Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mother of all Tongkats

No, Not the NEP (or Goodbye, Subsidy). Whether we like it or not, we Malaysians have been walking around with a big, big tongkat in each of our hands in the form of various kinds of subsidies given by this Government. Last year alone the Government spent RM74 billion to subsidize us. That works out to nearly RM13,000 for every Malaysian household, regardless of race, religion, and political belief. We are one of the most - if not the most - subsidized nations on Earth: subsidy expenditure as a percentage of nominal gross domestic product (GDP) between 2006 and 2009 is a staggering 11 per cent, about 3 times higher than the Philippines and 55 times more than Switzerland!

The Government is taking away that tongkat from all of us, starting right about now.Bukan main-main punya!
Pic is of The Malay Mail front page, today's edition, hitting the streets about NOW!


  1. Lagi cepat lagi bagus . tak perlu tunggu GE13 . Hapus subsidy tingkatkan rasuah . beli kapal selam banyak2 .parking je mana2 nak . kita dikelilini lautan . so ttak akan tak cukup tempat parking kapal selam . Razak baginda cepat pulang ke M'sia .

  2. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Kekalkan sabsidi untuk yang termiskin saja!

    Banyak sabsidi yang diberi kerajaan dinikmati oleh kaum berada, termasuklah pendatang yang undi DAP!

  3. Bro,

    As a percentage of GDP, subsidy expenditure is now at about 11% of GDP compared with 3.5% in Switzerland, 1.4% in France, 0.7% in Britain, 2.7% in Indonesia, 1.6% in India or a meagre 0.25 in the Philippines.

    One study puts the average subsidy expenditure for OECD countries at 1.5% of nominal GDP.

    You're right to say we are one of the most - if not the most - subsidized nations on Earth even though some people claim we're under dictatorship for 22 years!

    The 'best' part is opposition will raise up this issue (price hike, etc,etc) without even suggesting a way out of this problem.

    They will instigate people anger towards government. They will protest and demo to against something that will save our country form bankruptcy!

    ps: really wonder what Lim Kit Sinag and Anwar will say about this issue. (blame corruption, no?)

  4. Tongkat Ali3:53 pm

    Those who accuse Bumis of living with a tongkat (NEP, special previleges, etc), eat your words!

    You are porky pots calling the kettles black!

    So, are you going to try and defend your BIG tongkat?

    -- Tongkat Ali

  5. Anonymous3:58 pm

    saya harap rakyat malaysia harus bangun dari tidur ... bantuan dari kerajaan TERLAMPAU malah OVER SUBSIDI pada rakyatnya tidak mengira bangsa dan agama ... atau lebih tepat lagi MALAYSIA NEGARA BERSUBSIDI ... sampai bila kita mahu bertongkat? kerja keras dan berdiri diatas kaki sendiri jangan semua mahu bersubsidi dan cuba kita lihat negara diasean atau didunia ini kebanyakan kerajaan nya tidak beri subsidi tapi berkat kerja keras rakyatnya lebih maju daripada kita dan akhir kalam kalau sesuatu negara yang mana rakyatnya hidup dengan bantuan kerajaan bersubsidi akan bankruplah negara itu suatu hari nanti ...

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  8. Anonymous4:06 pm

    With all these losses by Slime Darby, AP Kings and all the golder crutches to the cronies, bloated civil service, etc how can the govt want to screw the rakyat by taking away the subsidy. Fix the other problems and there will plentiful of money to make the rakyat happy.

    Yes to subsidy.

  9. Anonymous4:11 pm

    As usual, you and Kadir Yasin are such manupulaters can manupulate any issues at hands. The rakyat pay for the corruption and subsidize the cronies via aps, high car import taxes etc are all forgotten.

  10. Is this the only subsidy that should go? I can think of others too that should go...but that never will of course. We need the votes don't we?

  11. I think the across the board subsidies cut is inevitable, its only a matter of time.

    The question is how to control the inevitable price hike of goods which need to be addressed for Malaysians living near and below the poverty line.

    I think subsidies cut must be done progressively for each subsidised items. How progressively? That is something the cabinet has to decide politically and economically.

    In tandem with Subsidy cuts, the Government procurements and tender awards must be tightened further to ensure further savings by the Government.

  12. Anonymous4:33 pm

    My god, after ruling for 50 years that is what we get. Country will go bust in 9 years. This is a case of a very bad management. Time to change CEO? Just a few days ago, we are singing of a strong economy rebound.

    Sad citizen

  13. Lets try to these 5 things first 1st before reducing the subsidies

    1. Cut half the defense budget . We don’t need any new expensive toys that cant fly and cant sink.
    2. Make sure we have open tenders for all items. I bet my bottom dollar the savings will be more than RM 1 billion per year.
    3. Cut all the waste full spending like a New York times ad for the 1st lady .Don’t need a new batik shirt for each opening ceremony Najib goes to.
    4, Renegotiate the lop sided deals e.g. IPP, toll rates.
    5. Abolish APs and reduce car tax rates. Productivity will increase when people don’t need to spend 3 hours waiting for public transport to go to work and back

  14. Anonymous4:35 pm

    I say...
    1. Yes to removing fuel subsidy if AP for car is remove. Stop subsidizing local cars. Make them competitive. We pay wayyyy much more than a lot of countries for our cars. That part of the story, the Government keeps quiet. Hello? Macam mana la tu?

    2. By the way, why are we still subsidizing sugar? I thought we produce it here? That one should be removed. Too much sugar, bad for health.

    3. If we are heading to where Greece is heading, there is only one reason la. Corruption. Just look at that audit report on Government departments. Year in year out, same stories. Buy this, buy that above market price. Inflated to bloatedness pulak tu.

    4. Trim the Civil service. Dead woods remove. Not productive remove. NOT TRANSFER. Get those free loaders out of the system and make them earn a HALAL living.

    5. Come on Government. Your problems all derived from yourself. It is very unfair to ask the Rakyat to support your stupid policies and extravagance. You guys should buck up.


  15. Anonymous4:35 pm

    I say...
    1. Yes to removing fuel subsidy if AP for car is remove. Stop subsidizing local cars. Make them competitive. We pay wayyyy much more than a lot of countries for our cars. That part of the story, the Government keeps quiet. Hello? Macam mana la tu?

    2. By the way, why are we still subsidizing sugar? I thought we produce it here? That one should be removed. Too much sugar, bad for health.

    3. If we are heading to where Greece is heading, there is only one reason la. Corruption. Just look at that audit report on Government departments. Year in year out, same stories. Buy this, buy that above market price. Inflated to bloatedness pulak tu.

    4. Trim the Civil service. Dead woods remove. Not productive remove. NOT TRANSFER. Get those free loaders out of the system and make them earn a HALAL living.

    5. Come on Government. Your problems all derived from yourself. It is very unfair to ask the Rakyat to support your stupid policies and extravagance. You guys should buck up.


  16. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Agreed, instead of paying compensation to the Toll companies, use the money to buy them out.


    Once u buy them out, no need to pay compensation.

    Increasing volume on the road will cause increased income. So B.T.O.

  17. Anonymous4:42 pm

    It is a good idea to remove subsidies. Malaysian have been enjoying themselves and wasting so much resources.

    Now is a repayment time. It is just like a credit card that has been abused to buy things that are not needed. Time for Malaysian to be frugal. Time to weed the weak ones and to bankcrupt some.

    Why only now Goverment bring up the matter?

    Malaysian have been given fish to eat but not taught how to fish. It is a repayment time. Dosa dah overdue.

  18. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Nampak macam rancangan dari IMF aje. Hancor dan lebor lah rakyat Malaysia.

  19. If subsidies are removed, ridiculous taxes should be too.

    Why should the people pay just so that Proton can stay afloat and Naza can make a killing from APs?

    It is the people, not the government, that is subsidizing that industry in this country - and that is surely as unsustainable as other subsidies, right?


  20. APs are used by the Malaysian government to help automotive industry, companies like Naza, etc. Good for the economny.

    APs do not equals subsidy for the rich. On the contrary, the rich like the taukey bakuteh have to pay more for luxury cars brought in via APs. That's my opinion, at least.

  21. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Bankcrupt ?who care , by that time the superior elites have accumulated too much wealth to do with it.

    Ony the syok sendiri supporters still living in the dreamland fighting for their privileges.

    All you have to do is dream.


  22. the rich bakuteh taukeh? didn't they work hard for their bakuteh business??? mind you, the government didn't give them monopoly certificate to serve bakuteh

    while those selected companies who were awarded with APs? they certainly work hard to get into some sort of inner circle.....

    back to the original problem here...
    Yes we have a problem... and a big problem...

    - Who have been governing our country and econ all these while? can we trust them to fix this problem??

    - why do you think our goods are so expensive that require subsidies? mis-management ? corruptions? over spending?

    - Of the whole malaysia, Do we only have LGE who can turnaround Penang in 1 yr to helm this economy to turn the deficit around? Are we that poor in talent?

    - some comments say the pendatang also enjoy the tongkat bla bla bla... Well i don't want to think race here and advise that you don't, because by thinking that you are insulting the Bumis

  23. Idris Jala for whom many had respect is now playing the UMNO game of scaremongering and APCO spin.

    Out of so-callled $74 billion in subsidies, nearly $50 billion is for Education, Health & Welfare!!! What do we need a Govt for if they can't even provide that? Are they proposing to stop scholarships and start charging truly market rates for school & uni fees and Govt hospitals charges?

    In any event it is UMNO/BN, Mahathir, Samy, Ling, Badawi and Najib who are responsible for our $350 billion debt. Who is it who gave away one sided toll highway, IPP, water, AP and inflated contracts and monopolies? Why is Vincent Tan given a free betting licence while Genting had to cough up over a billion $ to win the Marina Bay Integrated Casino and Resort in S'pore?

    PM Najib and his Govt should resign today for UMNO/BN's political and economics mismanagement of M'sia and call for fresh elections.

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  24. skilgannon10665:35 pm

    RM 74 billion in subsidies paid last year, according to the PM.

    Budget deficit of between 7 to 7.6 per cent of GDP, depending on whose figures you believe.

    Public debt around 60 per cent of GDP.

    The country has been living beyond it's means for the last 15 years.

    Without Petronas contributing close to 40 per cent of federal govt revenues, the country's financial situation would be akin that of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain today.

    At least, these countries have decided to bite the bullet and implemented drastic expenditure cuts. As too has the new govt in the UK.

    Malaysia? Still living in cloud cuckooland!

    No wonder the ringgit is worth only 40-something Singapore cents!

  25. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Malaysia is fair, no subsidy for rich and poor alike.The poor pays same price for everything just like the rich.When the country goes bankrupt,the rich will go overseas holidays, the poor will take their kids to sungei or taman for holidays.Dont you think the poor should at least be spared some coins.And tolonglah no more mega biggest this longest that and kemudian white elephant.

  26. Anonymous6:19 pm

    will the real tongkateers please stand up? now you know la...


  27. Bunnies6:19 pm

    The history of Malaysia has proven that our government is not capable of spending our money wisely. Hence, we are in this situation. All these talk about how the country will be broke and horrible because of subsidy is rubbish. It should be, the country will be broke and horrible because the government is not prudent and wise in its spending! GET THAT CORRECT!

    Why shouldnt we enjoy subsidies? We are a very rich in resources country which by right should see its people having very good cost of living and quality of life comparable to countries like switzerland but look around you.. we are in the same situation like indonesia or philippines. If we are not there, we are fast getting there! What does it say? It says out loud that we are not governed by a government that is just and prudent. Look at all the expensive purchases like submarines that cannot go underwater, helicopters that dont fly, ministers who travel in style that put Kimora Lee Simmons to shame! WTF!! These are things that "muflis" the country and not subsidies! Dont cheat us. We may be stupid but we are not that stupid all the time!

    I dont think cutting subsidies is the way to help the country stay afloat if the government is going to continue spending like how it has been spending. We will still be in the shit if the government dont stop corruption and all these wasteful spendings. What will the government cut next?

  28. "APs are used by the Malaysian government to help automotive industry, companies like Naza, etc. Good for the economny." Mina 5.07.

    For over 10 years AP's have been given FREE on a selective crony basis to Naza, DRB etc. and certain individuals. There is therfore no direct income to the Govt while in S'pore the equivalent COE is tendered out by the Govt which receives billions used to build and maintain roads and highways.

    AP holders charge an average of RM 30,000 per AP. That's a loss in Govt revenue of about $2 billion a year and $20 billion over 10 years!!!

    Mina, how is that good for our economy which now has a record $362 billion in national debt?

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  29. Anonymous6:57 pm

    We, the poor, need subsidies. e're barely getting by with them, it's gonna be harder for us when they're pulled out. What gomen should do is to tax those rich bastards sky high, the ones that got rich because they're in UMNO, the ones that got rich by leeching off the government, the dumb politicians sucking our money thru deals, contracts...

    A way to trim the civil service: get rid of useless PTDs in the civil service. Ask the professionals in civil service, these goddamned PTDs slow the gomen, yet they're the ones getting fat checks from the government, even though they're the ones that are playing golf while other civil servants are working.


  30. Salam Bro.,
    Penatlah... gomen tak efisien, rasuah sana sini, projek membazir berjela2... and now we are told we are the most subsidized country on the planet! Sure... kena cari someone/something to blame la for your own incompetence! Ketirisan dalam gomen, terutama dalam kementerian pertahanan & finance saja dah berbilion... sapa yang kaya raya? Top 40 richest Malaysians have combined assets of US$51B... almost 25% of Malaysia's GDP... who are they? Penat lah... maybe memang patut negara ni meletop and get rid of sampah2 penyangak and start a new beginning...?

  31. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Pemimpin kedekut pemimpin lokek
    Duit rakyat jadi mangsa
    Sana sokong sini bodek
    Duit berjuta jadi murah
    Asalkan menang dapat kuasa

    Hidup jahat mati laknat
    Masa muda joli sakan
    matlamat hidup hendakkan pangkat
    Apa sahaja sanggup lakukan

    Muhyiddin pandai membuat dalih
    Najib meluat dengan Pak Lah
    Ali Rustam dah pucat gigi
    Anwar pula tak habis berangan.

    The Wrong Wong

  32. Anonymous7:06 pm

    13,000rm konon nya,,,,,
    ptuiii never saw that much money.

    Pak Ptui

  33. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Dato' Rocky bro,

    The first subsidy that should be taken off is the one given to those IPPs own by billionaires. That subsidy itself have accounted in few billions.


  34. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Malaysia risks becoming the next Greece Idris Jala warned .
    Apo kito smua akn jadee mat salleh ke Idris?

    Pi mampoi lah SAKAI.

  35. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Idris: Subsidy cuts on controlled items won't burden people .


  36. Anonymous7:42 pm

    If NAJIB wants to remove the TONGKAT, also reMOVE the remove AP TONGKAT for the import of CAR, medicines, foods, machineries and everything else.

    The Government wants to implement the GST. Among the reasons is because "other countries also have it". What a lame excuse. OK using the same logic, other countries also dont have APs. So why do we have APs? Remove the APs lah NAJIB, or u takot sama NAZA kah?

  37. Anonymous7:43 pm

    I wonder how Skilly+13 will be squirming and screaming should the "magic Tongkat" be pulled away from him..

    Anyway, let him help us decide,
    yes or no.. yes no yes no yes no yes?

    The minute he say yes... I am sure he will be packing his back joining all the PATI, heading to the airport for first flight out?


  38. Anonymous7:45 pm

    what with all glcs losing monies like its water and the govt buying stuff and approving projects like we have loads of do you wonder where all the billions from petronas have gone......
    we should check all the former ministers accounts, maybe we can recover a few billions

  39. Masam Manis9:25 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    "Last year alone the Government spent RM74 billion to subsidize us. That works out to nearly RM13,000 for every Malaysian household"

    How/where did you come-up with the average RM13,000 for every Malaysian household? Presumably 30 millions (added the foreigners) people enjoying the subsidy, isn't the average is 2.5K/citizen.

    Is there something missing here?

  40. We're paying less for petrol than some other countries?

    But we're paying much more for quality cars.

    We're paying less for sugar than some other countries?

    But we're paying much more for broadband.

    The list goes on. We have developed an unsustainable local automotive industry that can't seem to stand on its own two feet no matter what.

    We've given monopolies to various entities who find themselves able to charge ridiculous rates for services.

    People first? Performance now?

    If this government was putting the people first it wouldn't force them to subsidize failed government projects while taking away subsidies from them.

    I guess this is performance, Najib-style.


  41. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Its not about the subsidy, its about wastage and inefficient utilisation of funds. There are many better ways for us to spend our resources. When the funds are used into activities that do not create good fails everyone of us. The governemnt need to look at this.

  42. Anonymous10:14 pm

    kah kah kah....Malaysia nak bankrup. Bagus juga ya. After all it make no difference to us who have been poor.

  43. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Salam Dato',

    Nampaknya kerajaan tidak mempunyai pilihan melainkan terpaksa menghapuskan bantuan sabsidi ini.Tetapi penghapusan tersebut mistilah dibuat dengan kaedah dan cara yg paling bijak dan adil agar mereka yg betul-betul perlu terus dibantu,dan harga barangan tidak naik mendadak.Pihak penguatkuasa misti bertindak dengan tegas,cekap dan pantas untuk menentukan harga barangan terkawal dan inflasi tidak berlaku.

    Jika penghapusan sabsidi ini akan menyebabkan harga barangan naik secara menyeluruh dan akan membebankan hidup rakyat maka tindakan itu berkemungkinan besar akan menamatkan riwayat hidup politik UMNO/BN.Ingatlah, satu daripada punca berlakunya tsunami politik dalam PRU 12 dulu ialah kerana kenaikan harga minyak dengan mendadak yg diikuti pula dengan kenaikan harga barangan yg dilihat semacam tidak terkawal oleh kerajaan.Bertolak dari situ rakyat sudah mula marah dan hilang keyakinan terhadap kerajaan.Dalam keadaan demikian rakyat amat mudah terpedaya dan termakan hasutan pihak pembakang.Hasilnya,tsunami politik telah melanda negara kita.

    Askar Tua

  44. Buat saja kalau boleh halang dari Malaysia jatuh bankrap.

    Jesus Christ is not the same as Allah.

  45. Anonymous12:42 am

    haiyaa.. story ni potong stim betul... lepas ni jual kereta, naik basikal lagi baik..

  46. Anonymous1:18 am

    yes, good idea, hope govt will stick to this decision ...better this than bankrupt nation...


  47. Anonymous4:04 am

    Let me get this straight, and this is coming from a layman's understanding.

    Datuk Seri Idris Jala said Malaysia will be bankrupt by 2019 if it does not cut subsidies and rein in borrowings. Doing this will involve INCREASE in electricity tariffs, INCREASE in toll rates, INCREASE in outpatient treatment fee, INCREASE in school fees, etc. etc.


    1. Where does that leave the average and poor people?

    2. Is subsidy the sole reason for the so-called impending bankruptcy in 2019?

    Come on, do the government expect an average person (warga mas & pensioner) like me to believe that the country's malaise is caused by subsidies, when it is being ripped apart by scandals (the latest being Sime Darby's huge losses) and corruption (no need to elaborate)?

    Datuk Seri Idris warned, "We don't want a time bomb in our hands". Time bomb, my foot! The government better get its house in order first before laying the blame on subsidies.

  48. Anonymous7:37 am

    That RM74b if it includes healthcare and education costs, inflates very much the total subsidy figures. We can reduce or remove sugar and /or fuel subsidies, but gradually. And whats wrong if the people enjoy subsidies? The money saved goes back into the economy one way or the other. We should swallow hook, line and sinker everything that the government says.Subsidy cuts should not be imposed on education and healthcare, but sugar, yes.

    sri hartamas

  49. Anonymous7:47 am

    subsidies for RAKYAT must be abolished BUT the partie$ for UMNO cronie$ misti di kekalkan.

    Let's party on.....
    ikan bilis

  50. I honestly don't think that subsidy alone is the cause of possible bankrupcy. It's mainly corruption and this is a fact! Look

    1. How much money was wasted for Khir Toyo and family to go to Disneyland?

    2. How much was spent as commissions when the country bought Scorpene and Sukhoi?

    Do I need to list everything? I will agree to subsidy cut IF and ONLY IF the corruption is curbed FIRST.

  51. bukan saja subsidi, kerajaan juga kena kurangkan pembaziran di kementerian, jabatan kerajaan. Tak payah majlis, rombongan, seminar yang tak menentu. Teliti kontrak yang diberikan kepada syarikat2 terutama yang dapat projek "direct nego". Jangan ada lagi, contohnya, satu screw driver rm5 di kedai tapi dijual kepada kerajaan rm25. Saya harap PM Pak Najib akan ambil perhatian. Terima kasih.

  52. Anonymous10:16 am

    Dulu bila naikkan harga minyak, kata nak improvekan public transport. Apa yang kerajaan dah buat selain membezakan koc jantan dan betina untuk KTM? Dulu kata nak kurangkan tol, sekarang cerita lain. Yang sebenarnya DS Najib lebih kurang aje dengan PM sebelum ni....ntah siapa nama dia dah lupa.
    Kenapa Menteri-menteri menghabiskan wang rakyat dengan bergerak ke sana ke sini menggunakan business class? Tak boleh jimat kat situ ke? Khir Toyo pergi kerja kat Disneyland bawa anak-anak serta orang gaji boleh? Kami yang nak cari rezeki kena tanggung. Ingat dengan harga minyak murah kami suka-suka pandu sana pandu sini.
    Kalau sekarang dengan gaji contohnya RM3K kami hidup kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang, macamana agaknya kami nak terus hidup di bumi bertuah ini tanpa subsidi. Bayangkanlah Najib! Saya pun dah fed up dengan ahli politik di negara ini. Apa kata pengundi-pengundi jangan keluar mengundi. apa akan terjadi?
    DSAI, cepat come up with some counter suggestion - next GE we will vote you in! Atan

  53. Anonymous10:52 am

    Datok Rocky,

    Awatlah Najib bangang lantik Nzari Aziz Menteri di Jabatan Teksi jadi Pengerusi Lembaga Pengangkutan Darat. Aku bet simangkok Nazri akan terus promote teksi untuk pengangkutan awam. Pergi Mampus dengan proletariat bandar katanya.. buat apa upgrade urban rail network dan public bus....teksi kan lagi bagus untuk consortium yang aku control. Untung lagi besar, walaupun capital expenditure kecil.. sebab aku boleh squeeze penumpang at any price. Aku KANKAH SADIST.

    Ibrahim Kati
    Bukit Gantang

  54. Anonymous11:06 am


    I had been waiting for that bombshell to come was just a question of time...already done my calculation a long time ago.....

    Que sera sera...The future is for us to see.... que sera sera

    Keturunan Jebat

  55. Basically Rosemajib and Jala are lying to the Rakyat to formulate a massive cover up.

    They are proposing to raise taxes indirectly to cover up for UMNO/BN running M'sia into the ground with $362 billion of national debt!!

    Note that Sime dDarby is similarly accused of engineering the merger with Golden Hope and Guthrie to hide their huge multi-billion $ Bakun and Middle East losses!!

    As for the IPP's, their guaranteed cost is about 45% of Tenaga's operating expenditure or about $8-10 billion a year for electricity we don't need or use.

    In the interim, Tenaga's debts have risen to about $20 billion mainly to fund these croney IPP contract costs forced upon it by Mahathir over and above the heated objections of ex-Tenaga MD Ani Arope. It was our (now) Raba Raba USA Ambassador who opened the floodgates after Arope was forced by Mahathir into retirement!!!

    If the Govt forces the issue and re-negotiates these giveaway croney IPP contracts, there alone are saving of about $5 billion a year!!

    More can be saved by re-negotiating or taking over completely the 1 sided toll highway, water and other monopolistic contracts, not to mention cutting back on defence procurement and the bloated 1.2 million strong civil service operating expenditure.

    But Rosemajib and Jala want to take the easy way out, pass the buck to and fleece the masses. This will only widen the gap between the rich and the poor with disastrous consequences for our long-term growth!!!

    We musr stop these rapists, lotters, plunderers and spinners dead in their criminal tracks!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human race

  56. Anonymous2:10 pm

    This country must give PAP-minded Chinese to lead in politics and economics.They may double the subsidies instead of cutting the subsidies.The fact that Malays cannot administer a GLC ,let alone a country , is well known.

    For a better Malaysia

  57. Anonymous6:19 pm

    4. Peruntukkan kenderaan kerajaan - hanya menggunakan kereta NASIONAL sahaja. TAK PERLU harrier, toyota , CRV dan sebagainya. Kalau perlu pun guna kereta nasional sahaja... kecuali kenderaan polis yg memerlukan kuasa enjin maksimum utk kejar penjenayah .. (ye-lah, penjenayah guna mercedes, BMW takkan nak kejar guna kancil.)

    Tapi bagi bdn kerajaan yg bukan badan keselamatan rasanya tak perlu. Dan pastikan JGN sampai jabatan kecil pun ada kenderaan sendiri.. cth jbtn kursus di Universiti, memadai sekadar menggunakan kenderaan fakulti atau universiti.

    5. Pantau claim2 yg tak berkaitan seperti membawa anak menggunakan kereta kerajaan (claim minyak), bawak kenderaan krjaan balik kampung, claim barang2 yg melebihi harganya. (jabatan audit negara.. AWAS!!!)

    6. Kursus atau seminar kerajaan TIDAK dilakukan di kawasan peranginan atau hotel2 besar. Lakukanlah di bangunan kerajaan seperti dewan universiti dan sebagainya.....

    dan BANYAK lagi peruntukkan yg TIDAK PERLU yg boleh di potong utk kegunaan subsidi ni.

    Subsidi adalah HAK rakyat. Subsidi MESTI diberi. Jika beban, CARI jalan.

    Ingat, rakyat telah mula mempercayai kerajaan kembali. Jgn hal2 sebegini menyebabkan kerajaan tumbang di dalam pilihanraya. Org pangkah parti lain bukan sebab nak sokong sgt parti tu, cuma nak bagi kesedaran pada BN ni aja. Tapi jika dibuat selalu menda ni, lama2 kerajaan pun beralih tangan dan nasib kita pun tergadai kerana perbuatan yg memakan diri sendiri.

    Ingat juga, perkara2 mcm ini juga yg akan menjadi manifesto pihak lawan.

  58. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Sekarang ni isu subsidi oleh Menteri kita idris jala la pulak.. satu lagi kenyataan yg saya anggap memakan diri sendiri.

    Sepatutnya menteri atau org no satu badan2 krjaan hendaklah fikir baik buruk atau merujuk kpd top sebelum buat kenyataan.. (ini saya telah komen dlm laman GAP psl awang adek.)Adoi..Tak abis dgn awang adek kini idris jala pulak.

    Bagi saya memang benar agak susah mentadbir ekonomi negara, tapi bagi saya pendapat rakyat perlu didengar. jgn syok sendiri nanti BN jugak yg rugi!!!... Bagi saya peruntukan yg perlu mesti diadakan dan yg tak perlu mesti dipotong dari senarai.

    Ekonomi dpt dipertingkatkan dan subsidi yg AMAT diperlukan rakyat BOLEH diteruskan jika(cthnya):

    1. PLKN dikurangkan kemasukannya- (lebih banyak pelatih lebih byk belanja), begitu juga kos2 yg tak perlu.

    2. Latihan peluru yg makan belanja yg teramat byk didlm PLKN perlu dihapuskan.

    3. Peruntukan majlis kebudayaan atau-majlis tari menari yg mamakan belanja melampau.lebih BAIK jgn diadakan.. Begitu juga dgn perayaan kebangsaan, buat sambutan sederhana

  59. Anonymous6:20 pm





  60. Anonymous6:26 pm

    "This country must give PAP-minded Chinese to lead in politics and economics.They may double the subsidies instead of cutting the subsidies.The fact that Malays cannot administer a GLC ,let alone a country , is well known.

    For a better Malaysia"

    Yeah..Great.. and that GLC's head of finance is a chinese lady. (Tak tgk press conference ke..??)

    Stop your "ultra-kiasu" thinking. Even your type always being racist, we still give you a job in the GLC. What the f**k!!!


  61. Anonymous6:40 pm

    1) Subsidies given to Independent Power Producers (IPP) are worth RM13 billion a year.

    2)There is a 20 year interest free loan of RM 320 million given to SYABAS Bhd

    3) Sports betting concessions being allotted to monopolies without open tender.

    4)Billions of ringgit in terms of APs given to NAZA group.

    5)NAZA given PRIME land for FREE in the new MATRADE fiasco.

  62. Anonymous7:01 pm

    "Anonymous said...
    This country must give PAP-minded Chinese to lead in politics and economics.They may double the subsidies instead of cutting the subsidies.The fact that Malays cannot administer a GLC ,let alone a country , is well known.

    For a better Malaysia

    2:10 PM"

    Yeah.. just like your Eric Chia. Very 'good' on administer the Perwaja Steel.


    -DAP stinks-

  63. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Former Finance Ministry deputy secretary-general Tan Sri Dr Ramon Navaratnam said the public will not stand for subsidy cuts while alleged government corruption like the MATRADE land to the NAZA Group.- Malaysia Kini

  64. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Irony of it all..

    Some Malaysians use their Tongkat each day (WITHOUT FAIL) to collect their share of subsidies HOWEVER, use that very Tongkat to ROTAN the Government.

    The same they do to their poor body… As their hand is used to deliver their bribes to the corrupted, they use their mouth to shout CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION!!.

    Your heading says it all..

    Mother of Tongkat and
    Grandpapa of Corruption.



  65. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Macam mana Skilly+13?

    Singapore pun guna Tongkat dari Malaysia jugak you tau tak?

    Without our Tongkat, wonder how long they can survive! Pokok pun cannot survive there.



  66. This one is shocking. First we promulgate a NEP, which presumably must have taken into account subsidy rates, and pronounce it all good and viable.

    Then, we have this cc in charge of kpi announce to the world that our subsidy rates will bankrupt us in no time, and then we confirm he is right.

    If this is not gross incompetence, of the order of Badawi, what is?

  67. Anonymous9:21 am

    I see that this Kelabit is up to his old tricks again.

    The pattern is so very clear. He did this three times in Shell. He did the same thing to MAS and now he is doing the same thing to our Nation.

    That's how he got the tag "turanound expert".

    He only succeeded in destroying MAS and its ability to compete.

    He is so convincing like a preacher or evangelist. In the end you will gladly give up your money and your spirit to him.

    Jangan terdepaya dengan kata kata dia.

    Dia ni mechanic yang cari kerosakkan, doktor cari penyakit. Kalau takde, dia ada ada kan. He convinces everyone that there is this huge problem that is critical and he know how to fix it. Then he comes to the rescue and becomes the hero. In the process, he destroys what he touches. Orang Melayu will never know what hit them.

    Wise to Idris

  68. Anonymous11:25 am

    Cut the subsidy no problem....."BUT increase the tax e.g whoever want to buy a merd or bmw and so,charge them DOUBLE the market price...THEN do this...1 bmw/anything go to that rich bastard and another give it to the poor so the country will be balance...
    texas hold'em player

  69. skilgannon10661:40 pm

    perwira 9:33 PM

    Please, lah - refute the figures I quoted, if you can!

    Do you think that this RM74 billion figure was plucked out of thin air - agak agak only? Was the PM misinformed or misquoted? If yes, let's see your arguments why this is not correct.

    Your attitude is typical of a certain Roman emperor who played a musical instrument while Rome was burning. And we all know what happened to that emperor, don't we (at least those of us who studied European history in school)?

    It's no big deal for me if the greenback buys 3.3 ringgit or the Sing dollar buys 2.3 ringgit. It just goes to show that, 50+ years after Merdeka, the country is still stuck in the minor leagues (a #10 ranking in the latest World Competitiveness Yearbook notwithstanding). More tongkats, anyone?

    Oh, yah - you might want to read what Steve Ballmer (the Microsoft CEO) said recently about Singapore. Even you, with your wonted spin, will not be able to refute his views.

    But like Ibrahim Ali would say - who the **** is Steve Ballmer? At least, Dr M won't commit the same howler!

  70. ... baru kena gertak sikit dengan idris jala, semua dah mengelabah. tak kan bankrapnya negara ni, itu semua taktik pemerintah nak takut2 rakyat.. sebenarnya depa nak tarik semula subsidi...
    kalau pemerintah nak tarik subsidi tariklah.. tak payahlah nak takut2 kan rakyat.... tak heranlah subsidi tu... selama ni apa sangatlah ynag subsidi dah tolong kita... semua kita bayar, macam macam tax etc... stop being kiasu...

  71. Anonymous11:14 pm


    I believe you are not a caucasion?

    So why bother so much about what the Romans do, because definitely "in Rome you don't seem to be doing what the Romans do".


    What la, you Cinapek MatSalleh Wannabe?

    From which Province did your ancestors came from? Would love to hear more tales from there la, their past and their present..They got give Tongkat?


  72. Anonymous11:53 pm


    Water makes up more than two thirds of the weight of the human body, and without it, we would die in a few days.

    The human brain is made up of 95% water, blood is 82% and lungs 90%.

    A mere 2% drop in our body's water supply can trigger signs of dehydration: fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on smaller print, such as a computer screen.

    See even Singapore's BASIC survival depends so much on our "Tongkat".


  73. skilgannon10661:48 pm


    Instead of resorting to meaningless rhetoric, why don't exercise what passes for your intellect to refute or rebut the points that I raised?

    Here's some more for you to chew on:

    - Indonesia has managed to keep it's budget deficit (for 2009 and 2010) to around 2 per cent of GDP and maintain a public debt-to-GDP ratio of 27 per cent. What are the corresponding figures for Malaysia? How can Indonesia maintain better fiscal discipline than Malaysia in spite of the former's myriad problems?

    - in the early 1970s, Malaysia's per capita GDP was at parity with S Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. Today, Singapore's GDP per capita is US$34,346, Hong Kong's US$29,559 and S Korea's US$16,450 while Malaysia's is US$7,469. What happened to Malaysia from the early 70s till now?

    Specific questions. Care to come up with specific answers?

  74. Anonymous4:16 pm

    dpp should be prime minister

    and bunnies the first lady

    amacam folks?


  75. Anonymous4:26 pm

    skewed moron

    what is the use of strong sing dollar if your country island is sinking 2 inches each year

    all the singdollars will be used to build a barrier that imprisons its citizens

    heh heh

  76. Anonymous10:40 am


    ...Specific questions. Care to come up with specific answers?

    Forward your questions to the Finance Ministries please..


  77. Since i don't feel the impact of the subsidy, then remove it. Save the money to build school for my children, better roads, reduce crime or watever which i can feel it better lah. Especially public transport is very important. Always it take me longer time to wait for the bus than actual journey in the bus.

    Put politic aside lah, Pakatan or BN still the problem will exist because it is already hutang mah.

    Tapi, this time at least i know there will be increase before it happens unlike last time hear rumors and queue at the petrol station. Sekali naik 80sen, die lah like this. Memang betul, u r government u do we listen. But we are all smart people, we can count our money in the pocket one. Let us know how much increase by when then we all smart people can do simple mathematic and adjust lifestyle.

    Kudos to Idris who lead the way and Government who willing to listen and act. Tapi can win GE13 or not, not decided by this only lah... Teruskan usaha then we will decide who win GE13.

    1 voice out of 26 million Malaysian

  78. skilgannon106612:38 pm

    Perwira 10:40 AM

    Backing away from my challenge, are you? That seems to be par for the course. Or more like chickening out when confronted with facts and figures.

    Why - don't you have the intellectual nous to correct the PM when he talked about subsidies?

    As for your comments on water, suffice it to say that they are asinine beyond belief. I would hazard a guess that Singapore is managing it's water resources much better than Malaysia is.

    Note that even Dr Mahathir no longer talks about water with regard to Singapore. He has realised that that particular horse has long ago left the stable! As too have the more vocal elements in Johor Umno!

  79. Anonymous6:38 pm


    Challenge LEMBEK people like you?

    Tarik Tongkat tersembam nanti..
    kesian pulak.. hehehehe