need numbers for private cars to draw a conclusion.

  2. Anonymous1:45 am

    And our population (Malaysian citizens) is just above 28.5 million.

    Thats like almost 1 vehicle per citizen.

    Its becos our rules are not like those in the red dot below us.

    Fuel price is subsidized and remains the same for many months (at least Ron 95).

    Still, we have Inspira out in the market, followed by the 'electric' one soon.

    Throw in very low interest rates for car loans....

    Soon there will be more vehicles than citizens, the same way there are more sheep than people in a land down under.


  3. Anonymous2:29 am

    How many in use Rocky? Or Are you spinning that too?

    Grow up will ya? Not all of us are dumb like the majority!

  4. It only means one thing. We are all jointly and severally stupid. Stupid because, knowing when we buy a new car we are supporting the cronistic plunder and rape of the buyer by getting him to pay AN individual a huge sum for the AP just because he is Malay and he has got better ties than you, and yet we buy a new car. Even more stupid is that, when this policy that gave rise to certain individuals of a certain racial group benefiting from this policy, the majority from that same community which rightfully should have that same right as that lucky individual but do not, quietly pays to that lucky individual every time they buy a new car that same huge sum. What is most confounding is when they know how to claim and benefit from the "discounts" when buying property, (which I think is more rightly subsidies paid by one group of buyers to another,) why they don't refuse to pay this AP or even ask for a discount. After all hasn't this particular buyer provided the justification for the very existence for this part of the cost of the car?

    Well, I for one have somewhat frustrated these cronies. I refuse to buy a new car.

  5. Jeez. It's because our public transportation system is still bollocks, that's why.

    Buying cars means undertaking loans and being indebted (at least for most normal people), but it's a choice one's forced to make for the sake of mobility.

  6. Anonymous3:57 am

    as usual malaysian bitch about everything, problem is most times they bitch through their nose...may be i am guilty of it too..but that's how malaysian are.....malaysia boleh

  7. Anonymous3:59 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Our cars are not cheap but we DO NOT have other option. Other mode of transport:

    1. Motorcycle - Dangerous and not suitable during rain
    2. Public transport - Must be insane to use this. Buses service are terrible and not reliable. LRT's are overcrowded.


  8. Wah! Yet I am still with my old junked Iswara? Alamak, takleh jadi ni... tapi saya tak mampu la Dato..he he he

  9. Anonymous7:04 am


    What a term, "extortionate". Another one, the acronym AP should read GAP, that is Government Approved Predator.

    Nik Rahmah

  10. Rambo7:42 am

    Uncle Rock,
    Remove the tax and we shall have 100 million vehicles on the road.

  11. Anonymous8:36 am

    There's a disparity here. It's between the have and have nots. Is there a survey between the have and have nots?

    This bone of contention will always be there, no matter what.

    The whining cry babies? Huh, these are the critters who run down the local car industry, but never drive one. Yet, their negative views are swallowed soup, bowl and spoon.


  12. Anonymous8:40 am


    vehicle is a basic needs for people staying in big cities especially KL due to limited connection of public transport and time consuming.

    But to buy a Q5 is sure a waste of time.

  13. Anonymous8:59 am

    20 million vehicles. I wonder what make of people own a majority of these. And just to prepare ourselves to meet these beastly car owners on the road, let us all merrily observe these here: aptly to be re-titled When the Progress of Economy is faster than the progress of Ethics.

    Or perhaps you'd perfer the little bit more spicy-but-still-hilarious If you ever wondered about the origin of Kiasu, Watch: and Wonder No More."

    Watch out, guys. It's in the DNA.

    Gilliam Lee

  14. Anonymous9:40 am

    I was visiting UK two months ago. 1 litre RON95 is RM 8.30. Our fuel is too cheap.

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

  15. Anonymous10:04 am

    We have 20 million vehicles because of our abysmal public transport. The high car prices lead most of us into taking larger loans and being perpetually in debt. The Audi buyers are a fraction of a fraction in our country. Don't you know that ? High car prices doesn't affect the businessmen and rent-seekers. Consider the average guy earning 2,500 ringgit and paying 700 ringgit to service his loan for an over-priced car. We are paying too much for our cars. Duh !

  16. cars are expensive here but maintenance, insurance, parking, fuels are much cheaper here. So, if you add all that up, cost of ownership is cheaper here in Malaysia.


  17. Anonymous10:55 am

    Nope! I'm 30 years old and I still don't know how to drive a car. I still feel that I cannot afford to own a car. So I rely heavily on our unreliable public transport, which makes me feel extremely miserable.

  18. Anonymous11:18 am

    I have been in KL for 3 years and I think you do need a car to get around.

    Your country's transportation can be further improve. I mean I always wonder why your country build the monorail to Brickfields but missed out a couple of kilometers to KL Sentral. It is mind baffling. It is the same with the Dang Wangi LRT station and the Bukit Nanas monorail station. Don't you guys sit down, discuss and plan before embarking on such big projects? Isn't the commuters' convenience built in mind?

    The car has become a necessity not luxury for a lot of people.


  19. the richer getting richer... the poorer getting poorer :(

    no wonder a lot of house breaks in occurred in Malaysia plus mine :(

  20. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Cheap? That is not the point.
    We shouldn't be paying too much.
    Income / Money saved from cheap cars can be invested elsewhere .
    And when cars are dead cheap, no more old / non-roadworthy cars on the road. Recycling industri can then flourished.
    Why pay so much, as costly as a house but depreciates ?

  21. Anonymous12:25 pm


    It's not that our cars are still cheap, but our public transportations system is so useless that forced everyone to own a car in Malaysia.

  22. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Aisey man how syed azman want to mantain the g4,737 n 5 choppers you tell me latuk.

  23. Bumi Malaysia ini memang penuh dengan kekayaan. Akauntan JPJ yang paling senyum agaknya, imagine how much money they get collecting Road taxes from 20,000,000 registered vehicles.

    Before I forget, the Company Owner(s) supplying the sticky cumbersome road tax stickers must be grinning from ear to ear too. How much they charge JPJ for the sticker say RM"x" multiply 20,000, mesti banyak untung woh!

  24. Bekah PAH2:59 pm

    Ask Bro Anwar Bin Ibrahim to explain the economics of car trade and industry in Malaysia. He's offered a political explanation of it. But like what Dr.M use to say about this beloved Malaysian Brother, he has explantion form almost everything. Can we ask him his real achievement when he was a miniters and DPM. The Saiful-like achievements, that one ah...everyone knows oledi. His daughter oledi said Papa Hebat! But inside actually she's singing the other song Papa Jahat!

  25. Contemplative3:27 pm

    No, our public transport is just lousy.

  26. Anonymous3:35 pm

    Tak murah pun... tapi apa boleh buat... govt sucks!!! projek yang tak penting didahulukan, rakyat terus2 dilupakan... Opposition pun sama je perangai... kembalikan pada rakyat atau kembalikan hak pada wakil rakyat utk kembangkan poket sendiri...

  27. vinnan3:36 pm

    It has nothing to do with cheap cars. Many people hang on to cars which have only scrap value simply because it is the only form of transport they have which can carry their whole family. This is especially true in rural areas where the Mat with 6 kids have no choice but to hang on to his piece of shit 4 wheeler because the public transport is woefully in adequate in most parts of Malaysia.

  28. Datuk Johan Raslan is the Executive Chairman of PwC Malaysia, and among other things a member of the Securities Commission of Malaysia's Corporate Governance Consultative Committee.

    The following are the Questions Raslan has to answer to the Malaysian public.

  29. Anonymous4:55 pm

    So many cars ... and also just as many stupid,selfish, egoistic drivers - males and females.

    Bring back the kreta lembus - so apt for all the lembus on the road!!!


  30. Rocky,
    Talking about car prices make me sick! We are basically subsidizing Proton and Produa. Our government cut petrol,sugar and other subsidy but we, car user, subsidize national car makers. What a great country and government.!! Business people can use luxury cars, people like us would like very much to drive BMW or Mercedes but unfortunately we can't afford brother!

  31. Skilgannon10665:09 pm

    That's a simplistic viewpoint!

    The fact of the matter is that the public transport infrastructure in Malaysia sucks! Big time!

    If there is an efficient, reliable and ubiquitous multi-modal public transport network in place in our major cities and urban areas, less people would have to drive in order to get to work, send their kids to school, run errands or simply makan angin!

    Why the Malaysian authorities took so long to understand this basic fact is a commentary on the way vested interests truimph over the common good!

    Singapore is one of the most expensive places in the world to own and maintain a car. Yet every major new car launch in the region starts in Singapore first. Like this weekend, Audi is launching the new A8 in Singapore at an estimated cost of S$10 million, with Kevin Spacey gracing the occasion!

  32. Anonymous5:14 pm

    No, its cause our public transportation system sucks. Get killed in a bus crash, or buy your own car. Its really a no-brainer to me.

  33. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Obviously, the public transportation in Malaysia is too crap that the taxpayers ought to have their own cars. Pity the Malaysians though.

  34. Anonymous2:44 am

    Not all are cars. A lot of that are motorcycles. Plus if the government is going to keep on building roads (Malaysia's kilometre of road per capita is I think the highest in Southeast Asia) then people should have a lot of vehicles. Plus public transport sucks and that deprives people of a proper alternative.

  35. Anonymous2:56 am

    memang cheap pun. tp still ramai yg merungut. minyak naik 5 sen pun merungut. lepas ni..semua kereta naik harga jugak.. naik 5sen.

  36. Anonymous9:06 am

    cars are not cheap...please siree - you cant get crap for RM 30K - and an avarage graduate starts life of at RM 18K per year - of which at least 30% will go off in rentals, 20% on transportion, 25% on food, 11% on EPF and 6% on communications and basically nothing left for savings - and this too if one practices a damn healthy lifestyle of not smoking/drinking.

    try taking the crappy bus service that we have or the damn LRT which is packed like sardines.

    so a lot of us are forced to sacrifice a better life and buy a damn car

    on the other hand the bloody rich just buy cars like there is no tomorrow.

    there is a family of five new my place with over 25 cars -

    get real man

  37. Anonymous10:34 am

    You wanna know the truth , alot of rich dukes never pay their taxes, simple as that.
    It beats me with people driving half a million dollars vehicles.
    Income tax dept. has BEEN SLEEPING ALL ALONG.
    Try doing that to the Internal Revenue of USA.
    This is where Malaysia boleh!
    Heard from a Nasi Kandar owner money can kow teem everything and you know how much this nasi sellers earn!

  38. Bro.,
    Where did u get your stats? This year is going to be the best year ever for the auto industry with about 570K new registration (Dato' Aishah of AMA)... 1 million in 2009? Wow!

  39. Anonymous4:03 pm


    Shall we conclude that Malaysians are happy to pay for the ridiculous high prices of cars?

    That Malaysians do not mind paying for APs and enriching a few selected AP holders?

    Shall we also conclude that it is in the best interest of the nation to keep charging high duties on cars?

    That Proton should be shielded indefinately?

    -The Lordship.

  40. Anonymous4:47 pm

    most of the commenters sucks big time. always yelling and bitching that the govt. is stupid and you don't have enough to buy luxury things; while you go on sitting on you butt. the question is how much have you done to improve your own live instead of whining and blaming others for your apathy.
    Surely you can say that you'd given your best but only you know whether your best effort is only skin deep.


  41. Anonymous5:42 pm


    You should study, who owns these cars. The royalty, politician and businessman may own 10 cars that they dont need. If 14 heads of state times 10 cars you get 140 cars. All is at the rakyat expense

  42. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Mampu beli kalau tak mampu tak yah beli...apasal nak kecoh2...

  43. Anonymous7:54 pm

    This is because of poor public transport, the transport minister under MCA failed us big time.

    Luckily we have one Indian guy in AirAsia who does our proud, winning the businessman of the year award is big success for a Malaysian. Put Katuanan Malayu to shame too.

  44. Rakyat gelisah1:54 am

    If there's 1 year waiting list for Q5, the the country is corrupt beyond redemption.

  45. Well, from what I see, average malaysian household has 2 cars. Go to any of the housing area you will see that the the road side is full of resident 2nd car. Most of the new condos also offer 2 parking lot.

    No wander with 28 millions of population we have 20 million registered car.

  46. cincai2 20mill... cincai2 5bill lesap for menara..

  47. Anonymous2:36 pm

    An ordinary person like me owning ONE car is not the same as THAT "not ordinary person" owning a fleet of 10cars OR MORE..

    I have to pay full cost for purchase, usage, petrol, road tax/insurance and maintainance, in short, everything. Xcdents, insurance kelentong sum more, squeeze whatever they can from the wreck..

    The owner of the fleet of 10cars or more cars, some need not pay a single sen (additional perks sum more, with 24hr driver). So whatever new comes out, they will snap, excpt of cos the Armoured vehicles, they will sapu..

    So it is this "not ordinary" persons thats making the figures grow BIG.

    Not the plain simple RAKYAT.


  48. Seolferwulf6:38 pm

    Anon 7:54 PM

    It was not the MCA Transport Minister who came up with the idea of APs or the need to protect/coddle Proton! Or who sat idle while major car manufacturers invested billions of dollars setting up factories in Thailand!

    Rather blame it on protectionism run amok!

    Meanwhile, rumour has it that there is at least 1 Bugatti Veyron supercar registered in Malaysia - a car estimated to cost less than RM5 million. Any prize for guessing where this particular "baby" has it's residence? Obviously the owner has no need to take public transport!

  49. Anonymous8:24 pm

    1 million vehicles sold in 2009? that figure must have included all the the bikes & ap cars sold by grey importers. 20 million tu since the 1st car register kat malaysia which was more than 50years ago. Pandai betul depa nak spin... the actual motorcar sales

  50. Anonymous2:34 am

    The keyword is vehicles. That include vans, lorries, trucks, and motorcycles.

    Don't forget the necessity of a car/motorbike in Malaysia no thanks to our lousy public transport. KL area especially. Try taking public transport from yr suburban rumah terrace to downtown.

    Don't forget people have to take long car loan (max 7 years) that takes a big bite from their wages just to get that necessity.

    Those who think cars are too cheap obviously have their heads detached from reality.

    - ZZ

  51. how many out of 20 millions are kapchais, just goes to show how bad our public transportation is

  52. Anonymous10:34 am

    Majority of Malaysian are materialistic lot. Car reflect ones affordability and success. Most of them show off. U should see the number of MPV(alphards) being driven by anties. They can even park those things yet they drive it.All this in full view when i was having my nice cig on a balcony of my apartment. Should have recorded it and tube it online.

  53. Anonymous1:10 pm

    skewedmoron part 2

    The reporter said South African Adre Volschenk had had enough and planned to move out of his luxurious townhouse at Gentle Road, off Dunearn Road, once his lawyer had settled the lease agreement.

    “He lost two cars and S$15,000 worth of personal items when the flood waters came on Saturday,” it reported.

    A worried Singapore has been exploring the possibility of building dikes to protect parts of the island, especially the south, which is the heart of the republic.

    It houses the Istana, the Courts, Parliament and various ministries, as well as many banks and the stock exchange.

    If serious floods become a regular feature – a distant supposition – they could drive down some of the astronomical prices of some of Singapore’s most luxurious properties.

    A foreign agency report headlined: “These flash floods are staining Singapore’s reputation as an urban paradise.”

  54. Anonymous1:11 pm

    so skewedmoron

    what's the point of having super car launches on a red dot island ONLY to have it rendered a scrap metal


  55. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Would be more interesting to now how many are running with valid road tax and insurance?

  56. Hang Lekiu7:01 pm

    Cars are not cheap. Finance is cheap. Of course you can drive the Q5 when the repayment is 9 years.

    If taxes on cars are abolished, there won't be an increase in the number of cars in Malaysia. After all, a normal human being can only drive one car at any one time.

    Malaysians will instead be able to buy better quality car which will actually last the 9 years and junk Proton.

  57. Are You Gonna Go My Way7:09 pm

    Do we have 20 million houses?

    It seems banks are willing to approve 100k loan for cars in 2 days...but reject 60k housing loan.

  58. Wow , Malaysian always hit the record for this kind of stuff , longest "yau cha kui", biggest dodol and widest chapati also 250 couple married and gather in a function and get RM1000 aid also a record.. So we should be the top ten most corrupted government in the world ..One day we will be the largest wanker population ih the world

  59. Dia sudah pinsang la...ini lama tak ada baru post.

  60. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Normal scenario:-

    Buy one car -> use on weekend only,
    Buy one kapchai -> use to go to work.

    Hence the cause.

  61. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Hapuskan cukai import kenderaan tetapi tarik subsidi minyak. Rakyat boleh beli kereta yang berkualiti. Cukai import yang dibayar boleh cover bayar duit minyak tanpa subsidi. Kenderaan import hanya menguntungkan pemegang AP sahaja.


  62. Al-Sadr3:15 pm

    Hello rookie brother;

    Isn't this our imported car?No?

    I bet if you make a flip at the back of the badge you'll see the word "made in China , design in putrajaya" LOL

  63. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Q5? tak main lah.. Still waiting my dream Q7.... yes in my dream...

    Anyway, pihak berkuasa sila displinkan sebahagian pemandu bas awam kita. Ada yang kurang ajar.

  64. Anonymous3:30 pm


    Kenapa lu tak tulis pasal itu Khir Toyo kena tangkap? Lu kalau pasal Rais Yatim, belum kena tangkap pun lu suka. Itu Khir Toyo lu punya kawan ka?

  65. Skilgannon10666:21 pm

    Anon 1:10 PM

    Poodah! So, one measly South African is thinking of leaving Singapore?

    Why not mention the fact that very sizeable numbers of Chinese, Indians, Indonesians and Malaysians (plus Americans, Australians and Russians) who have bought residential property in Singapore?

    Or the fact that luxury cars are selling better than "bread-and-butter" cars in Singapore?

    Or the report that the Singapore govt is planning the implementation of Euro V fuel standards by 2012, when Malaysia is still meandering along with Euro II fuel standards?

    The car scrapping policy, electronic road pricing and non-subsidised petrol and diesel fuel prices mean that Singapore motorists are cognisant of the real costs of owning a motor vehicle. Unlike, say, Malaysia, where an elaborate system of fuel subsidies has meant coddled consumers who cry blue murder at any attempt to reform a bloated system!

  66. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Anon 7:54 AM.

    Kenapa lu cakap put ketuanan melayu to shame. Kalau bumi ini bumi Cina atau India, adakah Melayu diberi peluang sebegitu?

  67. Anonymous12:18 am

    Special dedication to skewedmoron (the missing part 1)

    By Seah Chiang Nee.
    Sep 6, 2008

    Emigration-An ironic phenomenon. Authoritarian rule may have quickened Singapore's economic growth as we're told, but it also contributes to a flight of local talent. A BAFFLING aspect of affluent Singapore, with all its economic finery, is the large – and growing – exodus of its citizens over the past 10 years.

    While the hot economy has attracted more than a million foreigners to its shores, its own citizens have been leaving in record numbers to settle down abroad.

    In fact, one survey has placed Singapore’s outflow at 26.11 migrants per 1,000 citizens – the second highest in the world. Only Timor Leste (51.07) fares worse.

    It has exceeded 1,000 a month to reach 12,707 last year from 4,996 in 1998, or a rise of 170% over 10 years, said Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng.

    In 10 years, they totalled 97,990 Singaporeans (a far greater number if children were included).

    The government says about 140,000 Singaporeans are studying, working or in business in foreign countries, which by itself is not a bad thing, given Singapore’s global ambitions. The trouble is many of them may not return.

    Even if 0.5% of its brightest minds were to leave, it would hit Singapore hard, said Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.

  68. Anonymous2:56 am


    A diaspora,
    trapped in Malaysia..



  69. trueblueSingaporean3:20 am

    Specially to Sillyannon,

    I am a true blue Singaporean. On behalf of my brethren, I would like to say that it is good for our shopping power if Malaysia does not become too expensive. We like M'sia as it is. No need laa to be like Singapore, to challenge challenge. After M'sia becomes so expensive lehhh for us.......Aiyah simple folks like us how to survive?

    And what gives you the right to talk on our behalf? You are a sickening fella. We don't need you to be our parrot master!

    Btw, FT Malaysians in Singapore (and most FTs) are just opportunists. Most want to have the cake and eat it too. Work in Singapore, get PR then 'balik kampong' to Malaysia or Timbaktoo and become rich due to the high exchange rate of Sin dollars against the M'sian ringgit/alien rupee...or work in Singapore, after having PR, get a HDB flat, then rent it out and buy a bungalow or land in JB by using the rental money....commute everyday via the Causeway to Singapore to work. Why? so cheap maa Malaysia..Singapore too expensive leh....

    So, again why are you sprouting shit whenever you open your stinking mouth??....!

  70. Seolferwulf10:44 am

    Anon 12:18 PM

    To put paid to your crappy post, why not mention the 700,000 Malaysians who are living and working outside Malaysia?

    Or the fact that Mustapa Mohamed and Idris Jala were in Singapore earlier this week to seek more investments into Iskandar Malaysia and the projects under the ETP?

    To put it bluntly, go where the money is!


    Be that as it may, it wouldn't be surprising if the Spore govt is already looking into the issue of dual citizenship or multiple citizenship.

    The valid point is that the Spore govt has a much better policy on car ownership, public transport infrastructure and fuel pricing than it's Malaysian counterpart.

    And no amount of Protons and Peroduas is going to change that fact.

    Incidentally, Seah Chiang Nee, for all his bellyaching, is still staying put in Singapore!

  71. /// In fact, one survey has placed Singapore’s outflow at 26.11 migrants per 1,000 citizens – the second highest in the world. Only Timor Leste (51.07) fares worse. ///

    That is only one side of the equation. Singapore's inflow is also one of the highest in the world. The net migration (immigration minus emigration) is among the highest in the world. As it is, non-citizens now account for more than one third of the population.

  72. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Special dedication to sillywolf twin to skewedmoron … oh and also the second cousin ‘the’ (pronounced as DUHH who suffers from a lack of identity)

    The PAP and the people – A Great Affective Divide - Catherine Lim

    From the start, they decided that there was only one way to do it: establish the primacy of economic development and link it with political security to form a tight, incontrovertible equation of national survival, so that whatever fitted into the equation would be rigorously promoted and whatever threatened to disrupt it would be slapped down ruthlessly.

    Thus a linguistic and cultural issue --that of the English language - was resolved in its favour on the economic grounds that its adoption and use as the main language would enable the country to plug into world trade and technology. The dissenting voices of the Chinese educated were seen accordingly as subversive of the well-being of the country, and duly dealt with.

    The absence of this affective dimension in the PAP framework is what has alienated the people from their leaders. It is easily seen that the main criticisms levelled against the PAP point to a style deficient in human sensitivity and feeling -- "dictatorial", "arrogant", "impatient", "unforgiving", "vindictive".

  73. Anonymous5:35 am

    To the 3-in-1, sillywplf, skewedmoron and the ...

    Singapore, the land of nepotism and cronyism

    Our Prime Minister gets a monthly salary of only RM22,826.65, his deputy RM18,168.15 while the Cabinet ministers are paid RM14,907.20, according to the Members of Parliament (Emolument) (Amendment) Act 2005 which came into effect on Jan 1, 2004.

    The monthly salary of a political secretary effective from Jan 1, 2004 was RM5,709.99 ( here).

    So, critics and allegations that the PM receives more than RM50,000 a month is baseless. And those who all the while look up at Singapore as the most 'graft-free' nation, again they are wrong. Perhaps, Singapore is the country with the highest record of cronyism and nepotism.

  74. Anonymous5:39 am

    To the 3 forms in one entity ...PART 2

    Singapore Prime Minister's Salary $US2.47 million, or about six times more than the U.S. President, who currently takes home US$400,000. The monthly pay for a Singapore Member of Parliament (who does virtually nothing) is S$12,000 (US$8,600 ) per month or S$144,000 (US$103,200 ) per year and tax free.

    A website about The Greed of Singapore's Rulers also reveals how the Prime Minister, his wife, his brothers, his father, his friends and 'culai' holding senior positions at leading conglomerates. The MPs too are given equal special 'seats' as board of directors in the government's most privileged companies.

    Note: At age 55, Singapore Ministers collect both a salary and their full pension.

    P.S. Seah Chiang Nee is not the only one, heh heh

  75. Anonymous5:50 am

    Hey 3-in-1, happy reading & digesting ...

    Singapore none too fussy about the source of wealth in its financial sector - Michael Backman
    July 26, 2006

    YOU are an Indonesian businessman. You've bribed a state bank official to give you a $US200 million ($A265 million) loan without sufficient collateral, or a risk assessment, for a business venture you know won't get off the ground.

    The authorities have found out and you're facing arrest. You need somewhere to go where authorities can't touch you. So where do you go? The answer is Singapore. Why? Because it is a half-hour flight from Jakarta, or 45 minutes by ferry from the Indonesian island of Batam, and, most importantly, it does not have an extradition treaty with Indonesia.

    It is largely ethnically Chinese, just like many of Indonesia's white-collar criminals, if only because Indonesians of Chinese ancestry dominate that country's business sector.

  76. Anonymous5:57 am

    Indonesian crooks reportedly living in Singapore
    Conveniently, Singapore has no extradition treaty with Indonesia.

    Crook Rap Sheet
    Liem Tek Siong, alias Sjamsul Nursalim, alias Liem Tjoen Ho

    Client of Yeo Cheow Tong's wife, Helen Yeo. Liem is an Indonesian fugitive, whose family owns Habitat, and bought Goldplus, which had purchased 69 Holland Road, now called Holland Mews. Liem owed the Indonesian government Rp28 trillion (US$2.8 billion) due to the collapse of his bank PT Bank Dagang Nasional Indonesia Tbk in 1998.

    Bambang Sutrisno and Adrian Kiki Ariawan
    Guilty of embezzling the equivalent of $US162 million from Bank Surya.

    Sudjiono Timan
    Convicted of improperly diverting $US120 million from a state-owned investment company.

    Lidia Mochtar
    Wanted over the embezzlement of $US20 million from Bank Tamara.

    Agus Anwar
    Laughing all the way from the bank...
    Thanks to Singapore's policy of not having extradition treaties with nearby countries

  77. rafa's revolution9:00 am

    Didnt hv the luxury to read all the comments but if it was already commented, I apologize...Cars in Msia is not cheap. ANYTHING IN MALAYSIA IS NOT CHEAP

    BUT WHY THERE ARE STILL SO MANY VEHICLES registered on the road? U tell me la...

    How is the state of our public transport? Do we consider our public transportation efficient and effective? How about our cabs on the other hand?? Our cabs are all waiting to slaughter their customers.. Siapa nak duk??

    LRT pulak sat lagi down la, sat lagi technical error la, sat lagi tire jatuh hit kepala la and many more...

    Wage earners who have familes takkan nak duk motorcycle bawah 5 orang sekali? Our so called cheapest car also made of tin kosong and that also we are paying thru our noses.. How is that call cheap???????????

  78. rafa's revolution9:07 am

    trueblue singaporean,

    typical kiasu.. why u so kiasu?? piss off la...

    ppl talk good abt ur country also cannot.. wth??

    u grew up on faeces is it?

    then u talk abt msia and msian can. what a hypocrite...

    u dont like u move out of singapore la... or perhaps u can tell ur minister mentor (what a stupid title btw) to ban all msians from singapore... chiew!!!!

  79. Skilgannon10665:24 pm


    My, my - what a plethora of "facts".

    Sadly, your "facts" are not backed up the reality on the ground.

    Such as:

    - Singapore has been rated as one of the top corruption-free economies in the world by Transparency International and Perc (whose methodologies have not been challenged).
    - international investors have sunk billions of dollars into Singapore, far more than Malaysia (see UNCTAD statistics and US Government figures).
    - the big international banks have their regional HQs and regional back office support functions in Singapore.
    - in spite of their "astronomical" salaries, Singapore govt officials have managed to engineer an economy with one of the strongest currencies in the world, a corporate tax rate of 17 per cent and a top personal income tax rate of 20 per cent. Would you care to 1quote the comparitive figures for Malaysia?
    - Singapore and Indonesia negotiated a "package deal" comprising an extradition treaty and a defence cooperation agreement. It is the Indonesian Parliament that has held up the ratification of the deal by insisting, against the wishes of the government, that the two be discussed and ratified separately.
    - there are no fuel subsidies in Singapore (compare pump prices for petrol and diesel in Singapore and Malaysia); motorists don't get a free ride from the Singapore government.
    - there are no privately-owned and operated "toll" highways and expressways in Singapore; the government funds the construction, operation and maintenance of the country's roads and expressways, as it should be.
    - as for the alleged Indonesian "fugitives" in Singapore, the Indonesian authorities have shown little interest in pursuing them or even suing them in the Singapore courts for fraud, corruption and embezzlement. Why, I wonder? Surely it's not for lack of evidence, is it?
    - and far more people are queueing up to live and work in Singapore than there are Singaporeans legging it for "greener" pastures overseas (Singapore Immigration statistics).

    You see, dumpkopf, that your asinine rhetoric cuts no ice with sophisticated international investors, MNCs or globally competitive talent.

    As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And Singapore has succeeded in cooking up a pretty tasty pudding (check out Morton's at the Mandarin Oriental in Singapore, but, alas, it's not halal!!!).

  80. Anonymous10:47 pm

    poor skewedmoron

    been brainwashed since birth that independent thinking is not only impossible it is alien to the kiasu mentality

    check this out - Tun Dr M said that, "(singaporeans) are so rigid that they can't see beyond what Lee Kuan Yew tells them".

    heh heh, wonder what will become of red dot when lky is no more

    P.S. lky believes DR anwar DID it


  81. Anonymous11:22 pm

    special dedication to skewedmoron

    "Assuming that the American cables exposed by WikiLeaks are true and reports worldwide suggest they are genuine, it suggests that Singapore has a condescending view of Malaysia, and is so scornful that they are willing to tell their Western allies that Malaysia is a sinkhole of racial conflict.

    This disdain may, however, be tactical: Singapore is competing heatedly for investments and funds for projects, bourses and futures with practically everybody in the region that any one-upmanship low-rent ploy will do to get a leg up. Such derision could be understood and perhaps anticipated."

    Read more: Should Lee Kuan Yew testify in Sodomy II?

  82. Skilgannon10663:28 pm

    Anon 10:47 PM & 11:29 PM

    Cheap talk, but how about specifically rebutting the points I made?

    Ah, I see - ignorance is bliss! So much for the products of the Malaysian education system circa 170 onwards.

  83. Anonymous12:28 am

    This Rocky guy is trying to spin as much as possible. He sold his soul to the devil called Mamakthir.

  84. Anonymous8:46 pm


    blissful ignorance is a far better option than a perpetual state of denial