Friday, November 05, 2010

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, to my Hindu friends especially and to ALL Malaysians, for we Malaysians celebrate ALL festivities.

p.s. And my apologies for not having updated this blog. I was in Singapore a couple of days earlier in the week. A classmate from Jurong Secondar School (GCE "O" Level 1977) died. Suicide. And my Toughbook battery died on me, too. Of old age and abuse. The iPad is a wonderful gadget but it is also most blogger-unfriendly, like Rais Yatim. I needed to upload pictures of arwah's burial at Jalan Baha's Pusara Aman for a posting but this toy won't let me. I am getting a new laptop next week, for sure. Not an Apple, not a Ferarri. Thank you for your patience, dear Readers.


  1. Anonymous8:06 pm

    ... happy-happy Divali to everyone here too ... :D ...

  2. Haron Rashid8:40 pm

    "The iPad is a wonderful gadget but it is also most blogger-unfriendly, like Rais Yatim"

    LOL, cukup2 lah tu, kesian dia. hehehe :D

  3. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Tahziah atas kehilangan rakan itu. Cuma nak tanya
    Rocky ada ulasan tak mengapa akhbar the STAR online tidak siarkan berita kemenangan BN di Batu Sapi dan Galas?

  4. Anonymous12:00 am


    you, sharif and me will miss amin. he was a cheerful person and always made us laugh in the old hse in paramount garden.

    his 'sayap' illusion and what he did in the Round Mosque in Section 14 PJ will remain in our memory.

    semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya... amin!

  5. Email-2-blog function uploads photos via email.. Then edit the entry/text on your iPad. Oh course, you need a usb to iPad accessory to connect your camera to it. Saves carrying another device and spending money on another laptop ;)

  6. Anonymous1:39 am

    bro, i thought you have got your brand new Lambroghini from USA. How about the netbook under USP fund? I am sure that you are perfectly entitled.

  7. So sorry to hear your friend died that way..

  8. Anonymous3:16 am

    datuk. Sorry about your friend. But can't help to comment on the ipad issue... I'm sure there's an apps that would allow you to upload photos to your blog! Someone must've thought of it!

  9. Anonymous9:52 am


    For a moment I thought it was some stand-off... after the episode with Minister RY. It didn't help either that the newspapers I read were not delivered it being Deepavali, but thank God for Utusan. Even Star online did not have the by-election wins under its 'latest' coverage.

    Glad to know you're back in business. Sorry to hear about your friend. Sad that he had to go the way he did at such an age...


  10. Sorry to hear about your friend and that he died that way.

    BTW. I wrote a cover story for Mobile World on whether Internet tablets will kill netbooks and in it I argued that I would not find an Internet tablet such as the iPad or others to be suitable for all the tasks which I can more easily and conveniently perform on a netbook, notebook or desktop PC, so Interent tablets are unlikely to "kill" netbooks.

    Well, your experience tends to support that.

  11. Anonymous1:00 pm

    did you catch the Deepavali full page colour ad by the same Ministry that has your silly Minister? They're having their open house in Kedah.... I wonder if the Minister will be wearing his swimsuit...

  12. Innalillah,

    1. It's sad when a death occurred. But, as Muslims, we are supposed to accept death with an open mind and open heart;

    2. Still it's sad when a Muslim committed suicide (as you had reported). We should not. The hukum on suicide is very clear;

    3. As for technology failing on you, I think I know the reason and I must blame you. You are too taken up by new, sophisticated technology, which is not often friendly or reliable to traveling writers; and

    4. That's why I stick to the simplest proven technology, and for that reason I can write and blog as well in Tanah Merah, Pendang using TMnet as I do in Kuala Lumpur, Dubai and Zurich.

    Thank you.

  13. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Oh Rocky, you did your GCE 'O' in 1977 at JSS. I did mine in 1978 at Dunearn Secondary Technical School (DSTS), the school on the hill. Noordin

  14. Rocky...organize a small group with lots money for coffee cake and cigars.
    I will bring one or two very rare pocket watch for auction to make sure you get a lap-top and latest phone..FOC.
    Contact Amin Iskandar for my HP.
    Yours never work. Fed up of phoning you.

  15. Anonymous8:00 pm

    bro, u need to jailbreak ur ipad to unleash its full potential

  16. Anonymous11:33 am

    Get a Mac Book Pro bro. Can't seem to get rid of mine. That tough.

  17. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Samsung tab la gadget with flash..

  18. taikotai1:15 am

    Allo Latuk Blu,

    Talak hat..kita olang paham sama lu maa..aiyaa..manyak kasian lu punya kawan. Silamat Dipawali ..angpau talak..manyak soli aa..!! Mau laptop..bole mintak sama itu abang Lais.

  19. Anonymous8:57 am


    Other than suicide there are also hukums and hukums about murder and killing, dishonesty, corruption, adultery, hypocrisy and a host of other 'sins'. Take your pick.

    Suicide is a very difficult and poignant death. It's the one death that is least understood and too often becomes a piece of ghoulish news and a vehicle for self-righteousness.

    News of suicide always plays to a gallery of tut-tut-tutting onlookers.

    Who knows what purgatory Amin went through when he was alive?

    Who knows his agony before he made his last desperate act?

    Let's have no more comments about HOW Amin died - he has passed on to meet his Maker - the only One who can judge him. And we know that Allah is Merciful and Compassionate.

    Let's spare his parents more pain. Their love and doa for their son is all they have to see them through this grief. They know the hukum, but as for us - we will never fathom their torment.

    Please let Amin rest in peace.

    Maznoor Abdul Hamid - Arwah Amin's teacher from 1975-1977

  20. Ex Student of JSS9:59 am

    A Kadir Yasin,

    Who are we to judge if it's right or wrong for someone to take his/her own life. Yes, Islam forbids suicide but Allah the ever forgiving and the most compassionate will be the one to decide not us.

    Please leave the late Mohd Amin alone,let him rest in peace and spare a thought for his family.

  21. 1. So sad your friend died Bro, suratan takdir ajal dia begitu rupa. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat diatas Rohnya.

    2. Get a Hitachi Notebook Bro, never fail on me in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh or India.

  22. HAPPY DIWALI to all of you. This Festival of light giving everybody joy and happiness, piece and prosperity.