Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PRU 13, not before 11/11

WHY MALAYSIA'S NEXT GENERAL ELECTION CANNOT HAPPEN SOONER. MIC president S. Samy Vellu says he will stick to his - he will step down "eight or nine months" before the expiry of his term in May 2012. Not sooner, not later.

Which means September next year at the earliest or latest by October 2011.

Now, the PM would want to wait for this to happen before he calls for the next general election. Why? Samy Vellu's contributions to Malaysian politics and the Indian community are immense, whether you like him or not, and his voluntary retirement is likely to create a feel good factor that may benefit Najib (assumming that his Administration continues to gain ground on the economic front, makes progress on the objectives of NEM, and scores well on the KPI and NKRAs).

When Dr M quit at the end of 2003 after 22 years as prime minister, it created the settings for Abdullah to notch one of BN's biggest general election wins the following year. Samy Vellu is no Mahathir but the effect of his retirement from politics will be felt in a big way, and Najib will want to use this to his advantage.

Read the press release issued by Samy Vellu's office on his resignation, here.


  1. He has said that before and had not done as he said he would.

    Why should we believe him now? Too much cry wolf will make people doubt you even when you are speaking the truth.

    Porn star at work

  2. ah .. who cares..

    with samy or no samy... BN is walking out by GE 13

  3. Anonymous7:40 pm

    But why can't just he left now. There are works for MIC to do to attract Indians support back to BN. Since the Chinese don't want to work with us, we should do at our utmost to attract the Indian to support BN.

  4. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Samy should be thanked for his past deeds and should retire gracefully together with the Sarawak Chief Minister and make way for a new leadership.

    The younger mindset prefer younger leaders to speak on the same wave length.

    It is time to listen to the younger brains, if any.

    Equally so, DAP and PAS legends too must leave the scene.

    Wonder why everyone wants to cling on to power. Just do the time, make some money and let others continue the legacy. New cronies are forever waiting.


  5. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Palinivel is a PRICK

  6. Anonymous8:15 pm

    SAMY AND NAJIB SHOULD QUIT. Let Muhyidin Yassin take over. He is the better man.

    J Low.

  7. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Jadikan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin presiden UMNO dan PM Malaysia. Beliau memang berbakat, dan bervisi.
    Hidup Tan Sri DIN.

    Anak Johor, Anak Umno.

  8. Boleh percaya ke???

    Oktober 2011: "Ahli masih memerlukan saya untuk terus memimpin MIC bagi PRU13 ini, itu yang saya bagitahu Najib!!!"

    Apa nak cakap pada masa itu?

  9. Pujangga Sekapur Tanah9:49 pm

    Saya menyeru Datuk Rocky dan para pembaca untuk membaca warkah berikut yang bertajuk Surat Untuk Saudara Kandung.

    Bacalah hingga titik noktah terakhir.

    Inilah masa depan tanahair sesudah Sibu.


  10. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Rocky, very poor analysis la !!

    Samy Vellu is gone case la , no impact one !!

  11. In 2008 many hoped that AAB would stay on forever because that was the insurance policy/ fixed deposit Pakatan wanted for a complete rout of UMNO/BN at GE 2013!!

    Similarly now, many are hoping that Wigs will stay on right through to GE 2013 to ensure no one will vote MIC.

    So, if Najib is on the ball he will have to use that 3-card trick which is his calling card everywhere - "Gua tolong lu, Lu Tolong gua?" and buy Samy out.

    But then again, it did not work at Sibu, did it? Muahaha!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  12. Anonymous10:43 pm

    No body care whether he want to stay or leave just like the mca.
    For once , pak lah famous statement , dont worry they are not relevant is in place.

    Actually no body care who is incharge as long as he is sincerely has the rakyat at heart but not based on deal and talk like selling ubat.

    We want someone whose care is unconditional.We will support him let him be from umno ,pakatan, raksasa ,badak, bangau whatever name you call it.

    Where have all the righteous people gone, long time ago ?


  13. Leithaisor10:49 pm

    If Samy Vellu kept his word, he would not have been able to set foor in KL lah.

    Remember Lunas Nov 2000, and his arrogant claim that if BN loses he would not return to KL?

  14. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Its makes no DIFFERENCE coz yang kalah dalam Pilihan Raya pon BOLE jadi MENTERI,,,!!!!!

    Letak gambar BONTOT LEMBU pon Orang akan UNDI.


  15. Hi D'Rocky,

    U mentioned that Samy Vellu aka Same Value contribution is immense; Really can u please provide some evidence to this.

    Pls also ask Dr M if u statement is valid by any measure.

  16. Anonymous1:04 am

    Samy must go. since then, even MCA and UMNO has had 3 changes in their leadership

  17. Anonymous2:52 am

    More reason as to why, probably?:

    Malaysia has taken the 10th spot on the Switzerland-based IMD's World Competitive Yearbook for 2010, a result that will make it more attractive to foreign investors

    Malaysia has broken into the top 10 list of the world's most competitive countries, a result that will make it more attractive to foreign investors and proof that the government's transformation efforts are bearing fruit.

    The country has taken the 10th spot on the Switzerland-based IMD's World Competitive Yearbook for 2010, up from 18th placing last year.

    The list measures Malaysia against 58 countries this year, from 57 nations last year.

    International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said that Malaysia had been steadily improving its rating since it was first included in the well-respected list in 1999.

    With an index score of 87,228, Malaysia has joined the ranks of the most competitive countries in the world, sharing the Top 10 ranking with Singapore, Hong Kong, the US, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Taiwan and Norway.

    "This unprecedented result is clearly rooted in the innovative and bold initiatives the government has undertaken this past year to drive development and economic growth and create a resilient private sector despite the recent slowdown of the global economy," Mustapa told reporters on the sidelines of the World Islamic Economic Forum in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

    In both the government and business efficiency ratings, Malaysia's performance is now ahead of developed countries like Luxembourg, Switzerland, Canada, Denmark and Sweden.

    Malaysia also made big leaps in government and business efficiency.

    It was ranked ninth, against 19th last year, for government efficiency and fourth for business efficiency compared with 13th previously.

    "The economic performance and the infrastructure factors improved to eighth, against ninth last year, and 25th, from 26th position, respectively."-Business Times

    Wrong country as in Malaysia north of Singapore or something freakish here?

    Skilgannon 1066, comments please?

  18. Mustapha Ong6:30 am

    Dear Bro,

    Not sure whether your titled spin "PRU 13, not before 11/11" will be exploited by Najib's critics, including samy vellu who had lost political creditability long time ago.

    Samy Vellu is of no value to MIC and neither is he contributing to Najib's strategies to reform BN, both internally and externally before PRU13th coming November 2011.

    Just look at his demands and blackmail to Najib as conditioned to agree to Kamalanathan's candidature for the Hulu Selangor by-election? Should I release all the conditions for public information and exposed Samy Vellu???


    I think we should all forget the politics of Samy Vellu and his political and corporate liabilities. Samy Vellu is the worst Indian peacock and the only way to silent him is to strip off his "jambol". I cannot tolerate his arrogance, but let us see who is his next victim as he had boasted that he will "destroy his enemies first before they destroy him".

    Wow that's a great political statement and I sincerely hope our leaders like Najib and Muhyiddin will comment on Samy Vellu's latest outburst. If Najib and Muhyiddin do not respond publicly to Samy Vellu's damaging statement, I fear they will not succeed to reform BN before the coming 13thPRU, i.e MIC's political liability to BN that will effect BN unity among the component parties. I hope people like Kaveas will come up with his firefly statement and demonised Samy Vellu in order to redeem PPP's political creditability in BN.

    Finally, 13thPRU or not UMNO being the anchor party in Barisan Nasional will have to revamp BN in the immediate future, in order to restore political confidence and stability before we can even think of the right time to call for the next general election. This latest political development will pose a great challenge to Najib's leadership. I also think that the 13thPRU should be held in mid November 2011, just after Najib's birthday in July 2010.According to Mr Fun-Shui: a good year for Najib that may last at least another 7 fruitful years ahead for our prime minister.

  19. Samy Vellu has no more value just like Zimbabwe currency. MIC will be better of without him and his group of cronies.

    In order for Najib to win the hearts and minds of the Indians, Samy must go now there is no two ways about it.

    Samy is deluding himself if he still thinks the Indians still wants him around after the March 2008 elections where MIC was almost decimated.

    Najib does not have much time left because in about 2 years he will have to call for General Elections.

    With all signs showing that Chinese voters momentum are going for the DAP, Najib have very little options left but to work and gain support from the majority Malays/Bumis, Indians and other races to win the next GE, lets not even begin to talk about winning 2/3rd majority.

  20. Anonymous11:54 am

    Keep Samy in play please....he has been keeping Malaysians entertained for so long, I would feel a vaccuum if he is gone. Puhleeeeeeeze Najib, get Samy to stay....


  21. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Hidup Muhyiddin.

  22. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Hidup Muhyiddin.

  23. Bunnie12:58 pm

    Aiyah.. why predict when the next election.. When it comes, it comes la. And I am sure everyone of us will know what to do if we want to save this country. What has it gotta do with Samy? Samy isnt the deciding factor here.

    I think the time has come for all of us to take the risk and try a new government. Afterall, if this new government is as shitty, it cant be any worse than it is now, we are already hit rock shit bottom in the spetic tank! we can always vote in another government.

    We are like an abused woman who simply refuse to save herself from an abusive spouse. We just allow ourselves to be abused,raped and robbed of all dignity because we are too weak to want to make that change. We continue to find all sorts of excuses for our weaknesses, the kids, the comfy lifestyle, the status, the stigma... THAT IS US!! We allow BN to abuse, rape and robbed us and we make all kinds of excuses to vote them in every election.

    PLEASE! Walk out of BN and make that change la! For a start, all these old farts who have been sitting on that powerful chair can be uprooted and thrown out!

  24. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Tidak akan ada pilihanraya sehingga BN dapat 2/3. Ini memastikan supaya pensempadanan semula kawasan pilihanraya boleh dilaksanakan. You help me, I help you.