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"Sometimes Najib Razak is just too decisive"

Taking the fear out of May 13, the title of my latest column in The Malay Mail, Thursday 18th Nov 2010, basically supports a fellow journo's call for a Unity Day on May 13 to bury, once and for all, the specter of a black mark on this country's race relations. The PM has said there is no necessity for us to commemorate the day but he didn't say there was no need for a Unity Day. Heck, we even have a World Toilet Day [read here], so why not a Hari Muhibbah?

"We should regard it as an event in the annals of history from which we can learn from... as a demarcation for us so that it will not recur." — Prime Minister Najib Razak ("No need to commemorate May 13 riots", NST, Nov 17, 2010).

SOMETIMES Najib Razak is just too decisive.

As in the case of whether we should or should not commemorate the day this nation went amok in the bloody racial riots of May 13, 1969, for example. The Prime Minister was too quick to rule it unnecessary to commemorate the day, as suggested by Zaini Hassan, the Utusan Malaysia deputy editor-in-chief.
He could have allowed the people to talk about the idea, at least.
Zaini's idea, which he penned in his column Cuit, published by the Bahasa Malaysia daily, is that the government should declare May 13 a 'National Unity Day'. The idea, as a colleague pointed out last night, may be a contentious one but not seditious.
And it is a timely one. Malaysians have become a strange people since Dr Mahathir Mohamad stepped down as Prime Minister after 22 years. Instead of counting our blessings, we are blaming each other for the disparities that remain in our society.
And instead of burying the one incident that nearly tore us apart more than 41 years ago, we are digging up each others' closets for skeletons and using it to blame other people for our own present day shortcomings.
Some quarters have even resorted to rewriting history. In recent published books on the riots and sold openly in major bookstores, the stories about how the disturbance broke out are distorted beyond recognition, obviously so that some political parties who sponsored these publications will gain mileage.
This has driven others to come up with their own versions of what happened in the days leading to May 13, the factors that led to the bloodshed, the exact casualties, and the consequences of the racial riots.
Most of these clashes of opinions on May 13 are still taking place in the Malaysian blogosphere.
One of the more definitive blog postings on the issue is the May 13th 1969: The Correct View, a two-part series plus an "intermission" that promises (or threatens) more sequels by anonymous blogger Jebat Must Die (
The three postings garnered nearly 400 heated comments. There is talk that these postings will be published in the form of a book in response to the book by Dr Kua Kia Soong entitled: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969.
JMD was concerned as readers of Kia Soong's books would be driven to conclude that:
• Tun Abdul Razak masterminded the May 13 racial riots as a form of coup d’etat against Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman;
• Datuk Harun Idris led Umno Youth members to spontaneously launch an unprovoked attack against the Chinese people; and
• the racial riots were not the fault of the racist opposition or the subversive communist movement
And what would readers of JMD's upcoming book be driven to conclude of the riots? Will the book be subject to multiple police reports as Zaini is being subjected to by several politicians who claim that the journalist's article was seditious?
Yes, believe it or not, many of our politicians need to grow up and learn that making police reports against every little thing you don't agree with is a reaction that is childish.
Personally, I am all for the idea of Malaysia having a Hari Muhibbah or Unity Day and I think it would be great if the nation commemorates May 13 by promoting racial unity and organising programmes that will bring us closer to one another.
At the very least, nobody can use this day to promote their narrow, political agenda anymore. Once it is made a Hari Muhibbah, no politician may use May 13 as a fear factor.
In the discussions on blogs that followed Zaini's article, those who were not for the idea (without having to lodge any police report because they see the good intentions behind the suggestion) felt that Malaysia needed stronger fundamentals, such as a single-school system (an idea the government has also shot down, unfortunately).
One of Malaysia's neighbors has done both - it integrated the Chinese, Malay and Tamil primary schools since the late 60s after its own brush with racial riots. It has also declared Unity Day to commemorate the worst day in its racial relations.
But did the single-school system and the Unity Day work for our neighbour? Maybe, but then again Malaysia has not had a serious racial problem in the last four decades, either. The ones we encountered, such as the Kampung Medan issue and Hindraf's ridiculous allegation of ethnic-cleansing in Malaysia, were few and far between.
We need to work on becoming a united people. We have witnessed how fragile racial unity can be, even in America and Europe where things are believed to be more equal.
If helping bury the May 13 spectre by declaring the day Hari Muhibbah, we should explore it.
At the end of the day, the government will be the one that has to decide whether or not it is necessary to commemorate the racial riots of May 13. And if government politicians in the end agree with their counterparts in the DAP and other Opposition parties that May 13 is not an issue, good for them.
But the people need to be allowed to discuss such issues. We are not always right, but let's hear us out first.
AHIRUDIN ATTAN is group editorial adviser for The Malay Mail, Bernama TV and The Malaysian Reserve. He blogs at


  1. Jebat must live1:29 am

    Jebat Must Die bukan si mamat Endie ka?

  2. Here we go again...the subject of May13th 1969...seems to be calculated as a good idea for UMNO B race politic to win votes.
    and Rocky is paid to do his job.
    I guess Najib said..he will defend PutraJaya with his life inspired some idiots to talk cock and bull all over again.
    But Freedom without violence and total disobedience to Najib..inspired by Mahatma Gandhi is working..and it looks like Najib is concern about all Malaysians too.
    Like Soeharto of Indonesia...Najib may back off...when his fanatics are talking win elections or stay in hook or by creating violence all over again.
    Father did that..and what happened?
    Will son follow father's foot steps?

  3. hi you pro UMNO B idiots!
    Debate on my comment..not insult me.
    Do like me...insult and put out your so call knowledge of history in Malaysia.
    Do you read and talk only?
    Can you have the intelligence and experiences to do that?
    Insulting me will not work.
    Want to talk May 13th 1939? racists blockheads.

  4. Anonymous4:05 am

    "A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul." - george bernard shaw.

    well, well, that was george before he was introduced to us.

    in our case, not only paul keeps wanting more and more to be taken away from peter, paul keeps on threatening that he not gonna support the government, unless they can have even more.

    strange it may sound, but the goverment complies and adheres diligently.

    so, the government robs peter more. to please paul. again and again and again.

    best part is, government EXPECTS peter to continue to be loyal, and must support the government, regardless.

    born to serve indeed. birth rights & birth obligations, to comply and follow order.

    No Muhibbah Day is Simply to Please Paul.

    I suspect, the PRU 13 coming can be a potential very sad case. because the loyalists and the majority do not like the oppositions, and at the same time, they are so broken hearted with the government, they just dont go out vote.

    they just withdrawn and let fate takes care of itself. its hopelessness that makes them feel they are abandoned, and either way, they will lose. the big picture of course.

    tdm, this is your mould and legacies. the later guys just perfecting it, putting icings on top. proud of it?

    -i hate it when iam right-

  5. Anonymous4:09 am

    I fully agree that we should commemorate May 13 lest the future generation will forget how fragile our society had been and is currently been fooled around by irresponsible politicians to gain relevancy and mileage.If Hari Muhibbah or Hari Perpaduan sounds too used, maybe for the future generations, let us call it Memorial Day...Hari Peringatan, A solemn reminder of what happened when we stop celebrating our differences and respect and tolerate that we are together in this journey for our beloved nation.
    I have lived through May 13...lost several relatives here(KL) and in Malacca, but am no longer bitter about what happened. We should no longer allow politicians to toy with our emotions like how it happened and make us believe that taking to the streets is right without ever thinking that while we do that we are also encroaching and disrupting the rights of those whose lives are disrupted while we walk through their lives and livelihood.
    WE must remind the future generation that May 13 DID happened and it was because we took for granted the fragility of our existence together.

  6. oRang kAmpong4:34 am

    Klu najib xsetuju MAY 13 sebagai hari yg perlu diingati apakata kita jdkan dier sbg tarikh tetap UMNO meting.dlm tu blh masokkan slot MAY 13 baik punya.tayangannya FOR UMNO ONLY.

  7. strongly agree with author's opinion... we should memorize that day respectively among all race in malaysia so that the riot hopefully never happen in future....

    we cannot 'perap' this issue any longer especially this fragile era and pretend nothing happend (post mahathir dictatorial era)... yes indeed, najib 'to decisive' policy is questionable....

    Dato' Bendahara Buta Sejarah?

  8. Don't you think that Najib is playing SAFE AGAIN by avoiding discussion on this issue? Throughout his career Najib has been doing just that and if not for Muhy barking around, Najib may still be the DPM to Slumberjack.

  9. Anonymous6:43 am

    Bloody good eye opener this commentary of yours, Rocky. Well done. I whole-heartedly support your view that Najib has been “too decisive” in this matter.

    Far too many times Najib has made decisions not in line with what the silent majority wants. This time it is not in line with what the nation wants – muhibbah, racial harmony and national unity. He cannot be “too decisive” on the proposal to hold “Hari Muhibbah” every May 13. Indeed, “He could have allowed the people to talk about the idea, at least.” In fact, he should agree to commemorating the day as it would help bring a closure to the dastardly episode by making the rakyat remember it to avoid its recurrence and any feelings of revenge would be suppressed if it is called "Muhibbah Day".

    He appeared to want to quickly kill the story before it’s begun. Appearing wanting to continue his line of appeasing the Chinese for their votes in the coming General Elections. The Chinese are the ones who have been opposing the idea of commemorating May 13. Especially the DAP, because of their complicity in causing the racial riots.

    The attempt by some quarters to rewrite our history according to their own interests, publishing books that distort historical facts to gain mileage for the political parties which sponsored them have indeed led “others to come up with their own versions of what happened in the days leading to May 13, the factors that led to the bloodshed …”

    Here are some relevant extracts on what happened in the period before the riots, taken from “A Report of The National Operations Council” or Majlis Gerakan Negara (MAGERAN), that was set up to rule the country when a State of Emergency was declared following the riots:

    “During the (1969 General Elections) campaign, a number of Opposition candidates attacked the Constitution in racial terms. They twisted and misrepresented certain provisions in the Constitution, principally Articles 152 and 153. They agitated for the removal of the Article 153 which provides safeguards for the special position of the Malays. This caused grave misapprehensions among the Malays.

    “The General Elections went off smoothly and the Government was returned with a comfortable majority. The Opposition parties were returned with a few additional seats. This unexpected success on their part unfortunately made some of them lose all sense of proportion, and their members and supporters went on a rampage of insults and obscenities …

    “This Report has been prepared with the full realization that important matters must no longer be swept under the carpet and the facts of May 13 should be made known to the public. Furthermore, it has been written with the conviction that the objective of national unity must be confronted squarely, and the alternatives before us decided upon sincerely and courageously …”

    NOTE: The above was signed by no other than Najib’s own father. Najib should now “confront the objective of national unity squarely” and decide upon “the alternatives before us courageously”.

    The similarities of the situation his father described above have now appeared, the encroachment on Malay rights and privileges being exemplified by DAP Tony Pua touching on the Bumiputera housing discount and MCA Chua Soi Lek asking that the Bumi equity target be abolished, causing misapprehension among the Malays.

    Deciding upon May 13 as a “Muhibbah Day” is the least Najib should do. It does not even require much courage to do. It’s a national unity do.

  10. Anonymous6:52 am

    I remember Najib declaring "Rakyat didahulukan" and "the days of government knows best is over."

    Well he can't stop bloggers from inviting discussion on UNITY DAY - where the skeletons in the closet gets an airing, good for the patriots but bad for the ill-intentioned subversive elements

    The truth will prevail - so let's start the healing journey into historical archives

  11. CommonerNinetyNine7:15 am

    to me, 1man has no linkage to quality like "decisiveness", i just see he has no such capacity.

    when shits like racial or religious quarrel happen, where was he? i think i know, he just sit back and see where is the direction of the "wind" and then follow the bigger "wind".

    he is just a "waiter" clowning around trying hard to please his "customers".

    at best he is just another typical politikus worrying about his personal performance in the next election.

    when 1woman can show around like running the country as her family business, causing annoyance among voters, tell me how "decisive" is that "waiter"?

    of course this is just my personal view. but 1man, prove me wrong!

  12. 1Malaysia bukan 1Cina7:24 am

    Jangan over la Najib nak sangat undi Cina.

    Kalau Cina ni tak mahu rasional dan nak perkauman, bakar colok mereka dan cucuk ke jubor.

    Kita lihat najis2 babi yang merosak pemikiran mereka meleleh keluar dari otak melalui telinga dan hidung.

    Kenapa di mana ada CIna dalam dunia, mesti ada China town?

    Sebab orang2 Cina tak hormat budaya setempat dan terlalu insular kepada kepentingan kaum dia.

  13. Anonymous7:39 am

    Excellent piece, Bro. esp. "Yes, believe it or not, many of our politicians need to grow up and learn that making police reports against every little thing you don't agree with is a reaction that is childish."

    Like my Arab friends told me, Malaysians are a funny lot, Makan babi is a big thing but at the same time they condone riba, rasuah , minum arak etc.

    The public should also read article below by a principled centred man.

    Yes, race has nothing to do with the mess we are is the Leadership in crisis causing the breakdown in the system. It started with the Executive (PM and the clowns) , then Legislative (the MPs including oppositions bigots like the DAP ) , then Judiciary playboys and finally the Civil Service Chickens i.e KSN, IGP, AG, MACC.


  14. Anonymous8:51 am

    takut la tu bro.
    whether of his own shadow, his late father's or listening to some CONsultants and advisers
    as rakyat, i can see PM always do 3 things:
    1.waited for response and then make decision
    2. chose a side at a very later date (usually more than 2 weeks)
    3. take a very very safe response.
    when he didn't do these three things, somebody must be pulling his hands/legs/etc.

  15. Anonymous10:18 am

    "Sometimes Najib Razak is just too decisive"

    And that is not good?


  16. antudurex10:29 am

    Is he being too decisive or too timid towards chauvinist chinese?

    Maybe he still think the Malays are still the "tidak apa" people, can be taken for granted while he keeps on his "on the knees" act apoligising without end.

    Najib should step down!

  17. Anonymous11:20 am

    If you are talking about ala South African Truth and Reconciliation Day for us inMalaysia it isn't going to work as long as we have people like Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Gobalakrishna, and Tian Chua and the Ngeh's! These people do not want reconciliation they want Malaysia to be a republic like Temasik, or Singapore as the Chinese call them now! Consider this if we agree with this they will use it to find loop holes to destroy our system of Constitutional Monarchial Parliamentary Democracy of this country!
    Pro Melayu!

  18. Anonymous12:04 pm

    21st Nov is Hari Berjalankaki Sedunia atau World Walking Day. Camni kita buat Malaysia Uniting Day lah Datuk.

  19. Anonymous12:26 pm

    anon @ 4:05 AM says, "-i hate it when iam right-"

    oh yeah, we love it when fools are in love with themselves,

    just spare us your delusional preachings (borrowed from others, not even original grey matter)

    hee hee

  20. Anonymous12:32 pm

    A load of cock and bull. Very typical of the author. Sigh, its amazing that you guys are so stupid as to not see through the ploy. No one else besides the governing jackasses are talking about May 13? Why is that? Think 'la' for once...

  21. Anonymous12:34 pm

    They say it takes a brave man to face the truth, so that makes the DAP cowards for they want to keep the truth a secret forever.

    How can cowards aim to rule huh? Also their "unregistered and non-member" leader is a traitor to his own country.

    Najib should not be afraid to be unpopular to the big bad and ugly coz by default he is an angel to the good

  22. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Come on man,if you want a unity day there are 365 days to chose from. Why use May 13. As a threat?

  23. Anonymous1:35 pm

    ini kes from sleepy-head leader to testesless leader... Sampai sejarah pun kaum kurang ajar boleh tebalikan..Nak memperingati dah tak boleh- sebagai pengajaran dan sempadan ?

  24. Anonymous2:27 pm

    This monsterball fellow has been monstering and balling here and there. Several comments in a single post. Successively, too.

    Making all sorts of unsubstantiated accusations and wild statements. No paragraphs, frequent dotted lines and anti-Establishment views. He appears to belong to the anarchistic group. Finding anything and everything wrong except himself and his ilk. Let me try and disabuse his abuses here for a bit.

    He asked us to "debate him" and "not insult" him. Yet he began his 2nd comment by saying "hi you pro UMNO B idiots!" See the kind of lidang bercabang this bloke is.

    "Do like me...insult and put out your so call knowledge of history", he challenged us. Then he again insulted us by asking, "Can you have the intelligence and experiences to do that?" Then he showed his true colours. Saying " racists blockheads."
    What a bastard this fellow is. The only way to react to him is to give him a taste of his own medicine. So that he knows what it feels to be insulted and that May 13 must be avoided by remembering it.

    He simply rants, this sad specimen of a Malaysian. If he is Malaysian, that is. He implies that the Hari Muhibbah Day proposal is "calculated as a good idea for UMNO B race politic to win votes." And accuses Rocky being paid to raise this matter. Of course no substantiation or justification. Anarchists often do that.

    Then he started ranting incomprehensibly about Najib "defending PutraJaya with his life inspired some idiots to talk cock and bull ... But Freedom without violence and total disobedience to Najib..inspired by Mahatma Gandhi is working..and it looks like Najib is concern about all Malaysians too." What the hell is the bloke talking about? How is anyone going to debate incoherent and wild statements made by him?

    The same about bringing in Soeharto into the picture. What the hell has that to do with Hari Muhibbah that we are talking about? How stupid can he git.

    Then he implied that Tun A Razak created May 13. That's the last straw. He deserves no less than the titles of a subversive and an anarchist. Challenging us to talk about the history of May 13 yet he has his own version of that history. He should read over and over, "The Report of the National Operations Council" as pointed out by Anon 6.43 AM above.

    No doubt blokes like him will never agree to anything other than their own version of Malaysian history. He and his kind are a subversive lot. Familiar with Mao Zedong's so-called Cultural Revolution of the 1960s where China was turned topsy turvy and upside down. For the second time since first Emperor Chin Shih Huang Di, the Chinese leader (this time, Mao) allowed the burning of history books and the public humiliation of University professors and lecturers who were paraded on the streets, shouted at, jeered and ridiculed.

    Mao allowed the destruction of the existing so-called "revisionist literature" after rampant criticisms surfaced when his economic adventure, touted as "The Great Leap Forward", failed miserably, causing endless food shortages, starvation and death. Those, together with the millions dead during the anarchy of the Cultural Revolution, brought a total of 30 million Chinese dead.

    Communists and subversives like monsterball would not bother about the millions dead. He and his kind might even have their own version of the history of China. As they have of the history of Malaysia. God forbid this kind having control in this country.

  25. My friend you are second guessing the Prime Minister? You still running for the mayoralty race!? PM is right, it is not at we are forgetting May 13, it is just a question of what do we really want for this country! While we at it why don't we open a chapter where Chinese Bintang Tiga massacred Malays!! My late uncle was already in a gunny sack about to be skewered with sharp bamboo stick but was spared after paying the scums $300 British dollars!! Bintang Tiga killers scoured the palace of Seri Menanti looking for the present Yamtuan and his family to be where do we stop to remind people of our dark periods!!
    I guess Malays have to stop being a bleeding heart liberals,eh! For your info the remaining members of the Bintang Tiga were pardoned by the very late Yamtuan! yes we are a forgiving lot, so moronic good!

  26. Anonymous3:04 pm

    "We have witnessed how fragile racial unity can be, even in America and Europe where things are believed to be more equal."

    True racial unity is very hard to achieve especially where religious differences are significant. There will be too many who are religious zealots and regard others as infidels and therefore maintain the tension.

    But in those two regions you mentioned, there is equality in the sense that those who work harder can be rewarded properly. No racial bias or preferences. I think that is one of the big issues we have in Malaysia which leads different communities to exploit the racial card because that can be a strong argument.

    Remove all those discriminatory policies and attitudes that prevent/discourage more non-Malay races from joining in or contributing and we could see the racial tension defused. But so long as one group gets special benefits (and I am not referring to the 'special rights'), there will continue to be racial problems.

  27. Anonymous3:13 pm

    The Malays, who are "lurus bendul" are no match for the cunning Chinese. Malays shouldn't play the game according to the Chinese rules, because they would definitely be on the losing side.

  28. May 13 1969 was planned by some cold-blooded goons from a particular political party .If there is anything to be learned, it is that the government had successfully hookwinked the general public until recent years.What is there to commmenmorate?The PM is right to rubbish the suggestion of some of his supporters as the date is a blackmark against the perpetrators of the dastardly crime !

  29. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Anything suggested by Utusan is suspect. It is right for Najib to reject this suggestion.

    The messenger is the problem. Not the idea.

  30. Skilgannon10666:08 pm

    Pro M 11:20 AM

    You are strangely coy in not referring to our big neighbour (aka Indonesia) which became a republic after gaining independence from the Dutch. Did Bung Karno get that right or what?

    And, Rocky, you are also circumspect in referring to "our neighbour". Why not just say "Singapore"? Or is that politically not correct?

    As for observing the anniversary of May 13, 1969 as a "National Unity Day" or "Hari Muhibbah", why go this route when the basics dictate that national unity should be taught in schools, from playschool onwards? Are you suggesting that the prejudices and intolerances accumulated from one's school days can be magically transmuted into an ersatz spirit of unity by commemorating the anniversary of May 13, 1969?

    And, as sure as the sun rises, all this talk about "muhibbah" convolutes into the topic of "rights and privileges". Which is fine and dandy, but how it helps to position Malaysia in the race to developed nation status by 2020 is an exercise that will tax the brains of PM Najib and his advisors.

    US$444 billion or RM1.4 trillion = national unity? Perhaps the PM can solve this equation.

    Or, maybe, it won't matter in the overall scheme of things, because China, India and Indonesia will get to call the shots in the years to come.

    And all these debates going on in Malaysia about this and that will be shrill exercises in irrelevance anyway.

  31. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Only those who are racist are afraid that the truth about 13 may will be exposed. They will only blame and point fingers on others to confuse the community. These are the strategies of DAP and Pakatan Rakyat. They will manipulate everything in order to gain power to rule the country. They are the racist scums who will destroy the good willl and harmony in this country. Just look at the chaos in the state they rule.

  32. OK lah if Najib do not want anything to do with May 13th. 1969.Dia 'Pembesar Negara' dia boleh kata dan buat apa yg dia rasa betul baginya.Tapi orang Melayu jangan sesekali lupa siapa kah pencetus trajedi 13 May itu.Kaum Cina yang terlibat terutamanya pihak DAP dan Gerakan tidak mahu langsung perkara ini disebut-sebut kerana fakta sejarah 13 May itu akan menunjokkan dengan jelas bahawa mereka lah pencetus peristiwa hitam itu.Bacalah "White Paper" mengenai rentetan peristiwa yg menjurus kearah peristiwa berdarah itu yang dikeluarkan oleh MAGERAN.Ia fakta sejarah yg tidak mungkin dirungkaikan.Kejadian 13 May ini hendaklah sentiasa dikabarkan kepada semua pencinta keamanan dan generasi akan datang supaya ianya tidak berulang lagi.Orang Melayu memang sifatnya berlemah lembut dan mudah memaafkan.Sayang sekali nilai2 murni ini langsung tidak dihargai oleh pihak lain yg bersikap rasis dan chauvinist.Betullah kata Anon 3:13pm tu, 'The Malays shouldnt play the games according to the chinese rules'- Orang Melayu akan sentiasa ditipu dan dianaya oleh si mata sepet ni.

  33. Anonymous7:32 pm

    Anon 2:27PM,

    Jangan le marah dengan darling I, Monsterbal lau ren tu.

    Biasanya kalau zaman muda2 jadi naughty2 boy, alamatnya dah tiba zaman tua2 kuat melatah la..

    Najib mungkin tak pernah masuk gerai Apek sebelum May 13..tak pernah kena tipu timbang dacing gula/beras/tepung dan SERBOK KOPI dan tunggu jentikan kiraan jumlah sempoa calculator, tolak sebola tambah extra RM5 bla bla

    I wonder maybe at the time dia duk sedap being served a 5course dinner with a choice of roasted turkey or grilled lamp served with freshly farm picked strawberries nun jauh disana?

    Mana nak rasa ini semua? KITA KITA bahalol disini, berhari2 sekadar ikan kering, nak keluar rumah pun takut!

    To us who went thru those difficult times...YES I sure want the day to be FULLY remembered sebagai.



  34. Seolferwulf7:43 pm

    And just who is "our neighbour"?

    Could it be perchance a city-state with a population of 5 million that may clock up a GDP growth of 15% y-o-y this year and that could even have a GDP bigger than that of Malaysia by the end of this year (if the Bloomberg report is to be believed). Even Tun Dr Mahathir has seemingly accepted this strange anomaly which runs contrary to accepted thinking among the likes of u-know-who.

    So, why not be brave enough to admit that, on balance, maybe "our neighbour" got more things right than wrong
    since 1965? After all, it went through the repercussions of the May 13 chaos and came out of it as a regional banking and finance centre.

    All without the angst surrounding May 13.

    Maybe "strategic pragmatism" (to quote a favorite phrase of Ngiam Tong Dow) is the way to go.

    Or that a country that is forever dwelling on the ghosts of the past will be burdened by always having to look back over it's shoulder.

  35. Excellent article Bro.

    Its time we talk about the May 13 tragedy in public and not use it as a tool to spook Malaysians.

    Its just a crying shame that Kua's rubbish on the 13 May incident was allowed to fester for too long before the likes of Jebatmustdie decided to counter it and put things straight. I note the old BN Government of Pak lah did not lift a finger to counter Kua and even allowed the book to be put on sale that is truly pathetic.

    PM Najib decisive this time? Just hope he does not make a flip flop.

  36. Anonymous10:01 pm

    "And all these debates going on in Malaysia about this and that will be shrill exercises in irrelevance anyway."

    skewedmoron is baaaaccckkk - a dictator in the making

    if you are sooooo reluctant to debate, just get the h*** outta Rocky's blog lah

    so easy mah, why stop others from intellectual discourse eh?

    even if it is just to ward off potential insanity, as in the case of monsterball?

  37. AA!
    What a load of crock!

    This is what happened{and I was as a youngster & witnessed all}

    When the polls were announced, without a doubt, DAP went berserk.

    Along Bungsar & Jalan Travers , there was a "Victory Parade" , where the motorcade, passing along the Travers Police Station, where there was Flats, stopped in front of women & children & the DAP{Chinese} males , unripped their crocthes , waived their penis at the women & children{Malays} & told them to balik kampung.....

    Pls Rocky I was witness - Let the Chinese realize that they have taken all of us for a ride- guess who was the "big boss" _ Lim Kit Siang - Yes & very conviently he has forgotten.

    So let us not fool ourselves- May 3th., 1969 must be immortalised - my two young lady friends { 1 malay, 1 Chinese} were burned - at 21 years of age>>>>>>>

    Godspeed, you stupid politicians.


  38. Rocky a line should read the Bintang Tiga was " looking for the present Yamtuan's father and his family" not the present Yamtuan!

  39. Anonymous7:08 am

    `Najib mungkin tak pernah masuk gerai Apek sebelum May 13..tak pernah kena tipu timbang dacing gula/beras/tepung dan SERBOK KOPI dan tunggu jentikan kiraan jumlah sempoa calculator, tolak sebola tambah extra RM5 bla bla'

    fully cocurs with u perwira, but do not forget key point here it is cheating and manupulation.

    and it still goes on till today.

    unfortunately, the malay (who the hell?)believe the myth `the chinkies' is hardworking people on this country?

    coming to malaya in a tongkang with 50 cents in the pocket?

    dont u think there is a cheating, manipulating and bribery elements here?

    orang melayu ni lurus bendul, percaya pada agama dan tuhan mereka takut pada hari kemudian....

    dan inilah kaum pendatang fully exploit of them.


  40. Anonymous8:03 am

    para sahabat,

    telan lah ubat pahit ini.

    terima lah fakta, jangan salahkan sesiapa tetapi diri sendiri. memilih bangsawan yang tak pernah merasa pahit maung perjalanan kehidupan biasa. jauh sekali, dari melalui kehidupan dan kesusahan melayu biasa, melayu kampung, melayu jalanan.

    dari young teenager dah di bela sebagai elitist, sekolah luar negara, makan minum sebagai anak orang orang kaya raya bangsawan, campuran pun orang bangsawan.

    balik , sebagai orang muda, terus di hormati, di julang dan di lambong. sampai lah sekarang. siapa yang julang? siapa yang lambong? awak awak jugak. worst, sekarang di kelilingi dgn pelbagai kaki bodek. semua kelas pro and award winners.

    kesian kat depa, you all yang buat macam tu. your product. sekarang tak nak ngaku pulak.

    bila masa dia nak merasa apa yang kau dan aku rasa. dia tak ada peluang. tak boleh salah kan dia. kalau kau dan aku, dibesarkan macam dia, very likely, kau dan aku akan berfikiran, dan berbuat benda yang sama. entah entah lagi terok.

    UMNO yang rosak, UMNO yang tak bijak. jangan cuba tukar topik.

    semenjak TDM, lahirnya anwar lah, pak lah lah, massive money politics lah, konsep "politik guna nama melayu, tapi bisnes biar dgn cina" lah, "smart partnership" sebagai nama dan topeng baru untuk alibaba, big matha faka mega major corruptions, zaman ksu tksu kp hidup macam menteri, zaman menteri hidup macam tokey minyak, zaman elitist melayu tiba tiba kaya yang hidup berfoya foya macam there's no tomorrow, dan 1001 sumpahan yang di alami kita sampai lah sekarang ni.

    sebab tu aku nak muntah kalau tengok si anak nya TDM yang berpolitik nak champion malay course. dia dgn kj kitol, 2x5 je. its a matter of siapa yg dapat dulu. perkasa kalau tukar satu vowel, akan jadi perkosa. tu je.

    UMNO tak pernah belajar. sebab tu tengok pelapis UMNO, hari ini, at pemuda level. tengok moral mereka. tengok prinsip kehidupan mereka. tengok cara campuran mereka. tengok how they deal with para peniaga cina. tau takpe. tak payah nak cerita lah. actions speak louder than words. ada lah 10-20% yang ok. susah nak naik yang elok elok ni.

    regardless all these handicaps: masa muda yang serba kekurangan not by his choice, massive mess yang ditinggalkan oleh tdm dan paklah, diselubungi dan di kelilingi oleh 1001 fake & distracting people, di bantu oleh para pelapis yang reput; ... for najib to be what he is today, better than pak lah, BETTER than tdm, he has done tremendously well. outside his expected capabilities. outside the box. outside everyone's expectations.

    like it or not, i believe in good intentions. If there is one, Allah will help. will Guide. against all odds.

    i agree with najib, he has his reasons, and yes, i never forget may 13.

    -telan jangan tak telan-

  41. Anonymous11:23 am

    Oh! itu sebab najib takut cina melenting. pilihanraya dah dekat. so kena lah bodek cina banyak2. jgn bagi depa sakit hati. takut nanti tak undi BN pulak.

  42. Anonymous12:10 pm

    sillywolf is singing praises to the LITTLE red dot with yyaawwnnn cut and paste facts and figures bla bla bla

    just ask yourself sillywolf, why are the brightest citizens packing their bags and migrating OUT of the red dot EVERY year??

    and many neighbouring countries esp Indonesia want their economic criminals to be extradited back home to face charges

    poor sillywolf and skewedmoron still playing the same TIRED old tune, err of course with their c&p "facts and figures" and nothing else

  43. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Tuan Penasihat,
    Takkan nak ikut cakap awak semua saja....belajar2 la terima kena reject.

  44. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Aiyah, why must follow this one by that red dot?
    So many other things oso we naver follow becos we have our own style what?
    You never say we must be not corrupted like red dot, never encourage cronyism like red dot, never spoon feed the bumis, etx...

    Why only now wan to talk about new theme for 13 may? Nak rewrite history ke?

    As it is, the history of this country from the Hindu empires' rule has been erased. Now you want to have 13 May original erased?

    Apa lah lu.

    Leave it lah. Enuf of rewriting history.


  45. Seoulferwulf, don't get too delirious of Singapore's GDP lah, try this:

    GDP (per capita) suffers from the fatal flaw as a economic indicator because it does not subtract profits earned in Singapore but which is remitted back to foreign shareholders and foreign investors. It also ignores incomes sent back by Singaporean corporations overseas.

    A more appropriate measure would be gross national product (GNP), which measures national income and profits held by Singaporean firms and residents (citizens + PRs) only. The latest figures for 2009, show that Singapore’s GNP for that year was S$182.536 bn, compared to its GDP of S$265.057bn.

    In other words, total income and profits for 2009 earned by Singapore residents and firms is only a mere 69% of GDP; the remaining 31% is repatriated overseas.

    Singapore is a city state and like another city state Hong Kong it has been a financial center since the English Colonial days. Both will prosper better than their neigbors as long as they can provide better financial service FOR their neighbor.

    Nothing to do with politicslah, but the one school system put in place by Lee Kuan Yew is the single most important thing he did for Singapore, at least its people are somewhat integrated and with integration there is a semblance of unity and the desired political stability which makes Singapore a great place to invest and do business with the neigboring ASEAN countries.

    Singapore's GDP is a natural progression from its history and the history of its neigbors i.e if ASEAN prospers Singapore will prosper more as money from around the globe or from ASEAN will go to Singapore first before it gets anywhere else.

    Try find out about it yourself, you will be surprised. TQ.

  46. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Nothing else to commemorate ke?

    To those who want to keep remembering May 13, maybe best they just shove it into their own asshole.

  47. taikotai9:36 pm

    Allo Latuk Blu,

    Apa la lu olang suma mising-mising pasat itu May 13..haiiyaa..blapa manyak hali sula bikin holiday..bulum masok itu Valentine Day..itu May 13 aa..suma olang tau manyak suwey punya hali maa..wa cina punya olang bikin bisnes tau..mana ale suka itu kacau-kacau punya hat..itu hali wa pigi sana Guangzhou tengok itu Asia ingat sana punya Cina banyak baik sama wa ka? Lia olang sula tipu sama wa tau! Wa sula bayar hotel punya booking pakai kledit card..lagi lia olang bilang wa tatak bayar. Itu bilik lia sula kasi lain olang. Haiiyaa..nasib wa jumpa sama satu grup Melayu..lia olang panggil wa luluk hotel sama dengan lia olang..kita olang mutut-mutut selupa alik-beladil oo..Itu pasat haa..kita Cina Malaysia beniaga punya olang talak suka ini gadoh-gadoh..tapi itu politik punya Cina wa tatak olang jangan dengar sama lia olang la..itu suma tatak guna punya olang..apa-apa hat..wa sokong kita punya PM.
    P/s: Jalan dekat sana Guangzhou bayak berseh oo..malu la mau compare sama KL. Motorsikal pun lia olang kasi halam..KL muleh bikin ka?

  48. Skilgannon10669:41 pm

    Anon 10:01 PM

    US$444 billion is a figment of someone's imagination, a figure plucked out of thin air?

    And with regard to what actually happened on May 13, 1969, have the communications of the Australian, British and American diplomats (then based in KL) to their respective foreign ministries been revealed and analysed?

    Note that no one has pushed for these diplomatic communications to be made public.

    There is a Freedom of Information Act in the US. Why not make use of it to declassify those particular communications?

    Unless the truth is too much for some parties!

  49. DAA!

    Tun Razak never wanted a coup de tat!
    Dato Harun did not cause 13th May!

    I know , I was there!

    On the fateful day when the polls were announced, the very next day, in kuala lumpur, along jalan travers,the DAP had a victory parade, & as they passed the police station, many members unzipped their pants at the ladies & kids in the police barraks and.....!

    The same happened at the alliance franciase, in front of balai dato harun.

    And Rocky, I was eye witness and I know exactly who the DAP persons were.

    So let the persons who object to holding May 13 as a commerative day go take a hike on the wild side of life{I could use more abusive terms but then I and most likely you would be subject to yet another suit/police report!!!!}


    What we all need to to do is to remember & commerate 13/05/69 as an auspicious day - where we as a nation failed to keep the Divine Gifts that this bumi has been blessed with.

    So yes, let us raise our glasses, utter a silent prayer{on every 13/05} for the fact that despite all factors, we did not go into anarchy but came through & went on from strength to strength

    Godspeed, Rocky!


  50. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Lantik Rosmah menteri agar tidak ‘kacau’ kerajaan
    IPOH, 21 Nov: Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak disaran melantik isterinya, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor sebagai menteri supaya tidak ‘mengacau’ pentadbiran negara.

    “Eloklah Rosmah disenaraikan oleh Najib sebagai mengisi kekosongan kerusi menteri penuh bagi melengkapkan rombakan yang akan diumumkan oleh Najib nanti.

    “Kalau tidak, Rosmah akan terus menjadi pengacau dalam pemerintahan negara yang ada sekarang,” tulis Pengerusi Sekretariat Pakatan Rakyat Perak, Drs Khalil Idham Lim di dalam blognya.

    Demikianlah, katanya Rosmah Mansor sebagai pemecah tradisi sebagai seorang isteri Perdana Menteri yang paling hebat dan berkuasa.

    Justeru itu, tegasnya tekad Pakatan Rakyat bukan sahaja menjatuhkan BN dan Najib tetapi memastikan Rosmah bukan lagi menjadi pengacau kepada pemerintahan negara disayangi ini.

    Beliau yang juga Ketua Penerangan PAS Perak mengulas kenyataan Rosmah Mansor yang memohon tempat di Asian University for Women, Bangladesh untuk pelajar wanita negara ini yang kurang berkemampuan.

    "Insya Allah kalau ada peluang, saya akan cuba tempatkan empat ataupun lima wanita dari negara ini yang tidak berkemampuan untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke Asian University for Women.

    "Ini adalah mustahak bagi pelajar wanita negara ini bertukar-tukar fikiran serta mengenali amalan budaya kaum-kaum di negara lain," katanya kepada pemberita selepas menghadiri Majlis Perasmian Istiadat Konvokesyen Kelima Unisel di Kampus Bestari Jaya di sini, semalam.

    Menurt Khalil, sekali baca berita di atas nampak macam biasa sahaja tetapi sebenarnya untuk sekian kalinya Rosmah melangkaui tugas Menteri Pelajaran atau Menteri Pengajian Tinggi dengan membuat kenyataan yang langsung tidak ada kaitan dan bukannya tugas isteri Perdana Menteri.

    “Kalaulah dia pandai dan sekolah tinggi sikit, kenyataan apapun yang melibatkan apa saja kementerian boleh dikeluarkan walaupun masih nampak jangalnya dengan cuma berlapikkan akan usahakan melalui kementerian yang berkaitan, dalam soal penghantaran pelajar dia boleh berlapik dengan katanya akan berusaha melalui Kementerian Pelajaran.

    “Mana ada urusan hantar pelajar yang boleh diselesaikan tanpa ada campurtangan dari kerajaan dan dalam hal ini kementerian yang berkaitan ialah Kementerian Pelajaran,” ujarnya yang juga Adun Titi Serong.

    Sebelum ini, katanya Rosmah dilihat beria-ia sangat dengan mendakwa dirinya wanita pertama negara sehinggalah dianjurkan persidangan wanita pertama dengan membelakangi Raja Permaisuri Agong sebagai wanita pertama yang sebenarnya.

    Selain itu tanpa ada kementerian ‘Permata’ Rosmah mendapat peruntukan khusus sebanyak RM111 juta dalam Bajet 2011, satu jumlah yang besar walaupun hanya untuk prasekolah yang belum nampak hala tujunya.

  51. Anonymous5:21 am

    Bila keluar saja orang PAS buat komen, siap lah. Dia mesti keluarkan dakyah PAS diHarakah dll seperti komen di11:36 PM diatas.

    Dia sebut kata kata Harakah sebulat-bulatnya, setiap biji. Berjela jela pulaknya. Kesian, orang PAS main ikut saja apa orang lain kata. Mcm Nizar ikut apa Ngar dan Ngo cakap diPerak.

  52. Anonymous5:49 am

    The Phoenix Foundation,

    I agree with you fully. What you say is in line with the MAGERAN or National Operations Council Report.

    To those who say Tun Razak wanted a coup d'etat or Dato Harun caused 13th May, I also say DAA!

    Those responsible for and condoning the unbridled acts of "unzipped their pants at the ladies & kids in the police barraks and.....!" surely want to re-write history, twist the facts, even completely fabricate some so-called facts, put out their own versions of what happened on 13 May. They fear that annually remembering the date would make the younger generation learn the truth of those wanton and despicable acts and their children asking them why they condoned such terrible acts that caused racial riots.

    Those who read the White Paper or the NOC Report also "know exactly who the DAP persons were." We must keep on condemning them the moment we read news of them saying anything out of tune, like not wanting May 13 be remembered.

    These are the fellows who want anarchy, who find each and every excuse to criticise the Established Order, wanting to weaken it so that they can exploit it to their own advantage, who are subversive to Malay interest by their so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan, who are subversive to the national interest by calling for permission for the atrocious and unrepenting communist terrorist leader Chin Peng to enter Malaysia.

    Let's keep on calling for National Unity Day on May 13.

  53. Anonymous9:28 am

    -telan jangan tak telan- @ 8:03 AM

    oh come on, jangan nak berpura pura, kamu ni bukan orang Melayu

    TDM has sacrificed and contributed for 22 years and put Malaysia permanently on the world map

    Najib is just into his 2nd year - how can you compare a veteran with a novice??

    ketuk otak tu sikit jangan tak ketuk ooiiii

  54. Anonymous9:32 am

    the disintegrating skeletons in the closet needs to be aired in PUBLIC so the truth will start the healing process

    and more importantly EXPOSE the wrongdoers whoever they are

    oooohhhhhh can't wait for the final exposure

  55. Anonymous12:16 am

    So when your political master stop listening to these bigots u categorically call as too decisive!,, Come on.....grow up. Stop playing along racial line. My pray is one day the race factor has no place on this land. Cross race marriage would be common. More Malays join Chinese comrades in chinese restaurant.

    Says anak Adam.

  56. Anon 2.27pm does not know how to debate!
    He is a typical UMNO B idiot...talking about my English..and putting out as long good for nothing message as if he is my general knowledge teacher.
    What an idiot he is.

  57. If you believe all the BULLS "The Phoenix Foundation" may as well believe his balls can talk to the tress.
    Strange..he did not attempt to approach UMNO B corrupted racists ministers to write a book to counter fight so many books written....pointing fingers at Razak and Harun.
    I was there too...fighting off cowards burning houses at Gombak.

  58. With the help of some mainland local racist military...and later changed to military personels from East Malaysia..who are non Malays.
    We can say...General Ibrahim was fair to all Malaysians.

  59. Skilgannon10663:26 pm

    Anon 12:10 PM

    Really, ah? What u smoking, eh?

    From my perspective on Singapore's financial district, I see plenty of talent, both Singaporean and foreign (including Malaysians).

    So too in Singapore's research establishments, like where there are dozens of Singaporean PhDs who graduated from top universities in the US, the UK and Europe?

    Or in the IT field, where Singaporean IT talent is complemented by Indian and Chinese talent.

    Nope, no talent shortage here. If anything, it is a case of foreign talent queueing up to work in Singapore, and being willing to accept "local" pay packages too!

    No need to cut-and-paste; the facts, such as they are, speak for themselves.

  60. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Specially dedicated to skewedmoron

    "Emigration - An ironic phenomenon. Authoritarian rule may have quickened Singapore's economic growth as we're told, but it also contributes to a flight of local talent. By Seah Chiang Nee. Sep 6, 2008

    A BAFFLING aspect of affluent Singapore, with all its economic finery, is the large – and growing – exodus of its citizens over the past 10 years.

    While the hot economy has attracted more than a million foreigners to its shores, its own citizens have been leaving in record numbers to settle down abroad.

    Their exit seemed to have taken on a new life in recent years, ironically when the economic growth and the job market were at their best.

    In fact, one survey has placed Singapore’s outflow at 26.11 migrants per 1,000 citizens – the second highest in the world. Only Timor Leste (51.07) fares worse.

    so skewedmoron wanna trade facts and figures???

  61. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Part2 for skewedmoron ...

    It is estimated that half the Singaporeans who annually apply for foreign PRs – 6,000 to 7,000 – eventually settle down overseas.

    The brain drain is serious.

    Even if 0.5% of its brightest minds were to leave, it would hit Singapore hard, said Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.

    “These are bright young people, children of very well-educated Singaporeans. They study overseas now, and the very good ones are right away green harvested by companies,” Goh said.

    So why is Asia’s second wealthiest state losing its youths at a higher rate than its poorer neighbours?

    “Many Singaporeans leave because of the stifling atmosphere of the country and the political and intellectual lock-step enforced by the government,” said one analyst.

  62. Anonymous8:32 pm

    where the hell is pigmoron now? Yo..its facts & figure speaking no sepik reality piggy?
    grandiose illusion, opiumized hallucination or a cretin to the core manifestation? What a shameless hoax ..fucking stupid hogwash..

    you think of yourself as a talent?

    More like good riddance of a national disposed waste..the least Malaysia or any nation would need..!

    Emigration speaking..
    Garbage in..Gems out..
    (Garbage like Skilmoron and me sepik no english PRC)
    hahahaa, now you can already forecast the future of Singapore after LKY struggling-to-erect regime phase out.. not to mention the -ve fertility rate among the chingkies to rub salt to the hidden wound..dead-wit ending.. Ouchh!

    ROTFLMAO.. sungguh lawak.. :D>-<!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-