Sunday, May 09, 2010

YB Nurul Izzah responds

"We're on it". The YB has responded on her blog - and quickly, too! Now to get the management of Pantai Towers to do the right thing, YB. Some said in my previous posting this vandalism business is petty and not an MP's concern. It's good to know that Nurul Izzah disagrees.


  1. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Its a good thing that Nurul izzah responded to your blog. It shows that your writing has nothing to do with politics but rather a voice from a concern citizen.


  2. Anonymous4:11 pm


    to all who are TOO quick to blame Rocky, please swallow your spiteful spit


  3. Anonymous4:56 pm

    the word 'Pantat Tower' is not the act of vandalism but a total ignorance of Bahasa Malaysia. The word 'T' is not a result of vandalism but it an original one. Why the Majlis approved the name at first. Are them full of low or uneducated members if yes our YB must be blame for choosing them.

    Admission of mistake is better then diversion.

    By Fed up Malaysian.

  4. 1) Does NURUL IZZAH of whom is the Y.B. for Lembah Pantai needs others to tell her something had went wrong in her own constituency?

    2) Had NURUL IZZAH been sleeping, flirting with some BLOKES or what resulting her to NOT know such an embarrassing thing had taken place behind her own backyard?

    3) Pls. visit '' dated 9th May 2010 & view the HEADLINE PICTURE entitled "Sibu may be a lost cause for DAP". Can you see PAKATAN RAKYAT's candidate (WONG HO LENG) signalling the "1 MALAYSIA" hand sign??? What the FARK???? I thought Pakatan Rakyat is AGAINST the 1 MALAYSIA concept??? Bladdy pathethic, right??? I wonder what is that COMMUNIST KING a.k.a Lim Kit Siang will be saying??? Silap signal mungkin??


  6. bleep!

    is nurul izzah becoming juz like her father?



    what a blooper she is!

  7. Anonymous5:36 pm

    nurul confirmed that she is sleeping. obviously it is not a vandalism. hehh..

  8. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Surely 100% Apek run Agency including the Pantai Tower management teams too... from accounts clerk right to the bosses..

    Surely if they are BM literate, one of them must have noticed it when placing the orders, approving and making payments etc.

    Must get LKS to push for Royal Commission to look into this grave matter...


  9. UMNOAPCO is very .. very .. cheap SCUM
    who willing to lick whatever cross in the sight. ha ha ha ha !!! Busuk sampai
    Usus means the whole bunch who approve
    this building with the name PANTAT is clear cut MORON and include those who lick the spill over. Malaysia Boleh maaa.

  10. Mustapha Ong6:07 pm

    Rocky's smoking stunt in blogging the "Pantat Towers" as a blogging topic has caught the eyes of many of us on-line or for those who are just cruising through the pantai housing area.No it was not meant to be a media joke, but vandalism or otherwise, it's best that the management retains the famous landmark now due to Rocky Bru's credit.

    YB Nurul izzah is an intelligent and very sharp MP, though she may have missed the offensive landmark in her lembah pantai constituency.She was quick to respond to the issue in a very diplomatic tone and at the same time had conveyed her thanks and appreciation to Rocky and Nuraina Samad.

    She could have ignored that silly though humorous debate, and there is nothing worthy for her to politicise the issue.Politicians should see both sides of the coin, but unfortunately most of our opposition members only see one side of the coin that suit their personal and political agenda.

    Syabas Nurul and keep flying the PKR flag.(Parti Keronchong Rakyat).However, lembah pantai folks are lucky as it's located within the FT constituency and not Selangor under PR state government.

    BN Federal government can ill afford to neglect social development in lembah pantai, which encompass the icon of KL City as the nation's commercial capital.Lucky for you Nurul, but your luck maybe running out if the people decide to change their mind and vote for BN in the next 13th PRU.

  11. Rocky never expected Nurul to respond.
    He meant to insult Nurul and got backfired.
    He has to pick an opposition?
    Nonsense and mishaps found in areas...where an UMNO B minister was elected to take will never get Rocky to be so sound off UMNO B sleepy heads.
    Rocky was up to no good......and got backfired.
    Now you know how he get his datukship...a clever twister.

  12. Rocky, you should give credit where it's due, but I guess that asking too much of you. YB Nurul Izzah was very diplomatic in her response, even though the responsibility for cleaning up the sign clearly lies with management of Pantai Towers, rather than an MPs responsibility. Stop being such a bad loser.

    I expect you would now look into grafiti in various BN constituencies and request a similar action from their MP, unless you're datukship and CEOship prevents you from acting impartially. What a stooge.

  13. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Nurul has always conducted herself as a real lady. and she has responded to a mischievous blog entry and salacious comments with dignity. shame on you guys.

  14. Anonymous7:50 pm

    There are thousand and thousand such problem under BN rule. Can you imagine the Klang river became death under BN rule and did Rocky blink an eye?

    Good that we have PR, at least now UMNO morons expect it do be corrected right away and PR deliver.

    Bravo to PR! Way to go PR!

  15. Anonymous8:34 pm

    we as Malaysians should be more sincere. This is not a blame game but rather as reminder to all YB especially when appointing a local counselors. They must at least have minimum academic qualification otherwise all this nonsense will always hunt us. Take this as a lesson by all MPs and YBs.
    Nowadays we can notice lots of names either wrongly spell or in English, so where is our awareness on Cintai Bahasa Kita.
    This mistake either blatantly by local council or the advertising company. If by Local Council then the YB also kena la. But if the advertising company then the Project Manager kenalah.

    Job welldone Dato.

    Non-partisan Malaysian

  16. Anonymous9:07 pm

    regardless... masih petty issue

  17. Anonymous10:02 pm

    It is not vandalism. Just illiterate management. Malaysian education system, lah.

  18. Anonymous10:06 pm


    I have a theory of how this all happened. Neither Rocky nor Nurul nor vandals are to be blamed.

    Ok first off, contractor gets contract to do some additional masonry and painting on said Condominium. Contractor finds some local people to do them but no one would want: the malay kids were busy rempiting, the chinese kids were busy DAP-campaigning and the indian kids were busy doing something in-between.

    So what's a contractor to do? Hire some Banglas lah, thats what. So contractor did that before going off to usual gallivantings in Bataam, and leaves banglas to do the masoning and painting over the weekend. Got-grudge gringo mandore supervises job, and naughtily tells banglas that "pantai", if substituted with letter t for i, would be so much cooler and still mean the same anyways.

    The rest is history.

    Does my theory sound too far-fetched? Not really. Consider the following experiences:-

    (i) Once an Indian programmer working in KL got slapped by sultry female co-worker for asking her, "Maaaaalem eeeni bole kaaa kaaamooo teeedur dengan saaaaya?" That was one of the few bahasa Malaysia phrases that were taught to him: he had wanted to know how to say, "Can you check if this code needs optimization?" and was taught like that by evil male counterparts.

    (ii) Imagine my shock one day when, in a peaceful morning sipping white coffe in one kopitiam in Tasik Permaisuri, I suddenly heard the bangladeshi waiter shouting,

    "Kote satu!"

    and then

    "My Kote"

    and thereafter

    "Lick My Kote!"

    Upon being asked to elucidate further what those less-than noble cryptics were all about, he answered,

    "Kote is when the customer asks for Kopi + Teh mixture".

    "My Kote is when Milo is added to that brew"

    "And Lick My Kote is when you put in Horlicks as well".

    Ahh, chill up guys. Once in a while you all need to wind down a little bit instead of bickering about politics!

    {Nurul are you reading this? See, I am waving!)}


  19. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Hi, Rocky,

    what say u run a special report on non Muslim employers employing Muslim maids and forcing them to handle pork and even not allowing them to perform the solat. its a blatant transgression of human rights, and its happening often in Malaysian homes. So much for wanting freedom in whatever shades when in the comfort of their homes they do all these...

    -pantau towers'

  20. cifut PANTAT4:03 am

    To monsterball and anyone who thinks that Nurul Izzah is so noble, let me advise you check ur brains man, yo she is responsible for this, the problem with Izzah is she never bothers about her constituency, what she cares is only to save her father's ass which she knows is a sodomizer not to be jailed only. Fuck PR, asshole!

  21. aminah6:24 am

    Yay Nurul!

    Gua caya lu!

  22. benedict6:24 am

    Kudos to Nurul Izzah.

    She's far far smarter than some of your idiotic and vindictive commenters (and/or her suppoerters).

    you know the likes of monsterball and some Pantat Pakatan supporters.

    she understands your and nuraina's posting.

    as you say-lah rocky...most times your commenters who post stupid comments bukan stupid -- they al saja nak sakitkan hati you.... least we know that they know that it is not working...

    cheers, bro!

  23. the reader7:49 am

    big freaking deal!!

  24. teo siew chin9:15 am

    Dear TheAnnoyinglyAnonymous-LemanPulut

    You totally had me ROTFLMFAO this morning !!!

    and now it's time for a good Kote ;)

  25. Anonymous9:34 am

    This case is closed. Now lets look at another seriuos valdalism problem. Its happenning in every town, every state regardless which party is ruling and under which council's authority. But nothing seems to be stopping it.
    The posting of illegal stickers.
    Its all over. Dirtying buildings walls,obstructing roadsigns,defacing signboards,under bridges,on structural supports,visual pollution of public areas. SIMB BANK, ANBANK, MABANK, PUBIC BANK,you name it, they are everywhere.
    Just one question. Are all the authortities just helpless in stoppping this scrouge? Or they are closing one eye?

    Saya Mahu Tolong.

  26. Anonymous10:25 am

    Don't you assholes have work to do?

  27. Anonymous11:35 am

    Nurul boleh tidur , orang lain boleh tolong dia buat kerja- kerja macam ni and lapor kat dia ... HA!! HA!! HA!!!


  28. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Dato' Rock,

    Good work Nurul!! Senator Shahrizat would not even bother with this unglamouring and dirty works. She is the best hypocrite that we ever met.....

  29. isn't Lembah Pantai under the jurisdiction of DBKL?

    does an MP has the power to appoint councillors . . . eerrr does DBKL have councillors (pls enlighten me if i'm wrong)

    what exactly is the main task of a MP (Member of PARLIMENT)?

    i always drop in this site trying to learn something but found that lately most comments are full of anger and worst still - character bashing instead of debating in a civilise manner. is this what we want the young people to act when they are not happy with others?

    how would you like it if your mothers, sisters, girl friends & aunts are being 'bashed' up in such a manner? NO, i will not allow that & i will refrain from doing the same.

  30. Anonymous7:35 pm

    off all the things happening in Malaysia - really is this the most pressing issue in the country?


    some times i wonder - i may not have prayed 10 times in my entire 37 years - how does one who is constant 'prayer' - justify the damn hypocricy?


  31. Anonymous7:42 pm

    lembah Pantai is under DBKL, to fed up M'sian.. why are you pointing out to a majlis which does not exist?? I don't think the YB have any say to choose the mayor of KL or board members of DBKL. Wilayah even has a Minister in charge of it & he stays in that area...

    karipap Panas

  32. Anonymous8:12 am

    Anonymous said...
    Hi, Rocky,

    what say u run a special report on non Muslim employers employing Muslim maids and forcing them to handle pork and even not allowing them to perform the solat. its a blatant transgression of human rights, and its happening often in Malaysian homes. So much for wanting freedom in whatever shades when in the comfort of their homes they do all these...

    -pantau towers'

    11:20 PM

    Perkasa & UMNO are better suited for that. They, accompanied by police should make house-to-house checks on all these non muslim pendatang extremists.

    -Pantat Towers

  33. Anonymous10:23 am

    In Trengganu-speak; "pantat" is not a dirty word.

    Example, is "pantat kain batik" because, the portion of the batik cloth should be worn at your bottom.

    Awang Goneng.. comments please?

    [MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73]

  34. I notice when the UMNO B toads defend Najib or out to insult me...they talk cock and bull...with no logic...nor showing intelligence in their messages.

  35. PANTAI resident.10:22 am

    rocky, gua caya lu-lah.

    a little bird told me that it was not nurul izzah who got it fixed.

    i think she did not have to do anything becos i presume by the time she would have done (if she really did) what needed to be done, it was already fixed.

    Someone (fits your description) driving a car with a certain plate number (that fits yours -- i did some digging) -- went to the Pantai Towers on a Sunday ( a day after you and nuraina posted the PantaT) to see the management but it was a Sunday. So that person (was it you, Rocky?) told the security guard about the PANTAT thing..

    It was promptly fixed.

    You real sporting guy-lah. You let Nurul Izzah take the credit when you quietly had it rectified without so much as a "GUA SUDAH FIX".

    that's why we love you!

  36. Charles4:51 am

    Instead of making an issue over a mere name, Nurul Izzah should pay attention to the lift which is not working in Block 3 of a 20 storey low cost flats in Pantai Dalam, overlooked by the more upmarket Pantai Hill Park condos towering over it.

    My late gardener used to live there and I know what it's like to have to wait for the one working lift of climb the five storeys to visit his family during Hari Raya and after his death.

    Now that's Nurul's territory, so she had better do something about it, no wthat the people in that consituency voted for her.

  37. Surely if they are BM literate, one of them must have noticed it when placing the orders, approving and making payments etc.