Monday, November 22, 2010

A demi-God in PKR and DAP?

INSIDER vs OUTSIDER. You just need to read YL Chong's opening line in his blog posting The Third Force -- Or is it The Third Farce? to know that this is going to be a slugfest.
"Self-appointed leader of the Third Force in Malaysian politics, civil rights lawyer Haris Ibrahim, has taken on the mantle of shortlisting candidates to stand under the banners of PR components, Part Keadilan PKR Rakyat (PKR), and Democratic Action Party (DAP)."
It doesn't get prettier as it goes along ...
"Indeed, I think Haris, drunk on commenters' cheering squad on his blog, has arrogated for himself a status justified by the cheering squad -- that status befitting a demi-god? On what criteria has Haris followed to shortlist these 16 candidates for the next general elections (GE13)?"
When Haris Ibrahim responds to Desi aka YL Chong, it won't be jab-jab-jab, either.

Read Desi's entire article H E R E.


  1. Go on Harris.

    Let Zaid bleeds PKR through artery. Nome night, you milk this sow from the jugular vein.

    Go on. Let this virus die standing.

    After all, what's a Third Force for.

  2. Red eye over yonder12:50 pm

    Ini bukan Harris tapi duit Konrad Adreneur Foundation.

    In the last election he was looking for candidates to run as independent.

    Nothing new from Harris but just a crap new branding and slogan.

    He is hardly a third force but just a drama king. Susan Loone being the drama queen.

    Kalau Harris ni masuk Kristian, dia layak jadi those evangelical TV Ministers.

    Kah kah kah ... Harris Civil Rights Lawyer ... what a joke?

    Perasan syok sendiri asshole

  3. May the Force be with the Hantu Tetek3:30 pm

    Haris Ibrahim, whom I once respected, has turned into a clown. Ape nak cari third force? Kalau betul-netul nak cari "force", cari lah kat Star Wars. If Haris is serious about opposition politics, he should go with the tried and tested. Remember, "The Force is strong with this one" (Darth Vader), and so long as Darth is around, Haris should be clear about who the bigger enemy is.

  4. Anonymous3:52 pm

    1st force - kaki pompuan mongolia

    2nd force - kaki pretty boy

    3rd force - kaki kuda, kaki minum

    all 3suku candidates, better boycott ge13...

  5. Anonymous3:57 pm

    "Semen can stay in rectum for 72 hours: Doctor"

    72 hrs ? no nid to shit, can meh?

    just like dis gila babi doc, zaid has done the job & should simply just go back to umno.

  6. Anonymous4:00 pm

    A third force by right not suppose to have any connection/business agreement with any other parties (the 1st force or the 2nd force etc).

    If the 3rd force is open for bidding, the tendency is that its soul would be sold to the highest bidder.

    If that the case, the 3rd force is more aptly called as the 3rd fucker force (3FF)!

    he he

  7. MacCB4:49 pm

    Hey "May the Force be with Hantu Tetek",

    Firstly Please get a shorter name. Hantu Tetek will reflect well on you.

    Secondly, the way I see it, it's Datuk Rocky that is turning into a clown.

    Thirdly, let's agree to disagree.

    My name is MacCB. Be creative.

  8. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Politics seem to be on par with the WWF matches. One day fighting, next day friend. Then referee faints, hero gets beaten and so on. The fine print says it is an entertainment programme.

    Now we have PKR on the brink of destruction and the destroyers are out to create another ruckus.

    Perhaps these political wannabes are watching too much wrestling programmes.


  9. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Haris is a clown.Sorry Rocky what is this story in the Malaysian Reserve about the SC being sued for ultra vires acts?

  10. Tam Dalyell - Wah, ganaznya comment... awal-awal lagi dah makan orang Heheh!
    I'm going to ignore what YL Chong and Haris Ibrahim say for the time being. Two years ago, I would have been interested in his list and would have offered suggestions. At that time I was solidly behind Pakatan Rakyat, by virtue of my 24-year affiliation with PAS Kelantan - proud of the fact and open about it with all the cards on the table. There'd certainly be no pretensions or attempts to be or fake `neutrality', `open-mindedness', `third force' or whatever high-ground manoeuverings to lend credibility in the eyes of the more gullible.

    Anyway, this "Third Force, candidates list" has given me an idea - Why not those with the credibility and following create one (or a few)... of BN, Umno, Kelantan etc "Preferred Candidates List", of politicians whom they know and will vouch for as to their character and calibre? These "political elders" aka "orang tua-tua" (just a term, and doesn't emphasise `old') should also come up with an antithesis of the above - "Political Lepers List".

    As this name suggests, the second list are the poseurs, fakes and those with dubious characters who, through slick and crafty PR, nepotism and plain luck had climbed/are climbing the leadership ladder... and we Malays, Muslims and Malaysians are suffering for it. How often have we been fooled by the Colgate smiles and fiery rhetoric - mata terbeliak, muka merah, air lior tersembur -- So passionate are they in convincing us of how they will devote their lives for the Malays, Muslims and Malaysians. Only a few know about their womanising, about the kickbacks and Ali Baba businesses. We must know who they are and... and pull the carpet from underneath their feet. Or saw off their ladder. This is done not with "hasad dengki" but with "nahi mungkar" (against evil) in mind.

    So who will be among these "political elders"? Since this is my comment, I guess I have the right to also propose a few whom I feel have the qualifications and track record. First and foremost will be Tengku KijangMas of the Demi Negara fame. Yeah, yeah... I know some readers would have a heart attack Heheh! But I will definitely follow his list/s. By the way, despite accusations of `ultra Malay' etc, for the umteenth time, he is NOT `Umno' (and neither am I, should anybody ask).

    Now the following people whom I'll also trust and follow their lists are Umno, basically - Dato' Shamsuddin Nawawi (SmallTalk blog), Jebat Must Die, A Voice and maybe Dato' Ariff Sabri (Sakmongkol) too. Then there are these others whom I feel are responsible, credible, knowledgeable and widely accepted and acceptable: Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong, Dato' Ti Lian Ker, Goh Wei Liang, De Minimis; plus Syed Akbar (OutSyed The Box), Aspan Alias, Kickdefella, among others.

    You'd need honest and hard-working people to coordinate, run around, spread the word and undertake other `clerk-ish', pen-pushing chores. This is where satD (Pure Shiite) and Tam Dalyell come in. And me too (ambik peluang tumpang sekaki Heheh!). Of course, these three should be given a fee for `services rendered'; all in the name of "A Better Malaysia". (Setuju! Setuju!)

  11. Anonymous10:57 am

    Harith tu sudah kahwin cerai empat bini. Masa dgn bini nombor satu, dia ada affair dengan orang gaji bangsa Cambodia. Bini no. satu cerai. Dia kahwin orang gaji Cambodia. Lepas tu dia ada affair dgn anak Dato pula. Sampai bunting anak Dato tu. Jadi Harith pun kahwin anak Dato tu, dapat bini no. 3. Bini No. 2 Cambodia pun lari balik negeri. Bini no. 3 anak Dato pun sudah pisah atau cerai. Lepas tu Harith ada affair dgn seekor lagi tak tahu dari mana.

    Harith bukan Melayu pun. Keling juga.

  12. Dear Rocky,

    Kesabarankum dah hilang !!!
    when the GE 13 will be ? or hte BN affraid to tace it ??

    Juast wait ang see ??

    OH GE 13 !

  13. Bull Shit ! In the coming General Election it should be strictly a war between two viable coalitions.There is simply no room for any so-called third force.You are either for BN or against it !Independents can take part in the election; the possibility of their being sponsored by BN is certainly there . However, they are sure to lose their deposits.Malaysian voters of all races have matured.Not so, some "politicians" who are willing to sell their souls for their own private agendas.We voters will know what to do !

  14. Haris Ibrahim seems to be a dreamer like Zaid Ibrahim.
    Goodluck to his chosen 16 candidates for 13th GE..against UMNO B/BN...but to think Pakatan Rakyat will let him have his ways...Haris is a worst dreamer than Zaid.
    He has for years showed he is a freedom fighter per se....but his arrogance...personal agendas and selfishness are exposed long long ago.
    He is no freedom fighter at all.
    He keep trying to get attentions and be noticed ...but never work with PR. They know him too well.
    YL Chong is doing a great service by exposing Haris Ibrahim for what he is.

  15. Anonymous2:31 pm

    To imagine IZZAH being one of their top in the list?

    Elok lagi pilih Mawi atau Namewee. Lagi popular dan menghibur.

    Ni lantik puppet. HABIS le PKR...


  16. Anonymous4:02 pm

    hoi latuk! pkr & dap only demi-god, la...

    but your dumno & all the crooks there are gods ke?

    go tell all the dumno, like najis tong rosak, rise yateem, zaheed... they all can go suck tetek babi hutan!

  17. Asril Sani4:49 pm

    Tsk, tsk Haris, Haris. Keep on trying.
    And pairing with RPK.
    Makchik dan Pak kat kampung tak pandang sebelah matapun.
    Kadang-kadang loyar macam Harris dan Zaid ni bodoh.
    Tak ada common-sense.
    Just vote BN or PAS, You will be fine.
    At least undi PAS pakai serban, bukan pakai condom. Tu untuk parti Nuar.

  18. Anonymous12:54 am

    Anon 5.35pm: It's "WWE" (World Wrestling Entertainment) since 2002, after the wildlife people (WWF) sued the wrestling people. So, no need to read the fine print ;)

    - Dol.

  19. It's amusing to see the people who had built altars in their house and burned incense in honour of Zaid Ibrahim now have only insults reserved for him.

    And what is his crime, to suddenly fall from "24-carat Pakatan Rakyat and Bangsa Malaysia Demi-God and The Best Thing for Malaysia since the invention of roti canai" to "Indah Water" status? Just one - for stating that Emperor Anwar wears no clothes.

    Why, that's something which many, if not most of us, have seen and known for a long time - how can one not know when he can clearly see `something' hanging dok terhayun-hayun Haha!

    But it is Zaid who earns their wrath... for having the temerity to tell the truth; for what they are. Ah, remember those "after leaving Umno days" when anything and everything from Zaid are swallowed whole.

    Even when Zaid farts, these fawning worshipers with their twisted senses see and hear (and `smell' Heheh!) only good: "What a melodious and soothing sound Zaid's kentut is - it's like Kenny G's saxophone!"

    "And what a rich, musky aroma that pervades the air!...let's chemically analyse and market it to Pakatan supporters - Chanel-Zaid № 5®™." HAHAHA!

  20. jebat 11:00 AM -- Will someone from the AADK Agensi Anti-Dadah Kebangsaan please take the guy in and have his urine tested? From the comment, it looks like he's under the influence of some substance... his slurry speech is a dead indicator.

    Then there's this conclusion that "the BN is afraid...". Hmm, after the obvious vote swings in Gua Musang, Batu Sapi and Hulu Selangor and the winner is afraid...? I'm betting his urine will turn up `positive' (oh, this is not "a good thing" ya).

    The substance also makes him prone to violence. See this admission: "Kesabarankum dah hilang !!!" He might hurt others or himself! So, for his own good and that of society, we must help to rehabilitate him... `Rawatan dan Pemulihan' at Pusat Serenti Sungai Petani, followed by a two-year supervision by the AADK.

    Okay, jebat - start adapting now for your new life. First, go to the kedai India barber and tell him to use the electric hair cutter at Number One (and jebat now becomes `ala Datuk Syed Hamid Albar'. BARIS, bariisss sedia! Daaari kiri, cepaaat jalan! Kiri, kiri-kanan-kiri...