Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Najib wants "proper process" in the award of 700 Mhz spectrum

SO, YTL DOES NOT HAVE IT? The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has denied assigning the lusty 700 Mhz spectrum to YTL but a lot of people are not convinced. Read my earlier posting, The Government is not silly. Such is the credibility crisis Rais Yatim's Commission is going through.

And yesterday, at a meeting with telco bosses who were said to be unhappy with the award of the 700 Mhz spectrum, another smack across someone's face: the PM said there must be "proper process" in the award.

What? There was no proper process in such awards before this?

And Najib Razak also said there must be Cabinet approval.  

What?! Was there a case where the Cabinet's approval was not sought for?

I second Sakmongkol's proposal: Do a lockdown at MCMC and send the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in! We must get to the bottom of this.


  1. "We must get to the bottom of this" said Attan.
    Soon you will learn and appreciate Lim Kit Siang....revealing so many corrupted acts by UMNO B...and know Malaysians support him to free your children from money stolen from them too...by UMNO B cooks.
    Does not Penang went to DAP mean anything to you?..and even smart Mahathir dare not predict BN will take it back.
    YTL made suckers by MCMC under the command of Najib.
    Yes get to the bottom of this.
    Malaysian business people are used to being payed out many times...unless you can offer big bribes...and Najib means nothing to the takers.
    YTL will never bribe...just like Robert Kwok....who is proud to be a Malaysian but live in China...get away from UMNO B corrupted crooks for decades.

  2. Yeoh Teong Lay original idea .
    All details submitted to MCMC..and approved.
    Now..Rias Yatim wants it.
    Najib Razak wants it.
    PM's "proper process" signals MCMC to deny and you can bet..it will be Najib Razak getting it...with Rias Yatim ready to be arrested for corruptions...if he does not withdraw his interest.
    How the heck these blokes can get billions to fight LTY?
    Not only smart to steal...but masters to play out others...especially non Malays.
    Where money is concerned....you can never trust UMNO B.

  3. Anonymous12:10 pm

    You engaged an XYZ Accountant to help hide all you ill gotten corrupted income..

    After 5yrs, the XYZ Accountant got greedy and decided to manipulate your accounts by the millions into his account..

    You say he cheated you, he says you cheated them..Dua dua berkeras..

    Ini dikatakan credibility crisis.



  4. Anonymous12:14 pm

    I very rarely agree with Sakmongkol who had appeared to be a Malay apologist, especially during the priod when he was hawking budak berhingus Khairy Jamaluddin.

    But this time I support his proosal fully. Send in the MACC. Throw out the clowns.

    Rais should know the old Sinatra song. It's his generation's song. Change it a little to suit MCMC case.

  5. Anonymous2:43 pm

    is pm involved in the award to ytl? interesting question, isn't it rocky?

  6. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Long live Rocky Bru.
    Continue biting these bi*c*es

  7. Anonymous3:37 pm

    giving to the non, all hell break loose...

    then just give it to a bumi company !

  8. Anonymous4:20 pm

    About time a cabinet reshuffle
    take effect. You know who should
    be out!

  9. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Rocky bru, you deserve the last laugh, he he. Did you get back you Red Ferrari in one piece yet??

    Zinzan, NZ

  10. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Doubt anything will happen. I mean Tan Sri Fucker Yeoh is a BIG donor for the BN machinery during election. DSN needs the moolah for next year.

    Ni kerja Melayu fuck Melayu. Si Sepet ambil kesempatan.


  11. Anonymous5:42 pm

    I agree that MCMC should be locked down and MACC should be sent in to sniff out the worms in there.

  12. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Pohon maaf tok. Kame pinta dgn segala hormatnya, jgn libatkan MCMC. Hidop kame skg tertekan. Biarkanlah kame tok, agar kame bole spt biaseh dpt rezeki.

  13. A lockdown and a detailed investigation by the anti-corruption commission sounds like a reasonable call.

    Just consider what is already out in the open: there's this matter of the 700 Mhz spectrum, of course. Right now we don't know which is which, and based on the reported goings-on at MCMC, there's a lot of suspicion the commission doesn't exactly have the country's best interests in mind on how this spectrum is to be utilised.

    Let's also not forget that matter about the RM1 billion netbooks. For one thing, it is alleged that the money, which was from the USP fund, was used for something that is not specified by regulations pertaining to its usage. "Misuse of funds" comes to mind, and it could be a criminal offence.

    Then there's that matter of the MCMC overpaying for something that can be obtained for half the price. Why then did the MCMC eagerly buy something at a bloated price tag? Is it because of plain stupidity or their being clueless? OR, did some people in the MCMC benefit from buying equipment at grossly inflated prices?

    Last, but not least, perhaps the anti-corruption commission should also look into the awarding of those contracts to install various kampung wifi and assorted "for the rakyat" internet projects. There have been reports of shoddy implementation, where some projects have turned into white elephants. So who had gotten these projects, and how were they approved?

    There is suspicion and reasonable evidence that some senior officials have been using the MCMC as their `lubuk emas' - a goldmine to rob and loot. `Character assassination' and `malicious lies'? Let the MACC investigate and we'll know how true or false our suspicions are.

  14. Anonymous9:11 pm


    MCMC and Rais Yatim are not the first and last case like this.
    Only earlier this year we had the issue of Berjaya receiving than losing a Gaming License.
    MACC should also lock down MoF and check the books on that license issue. As it is MoF1 is Najib himself. For hims to deny knowledge and not explain himself over that also defies logic.
    You have also raised the issue before regarding the SC Chairmans double standards and conflicts of interest. MACC should be locking SC down as well.
    I think if you dig deeper and look at most govt allocations of licenses you can see complete lack of due process.
    That I want to read in the Malay Mail.


  15. Anonymous11:40 pm

    somebody's brother is in YTL lah.
    that says a lot, no?

    rocky, this mcmc thing is getting too big for u lah.i told u before its like shooting rubber bullet. jgn usik tapi kau degil. kalau kail sejengkal, jgn lah nak menduga lautan yang luas. dog barking the hill, mu pehe dok.

    for YTL and the matha fakka monsterball clans, its the same old story - chow yun fatt in the movie The Corruptor. The ultimate opportunists.

    these matha fakka bisness men knows only one way to do bisness, the dirty way. corrupting everyone they can. short cuts, jump queues.
    ends justifies means.

    its time every normal honest citizen stands up and spit in the face of bloody BOTH the GIVER and the acceptor of bribes.

    so far, kita hina only the penerima rasuah. thats bloody wrong.

    drag the Pemberi Rasuah in! shame them, fak them, publicize who they are. baru nampak who's who.

    mostly jenis Monsterball and his master the emperor LKS lah! siap lagi. its in de blad man.

    -meluat aku tengok hipokrit monsterball-

  16. Anonymous12:16 am

    Only 60 years ago, South Korea was one of poorest nation state in the world. It transformed itself in a generation, and in the process jailed top bizmen and politicians 4 corruption. In Msia, nothing will happen. Rais will likely leave, YTL will someday get what it wants. In place of Rais, Najib will bring Idris Jusoh who headed one of most corrupt administration in T'ganu and Ali Rustam who was suspended 4 money politics to centre of power. So in the end nothing would have changed, and perhaps thats why after 40 years, we still are a third world DEVELOPING nation. Dj Remy

  17. Anonymous12:55 am


    People thought process and procedure are already in place especially involving national asset and interest. Apparently it sounded this is not the case for the government that already established over 50 years.

  18. Anonymous1:58 am

    Yeah, also probe into the IPPs licence, the companies awarded to and the concession agreements.

    Is YTL also got interests in the KTMB landbanks in Singapore?.

    The Melayu leaders should be more inclined to enrich the Melayu at large and not to continue forever giving crutches to these cinamen crooks.

    Like "telurgergasi" mentioned above, they enriched themselves here but their hearts are in their ancestors homeland and deceit others with all kind of excuses and accusations.


  19. Anonymous5:36 am

    Hey monsterball,

    I see you all over the places talking cock. Writing in anarchistic style. In the fashion of DAP which has anarchistic tendencies.

    I also hate corruption. But how come you never mention corruption in DAP?

    Did you read that Ronnie Liu is now out and Tee Beng Hock is brimming with satisfaction about it? Ronnie's Exco letterhead case is not corruption ha? The investigation into Ean's Exco budget expenditure leading to Teoh Beng Hock' death is not corruption ha?

    Do you know if it's true that Ronnie Liu is the fund collector for DAP? The Chinese-owned newspapers said so. Sand mining licenses, sand sales, illegal factories paying somewhere, mushrooming of massage parlours, all paying up thru gangsters and the like. And Ronnie was alleged by a PKR ADUN and a PKR MP to have links with "the Underworld", meeting them even at the Selangor Government offices.

    If it's true, then no wonder Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng were defending him the last time. But now the grassroots have whacked them and both Ronnie and Ean are out. The grassroots even walloped LKS and LGE by not giving votes to the Kok woman whose team LKS and LGE publicly endorsed at the Selangor DAP election. But they both must have twisted a few arms among the 15 committee members who elected Theresa as State Chairman.

    So monsterball, you see only BN corruption, do you? Even Najib wanting "proper process" you pooh pooh ha? DAP corruption, Nik Aziz' corruption, PKR corruption how?

  20. monsteball,
    hei what are u doin here , after u 've been kickout by kit sing blog u came messing around here..

  21. This is not an issue of race... its about a human being haunted with greed. Can you imagine yourself in position of power to manipulate?? Surely you cannot guarantee you will do the same.
    Every response is either to condemn or support the condemnation. No corrective or preventive action suggested....
    My suggestion is every public interest project shall go through a thorough RISK ASSESSMENT made public in line (How the decision was made)

    PM cannot take any risk on this kind of fiasco for PRU13.... Its not about RACE.. its about HONESTY .. which is very rare

  22. Anonymous8:38 am

    Dato, get MACC to check the list of Pangkor Laut The Estates guests, which families went and who paid... Check also who has been using YTL yacht and helicopter.

  23. Anonymous8:50 am

    Hi Rocky,

    Agree with Sakmongkol’s suggestion - lock down MCMC and have them investigated by MACC.
    There are just too many corruptions in the country and everyone is getting so bold. MCMC failed to carry out their duties.

    Imagine, one MCMC Director proudly said, she asked people who complained to MCMC of the poor RTM reception to subscribe to ASTRO. Wonder, if ASTRO has in-house agents within MCMC to do their sales promotion?

  24. Now Jeff Ooi is accusing YTL like Berjaya....got approval...found out YTL being favoured.
    Exposed...MCMC denied approving.
    aiyah...so many versions...which version is true?.
    Answer: Your trully version is true......hahahahahahaha

  25. Anonymous10:53 am

    MACC to sniff out worms? Yes, MACC can sniff little worms, but not monsters! You know why....no proof, NFAs and case closed.

  26. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Najib pretending to be a good boy? Unlikely that he has not been in the loop in the matter. He's chickening out after the protests by the other telcos.

    sri hartamas

  27. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Bro RB. I think it is worthwhile to discuss another issue related to MCMC. I found this in YB Wee's website.


    It's about how people can easily misuse power and hire somebody who is unsuitable for top post in MCMC.


  28. Skilgannon10666:02 pm

    It is an open question as to why the government has refused to to conduct an open auction for broadband spectrum.

    Recall how many mobile phone licences were handed out previously and how there was a forced consolidation of mobile players after the Asian financial crisis.

    We are seeing the same sorry state of affairs being replayed in the 3G, LTE and 4G spectrum allocations.

    And as an aside to Pak Sak, what has Telekom Malaysia done to advance the introduction of highspeed broadband (fixed and mobile) in Malaysia?

    The Aussie govt has forced the split of Telstra into separate retail and wholesale operations, as part of the A$35 billion plan to implement a national broadband network in Australia.

    In Singapore, the govt has taken away the implementation of the Next Generation National Broadband Network from Singtel and the other 2 phone companies (StarHub and M1); never mind that Temasek Holdings has a substantial stake in Singtel.

    Whereas in Malaysia, the govt insists on coddling Telekom Malaysia. Why?

  29. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Bro, how in the hell Parpu is ranked above you in Alexa blogroll? What has he been doing other than linking his blog to the real writers and when he writes he can only swear? Apart from Rosmah, he's the type who could shoo people away from UMNO.

  30. Anonymous12:46 am


    You dare try and cast doubts over an institution (BN) that gave you a reprieve and made you someone of high status (advisor, editor etc) plus a Dato'?

    You are willing to return that title and crusade for the public, again?


  31. Anonymous8:00 am

    Rais will survive the next reshuffle. Why? Because he was merely following insructions. From whom? Your guess is as good as mine. But did we hear someone whispering Jim?

    Oh rais. You will survive. You know that. The master knows that. Jim knows that.

  32. MakYong12:12 pm

    "Gua tolong Lu, Lu tolong Gua"!

  33. Skilgannon10665:40 pm

    If you look back in time, only Telekom Malaysia and Maxis were awarded 3G licences in 2002.

    Fast forward to 2010. Is the state of the Malaysian mobile broadband industry satisfactory in terms of speed, availability and deployed technologies?

    Did the MCMC hold a consultation exercise with the telcos and other interested parties in Malaysia about their plans to move to a LTE/4G environment?

    Did it look at what other countries have implemented in terms of spectrum allocation for LTE/4G wireless broadband services?

    Has it put on record what spectrum frequencies have been reserved for LTE/4G services in Malaysia?

    I believe that the answers to all of the above could be in the negative.

    But, then, we should not be surprised. The MCMC and it's predecessors are not exactly renowned for forward thinking and planning, much less realising that state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure is a major competitive advantage in the race to secure more and better investments and jobs.

    Meanwhile, a telco in Hong Kong has already implemented a 4G network there.

  34. Anonymous12:44 am


    I know who JIM is... will reveal who he is SOON

  35. Anonymous12:45 am

    who says the govt has changed.. this issue proves it is more corrupt than ever

  36. Anonymous2:35 am

    Should we also have proper process for ensuring immigration records do not dissapear?

  37. Anonymous8:39 am

    Rocky, you may be writing for real. But after all your flip flop, how many people will believe in you.

  38. Skilgannon10665:50 pm

    The Hong Kong telco in question is CSL. It's technology partner is a Chinese telecom equipment and network firm, ZTE.

    You can also go online and read a technical paper "4G as a Next Generation Wireless Network" that was presented at the 2009 International Conference on Future Computer and Communications". The paper was authored by Afaq H. Khan, Mohammed A. Quadeer, Juned A. Ansari and Sariya Waheed of the Department of Computer Engineering, Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology, Aligarh Muslim University, India.

    In this paper, the authors put forward the view that both WiMax and LTE are pre-4G technologies.

    I wonder if the brains at MCMC bother to keep abreast of technical papers such as this or attend the relevant international conferences?

    And if WiMax and LTE are "pre-4G" technologies, then what exactly is YTL Comms offering? Not 4G, surely?

  39. Seolferwulf10:19 am


    Idiot! Your post is basically crap and drivel. Which is par for the course for the poltroons produced by the Malaysian education system.

    The development of the land parcels in Singapore as a result of swopping the KTM land will be done by a joint-venture company owned by Khazanah and Temasek.


  40. Anonymous8:08 pm

    RAIS not that silly... his son gain millions in contact

    Heemmmm .... cash cow

  41. Anonymous10:58 pm

    This one is for sillywolf

    comprendre is FRENCH for understand

    Comprende? is ITALIAN for ???

    Konon konon nak tunjuk pandai, aisehman malu nya tak tahu nak letak muka kat mana


  42. Anonymous8:48 am

    Rais....time to go back to Jelebu as you have made more than enough after joining UMNO again...... tulah jangan lawan 'BOSS'! Your family are all ok now so its time to sit back, relax and enjoy life!

  43. MyEGmonopoly3:19 pm

    The Chinese can compete on meritocracy and does not need to resort to their crutches corruption like PKFZ, or IPP contracts or MyEG contract. MyEg was given so much money by UMNO they spend millions on Maya Karin ad on foreign tv stations and not RTM or local stations and their service suck! See what corruption and monopoly does!

    For Malaysia to reach first world economy, we must compete on meritocracy.

    It is only by competition that the best are produced as in the astronauts selection where out of 11,000 the last two standings are malays.

    If left to YTL or Berjaya they would whisper to Mahathir I have Pavaroti in Langkawi would you like to see?

    And the son of Mohamad a/l Kutty from India Kerala, would be so pumped up at being at an Italian opera which he doesnt understand a word that a judge or power license is no problem.

  44. Skilgannon10665:47 pm

    Anon 10:58 PM

    Sorry, but in your haste to score points, you got it all wrong!

    According to the Urban Dictionary (www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Comprende), "comprende" means "to understand", usually asked in a question which is finished with "Comprende?"

    Thus, Comprende?: You understand?

    Must be the Malaysian education system that screwed you up, bro - or the fact that you have had no exposure to conversational Spanish.

    Par for the course, no doubt.

    And in any case, you conveniently forgot to rebut my point that it is a Khazanah-Temasek JV company that will be developing the land parcels in Singapore resulting from the swopping of the KTM land there. All properly documented and reported.

    But, then, maybe you don't read the papers!