Saturday, May 08, 2010

YB Nurul Izzah will not be pleased with this picture ...

Defaced Pantai. The Member of Parliament for Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah, would want to have a word urgently with the management of these condos in affluent Bangsar, which is a core part of her constituency.

Pantai is Malay for beach;  pantat, on the other hand, is no beach. YB Nurul Izzah must let the management of this Pantat Towers know and get them to put back the I where the T now resides.

Nuraina A. Samad, who took this picture yesterday and published it this morning with aplogies, wonders if the P word is now accepted in normal lingo. Read her in OMG!


  1. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Rocky, you wanna to put blame on Nurul for not doing her job ??

    tolong la sikit,Rocky kalau nak attack Pakatan' pon ambil la cerita yg ada berat !!

  2. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Pantat in kelantan means back of something.
    Pantat in selangor means pussy.

    Go figure!

  3. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Whats happening Rocky? I just read this in Noraina's blog too!!


    Everyone turning to be like Apek tua Monsterball? Miang keladi, makin tua makin menjadi?


  4. kah kah kah PANTAT.....elok lah tu...Izzah M Lembah PANTAT....bapaknya MP Liwat....

    anak beranak saiko

  5. Bad Englisher5:13 pm

    This is just a reflection of the state of our writing ability nowadays. Language proficiency either in BM or Eng - dua dua corot!!

    Carikla copywriter bertauliah SAMDOL oi!!!

    Refer to TheSun's crusade against a certain Ministry SEc Gen responsible for allow Bad English in an advertisement extolling some Govt project. The buck must stop somewhere!!

  6. Anonymous5:15 pm

    apa itu PANTAT, dan Ngapa iya ada kaitan dgn Nurul Izzah?

    Adakah PANTAT towers kepunyaaan Nurul Izzah?

    Nurul Izzah, perlukah kamu TOWER kepunyaan saya, untuk kembali PANTAI Kan PANTAT?

  7. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Nurul Izzah is an incompetent MP resting on daddy! I have a better idea. She can take that T and shove it up her Pantai.

    It was a mistake voting for here.

    A Azhar

  8. hi Rocky....What has that to do with Nurul?
    It's the stupidity of the government..and let all read and understand what kind of government we are having now.
    Patrick Teoh ..owner of "NIAMAH" blog had few more such stupidity of the government.

  9. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Saw it yesterday and I was like, Wow cool! Ha ha.

    Bangsar Boy.

  10. something is not right in some of the people's head....and this is a kind of example.

  11. I just dont understand whether this is purposely ignored by the management...something wrong with what is inside their head..

  12. Anonymous6:17 pm

    HAHAHAHA sure got a lot of P there, :ppp


  13. ... Sorry, Kih Kih Kih! Even if I know this is no laughing matter.. I had to laugh.

  14. In Malay it's a common thing to use "pantat" such as pantat kuali,pantat perahu,pantat tempayan. It's no big deal!

  15. Anonymous6:40 pm


    Could it be deliberate? Could it be plain ignorance? Could it be the work of a tongue-tied mason or a tongue twisted ad agency artist?

    Could it be anger at the pantat man Anwarul? Bangsar is his hideout. Note that the Indons or some dialect use pantat to mean bontot. People use all sorts of things these days. Including the smelly enclave as a repository for some blunt instrument of sexual pleasure. Could Anwarul have an apartment in the Towers?

    Could it be displeasure at Nurul for not having done certain things or having done other things? Note that protests can take many forms these days. Woe betide ISA.

    Could it be the irate Management or Towers owner who wish to record his protest in some glaring manner. Look how much publicity he got. Except I wouldn't want to live in a place called Pantat Towers now or after a name change later. Call me a male chauvinistic pig or whatever.

    Could it be the sign of the times? People need to be humoured in more ways than one.

    Could it be ... Go to hell with that, Rocky. It's a cruel world out there and one might as well flush oneself down the toilet bowl.

    Goodbye, world.

  16. Anonymous7:11 pm

    It comes under DBKL, so UMNO must be pleased with this. They should get towering Saiful to be CEO of PANTAT TOWERS


  17. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Nurul Izzah will be going to prison after MACC is finished with her.
    Her father will be going in again for Round2.


  18. Anonymous7:26 pm


  19. How about Shahrizat, who did contest in the same area. Does she care?

  20. what has izzah, an MP got to do with a defaced signboard? MPs are supposed to legislate and represent the wills of their electorate. not going around looking after blocked longkangs and fallen tree branches ...or defaced signboards. get it right!

  21. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop has denied any involvement in Pos Malaysia Bhd, which incurred about RM546mil in losses over the years.

    He said Khazanah Nasional (AZMAN MOKTHAR) was involved in the decision-making .

    Nor Mohamed was commenting on a statement by Bayan Baru MP Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim who had asked Nor Mohamed to come clean and explain the losses suffered by Pos Malaysia.

    PANTAT rosmah

  22. Mr Dude10:21 pm

    What's the rental rate like for a unit of P****t? Would luv to stay there. ;-P

  23. Well, for kelantanese, "pantat tower" just means "at the bottom of the tower". we use 'pantat' all the time to refer to 'at the bottom of'

  24. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Haha! Rilekslah woi first Anon, Datuk Rocky ni bagi feedback aje kat Nurulizzah, takkan tu pun tak boleh ...

    - Pening tengok puak-puak Pakatan nih -

  25. Anonymous10:25 pm

    VANDALISM tu sememangnya kerja MAMAT-MAMAT Melayu,,

    Bukannya susah,,ada CCTV,, tengok siapa yang buat,,!!!!

    Rocky,,,,DSAI mu ta dapat jatuhkan,, SEKARANG NURUL pulak kau jadikan SASARAN,,!!!!

    MANA pergi PERKASA,, senyap aja,BAHASA MELAYU jadi BAHASA ROJAK,,!!!

    Benda yang kechil ini pon nak DIHEBOHKAN,,,,,Ramai masyarakat MALAYSIA yang JILAT PANTAT di HOTEL-HOTEL murahan di Sekitar KL,,,,takisah pon,,!!!!

    KOMPLEX SUKAN di SECTION 5 WANGSA MAJU,,,dah bertahun tak SIAP,,tiada siapa peduli pon,,habis MAMAT INDON jual kepada INDIA BESI BUROK,,!!!!!

    What happen to BURSA MALAYSIA dah cecah ke 1400 pts,,,?????? BAYANGKAN last THURSDAY DOW JONES jatuh 1000pts at 240pm,,,,agak-gak next week imbasan dia kena tak kat MALAYSIA,?????

    PM kita,,,kalu dalam 1 bulan tak keluar NEGARA ta'sah ke???? Ke KEMBOJA nampak,,!!!



    Wah, so angry?!

    Yang saya nak jatuhkan Anwar bikin apa? Dia bukan PM dan Pakatan bukan kerajaan dan saya bukan ahli PKR nak jatuhkan Ketua Umum PKR tu.

    Itulah, kalau marah2 sangat, tuan takkan boleh berfikir ikut minda tapi pikir ikut pantat (kitorang budak Singapore panggil punggung "pantat"! - jangan marah).

    Saya dok bagi feedback saja, spt kata Anon 10:25pm. Saya rasa Nurul Izzah akan berterimakasih.

    And dear SinLeong who wrote:

    "what has izzah, an MP got to do with a defaced signboard? MPs are supposed to legislate and represent the wills of their electorate. not going around looking after blocked longkangs and fallen tree branches ...or defaced signboards. get it right!"

    Won't it be good for Nurul to know of such things? If they change all the Pantai (Pantai Hospital, Pantai Dalam, Bukit Pantai, for eg) to Pantat, wouldn't that make her a laughing stock?

    Thank you.

  27. Anonymous10:40 pm

    The word "pantat" may not be offensive for Sabah or Kelantan.In Sabah it just means buttock and in Kelantan it just means bottom (pantat kuali).To me no matter what it means in Sabah or in Kelantan,would Sabah or Kelantan name a tower "Pantat Tower'? I am sure there are better names than this to be given to prominent places.If we are not that sensitive,then we should not call the late President of Pakistan 'BHATO' when his name was actually pronounced as 'BHUTO.'
    I am not surprised that in future,some roads will be called 'Jalan Pantat' or 'Lorong Kemaluan'

    'Food for thought'

  28. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Come on lah, why blame Nurul Izzah for the stupidity of others. If all MPs were to look high and low for the Malaysians' mentality, then no work will be done. It's already bad at the moment.


  29. you can still justify about connecting it with Nurul ! I salute you...pleaseeeeeeee... What abt the DG of DBP, the BM teacher of manager of the tower and the mason....Grow up!

  30. Anonymous11:00 pm



  31. The High Court in Kuala Lumpur will be hearing a lot about a particular pantat the whole of next week.... poor Nurul Izzah.

  32. joshua11:45 pm


    it's, of course, funny at first. but the joke's lost on you after a wee bit because, really, it is not funny, even if you have a huge sense of humour.

    anyway, thanks for letting us know. i know where it is. i have a good mind to tell the management to fix it.

    are they blind? stupid? or they actually like it?

    we're such hypocrites to say that it's okay to have the word PANTAT right there.

    okay-lah...perhaps in some parts, the word means ass, backside whatever.. but in most parts in means puki. okay. is puki okay?

    rocky, bro. you have kepala pantat (backside) commenters who are so stupid, tak faham what youa re saying.


    pantat betul, commenters you ni.

  33. PANTAT BEST11:51 pm

    hello you stupid people,

    nurul izzah is MP of lembah pantai-lah. that Pantat Towers is in her kawasan, bodoh.

    is she okay if some people deface her ops centre (if she has one) and change it to nurul izzah, ahli parlimen lembah PANTAT?

    like this-lah... let's send her an invitation to open a function at Pantat Towers. she ok with that or not?

    if she ok...then, i should undi someone else-lah next election.

    if she not ok, then she should knock on the door of these pantat towers management and tell them to correct it.

    what's your problem pakatan pantat-ers?

    that was vandalised, obviously.

    you understand or not what the posting is about?

    to tell you pantat people that this should be rectified-lah!

    alamak rocky. you my hero-lah. you still approve these pantat comments from pantat commenters.

    gua caya lu-lah!

  34. Anonymous11:51 pm

    This is nothing lah! Rocky, u are not serious in your blogging. If you want to laugh than here is one.

    Najib say he is not going to make one or two Melayu rich, is a mistake of the NEP and the policy of the govt. Now than an UMNO leader discover their mistake, in 1965 LKY already warn in the August house about this. So LKY is now laughing and the UMNO zealots are losing face lah!

  35. I think we all should blame Lim Kit Suang for it!

  36. No one is blaming Nurul Izzah.Bro Rocky said 'Nurul Izzah,would want to have a word urgently with the management...'. Accusing Rocky for his good intent is what we called in malay as 'memantat-mantat'. As MP and a lady it is only proper for her to take up this pantat matter.

    Maybe the management can accept my suggestion to change to Bontot Tower.That too if Nurul is not sensitif...

  37. Anonymous1:16 am

    apa kena mengena papantanda yang diubahsuai tanpa kelulusan ni dengan Nurul Izzah, tolong terangkan? Saya dapati tulisan @isu yang Datuk cuba kemukakan semakin merapu semenjak beberapa tahun ni, jika tiada perubahan nampaknya saya tak perlu lagi baca blog Datuk... Kalau nak sokong Najib, perlekeh AAB, jatuhkan Pakatan @ apa2pun, saya tak kisah tapi gunalah hujah2 yang canggih ya, jangan bodohkan pembaca...

    signed: Jebon

  38. Anonymous1:54 am

    Pantai Towers is neither in Kelantan nor Sabah, bahalol!

    It is in Kuala Lumpur, hundreds of km away from Kelantan and thousands of km from Sabah.

    In KL (and in most states of Malaysia), 'p*nt*t' is not a word one would say openly, loudly and frequently in public, more so in front of one's parents and the elders, if one has some common courtesy and adab sopan.


  39. Mustapha Ong3:22 am

    Rocky, I agreed with tamangsari that it was not your intention to blame YB Nurul Izah on this rather humorous posting of "PANTAT TOWERS".

    Let me also phrase it that the word "PANTAT" in BM is not offensive at all whether it is spoken in Kelantanese or Sabahan dialect. Well, "PANTAT" really means backside which also qualify the abnormal "sexual act" or carnal intercourse as in 'MAIN PANTAT".(Please do not misinterpret my explanation and implied that I am making a reference to Anwar's current sodomy II being trialed.)

    Having said that, one could also assumed that the builder or worker who inscribed the landmark tower could have made an innocent mistake.I believe many of the foreign construction workers are not educated but only skilled in their work. It could have been a genuine mistake unintentionally, or perhaps intentionally too if the worker happened to an Indonesian who just wanted to play some visual stunt to the public eyes and the management.

    Lastly, we all know that some phonological words in BM, Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog sound vulgar, offensive or obscene to our human ears. Just have another big laugh over such words, that do not have any bad intention in our mutual medium of communication.So no offence to YB Nurul or her dad Anwar Ibrahim.

  40. Dear All:

    Perhaps there are many "China Dolls" residing there, hence the name change!

    M. Bakri Musa

  41. Ini belum Bukit Te-Lenjan-g lagi. Atau Bukit Kena Lenjan.

  42. Anonymous9:06 am

    Is it a coincidence?

    Bangsat Boy

  43. rocky : yesterday a homeless man took a shit by the roadside in rembau. i think we should blame khairy for it!

    jokes aside though, seems like the lower your writing bar goes, the more you attract. more idiots that is.

  44. Anonymous10:30 am

    Rocky, how low can you get?

    Is it MP's job? Why not try Cityhall or Dewan Bahasa or even Perkasa???

    You're not fit to head a newspaper if this is the level of logic you have! It clearly show you know which side of the bread to butter.

  45. Brothers /Sistaers,

    Stop blamming each other for this samall matters.
    Especilly please don't blame Nurul Izzah .

    Jebat but not Jebat Derhaka

  46. Anonymous11:26 am

    ramai tidak faham apa itu dialek (dialek Kelantan) dgn Bahasa Kebangsaan. Jadi semua urusan bagi Dari segi bahasa Dan tulisan adalah mengikut Bahasa Kebangsaan.

    YB Nurul Izzah bukan disalahkan dalam tulisan Dato' tapi sebagai pemberiahuan agar menjadi MP yang lebih peka. Tapi ramai yang pakai belasah saja tanpa baca betul-betul. Pihak yang perlu dupersalahkan adalah 'Local Council' sebab luluskan penggunaan perkataan tersebut. Kemungkinan perlantikkan mereka dipersetujui oleh Nurul itulah sebab beliau juga perlu bertanggungjawab. Adalah wajib berkelulusan kepujian BM dalam SPM sekurang-kurang sebagai kelayakan untuk lantikan sebagai Ahli Majlis.

    Bayangkan jika semua perkataan 'i' ditukar ke 't'. Hospital Pantai jadi hospital Pantat (tak salah juga sebab jadi hospital pakar), Bukit Pantai jadi Bukit Pantat Dan Pantai Dalam jadi Pantat Dalam. Nanti takut pula YB digelar sebagai YB segala panta_. hah mau tak haru.

    Oleh Apek Kampung yang malu sebab Melayu tak reti bahasa ibunda.

  47. HUH? Why did you make it sounds like Nurul is responsible for this?

  48. Anonymous11:32 am


    Why cant you act like a patriotic and responsible citizen and report that to the management?? Instead of finding fault with the Selangor government.


  49. Anonymous11:37 am

    "in 1965 LKY already warn in the August house about this. So LKY is now laughing and the UMNO zealots are losing face lah!"

    11:51 PM

    heh heh ... you wish!

    lky is stressed thinking abt the future water supply lah, he cried on tv and it was replayed many times for the youth to see

    guess what? the youth said, "why is he crying and what has that got to do with us?"

    how many years can singaporeans drink recycled (WASTE) water before their IQ and health go down the DRAINS?? get it?


  50. Anonymous11:42 am

    actually that tower brings her father's face to mind

    thereby relegating the MP to the belakang

    like this not fair right, so must quickly change the name - to claims full credit for work done in the constituency


    Pakatan Rakyat memang parti BANGSAT,
    Tulis pantai pergi tulis PANTAT,
    Pantat longgar atau Pantat KETAT?,
    Tak hairan Anwar Ibrahim dituduh main PANTAT.

    Nurul malas tak KERJA,
    Jadi YB pasal bapaknya SAHAJA,
    Otak Nurul seumpama tahi dan BAJA,
    Patutlah Lembah Pantai tak BERCAHAYA.

    YB macam Nurul tolong pergi MATI,
    Pasal kes macam ini pun boleh TERJADI,
    Betulkah Nurul nak terus jadi Y.B.?
    Lebih baik dia buka pantat jadi saya punya BINI.

    Nurul cantik lebih baik jadi PELACUR,
    Saya suka pantat dia basah dan BOCOR,
    Main sampai Nuruk jerit Oh!Oh!Oh!,
    Dia syiok juga jerit MORE! MORE! MORE!

    YB Pantai, YB PANTAT,
    Pantat Nurul takda tahi LALAT,
    Pantat bersih takda ULAT,
    Nurul suka pantat dia DIJILAT.

  52. Anonymous11:56 am


  53. If the word "PANTAT" does mean "BACKSIDE" & now that Pantai Towers had changed its' name to "PANTAT TOWERS".....Can we see the CHEMISTRY here???

    CLUE & HINT:
    Anwar Ibrahim LOVES backside(Pantat JANTAN only) and is now & will be soon thrown to JAIL for BACKSIDE/PANTAT DRILLING activities, while his DAUGHTER (Nurul Izzah) is the YB for the constituency of the newly acclaimed PANTAT TOWERS.

    It GENETICALLY grows in the FAMILY, correct??? This FAMILY passionately LOVE "Pantat a.k.a BACKSIDE".

    I wonder whose PANTAT does Wan Azizah fancies??? Do they have a PANTAT PAUH TOWERS in Penang?

  54. Anonymous12:31 pm

    no i think we better blame zzzzzzz

  55. Anonymous1:07 pm

    .....well who ever started this is mean and nasty....tak de ke kerja lain,banyak lagi isu besar negara sedang kita hadapi, mengeji orang ada lah berdosa....tak takut buat dosa ke???...berbalik lah ke pangkal jalan yang sebenar.....

  56. Why don't they invite Anwar to do the official launching..

  57. Anonymous2:58 pm

    will sharizat will be pleased!!

  58. Anonymous3:04 pm

    that is very funny bro, what is even funnier is those chinese commentators in your blog who did not get the joke. this shows their level of cluelessness and incompetency when it comes to the Bahasa Kebangsaan. I heard in SRJK(C) they take simpler and easier BM papers.


  59. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Kalo kek Nogori, kondo ni kito panggil:


  60. Anonymous3:41 pm

    it seems that most of the commenters (incl. the seasoned one) is taking jibes at rocky before understanding what rocky was trying to put forward.
    Perhaps rocky is putting up a prize for the the fastest commenters? else I am sure at lost why these people had gone berserk without understanding the issue.


  61. Anonymous7:09 pm

    dragging Nurul into this ...... yu just aint got no class, rocky. it's just gutter blogging.

  62. mustapha ong,

    Pantai Towers has been around a long time... perhaps for 30 years.

    Clearly this was (YB Nurul Izzah fixed it) a case of vandalism.

    some mischievous fellow just painted a dash across the top of the letter "I".

    Nothing to do with the builders or contractors or workers being ignorant of the word etc...

    Just vandalism. So we, as part of a the community, should see that it be un-vandalized.

    and i don't agree with anyone saying that it's okay that the word Pant.t" be displayed like that for all and sundry to see because, in the first place that is not the name of the condo block.

    secondly, the word is NOT acceptable in everyday normal conversation because we don;t talk about it in everyday conversation.

    do we?

    try saying the same word -- as it is understood here in Bangsar/KL -- in everyday conversation and then say the same word in tamil, Hokkien, Cantonese, English ...
    then see if you don't care. And while you're at it, be okay if your five year-old kid mout it like it means beef burger...

    we may all be modern and liberal...there's a fine line there somewhere you know...

    it took a mighty long time for some of the most liberal publications and media to even use the word "cock" and "".

  63. Anonymous12:37 pm

    penoh dok dengor:" Hei awang, mung lesak patat kat mane? Lame dok napok"

    Dok caruk pung.

  64. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Imagine Rocky having to stare daily in his blog with all kinds of vulgar words much worse than “PANTA@”!!

    OMG dirty words repeatedly used without shame here, tong tong chiang tong tong chiang tong tong chiang day in day out, strange but true, by the very very old senile grandpapas!

    He simply quoted what he read somewhere and everyone here dah melenting!!



  65. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Big trouble in little Shah Alam....

  66. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Some of us are funnier than I could imagine. Shall we inform our PM and MP whenever we see the word c#ck and f#ck in our public toilet?

    Nurul, are you very free?


  67. Rocky and his
    love one" is trying to pin everything wrong done by the government...onto poor Nurul...and we will defend her...firmly.
    And you need PERWIRA to carry Rocky come out to defend Rocky....when Rocky is a first class instigator...and is much much more smarter than PERWIRA.
    PERWIRA only know how to put out comments that he thinks he is smarter than me insulting me...with no class...nothing special...just jabs and a lava....about to be a toad..buut not fully grown....and Rocky is a big bloody blind idiotic PERWIRA!!
    Don't carry Rocky balls so openly. Why no shame at all?

  68. anon@11:02PM (Rhan),

    profanities like c*ck and f*ck in toilets and such -- quite a different case with the word PANT*T on a huge signboard for the public to see.

    and you couldn't even spell the words outright!

    see what i mean. not many of us can say and write the profanities so blithely.

  69. Ah Seng11:48 am

    commenters yang real real bodoh di sini (macam tak percaya ada orang se-bengap ini), ada lah:

    anon@4:11PM, anon@5:15PM,MONSTERBALL,sinleong, mangkok ayon,anon@10:56PM (JEBEK), Pathmanathan,Jebat, anon@10:30am, Anon@1:16am (Jebon), Seymour Cakes, anon@11:32am (Stephen), anon@11:56am and anon@7:09PM.

    Rocky -- you got so many STOOOPEED commenters. I think they don't understand English or purposely want to bantai you because ada agenda ....

  70. Mustapha Ong1:35 pm

    salam to cik Nuraina Samad,

    Thanks for your timely clarification on the "Pantat Towers issue".

    I agreed to your views but with certain reservations too. The word "Pantat" is to be noted as adjective and it qualifies the object "towers". Please correct me if I am wrong as English is a foreign language to me and most of us.

    We all have been to UK and Scotland and there are many English words, London or Scottish slang which sound vulgar to our ears. As you clearly said, such offensive words also occur in Chinese dialects too.

    In a nutshell, languages are spoken with funny tones and slang.It's only obscene or obsess if our human brain and sub-conscious mind is filthy and dirty.When we visit Indonesia, the word "butoh" is offensive to Malaysians but not to the Indonesians. i.e. "Saya membutoh awak!!!!!! actually "I need you". There are many other words in Jakarta loghat too, which are not offensive to the Indonesians but only to Malaysians.

  71. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Dear Nuraina,

    Thanks. Always love what you wrote.



  72. mustapha ong,

    thank you for your response.

    ok..the part about the word Pant*t being an adjective yadayada...i don't get that. That word is meant as a name of the Towers. Say, like Damansara Towers.

    the issue here is the signboard was vandalized where the word PANTAI was changed to a word which means (as used in this part of Malaysia), in the English language Vag*na. Or the crude c**t.

    I agree that some words semantically mean different things to different people and culture.

    You do remember Benazir Bhutto? For a very long time our newsreaders pronounced her name as "Batoh" becos if it was pronounced the right way it sounded like "butoh" which is generally still unsavoury and not in everyday usage.

    But, mindsets do change and Bhutto is prounced Bhutto and it's okay now (and for a long time already).

    i am aware that "butuh" in Indonesia means "perlu".

    actually, we agree on this.

  73. Anonymous5:42 am

    Please please everyone here.... I beg of you, stop discussing on this issue,

    My Monsterball lau ren is getiing all excited, kesian kat dia.

    Orang tua tua, keletek sikit melatah, nanti tak bole henti sembur keluar semua carut carut dia, curut kat mulut nanti tertelan pulak!!


  74. SYED AHMAD12:08 pm

    Wow! YB Nurual Izzah act promptly after being alerted. I wonder what she has done for the past couple of years for the folks in the Pantai Dalam, Kg Haji Abdullah Hukum, Sri Angkasa, Kg Limau etc? Pls "turun padang" look at the livelihood of your voters. Sad looking low rise and high rise flats, non-working-most-of-time elevators, illegal hawkers that caused traffic jam, not enough parking at residential areas and many more. For once i thought there will be some changes once Alternative Front is being given the opportunity. Perhaps it was a mistake to give it to a Rookie? Pls prove me wrong YB Nurul Izzah.

    Give it to BN, nothing but Jom Heboh type of money-wasting activities. Any Bebas candidate out there?

  75. salam bro rocky

    kalu ko nak cerita bagus pasal politik ni...yang sekaligus boleh mengamatkan politik tanahair...ko dtg jumpe aku...aku bagi seme sekali...ko publish lah dlm mana2 media...pasti runtuh empayar UMNO-BN...
    cerita lakunan mahathir dlm Perhimpunan Agung tahun yang sudah diceritakan seminggu lebih awal sebelum kejadian betul2 berlaku...aku bersumpah atas nama Tuhan bahawa cerita pasal pengumuman cik det dlm perhimpunan tu dah seminggu lebih awal diberitahu pada aku oleh seorang JANTen dari Muah ....bila betul2 berlaku...aku punye political view totally changed since that...sampai skrg aku masih mengaitkan apa yang berlaku dengan senario politik hari ini...dan aku dapati cita2 politik seorang pemimpin besar negara sejak 1987 untuk menjadi Presiden Pertama bagi Malaysia nmpknyer benar....until 13th GE take place...there will be another political issues coming up...and of course followed by another bad incidents...this wld bring a bad scenario in the country...then...we wait and see la WHAT WLD HAPPEN NEXT.

  76. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Isn't Mr Pan Tat the head of the MCA? That is what all my Malaysian Chinese friends tell me. Yes, he apparently knows all about pussy and the running anjings,too.

    Should be ok if MCA is in BN?