Monday, November 29, 2010

"The Government is not silly"

These quotes, for the record,  are attributable to one of YTL's top execs in an interview with The Malaysian Insider on Saturday over a report that telcos were unhappy with the award of the 700 Mhz spectrum to YTL.

Then yesterday - a Sunday - the MCMC issued a statement to deny that it had issued the 700 Mhz spectrum to YTL. Blogger Sakmongkol had on Saturday urged the government to cancel the award to YTL and get its anti-corruption commission, the MACC, to study the decision-making at the MCMC. [Read also Sakmongkol's Further Notes on the 700 Mhz Spectrum Issue]

MCMC's denial is carried by TMI and also in Bernama last night

So who is silly now?


  1. Anonymous3:29 am

    Hmm, makes me wonder who is the smart Alec. He may have shot himself in he foot this time around. Cautions, there could be more preemptive maneuvers in pursuit of greed and personal enrichment.

  2. Anonymous7:09 am

    Another flip flop, Sir.

    Since when the Gomen ever told the truth?

  3. Anonymous11:27 am

    In 2002, Malaysiakini reported : The chief of YTL Power-owned Wessex Water has been arrested in the United Kingdom on suspicion of receiving a bribe of almost one million pounds sterling (RM5.7 million) during YTL Power’s bid to take over the company.
    According to London-based The Guardian, chairperson and chief executive officer Colin Skellett was picked up by British police yesterday for allegedly receiving a bribe during YTL Power’s takeover of the company from Enron’s Azurix Corp for about 1.24 billion pounds sterling (RM7.15 billion).

    YTL is an outstanding company, and MCMC is open wide, and ready for business.

    MANY have pee on their face today, coz the shit has hit the FAN!!!

    Dj Remy

  4. Anonymous11:39 am

    MCMC said it was studying a detailed business plan from YTL on digital pay tv. Then why is YTL promoting a "4G" service. These two things do not jive.

  5. Anonymous11:48 am

    But still,the government has gone hilly billy


  6. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Just find out who's family members in the government stand to benefit or who YTL is sponsoring (ref. 'Puteri Gunung Ledang' stageshows)and SPRM will have got their man!

    Hey, Effendi Norwawi, seems you're really enjoying your life with kereta berjiwa rakyat's wife (Tiara) now eh?. Courtesy of being the minister in charge of the Ninth Malaysia Plan at EPU.

  7. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Indians in Kuala Lumpur have been urged to refrain from eating mutton in restaurants as there is a possibility of beef being added in mutton curries.

    Deputy Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister Datuk M. Saravanan, who was having lunch with his friends in a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, was shocked when the restaurant owner asked him not to eat the mutton that was being served in his restaurant.

    hahahah, if u eat the HOLY cow, u can HAVE karma anyhow!!!!!

    Dj Remy

  8. Anonymous1:29 pm

    TOLONG Dato Rocky, jgn ungkit nama MCMC dlm sengketa Dato dgn Dato Utama Rais Yatim. Kami take bersala, tapi heboh masa kini, banyak menyusahkan kame mencari makan, maklomlah Msia byk inflasi skg.
    Kami, memang sokong Dato, UMNO, BN dan Dato seri Najib. Ampon Dato, tolong lepaskan kami, agar kami bole tetap berkhidmat kpd warga bisnes di Msia.

  9. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Projeck Mobile Blocking (IMEI)

    Projek ini adalah untuk menyekat penggunaan handphone yang dicuri atau hilang. Projek ini melalui proses “tender-free” dan “direct-award” kepada Numera Sdn Bhd yang dimiliki oleh Dato’ Amin (Impact). Setiap tahun syarikat ini akan memperolehi RM60juta atas bayaran RM2 yang dicaskan kepada pelanggan. Pihak Celcos tidak berpuashati mengenai projek ini kerana diberikan kepada Numera dan membabitkan kos pelaburan yang mahal. Tak silap kami, owner Numera adalah kawan baik Dato’ Shahril Tarmizi

  10. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Ofcourse the Government is not silly, though they maybe a tide corrupt. hahahahah

  11. Anonymous2:13 pm

    Like the sports gambling license was not given to VT...

    And yes! The government is not silly... just one big fuck-up administration that took the people for fools !

  12. Whatever it means..HD Tv show is a craze now and manufacturer are competing with each other lie hell..where Samsung is on the lead with few First...such as first Blu-ray 3D playback/recorder...first 3D TV..selling cheap too.
    Our Internet from Telecom is out-dated..slow and exactly like what we had with mobile phones difficult to get a free line...and no need to explain why.
    Recall Motorolla hand phones was always preferred as best for 20 years and now...if you do not own a Nokia..regardless what do not have the best phone.
    And 102 is no more the best too.
    All these are customers observations and being advised...but the reasons behind all our what do you call "Mhz spectrum" compared to S'pore.
    I guess MCMC can deny or admit when YTL must need to submit all details for Govt. considerations..with all details and crooks are ready to play out YTL..
    So many original ideas submitted...and rejected and next thing you UMNO B company is doing it.
    Make alot of money...but fail in the end as they know how to copy or steal but never know how to maintain ..have the important Research & Development Dept..excellent Service after Sale.. to go forward.

  13. Anonymous5:09 pm

    blardy idiots in mcmc think who they are trying to fool !!!

    but why the fuck is ytl communications been aggressively beefing up their ICT infrastructures & IT purchases from IT vendors since the last 8 months...

    as najis administration is famous of its U-turn decision, my bet he will tell you people go fuck youselves.

  14. Anonymous6:37 pm

    hey rock, let rock it. another mega hiccup.

  15. hey rocky, let rock'in. another mega hiccup

  16. Seolferwulf8:17 pm

    The report in the Spore St Times was pretty explicit.

    Up to now, YTL has not clarified or rebutted that report.

    I wonder if the "brains" in the gahmen even know what 4G or LTE networks are all about.

    Or if there are open, competitive tenders for broadband spectrum in Malaysia?

  17. Anonymous9:08 pm

    tunggu la sebulan dua lagi, tiba tiba terus betul cerita ni. Kalau tak pun, tunggu la dlm setahun dua. Gila,dah sign senyap senyap tiba tiba tak jadi. byk org nak kena nanti. nak tak nak mesti jadik!!

  18. Anonymous7:16 am

    In short term, YTL is silly, coz obviously they arent goin 2 get what they paid for, just like Vincent Tan and his sports gambling. In long run, tax payers are idiots coz YTL just like in case of Vincent Tan (manufacturing car) will be given a sweet deal somewherelse, while they wait for original deal to crystalise. So who is silly? I duno, just like we cant make up our mind. Who is the hero. Jebat or Tuah? Dj Boojai.

  19. Anonymous7:26 am

    Hahaha politician always talk & dream 'cock' only - all the time will talk as what they like to talk - rubbish beb

  20. VoteforEquality7:20 pm

    "monsterball said...

    Yeoh Teong Lay original idea .
    All details submitted to MCMC..and approved."

    There is no limit to the greed of the Kiasu.

    First Yeoh Tiong Lay was given billions through unfair IPP contracts which you and I pay every month to TNB.

    Now YTL wants 700MHz. Original idea my foot! The whole spectrum is governed by ITU standard so there YTL cannot be a genius who suddenly found usage for frequencies.

    It is surely something fishy. Frequencies like land is a natural resource of a country. Therefore by right the States and Malay rights have to be considered up most just like water.

    Rais and UMNO has given away all the satellites frequencies to the Indian Ananda, all the Wimax frequencies to Chinese gambling companies like Berjaya.

    What is going on. UMNO might as well not be around. Does anyone knows if Ananda or YTL even bother to vote? So why cater for their greed?

    40 billions and rising these rich capitalists are aided by foolish UMNO ministers, while the people struggle to put food on the table.

    We know who not to vote now!!!