Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vincent Tan, half-a-B richer, just like that!

ANG POW. It's not even the season of Gong Xi Fa Cai but Tan Sri Vincent Tan would have woken up this morning knowing he would be RM525 million richer soon. Vincent is selling 70pct of a currently dormant company to Berjaya Corp Bhd for the said amount. The currently dormant Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd, this week learned it will become Malaysia's first and only legalised sports betting operator.


Anonymous said...

Vincent Tan is your mentor's lovable.
Dr M built him up.

jaflam said...

He is already rich and don't need the money and definately this country don't need another gambling scam that will destroy the society. PM Najib wake up and stop this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

ask najib....he allowed it.

Anonymous said...

SOS Ibrahim Ali!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

and it was a gift from Najib... the one you are licking ass now...

Anonymous said...

It's not what you know, it's who you know ~ Dr.Mahathir

Correct correct correct ~ VK Lingam

Donplaypuks® said...

Just to balance up your statement on this announcement broadening the scope of betting in M'sia:

1. Vincent Tan has given a 3-year guarantee that Ascot's profit AFTER tax will be a minimum of RM375 million, backed up by deposit of listed company shares. So, shareholders in BJ Corp, which is forking out $525 million for a 70% stake in Ascot are on to a pretty good deal (for 3 years at least).

2. Vincent Tan himself owns about 28% or more through direct/ indirect shares in BJ Corp. His son Robin Tan owns the balance of 30% of Ascot!! I presume that this is a related party transaction and wonder how the SC will handle approving it.

3. This deal is approved by the UMNO/BN Govt under the leadership of 1M'sia PM Najib.

4. For the 1st time in M'sia, telephone betting will be allowed. Previously telephone and SMS bets were disallowed by MoF as there was a fear they could not then control Muslims from placing bets.

5. We don't see PAS or Perkosong protesting vigorously about extending gambling and gaming biz here.

6. There is also no mention of how much the Govt charged Bj Corp for this license. I can't believe they would give it away for free, can you or anyone else??!!! C'mon Najib, let's hear how much the Rakyat made from this deal!!

Lastly, why is there again a monopoly license given out for this gambling biz, or can we soon expect that Magnum and Ananda Krishnan's Tanjung will soon be making a beeline to the MoF's door for more freebies at the Taxpayers' expense?

Why then won't the rich get richer in M'sia while 50% of the population remains below the poverty line?

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Good source of money to buy over some lawmakers. Another state may change government soon. All because of a gaming license.

eddy said...

Apparently, Vincent Tan ada Cable Besar dapat concession judi sports dari Gomen secara tertutup ya.

Wonder what happened to transparency, maybe if it involves a few million ringgit its transparency going through the painstaking tender process.... but if its hundreds of millions..I guess its who you know that counts.

Things has not changed much has it Bro, business as usual? I wish I have a big cable. Sigh.

Satu lagi projek Satu Malaysia said...

Satu lagi projek 1 Malaysia!!!

Ini Satu Malaysia, Najib Boleh!!!

Inilah NEM, New Economic Model.

Perkasa Ali, mana you?

Najib, mana transparency?

al-Deen-amin said...

Despite signs of economic downtrend in 1Malaysia we can still afford give aways - 2 oilfields, millins for vote buying in HS and Sibu etc.

The father gave away 1Genting to be a gambling hub. The son legalised sports betting for 1Malaysia. The proportion of haram national income will increase. 1Malaysia becoming less of Islamic.

Anonymous said...

Duduk terkangkang pun bleh dpt duit separuh bilion ke?

Tapi kan berjaya corp tu dia punya jugak.

Keluar kocek kanan masuk kocek kiri je tu kot.


Moo.. said...

Thanks to the Bn gomen, he is even richer.

Looks like it pays to buy frogs.

Anonymous said...

Woi Rocky, lu sudah giler ke ??

Vincent tu buddy kepada Madey and Najib, jangan dan tak boleh kacau dia...nanti lu kena tendang keluar MalayMail baru tau !!

lagi pon Vincent banyak sponsor sama UMNO, lebih2 lagi beli MP dan Adun Pakatan Rakyat, begitu jugak dengan PRK baru2 ni !!

Memang power Si Vincent !! Ibrahim katak pun under dia !!!

Hidup Najib...Hidup Vincent, sekarang rakyat ada chance nak menang wang !!!!

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

This comment meant for your previous posting on 'Zubir's Leave of Abscence' is reproduced from my comment in Che Det's blog of Oct 29, 2009

The Malay dilemma. Governance.

Corporate foul-ups of the highest order. Banyak musang berbulu ayam hitam. Many thorns in the flesh to be unpricked.

Who was the megalomaniac responsible putting together Guthrie, Golden Hope and Sime Darby. It flip-plopped from Synergy to Sime Darby. The three agriculture (mainly) based entities were on strong foundation and already giant enough to be efficient and chart their own ways. Put them together makes too bulky for good governance and fast decisions.

Whose idea is it that FELDA, FELCRA, and RISDA be put together. FELDA was (before Synergy-Sime Darby) the largest oil palm conglomerate. The three entities have somewhat different functions and responsibilities. Putting them together will cause confusion in foci and hence less efficient. What they can do is to fine tune for further improvements.

Size does matters but being over-sized? We hear none from the big-shots in the agriculture sector on this mega-mergers. They are just go-along gang, jaga periok nasi, or their voices muddled. Maybe I am wrong.

In-depth and comprehensive studies should be for such changes. There is no need to hurry to avoid costly mistakes. What is the hidden agenda?

Or we can just follow the leader, mumble and jumble our way. And you know who was the greatest mumbler of all!

kutty said...

lingam will say correct correct correct again.

Anonymous said...

Datok Rocky,

Last lucrative concession for the 21st century. Gambling is forbidden by Islam. Muslims are not suppose to even smell the rinngit gotten from the deal. Is the Half B is really all his ?

Nik Rahmah

Anonymous said...

This government has a policy of making just a few Chinese rich, a few Malay rich, 2 Indian rich, non Orang Asli rich, non Iban rich, non Kandazan rich.

Is also having a policy of making 99% Malay poor

Anonymous said...

and the mamak kutty & all the unmo hypocrites said zaid is a gambler!


Anonymous said...

Can drink anywhere, anytime!

Thanks to BN/Umno, everyone can gamble everyday.

So when Najib going to legalize prostitution, nak minta license satu bolih ke?

Anonymous said...

"MAINLY Muslim Malaysia has legalised sports betting, the company acquiring the new licence said Thursday, saying it would curb illegal gambling and boost government coffers."

So now Umno-led garblement need haram money to run the country.

Beer cannot but gambling oke? lol!

Hoi! Ibrahim, u dah bangkit ke?

Anonymous said...

Money come, money come.

Boss Najib need it to buy more froggy & cifut!

George Choo said...

Rocky,our govt is on the verge of BANKRUPT like GREECE.So, it need the tax revenue from football betting to reduce the budget deficit.Vincent also need money to sustain Cardiff City as he need the cash to pay the salaries of the players and to settle the club debts. Thus,some UMNO politicians can make money from football betting just like the way they strike the TOTO JACKPOT because of Vincent generosity. It its a win win situation for the govt,Umno politicians and BERJAYA.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, what kind of boss u work for, huh?

Open pubs selling minumam syaitan in every nook & corners...

allowing hooker joints all over the country...

have his cronies selling betting slips almost everyday!

U a good muslim rite? so better stay far far away from this indian voodoo practitioner.

Anonymous said...

UMNO latest taglines :

"Now everyone can gamble"!

"We always take care of non-malays interest as well"

"Yen Yen 2010 slogan, Visit Kuala Vegas Year"

Anonymous said...

World class Casino in Genting.

Nearly 1000 SportsToto, Pan Malaysian, Magnum outlets.

Almost 15,000 - 20,000 runners selling lottery tickets.

And now a RM20 billion an year sports gambling business in the making.

Yes, you rite! UNMO is the only largest gambling operator in Asia Pacific

Anonymous said...

Gone with the day of Malay Ali Baba.
Hehehehe. Now it is Tan Baba. How much our government collected their fees.
Malaysia is a land of wonderland, just be a little entrepenuer minded and you be a Half Billion richer. Gods know and no further comment.

I think to legalise sports betting is a right move. Our country coffer can also benefited from taxes. And to the gambler also can have a secure tax free payment. The betting outlet don't take IOU for betting and that is much better than the illegal Bookies Cum Ah Long. Good move by the government except the above la.

Give the small timer who cannot afford to own racehorse to some opportunity to become Kaya la.

By Open Tender

Rockybru said...

Anonymous and others who linked Vincent Tan and Dr M,

Most probably true, Vincent wouldn't be where he is today without Dr M's help. But the same goes with a lot of other rich and powerful figures, from Ananda Krishnan to Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, the Tings, Tongs, Lims, etc.

Even Anwar Ibrahim, Abdullah Badawi, and Najib himself.

Dr M also has a hand in lesser mortals such as all of you and I. The policies when he was prime minister are a major part of why we are where we are today.

So stop overstating the obvious, mates.

Anonymous said...

Cina senang betul kaya. Judi, pelacurang, ah long, bisnes babi dan BABI .. semua boleh!!

Tu pun ramai puak-puak tu yang tak berterimakasih dengan Umno dan kerajaan.

Yang puak-puak PAS nak bawak isu agama dengan lesen judi ni, tak payak lah nak tunjuk awak tu MUNAFIK.

PAS dah tak kisah nak jadikan Malaysia negara Islam, so lesen judi, arak, disko boleh diberi oleh kerajaan.

Tak caya, tanya Lim Kit Siang. Dia kata selagi DAP partner PAS (dan PKR) dalam Pakatan Rakyat, takkan ada negara Islam di Malaysia nih.

Jadi korang duduk lah diam-diam, jaga buntuk Cina LIM anak beranak tu.

Unknown said...

Why is the M'sian gomen giving away all these AP/sin licenses to the non-Malays? I thought they get to where they are from meritocracy? Rupa2 nya meritocracy datuk nenek depe? Don't we have too many of the M'sian Chinese billionaires who made their fortunes from these rent-seeking privileges already? Wake up Najib!!?

Anonymous said...

You can join the board of ascot one - you got talent mah. just write some positive spin lah


Mustapha Ong said...

The urge to gamble is so universal and its practice so pleasurable that it is assumed to be evil in our society and many others around the world,including our neighbor Singapore.There is little bona fide in gambling, which is really the donation of suckers to swindlers.Thanks for being a good Muslim who doesn't gamble for financial and wealth enrichment.

In this country of Malaysia-Boleh, gambling started a long way back into our pre-Independence history during the hey days of Kapitan Yap Ah Loy,through the typical business of the syndicated gangs or "kongsi gelap".

We should not deny that the Chinese are traditionally gamblers from the days of Confucian and high officials of the various Dynasties during the period of feudal systems in China.

In Malaysia, apart from horse racing,3Ds and 4Ds, Sports Toto and of course the prime gambling casino in Genting Highlands were operated by the Chinese towkays.We should blame these gambling operators, as there are always two sides of the coin, that had resulted the government to legalise gambling, subject to certain conditions in accordance with the limitation and virtue of Islam.

It is impossible to control the pleasure of gambling, as even though there are legalised gambling, illegal gambling still exist underground. We should not jump into conclusion and condemn the past and present prime ministers for legalising gambling as non Islamic,but at the same time cursed the Malaysian Chinese for reaping the enormous profits which are absolutely legal profits and non sinful to them.

In a nutshell,we should not blame the BN government that exclusive gambling licences had enriched the Chinese and also some born lucky punters.Gambling revenue had contributed to the infrastructure development of this nation for the last hundred years.Revenue derived from gambling resources could be used to finance our national projects, such as building of
roads,highways,schools and other public institutions, but Muslims are barred from using such monies to feed and fend their families, which are considered "haram" under the virtue and good practice of the Islamic religion.The non Muslims continue to benefit from such gambling revenue in many ways that are not against ethics.

In conclusion, three cheers and my personal congratulations extended to gambling Taiko Tan Sri Vincent Tan for his new found wealth blessed by Ascot.No loss to the government though,as more monies will be available for all our needs and spending under the Islamic proviso of non-sinful entities or "halal bil halal".

Anonymous said...

Rocky, your good friend Vincent Tan should reward you for your support.


monsterball said...

Is Rocky talking to UMNO B toads ore Malaysians?

najib manaukau said...

How much is the half a billion belongs to the man who keeps his money with him ?
Also how much has he paid to acquire the permit ? Most important of all to who and why was he given the first permit by shenanigan Mahathir just a few months before the shenanigan retired ? Is it so that he can continue to get his share of the non halal money even after the shenanigan has 'retired' ?

void corp 78 said...

Biasala bro..sape kata takde org cina umno or cinaputra.

Yang paling famous sekali Tan Sri Vincent Tan la.

Kalau indiaputra..definitely Tan Sri Ananda and our cool Datuk Seri Tony Fernandez..

Ko checkla diaorg ni confirm bukan MCA, MIC, Gerakan ke bla2...Diaorg ni geng2 UMNO gak.

Anyway..judi itu haram...Im 100% against it.


eddy said...

Baharuddin you are right and probably Vincent is one of the shining example of rich Chinese Malaysian rent seekers who benefits from big cable with our Gomen.

Below is news about a couple of months back, so before June 2010 our billionaire citizen has made more than 1B already, some people do lead a blessed life....

Vincent Tan to sell U-Mobile stake
From Dow Jones Newswires
Wednesday 03 February 2010

Malaysian tycoon brokers $184 million deal with Singapore Technologies Telemedia.
Malaysian tycoon Vincent Tan, who controls the Berjaya group of companies, has struck a deal to sell a 33% stake in the cellular company to Singapore Technologies Telemedia Pte Ltd for MYR626 million ($184.1 million) or MYR5 a share, the Star reported Wednesday.

Citing unnamed sources, the daily said a term sheet was signed this week by Tan's company U Television Sdn Bhd and STT, the parent of Singapore's second largest telco StarHub Ltd. and that a deal is expected to be formalized in the next few weeks.

ST Telemedia, a unit of Singapore state-owned investment company Temasek Holdings, said that it is "constantly evaluating investment proposals and exploring business opportunities" when asked about the report.

"We see potential in the Malaysian telecommunications market and are keen to participate in its growth and development," the company said in an e-mailed statement.

U Mobile is one of four 3G spectrum holders in Malaysia and has only 4% of the country's mobile market.

Anonymous said...

Well, only the rich gets richer...the rest live in stagnation.

The Penquin

clear conscience said...

he tax paid by this online gambling company cannot be used by the Malaysian government since Malaysia is and had been proclaimed an Islamic nation....thus such money can only be given away to non-Muslims in the country. It is haram for Muslims to even use a dime.

How about it Najib, Ibrahim Ali & Mahathir, Zulklifli Noordin (the "fight for Islam over my body MP)& other Muslim MPs? What say you...shout...shout shout out loud HERE. No let off from this Ibrahim Ali & Zul Noordin!!!!

Nazri, what have you got to say about this. Oh yeah not forgetting Rais who always have many things to comment. Hey must say something here lah, it is a national matter.

BN MPs, you all must say & talk about it in Parliament. It is haram in nature (gambling), in taxes, in employment.

Such money should be in different Malaysian currency notes, otherwise if in the usual Ringgit notes, even touching those that came from this gambling company is haram.

Don't be hypocrites. Have the spine to ward off this haram game.

Anonymous said...

its not v tan's but its the proxy business for umno warlords


Anonymous said...

very disappointing. devastatedly disappointed. kalau macam ni, dont be surprised, the 2008 PRU results might repeat. all pro govt and pro umno, pro BN people, will rebel. samaada they wont go out mengundi, atau buat undi rosak, atau undi whatever pembangkang just out of spite. this one event will set back najib's reputation and public will question his sincerity....

-sedih sekali-

Ah Beng Crosby said...

That is his rezeki Rocky, why you so envious ah? He took the risk and he put in the effort so if he can profit, let him profit la. We don't have the perasaan hasad denki which seems inborne in you.

Go la complain to the frog, who is also under vincent's payroll at one time. The frog also got brown nose from licking ass

Anonymous said...

BN election coffer.

Anonymous said...

Wahai Ibrahim Ali.....apa anda kata? Mengapa lesen diberi kepada China? Tak boleh beri kepada peribumi kah?

Anonymous said...

What? SOS Ibrahim Ali?
To give the licence to a Malay instead of a BN friendly Chinese?
You must be joking...

It should be the Tuan Guru's and the Zul chap who should be jumping.

Uncle Kit, Mother Teresa and Ronnie The Don will be silent.


Anonymous said...

the government gave it to Vincent Tan because they know the Chinese will not dissapoint them, unlike the Malays, who in the end will force the government to bail them out. Example, Amin Shah, Tajuddin Ramli, and Halim Saad - all need BAIL OUT.
The Malays should just stay out of business, and leave it to the chinese.

Anonymous said...

Why didnt the government auction the license, like it did the 3g telephone license? So instead of Vincent Tan getting RM500 million, the government could have got the money, or maybe even more????

Anonymous said...

Confirm... Vincent Tan bayar semua katak yang lompat. Sekarang masa untuk balas balik.

Quin Kontrol said...

PAS kena support lesen judi pasal kalau Pakatan memerintah, DAP akan mintak berlambak-lambak lesen judi dan pelacuran. Tengok aja lah selangor hari ni. kat shah alam pun dah boleh jual arak, dibawah BN dulu tak boleh.

Kalau Pas tak suka judi, dah tentu buat bising la ni.

Soh Chee Wen kawan baik Anwar dah bukak Feee Malaysia Today, Dato rocky tak buat cerita pasal Cinaput yang satu ni ke?

Anonymous said...

Look at this two stories:

The Naza TTDI getting to build a RM628mil expo centre for the Government in exchange for 65 acres of state land in Jalan Duta,

THE START said on Saturday December 12, 2009 : Shouldn’t there be an open tender for the project?

Business Times November 23 2009 : analysis of Matrade Naza convention center deal : is to auction the land in an open tender.

Wah, hantam Naza chukup chukup Star sama Business Times.

On Vincent Tan's sports betting license :
The Star Thursday May 13, 2010
Legalising sports betting makes fiscal sense. PLUS A Vegas-type casino, like the ones Singapore has allowed to be built, is a big asset to the island's economy and there is certainly room for one to be built in another part of Malaysia.
Business Times : Buy Berjaya Corp.

Wah dua -dua puji habis, mintak casino lagi.

Naza kompeni Melayu, Vincent Tan Cina. Mungkin dua dua kroni, tapi ngapa pulak yg Melayu disula, dan cina didewa dewakan ole arus media kita????

Anonymous said...

Melayu dapat AP, mesti depa pakai tongkat lah, pakai bomoh lah, pakai nujumlah. Kalu Cina dapat, depa bijak lah, usah sendirilah.
Banyak songgeh. Kalu betui, Melayu pakai tongkat, Vincent Tan ni pakai apo? Nampak sgt Melayu kena ANGKUT mamat ni, nak pi sana sini. Maklumlah, kalu tak ade kaki mcm nak pakei TONGKAT???

Its me Boss

Anonymous said...

As a muslim, we should not intrude on the non muslim way of life. Therefore if the government wants to allow sports betting it is fine, but the government MUST impose legislition that it will be ILLEGAL for MUSLIMS to COLLECT, ACCEPT any winnings from bets PLACED via the sports betting vendors. THIS, way, muslims can BET, but CANNOT take in the WINNINGS. Sooner or latter the scourage will die, because no MUSLIM with the right mind will want to BET anymore.
DATO, Najib, are you WILLING to do this?

Anonymous said...

Apa kata kita jaidkan aje Vincent Tan president UMNO? Dan kita tukar pulak UMNO dari United Malays National Orgainsation kepada United MONIES National Organisation?
Judi haram dari segi aqidah ISLAM, menghalakan judi tu pulak Haram jaadaah.

Anonymous said...

Jangan lah harap sangat dgn Ibrahim Ali @ Perkasa. Mamat tu cuma katak, dan Perkasa pulak, cuma PERKASAS Vincent Tan.
Si Brahim ni kan dulu ada kerja bersama mamat Tan. Mano berani nak lawan tauke????


Anonymous said...


I just do not understand the mindset of some people. If the Govt gave to a Malay, they'll say its cronysim. If the Govt gave to Chinese, they'll say its non-transparent. Things like this you could not just do an open tender. Thats why you have the Wynn's, Sands, Goh Tong's etc of the world. Not any Ali, Ah Chong and Muthusamy can manage. If you give to them, they'll look for the Wynn's, Sands, Goh Tong's, Tan's etc to do it as well.

At least Najib's government willing to take a risk and award it now. The revenue from taxes collected must surely ease the govt kitty. As they always say money talks and for those who wants to gamble now there is a legal means of doing it. For the muslim you are not suppose to gamble and if you do you face the consequences yourself. For the non-practising and hypocrite muslim they'll do what they like even if you banned gambling.

For the Pakatan supporters, just look at the way your leaders managed Selangor. Imagine if they govern the nation, all hell will break loose. I rather deal with the devil that I know than dealing with the Pakatan devils because they are sheep in devil's clothing especially you know who.


Anonymous said...


Sorry I meant that you know who is a devil in sheep's clothing. Sometimes my brain rush is too much for my typing fingers.


Anonymous said...

You said, "The currently dormant Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd, this week learned it will become Malaysia's first and only legalised sports betting operator."

As if you do not know before?

This is the reward for investing in frog cultivation for the benefit of back-door entrance by BN to gain Perak, win over some anti-BN MPs and ADUNs to be 'neutral' but supporting BN.

Next time do not try and give us such crap like "The currently dormant Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd, this week learned it will become Malaysia's first and only legalised sports betting operator."

You know all along that there will be rewards to non-Malays for playing to the tunes of 'desperate' BN leaders.

This is not the the first installment....people like you who switched sides and got rewarded with a good job and title were there already before Vincent Tan.


Anonymous said...

I agree with ANON 10:24 AM, that only Chinese know how to do business, and the Malay businesses have been bankcrupting the country.

Anonymous said...

Di Tanah Melayu Cina songklap semua, Melayu dok hidu angin aje.

Anonymous said...

Ngapa tak tender lesen tu? Ngapa pulak bg pd Vincent dan anak lelakinya Robin, anugerah tu? Tak logik, tak masok akal.

Anonymous said...

Langkah pihak kerajaan ingin memperkenalkan lesen judi sukan dalam negara kita pada masa sekarang ini adalah satu tindakan yang jauh menyimpang dari ajaran Islam.
Ianya menggambarkan bahawa kerajaan sedang membawa negara mundur ke belakang ke arah yang lebih jauh dari ajaran Islam.

Anonymous said...

Do you know SABAH has more than 100 Slot machines gaming cafes or so called clubs? Each outlet has 10 slot machines to suck the blood of the poor Sabahan! Who are the owners? Vincent Tan ? or ...

Who are the supporters ?

World class Casino in Genting.

Nearly 1000 SportsToto, Pan Malaysian, Magnum outlets.

Almost 15,000 - 20,000 runners selling lottery tickets.

And now a RM20 billion an year sports gambling business in the making.

Sabah boli, Malaysia boli!

Anonymous said...

Shariah-non compliant securities if they are involved in the following core activities:
a) Financial services based on riba (interest);
b) Gambling;
c) Manufacture or sale of non-halal products or related products;
d) Conventional insurance;
e) Entertainment activities that are non-permissible according to Shariah;
f) Manufacture or sale of tobacco-based products or related products;
g) Stockbroking or share trading in Shariah-non compliant securities; and
h) Other activities deemed non-permissible according to Shariah.

Jauhkan diri dari membeli, melabur dalam apa saja Saham yang berkaitan atau bersangkutan dengan Wang hasil dari syarikat yang berLESEN ini.

Pihak2 berkaitan seperti EPF, PNB, Tabung Haji dan sewaktu dengan nya bila melabur bagi pihak Muslim dalam negara in, TOLONG JUGA BERI PERHATIAN.


Anonymous said...


The solution is simple and don’t need to pull in talk on race. Get Wynn's, Sands, Goh Tong's, Tan's to tender, fair and square right?

What is wrong with Selangor? I think you have to elaborate more to substantiate your claim.

A bit curious, is Anti-Hypocrite a typo? You sound more like a Pro-Hypocrite.


Anonymous said...

Anon 1.45 pm

No! I dont't agree with you.

Lu ada paham ka tada paham..apa gua cakap...

Itu lesen judi tada boleh kasi sama Melayu loo..Melayu pon tamau laa...

Itu judi la...bukan bisness...
Melayu judi punya pasal memang tatau..
bisness boleh laa...

Aiyoo susah la mau cakap sama olang macam lu.


Anonymous said...

To Quin Kontrol,

Arak dah lama di jual kat shah alam tu sejak aku kat itm shah alam awal tahun 90an laa eg. Giant & tesco shah alam kan dibuka masa BN memerintah, concorde shah alam pun ada apatah lagi 7-11 ... 2 kilang arak kat malaysia ni terletak di selangor sejak 80an lagi... ko ni memang katak di bawah tupperware betul...

Disco frog

HeroHuruHara said...

PERKASAkan diri anda! When will be the HALAL stamp appears on the bookie ticket? It gonna be very soon right.... Oppsss it is there already...

Mustapha Ong said...

Bro and all,

Janganlah terkejut atas perangai orang-orang kita. biasalah Cina cari duit sana dan sini, tapi Melayu belanja mengikut selera YANG TERBUKA, kos senang dapat duit pinjaman gomen.anda tahu tak beberapa duit pinjaman Mara and bank-bank yang orang Melayu berhutang dan akhir nya tak mampu untuk melangsaikan hutang-hutang mereka dan harapkan "bailout" oleh goven BN aje.

Pihak pembangkang ada duit simpan untuk sendiri dan biarkan sipolan kena di sumbat ke mahkamah tanpa malu dan tidak bermoral.Tetapi apabila Najib atau Muhyiddin melulusakan peruntukan berjuta-juta sahaja untuk kepentingan kaum lain (Cina,India,Iban dan sbagainya acuan 1Malaysia)khusus nya dibidang pelajaran, orang-orang itu cepat melenting dan membantah tanpa kesedaran dan kepribadian bangsa sendiri.Itu pula menjadi isu politik kerana mereka kehabisan modal dan hilang daya fikiran.

Aku pun malu bru kerana hanya tahu mengkritik tanpa segan dan insaf.apa telah jadi dengan bangsa Melayu yang telah hilang pedoman dan philosopi hidup dimana ada perpatah Melayu berbunyi "Janganlah jaga kain tepi orang lain, sekira nya kain kita pakai itu kotor dan penuh dengan tahi"

Hidup Melayu dan ubahlah sikap hidup dan perjuangan bangsa yang semakin teruk masakin.Dengarlah pesanan PM Najib dan ikuti nasihat beliau yang kita harus berubah dan menghadapi sebarang cabaran masakini.


Anonymous said...

"The policies when he was prime minister are a major part of why we are where we are today."

Agreed! we wouldn't have been in such a fucked up state if it weren't for mamak kutty!

Anonymous said...

In 2003, when Dr M was away, Jamaluding Jarjis gave a license to Vincent Tan to operate a CASINO in Bukit Tinggi. When Dr M came back, he IMMEDIATELY rescinded the license.

This info is directed to all who had said that Dr M is responsible for Vincent Tan getting the license.

Now what concerns me is, if the sports betting license was rescinded and now have found a new life, who is there to say that the CASINO license for Vincent Tan will not be resurrected?

Only Mr Tan, and a former minister who is now Ambasador to a super power nuclear country, with a black man as president, and who loves to take HELICOPTER rides, might have the ANWSER.

Its me Boss

Anonymous said...

Malay people, dont know how to do business. They are rent seekers, and not very very jealous of vincent tan.

Anonymous said...

Janji Melayu pd Melayu

Pilihan raya kecil Manek Urai, Muhyiddin Yassin yg lebih dikenali sebagai Dirty Yassin atau menurut rocky sebagai DIN (dirty jugak kot), berjanji untuk membina jambatan antaka urai lama dgn urai baru. Penduduk Melayu miskin caya dgn kata kata manis Dirty Din, dan mengundi calon BN, tapi BN kalah, dan Dirty Din enggan membina jambatan tersebut.

Janji Melayu pd Cina

Di Ulu Selangor, Najib janji taburkan berjuta juta ringgit buta sekolah Cina. Penduduk Cina menyeluruh undi PKR, dan Najib pulka menghadiahkan berjuta juta ringgit kepada penduduk Cina di Ulu Selangor.

Kini, Vincent Tan pulak digalakkan ole Kjaan untuk melancarkan skim judi baru.

Agama Islam diperlekehkan, dan kepentingan masyarakat Cina diberi kepentingan muktamad.

Mana pinya mereka yg membantah pergunaaan kalimah ALLAH dlm kitab INJIL?

Bangkitlah, sbb kian hari ISLAM sedang dihina.


Anonymous said...

Vincent Tan, I hear you got skin disease and have to scratch your body everytime, . . . True'ah, and that you mistress, not Robin's mum left you.

From your dead friend


Anonymous said...

Antara Najib dan Jarjis, yg ada cume rosmah dan NAJIS.

Anonymous said...

Mustapa Ong pi makan babi lah cina kui

Anonymous said...

Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali should apologise to MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi , said MCA -the STAR,

Oiii Milayu balek lah. Kita mau judi kita judi, u mana susah, mana sakit?

Oii Milayu, jgn cakap banyak sampei kena PUKUL.

Anonymous said...

Those money will be utilised solely for purposes such as;


Cover cost for Operasi PATIs;

Operasi China Dolls and catch MUMMYS,

Operasi catch drug suppliers

Operasi catch pirate CD fellas,

Operasi clean-up Nipah virus victims and compensate pig farmers......

Operasi nab illegal gambling syndicates and Ah Longs

Pay salary and allowances for ADUNS/MPs who spend their time only on the streets demonstrating..

Haiyah... all these are getting too expensive today, itu pun tak cukup!! must still depend on Petronas money!!


Anonymous said...

that is where all the money the cronies..regardless of race..1malaysia..kroni didahulukan..melayu diperbodohkan..

Anonymous said...

as a malaysian of ethnic chinese I'm totally against gambling, alcohol, smoking, illegal racing, corruption and even open burning and ignoring traffic lights, right from my heart.

And i do not recommend eating pork and beef, red meats are not healthy.

my conscience is, we need to act against the current ruling party, the country needs reforming.

Anonymous said...

against gambling is not about islamic or not, but it is a basic common sence lah, don't be too narrow in thinking ok?

i'm a non muslim but i do believe in the teachings of islam, can or not?

Anonymous said...

Seperti yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia, Islam ialah agama rasmi. Kalau nak lulus lesen berjudi lagi , sudah tentu ianya bertentangan dengan status negara sebagai Negara Islam. Go ahead, and suffer another mega tsunami in next GE. Orang Islam dah fed up dengan kerajaan yang asyik give-in to non muslim. Orang Umno pun akan tinggalkan Umno sekiranya kelulusan lesen judi ini diteruskan. I for one, will not hasitate to vote for the pembangkang!!!!

Anonymous said...

Quote "Seperti yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia, Islam ialah agama rasmi. Kalau nak lulus lesen berjudi lagi , sudah tentu ianya bertentangan dengan status negara sebagai Negara Islam. Go ahead, and suffer another mega tsunami in next GE. Orang Islam dah fed up dengan kerajaan yang asyik give-in to non muslim. Orang Umno pun akan tinggalkan Umno sekiranya kelulusan lesen judi ini diteruskan. I for one, will not hasitate to vote for the pembangkang!!!"

Stop being so prejudice to chinese as you lives in the same country..Having a thought of chinese is extorting from malays..In fact, in Malaysia, malays have many privellege, such as buying house for a cheaper house and malay reserve lands...
As a fact, if you have a good entrepeneur brain, using the privellege of being a malay and socializing skills, you would be sucessful yourself.
And sucess doesn't restrict to any ethnic. It's just the way you work things out...
In this society, it just that we need to play the game by the rule, just that how much effort you put in.
I'm just a 23 year old youngster, but learns how to do bussiness from my father, watched him work so hard, RM3000 per month, yet having to send me to a private school with expensive school fees. He worked the way to the top, till now we were considered wealthy.
"The gaming rules changed once you are at the top of the food chain."

And for Vincent Tan, he's a man with brain. He manage to improve the life in Malaysia by bringing in Starbucks, 7-Eleven, Mc Donald and etc...I know he makes profit from them, but can you guys do the same thing as he did?