Monday, May 31, 2010

A Prayer for the safety of our Gaza-bound friends

updates, Monday 11pm: 
Pemuda Umno will submit memo to UN at Jalan Dungun, 10.30 am,tomorrow (Tuesday)
Perkasa to protest in front of US Embassy 10.30 am, tomorrow
Pakatan to protest in front of US Embassy 11.30 am , tomorrow
Perkasa to hold solat hajat at Masjid Kampung Baru, after Maghrib, also tomorrow       

Dr Mahathir condemns Israeli attack
Original posting: The Israelis killed 10 members of the international aid flotilla. Two Malaysian journalists are on the ship attacked by the Israelis, their fate still unknown. My brother Shamsul Akmar and five other Malaysians are on board another vessel, which is a day behind. I can only pray for their safety.

The Israelis said the flotilla members had pistols "taken" from their officers of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).


  1. Assalamu alaikum Dato'

    My prayers go to all my brothers who are now either dead, hospitalized in Tel Aviv, or now being towed against their will to Haifa.

    May Allah swt help us all.

  2. I don't think i can sleep tonight.

  3. Let us pray for the safety of our fellow Muslims.

  4. We pray for their safety. The israeli action is inexcuasable. The "pistol" reminds me of our PDRM parang that often and mysteriously appears in local crime scenes.

  5. Bloggers unite for majlis tahlil dan doa selamat. Unite against a common enemy.

  6. Anonymous12:29 am

    protesting at the US embassy?
    must be brain dead, do it at the Israelis embassy lah....ohh don;t hv one in malaysia

    Pak pendek

  7. Anonymous12:43 am

    Don't forget Israel's partner-in-crime in Asia is no other than Singapore.

    With Temasik now having a 40% stake in the development of 200 acres in Nusajaya for the iconic project (iconic or icronic?), thanks to the brilliant Khazanah, let's pray the Israelis will not start moving in and turn Nusajaya into another Palestine.

    I'm not surprised in 2 years time, some poor GLC will be forced to buy that 40% stake at a huge premium (via CIMB of course).


  8. masam Manis1:36 am


    Our prayers to the volunteers for their safety. For those who lost their lives in this incident, our sincere condolences to their families and love ones.

    Anything we Malaysian should learn about Israel occupation in Palestine land is the importance of unity among Palestinians and Arab states to ward off Israel aggression in middle east.

    Here in Malaysia, based the program timetable for political parties to protest at foreign embassies tomorrow, they are behaving like divided Malaysians. The politics just got better of them. It is simply laughable and at the same time disappointing that they can't even pull a united assembly to present a common condemnations from people of Malaysia.

    Do they honestly believe the foreign embassies government will take Malaysia protest seriously? Fat chance. Not this way.

  9. PAS are so loud about their so called struggle for Islam. But why only one volunteer from them?

    I am sure most are not willing to go to heaven earlier even though Nik Aziz had granted them heaven in the hereafter. hahaha

    Arab nations should have nuclear arms.

  10. My dear Muslims friends all over the world!

    Simple message...when its a war zone what business do Malaysians and "peace loving" muslims have to having being there?! Looking for trouble...worse still finding fault with humanity? You "jokers" should 1st look within yourselves and find the answers failing which, don't look at Obama for answers because, very simply put, you assholes went into a "war zone"!!!! In such a circumstance, am I to call Muslims "arseholes" for this "daring" action?! Not all but the few daring ones and probably they have paid for their lives just to satisfy those who are "hell bent" to create havoc in this planet called earth! If money can buy lives, then I don't see anything wrong in the Israeli action! To all out can sell your souls for money, for now, but "pay back" time awaits you in the aftermath!

    Good luck!


  11. Mustapha Ong5:48 am

    Salam Rocky's bru,

    All Malaysians should rise against the occasion and condemn the Israelis outrageous acts of inhumane attacks in the name of global humanity and responsibility.Fellow Muslims should not sit back and allow the Israelis to butcher all the innocent people on board the Gaza-bound rescue vessel.

    I call upon all Muslim nations to sanction these Israelis evil crimes against the international community.We appeal to president Obama of the United States to come forward and resolve the continuing Palestinian Israelis conflicts,that had killed tens of thousand of innocent people.Both Palestinians and Israelis are Arab descendants and yet they have been fighting for decades in the name of religion.

    We should ask our conscience why America and the world community entrusted with global peace and stability in the United Nations are not in any position to stop the Israelis from their insane killings of our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters.This powerful nation on earth can resolve the conflict with enough international endorsement at the touch of a finger and flatten the Israelis illegal occupation of territory if they are committed and respect global sovereignty.

    One of our blogged commentators condemned Singapore just because they enjoyed mutual beneficial bilateral relations with Israel.I believe any nation has the right to engage with the Israelis in exercising their foreign policy. Malaysia or any other country should not conveniently condemned Singapore as the island nation is not a threat to us and neither did they interfere in our international relations and foreign policy.

    Do we have to be carried away with emotions that will only show our ignorance?.On the other hand,we should continue to protest against Israelis not only in front of the US Embassy but also the UN Representative Office around the world.

  12. Anonymous6:44 am

    "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." — Confucius

  13. Anonymous7:15 am

    Mentioned in our Quran since centuries ago, Hitler saw it and reacted in his own ways...

    Now they are showing their true colours..

    And idiot pak pendek.. you pathetic shameless NUT, go get your brains examined!

    My deepest condolence and prayers go to all the family members of those wonderful volunteers who sacrificed their lives for such a noble cause..


  14. Bro, where is Amnesty International and that Transparency people when we need them the most ya? Why the silence ya? why not even a word of wisdom from them?

    Or probably because its Zionis, it's ok?

    kamal fdn hashim

  15. Anonymous8:57 am

    Malaysia politician is hopeless and it goes to both divide...
    And my prayers to the activists...
    What a shame!

    kay rules

  16. Anonymous9:32 am

    Shallow thinking Das,

    Gaza is not a war zone! It is a bashing site for Israel. How come so many hipocrite and shallow minded people like Das in this world.

  17. Assalamu'alaikum,

    To our PM: Wake up and get ready.
    To Uor Min. Of Def.: If we can afford to lost 2 engine why can't loose the same to fight for justice.

    BEWARE OF : Singapore
    All Irael allies

    To our gov. please take all app. actions to all above immedietly.

    Otherwise ... we are going to trough you in next election.

    JEBAT (berjiwa rakyat Malaysia)

  18. Anonymous9:59 am

    The link below shows footage from a Turkish TV channel that was posted on the BBC. Keep an eye on that Israeli who just landed and was immediately attacked. How on earth do you expect an armed commando who is trained to kill to respond in such a situation ?


  19. Minister had to say:

    ""Our policy is this -- we try to let in all humanitarian goods into Gaza, all peaceful commodities, food, medicine, and the like. What we want to prevent coming into Gaza are rockets, missiles, explosives and war materials that could be used to attack our civilians. This is an ongoing policy and it was the one that guided our action yesterday. We told the flotilla of ships, we said, 'You can take all your cargo, put it in our port of Ashdod, we'll just ferret out if there are any war materials, and the rest will go through'.

    "We succeeded in doing this peacefully with five of the six ships. The sixth ship, the largest, which had hundreds of people on it, not only did not cooperate in this effort peacefully, they deliberately attacked the first soldiers who came on the ship. They were mobbed, they were clubbed, they were beaten, stabbed, there was even a report of gunfire. And our soldiers had to defend themselves, defend their lives, or they would have been killed."

    Just as I am expected to, and trained to, take the official statements of our authorities, I am inclined to take the statement issued by the PM of Israel. It certainly sounds a lot fairer and clearer than our IGP's statements about our police's shooting policy and all the statements given out by him following the recent shooting of the 14 year old boy.

    What Israel did, based on that statement is a whole lot more sanguine than those issued by our authorities in regards to protests and demonstrations. Remember them showering chemical laced water when little girls wanted to send flowers to the PM?

    Yes, 10 people reported dead and many wounded. That is to be regretted and condemned. But as Malaysians let us view these through the conditions that we are bound to live with and which many in fact support without reservations. So let us look at what happened on the Mediterranean through our streets on the afternoon of Nov 10 and Nov 25th 2007...let us look at what happened based on our acceptance of our IGP's holding us all to ransom. Let us look at it through the statements of the Selangor CPO as well as the IGP following the shooting of the 14 year old boy.

  20. fart u11:42 am

    Old Fart,

    A police officer is being charged for the shooting of Aminurasyid, a boy too young to drive legally who was fleeing the cops and other assailants because he knew he had done something very wrong.

    Perhaps you to get your beloved, more sanguine Israelis to charge someone for the incident that took 19 lives and injured scores others.

    Mavi Marvara wasn't fleeing from the Israelis, it was headed for Gaza armed with love. Those are human rights activists, man. And they were in international waters.

    What's wrong with you, Old Fart. You want to get the IGP and our cops, sure, go ahead, I think many of us want that too.

    But there's a time for everything, and here now is not the time for you to try and lessen the enormity of the Israeli's violent crime with our petty domestic politics.

    -- Fart U

  21. Anonymous11:52 am

    To Palestinan and Israiel supporters. This is for YOU.

    This is my home, i'm the one who's left.

    The second made me be the one i am.

    The stories people tell here are heavy

    And this is mine...

    I taste blood as it showers from my blade

    I eat your heart, from evil it was made

    With heart filled hatred black blood runs through my veins.

    I take your powers to the ancient ones who reign.

    Its me Boss.

  22. Malaysians never learn. You can pull your hair in anger and shout yourself coarse but you can never change Israel's intransigence and brazenness. After all, America, the satellite state of Israel, has said that it sees nothing, hears nothing. So stop all this crappy demonstrations. This empty show of bravado is pointless. Let's concentrate on improving our lives instead of playing hero. The only hero is a nincompoop hero.


  23. I am ready to die for Palestine. I have only one life. By the way, where can I register as a volunteer for Palestine fighters? Can commenters enlighten me? Also, how much can I get a month fighting for Palestine?

    Pantat Ang

  24. Anonymous12:59 pm

    why don't go protest at apco office ?

  25. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Please remember the non-muslims who participated in the aid mission. My prayers to them also.


  26. Israel ....Pirates of the Mediteranean

  27. Charles F. Moreira1:18 pm

    The Israeli attack on the peace convoy protestors bringing humaitarian aid to the blockaded Gazans must be condemned outright.

    May God bless the souls of the dead.

  28. Anonymous3:07 pm

    The ruling party in Turkey has achieved it's agenda. It's popularity rating will shoot up again.

    The Erdogan Gang

  29. Das,

    Those on board the Freedom Flotilla are from different countries -- people from the international community.

    they are volunteers brining humanitarian aid to the peoople in Gaza.

    this is not about Islam vs Judaism.
    this is not about religion because there are many Palestinian christians who have suffered under the brutality of the israeli zionist regime.

    these are brave courageous people.

    i am sorry you cannot see that.

  30. Chiara4:22 pm

    Can AS really perform a "miracle" by tempting a 50billion offer?

  31. Charles6:53 pm


    There are many commentators here who are apologists for Israel or tacit supporters with no balls to state it outright.

    Let me put it simply. Many Malaysians, justifiably feel resentful of official discriminatory policies against them at home and project their frustrations with the local Malaysian scenario into the worldwide sphere. In their hearts they support and identify with the side they perceive is against others more similar to those whom they perceive oppress them here.

    The Israeli-Palestine conflict is largely seen as one between Jews (ie. non-Muslims) and Muslims, so for these Malaysians the Israeli-Palestine conflict is a parody or reflection of local politics at home, except that in the former scenario, the non-Muslims represented by the Israelis have the upper hand.

    I don't agree with the situation in Malaysia but I'm politically aware enough not to conflate the two completely different issues but to see them in their respective contexts.

    Yet I support the Palestinian cause. I always have from my student days, not because of any influence from UMNO or the local media but from direct contact with Palestinians while in the U.K., contact with the Palestine Liberation Organisation, and contact with others, including sympathetic Jews who oppose Israeli aggression and who support the Palestinian cause.

    Quite frankly Nuraina, I often prefer to read foreign political websites and the writings of foreign political commentators than to read Malaysian websites, even the many online ones where there are so many stupid and puerile comments.

  32. Charles6:57 pm

    "Bro, where is Amnesty International and that Transparency people when we need them the most ya?"

    Right on kamal fnd hashim. I just checked the Suaram and Committee to Protect Journalists websites and found nothing there condemning this Israeli aggression and there are journalists on those boats.

  33. Charles7:06 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Isn't it high time you stopped using Blogger, owned by Google?

  34. fart u

    just this. Everyone else who is condemning the actions of the Israelis are condemning using the standards by which they live and they adhere to in their own countries. I might even go up to Queen St this Saturday when Aucklanders march up to the Israeli embassy.

    But when Malaysia criticises Israel for this and any other action, I squirm and feel rather awkward. We C4, we have our water canons, we get nervous over vigilers holding no more than a candle, we ban the Bible even on the pretext that it confuses people, we shoot 14 year olds and we have the Kugans and the Francis Udayapans. Ah, I almost forgot, we also got the ISA, the OSA, and whatever not. What Israel has done is not, when compared to how we treat refugees in camps under our control, a place that any Malaysian detainee is going to complain about like how the detainees here often complain.

    No sir, I don't support nor condone the Israeli action this time around. I just saw in our news here that even the Israeli press were condemning and calling the action of the Israeli government stupid without the worry of a Malaysian like PPP Act to threaten to close them down.

    One thing I also saw, the soldiers abseiling down the ropes from the helicopters were not exactly shooting at anyone. But even before they could land on the vessel, they were being whacked by people on the vessel using sticks and what ever else. If there were any Israeli injuries, it should have happened then. and there were Israeli injuries. So I guess the Israelis need only repeat what our IGP has previously said isn't it about why the cops here shoot? (14 year olds too and then even before any investigation is done criminalise the kid by calling him a burglar, was using the car as a weapon and a parang)!! When a lot of us are prepared to digest all that and live with it, surely it must make us all feel like hypocrites now venting our anger at the Israelis?

    Why do we behave differently when it comes to our authorities dishing out the same kind of crazy injustice? Because when you do you are going to be seen as not politically correct maybe? Or maybe you now got a file open with your name on it?

  35. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Dear Das 'the sadist'

    If you see nothing wrong with the Israeli's action now in attacking & killing innocent caring human beings with noble intention, i also see nothing wrong with Hitler's action then to massacre all the innocent Jewish ppl.

    Caring Muslim

  36. In taking some of the anti-Islam posters here, why bother doing activist work when u know u will get into trouble?

    Then what is Nizar and others protesting after the Perak debacle? haha, the police will arrest, so to quote Old Fart, I am more inclined to believe the -(just sub Israel PM with Musa Hassan)

    Haha, u bunch of pathetic anti-Islam hypocrites, Islam is on the rise here, hudud will come whether u like it or not, and i am supporting dhimmi - non-muslim tax and other measures to make the non-muslims 2nd and 3rd class citizens.

    Anyone who supports Israeli actions like the killing of 1300 civilians in Gaza and 1400 in Lebanon are no doubt anti-Islam. And there are many of them in PR, beware my brothers in PAS!

  37. Anonymous12:01 am

    Hahaha all these umn0 goons shouting dead to israel - dead to israel!! pura pura saja. STILL USING APCO FOR PR work?????

    hahaha you guys are just pure hypocrites!

  38. Anonymous1:54 am

    Non muslim here seems to right away see this a muslim vs the world issue. there is non muslim , even ex US diplomat in one of the boat.
    U have to side with Israelis government right away just because Malays in this country feels for their fellows Muslim there.Bear in mind not all Palestinians are Muslim.Not all Jews condone what Israelis are doing.
    This is humanitarian issue. You cornered people in Gaza with to trade base,basic amenities and you expect them not to keep rage too ?
    Grow up people here. Not everything is about BN , PR whatever.

    Jamal JB

  39. Anonymous2:31 am

    Part 1

    To Old Fart, Das the Dust and the like ....

    To be racist and wicked because you feel that it is cool to be racist as Palestinians are mostly Muslims (hence, in your bloody head you take that as Malays, even if you know that there are also Christians in the Palestinian society).

    The boats were filled with humanitarian activists not arms or terrorists. Being 'terrorists' because they came in a peaceful manner? What logic is this?

    The activists were attacked when their boats were in international waters. They came from all over the world, Muslims, Christians even Jews who are sympathetic
    towards the Palestinians. By the way, it was not the Palestinians who killed the Jews
    but the Germans....To attack the wretched and poor people of Palestine is an act of COWARDICE on the part of mighty Israel. Here, I quote from,

    "So before we get swamped by Israeli hasbara let’s reiterate a few simple facts:

    * Israeli soldiers invaded these ships in international waters, breaking international law, and, in killing civilians, committed a war crime.

    The counter-claim by Israeli commanders that their soldiers responded to an imminent “lynch” by civilians should be dismissed with the loud contempt
    it deserves.

    * The Israeli government approved the boarding of these aid ships by an elite unit of commandoes. They were armed with automatic weapons to pacify the civilians onboard, but not with crowd dispersal equipment in case of resistance. Whatever the circumstances of the confrontation, Israel must be held responsible for sending in soldiers and recklessly endangering the lives of all the civilians onboard, including a baby and a Holocaust survivor.

    * Israel has no right to control Gaza’s sea as its own territorial waters and to stop aid convoys arriving that way. In doing so, it proves that it is still in belligerent occupation of the enclave and its 1.5 million inhabitants. And if it is occupying Gaza, then under international law Israel is
    responsible for the welfare of the Strip’s inhabitants. Given that the blockade has put Palestinians there on a starvation diet for the past four years, Israel should long ago have been in the dock for committing a crime against humanity.

    Today Israel chose to direct its deadly assault not only at Palestinians under occupation but at the international community itself."

    And Das, don't try to act like a 'know all' person. You know nuts, man! You wrote not with your head but with your hatred for anything Muslims, as a proxy
    for Malays. The arsehole is YOU by the way.

    Gaza is not a war zone. It is a big PRISON, period. It is like Auschwitz. You want me to enlighten it for you here?

    Auschwitz was a network of concentration and extermination camps built and operated in occupied Poland by Nazi Germany during the Second World War.
    It was the largest of the German concentration camps for the Jews, consisting of Auschwitz I ..........


    Humiliation is the order of the day for the Gazans. Being attacked or punished collectively because of anything. They are being 'murdered' little by little by the mighty coward Israelis. If that is not against humanity, I don't know what is anymore......

    (to be continued)

    - World Citizen

  40. Anonymous2:35 am

    Part 2

    Imagine Bukit Bintang being surrounded by barbed wires everywhere, controlled by the army and nothing can go in or come out without the permission of the power that be. Imagine you get people from all over the world sending you food and medical supplies but halfway they were attacked and killed by that same power. How do you feel? Do you have empathy if the victims are your kind only?

    Charles, I am like you...I don't read mainstream newspapers, online or offline. CNN, Fox, even BBC are all BS channels. They are biased...I read from other sources.

    For ignorant, stupid and the 'know all' types, please open up your mind and check other sources before you write and blast through.

    Read what these journalists/writers/activists have to write about the incident here, http:

    (by the way these writers/activists/journalists are not Muslims or Arabs or Malay).

    With all the stupid, vicious and sadist comments here, I can say just one thing...GROW UP...your mind is so stunted. Be more of a human than a sus barbatus, please.

    - World Citizen

  41. Of course, Israel will be damned as we are talking about the support of Muslim Palestinians. The rest of us, who are non-Muslims be best advised to shut your mouth as you will be damned if you support Israel. Let's not forget, the so-called humanitarian aid for Gaza was an attempt by these peaceful activists to humiliate Israel. This aid flotilla was organised by a radical Islamic Turkish called IHH (Insani Yardim Vakfi)& the Muslim Brotherhood, both openly support Hamas & are Anti-American.
    So, who & why were these Malaysian journalists making a documentary about this aid flotilla without the tacit approval of UMNO! Yet, we don't see these same journos exposing the corrupt regime of Najib & his cronies that covered up the heinous murder of the Mongolian model.


  42. nstman4:56 am

    I suggest those who feel aggrieved over Israel's action go to Gaza and fight them head-on. Pointless to talk cock and condemn them. If you have the guts and the stomach to back your words with action, go on. Otherwise keep quiet and just enjoy your char kway teow or laksa. I have had enough of hypocrites. Sickening.

  43. Charles5:14 am

    Old Fart,

    You are conflating the Israeli-Palestine issue with the local Malaysian scenario when they are two very distinctly separate and different issues.

    Back in the 1960s, I learned nothing from the Malaysian papers about the real reasons behind the plight of the Palestinians, so no thanks to them.

    I leaned about the Palestine issue from my fellow Palestinian students, other Arab students, from Arab League and PLO publications & spokesman and from other Palestine supporters in the UK.

    Now if UMNO wants to protest in support of the Palestinians and against the Israelis, I will support them on that or at least not condemn them for it, since there is a point of solidarity just on this issue.

    Later, if the BN goons crack down on peaceful demonstrators in Malaysia, then I condemn them and accuse them of acting like the Israeli defense Forces against the Gazans and the aid flottila.

    Unfortunately, many Malaysians don't seem to understand united front tactics. That's one reason why the opposition is so fragmented and unity so hard to realise.

    On the other hand, right wingers in the U.S. who oppose the Iraq & Afghan wars are willing to march in the same anti-war demos organised by the left which they despise.

    That march in Auckland you are thinking of attending will include persons of all political stripes, many of whom regard the others as opponents or even political enemies but they will march as one in support of this common cause which they support for different reasons.

  44. Charles5:19 pm

    "I suggest those who feel aggrieved over Israel's action go to Gaza and fight them head-on. Pointless to talk cock and condemn them."


    Likewise, if you support the Israelis so much then go join the Israeli Defense Force and fight the Palestinians and attack those bringing aid.

    Most people can't all be there or don't all have to be there to support the Palestine cause as we can and must speak up, show our displeasure, demonstrate, send money or take any other action wherever we are.

  45. Anonymous7:51 pm

    To Old Fart, Das the Dust dan ramai kutu macam dia diMalaysia,

    Ini orang semua apa faham apa itu ertinya perjuangan?

    Lia Atok Apa, tara makan kalu, terus lari naik Tongkang lain Negara cari makan..

    Sudah kenyang tara cukup lagi kasi bising itu perut belum buncit..Otak maciam Israel punya fikir..


  46. Nzain9:17 am


    The moment the Govt lifts the travel ban on Israel you can be sure we Malay Muslims MALAYsians will be the first to go and defend the Palestinians. You as a kafir do not try to teach us anything.
    Stay here in Malaysia while cowering in fear and apathy while the rest of us braver ones deal with bigger world issues at hand then some petty pathetic political dramas at home. You want to wrestle Putrajaya from BN? Go ahead. Make their day.
    I'd like to kick some ass in Tel Aviv.