Friday, May 14, 2010

Wee clashes with Khalid, Ronnie over cover-up

PR cover-up? YB Wee Choo Keong's days in Pakatan Rakyat are numbered, I tell you. I hope I'm wrong as vPakatan has too few good men left as it is but Wee's latest offensive against Selangor MB and YB Ronnie Liu, the DAP strongman, will not go down well with the Pakatan leaders.

Wee joins Kapar MP Manickavasagam in making headlines this past one week on what could well be a major cover-up of  corrupt practices that could great embarrass Pakatan's Selangor state government.

The Malay Mail's report Wee: It's a Cover-up! suggests the makin gof a major scandal.Read also YB Wee's own posting on his blog, YB Ronnie Liu knew about the sand mining scandal back in Feb 2010!


  1. Oh I thought in PR they are all bad men.

    history should be learnt

  2. Anonymous3:31 am

    b.s. lah - wee a good man...?

    wee has 2 many wives too many ..caught with pants down by umno & is now paying the actually he got rich. LOL

    sai foo

  3. In all honesty there are a number of good men in Pakatan, and this episode is good for the opposition, which show democracy is alive.....not with BN.

    Would you really see anything similar with the ruling party...HELL NO.

    God Bless Pakatan

  4. Pakatan must get rid of trouble makers like Mike and Wee. They are the enemies within.

  5. Rocky, what scandal are you talking about? There are at least 100 scandals originating from the previous Barisan government in Selangor. There at least one thousand scandals nationwide. Arent they scandals? Rocky is scandalising his own profession. Wee Choo Keong is welcome to join Umno.

  6. With a few good men like Datuk Wee Choo Keong left in Pakatan, I guess Pakatan does not need any enemy.


  7. Anonymous6:52 am

    Yes, Bru ... it is a BIG cover up. Both BN and PR politicians are ganging up in SODOMIZING the PUBLIC money.
    Investigation must also be done on the losses accumulated by Sime Darby and Pos Malaysia (infact practically all GLC) and my whistleblowers said that it all leads to one common factor, the Vadey eating Minister.

    Apart from PERKASA, we need more third force such as PAKKU or Ombudsman.


  8. Anonymous7:45 am

    Thanks Rocky for the Malay Mail`s coverage of Wee`s purpose in life which is the destruction of the DAP.
    Now will the Malay Mail go further and tell the M`sian public of Wee`s RM38M ongoing claim against the AMMB. Will BN be able to solve it in return for gaining an MP.
    Public will also like to know more about Wee`s recently born illegitimate child.
    He does not seem to respond when the 2 questions are posted on his blog. In fact he censors them.
    What is he hidng? Why is the Malay Mail lacking the courage to follow that up?

    -Want to know more

  9. Anonymous8:57 am

    video in chinese ...!

  10. Anonymous10:36 am

    The Pakatan fellas tried to 'pakat' amongst themselves to raise funds for running amok, as they now know that without money, it is impossible to create their infamous chaos.

    Wonder why the 'transparent' state government is hiding information instead of calling for the usual 'royal commissions'.

    Hmmm and why blame YB Wee? He is just practicing what the PR jokers pledged on their road to fame.

    Better for the ruckus bearers to 'gulung tikar' and let Khir Toyo continue the wheeling and dealing, at least he's brave enough to face the music.


  11. Anonymous10:44 am

    'tis de new regime

    najeeb vageena , rozzma regina

    today pr, tomolo no more, no more

    so mike mani and joni wee join de affray

    today pr, tomolo more

    pr- today ada, tomolo nore, no more

    like this all pr fuckees can join

    zulee no deen in the chorus=

    today pr, tomolo no more no more..

    moktar cifut

  12. Ha ha... why the silence on Najib's 15 millions give away in Sibu?

    Why the silence on the statement by Najib: “I will deliver what you want, you must deliver what I want and you know what I want”. After the delivery of RM 15 millions to the Chinese School in Sibu?

    Rocky Bru showing his spinning ability again.

  13. Anonymous10:53 am

    Typical pakatan goons!

    They say transparent but when asked to probe, tak boleh and they threaten the whistle blower with polis report, lawsuits, bodily harm.

    BN has track record in selanor, even charged an mb with corrupt practice (haron idris) and forced two others to resign, one over charges in australian court that he was later aquitted of (muhdmuhd taib aka mat taib) and one on moral grounds (hasan omar).

    Khalid ibrahim can learn from such gleaming openess. All he needs do is walk the talk. Never mind if he stammers.

  14. Asalamualaikum kepada pembaca,(may peace be upon you)

    tak kira ugama perjudian (bukan budaya orang cina)adalah kegiatan yang merugikan dan akan melemahkan akidah seseorang dan meruntuhkan rumahtangga dan menimbulkan masalah sosial..

    saya cina dan sangat setuju dengan PAS supaya di haramkan perjudian , minum , merokok yang tidak mendatangkan faedah.

    diharap PAS-PKR-DAP akan menangani kegiatan buruk ini untuk selama lamanya.

  15. Kuih Koci Daun Hijau11:20 am

    Pakatan politicians and supporters are a bunch of double standard worshipers.

    If the same thing happens to BN, they call it corruption. If it happens to PR they say it's showing that they are transparent.

    If PR tried to woo BN politicans to jump ship, they say it's legal. When BN woo theirs, they say it's robbing the people's vote.

    Haiya! You guys are just like your idol, Anwar Ibrahim. Tuk guru kencing berdiri, anak murid kencing berlari.

    It doesn't matter if it's BN, PKR, PAS or DAP. If it's wrong, it's wrong.

    Stupid worshippers!

  16. Haha, flygoon, I have not posted on the RM15 mil story so how could I be spinning it? Lu bagi saya too much credit la.

    But kalau betul kita punya PM nak bagi RM15 mil, syukurlah. I hope it gets to the people who need it.

    For a plave like Sibu, where it's been said that there are more millionaires here than any town in the country, RM 15 mil wont go far at all. Certainly cant buy enough votes to win. Ask Anwar ibrahim if u dont believe me flygoon. He was Umno's expert on Sabah not too lomg ago, mate.

  17. I love YB Wee he is a cool dude, after Lim kit Siang dissapears from the political scene..he will eat DAP for breakfast.

  18. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Anon "want to know more" ---- Are you an illegitimate child? Coz you are the one who sound like a real BASTARD here!

    "want to know more about MB's cover up"

  19. What is happening is the “check and balance” in Pakatan is working and is very healthy. The very fact that YB Wee and other MPs are taking this strong position against MB Selangor is indeed a good posturing. Its good to know that Pakatan MPs are prepared to check each other. Keep it up. But, please do not abandon ship despite its turbulance because all journey are bound to have turbulances. Hang in there and fight on for the rakyat. MB Selangor is also doing other things which are good for the rakyat. Thus, support each other and correct each other. Dont be like the present UMNO/BN. A strong 2 party system in Malaysia will be good for all of us.

  20. Indie power12:28 pm

    Yb Wee,

    I sincerely hope you quit PKR and become an Independent. Pakatan and PKR have totally LOST thhe plot. You'd be more effective outside it that way you can watch both PR and BN for us the people who elected you.

    Thank you and all the best Sir.

  21. Everytime I suffer from constipation I just have think about Datuk Wee Choo Keong. Hey presto, no more constipation. Thank you, Datuk Wee for helping me cure my chronic constipation. You are wunderbar.


  22. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Habib RAK has a point there but as he himself said, it's posturing. It could just be a display of pretentiousness. The Pakatan MPs just want to show in public that they have an effective check and balance system in place, but in reality it could be a facade to disguise their own weaknesses and inability to govern.

    I think I'm one of the few who will always remain skeptical of the news about the so-called Pakatan defections, internal clashes, etc. It could all be a charade to build up the perception that they are a strong and viable opposition that deserve to rule the state and the country. After all, have we forgotten that their leader is the king of deception?

  23. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Is better that Wee follow Robert Lau so that Najib can bring cash over to bride the voters, just like what happening to Sibu now.