Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm ok, thank you, but Petronas is not

RM5 million a bed. When you don't feel well, go see the doctor. It's an advice I should start listening to. But I'm feeling better now, thanks to modern medicine. Can't say the same for people at Petronas who are running its hospital. I heard the audit ordered by new boss Shamsul is stumbling upon lots of unexpected bumps and humps. The cost of investment in the hospital by Petronas, for example, is simply extraordinary. Industry average is about RM750,000 a bed (we're talking about SJMC, Pantai, Damansara class here) but in the case of Petronas, the auditors discovered, it's about RM5 million per bed!

It does not guarantee you get well sooner but I suppose a patient would want to stay admitted longer. The hospital's CEO, an expat, has gone missing since the audit started, I heard. The audit is part of a group-wide exercise ordered by Shamsul after taking over from Hassan Merican.

Tho those not feeling so good out there, get well soon. My doa for Dr Mahathir in Australia.


  1. Anonymous2:39 pm


    Siapa yang bagi nasihat untuk kita punya NEM dan ETP?

    Expat jugak..

    Siapa yang dapat untung? Expat dan Omar Ong jugak.

    Omar Rojik

  2. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Yup, hospital construction cost is expensive and it is estimated to cost 750k/room which means a fully equipped hospital of 300rooms should cost $225 mil all-in. You can say a really uptodate modern one could cost double that amount but definately not 6.7times that.

    Something is very fishy, likewise look at the cost of Shah Alam Hospital too.


  3. Anonymous4:13 pm


    My doa is for you to get well soon. Hope, it is nothing serious, insha'allah. Take care, bru, u r da best!

    My doa too to Malaysia's ONE and ONLY STATESMAN PAR EXCELLENCE: Tun Dr Mahathir. Hope you get well soon, Tun and get back to kick arse time, pronto.

    Last but not least, my talqin for the comments directed to Skewedmoron aka Sillywolf that vanished into thin air after the prompt said the usual your comments said " your comments have.........."

    Warrior 231

  4. Missing your blog for a couple of days and now we know that you're not feeling well. Take more rest and temporarily forget about the RM 5 million-bed, as if you dig deeper, you could probably vomit blood. I heard this exact word of "vomit blood" from the new head of Sime Darby when he revealed the losses of E&U division. Get well soon.

  5. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Insiders in the hospital industry have known this fact for some time. Some of the undoings include:

    1. Arrogant Board of Directors - insisting on foreign expertise (read blue-eyed blonds)to tackle a local problem when there are local experts who know the scene better. Plus the Board's attitude that they have bottomless pockets to spend.

    2. Losing the focus of the core business of hospitals, ie to make sick people well. Whats the use of chandeliers, waterfall features and gourmet restaurants?

    3. Bad location - imagine getting into the hospital with the massive traffic jam when you have a medical emergency.

    4. Appointing a building contractor who has never built hospitals before, without appointing first a hospital equipment planner. This has resulted in breaking of concrete structures when the heavy equipment arrived.

    I can go on...but the blame lies squarely on the BOD for thinking they had unlimited resources...of the rakyat's money!


  6. Thanks Bloggerooi. "vomit blood" means dah tak boleh tolonglah.

    Warrior, thank u too. And am really sorry abt the missing comments. Will try to look for it!

  7. Anonymous7:06 pm

    We believe too much in other people than in our own capabilities. For instance we are known the world over to be one of the few multi-ethnic nations to have been able to live peacefully (except for the May 13th and one or two incidents) using our own special ingredients. Yet Prime Minister Najib (perhaps upon his 'smart in style but not so smart in thinking' advisors' advise)still insist on using the service of APCO which is said to have its contract renewed recently.

    Get smart fellas!

  8. Missi7:19 pm

    Lol, patut le Tun Mahathir prefer pergi IJN although dia advisor Petronas.

    Get well soon, Tun.

  9. Jamal7:23 pm

    As a reference, typical government cost around 1.2 million per bed, which is considered worthy by contractors to be done, considering the strict standard set by Ministry of Health.

    But that is merely guideline, it depends too on the equipments that they put in, good quality ones, medium range ones, green building design, finishings, not to mention specialization of certain hospitals.

    Indeed, some hospitals, especially private ones can be done at less 1 mil/bed rate. Some hospitals has even been done at around 200k/bed and we are talking about now. Again, these variations of cost covers a lot of customizations of the hospital design itself which would determine the final cost.

    As in Hospital Shah Alam where the main contractor was recently terminated. It was awarded at 482 million for a 300 bedded hospital. Thus, the simple calculation is at 1.6 mil/bed. But don't jump into comclusion that this hospital is overpriced. It was design to cater for 500 beds with the additional 200 bed supposed to be built in the future.

  10. Ni kan biasa dalam sejarah Malaysia, what cost 1000 will be 50K.

    NEP la or some politikus got a handsome payout for ball polishing:) well, these days apples are well polished ke ke ke

    Hey, how come u no talking bout the astro case???? free tv and free service ka, kale lain olang you slush hamtam....

    I c u when u get there, if ever get, remember

  11. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Be careful la Petronas ngn expat2 ni. Ni baru hospital Petronas, belum lagi iPerintis. Buat la audit cepat2.

    Tansri expat american

  12. Anonymous9:01 pm

    may you and Tun Mahathir gets well soon. Now majority of the BOD of GLC might be those who put their pocket first but national interest last. DS Najib should go after them one by one. Make sure those bastards unable to enjoy and spend their ill gotten money.

    Frustrated Malaysians

  13. Quiet Despair9:07 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Pray that you will be well.
    Also my prayers to Tun M.
    Even if its RM5 million bed, nothing is better than our own bed.

  14. Anonymous10:54 pm

    WAKE UP bro, 1malaysia is going down the drain and you are still up there in your castle in the air.

  15. Anonymous10:59 pm

    I'm very sceptical of ex-pat and also the idea of bringging back Malaysian working overseas. Not all expat or Malaysian working overseas are capable. The are many loyal, hardworking and smart Malaysian around. These are the people who are good but don't go around promoting themselves. Government just got to identify and find them. You don't need to spend millions just to find the so call expat or Malaysian's overseas at the expense of the brightest whom are now already available.

  16. Anonymous11:01 pm

    This would not have happen in Penang, the CAT is doing well to control corruption and should be adopted by all the other states and GLC.

  17. Anonymous12:19 am

    Consultant luar negeri yang tak tahu local situation banyak sangat sekarang ini. PEMANDU ada Mckenzie Singapura. Mereka ini tanya soalan kpd orang malaysia dan tulis balik apa yang orang malaysia cakap dan jadilah ianya sebagai perakuan mereka. MOF pun ada consultant ada KPMG. JPM pun ada consultant.PMO pun ada. Belum lagi Kementerian. Kenapa tak gunakan local consultant? . Tanyalah dalam Parlimen berapa consultant dilantik Kerjaan?

  18. Be careful, be very careful with your health! Its okay to be a bit paranoid!

  19. Anonymous1:20 am

    Knowledge on business leadership is all mixed up. Many go for leadership development or training always do the following:
    1. Self Assessment
    2. Learn all about Leadership Traits and techniques, like communication, strategy, managing change, teamwork, leading and so on.
    3. Then we have the competency assessment.
    NOTICE something? All the training is about SELF. Doing all to make self perfection.
    Business Leaders be it in Petronas, Sime Darby or anywhere must learn Business Acumen-Tying Behaviors to Financial. So what is the Leader's Financial Traits, Financial Style and Financial Behavior? This is important if you want them to run businesses especially MDs, CEOs, Boards, etc.
    Business Acumen is like EVA in accounting and finance.
    Many Learning Centres provide Business Leadership Development programs that are 15 to 20 years old.
    I can tell them this, you think they wanna hear? No way, they probably want the "Shell" way or "Australian" way. I am tired of doing the convincing part all together. Allah bless us.

  20. Anonymous8:17 am

    How can one be that stupid to buy a bed for RM5 million? And now only do audit?
    What the bloody hell of an audit has been done all these while???
    So much of money to play with, sure la... Mat Salleh sees opportunity to "flick"!!
    You sure only Mat Salleh did all these by himself????????????????

  21. Anonymous11:09 am

    Pasquale what do u mean by : Be careful, be very careful with your health! Its okay to be a bit paranoid!

    Do you mean to say, an evil or maybe hard pressed for cash bomoh, have cast a spell on Rocky?


  22. Anonymous12:09 pm


  23. dari buang orang kecil yang they say tak perform, biar buang orang2 besar yang terlalu "overperform" bla bla...

    jaga kesehatan selalu pak.

  24. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Cost per bed while proper,is a misleading term. Some jokers might take it literally.
    The expat in question is not new, and it's not really an expat per se but more like an expat company.
    They have been in Malaysia for a long time and if i'm not mistaken, they built IJN.
    They have lots of other health related projects in the pipeline worth billions, i heard.

  25. Anonymous3:45 pm

    By the way, bulk of the money spent on the hospital is on IT.
    It is a thoroughly awkward system, Selayang Hospital tried it but didn't work out.
    Guess who 'forced' the hospital to use it?
    Ask iPerintis.

  26. zainal8:37 pm

    Talk about consultant, ada GLC yang appoint consultant to endorse another consultant's work so that they won't be questioned on the decision they made--just point finger at the consultants. Good for consultants but the GLC should consider layoff some of the staff responsible for decision making!

  27. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Rocky, if only Tun read this article and its comments....he will be laughing away as all of you are barking up the wrong tree.

    Tun may not like you writing this over-inflated thingy article. Buat homework sikit bro. This hospital Prince Court, nama je Petronas punya. Anybody in Petronas involved??

    This is Tun's baby project handled exclusively by Ananda Krishnan. Petronas only fork out money lah.

  28. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Be careful la Petronas ngn expat2 ni. Ni baru hospital Petronas, belum lagi iPerintis. Buat la audit cepat2.

    belum lagi binjai...

    sat ada lagi...tu consultant yang ada kat level 69 buat apa ha...

  29. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Anon 12:09 -
    Lee Kuan Yew may have fooled some people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but he cannot full all of the people all of the time. Erm... this is not original obviously... but the fact remains that Lee Kuan Yew is not so great after all.
    Singapore is now paying for his "mightier than God" policies. He once introduced the "Stop at Two" campaign. Then, he extolled the view that smart children would be borne of intelligent parents (fancy a lawyer coming up with a 'scientific' theory). There were also policies that discriminated against less educated parents and children of less educated parents.
    And today, Singapore is facing a zero population growth and has to 'import' Chinese from other parts of the world to ensure a status quo in racial distribution. It doesn't help that Malays continue to have large families, while many Chinese prefer to remain childless or remain unmarried. (To be continued...)


  30. Anonymous11:05 pm

    One would recall his faux pas when he got Israelis to advise on Singapore's military strategy. Imagine seeking expertise from a desert expert and applying it on insular Singapore.
    His latest is the casino - not one but a series of blunders. He thinks he's so smart, he had not one but two casinos built (to make up for lost time, presumably). he must have thought they would attract gamblers from other parts of the world, hoping for 70% foreign patronage and 30% locals. Well, the last we heard, it's vice versa - 70% locals 30% foreigners. So drastic measures have been imposed to discourage locals from going to Sentosa.
    Incidentally, it was about the same time that LKY started passing remarks about Malaysia's race relations. Malaysia makes easy target when LKY wants to distract people from picking on his weaknesses.
    This is not the first time he is doing it. The last time he said that JB was a haven for triads and gangsters, he was moving attention away from Singapore's triad community which made JB their base, etc. That would duly make things easy for Singapore security forces, don't you think?
    If LKY were so great why did consistently fail to address the issues that concern a section of his people, namely the Malays? It is impossible that some who volunteers his grand views to world communities seems not intelligent and competent enough to address national issues holistically. Unless of course he deliberately sidelines welfare of the Malays to prove his defective theory that the Chinese are a superior race. Whether he is prejudiced against Malays or not intelligent enough to come up with sound policies for Singaporeans on the whole, then LKY is neither an eminent statesman nor a principled leader. On the contrary he can be likened to a lowly scumbag not deserving a stature of a statesman.

    To my mind, what Tun Mahathir has achieved to transform a country of 24 million people then reflects clearly his great and immense leadership when compared to what LKY has not managed to achieve (whether intentionally or otherwise) in spreading the country's wealth to hardly 3 million population then.

    Rocky, this a continuation from an earlier comment in response to Anon 12:09: LKY is cunning, prejudiced and jaundiced in his worldview. He does not deserve to be compared with our Tun Mahathir... a medical doctor by profession compared to a mere lawyer.

    No offence meant to lawyers, but I would think tougher grey matters would be needed to qualify as a doctor than a lawyer. So compared to someone who has led a country of over 20 million people, LKY is just a spec of dust - an irritant - in spite of his seemingly worldly reputation.


  31. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Rocky, this is a continuation of an earlier comment in response to Anon 12:09:
    One would recall LKY's faux pas when he got Israelis to advise on military strategy. Imagine seeking desert experts for insular Singapore.
    His latest blunder is the casinos. He must have thought they would attract gamblers from other parts of the world, hoping for 70% foreign patronage and 30% locals. Well, the last we heard, it's 70% locals & 30% foreigners. So, drastic measures were imposed to discourage locals from gambling there.
    At about the same time LKY started making remarks on Malaysia's race relations. When LKY wants to distract people from picking on his weaknesses, Malaysia is easy target. Not the first time he is doing it. The last time he said JB was haven for triads & gangsters. It seemed that Singapore's triad community had made JB their base to escape arrests from Singapore police.
    If LKY were so great why did he consistently fail to address issues that concern his people, namely Malays? It's impossible that someone whose views are sought after in the world lacks competence to address national issues holistically. Was Malay welfare sidelined to prove his theory that Chinese is a superior race? Whether he is prejudiced against Malays or lacks wisdom to implement sound national policies, LKY is neither eminent nor principled. He can be likened to a lowly scumbag, not a statesman.
    To me, what Mahathir has achieved transforming a nation of 24 million back then reflects his great leadership, compared to what LKY has failed to achieve (whether or not on purpose) in uplifting a population of hardly 3 million then.
    LKY is cunning, prejudiced and jaundiced in his worldview. He does not deserve to be at par with our Tun - a medical doctor by profession compared to a mere lawyer.
    No offence meant, but I would think tougher grey matter would be needed to qualify as a doctor than a lawyer. So compared to someone who has led a country of over 20 million people, LKY is just a spec of dust - an irritant - in spite of his seemingly worldly reputation.


  32. Bro, baru dapat tahu you tak berapa sihat lately. Take care of your health Bro, get well sooner than later.

    Its good to hear audits by Petronas on the Prince Court Hospital being publicly announced. RM5million/bed, is a ridiculous sum to spend indeed. Our homegrown Hospital Groups like KPJ or Pantai can do a lot better with better value for money.

    Expats to run our private hospital? what a joke. Worse, PM Najib now announcing talent hunting of Malaysian overseas to come back to Malaysia, what for?...just a wasteful exercise in being paid higher pay to do same work done by professional locals who studied overseas. Lagi baik naikkan gaji professional managers who can do a much better job with his local and regional knowledge. Kacau our local employment market sahja.

  33. Anonymous9:26 am

    For laymen even for the new guy at Petronas to discuss about the cost of building state of the art and very modern hospital is not appropriate. Most will not understand what is RM5mil per bed.It is a rough estimate and guideline Some will think it is the actual cost of the bed. Now the cost of building a standard government hospital is estimated at RM1.35mil per bed not including land cost. The structure cost and foundation cost of the building is marginal. The majority goes to medical equipment. Equipment such as MRI or CT Scan cost millions as the price is not competitive. You can only source it from a few reliable and reputable manufacturer such as Siemens. Unless we can accept China made equipments. And building hospitals not like building houses or apartments. The are many strict regulations that you need to fulfill and probably if it adopts western standard it will be more stricter and costlier. Even the paint system system must be hygenic paint or epoxy paint that should not grow mold and fungus or collect dust. It alone probably will cost at least 3 to 4 times more compared to normal paint. Unlike high school labs, operating theatres, mortuary labs are all have strict requirement. Ask yourself why aeroplanes from Boeing or Airbus cost billions. They are just a piece of aluminum metals. Basically you pay for the technology. For me, I would be more worry or concern if at that cost the hospital is not operable or not up to John Hopkin's standard.
    What the new guy at Petronas should reveal or investigate how come the cost of producing oil is only between USD2-10 per barrel and assuming crude oil price per barrel is USD70, we in Malaysia have to pay, compared to US, a lot more for petrols at pump stations. Actually taking account our our spending power or income per capita, our oil costs more than US. Explain that.

  34. Anonymous9:47 am





    1 USD = 1.31 SGD
    1 USD = 3.09 MYR



  35. Anonymous9:53 am

    kita sibok pasal Petronas...coba intai apa sedang berlaku kat Tabung Haji...saya khuatir perkara yang sama sedang berlaku...lembaga pengarah yang ada agaknya semua dah kenyang digula gulakan oleh pengurusan. perbelanjaan mengurus ...mak datuk banyaknye...konsultan masuk ke Tabung Haji sekerap staf masuk berkerja setiap hari...elok eloklah kita selak selak dan intai siapa konsultan dan apa hubungan mereka dengan pengurusan...u'll be surprised dude !!! amat memeranjatkan ubahsuai pejabat "renovation" kat bangunan yang sexi tu berlaku kerap sekali, sekerap cleaners mencuci atau vacuum carpet di pejabat bos bos kat situ.. pergilah kesitu ada saja kerja kerja ubahsuai..dengar dengar cerita kontraktor kontraktor terlibat ada hubungan dengan dua orang big shots kat situ ..suatu ketika dulu, berjuta di habiskan untuk TUKAR LOGO..aduhai, berjuta abis tuuu..perlukah logo yang dah bagus diubahsuai dengan kos yang begitu tinggi ...ego ego !!! boleh kah kita gerenti datang MD yang baru nanti akan setuju logo yang ditukar mengikut citarasa MD sekarang niiii ?

    kita minta genjeral menteri yang bertanggungjawab tolonglah bincang bincang dengan semua peringkat staff Tabung Haji..kalau tak turun padang tapi asyik di buai kekejutan 'dapat jadi MENTERI YANG BERHORMAT' dan asyik dinyanyikan lagu lagu syahdu dan 'kenyang dihidangkan sajian' oleh pengurusan lama lama nanti lebih teruk dari Petronas !!!

    sistem pengurusan sumber manusia dengar cerita dah hancur..beberapa ahli lembaga pengarah yang menjalankan tugas dengan jujur lagi amanah telah tidak disambungkan kontrak mereka keranna banyak sangat menegur tingkahlaku pengurusan yang akhirakhir ini amat menjadi jadi !!!sebaliknya ahli "LEMBAGA LEMBAGA" bunyi lebihkurang 'hantu hantu' yang menyokong pengurusan tanpa soal selidik atas kepentingan masing masing disambung kontrak mereka dari semasa kesemasa ...ada yang lebih sekurun lamanya..

    kini terdapat dua kumpulan diTabung Haji sekarang..satu mereka yang mendapat habuan gaji yang lumayan kebanyakannya pegawai pegawai kontrak yang akan diserapkan dan satu lagi mereka telah lama dipinggirkan ..

    aneh juga ..terdapat seorang GM yang dilantik secara kontrak sepuluh tahun dulu, dengan gaji yang amat lumayan jauh berbeza dengan pegawai tetap yang lebih tinggi jawatan, baru sahaja diserapkan dengan kenaikan gaji hampir 500% berbeza gaji asal dilantik sepuluh tahun dahulu ! AMAT SPECIAL PEGAWAI INI ..

    tABUNG hAJI SEOLAH OLAH tidak memperdulikan langsung perasaan serta moral mereka yang tetap yang telah lama menyumbang.. malah pegawai kontrak yang diserapkan itu sedang disiasat oleh MACC, namun diserapkan juga ...apa dah jadi Tabung Haji...

    Kita doa doakan agar terbuka hati pak menteri dan ahli ahli lembaga supaya lebih amanah dan berhemah melaksanakan tanggung jawab masing masing di Tabung Haji >>
    ...abdul haji

  36. Skilgannon10664:08 pm


    Why not benchmark against the recently constructed and commissioned Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Singapore's Yishun suburb?

    We all know that land prices are higher in Singapore than in Malaysia. That's a given.

    According to Wikipedia, the 550-bed Khoo Teck Puat Hospital was funded by a S$125 million donation from the family of the late hotelier Khoo Teck Puat. Assuming that the Spore govt matched this contribution dollar-for-dollar, the total funding for the hospital was S$250 million (RM575 million).

    A back-of-the-envelope calculation shows the approximate cost to be RM1.05 million per bed. In high-cost, high-wages Singapore.

    But this is misleading because this 550-bed hospital has 19 wards, 2 ICUs, 90 consultation rooms, 8 operating rooms and 6 day surgery operating rooms.

    It is also not known how much was spent in acquiring medical equipment, IT systems and hospital supplies for this new hospital in Singapore.

    If the Malay Mail were to do an investigative piece on this Petronas Hospital, the questions to ask would include:

    - what was the cost of the land on which the hospital was built?
    - who owned the land and how was it acquired?
    - how were the architects and consultants (engineers, quantity surveyors etc) for this hospital project chosen?
    - were open tenders called for the construction of the hospital and the supply of hospital equipment, IT systems and hospital supplies?
    - has the hospital applied for international accreditation, such as the JCI (Joint Commission International)?
    - how was the CEO of the hospital chosen? Was there an international recruitment exercise done?

    The Khoo Teck Puat Hospital project was reported extensively in the Singapore mainstream media, which signifies a degree of openness and transparency.

  37. Anonymous1:02 pm

    "We all know that land prices are higher in Singapore than in Malaysia."

    Takde tanah pandang je lah kat pasu bunga tu. That's all the tanah you'll ever own in S'pore.

  38. With a hospital bed that expensive.. it'll be a shame if one doesn't recover..

  39. Skilgannon10666:04 pm

    Anon 1:02 PM

    Silly comment you made, and one that's not relevant to this topic.

    Be that as it may, a "good class bungalow" in a prime Singapore suburb was recently sold for about S$30 million. That's about RM69 million. Willing seller, willing buyer.

    I don't recall anyone paying RM69 million for "super prime" bungalows in KL's Kenny Hills or Damansara Heights!

  40. If I were to comment, based on my specialist visit and also being warded there :

    the positive : - process flow - from patient come in to discharge was better than any other hospital that i've ever stay.
    - food menu also excellent.
    - service quality in the room was very good.

    Here comes the Negative :

    1. Excessive luxury - what for in the ward you give towel gown, where you wear hospital pyjama only.
    2. Stock control - you can request how many towel or item as you like - the staff will keep sending - and not keep track.
    2. Consultant (doctor) - How they choose consultant there? being a 6-star hospital as they proclaim - they should have the best doctor in the field attached to the hospital. But look at the consultant list - No Datuk Dr.. or famous who's who doctor/specialist in malaysia there..
    All I can see - Dr Hamidah, Dr. Jamal., Dr. Wong... , (just to give a name) - but when I check experience and credential - MBBS - and currently also working in Hospital Kuala lumpur, with other doctor in HUKM..

    what is this? i'm paying double digit (more than 10k's RM) .. for few days warded only to receive treatment from this standard of doctor? not that I'm looking down on local doctor.. , but all the consultant name there didn't make me confident to continue to seek treatment there.. (it feels like i'm looking at doctor list at Pusrawi Hospital.. or Kg. Baru Hospital.., only difference - this one cost you bomb!)

    If you go to Sime Darby Medical center - you can see - prominent name that always appear on TV.. or in the news for their success.. , Even you go to Ampang puteri also got quite a better list of specialist compared to Prince court.

    The Final straw - most company now canceling Prince Court as their panel hospital due to their outrageus price charged to company. but the treatment and doctor level are only so-so.! (my company already terminating prince court hospital from the panel hospital., and I know another company and insurance also doing the same)

  41. some more -

    Location wise - it is ok! easy for company from Putrajaya / Cyberjaya to access direct to this hospital via MEX.. !

    But please - improve on the list of consultant! other wise - surely this hospital will become the most expensive white elephant in history!


    CAfe bistro - looks so exclusive - but close in the morning.. afternoon.. and only open evening for a short one? what a crap?

    they not even considering the welfare of the staff! 5 days I stay there - when i go down to convenience store - I saw staff buying instant noodle and bread only to sustain their long shift.

    how cow? most expensive hospital.. don't even have cafeteria for staff?

    Price of Food at the only one small kiosk there - cut-throat! 1 sandwich - RM8, 1 nasi lemak is nearly rm10.. ?

    I rest my case. Although the system flow was great, staff were courteous.., what's the point if all supporting services that form a good hospital are failing all over the place?

    Petronas - truly membazir big time!